Why would anyone spend money to launch a new website to be called www.americanvoterboycott.org?

The answer is simple:  I think people are sick and tired of special interests outbidding us in local government, state offices, and in Congress.

But, as I will map out this morning, we actually DO have the power to change that.

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Assessing the political process in America today is an exercise is creative depression:  We like to think that there is a working political system, but there is NOT.

A visit to any website, like www.opensecrets.org, reveals what most of us already know:  Politicians are bought and paid-for by special interests and effectively corporations have stolen the political processes.

Corporations are “legal fictions” which masquerade as humans and somehow have the ability to buy and sell influence at unspeakably corrupt levels, yet they are not accountable to voters nor do they live in jurisdictions where they wield their crooked version of power.

How We Can Change the Game

There are three aspects to the American Voter Boycott concept.

First there is a legislative agenda.  This is to change voting rules so that special interests may not own outcomes – as they presently do.

  • Eight year term limits for all elective offices.  Two for President, four for House members, one for Senators, etc.
  • Campaign contribution cap of $100 per voter per office. This would be a hard cap with jail time for non-compliance for convicted excess contributors.
  • An end to all political organizations claiming tax exempt status and no political fund-raising permitted.
  • No campaign money from outside the office service area.  E.G. county, city, state, legislative, house districts, and so forth.
  • If no person gains 10% of registered voters, the winner of any indecisive election would be decided by lottery.

Secondly, there is a personal pledge agenda.  This is where each of the few thousand, or so, still-free Americans vow not to vote for any politician who accepts more than a single penny from outside the jurisdiction they serve.

Thirdly, there is a prosecution of voter fraud agenda.  This would need to be passed as part of the legislative agenda in order to be meaningful, but the basic idea is this:  If a person is elected to office, they may be summarily removed from office and the second-place finisher installed in their stead, should any of the following be demonstrated in a limited-range lawsuit:

  • The candidate accepted money (* or other valuable consideration) from persons outside of the area served by their office.  Contributions would only be accepted if from registered voters.
  • The candidate accepted money (*or other valuable consideration) from any company, organization, or committee, defined as any entity that is not a singular, human, non-fictional, legal aged registered voter.
  • Last, during their term in office, they voted in a manner that directly conflicts with promises and representations made to the electorate in the district which their office serves.

In addition, a natural fall-out of this movement is to band all interstate funding and fund-raising for political purposes for anything other than the Presidential election.  This is the ONLY office, after all, that represents voters of more than one state in size.

Sorry, Sinator.  Sorry Congressoids.  No out of state money, no PACs, not Party slush funds…look how Debbie Wasserman Schultz screwed Bernie Sanders out of a fair run.  Under this system, such miscarriages of democracy would not happen.  Take away the money and you end the poisoning of the system.

Boycott Rationale

As I showed yesterday, the American Voter is being outbid on all fronts.

Newspapers and electronic media have turned the once political process into a huge business model.  As they have done so, the Courts with perverted definitions (see Citizens United v. FEC case) have reinforced the further extreme monetization of what could otherwise be good political decision making.

Simply, the complicit Courts, broadcast, print media, and others, have turned America into an auction process.

On  the specifics above, I believe the rest is plain enough to see:  If money flow from outside a district, then the outcome does not represent the Will of the (resident) People.  Rather, it represents voters (and non-voters alike) outside of the political entity.

This is clearly NOT what the Founders envisioned.

How Broken Systems Work

A voter boycott will only really work once the legal frameworks are passed and this would need to occur at the State Legislature level.

Here, the odds of finding still-honest political representation is somewhat higher than at the national (bought and paid-for) Congressional (House and Senate) levels.

Again, to reiterate, look who is passing out the Big Bucks to politicians and then compare this with the money raised in a home district.

Let me use the example of local U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R) Texas 5th district.  From OpenSecrets.org, we read how our nominally local congressman gets big money from Goldman Sachs, the American Bankers Association, Scroggin Capital and so forth.

This is both legal and currently proper because that’s how the system is built. Hensarling is a big deal in House Finance bills so, yeah, the money interests pay it forward.

But you see, as voters in the Texas 5th, Elaine and I are asking who are all the financial groups and why so much to Hensarling?  How is this helping us out here in the dingle berries of East Texas?

Which  gets me to the point: Hensarling and his other colleagues that we collectively call the Fools on the Hill are hardly fools at all:  They spend a pile, are essentially up for bid, and they will have retirements for life far beyond the maximum Social Security payment per person allowed us mere mortals, so who can blame them?

They see the loopholes (like Trump working depreciation of huge buildings, right?_) and they run and get “elected” – all the while promoting the illusion of “responsive government.

My ass.

Real Responsive Government

Real Responsive Government is something we don’t have.  The Code of Federal Regulations is over 80,000 pages long.

Like the IRS Code, you will never meet a lawyer who has read it all – that YOU can afford.

There are three simple steps to making American government responsible once again.

The first is why I am willing to put up (as my buy-in) the AmericanVoterBoycott.org website name.  And the concepts that go along with it enumerated above.

The second is to end the lousy seniority system in Washington in both the House and Senate.  Draw lots and things will change.

The swamp will quickly evaporate when the power structure is in constant flux and when voters are measuring results, not political bullshit.  Oh, and the corporations can’t buy outcomes.


The idea here is simple.

I don’t think our local Congressoid should have to purchase a home in a spendy high-density swamp land like Washington (much of which is really built on fill, by the way).

Instead, he should do what the rest of us in consultant land so:  Skype from home….or in his case, maintain (and cast votes from) his office in the home district.

The question I’d pose is simple:

Will a seniority-selected representative who seems to get most of his money from outside the home district and who lives in Washington D.C. act and vote a little differently than a…

Randomly committee membership representative who gets ALL of his money at no more than $100 per person from inside the home District and who LIVES IN THE DISTRICT?

The answer to this is simple:  Of course.

If you don’t believe it, then congratulations, you are a political pseudo-crook ( sociopath?) and eminently qualified to run for office.

Because this defines you as a person working toward your own ends, not those of the community in which you live.

And this boys, girls, and those of indeterminable gender, is why we desperately need an American Voter Boycott.

Though it may already be too late.

Write when you get rich (of if you’re a member of congress, in which case how about sharing some of that insider trading stuff that the rest of us would be jailed for trading on?)