Idiots to Riot – Useless Protesters, Jobs

There is a “clear and present danger” to America coming this weekend to a country near you.  It’s idiotic leftist protesters who will be out – funded by left-wing benefactors who suck  money out from the gullible – on the notion that their protest means something.

Bad news from Reality: After the vote, it doesn’t matter..

There will be a Kavanaugh vote.  Delays are done.

The vote can go either way, but for now (and with the 7th FBI report) it looks to us alike Kav be approved in a “squeaker.”

This predictably cause the lefty-idiots – who, promoted by CNN and other all-too-liberal media – will be demonstrating their little hearts out over how bad Kavanaugh is.

The key thing to watch by thinking people, is whether there’s a point to the foul-mouthed histrionics.  (*There won’t be.)

Reality says the U.S. Senate has NEVER reversed course on a confirmation EVER and is hardly about to begin that NOW.  I will grant you that immediately upon confirmation, articles of impeachment will be floated by the loony left.  You see, they are not completely crazy:  The left is expert at monetizing crisis.  Take the million dollars raised for Dr. Ford.  Whipping up the gullible and taking their money is what the left does.  Divide and Fund Raise is the technique.

Anything landing in my inbox containing the word “ford” has been auto-trashed for weeks, now.  She’s worth more than me, now.  When’s the book deal coming?  That email filter will likely remain active for another month or three an d maybe for years. Because Kavanaugh is the best thing that’s happened to Jackass Party fund-raisers in years.

The Jellyfish Party (*the spineless remnants of what was once the Party of Lincoln that managed to end slavery and other progressive causes) has been sitting back – dumbstruck and paralyzed –  through most of the circus with  the exception of Lindsey Graham.

Don’t know if you’ve ever read the late Eric Hoffer’s book “The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements” but there aredandy Hoffer quotes to be found both in the book and on the web.

“Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.”

Have the “ring of truth,” brothers and sisters?

The antics of the Left this weekend will reveal numerous facts to rational, thinking people.

If there’s protest after confirmation, then it belies the truth of an ongoing “soft coup” against the elected government of the US.

The Left, which has been unable to win at the ballot box, does better when strong-arming the Courts.  Which is why America has gone in 1965 from a progressive (20% minority) county to a (40% minority) angry country attempting a coup without a single vote.  Thank the Courts and the Left.  Why do you think they’re such “open borders” fans?

Check with Europe on how border-less worked out, lol.  Check with Venezuela on  how socialism works, too, while you’re at it.

What should American’s be protesting?  How about this: Giving children the (prompted by sick grown-ups) “right to change sex.” This smacks of the medical practices that caused Josef Mengele to be hunted after WW II.  Yet,modern social engineers are working their “sex change” agenda hoping for the same outcome Mengele managed:  Getting away with monstrous medical experiments and living to a ripe old age.

You see, it’s all in the packaging, the marketing, hype, and social shills.

With nothing to monetize, America’s now monetizing sexual mutilation of children.  The Great Divers will ensure everyone salutes.  That kind of stuff makes me sick.  We are a lost country, sitting on our assess, following crooked demonstrations run by paid-actors…while the real work of sinking America continues below the waterline.  We don’t focus on the sick because that’s what?  Mean?  Instead, the distraction operations abound.  Under the waterline?  Borders, gender-change, glorification of socialism, white-shaming, male-bashing, feminization of all……. that’s what’s underway.  Drilling through the hull of the great Ship of State.

Back to point: If the Senate confirms Kavanaugh and “violent demonstrations follow” – remember these are NOT “demonstrations” attempting to influence a future outcome.  The SENATE VOTE will decide THAT.


I don’t want to tell you Monday “I told you so...”  But, the Kav vote has the look and feel of an excuse to act badly.  Antifa and the (Clinton apologists) in the MoveOn offspring along with the anarchists, supported by the left-pimping NE Liberal Media will continue The Big Lie – that it’s about Kavanaugh.

But it ISN’T.  It’s about the Rule of Law and the gullible millions who can’t accept that their candidate lost two years ago.

Anyone protesting -after the senate vote-  (as I view it) will be self-identifying as anti-American revolutionaries and terrorists.  They should be summarily treated the same way we would treat terrorists in any other war zone, worldwide.

If Kav is confirmed. the “”soft coup”  terrorists will use this weekend as an excuse to “go hard” and their propaganda media will sell it like soap.

Send this to everyone you know so real Americans can be ready for the antics sure to follow.

(Sometimes, when we see the future clearly-enough, we’ll offer an opinion on how to brace for and deal with social-engineering and anti-American  efforts to come.  We’re all equal, regardless of details and we really need to get back to living a balanced life in  a balanced country.  Remember when we had one?)

Now, Back to Economics & Jobs Data

Got the BLS Jobs report just out.  Press release goes like this:

“The unemployment rate declined by 0.2 percentage point to 3.7 percent in September, and the number of unemployed persons decreased by 270,000 to 6.0 million. Over the year, the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons declined by 0.5 percentage point and 795,000, respectively. (See table A-1.)

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult women (3.3 percent) and Whites (3.3 percent) declined in September. The jobless rates for adult men (3.4 percent), teenagers (12.8 percent), Blacks (6.0 percent), Asians (3.5 percent), and Hispanics (4.5 percent) showed little or no change over the month. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was little changed at 1.4 million over the month; these individuals accounted for 22.9 percent of the unemployed. (See table A-12.)

In September, the labor force participation rate remained at 62.7 percent, and the employment-population ratio, at 60.4 percent, was little changed.

I will spare you comments since you can read the Table A data here and draw your own conclusions…

What really matters is the report is showing REAL STRENGTH because the CES Birth-Death model took away 67,000 jobs in September and report STILL came in strong.  That’s a bit bump for Trump, protests aside.  On the other hand…

Let’s Do Trade…

Yeah, that jobs data was so much fun, let’s keep rolling out press releases and charts, shall we?

This is not so good – the balance of trade increasing so much means consumption is up…but until we get more on-shored jobs we still have the rest of the world to deal with.  And yes, it’s why putting tariffs on foreign-made goods is key to getting prices to where making things in America will again begin to make sense.

After the data, Dow futures were back to even after being down earlier.

The Consumer Debt report will be out this afternoon from the Fed.

Fed Thumb on Scales?

In the latest Fed H.6 Money Stocks report, we see through the end of July that M1 and M2 were both being increased at 5.4% annualized rates basis the 90-day window.

Now we notice that the current 90-day window shows M1 going up at 4.4% annualized while M2 is go9ing up 4.9% annualized.

Which means what?

Well, it means that there’s a bit less “easy money” to pile into the market.  So we can expect stocks to level off and decline for a bit.  Also, when there’s not as much money being shoveled into the system, it means that rates will rise further.

If you’re skeptical that it’s all so simple, go look at the chart of the 10-year Treasury over on Yahoo Finance and you’ll see rates are going up and that may slow the stock bubble.  Though, inflows from an imploding Europe will matter this winter.  So will corporations which will at some point run out of repatriated money to fund stock buy-backs.

Quips and Snips

A Nobel human: ‘A Strong Message in a Troubling Time.’ Staff at Denis Mukwege’s Congo Hospital Rejoice at Nobel Prize.

Elon Musk may never have heard the old Dakota farmer wisdom:  “Never get in a pissing match with a skunk.”  How do we know?  Tesla shares fall after Musk mocks SEC on Twitter.

The long-running game of Ping-Pyong is still going: Koreas hold high-level peace talks in Pyongyang.

Say, here’s a stretch: Climate Change Could Destroy This Peruvian Farmer’s Home. Now He’s Suing a European Energy Company for Damages.  Uh…sound like a marketing ploy to you?

Then there’s the ongoing global cyber-war.  Russia’s latest move: Russian Envoy Warns U.S. ‘Inciting Tensions Between Nuclear Powers’ With Cybercrimes Charges.  Maybe if they didn’t run troll farms, such charges wouldn’t come up, you think?

Have a great weekend – come on back Monday to the East Texas Clear-Thinking Institute…bring all your friends…

37 thoughts on “Idiots to Riot – Useless Protesters, Jobs”

  1. After seeing the Ellen TV interview, the #MeToo movement should be called the #PileOn movement. Another worthwhile movement perverted by the Democratcs.

    But, the pendulum is beginning to swing, so hold on Mr. Man, better times are coming.

  2. George, you’re a real believer in the 2nd Amendment. Why not the 1st? Protest is NOT terrorism. The right to peaceably assemble and petition government is just as important as the right to bear arms. Neither side has the right to trash the Bill of Rights.

    • Protest becomes terrorism when it disrupts the lives of law abiding others.
      You are welcome to walk around congress (outside, with a sign). When you get in people’s faces and then impede their right to peaceable go about their lives, then you cross the line.
      There is no right to interrupt, block traffic, burn trash, block streets, or breach the public peace.
      Cross those lines and yes,, that’s first terrorism and then insurrection.
      When you interfere with MY rights, that’s the terrorism line.
      Digital Mob Rule does not teach, nor do they understand this concept. When lefty students shut down Berkeley so that paying customers can’t get their paid for goods? Terrorism/insurrection.
      Bunch of spoiled-ass bratty kids….
      First amendment says speech – not mass interruptus and intimidation.
      People died to protect that…not to have schools or congress closed down or impeded. THAT’s the line: Screw with the conduct of peaceful people – that is NOT A RIGHT.

      • Calling protestors terrorists can create a slippery slope that can easily fall into anti freedom of speech abuses. Hope this is just a bad day for you George.

      • George…The king of Digital mob rule is Trump the Digital Tweeter in Chief himself. He has steamrolled his way into the psych of vulnerable minds and has made Lying Great Again. He himself started this whole mess by inciting violence in his campaign…some examples…””If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously, OK? Just knock the hell … I promise you I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise,” he said on Feb. 1, 2016.
        At a Las Vegas rally later that month, he said security guards were too gentle with a protester. “He’s walking out with big high-fives, smiling, laughing,” Trump said. “I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell you.”
        A similar situation unfolded at a rally that month in Warren, Michigan.
        “Get him out,” he said of a protester. “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court. Don’t worry about it.”

        He ridicules and threatens world leaders…bashes the media…creates further division amongst his own party…and destroys anyone who won’t bow down to his ugly ego.

        Do you blame people for fighting back in a similar fashion when our own POTUS is acting this way? I seriously doubt if Rubio, Kasich or anybody but Ted Cruz (aka Grandpa from the Munsters) were President, we would be having this conversation. There WOULD NOT be unruly people in the streets…crazy Democrats blocking every move..etc

        Trump is the Great Divider and he alone is the cause of our nation’s angst.

      • Trump tweets (because he knows the MSM lies) because it is unfiltered (by the press) communication.

    • The First Amendment can’t survive without the Second!

      Most decent people believe in the First Amendment, and thinking people believe in the Second. I really don’t care what you do in your life as long as you don’t use force or threat of force to change others, and you are otherwise law abiding. We all have the moral high ground if we grant to other citizens the rights that we take for ourselves. Congress has repeatedly set themselves above all others with special privileges, and that’s largely why they are so reviled by so many. That, and of course, their inability to move effectively on anything worthy.

    • Michael.. if you really want to protest and get some action it is easy and would cost less.. it would also get a greater media coverage as well. everyone send everyone in congress a single letter stating simply what you would like to see done.. every day.. first one group one week another group the next do it in rotation..
      the water foul protection act alone will fill several truck loads of paper printed out.. now if you have lets say seventeen thousand people send every congressman one envelope a day his cost with paper postage etc.. would be a pittance from marching scaring people getting the national gaurd etc.. where seventeen truckloads of mail bags per congressman would bog down dc.. maybe even get them to come back from recess or work period to dc to make a statement.. it would create jobs.. at least ten city boys to unload a truck a day in dc.. maybe more not counting garbage haulers and mail drivers etc.. sorters.. you could even create hundreds of new jobs.. all by sending one letter a day..
      simple non threatening and creative.. and let me tell you.. it wouldn’t make any difference who is pulling the strings in congress or how much they are donating to get their way.. that media coverage is huge and would get swift action.. if you thought other issues involving congress and powerful people disappeared fast just watch just how fast that one would vanish.. they would jump on their broomsticks to DC and get that one settled quick.

    • When someone gets in your face and yells/screams that is an assault.
      These a-holes need to be arrested & prosecuted for that, unless you want to wait for physical contact which would be battery.

  3. George, it would be a lot easier to share your writings if you put those little icons not the bottom for like Facebook Etc so all you have to do is press the button. Just saying.

  4. Glad I live in flyover country where the percentage of dumbass leftists is much lower and one can easily drive out into the country to avoid encounters with the fools.

  5. ” Giving children the (prompted by sick grown-ups) “right to change sex.”

    Now.. I don’t have any qualms about who anyone has sex with or their choice of partners I have heard way to many horror stories from people that were forced into that lifestyle by good christian boys and girls and turned to their own gender because it was someone that had the same issues that understood.the adults in their lives and the children that forced them those good christians should rot in hell for what they have done….
    But since I don’t feel my sexuality is threatened by their love life or their choices and who’s arms they find comfort in..
    the guys in a lot of stages were better looking than women LOL..

    Now on the airforce base where we were housed.. the chow hall had a transexual.. that dished out the most expensive part of the meal.. if it was prime rib.. that person was the one dishing it out.. I always went up and said something nice.. like I like how you fixed your hair today.. or is that a new outfit it looks really good on you.. I always had a healthy portion… LOL..

    Now tell me.. be honest if you were single male in a bar or a casino and someone that looked like that came up flirting with you that you wouldn’t flirt might be shocked a little if you thought you were going to get lucky and found a little something extra attached.. LOL

    Now I have heard the horror stories from people that were raped and forced sexually from the good christians.. even in my church there has been that problem. and young women attending college that have sought out benefactors to help them with their books and tuition. sad but true..
    I personally don’t judge people by their life choices.even a doctor friend of mine they were putting down someone very very close to him because of a similar incident in our church..excuse me but their life choices are theirs..
    I do know that the wifes insurance company will not pay for any of the surgeries.. or treatments..that is one hundred percent self pay..

    so really who cares what someone does that gives them a better quality of life.
    If it doesn’t affect your life or lifestyle why worry about theirs.

    I wonder how many single men now will be checking out ladies adams apples to decide if they are female or not LOL

  6. This Ford-Kavanaugh “circus” is not a confirmation showdown, its a “territorial fight” with the prize being the “public trough.” If Christ himself was a candidate, would the confirmation showdown be any different?

    • Anon,

      You can say the same about the Merrick Garland “Circus”. Mitch McConnell was on record saying. “I don’t care who Obama nominates…We are NOT going to have a hearing.”

      Too bad Obama didn’t nominate Brett Kavanaugh huh?

      Same Sh#*…DIfferent day!

  7. Hey George, As much as I hate to say this, the lefties with their non stop terrorist activities are sooner than later going to start a new round of Cowboys vs! They might want to ask the Native Americans how that worked out for them! And that smart phone they can’t live without won’t be so cool when it’s stuffed up their…..

  8. Most of those with a doctorate rarely use their title outside a clinical setting. The media bias, calling a rabble-rouser “Dr Fraud” rather than her more common tag – Chrissy – is just bias. She’s still acting like a high school girl and deserves the common appellation.

  9. You want to know who the perpetrators of Propaganda are? The right trying to blame the left and the left doing the same to the right.

    The liberals aren’t in favor of open borders. Corporations are…Especially the corporate farms. Our backed up immigration department can’t process the needs of farmers fast enough during harvest times…so they make a deal and ICE looks the other way every September and October. The problem is that many temporary workers stay. American consumers are also to blame. We have been Wal-Martified…Low, Low Prices everyday! To get to that point, you need low, low wages everyday. Will Americans take those jobs? Hell no…But open the borders and we can give you those low, low prices…EVERYDAY!

    I live in a land of liberals, but I don’t know any who want to take away your guns (most out here hunt..It’s a big state with a lot of things to hunt)..But the right wants to blame ALL liberals

    I deal with thousands of people each month…and… I haven’t met one person… that wants to give children the right to change sex. Are there some people that do…I guess…but it’s far from a “movement”…but the right wants you to think it’s a movement and blame it on ALL liberals. The left wing media IS to blame here. They take an issue and take it too far sometimes…but it’s hardly an “All In” issue withnthe left.

    I am a Republican that leans a bit left on many issues..except fiscal ones and I and many of my alike thinking left leaning friends all think the attack and generalization of ALL liberals fitting into this “anarchist role” is stupid.

    What I am against is the hypocrisy of the right. Trump wants to engage in more drilling off the coast of California, but Florida’s east coast, despite some oils fields there are exempt from the plan. Oh..guess who has a coastside resort there?

    Oil Rigs off the coast of Santa Barbara’s have in four cases the past 30 years have ruined the beaches there. My son went to college in Santa Barbara and you still can’t walk the beaches there in white shoes or they turn black with oil residue. How do you think Trump would react if that happened at MarALago?

    Yet, we continue to give billions in subsidies to the oil and now the coal industry. And guess what…the White House wants to stop any further subsidies to the Alt energy industry…a huge job creator and money saver for consumers. Doesn’t make sense does it? Oh…could it be that West Virginian coal workers love Trump and he will bow down to anyone that likes him?

    There are a hundred more examples of how the right is monetizing the “ demonizing ways”of the left…just as the left is doing the same to the right. People…People…People….where has free will gone?

    • The Brett Kavanaugh saga shows us this.
      A coastal elite president is breaking the power of the coastal elites by appointing two judicial appointments from a somewhat debauched coastal elite prep school.Private,religious schools have a moral and ethical student culture far superior to that of the unwashed masses of the public schools! At least according to Betsy Devos who married her credentials.Kavanaughs private university roommates often saw him “incoherently drunk”.Mommies and daddies can use their clout to overcome all of the disadvantages of being a careless partying student and smooth the way to highly paid, prestigious careers that crowd out lower class mortals who have to work hard and often pay their own way. MAGA

  10. paid protesters is how Rockerfeller got proabition passed, so you would have to buy his fuel instead of distilling your own alcohol to power your model T that Henry Ford was making with alcohol carburators, but who the hell remembers history
    Henry Ford also make body parts from hemp based plastics, the azz holes that hold patents on making plastic from oil had a hand in the cannabis/hemp prohibition, renaming them marijuana and killing 2 birds with one bad law
    Paid protesters should receive their just reward(punishment)
    paid protest is NOT free speech, it is bought and paid for

    • Guessing that Rockefeller’s residual spawn have been lining and benefitting from the transition away from fossil fuels. Monetizing climate change. Anyone with insights here?

  11. Propaganda deceives those of you on both sides of the argument. I wish you all over that side of the pond could see this by now. You all believe what your bias wants to believe. Ford is backed by the MeToo Globalist Clinton Cabal & Kavanaugh is a blatant liar (the testimony was an affront to acting!) & a member of the elite who always expect to get their way, because they always do. Power in the US always goes unchallenged. I would say JFK & RFK may have been the last real threat to concentrated power in the US (& look how they ended up). Regardless of who is or is not confirmed as a supreme court judge, it’s all theater anyway. Your time would be better spent not arguing over trivial things like which ruling mob has the power, in fact it would be better spent not arguing at all. As long as you argue, you will never unite, which is the intention. Like I said from the start, red team, blue team, it matters not, the power remains concentrated & it will continue to be this way until the majority stop watching the circus. I hope it’s not too late for you to take back your country (was there ever a time when you, the majority, actually controlled it?), though I fear it is. Good luck!

    • Good points Sober, but you have to take a stand one way or another. PT has done this with the backing of the good people of the USA and has started a revolution to bring back America to its senses. A citizen just can’t look the other way as the Democrats try to strip away all our rights & freedoms & turn us into drones. History has proven this over & over, & the people are the ones who will suffer if they let it happen.

      Which each loss, the Democrats will become weaker & weaker as they expose their true colors & weaken their chances in Nov. If they get back control this Nov, woe be us. PT will not get reelected, & you will be paying higher taxes so they can complete their liberal handouts & liberal social values so we are a nation of mice to be led to slaughter by the Pied Piper Democrats. Hollywood will say, “What Happened, I liked being Rich”

      So vote a straight Republican ticket in Nov.

      • I agree with sober, red team, blue team, it doesn’t matter. What does is that a good portion of people (not the majority) voted for a man who is womanizer, who changes his mind on a whim, who bad-mouths anything he doesn’t like (at the moment), who doesn’t pay his employees if he thinks he can beat them with his massive legal team, who has publicly stated ‘you can do anything if you have enough money.’ Those voters believe integrity is meaningless, apparently. What about the rule of law? That is only thing America has going for it besides massive natural resources. All are equal UNDER THE LAW. The Republican agenda exudes hate for everyone who is not white, male, and wealthy (and their wives) and they are working to undermine everything that guarantees equality under the law. The Dems are no better. They blow in the wind of whichever sub-group they can milk a few votes out of. Fact is people in America are all people. We have to live together. We are ALL going down a climate rat hole that is going to be hell for the next couple generations and PT and team are doing everything they can to make it happen quicker in the name of MORE MONEY for their favorite Fat Cats such as King Coal (at the moment). We are in a health care crises that the insurance companies are backing full steam as they are getting richer and richer as doctors get poorer and frustrated with a broken system and people get sicker and sicker from a toxic environment and bad food. It is time a third party arises that actually has integrity, honesty and the interests of the people and land we call home at heart and not their corporate backers and shareholders. Yeah, right! Good luck with that. Big Money has a strangle-hold on our country and it looks like we are doomed either way if the red and blue teams maintain control of us with their vitriolic rhetoric that sucks everyone in.

  12. Markets and econ..M1 and M2 money levels while interesting are only telling part of the story I think. The Fed has been “doing” Quantitative Tightening every month, sucking up billions in the process.
    November starts the next level UP in monthly billions removed from market (s). The Bond market seems to finally be waking up to financial reality of Bazillions in debt..Governments and Corporations/Zombie Corps..and finally raising rates on the 10 Year Treas.Bd.
    Whenever Ure get up off the floor and stop laughing, check out Andreeseen Horowitz, “considered” pioneer in Institutional investing.Mr Horowitz runs Yale University endowment, one of the most watched, best performing college endowments in the world.Mr Horowitz just started a $300 million dollar Crypto Fund for Yale Endowment. Think any other college endowments will copy/follow the Yale endowment and Mr Horowitz. They could call it the Digital Tulip Fund, with pretty little tulips pictured on cover of prospectus..

  13. Thank you Senator Collins, for bringing reason and rational thought, to Judge Kavenaugh’s aprroval process for SCOTUSA.

  14. “You see, it’s all in the packaging, the marketing, hype, and social shills.”

    That’s why to-day’s Democracy is just an illusion in our minds. We need (expert!) leaders at the helm to steer us away from certain chaos. ;-(

  15. Please take the time to listen to this speech by M. Pence:

    I have seen this happening with my own eyes in industry. This is not a propaganda piece; it is reality. The 800 pound gorilla in the room in the November election is how to stop the advance of single-party leftist rule being brought in the backdoor in this country by the tech companies and leftist elements in the US government bureaucracy. Many of the politicos who are screaming Russia! Russia! are engaging in deliberate misdirection to conceal their real agenda, which is doing the bidding of the Chinese communist party for fun and profit. This is real. Pay close attention to Pence.

  16. George we may not have seen the real reasons for the circus act inflicted upon us of late. Will leave it to your forensic skills to discern.

  17. Whether or not the allegations of his accusers are true the fact that Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the Senate does not bode well for the First and Fourth Amendments and privacy rights in general as shown by the fact that

    “Kavanaugh claimed that putting a GPS tracking device on a person’s car without first obtaining a warrant was just fine because it didn’t constitute a “search” as defined by the Fourth Amendment.”

  18. Anyone protesting -after the senate vote- (as I view it) will be self-identifying as anti-American revolutionaries and terrorists. They should be summarily treated the same way we would treat terrorists in any other war zone, worldwide.

    And if the reaction is to ask for impeachment of Kav as a redress of grievances?

    • As long as the discourse is civil and isn’t in the streets – have at it. That’s process.

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