Why, the headlines this morning are good enough that Al Gore should be flying to Phoenix right now in order to do another sales job on climate change and his friends in the carbon exchange, which was all enabled by a then-junior state senator in Illinois, back when, one Barack Obama).

Here’s a headline from (Hillary endorsing) USA Today which goes to the idea that it’s so hot in Phoenix that they can’t fly planes.

There are a couple of reasons that some planes don’t fly when it gets hot.  One is something called Density Altitude.  As air gets hotter it becomes thinner and thus, the lift provided by a wing changes – degrading the hotter it gets.

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Elaine and I ran straight into the phenomena a few years back when we owned our own plane.  We’d landed for lunch at Scotts Bluff, Nebraska and topping off the tanks before heading up to Sheridan Wyoming on a cross-country flight to Seattle.

We literally climbed at 75-feet per minute for what seemed like forever trying to move up to higher altitude for the trip over the bad lands to the north.  Down low, the turbulence was pretty bumpy, and there was no going higher because at maximum gross takeoff weight (MGTOW) we just couldn’t (pardon this) “get it up.”

There’s another reason some planes can’t fly when it’s hot:  Temperatures of “glass panel” instrument clusters.  Those of us raised on “steam gauges” when leaning to fly (shortly after Wilbur and Orville) never were deterred by such.  But today, those high visibility displays have some serious limitations.

In private aviation, too.  Especially for people foolish enough to try and use a consumer-grade electronics device (like an iPad with Retina display) some of which will shut down when the screen gets hotter than 95F.  Which is why we went with the www.iflygps.com instead of a less temperature resistant display.

Back to point, though, a quick read of history reveals that – Earth has been slowly warming since the end of the last Ice Age.  So yes, global warming is real, but the fraction that is man-caused is small.

That still doesn’t stop the elites of the self-designated Ruling Class from jiggering data, raising money, effectively monetizing “climate” in a manner n ot dissimilar to monetizing “spousal abuse” and calling that progress.

Oh, and the other reason for the heat?

This afternoon at 1:24PM Central Time, SUMMER arrives.

Phoenix has always been a hell-hole in the summer and when one of our children called from Payson, AZ – up in the mountains 80 miles north – to complain about 100+ heat there, we listened patiently and then went outside to sit on the screen porch at “adult beverage time” and discuss how gullible climate believers are.

While the Earth continues getting warmer, as from the last Ice Age, we’re pleased to report that a major unseasonable cold snap is due to hit the East Texas Outback next week.  By the forecasts, we might not even break 90 and lows at night will be into the mid/upper 60’s.

Climate, therefore, is rightly seen in the same light as any other trip to the Big Casinos in Life (marriage, gambling, premature mortality, speeding tickets and such):  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

We are shocked at the sale of both climate tulips and digi tulips, but it’s the Age we live in, I suppose.

It’s the kind of thing that will rattle the mind as I mount up the riding mower and baler and take on the yard again before the big rains come in Thursday.

For once in my life, I’m thankful to be below average.  A rare and pleasant circumstance.

Those Pobrecitos of Congress

Oh, sure, damn shame the do-nothing fools on the hill may actually work in August.

About damn time, though.  The working class won’t be taking a month off.

Welcome to Reality, congressoids.

But it ain’t all bad for them:  Look at all the free lunches they’ll be able to score.

Every wonder how many people in congress pack a sandwich like the rest of us?  (You guess may be wrong because they are experts in bologna.)

Point:  For now they are only CONSIDERING doing actual work.  Let’s see what’s hype and what’s bullshit going forward, shall we?

Georgia P-Tics

We find it refreshing that the democrat running in the contested Georgia runoff today has the name “Jon.” 

This particular Jon is typical of the Left:  Promoting a “free press” but only when they control it.  See, for example what happens when non-left media show up: Free Beacon Barred From Covering Jon Ossoff Campaign Event.

Of course, everyone is equal to democrats, although they’re more equal than others.  Them and their “social just us” jingoism.

This farcical media circus will spin this into a referendum on the Trump agenda, or so the unseasoned junior twerps d’ tube will dutifully spin it.

The facts are a little “inconvenient” and the reason Trump has gotten so little done is false-flagged politicians who call themselves republicans yet are really funded by the left.

Here’s an article for example, on how the McCain Institute is funded in part by the progressives reveals the Daily Caller: “Soros, Clinton-Linked Teneo Among Donors to McCain Institute.”

Might this explain some of the decidedly non-(real) republican views espoused by McCain lately?  Here I thought it was just losing it, lol. Guess I missed the pay stubs.

The Odessa Files

Still being written as Nazi World War II Artifacts Found in Argentina Includes Hitler Busts and Medical Tools.

I suppose we ought to Paperclip that story…

Surviving Urban

Interesting work at the Technical University of Munich: Watching cities grow — New algorithms for evaluating satellite data.

Is this like SatServers Crawl the Sprawl?

Also on the tech desk:  Warnings about Smart TV hacking are up.

World’s Going to Pot

This as the feds crack down on opioids and Chronic pain patients say opioid crackdown is hurting them.

Don’t Bother Wall Street

Since our Big Shtick here is the study of long wave economics – we would lead today’s report with some real economics news – but there is none.

Instead, as I told you in the Monday report, with all those containers coming in along the West Coast from Asia and beyond, we have more and more crap to fuel our extremes of consumer supersaturation.

And that, in turn ought to lead to an increase in the Current Accounts deficit, right?  So care to guess who is less than awed by this just out from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (and fairytales)?

The U.S. current-account deficit increased to $116.8 billion (preliminary) in the first quarter of 2017 from $114.0 billion (revised) in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The deficit increased to 2.5 percent of current- dollar gross domestic product (GDP) from 2.4 percent in the fourth quarter.

The $2.8 billion increase in the current-account deficit reflected a $5.3 billion increase in the deficit on goods and a $3.6 billion decrease in the surplus on primary income that were partly offset by a $5.8 billion decrease in the deficit on secondary income and a $0.3 billion increase
in the surplus on services.

Still, since our long wave work says the market high shouldn’t come until around August 21-24, we can sit back and ponder the Big Question:  Which side of Dow 30,000 will we be on?

Oil continues to crater and our outlook there is for lower 30’s as we go through peak production.  But in the second depression, energy prices will flip as short-term fracking wanes and then we’ll all be cold and miserable, but that’s what depressions are about, kiddies.

Meanwhile the digital tulip bloom is in the Great Hesitation in the Parabolic Blow-off.  Or so it looks from here.  BTCs $2,636…and will they hit our $3,150 optimistic track?

Meanwhile Wall St. has softened a bit on the Current Account news, but the market is still going places and as it goes up, we will be shopping those deliciously priced put option contracts for early winter.

Time to go mow and bale…so have a splendid and you’ll love Peoplenomics tomorrow where I explain:  Why we should have a Free Federal Degree-Granting Online University.

Think of this as an opportunity for the government to give us a pleasant F.U. for a change.