Functions of War: Iron Mountain II (pt. 1)

imageIf you like conspiracy thinking, and you have not yet read the complete book “Report from Iron Mountain (on the accessibility and desirability of Peace)” you really need to Google it or pick up a copy from a bookseller.

Although there has been much conversation in the public press about how this 1967 book published by Dial Press was likely a farce on the Vietnam War and the whole “war gaming mindset” we continue to extract huge swaths of meaning from the book in such diverse realms as computer programming and logical approaches to “unthinkable” problems.

Hence, this morning we tackle the first parts of Report from Iron Mountain with an eye not toward what is held by the crowd to be just a “farce.”

Because, as you’ll see as this series unfolds, when you look at the books “Substitutes for War” one topic – distinctly missing in 1967 – is terrorism.

As we will demonstrate, not only does it meet all the functions of war, but it does so in the most controlled manner possible.

Or hadn’t you noticed?

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11 thoughts on “Functions of War: Iron Mountain II (pt. 1)”

  1. ‘Iron Mountain and Computer Advances’

    Wind turbine electronics Real Time Operating Systems are different from cell phone Virtual Machine software technology. VM write once, execute everywhere is about an order of magnitude reliable than RTOS technology, experience shows. Wind turbine mechanical, electronic and software maintenance costs may not be met by erratic and intermittent power electricity sales. GE wind,descendant of Enron, may be held liable for decommissioning non-producing turbines?

  2. I agree that she who will not be named will be Pres; it has been patently obvious that she is the ‘chosen’ leader and has been promised this role for the last 8 years. It is also patently obvious that she is a criminal, but our paid for press does not care, and the ‘paid for populace’ does not care either. This leads into the part where ‘WE’ the people have no say and have not had a say for decades and we are not listened to either. So, do a column on your best predictions of what such a Presidency will bring; cast out to your readers for their predictions, compile them, and then let’s wait and see. Will be a great experiment to look back in 3 years and see what was predicted. I’ll go first. She’ll legalize all illegals including dreamers. She will keep the flood gates open to refugees and any and everyone that treks or rides a bus across the southern border or catches a plane from anywhere to here. She will raise taxes on the middle class. She will continue whatever raids obummer has gained on getting rid of guns. She will take us to war in Iraq and continue the amperage in Syria, if it is even still a standing country, by the time she is elected. She will continue to pass all sorts of economic incentives for minorities leaving out the 75% of Americans that are not minority. She will not increase funding nor back the veterans (programs, etc.). She will offer more programs to educate the illegals and refugees over the citizenry; but this has been going on behind the scenes for some time anyway but will ramp up. She will continue obummer’s policies of multi-cultural placement of minorities into all former majority white communities. That’s my short list, what do you think?

    • I stand by my prediction a while back. Jeb bush will win. Everything is unfolding as stated almost 3 years ago. Even syria, Russia and Turkey et al.

      The mind worm/tell was already put out there. “My brother kept us safe” the events leading to a turn in the polls to direct the heard to that which “kept us safe” has yet to unfold. It will.

      Sometimes we have to step back to see the scenery in the background of the picture presented.

      I like your comments, not as much as Ecuador, but being preferable has nothing to do with seeing the future.

    • I also agree with Clif High about the Renaissance after 2020. I dont find Clif very agreeable on most stuff. However, i do agree with him about that.

  3. Just off the top of my head if we didn’t have all of these people enriching the economy how much money could we give American Women to promote American children? According to this page just illegal immigration cost U.S. $113 Billion a Year.

    Using this page I estimate, very roughly, that the cost are at least as high for legal immigrants so let’s use $226 billion.

    Found here that 10% have trouble with fertility(6.1 million, so the number of fertile is 61 million.

    $226 billion/61 million

    We could give $3705 to every fertile female per child in the US if all of them had a child. Every year. The amount could actually be much higher. Maybe even as high as $10,000 a kid. Population problem solved we don’t need any more aliens.

    • You know, that’s something I had not considered, but should have. As long as Obama and his flock of merry idiots are paying every denizen from Third World hellholes to come here and pollute our society, why not use the money lavished on them to make it easier for already-extant Americans to have more kids without starving? Makes perfect sense, once you’ve gotten over the idea of raiding the Treasury in the first place, and since TARP and its progeny, we’re all way past that, aren’t we?

  4. Thank you George for the free link to the Iron Mountain summary. I had not read it before, but clearly it is being used as a game plan. You can recognize something of the sort today for every suggestion they make. And terrorism seems to be the one addition they have made to the list in the last 40 years since it’s right in line with the objectives. I also just read the book that was banned on, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. That had to be one of the sloppiest and amaturish psy ops jobs in history. I can kind of excuse it if I see the Powers that Be as just managers at the highest level trying to stabilize humanity.
    But one thing occurs to me about the conclusion of the impossibility of peace without all these false flags and slavery and manditory conscription. I live in a peaceful country that seems to function just fine without all the drama. So does Iron Mountain only apply to keeping the US at status quo? Given that it would take four planet earths to provided the resources for everyone to have what people in the US have, is Iron Mountain just about keeping the US population happy and wasteful?

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