Life Loops and Investing

Yes, an odd topic, but one useful if you are troubleshooting bad trading. To get started we’ll go over some macro-basics.  Then adapt to trading analysis.

After, that is, a few morning data points, the “war check” in eastern Europe.  And, of course, the ChartPack of the stock market which is off running competition with the ISS in terms of altitude, lately.

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47 thoughts on “Life Loops and Investing”

  1. I’ll take Russia for $1000, G.

    “kazarian mafia” been hot for Morther Russia ever since getting caught out and thrown out of darkest kazaria.
    d.s./kazarian mafioso’s been antagonizing/poking/prodding/provoking Mother Russia ever since.
    – da Bears legendary patients has worn thin, finally!

    sds (satanic deepstate)/kazarin mafia and their neocon butt buddies gonna be feeling the ‘sunburn” at about 10,000 mph..

    Yes the Internet IS going dark soonly – U can read all about the Plan – Event 203..similar to Event 201 – but Internetz getz a “virus”.

    No matta – No worries – what are U puny Humans gonna do anyway ?

    U are prisoner animals, (yeah yeah go to the Light..hahaha) – dumped here on a prison planet – and they Violently electroshocked (nuke generators inside moon) your memories away-wiped clean upon crossing sides at Death.

    Yes, WE exist beyond Time and Space, as remote viewing and recent Navy disclosures demonstrate.
    Science, Physics, Religion – WRONG! hahahha – what an elaborately constructed trap..

    What happened to your previous live (s), wheres your’ previous family and property..they took from you, after “they” killed you…because U were a problem to “them”, got in their way. -“they” do not like creativity, art, music..ect .

    Our memories are out there..lucas remembered somethings..

    The nrg quarantine is weakening..more and People are remembering..and they R F-ing PISSED!

    Surplexingly they recycle Human SOULs via Death traps..go to the light/tunnel, family, loved ones longing…”GOTCHA , again Sheepster”

    prior to the artificial satellite(of love?) being parked in Earth orbit – what was the method of counting days-years? did it matter?

  2. Ya know what else time loops remind me of?


    Themes (and motifs, and “licks”) repeat — interspersed with some developmental and bridging material. Each loop is a repetition — and then, move forward.

    The mind seems to enjoy these repeats, and expects to hear them. Anticipates them.

    These repetitions also occur in stand-up comedy. Stand-up comics refer to them as “call-backs,” where a funny concept is briefly recalled periodically or near the end of a bit.

    Warner Brothers cartoons also use a visual form of this, where a character “rears back” before explosively taking off in the opposite direction, seemingly gathering energy for a burst forward. Wile E. Coyote rears back, spins up his legs into a blur, and the=n takes of at warp speed after the Roadrunner…

    The more I ponder this, the handier an idea it seems. It may be a VERY common effect, across many disciplines.


  3. George…This week posts of yours have been nothing but doom and gloom and it gets rather annoying. Never before has life been so incredibly positive. There is opportunity at every second hand click of the clock. The economy is bustling…money of flowing. Personally, I am fully vaccinated and since January am experiencing the most incredible string of fortune in my life. Consider this…

    More money has gone into stock-based funds over the past five months than the previous 12 years combined, according to Bank of America. In raw numbers, $569 billion has flowed into global equity funds since November, compared to $452 billion going back to the beginning of the 2009-2020 bull market. (CNBC)

    The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage dropped to 3.13% for the week ending Apr. 8, 2021, according to the latest Primary Mortgage Market Survey from Freddie Mac. This is down five basis points from 3.18% last week, and down from 3.33% last year.

    The economy is just starting a boom period, where 2nd quarter growth could top 10%, and 2021 could be the strongest year since 1984. The 2nd quarter is expected to be the strongest, but the boom is not expected to fizzle, and growth is expected to be stronger than during the pre-pandemic into 2022. A period of supercharged growth is just starting, and it’s showing up in surging consumer spending and in an increasing shortage of skilled workers. With surging demand could come inflation, something the economy has avoided for more than two decades…..real estate is considered a good hedge against inflation. Already replacement/building costs are surging…..

    And….Bank of America estimates Americans have $3.5 trillion in bank accounts they didn’t have before the pandemic, both from government checks and savings.

    And finally, real estate trends in California…especially in the Bay Area are at an all time high. I had a record 2020 that topped 9 figures in sales. That is on pace to double in 2021. Already at 55% of last years total output. So excuse me if I don’t buy into your anti-Biden or leftist Mumbo jumbo. America has never been stronger, more confident or more in control. Complete turnaround from the last 4 years.

    • Don’t mean to be a bummer, Mark. But (redefined) M1 is up >450 percent and M2 is up 27%, So how much is real and how much illusion?

      There are people I know in green (and contractors)_ and what they tell me about the coming problems of e. europe is not pretty.

      Just trying to keep it real.

    • I have a married friend with good family income. Both he and his wife received stimulus payments. Both put the money into the stock market. If you can put money in the market instead of into food for the table or to pay the landlord, you don’t need the stimulus. Is this the shoe shine sign all over again? George et al are right — the system is bonkers.

    • Ups and downs, good luck and bad.

      The movie of the day is “The Company Men” starring Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, and a host of other famous actors. Victory is measured many ways and we personally sometimes need to adjust our standards as life dictates (or allows).


    • I think George is right when he says Real estate is going into a parabolic blow off top. I think George is also right that there is nascent hyperinflation. I verified a post on this board that a piece of 3/4 inch four by eight plywood can cost up to $97.00, ( that is without contractor’s discount). That means that the sub floor on a fifteen hundred square foot house may cost up to $4,687.50, pre sales tax(unless the floor is concrete). That is just one example of one cost.

      Some people say that housing can’t crash because of hyperinflation. Unfortunately hyperinflation also drives increasing property taxes in places with market value assessments, which raises the cost of home ownership.

      Once the government is no longer able to deny the obvious hyperinflation policy makers will be faced with few options. One is wage and price controls which is disastrous. The other is rent control.

      I remember Jimmy Carter, do you? If you don’t CBS has a nice two minute summary of “there’s a malaise in America.” On YouTube.

      That doesn’t mean they won’t do rent and price controls. In fact a form of rent control already exists in places where eviction is banned during this pandemic.

      One example: Rent control hurts homeowners who rent out basement apartments to help pay taxes and mortgages. In fact just last week in Toronto Ontario Canada it was revealed that having a basement apartment can reduce a homes value by up to $100,000.00, in that market. In turn you know what that means right? (People in Toronto are going to think twice about buying a house with a basement apartment)

      Another threat that home owners face is rising interest rates. After wage and price controls fail, policy makers will be faced with no choice but to allow interest rates to rise. Once interest rates rise that will also increase the cost of home ownership.

      In short I really think that George has raised some very valid considerations that should be taken into account by prospective home buyers.

    • Mark,

      would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? I can broker it for you real cheap at only $17 million.

      You could get a job as a talking head, but I wouldn’t commit any meaningful money into your conclusions. Our real world experience of how these things actually work have my spouse and I laughing our A—- off at your commentary. While we do occasionally find the tickers useful on CNBC, FBN, and Bloomberg TV, we cover up the top part of it with a nice silk cloth we got traveling — same kind of propaganda.

      Gotta flip the marinading steaks for tonights BBQ….

      Have a great weekend, Sir!

      • J,
        You can laugh your A off all you want. I am not sure why you are laughing though. My real life experience is indicative and a result of what I posted. Take the real estate commission structure and do the math on 9 figures. It’s not propaganda. I am one of millions in the Bay Area that not only know how things work, we make it work in our favor financially. More new millionaires were made in the Bay Area in the first quarter of 2021 than your state probably has total millionaires. But…., it’s all VERY hard and arduous work to get there…14 hour days take their toll, but as I always told my kids…The harder you work, the easier life gets…establish minute by minute, hour by hour habits and try to make those hard working time blocks fun..It’s the work ethic practices I learned through osmosis…the surrounding culture of the entire Bay Area.

        I laugh at the ignorance of people who like to Put the San Francisco Bay Area down. But…it only takes one visit for those people to realize that there is a different type of energy here that is contagious and provides unlimited bounty for those who embrace it. It’s not bragging as some other guy who evidently likes to play the victim card said just below your comment…It’s fact…And with a lot of extra effort, there plenty of extra rewards out there for everyone.

      • Mark,

        You are obviously one of the smarter and successful people, my comment was not directed at you personally but at the general narrative and propaganda out there, skepticism is healthy, methinks. I strongly doubt that you yourself swallow everything out there, you have too much common sense and business sense for that.

        I do however feel that those who see the endless dollar profits in RE and stocks from the last 40 years may be missing the debasement of the currency. I do not doubt INDU 65k over next several years but wonder how much one should squirrel away in Gold, silver, bitcoin etc. to avoid the wheelbarrows of worthless USD cash scenario. There is no question the politicians become less trustworthy by the day so to believe the American Dream is endlessly good is folly. We are looking into dual citizenship or at least residency abroad for most of the next decade, as we do not even see concentration camps out of the question for Dems political enemies, much less safety in our USD Roth, 401(k)s, RE or equities.

    • Gosh, No way do we have any money in savings after the shut down year from hell! You must not be talking about the hundreds of millions of ‘others’ that did not benefit from the government teat. What a joke of a post. Come on down to earth, bragging isn’t impressive.

      • I sure wasn’t one of those that benefitted.. and I am sure that those that you read about daily that live in the Bay area that didn’t benefit either.. if you get a two percent increase in income on a wage increase.. and the cost of living went up ten.. who made out.. then did you share your wealth with those that are below you on the pyramid of success..?
        No one around here is giving increases in wages.. yet you still hear about the exec’s getting bonuses.. my daughter.. for one pretty much runs her office.. ( well she does run it..) the owner boss received a huge bonus.. multi thousands of dollars.. he told her that he had something extremely important to talk to her about..and invited her and the husband out last friday.. ( visions of sugar plumbs were dancing through her mind.. a bonus because of his success) what did she get.. ( wait for it.. ) THE MEAL … it was his way of saying thank you.. now a meal wasn’t bad it was an expensive restaurant.. my guess is he spent a hundred a person per meal.. but during the loss of income and all the drama etc.. a small token of the bonus he got would have been in order..
        so.. if you made nine figures upper nine figures.. ( I for one cannot even fathom that kind of cash) did you take one tenth of it.. then trickle the rest of your success down.. or did you do a
        oops wrong video.. LOL LOL….
        In a city that the daily city headlines is.. those in dire need on the streets.. and the cost of the average home skyrocketing.. did you do the trickle down or the daily swim?
        in my mind if the trickle down did happen..could work.. the problem is those that are at the top only consider their success not the support of those at the bottom..
        Don’t get me wrong.. I am probably one of the poorest on the site.. and I do good with what I make.. got plenty of crap collected to deal with.. ( a garage sale should be in order.. ) I eat good.. the scale tells me so.. but then I look at the gent in our spare room.. he had it all.. a farm retirement home a good business.. and one illness of a family member and it was gone..
        Walts wisdom..

    • I had a reasonably good year last year, and this one has started out well. If Buy’em and his CA oil drilling pals don’t start a war, this year should turn out OK as well. It’s funny how the names of the oil companies with Ukranian fields never get mentioned publicly.

    • the Serious side of this is not making it.. but a Ronald Reagan on trickle down..
      Instead.. we will get this..
      its a quick read book enjoy it.. won’t work but a good read anyway.. you can’t get out of the hole by throwing dirt to the top of the hole..

      Years ago.. my child hood best friend.. we worked stocking shelves at a grocery store together.. he got married his mother in law was a realtor.. anyway.. he got a liquor store.. his brother and I would go in to see him and he would complain at the cost of his ad’s..
      my life got busy and I didn’t have time to just stop by and chat.. His grandmother was the only real grandmother I ever knew.. and she passed on.. I was at the funeral home.. ( his brother and I were working out and doing laps in the pool) and we were talking to him.. asked if he would join us at the health club.. it would be nice to see the three stooges together again..
      and we got talking about garages.. I built one for 1900.00 and he made a comment.. I paid over a quarter million for my garage.. I laughed and said hey you need to check out your shoulders to see if you have hand prints.. cause I think someone just took advantage of you boy.. LOL and then he said I have an olympic sized swimming pool that I keep heated year round..
      the discussion got a little more serious.. then.. ok.. he said yes I had to spend a million to keep a million.. I said dam.. are you sharing your success.. not on your life.. his success was his solely.. and I told him.. you know you can invest that for the workers.. and still use it and you would have workers that will die for you.. but he didn’t he spent more on the lamp inside his front door than I did on my whole house.. so seriously.. did you keep a small portion of your success and trickle the rest down that helped you build that fortune.. or did you keep the vast majority of it and not spread the wealth so to speak.. He didn’t and had trouble keeping help..

  4. The other day I bought two packs of TP and a pack of paper towel.

    Walmart Ultra Strong house brand, 18 Mega rolls = 72 regular rolls.
    Bounty 8 triple rolls = 24 regular rolls.

    $53.13 out the door.

      • My best investment has been several ‘squeeze bottle’ personal ‘Travel Bidet’ gadgets to use when the TP runs out… as it will

      • When round two of the supply wars beging.. you will be able to sell them for the price that gold is going for now.. I think that is a great investment George..
        If it gets as bad as Nostradamus has predicted You would probably even be able to trade even up.. well maybe Mark would have to kick in something for one of his million dollar homes..

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  6. “There are no bad employees – only weak leaders.”

    I wonder.. I’ve told the kids to always inquire on why an employer is seeking an employee.. 30 or 40 percent is getting to the questionable stage . 50 percent and above usually is a good indicator that management is all screwed up and if they choose to take it.. then don’t expect to stay there for any length of time
    So does the life loops of corporate and teachers affect or influence the personal life loops.
    The same with a teacher.
    If you have a teacher that isn’t very observant of a students potential or if their life loop is affecting their life path .. then wouldnt their paths all be negatively altered .

    • Loob, the most useful way I have thought about this is to imagine that everyone has a “magnetic personality” of sorts. (In truth, we all do…)
      If we are in the presence of someone who is going up in their life loop, then they will have an energy that pulls us along if we’re on our way up too. I’m sure people in real estate (and people in sales – which was my forte) see this all the time. One “winner” on a team will make others on the team perform well, too.

      If you’re at a “going level” and you are around a “going up person” they may aid you. But, if they’re coming down and you’re going level they will bring you down.

      And when someone in your presence is going down, and you are as well, you will still likely end up crashing things. Because no matter how creative “two negatives get” the outcome of that collaboration is still likely to be a downer, since that’s the strange attractor part of how such loops work.

      The art, of course, is to get someone who is just starting to rock and roll higher, put them in the presence of a person obviously on a moonshot and the understudy has a much better chance of outperforming.

      The old saw “If you want to be a doctor, hang out with doctors” or “If you want to be a great pilot, learn to fly and hang our with superb pilots who are safety conscious…”

      Specifically, then, the teacher who “isn’t very observant” as a teacher is a downward looping educator. So, no matter how good the path of a student, they will always fight the headwind of a subpar teacher. On the other hand, the “bottoming” student, in the presence of a great teacher, will rise to the occasion.

      I find stories about “people who have overcome” instructive for this very reason. Read carefully (and assuming written by an aware observer) you can usually see who is looping (and whether on the ascent or descent) and make conclusions accordingly.

      When companies go public, this is one of the greatest risks in that 1-4 year after an IPO – does the key talent keep climbing ever higher in their loop, or do they “top out” and then either leave the organization or collapse it by staying?

      Always fun to watch…from a distance!

      • Right on with the winner analogies..spent most of my corporate career in Sales – major accounts. The “nrg” around winners/top performers is indeed contagious.

        Hardly a quarter went by when I didnt have a co-worker come up on me and rub – they wanted some of that “luck”.

        Sadly the only “luck” I ever had was working harder than my competitors..which usually meant “eating the frog” ASAP and getting the “not fun stuff” done and out of my way so I could get on to my next C-level conquest/customer.
        – who would almost always be around to pick up the phone after 6:00 pm on Friday evenings..

        Never gets old – hearing this when they called the coots name out for Presidents Club
        makes the eyes tear all over again..

  7. “Internet Non-Availability”
    I had a frustrating episode of that yesterday afternoon. Cable OK but no internet feed. Rebooted the cable modem several times to no avail. I assumed a network problem at my provider and waited. Finally in the evening I called customer service. She walked me thru the modem reboots I had already done, and said to check my cable connections (all secure). She happened to mention my modem had been offline since about 1pm. She also scheduled me for the first available service visit.

    After hangup I thought about what I had been doing in the ham shack where this equipment is located. Cable feed from wall outlet has a two-way splitter. One leg goes to the cable modem, the other leg is just an 8-foot open stub that used to feed a TV on my ham equipment rack. It has run open like this for a long time, with no cable modem problems. But yesterday around 1 pm I was testing out my new kilowatt ham radio linear amplifier into a dummy load, both in the rack by the stub coax. On a hunch, I disconnected the CATV splitter and stub coax, and connected the cable modem directly to the wall outlet. Presto! Modem and internet connection now works.

    Almost unbelievably, I apparently smoked the little CATV splitter with induced RF from the stub cable laying near the amplifier and other coax feedlines. This was after I also smoked the lightning arrestor network on my HF antenna at only 300 watts out. Bypassed that unit also. Wow! Playing with a new ham amplifier sure is fun. I wonder what else I can burn out, now.

    • Hank – running open wire feedlines into the shack here, I completely wipe out my sound system (plugged into the 55 inch uhd monitor) and the phone (wireless, Panasonic) also goes crazy.
      Best of all, there’s a “daylight fluorescent” high-end reading lamp that will (if it’s on) will flash on and of according to keying speed or voice modulation peaks.
      The answer is a good ground system and we both have work to do, lol.
      P.S. But if I can work Cham, Switzerland and get a 579 with the Super Antenna, admittedly, the amplifier is a bit of overkill.

      • The 100-watt shack will not hold up to a 1.2kW power level. My antenna feedline is RG8x yet, not rated for full power. All internal jumpers in the shack upgraded to LMR240 that will handle the power. And I have a good ground and entrance panel for all the stuff, and grounding buss bars that all the equipment chassis’ are connected to. Just gotta do the shakedown cruise and hit the punch list for weak spots. I don’t use open wire line. Visions of ‘Jacobs Ladder’ come to mind. Next project is dropping the OCF dipole and replacing the feedline with LMR240, and hopefully installing the AC7X super-elements soon. Thankfully my Buckmaster OCF dipole is the 3kW rated version!

        • I keep a Buck backup ocf and it’s a damn fine antenna. Though William of the Radio Ranch swears by a particular 1/2 wave antenna set-up, I have never had good success with them.
          As to open wire feedlines, when using an antenna like my super ant the impedances change as you add the additional wire, so if you are committed to coax, give the ac7x super a try, but remember the swr will vary because you will be adding a radiator and the impedance changes.
          Thee N3UJJ antenna feedline comparison at should provide a good handle on why AC7X uses the open wire lash-up to feed his 5-7-9 out of Switzerland this week on 20 meters…

  8. After reading about the Bay area I just had to comment, though I doubt few will read through the comments of a 3 day old column:

    While things may be “Sizzling” for those at the upper end of the Bay area “worker class” the entire “high tech” industry is SUCKING MONEY out of the actual working class types arcross the entire country. Very High localized inflation in the Bay area, but true working people including those in the Bay Area are NOT getting pay increases comensurate with the inflation rate.

    Take a look back in history:

    When the Auto industry was on it’s tear growing growing growing … is SHARED THE WEALTH with masses of workers, right down to local non-related worker class. It didn’t work to concentrate that wealth into a very narrow class of a few people, as a result as that industry grew it GREW THE MIDDLE CLASS quite dramatically.

    Ditto the Oil and Gas industry … that industry SHARED IT’S WEALTH with workers of all stripes, right down to the local non-related worker class.

    The “High Tech” world is NOT SHARING it’s wealth with it’s workers, look at how they pay their own janitors etc. that work directly for them, let alone the locals. The “High Tech” types are some of the greediest, self entitled, group of people that I have ever seen in my life – only exceeded by Wall Streeters.

    While the “High Techers” are enriching themselves by destroying good paying businesses across the country they are NOT sharing that wealth back – ie: the increasing narrowness of how INCOME and wealth is distributed in the US. That kind of increasing narrowness is what leads to revolutions and a good part of why the electorate in “fly over country” was so upset that they elected Trump to begin with in 2016, and almost elected him a second time. The workers in “gly over country” are just plain tired of being ripped off by the coastals … who don’t care about the rest of the country.

    Why is it that the state that is creating the highest amount of NEW wealth in the entire country now has the HIGHEST POVERTY RATE? Greed, PURE GREED, by the FEW who are claiming and retaining virtually ALL the benefits of that amount of new wealth being created.

    The old industrial barrons of Detroit, Chicago, in fact those of the entire industrial midwest, would be aghast. They had an entirely different view of life and what to do for those around you, and your local area, when you are suddenly blessed with good fortune.

    • I check for updates to old posts all the time. You never know when something might get George’s attention, or pique someone’s interest to go do more reading.

      Picking on California is not really fair with its size and complexity. It’s like several states mashed together. Comparing San Francisco to Los Angeles or San Diego is like making a fruit salad.

      I agree with your other thoughts though. No matter the source of money — sales, Federal relief, stock buybacks, payroll cuts — it seems the money is going back into the board rooms instead of the companies. Nature abhors vacuums and unstable hillsides. Something about entropy or something…

    • Avarice is the word of the age.

      Bill Gates created 5000 millionaires.
      Henry Ford created the “middle class.”
      Walton cared about his employees. His kids are greedy prigs.

      If LOOB sees your post, you’ll get a book-length response… ;-)

      • LOL LOL he did Ray.. my brother knew bill gates.. they were on a flight to washington state and my brother told me he made the comment on how nice it must be.. Bill said.. well not really.. when he first started he didn’t have the money to offer his employees to keep them.. so he gave stocks..
        then said I have millionaire secretaries that want to help me control the company LOL

      • My sam walton story is a cute one to.. when they opened here in our area.. a single mother that I had worked with at another store.. went to work there.. a few weeks later I ran into her and asked how she liked it.. she said.. the manager there was a real prick.. and he loved to ride her daily.. one night she was stocking shelves and the boss just got done ripping her from top to bottom.. and she couldn’t help it anymore and started to cry.. this nice old man stocking shelves with her asked.. Honey whats wrong and she told him all about the prick.. the old guy then said oh sweetie he isn’t walmart quality .. and it never happened again.. it was sam walton that was stocking shelves with her.. LOL…showed up no fanfare nothing and just started to go to work..

      • ” it was sam walton that was stocking shelves with her.. LOL…showed up no fanfare nothing and just started to go to work..”

        They all did that.

        Okay, Rockefeller didn’t, but damn’ near everybody else who built a fortune in his/her chosen field, from Vanderbilt to Woz, did. And then it stopped…

        Ford and Durant never worked their way around their car factories (‘cuz neither knew how to turn wood spokes or run a boring mill) because of too many skill & craft jobs in an exploding industry, but they knew how to hire carpenters and machinists who did. Edison never worked the line, but he built a working model for nearly everything produced with his name or label.

        I’ve a friend whose grandfather started at one of the tire companies as a janitor and worked every job in the factory and corporation. It took him 30-some years, and a stint in both marketing and sales, to reach the board room. He never forgot, toured the plants frequently, and never had an issue, showing a young hire how to do his job — any job. That’s just the way it WAS, until kids got spoiled & greedy, and lazy, and their parents ceased to force them to start at the bottom of the family business. Non-family CEOs came from the cream of the sales force, but salesmen worked their way into that position, internally.

        ‘Guess I kinda long for the days when the folks in the boardroom cared about the folks on the floor, and the “common folk” in their communities…

    • BTW everyone who seeks should know the [Ctrl+C] [Ctrl+F] [Ctrl+V] [Enter] [F3] key sequence. I search every open thread (by date) at any place I post, for comments or updates, every day. The search takes about a minute, not counting reading or replying, at George’s websites…

    • I do to stephen… back when I was young before the exporting of jobs through deregulation almost all of the employers the older ones did.. they built their fortunes by taking a smaller cut of the pie..
      I did a theses once for a college kid and it dealt with marketing and the strategy of the Mars candy company.. the wisdom of the father.. anyway I didn’t name the mars candy company by name but the strategy that the father used to teach his kids.. each one had to punch a time clock.. each one had to work the floors and be able to stand in at any point .. and each one had to come up with their own product.. building an empire of wealth in the field.. those were the old guys.. mid eighties shortly after deregulation.. we outsourced jobs.. industry leaders grew old and passed on.. even though they taught their success methods to the youth the youth was faced with More.. and Want.. and like I tell my kids.. there is never enough to satisfy more..
      shortly after that and the view of extreme wealth the wealth went to the top.. twenty five and fifty million dollar bonuses to those that do so little and nothing to those below.. pretty soon industry went to part time help.. the hospital I worked for does point.. 1 -10 at ten they guarantee you ten working days at 1 they guarantee you with one.. so I was a point five.. making it difficult to take a vacation at the end I was giving away two weeks of vacation a year to those that got sick.. see if you get sick your replaced.. booted off of the insurance etc.. and your required to work your weekend so the two weeks ends up to be five at most and as a point five you got your guaranteed five work days they don’t pay vacation time..
      my daughter wanted to work there.. I told her be careful honey you might just get the job.. and she said look at all the benefits and bonuses they get.. Yes.. the cruise or the use of their vacation condo’s is nice.. but they only allow those for management.. not the working the bonusses don’t exist for those at the floor level.. just for executives.. for your bonus it was usual to get a cold meal and a two inch by two inch pad of sticky notes.. LOL.. nothing more..
      It is that way with most of the employers to.. what they fail to see is the wisdom of the old execs.. they knew that family men had to spend money.. the single mom.. spends money.. day care doctor.. if a child is sick mom has to call in to.. a big company that produces windows and doors realized that.. he set up a sick daycare if he benefitted they did to.. bussing to schools daycares and the story I liked was when he and the wife was going to go on a two week cruise.. the whole plant did to.. and he bought a big screen tv.. thought it was so great everyone got it.. Oprah seen this wisdom to the last years and she would give out gifts.. DJT as much as people hated him because of his narcassistic ways.. ;yet without fanfare or bragging did a lot.. for his workers.. he did like a lot and buried his wealth within the company for tax reasons.. but that is quite common..
      I personally don’t begrudge anyone from being successful.. go for it.. I live good with what I have.. and I am not for want .. I have my down spirals periodically but they are just a facit of life..Malls require sales.. take the good samaritan laws.. if someone doesn’t receive food stamps.. they have to still eat.. on average people will cut food for a while then say hell and give up the other unecessary stuff.. but without them they don’t spend money.. we could see the results of that very thing this past year.. tp was what was important.. right now thirty percent on on the eviction line and even though the president keeps backing up evictions .. the people on the list are on a spiral and will never be able to make up that much money on an hourly wage.. they should have gone option 1 or option 3 rather than option 2

      • I also have several friends who worked at Newmar. Newmar is a “Cadillac” brand of RV. It is Amish-owned, and the second-largest privately-owned corporation in Indiana. The year I recall hearing about, the CEO made $129mln. He split that money, putting a quarter into the business, dividing a quarter amongst his family and himself, and splitting the other half between his employees. My friends, working essentially menial jobs, received an EOY bonus of over $7000 each.

        ‘Beats the hell out of a Christmas ham…

        He has passed on, now, and my friends have all moved on as well — something about a significant pay cut and no profit sharing, although I can’t quite remember what…

    • Thanks, Stephen 2, lots of us cycle back. You bring up a very vital point. No trickle down or around, just bottoms up. They want the democrat socialist marxists to do it via biden’s latest non-infrastructure stupid bill. Why should tecker companies pay when there buds in government can just create money to spread around. Latest que card word, equitable. You can buy that now, just like a college education at haharharvard.

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