As we continue to careen toward the financial abyss  we are faced with the morning ponder about jobs.

In case you missed in, the ADP report out Wednesday looked pretty good:

Unfortunately, that’s being tempered today with the job cuts announcement from Challenger…

You don’t need to be a “rocket surgeon” to run out the numbers:  We look at fains (230,000) less cuts (the 66,286) and wonder how something in the area of 175,000 would play if that’s where the Federal report comes out tomorrow morning?

By the way, we see the dangerous leading-edge of automation-driven job hatchets falling in this report:

“Nearly half (47.9 percent) of September job cuts come from Wells Fargo’s announcement that it will cut between 5 and 10 percent of its workforce over the next three years. With roughly 265,000 workers, the company plans to cut up to 26,500 (Challenger counted the higher figure in its tracking).”

With ATM’s and mail-in banking and OCR’ing?  Who needs the peeps, right?

Not that this one matters.  There are lots of other moving pieces to consider in here.

For one, the Fed-heads who’ve been speech-making this week are going well past hinting that a December rate hike is in the works.  Funny how rates get jacked just after the Social Security inflation adjustments lock, isn’t it?

Then tomorrow afternoon the Fed will issue their consumer debt report.  The best that can be expected is that consumer sheeple will keep piling on the debt because if we all lived within our incomes, the country would implode.  Of course, we wouldn’t end up being bought by China (with our own money, recycled back to us) but that’s a whole other discussion.

For now, we are more worried about how far into next year we can get after a possible Kavanaugh vote – the “spontaneous” highly organized left-wing demonstrations sure to come should Kavanaugh be confirmed, and then how the country reacts.

Meantime, the blinders keep falling off.  Did you see CNS News story “Under Penalty of Felony: Ex-Boyfriend Contradicts Ford’s Sworn Testimony on Polygraph Coaching”?  Somehow that just wasn’t newsworthy on  the corporate-owned and controlled media.  (Can you imagine that?)

We sure as hell notice, of course, as does News Busters in their “ABC, CBS Ignore Ex-Boyfriend Letter to Senate Contradicting Ford’s Story.”

When the Deep State is trying to keep Kav off the bench. we know who not to trust.,  Too damn many Flakes in the world already.  So many, in fact, that they make up the new spineless Jellyfish party.  The “truth in advertising-compliant” rebrand of the former GOP.

The current game – for those snoozing – is to get the left wing media so riled-up that they will go nuts on social media.  That will lead to violence and that will lead to social media control and we will clone China’s Social Credit scam…it will be like the no-fly list but will include no job, no driving, no free access to information, no posting, no publishing….see how this rolls?  When the “useless eaters” have all self-identified…well, just consider the word “soylent” for a while.

Yes, as we head with too many people on too small a planet into a resource-crashing future, we’re bound to replay science “fiction.”  You do know “Soylent Meal Replacement Powder, Original, 2.3 Pound” is has been on Amazon for five years, right?  It’s just not out in green yet…but give the marketing people time.

Nothing’s too good for the sheep on this old rock, no sir!

Want in the Pool?

With the FBI Kav report “secret” we have a pool going on whichj loud-mouth politician will “leak” the goods.

Will it be a Jackass Party clown(ette) or a Jeffyfish Party perp?Or perhaps an indistinguishable Flake in the middle?

Week of Distraction

How many of your friends have you known for more than 66-years?  My buddy the major lands this afternoon, so my columns may ramble a bit less.

Not that his military precision of thinking will influence.  There will just be less time for writing and more time for shop and ham radio projects for the next 10-days.  Skinnied-down Peoplenomics, too.  Think of it as a quasi-vacation where I keep working.  Sound familiar?

Quips and Snips

Ah…just in time for breakfast?  World’s most expensive bottle of whisky sells for $1.1M at auction.  Kidding, of course.

Battle of the clickers as Ebay alleges Amazon poached sellers from its platform.

Hmmm…Tesla must defend lawsuit alleging abuse of foreign workers.  What?  Didn’t replace enough Americans, perhaps?

As I was reading “Yankees top A’s in wild card game, face Red Sox in divisional round.”  It dawned on me here’s a story the NY Times has been dealing with since at least 2009:  “Why Is the Season Ending So Late?.”  If they could just cover Trump as well as sports, huh?

And yes, America is crazy:  “Louisville councilman says he won’t resign — despite seeking office in Nigeria.”

Well, on that chipper note – and mentioning Dow futures are down 117 – it’s off to chase chickens.. I feel an omelet coming on…

Moron the ‘morrow

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