Making Up Climate Change

Why, the headlines this morning are good enough that Al Gore should be flying to Phoenix right now in order to do another sales job on climate change and his friends in the carbon exchange, which was all enabled by a then-junior state senator in Illinois, back when, one Barack Obama).

Here’s a headline from (Hillary endorsing) USA Today which goes to the idea that it’s so hot in Phoenix that they can’t fly planes.

There are a couple of reasons that some planes don’t fly when it gets hot.  One is something called Density Altitude.  As air gets hotter it becomes thinner and thus, the lift provided by a wing changes – degrading the hotter it gets.

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Elaine and I ran straight into the phenomena a few years back when we owned our own plane.  We’d landed for lunch at Scotts Bluff, Nebraska and topping off the tanks before heading up to Sheridan Wyoming on a cross-country flight to Seattle.

We literally climbed at 75-feet per minute for what seemed like forever trying to move up to higher altitude for the trip over the bad lands to the north.  Down low, the turbulence was pretty bumpy, and there was no going higher because at maximum gross takeoff weight (MGTOW) we just couldn’t (pardon this) “get it up.”

There’s another reason some planes can’t fly when it’s hot:  Temperatures of “glass panel” instrument clusters.  Those of us raised on “steam gauges” when leaning to fly (shortly after Wilbur and Orville) never were deterred by such.  But today, those high visibility displays have some serious limitations.

In private aviation, too.  Especially for people foolish enough to try and use a consumer-grade electronics device (like an iPad with Retina display) some of which will shut down when the screen gets hotter than 95F.  Which is why we went with the instead of a less temperature resistant display.

Back to point, though, a quick read of history reveals that – Earth has been slowly warming since the end of the last Ice Age.  So yes, global warming is real, but the fraction that is man-caused is small.

That still doesn’t stop the elites of the self-designated Ruling Class from jiggering data, raising money, effectively monetizing “climate” in a manner n ot dissimilar to monetizing “spousal abuse” and calling that progress.

Oh, and the other reason for the heat?

This afternoon at 1:24PM Central Time, SUMMER arrives.

Phoenix has always been a hell-hole in the summer and when one of our children called from Payson, AZ – up in the mountains 80 miles north – to complain about 100+ heat there, we listened patiently and then went outside to sit on the screen porch at “adult beverage time” and discuss how gullible climate believers are.

While the Earth continues getting warmer, as from the last Ice Age, we’re pleased to report that a major unseasonable cold snap is due to hit the East Texas Outback next week.  By the forecasts, we might not even break 90 and lows at night will be into the mid/upper 60’s.

Climate, therefore, is rightly seen in the same light as any other trip to the Big Casinos in Life (marriage, gambling, premature mortality, speeding tickets and such):  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

We are shocked at the sale of both climate tulips and digi tulips, but it’s the Age we live in, I suppose.

It’s the kind of thing that will rattle the mind as I mount up the riding mower and baler and take on the yard again before the big rains come in Thursday.

For once in my life, I’m thankful to be below average.  A rare and pleasant circumstance.

Those Pobrecitos of Congress

Oh, sure, damn shame the do-nothing fools on the hill may actually work in August.

About damn time, though.  The working class won’t be taking a month off.

Welcome to Reality, congressoids.

But it ain’t all bad for them:  Look at all the free lunches they’ll be able to score.

Every wonder how many people in congress pack a sandwich like the rest of us?  (You guess may be wrong because they are experts in bologna.)

Point:  For now they are only CONSIDERING doing actual work.  Let’s see what’s hype and what’s bullshit going forward, shall we?

Georgia P-Tics

We find it refreshing that the democrat running in the contested Georgia runoff today has the name “Jon.” 

This particular Jon is typical of the Left:  Promoting a “free press” but only when they control it.  See, for example what happens when non-left media show up: Free Beacon Barred From Covering Jon Ossoff Campaign Event.

Of course, everyone is equal to democrats, although they’re more equal than others.  Them and their “social just us” jingoism.

This farcical media circus will spin this into a referendum on the Trump agenda, or so the unseasoned junior twerps d’ tube will dutifully spin it.

The facts are a little “inconvenient” and the reason Trump has gotten so little done is false-flagged politicians who call themselves republicans yet are really funded by the left.

Here’s an article for example, on how the McCain Institute is funded in part by the progressives reveals the Daily Caller: “Soros, Clinton-Linked Teneo Among Donors to McCain Institute.”

Might this explain some of the decidedly non-(real) republican views espoused by McCain lately?  Here I thought it was just losing it, lol. Guess I missed the pay stubs.

The Odessa Files

Still being written as Nazi World War II Artifacts Found in Argentina Includes Hitler Busts and Medical Tools.

I suppose we ought to Paperclip that story…

Surviving Urban

Interesting work at the Technical University of Munich: Watching cities grow — New algorithms for evaluating satellite data.

Is this like SatServers Crawl the Sprawl?

Also on the tech desk:  Warnings about Smart TV hacking are up.

World’s Going to Pot

This as the feds crack down on opioids and Chronic pain patients say opioid crackdown is hurting them.

Don’t Bother Wall Street

Since our Big Shtick here is the study of long wave economics – we would lead today’s report with some real economics news – but there is none.

Instead, as I told you in the Monday report, with all those containers coming in along the West Coast from Asia and beyond, we have more and more crap to fuel our extremes of consumer supersaturation.

And that, in turn ought to lead to an increase in the Current Accounts deficit, right?  So care to guess who is less than awed by this just out from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (and fairytales)?

The U.S. current-account deficit increased to $116.8 billion (preliminary) in the first quarter of 2017 from $114.0 billion (revised) in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The deficit increased to 2.5 percent of current- dollar gross domestic product (GDP) from 2.4 percent in the fourth quarter.

The $2.8 billion increase in the current-account deficit reflected a $5.3 billion increase in the deficit on goods and a $3.6 billion decrease in the surplus on primary income that were partly offset by a $5.8 billion decrease in the deficit on secondary income and a $0.3 billion increase
in the surplus on services.

Still, since our long wave work says the market high shouldn’t come until around August 21-24, we can sit back and ponder the Big Question:  Which side of Dow 30,000 will we be on?

Oil continues to crater and our outlook there is for lower 30’s as we go through peak production.  But in the second depression, energy prices will flip as short-term fracking wanes and then we’ll all be cold and miserable, but that’s what depressions are about, kiddies.

Meanwhile the digital tulip bloom is in the Great Hesitation in the Parabolic Blow-off.  Or so it looks from here.  BTCs $2,636…and will they hit our $3,150 optimistic track?

Meanwhile Wall St. has softened a bit on the Current Account news, but the market is still going places and as it goes up, we will be shopping those deliciously priced put option contracts for early winter.

Time to go mow and bale…so have a splendid and you’ll love Peoplenomics tomorrow where I explain:  Why we should have a Free Federal Degree-Granting Online University.

Think of this as an opportunity for the government to give us a pleasant F.U. for a change.

38 thoughts on “Making Up Climate Change”

  1. George,

    I’m a professional scientist. It’s what I do everyday, it’s how I make my living and I’ve done such for going on 20 years.

    I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, that whenever someone tries to convince you that the ‘science is settled’ and that ‘the debate is over’ is either a lying snake oil salesman or a damn fool…or both. Especially, when it comes to global climate.

    What they’d have us all believe (and many gullible people do) is that we understand climate so well that we know what the effect of a slight rise in an atmospheric trace gas would have on the entire system. If you believe that then send me a trillion dollars a year and I’ll ‘fix it’ for you!

    Honestly, about the best we can do is say that it will get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Some places will be dryer than normal, some places will be wetter than normal and some places will be just right. It will probably snow when it gets cold and there might be a hurricane this year…or maybe not. Maybe an ice age will start next year…or maybe it won’t.

    Like I said, if anyone is looking to throw money at the ‘problem’, I’ve got a paypal account and I have a green solution you can pay for that will make you feel better about yourself. Really it’s just a solution to my green problem (I’m not rich), but don’t tell Paris!

    Happy Climate Change!

    • Jon,

      I am very familiar with the data. My views on this do not stem from my political attitude or anything of that sort. It comes from looking at the problem with a level head and making conclusions based on the observational data. The basic problem, like I explained above, is that science does not understand climate well enough to support the conclusion that any one thing is the primary driver of climate change. We’re decades away from that level of understanding or maybe longer. What we do know is that climate does change. That is undeniable. What is deniable is that we know why. There is far too much doubt about any of it to even possibly blame one single factor or consider international policy decisions.

      There is no, nor has there ever been, a consensus on this subject among scientists. That is a false narrative. The models aren’t evidence of anything, their predictions are wrong and they don’t match the observational data. Not one dire thing that has ever been predicted about AGW has come to pass. Not one. There is no catastrophic sea level rise, no melting of polar ice caps, more catastrophic hurricanes or any other thing that has been used to scare the public. Many of the graphs and graphics that show rising temps and other metrics are based on ‘adjusted’ data or they start at certain years. For example, arctic sea ice is said to be at an all-time low. Well, that is partially true, if you start your record in 1979. What’s significant about 1979? The answer given is that is when satellite records began. Well, that’s not exactly true. If you read the 1990 IPCC report
      and look at Chapter 7, Figure 7.20 you’ll see that satellite records actually go back to 1973. Also, we have reasonably good arctic sea ice records all the way back to the 1920’s. So, why start in 1979 and not 1973 or even the 1920’s? It’s because arctic sea extent in 1979 was close the highest it had been since records had been kept. It was much lower than today in 1973, the 1940’s and 1950’s. So, the question that must be asked is why would the data be misrepresented that way? The only obvious answer is to deceive the public by making a case for AGW that is not supported by the observational data. The observational data says that the statement that arctic sea ice is at a record low is false. Also known as a lie. I could go on and on with examples of blatant falsehoods stated about this subject. It’s almost a perfect crime because they know that most people will never trouble themselves to check the data and that even if they did they wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. Those who do speak out against it are branded has heretics and publicly shouted down.

      The statement that there are no peer reviewed papers refuting AGW is also completely false. Everything that I say can be backed up by literally thousands of peer reviewed papers.

      I’m providing a link to a repository of that information. I find it hard to believe anyone with a rational mind that takes the time to honestly read and absorb the information that’s out there couldn’t realize that AGW, as presented to the public, is false.

      The climate alarmists are on the wrong side of science on this thing and on the wrong side of history. My fear is that it will take a long time for people to trust science again once they realize how it has been hijacked.

  2. Yesterdays “Jon” rant was the worst. Ban him by placing a cap on anti-Trump rhetoric. Stop giving him a platform. The continued reference to Jon is like poking a hornets nest. At least confine him to one post of 50 words max.

    • He’s a paid troll disrupter. By George answering him so much, which does no good by the way, it just eggs him on. One can easily tell that junior can’t even keep his rantings straight and multiple personality disorders posting under his name! Oh well, I guess George is practicing taking on the whole liberal louts via this troll.

    • Geo wants him here….it gets more clicks( money for Geo…everything a biz model)…..follow the money…

    • ooohhhh, Arian….that makes you an Arianphobe jonny boy and that ain’t good; you better check your globalist handbook, you messed up!

    • We call you names because you call other people names, especially George. Your disrespect is being reflected back on you. Now you act like a baby. Typical liberal victim mentality can dish it out but can’t take it. Oh, we don’t think you think, we read your rants, but I wouldn’t call spouting, thinking.

    • Jon:

      If you’re going to use a term, at least spell it correctly. “Arian” is actually spelled “Aryan”. It’s mistakes such as this that make you look even more like the fool you are.

  3. Speaking of heat versus takoff lift – the venerable B-52G model, of which 193 were built, were powered by eight Pratt & Whitney J57-P-43WB turbojets, each rated at 13,750 lbf (61.16 kN) static thrust with water injection. Water injection was required at max weight or in warmer temperatures to increase the turbofan intake air density and provide enough thrust to lift the BUFF (big ugly fat f**ker) off of the runway. Empty, the BUFF weighted in at 188,000 lbs; 488,000 lbs fully loaded. The ‘G’ models were retired with the START treaties. The current H-model has eight Pratt and Whitney turbofans – no water injection required. BTW – the very last H-model rolled off the assembly line in Wichita KS in 1963 . . . that’s 54 years ago, folks. Talk about getting taxpayer ROI for an extremely versatile bomber!

  4. Climate change. I wish I knew the best way to invest in that business model…any thoughts, George?

  5. George,

    If the “World’s Going to Pot” it’s only because OF the crackdown on Opioids [a crackdown which has long been needed!] – you don’t really need a script for medicinal Marijuana… just a good friend or three, even a green thumb will do. In many instances, hybrid Pot not only has a comparable efficacy with fewer contraindicators but is cheaper than those designer drugs, as well.

    Opiates have been used and abused literally since the first bowl was fired up during the Neolithic Period [in what is now Switzerland]. The first written mention of Papaver [the plant source of Poppy seeds] dates to 300BC Greece and has remained a “friend” of mankind ever since. Morphine [named for the Greek God Morpehus] was refined from Opium in 1806 and from thence came Codeine and Papaverine. It was in 1909 that the first legislation appeared that attempted to restrict the production, sale and use of Opiods, but it wasn’t due to widespread addiction! As with all things, it was centered around money. The patent-medicine industry of the 1860’s-1890’s was a huge one and completely unregulated. And while some death-related use did occur, the prevailing attitude at the time was that if you were stupid enough to think one Remedy/Tonic/Elixir/Compound/Liniment/Potion/Lotion could cure 45 different ailments in a few guzzles, then you “pays your money and takes your chance” – with addiction being just one of the possible outcomes.

    That’s why the U.S., England and Germany actually spearheaded the entire anti-narcotic movement: too much loose cash floating around going into the wrong pockets. Those three nations jointly [pun intended!] convened the International Opium Commission in 1909 as means to control this cash-cow while expanding trade relations with China. After much haggling in the Hague, ultimately the laws regulating Opium trafficking were written into the Treaty of Versailles in 1919! But again these laws were NOT enacted to criminalize Opium, Coca or Cannabis… but rather to control exports of same. Money, George, MONEY!

    There’s no denying that Opioid abuse is rampant in today’s society [the same society that creates the NEED for such abuse!] and that stronger regulation should be enacted. But simultaneously, laws allowing more widespread use [recreational or medical] of Cannabis should also be drafted – if for no other reason than to encourage the use of a natural essence instead of lab-based toxins. But, the most obvious reason is that Marijuana is NOT an Opiate [it’s a Cannabinoid] and causes far less harm to the human body, mind and spirit.

    But, as always, it all boils down to lucre and who will actually benefit most from such social reform: those who use “God’s ultimate herb” to ease the pains of everyday life; or TPTB who control this divine blessing and ultimately those who choose it over conventional pharmaceuticals.

    • I suspect that it was regulated because it is a panacea. The quote below comes from St. John de Crevecoeur, “Letters From An American Farmer”. It refers to the inhabitants of Nantucket Island, before the Revolution.
      “A singular custom prevails here among the women, at which I was greatly surprized; and am really at a loss how to account for the original cause that has introduced in this primitive society so remarkable a fashion, or rather so extraordinary a want. They have adopted these many years, the Asiatic custom of taking a dose of opium every morning; and so deeply rooted is it, that they would be at a loss how to live without this indulgence; they would rather be deprived
      of any necessary than forego their favourite luxury. This is much more prevailing among the women than the men, few of the latter having caught the contagion; though the sheriff, whom I may call the first person in the island, who is an eminent physician beside, and whom I had the pleasure of being well acquainted with, has for many years submitted to this custom. He takes three grains of it every day after breakfast, without the effects of which, he often told me, he was not able to transact any business. It is hard to conceive how a people always happy and healthy, in consequence of the exercise and labour they undergo, never oppressed with the vapours of idleness, yet should want the fictitious effects of opium to preserve that chearfulness to which their temperance, their climate, their happy situation so justly entitle them. But where is the society perfectly free from error or folly; the least imperfect is undoubtedly that where the greatest good pre-ponderates; and agreeable to this rule, I can truly say, that I never was acquainted with a less vicious, or more harmless one.”

      • Tom,

        I too have “Letters From An American Farmer” and it is a fascinating read that truly depicts that era; but one thing has prevailed between then and the 1860-1890 period of which I wrote: addiction was not a widely addressed issue, socially or medically. And as your passage from that volume indicates, use of Opiates was very widespread and knew no gender or class distinctions. You are also correct that patent-medicines have been around since the late 1600’s – they just didn’t proliferate into a booming industry until the mid/late 19th-century when they revolutionized another new field: advertising! And, it was through the outrageous claims in the ads, on posters and bottle labels themselves that those panaceas really started to rake in the dough. Further: it was only then that governmental regulators [in several nations] took a serious look at import/export restrictions… restrictions that soon boosted another industry that flourishes to the present day: drug trafficking. FYI: it was actually the British East India Company that spearheaded Opium as a high-dollar export [ironically, into China]; Opium smuggling provided 15-20% of the British Empire’s revenue and it was when China began restricting importation of the drug that the Opium Wars were fought and only when China was defeated by the British in 1858 did the Chinese officially legalize Opium. So you see: Opiates have always been a big-business for governments [including our own!].

        Early regulations addressed the problem uniquely: Chinese, Indian and Islamic Opium-eaters were exempt from prosecution as long as they didn’t partake in front of white men! “Keep the Dragon among the
        Immigrants!!” was a common cry. Opium dens were someplace only the dregs of society would enter but
        -just as today- there was still a thriving black market for pure Opium even though derivative compounds could be legitimately acquired pretty easily through those abundant patent-nostrums.

        Morphine, Codeine and Laundanum were dispensed with alacrity and few concerns for long-term abuse. When an addict became severely impaired or criminally violent they were tossed into either a brutal sanitarium or prison where clinical treatment was virtually nonexistant.

        Flash-forward to today where we have trendy, elegantly expensive rehab centers where it’s a badge of honor to commit yourself to control an addiction your Doctor likely began by prescribing designer drugs you see endlessly advertised on TV. Sounds like we’ve almost come full-circle doesn’t it?

        We may address addiction in a different manner today, but not much has really changed to inhibit abuse stats themselves – a willingness to turn a profit by doling out toxins to consumers eager to diminish their suffering however they can. Make no mistake: only when federal/state/local governments can fully get their more-than-fair share of Pot industry revenue will widespread legalization become a reality. Until then, crackdowns such as mentioned in George’s link are the true panaceas.

  6. George, you left out a primary reason for heat related airport closures. That would be insurance restrictions.
    When the heat wave of several years back pushed the temp in Phoenix to 122 degrees, the airport stopped outbound air traffic until the evening fell and temps dropped to a level below 120 degrees. This was a cautionary halt due among other things, to the takeoff data calculations in the manuals only being calculated and posted to 120 degrees. Thus the insurance companies policies would not be in effect if a mishap incident or accident happened during takeoff.

  7. There are antibiotics being used by physicians(fluoroquinolones) that can and do lead to permanent neuropathic pain. Now we have new guidelines that insist non cancer pain patients don’t really need the doses they’ve been given in years past. The result is a return of the bad old days when genuine pain sufferers are being under treated. Now, we get iatrogenic pain followed by excuses. Now, we are going to start seeing a return of suicides from intractable pain. It has gone too far . Legitimate pain sufferers should not be forced to suffer when they are not the problem.

  8. “Here’s a headline from (Hillary endorsing) USA Today which goes to the idea that it’s so hot in Phoenix that they can’t fly planes.”

    Hmm.. I can actually see her point on flying in the hot sun and it makes perfect sense to me.. its cooler flying at night and the travel clothes always seem to absorb the summers hot sun during the day..

  9. George
    I have thought the same about Free Online Degree Granting and thought the easiest way to get the “credential” you need by passing tests would be to use a way, Way underused resource in the age of Google: The Public Library.
    The Library and Librarians could receive the test materials on any subject, set up a quiet area, monitor and time the test, and seal, notarize, and return the test materials to the testing agency.
    A “Degree” or at least a Certification could be given in just about any subject, the Library materials could be used (any Library will hunt down any book, and “share” it to another library) and you could certify yourself by self-study.
    I can’t wait to hear your Idea, but that is mine, and I am sure, as funding becomes more dear, as the crash unfolds, and more and more use-to-be teachers are looking for a pay check, self study coaches, test coaches, librarians and test monitors will be new fields to enter, so co-opting a segment of the so-called “oppositions funding and voter based. I have been to my local library branch a couple of times in the last few months, and mostly the clients are Tweeners to old for day care and to young to be unsupervised that congregate there after school waiting for (single)mom to pick them up after work.
    So as I said, an under used resource.
    I will predict most all education will be online in a few years and perform one much needed reform in US education, the separation of higher education from SportsBiz.
    But, that’s another subject for another day.

    • Phew.. Well you can’t get the online degree from most of the colleges without paying for the classes unless of course you live and are a citizen of another country where they push a higher education which unfortunately is really really a sad thing but it is their business and they cannot make money with guys like myself taking the classes online.. but almost all of the classes in almost all of the top schools is available online to anyone at anytime.Want to listen to a lecture take the test read the books at two am.. yup no problem. with testing and course materials etc. all included for download.. I take courses I am interested in or have a curiosity of all the time .. Even some pretty good schools in other countries have classes..actually schools in other countries outpace the schools in the USA by a long shot but then those countries push an education and in some countries give the degree’s if you are a citizen there… Lectures course lectures are on youtube if you have questions you can email the professor or make comments( who me make random comments Never LOL) and they return your email within twenty four hours.. unfortunately you can’t get a diploma or course credits or even a list of completed courses unless you pay the whole tuition.
      almost all colleges have their total libraries and research papers available some you have to pay to have access or be a paying student but.. that material is available through other channels and colleges sometimes from the person that wrote it themselves ( they are proud of their work ) .. forget google library go to the schools libraries to do research on any course you might be interested in.. then you have the Presidential libraries.. or the library of congress not to mention your local libraries have some material on hand and like you say can get them.. the local libraries really need to keep up with the colleges though and it is better there are very few books that aren’t available and those are usually novels which you can get by buying them.. but hey I am not a real novel reader if I want a comedy and a good nap I read the congressional record if I want to feel frustrated then I go to the Thomas library read some bill that congress voted into law but refused to read and wonder what insane idiot would actually vote for that piece of crap but hey that is a business model to can’t get gifts and donations if you don’t tow the line.
      I agree with you though that they should offer the online degree’s. some courses of course are not transferable take from a college in India for example great school really good course materials but I am sure not transferable.. then the cost. in England a higher education is free if you are a citizen of that country and in most other countries.|high-school=false|middle-school=false|continuing-education=false|ig=on|online=on|paper=on

      I could pretty much go on forever with this but you can get a fair idea.. if you wish an education and are self motivated this is an option and if you are a citizen of another country you can get your diploma this way.. If I had credit for all the classes I have taken in the past.. ( still can’t spell worth a hoot that damned dyslexia and I hate sentence structure etc..) I probably could have a few degrees here and there.. Not sure don’t care at my age what difference would it make anyway..But I can argue on a good variety of issues and pop up material Like one nephew and niece that are professors told me when we got into a discussion about different topics that I pretty much swamped them with ton’s of material they had never known existed before and neither of them will bring up a debatable topic around me..( I can take both sides of the coin ) in our home I am not allowed to talk about politics or religion at all. and if a debate starts on any subject my wife puts an end to it pretty quick. LOL..
      and definately the macarena group are taboo subjects..

      • with my nephew and niece.. I got pretty furstraited with them because they live in the box ..People that are not willing to step outside and take a look around or contemplate other views of issues that they teach from a different perspective is just crazy.. our schools teach one direction very few show other directions to the same issues..

    • Watch, the libraries are going to go the way of the dodo bird just like the globalists want to do away with the post office. It is just a matter of time.

    • Having worked in a couple of different library systems, including one with one of the highest circulations in the U.S., I can tell you by experience that librarians do NOT, have the time, inclination or desire to be ‘watching’ the children that are ‘dropped off’ by their parents at a library. The children are often ill-behaved, and not understanding that patrons of the library do not appreciate rowdy ‘brats’ – if a child is willing to sit and read that is great, but from personal experience, it doesn’t happen very often.

      So you think also that librarians have ‘time’ to handle adult test-takers? Think again – this will cost money and many libraries are cutting back, not expanding! Only if more funds are given to libraries!

  10. re: Those Pobrecitos of Congress and doing actual work, it seems they don’t have time to do the people’s proper work but the RINO’s found time to address #islamophobia

    Senators Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Susan Collins and Marco Rubio introduced (& passed) Resolution 118, a Terror-Tied Sharia Resolution Against Islamophobia… an anti-hate crimes bill drafted by Emerge-USA.”

    • It is coming to America, a hate crime bill, and a gender name bill just like they passed in Canada. All one has to do is watch the globalists, they introduce legislation in one country, then another and another, just like dominoes. Then want us all fighting each other, but when we name NAMES then we are racists, and all manner of indecent names are put on people of decency. It is a run around limiting free speech which means chaining down the first amendment.

  11. When I see people quote UN reports for climate change I can’t help but laugh at the ignorance. People need to read more & accepting UN facts is more than lazy. Maybe start checking the IPCC reports from the past 30 years to see how spectacularly wrong they have been, they just make it up as it keeps them in a job, it’s literally that simple.

  12. George, I read Coping: Future Wars… for the first time this morning. It was very intense and thoughtful. Might I suggest you please check out E. M. Nicolay’s website and his book Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension. He keeps a low profile on purpose as you would understand to not draw attention from the elites in control. Nicolay’s stress is on the probable future of the third universal dimension and planet earth. It is a profound book.

    • Ok, you blew it, the elites are on to George that is why he’s being trolled so hard. Now everyone knows! :;

  13. If I understand correctly, which I may not, the theory that climate change is a hoax being perpetrated by by Gore, Obama, carbon credit folks and academics doesn’t make any sense.

    It would require collusion among hundreds of national governments and tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands academics and scientists.

    Besides if it is a hoax why is the insurance industry, the military and Big Oil preparing for it? Hopefully, folks know that these organizations have some of the best number crunchers around working for them.

    This Chart Shows Why Insurers Are Climate-Change Believers

    Despite political gridlock over global warming, the Pentagon is pushing ahead with plans to protect its assets from sea-level rise and other impacts.

    Big Oil braced for global warming while it fought regulations

    Exxon even went so far as to have two set of books

  14. I was looking at a copy of Sydney newspaper in Australia during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Not a word about “Glowbull Warming” during the northern latitude cold months, but endless articles about the End of the World.

    Suddenly the realization hit me that they sell this crap only during the summer months.

  15. And what is really odd is that the folks who think that climate change is a hoax, I assume also overlap with the folks who readily believed Obama isn’t an US citizen, Pizzagate and Seth Rich conspiracies.

    • Oh no, jonny cloner who is desperately behind the times and proud of it.

  16. If it wasn’t for climate change, I’d be freezing my butt off right now under the Laurentide ice sheet, thank you climate change…

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