Looking Past Jobs

As we continue to careen toward the financial abyss  we are faced with the morning ponder about jobs.

In case you missed in, the ADP report out Wednesday looked pretty good:

Unfortunately, that’s being tempered today with the job cuts announcement from Challenger…

You don’t need to be a “rocket surgeon” to run out the numbers:  We look at fains (230,000) less cuts (the 66,286) and wonder how something in the area of 175,000 would play if that’s where the Federal report comes out tomorrow morning?

By the way, we see the dangerous leading-edge of automation-driven job hatchets falling in this report:

“Nearly half (47.9 percent) of September job cuts come from Wells Fargo’s announcement that it will cut between 5 and 10 percent of its workforce over the next three years. With roughly 265,000 workers, the company plans to cut up to 26,500 (Challenger counted the higher figure in its tracking).”

With ATM’s and mail-in banking and OCR’ing?  Who needs the peeps, right?

Not that this one matters.  There are lots of other moving pieces to consider in here.

For one, the Fed-heads who’ve been speech-making this week are going well past hinting that a December rate hike is in the works.  Funny how rates get jacked just after the Social Security inflation adjustments lock, isn’t it?

Then tomorrow afternoon the Fed will issue their consumer debt report.  The best that can be expected is that consumer sheeple will keep piling on the debt because if we all lived within our incomes, the country would implode.  Of course, we wouldn’t end up being bought by China (with our own money, recycled back to us) but that’s a whole other discussion.

For now, we are more worried about how far into next year we can get after a possible Kavanaugh vote – the “spontaneous” highly organized left-wing demonstrations sure to come should Kavanaugh be confirmed, and then how the country reacts.

Meantime, the blinders keep falling off.  Did you see CNS News story “Under Penalty of Felony: Ex-Boyfriend Contradicts Ford’s Sworn Testimony on Polygraph Coaching”?  Somehow that just wasn’t newsworthy on  the corporate-owned and controlled media.  (Can you imagine that?)

We sure as hell notice, of course, as does News Busters in their “ABC, CBS Ignore Ex-Boyfriend Letter to Senate Contradicting Ford’s Story.”

When the Deep State is trying to keep Kav off the bench. we know who not to trust.,  Too damn many Flakes in the world already.  So many, in fact, that they make up the new spineless Jellyfish party.  The “truth in advertising-compliant” rebrand of the former GOP.

The current game – for those snoozing – is to get the left wing media so riled-up that they will go nuts on social media.  That will lead to violence and that will lead to social media control and we will clone China’s Social Credit scam…it will be like the no-fly list but will include no job, no driving, no free access to information, no posting, no publishing….see how this rolls?  When the “useless eaters” have all self-identified…well, just consider the word “soylent” for a while.

Yes, as we head with too many people on too small a planet into a resource-crashing future, we’re bound to replay science “fiction.”  You do know “Soylent Meal Replacement Powder, Original, 2.3 Pound” is has been on Amazon for five years, right?  It’s just not out in green yet…but give the marketing people time.

Nothing’s too good for the sheep on this old rock, no sir!

Want in the Pool?

With the FBI Kav report “secret” we have a pool going on whichj loud-mouth politician will “leak” the goods.

Will it be a Jackass Party clown(ette) or a Jeffyfish Party perp?Or perhaps an indistinguishable Flake in the middle?

Week of Distraction

How many of your friends have you known for more than 66-years?  My buddy the major lands this afternoon, so my columns may ramble a bit less.

Not that his military precision of thinking will influence.  There will just be less time for writing and more time for shop and ham radio projects for the next 10-days.  Skinnied-down Peoplenomics, too.  Think of it as a quasi-vacation where I keep working.  Sound familiar?

Quips and Snips

Ah…just in time for breakfast?  World’s most expensive bottle of whisky sells for $1.1M at auction.  Kidding, of course.

Battle of the clickers as Ebay alleges Amazon poached sellers from its platform.

Hmmm…Tesla must defend lawsuit alleging abuse of foreign workers.  What?  Didn’t replace enough Americans, perhaps?

As I was reading “Yankees top A’s in wild card game, face Red Sox in divisional round.”  It dawned on me here’s a story the NY Times has been dealing with since at least 2009:  “Why Is the Season Ending So Late?.”  If they could just cover Trump as well as sports, huh?

And yes, America is crazy:  “Louisville councilman says he won’t resign — despite seeking office in Nigeria.”

Well, on that chipper note – and mentioning Dow futures are down 117 – it’s off to chase chickens.. I feel an omelet coming on…

Moron the ‘morrow

27 thoughts on “Looking Past Jobs”

  1. Who will release the report is only a matter of trying to guess an individual name.

    If the report vindicates Kav, Repubs will leak it.

    If the report vindicates Ford, Dems will leak it.

    That much is certain.

  2. Speculation is that the increase will be 3% and once again will be highjacked by Medicare premium increases. There are times I wish I had not signed up for Medicare.

    • You can always cancel part B. Think carefully before you do that. It makes sense for some of us who won’t deal with the medical system until we’re already in rigor. You can change your mind again, but at a higher rate, depending on how long you’ve been off the system, or so I understand. Part A is free to you, so keep it.

    • Okie: You got to be crazy to think Medicare isn’t a good deal for seniors. As a business owner, I always paid for mine & my wife’s medical insurance, and Medicare is the deal of a lifetime, especially in light of the dramatic increase in premiums beginning with the Obama Presidency.

      • Amen…ECS….just for my wife..fifteen grand a year a 7500.00 deductible 40.00 copay..the cheapest is twelve grand fifty dollar office and only allowing for three visits per calendar year.with either of those two you don’t have a choice of which doctor you see. If you want a personal physician that is twenty plus grand a year with a five grand deductible.
        I’m praying that they don’t do away with Medicare

  3. “consumer sheeple will keep piling on the debt”

    Exactly.. back in the day the average blue collar worker could put away ten percent of his income..but the economy has been outpacing income for over thirty years.. back in the late eighties and middle eighties.. during the eighties recession plastic became a convenient way to pay your bills. almost everyone I know uses plastic to survive.
    bear with me as I digress..
    so your a middle class worker.. income of seventy thousand between two people.. around here thirty grand a year is high the average is about twenty two.. about twenty grand goes out for SS and federal income tax.. ( last year we paid out about twenty five percent of income..
    so taking that into account their disposable income will be about forty grand. depending on what kind of housing they live in your looking at twelve to fifteen grand for an apartment if your in adjusted housing your looking at eight to ten grand..
    then comes insurance.. health insurance well for my wife alone without anything until the seventy five hundred deductible no personal physician its fifteen grand a year.. food.. conservatively no dining out.. 330.00 a month..car.. a new car in the eighties was high end car about seven grand low end economy twenty five hundred to four grand. ( although I could have bought a four year old Bentley that cost for years ago two hundred and sixty seven thousand dollars.. with less than ten thousand miles on it for fifteen grand LOL.. if I had had the fifteen grand just laying around I would have bought it just to say hey lets take the Bentley LOL.. who ever owned it bought it for just that reason and rode the brakes.. they had to put new brakes in it and the cost of the pads was six grand) today a low end car is between seventeen and twenty two grand. payments low end three hundred to six hundred.. now insurance utilities etc.. you see where this is heading.. for a fast food worker just to survive will take twenty dollars an hour minimum .. that is why so many kids use plastic and hopefully no immediate crisis arises.
    Now take a waitress you want to know how it is going in the economy and ask her about her tips..(excluding the wealthy that never tip and if they tip it is probably the lowest tip they got.. I am a high end tipper and every place I eat knows it so I very seldom have to wait for a table..Needless to say I don’t eat out often but I do tip well.. ( most of the waitresses are single mothers.. I decided to do that when I worked as a dishwasher.. seen way to many times young women not knowing how they were going to get a gallon of milk or diapers)
    Now the rich.. most are only wealthy on paper.. many that I know don’t have furniture.. they stage their homes when they are going to have company.. and they buy things like that Bentley as a show piece.
    as the economy continues to outpace the income level people are forced to use credit.. (just look at the USA national budget) just water on the table with the noodle.. wait till the water starts drying up to see the noodle crumble..

    The ones that are really smart on this are the colonies.. all the income goes in one pocket.. they have a board that decides what is needed and they get it.. many immigrants do that to a single bedroom and twenty people living in it..
    if I could lower my insurance expenses I could easily save a couple grand plus a month..

    • Looking: If you are retired & can save a couple of grand a month on insurance to bring your insurance cost under control, you are paying way to much for insurance & should be restructured…unless you are insuring millions of dollars of assets. I am retired & my total insurance Bill is less than $2,000 a month.

      • Yes I think we are paying way to much for insurance and can’t wait the three years till the wife can get medicare, I wish we had options for other insurance.. and I have done the research if I lived in another state I could check on other policies.. what is funny about that is until obama care she was un-insurable at any cost and you know how it is you can’t see a physician in a clinic your forced to go to the er.. that is how we became friends actually.. I had a local govt job working in hazardous waste.. the health policy that our state had took every dime of what I made except 307.00 a month.. so I worked two full time jobs and a part time job to make a living.. from thursday to saturday I would work straight through and on saturday a slow day at the govt. job I would be tired it was quiet and peacefull and sometimes it was hard to keep my eyes open and alert.. we would get they call plus time.. so if you needed a day off and had worked sixty hours one week you could take off at some point twenty hours of plus time and have an extra day off..my boss always wanted to take all the days off and didn’t want to let me use any of the plus time.. anyway he was upset one saturday because he wanted to take the day off and I was tired and said you need to quit one of your jobs.. I explained saturday was a bad day for me because I had just worked 48 hours straight without any time to rest at all and it being quiet was a distraction.. and I can’t afford to quit one since my house payment was more than what I made a month. all because of insurance.. so he suggested I try to find a different insurance company the search went out.. finally settled with one and made the two months payment and the payment for the medical tests. there was a thirty day waiting period for the underwriters.. one month later I called the insurance salesman and asked he was going to call them but would let me know.. the next morning he called back and said yup you are approved you can call and drop your insurance but because christmas and new years are right around the corner don’t expect to see any paperwork till after the new year.. no problem I called the office and dropped the insurance.. a month goes by they didn’t deduct the premium I called.. oh..the standards are for a guy your height the optimum weight limit is 164 pounds.. you weigh 200.. ( even though I was in the best shape of my life physically ) I am now uninsurable couldn’t get back on the govt insurance couldn’t find another.. so I put the money I would have been paying for the insurance in a separate savings acct.. kept the three jobs.. three years go down the road ( there is a part in there where the insurance company cancelled any payments for past medical to and we ended up selling the first house I ever built by myself to pay for the surgery the daughter had.) then my ex wife now had gallbladder surgery same day in and out in three hours.. our pastor had the same surgery same day just a few hours difference with the same surgeon.. while the wife was in I get called down to the office.. how are you going to pay for this.. if you can’t write a check out for the whole amount why in the world did you seek medical assistance ( it gets way worse way worse from that point on) anyway the difference in cost was four times what the pastor had to pay for his total surgical bill while that four times was just what our hospital bill was the surgeon was as much as what the pastors bill was total.. and we went to the free clinic.. I can’t even imagine what it would have been with the test costs LOL.. so here I am.. the pittance I had been saving didn’t even amount to a partial payment.. I went in and visited with the surgeon and told him and his office staff the circumstances and that if he would let me I would work off my debt to him.. he loved it labor for labor.. the job resurface his parking lot.. I don’t have the equipment for that undertaking but took him up on his offer.. I figured out how to make and made the equipment I would need.. my now wife was my boss at my other full time job and she was worried. she had gone through the same thing from having a minor stroke.. her insurance.. made every excuse not to pay any of the bills she had acquired and took her whole paycheck for them.. when she found out I was going to resurface a parking lot by hand in hundred degree weather she came out with sandwiches water etc and coverhauls to help me.. we became friends even the surgeon came out and would check on my health we became friends as well and when his family members got to end life stages I took care of them for him..
        then the hospital.. phew another story.. I ended up having to beg to be able to work off the debt.. so for a year I worked three full time jobs and a part time job.. I ended up staying at the hospital dropped the govt. job because I could have insurance there after the year. so for a year I worked three full time jobs of forty plus hours a week and one part time job stocking shelves at the grocery store and washing dishes for another twenty plus hours..
        in our state there are basically two companies we can get insurance from.. I really wish I could be in the sw.. I have heard there are policies there that are a lot more reasonable than what we can get here.. if I could get a policy from the UK they have wonderful coverage for a fraction of the cost in the USA.. unfortunately just like medicine there is a border and borders and insurance and pharmaceutical industries have it all locked up tighter than a drum. all compliments of our wonderful congress..when we got this policy for the wife only.. I didn’t even ask what it would be for the two of us.. that would terrify me..it took every penny we had in the bank plus every penny made just to get the policy started because her old boss that had gotten a two billion dollar loan hadn’t been making any of the payments ..( I had a boss that did that in the late seventies to. gambled the insurance money away and when a medical emergency came up I discovered we didn’t have coverage.. a nice plastic card in the billfold just no coverage that my friend is a nightmare of days past)
        Unfortunately as a bottom feeder the struggles are way different.. because I have had those struggles and survived I seek out others that have fallen through the cracks and do what I can to ease their pain a little.. boy can I tell you stories to.. from parents that lost their jobs because a baby had brain cancer and the companies didn’t want them to take the baby to the doctor.. to a guy that had similar struggles like me that delivered his kids on his kitchen table and the food they ate came from what the cat would catch and bring home to them..( they kept the furs of the mice to remind them of the days they had.. he now runs a company and one of the kids is a social worker one other a doctor I am not sure what the third child does) one woman single mom had the swine flu.. not sick enough to get medical treatment sent home.. she went into convulsions and was rushed off where they put her in a coma.. I get a call and this old tub walks up to a very scared little thirteen year old and a four year old toddler no food furnace not working back on all their bills.. it was a mess just my size.. oh I am digressing again there are many many many more.. what is funny is that I can see it now without anyone telling me..and overall.. there has only been two times that someone took advantage of me and both times it was a very small amount..

  4. The networks did cover Fords ex boyfriend letter. CNN actually reported on it most of the morning yesterday. I listened to it in my car. There was an immediate response from Ford and Monica McLean who stated that they were totally false. Monica was especially upset about this lie. She stated that she was appalled that her name was even mentioned and now is part of a national discussion.

    And don’t you find it a bit odd that Monica’s name is blasted out for all the media to see and The ex- boyfriend’s name is Redacted? Why does he get to be protected and Monica McLean, who didn’t even suspect that this was going to be published get punished? This has slimey politics written all over it. The GOP probably knows that the ex boyfriend is not the cleanest of witnesses and doesn’t want his shady past to tarnish his letter.

    • I think it would be very normal for Monica to be upset she was outed that she cheated in whatever the FBI was quizzing her about, as it related to lie detectors. Of course she’d deny any sort of coaching. Duh

  5. I don’t see much coverage on Ford’s background. She has deep ties to the deep state. Savage outlined it in two paragraphs. Simple stories are often more believable. Her ties to the CIA are easy to understand and explain.

    • Christine Blasey Ford appears to be a research psychologist at Stanford University. Stanford University helped the Central Intelligence Agency develop the mind control program MKULTRA as well as conduct very famous psychic experiments.


      Christine Blasey Ford coauthored a research paper that was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. Her expertise appears to be “Psychoeducation using hypnosis”. Mmmmm, imagine that! Definitely, “psycho”.

      Is Christine Blasey Ford’s father, Ralph G. Blasey Jr., the Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.— whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security?

      Is Christine Blasey Ford’s father, Ralph G. Blasey Jr., the former Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C. — was it a CIA black budget bank that funded MKULTRA?

      Just asking some basic questions…

  6. “As we continue to careen toward the financial abyss…”

    What’s Your solution to avoid it?? My solution would be to abolish Democracy, because it doesn’t function with the population we have. JM Very HO!

  7. George, a ton of speculation out there about the Neutral Fed Funds Rate.I would argue that we are there already, and any raise in December will push Fed Funds Rate past neutral. Every single time this has happened in the past, the Fed tightening cycle has created a crisis..somewhere.
    10yr treasuries are pricing at 3.20% yield this AM, stock market is not liking that so much.
    Q posted a 53-47 vote count for judge Kav., does Q know something? Better yet who the hell is Q?
    Answer: Q Anon is the Greatest Military Intelligence operation in history. More than 50 million anaons around the world…everyone can take part and Vote “them” out, and switch off the Fake News/Lamestream Media. We The People…taking back power..

  8. What worries me is that the stock ‘boom’ was fueled by a 5+% balance sheet subsidy to corporate America, that was then offloaded onto the national debt.
    Makes the market look unstable and temporary. Best, Mike

  9. “That will lead to violence ”

    Interesting thing happened. A professor friend called me about an energy board for TED on renewables anyway he asked if I had heard anything of a launch that had supposedly happened back during the Kim talks. (About the same time the alert went out in Hawaii) now I hadn’t heard about it but he mentioned that a friend of his was up when it left the tube and seen it take off in the pnw..
    I told him I doubted it was an actual missile.. For the USA to be that provoking would be pure insanity.
    Then I read about the Russian missile defense system placed in Syria and the Klub-k and wonder..where are the pieces landing on the chess board could there be a real flash bang possible for our future.
    I personally don’t think it will go that far if the puppeteers are persuaded to hold their greed in check. But to see the pieces being put in place is a little alarming.

  10. Automation or other nations?

    My company that i work for was just “bought out” by a holding company with a large Indian-ownership/management basis to it. We are IT-services. What is happening now, a few months after buy-out is the pressure to “grow” – margins. They want to start training Indian nationals for the jobs us Americans (high labor costs) do. The growth appears to be slated toward replacing jobs with side-sourcing the employees in from their Indian owned companies. This will raise margins and hurt the customers we have in place today. We have numerous “white guy” families with new babies and other headwinds who are going to undoubtably fall to this maneuver.

    No, the economy isn’t great – for those who do not “own” companies and can re-allocate resources.

    Not looking forward to the next year.

  11. New, must have product – Congressional Stop Leaks. Actually, there is a tried and true methodology used to track leakers and thus, it is hoped, discourage them. The method involves slightly altering words, punctuation and capitalization on every copy published and tracking who each individualized version is given to. When a leak appears, consistencies are mapped in the media version to each of the distributed versions text. This enables the identification of the ‘office’ of the congressional or senate official which supplied the leak.

  12. Some thoughts on your Q-P Field States, or Base-3 reality. Consider Tristate logic devices, there are 3 states, it’s zero, one, or High-Impedance. High-Impedance means “no-load on the system”, i.e., no affect on the outcome.

    Your Third State is the decision making state.

    The Third State must avoid any kind of measurement in order not to collapse the Quantum Wave Function. Consider electronic measuring devices such as voltmeters and oscilloscopes. They have High-Impedance as not to become part of the circuit.

    Consider permeability and permittivity, they determine impedance and the speed of light. From these two cornerstones of physical reality, we know that the resistance of the vacuum is 376.73 ohms.

    Consider that you can alter the permeability and permittivity of a system by changing its refractive index.

    Consider cellular communication is done through infrared photons. Can we change our body chemistry to affect and alter the Refractive Index, thus observing photons of different frequencies?

    Consider the pyramids and other ancient structures made of limestone, including Coral Castle in Miami, which I have visited many times. These structures contain Calcite. Calcium crystals are bifringent; they produce a double-image. Is this double-image ruled by the laws of Quantum Entanglement? What about Calcium’s place in body chemistry?

    Consider that non-physical reality must be a High Impedance state. This must be a major reason why the dead have very little influence upon physical reality. There are exceptions that are probably in-line with Quantum Probabilities… And Quantum Probabilities are simply electrons that collide with various photons of different frequencies.

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