Little News, Boring Markets

This is a pathetic morning.

The news flow generally sucks, and since we did a column on Thursday, not much has happened.

Turkey is still trying to figure out how to be a rah-rah NATO member and shoot down Russian aircraft while secretly buying oil from ISIS.  That scored a “Who?  Us?”

The president of Turkey wants to talk with Putin about things.

Putin may meet with Turkey, but should you expect anything positive?

I think there’s an old Western movie somewhere with a line like “I’ll answer with lead…”  That would be more to Putin’s liking, but whether practical depends on his assessment of NATO.

The markets are not clear on what’s next, either.

Futures were about flat.  Although the side bet on war (copper futures because shell casings are made of what?) is up about 6-cents from lows of a couple of weeks back.

Except for that, the world is a pretty boring place…until the terrorist attacks on Black Friday shoppers which may (or may not) happen.

That one will, as I explained previously, depend on whether the outrage against importing people who hate America gets to be too large.  At which time the terrorists here (lots of them) will have nothing to lose..

The “useful idiots” of the liberalistas will have served their purpose and war will come to American soil.

Not that the FBI isn’t trying to stop it:  In fact. Faux Snooze is reporting that the FBI has elite teams tracking 48 ISIS terror suspects in the US.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t occurred to the Center of Corruption folks in Washington that the easier way to solve the problem is not to admit people who hate us, in the first place.

The libs have struck up the chorus of “Don’t start surveillance of Muslims” which is all well and good.

Except that at some point, what masquerades as a religion reveals itself as a criminal terror gang and those we do get to track.

The only issue is where is the threshold. 

I’m guessing that one terrorist attack in America, if not multiple attacks would do it.  But your threshold is no doubt different than mine.

The mush-minded media is working itself into a frenzy over a Texas man’s publishing Muslim names on the internet.

I call most media mush-minded because they ignore context, don’t understand war, and above all, don’t seem to remember much recent history.

Example:  We would remind you who started this process.  Go back and read :”A hundred American soldiers named on ISIS ‘kill list’ – but servicemen say they are ‘unfazed’ by extremists’ threats.”

Came out in March of this year and we have been following this since we heard of the targeting of servicemen and families  up in Wyoming.

So the bottom line to this is simple:  It’s OK for radical jihadist Muslims to target our service members, but it’s OK for Obama to dump thousands of people who hate us on American soil.

But if a similar tactic is done openly by someone who is making a point…it somehow becomes a liberalista rallying point.

I must be stupid because I frankly don’t see the press as doing its job in this.

Sure, go ahead and report today’s news (the Irving, Tex fellow)_ but also put in the history of who did what when.  We didn’t start this fight, but we can end it…

If the Muslims don’t want to Crusades to be over, perhaps we should fix that.

For the press to ignore the context is to become promoters not reporters.  It is to promote the downfall of America, pure and simple.

That leads to a country ruled by a “tyranny of noisy minorities” rather than remaining the great Melting Pot of shared values and ideals.

Which we were – some number of presidents ago.

More on the Lazy Press

Honest-to-God, I don’t know what editors do anymore.  Maybe they aren’t supposed to be smarter than reporters, and maybe they aren’t supposed to put historical context into stories, but here’s another one stuck in my craw this morning.

Out comes the news about Spielberg getting the Medal of Freedom award.  No issue there….presidents can do whatever they want.

I just think it would be a fine time to mention who the 2008 winner of the Medal of Freedom was in medicine.

Ben Carson.

In 2008, the White House awarded Carson the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

But wait…that would require the editors of this nation to answer a very deep question:

Which Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter protesters storm Macy’s NYC store

Yep, that’ll fix things, you bet’cha.

Self Fulfilling News

Here is another fine one:  “Study suggests Alabama could see fights during Black Friday sales”:

This falls into a category I would call “premotion.”

That is expectation-setting so that people who would otherwise never think of fighting over useless bling and shit will be predisposed to it thanks to the media.

Job well done.

Carnage and Cardholders, Black and Blue Friday… I can see the headlines already.

Kind of like reporting bomb threats – which reasonable editors don’t do.  But that was back in the days when reporters had some semblance of common sense.

That ship left port long ago….and sank.

Nowadays, ratings, rating uber alles.

7 thoughts on “Little News, Boring Markets”

  1. George,

    Don’t know about the press being lazy, but I have noticed that an important part of the MSM death spriral of consolidations is that as publications are acquired, the new owners fire all the high-priced (experienced, older) reporters and editors. Read the bios of some of these folks and note how long they’ve been out of j-school (or if they’ve even been to j-school). Some of these new folks are just bloggers whose real-world experience is limited to what they can see out of their parents’ basements.

    What’s left is a reporter corps. of rookies being led around by the nose by the PTB’s high-priced spin doctors. Ain’t it grand?

    Hope y’all are feeling better.


  2. More than 2,000 people on the terrorist watch list have bought firearms in the last ten years. I’d be more worried about them than the similar number of Syrians admitted as refugees.

    As I’ve said multiple times and you’ve ignored, waiting two years to come in as a refugee makes no sense when just buying a plane ticket and coming in as a tourist is so much easier and faster. All the 9/11 killers came in as tourists or students.

  3. “For the press to ignore the context is to become promoters not reporters. It is to promote the downfall of America, pure and simple.”

    Isn’t that obvious to anyone with common sense?

    Downfall of (white!!) world, pure and simple.

  4. George, you are telling it like it is. Media spins round and round
    and where she stops, we can all guess. Frustrating.

  5. As of a few years ago, I gave up on T.V news(and T.V generally) the reporters all look the same and say the same “stories” on every channel. Moved from the USA to Australia and it is identical. The media is completely interchangeable. The difference is only the local language the stories are the same.They also have the same announcers fake tans and blonde streaked hair for women and the men all look axactely the same. It is most creepy and uninformative. So I use the net for my news and that seems to be about a day ahead of the MSN anyways.

  6. To sum it up, the media is a propaganda tool…. Hmm…who would have thought…

    So two days after Thanksgiving I have something else to add to the Thankful” list: I’m smart enough to make no decisions based on what I read without multiples of multiples confirming the thing. Like in stock chart tracking, one needs more than one signal to make a move. The more the better.

  7. “The CIA has an agent embedded in every major news organization in the US” Director of CIA, Casey, 1991

    Does anyone really believe that editors are free to manage the news content of their news organization? Observation and statistics renders that belief extremely unlikely given the topics that George and other alternative media cover but are never even mentioned in the main stream media.

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