Let’s Hear It For Non-Monetary Investments!

“There’s more to Life than Money,” goes an old saying.  Yet, perhaps because of the oddness of the times, we don’t pay a heck of a lot of attention to the non-monetary side of life.  It’s like we denominate everything first in dollars, then in meanings like contribution to Life..

It’s a fixation that has quite literally driven people mad.  The acquisition of wealth is assumed when one consumes as the wealthy.  Yet, as “old money” knows, the non-monetary FACTS are what matters in a lifetime.

More on this problem after we dispense a little news and some ChartPack views.  Because this week opened Monday at our 85 Day Aggregate Index moving average, the results are interesting to behold…

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53 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For Non-Monetary Investments!”

  1. “It’s like we denominate everything first in dollars, then in meanings like contribution to Life..”

    Speaking of “Contributions” ….


    I noticed the return of media talk of HIV after what seemed many years of silence (no news, is good news … sometimes) but about the time the jabs were coming out, there was a resurgence of (interest?) and mention of HIV. I thought that was odd. You know, what’s up with that? Hmmm

    So now, as Covid seems to be (disappearing?) or very little mention … here HIV is mentioned again. Hmmm

    No mention of people with other diseases, illnesses or medical supplies like heart disease medications, insulin for diabetics or bandaids. I guess those people are cool, and have their meds there. (?) So, HIV takes center stage in the most famous war arena on the planet at the moment and, generic HIV drugs are being sent, compliments of the WHO.

    Interesting contribution in a war zone. Hmmm

    • Pooh Team turned up a lot of alpha and beta emitters while digging trenches at Chernobyl. Wondering whats Airborne in Ukraine after visiting those black budget bio engineering sites? hmmm?

      • “Wondering whats Airborne in Ukraine after visiting those black budget bio engineering sites? hmmm?”

        ever read the warnings on the back of any drug LOL LOL LOL
        some of these medicines have some pretty scary warnings. It’s not a matter of “which ones” either, because pretty much every medicine that does anything, has a warning, side effect, or caution that would scare anyone… LOL
        that is one an asthma medication that causes asthma related deaths.. LOL..LOL…
        some of them.. may cause hair loss, rectal itching, hives painful urination prolonged erection, of course death, internal bleeding, severe headache, One headache medication LOL LOL
        “CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you experience sharp or crushing chest pain; sudden shortness of breath; sudden leg pain; sudden severe headache, vomiting, dizziness, or fainting; changes in vision; numbness of an arm or leg; slurred speech; one-sided weakness; sudden unexplained weight gain; change in amount of urine produced; severe or persistent stomach pain; vomit that looks like coffee grounds; black tarry stools; itching, reddened, swollen, blistered, painful, or peeling skin; yellowing of the skin or eyes; dark urine; right-sided tenderness; severe or persistent tiredness; fever, chills, or sore throat; severe or persistent nausea; swelling of hands, ankles, feet, face, lips, eyes, throat, or tongue; difficulty swallowing or breathing; or hoarseness.”
        for a womans medication.. LOL… “CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you experience a missed menstrual period; breast lump or discharge; calf or leg pain, swelling, or tenderness; change in amount of urine produced; chest pain or heaviness; confusion; coughing up blood; fainting; irregular heartbeat; left-sided jaw, neck, shoulder, or arm pain; mental or mood changes (such as depression); numbness of an arm or leg; one-sided weakness; persistent, severe, or recurring headache or dizziness; severe stomach pain or tenderness; slurred speech; sudden severe vomiting; sudden shortness of breath; symptoms of liver problems (such as yellowing of the skin or eyes, bleeding from the skin or eyes, skin lesions , fever, dark urine, pale stools, loss of appetite; unusual or severe vaginal bleeding, vaginal itching, rectal itching , excessive fluctuance; painful joints or vision changes (such as sudden vision loss, double vision).” I can hear it now.. dam I can’t see would you scratch it..
        and these medications are the ones that aren’t scary.. so who knows what horrid things they are playing with.. OH WAIT.. the scientists that were going through the papers from one of these labs on television showed what was going on there.. and that stuff is scarier than scary makes these simple warnings look like a day at disney land..
        But that is stuff being made by the GOOD GUYS right..
        Thank god when I read how the chinese handled the lung issues.. phew.. I will take the ginseng..

    • Pathfinder Bob,

      Speaking of the 17 year cycle of locust plagues, it is now 17 years since President Bush launched PEPFAR under US State Department guidance to bring the hiv pandemic under control using patented drugs rather than EU generics. PEPFAR 3.0 has been operational since the Obama administration and currently appears to be focused on a couple of dozen African nations as well as Venezuela and Ukraine. According to Wikipedia the total funds allocated to PEPFAR since inception is around US$90 billion. The US State Dept. website advises US$323 million was spent in the Ukraine by the program since 2007.

      The UN advice to msm that “generic” hiv drugs are being shipped now to Ukraine is sort of a misnomer. It appears the current state-of-the-art TDL single pill hiv treatment is a combination of three patented drugs licensed in 2017 under a cartel-type agreement to be manufactured as a fast-tracked “generic”.

      This certainly seems a profitable endeavor for well-positioned parties. One hopes the trackers will maintain contact with transient populations such as the Ukrainian refugee diaspora in order to prevent community transmission.


    • I’ve read several articles claiming that HIV was inserted into the shots. It’s probably true because now there’s a renewed interest in creating an HIV vax. This racket is better than anything the Mafia ever dreamed up!
      Here are a few articles:

      Prepare for AIDS outbreak due to vax

      Clinical Trials of Three mRNA HIV Vaccines Launched

      • What’s really hard to keep in mind with all this (because it’s contrary to everything we stand for as Americans) is the reason for the Billion-dollar blitz mandating the clot shot is depopulation. These 1 world government Nazi’s use the Georgia Guidestones as a playbook. They would prefer for us all to die.

    • Aides – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – it is what is caused when people take the jab. Now, they cannot blame this in the real source – the jab – but they can make it look like we have a new ‘outbreak’ of HIV AIDES. So, you see this is a cover and a NEW scam.

      Prepare for a new wave of ‘AIDES” propaganda. So, how many here are going to get suckered again? I did notice that many of the people on this forum were played in the covid scam. Of course, a few people did wake up and about 50% still do not understand the scam. Same playbook guys!! It’s all a scam – it’s not real – or – its not what you think it is!

    • Some bioresearchers suspect there’s a new flavor of AIDS, caused as a side effect of the jab…

  2. We’re always confusing tangible things with their symbols:
    Wealth with money,
    Nations with their flags,
    Intelligence with IQ scores,
    Food with the menu.
    Bon appetite!

  3. Any tennis fans out there – 15 fully vaccinated players withdrew or retired from play at the Miami open – a record I believe ……

  4. “Scanning Four Horsemen – Seeking Beasts Next”

    I keep looking for the return of the watchers…

    that Ebola splice.. I was under the impression that the US was the ones with the research on the construction of that..

  5. Nobody cares about Hillary anymore. She’s water over the dam, and well downstream by now, and mostly irrelevant. Whatever her fate, it won’t matter.

    But lately — I’m sure you’ve noticed — the media protections for Joe are shriveling, and you can almost feel dozens of hands taking a good grip on the edge of the rug Joe is standing on — preparing to jerk it out from under him suddenly one fine day. He’s not an asset anymore. Niether is Kammy, but she’s become useless, too.

    “The knives are out.”

    I have NO idea what happens after that.

    It will be interesting, and we will all live there, so we’ll see.

    • “Nobody cares about Hillary anymore. She’s water over the dam,”

      A snake in the bush

    • I was going to comment that same way. But there is the concept of punishment for immoral/illegal acts. As long as those with some political power suffer no negative impacts, there is only incentive to keep pushing the boundaries. The talking heads just say they suffer their fates based on the voters. But we know that seldom happens, voters are very selfish. I remember Marrion Barry in DC caught in video smoking crack, and still he was re-elected mayor.

  6. Things are all relative. Rates dont need to be high to validate the inversion indicator. It simply means if the fed wants to continue to finance the [illegal for thee but not for them] naked shorting behavior on the commodities markets, Powell’s going to have to go negative on interest rates. Get ready for $10 gasoline, then no gas, and gas lines. same goes for anything you buy at the local market.


    • $8.95 a gallon by the end of summer. Anyone cashing out cryptos right now would be a fool. I know it’s tanking today. But I have 10 blooming tulips in my front yard. And we never planted tulips. Ever. Where I live. They just grew on their own. Showed up and nobody knows where they came from. But there they are blooming big time. 10 tulips.

      As George calls cryptos tulips.

      Pretty funny DUDE.

      Like every thing around me. Just grows.

      I had that feeling of release today. Deep feeling of release. Travel soon. Not sure how or why but everything is healing nicely around where I work. Everything is returned. Better than it was. It is

      Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate.

      Que: ~ Black Bow Ties, Exotic sports cars, Priavte Jets and Beautiful Women ~

      By: So.

      • “As George calls cryptos tulips.”

        I believe that There’s absolutely no comparison between them.
        With tulips you have something.. cryptocurrency is just a number floating in cyberspace..

  7. you forgot the m,(ya, just a typo :) ) Killary is not water over the dam, she is a dam leak. She is not the water, she is the hole. We have to fix the leaks so other leakers will think twice about leaking, It is a big dam cabal/CONspiracy, global sized. No one escapes, Trump said, “we caught them all”. Like Trump or not, just watch and see. Makes Watergate look like a faucet drip, FISAGATE. Yes, justice is slower than a D9.

  8. The regular Wednesday morning meeting of the Executive Committee convened at the usual 0730 hrs this morning, all members present. After coffee and the requisite diner plate sized homemade cinnamon rolls the committees discussion ended up on the topic of the news. Since most of the committee doesn’t waste time with TV or newscasts in general the consensus was determined to be that news talking heads will reside at #3 on the Committees list of the top 10 worthless POS’s around with Politicians and Used Car salesman/Real Estate Agents occupying slots #1 and #2. The loudest and most eloquent vote was expressed by Lloyd D who reported his issue lies mainly with the fact his spouse seems to be particularly enamored by one asshat name David Spewer. I held my thoughts on the topic as my wife seems to have the same fondness for this person and I didn’t want to take away any of the fun Lloyd seemed to be having with the good-natured ribbing he was receiving.
    As the meeting broke up and the leftover cinnamon rolls were loaded into to-go boxes it was pointed out by another member that the table centerpiece was different. At the Cafe, there is a large round table in the center of the dining room. Normally you will see the same people sitting at the table throughout the day. Today there was a topper placed in the slot above the napkin holder with a placard that read “Reserved for the Executive Committee Wednesday mornings.” In the parking lot we decided that from now on we should all make sure we scrape the mud and sh!t off our boots before going in and our minimum tip will be $5 per member.
    Stay safe. 73

      • Yes! I made accounting errors in payroll for the first time sinc I been at my new job. In 9 straght months I have not made a single payroll error.

        The company I contract for said it’s about time. I said I used to be a casino inspector for 8 years. I don’t make accounting errors. I’m very good at sporting them in networks, slot machines, vaults and surveillance systems.

        The owner of my company said im the only branch office in the nation to make only 3 accounting errors in 9 months. Most office have way more than that. I had one error previously because my staffing coordinator paid the wrong person. I caught that, less tha. 5 minutes after and fixed it.

        I got that song leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I will be back again. Stuck in my head. Since this morning.

        I am leaving town for a few…. I was going to drive. I’m not sure what the airplane thing is about. A few other psychics I talk to regularly said lots of airplanes in your future. Lot of travel soon for you Andy.

        Hmmmmmmn. I’m not considering applying for Boeing. Hmmmm.

        There are times I miss grabbing gears. Way simpler than security stuff. Alot less talking. I like the quiet and time to think.

        Leaving…. on a jet.. .plane… .don’t know…..when. I’ll be…. back…. again. Be back again. That is a customer’s term for sales. Hmmmmmm.

        Must be a surprise. Lol

        Later dude.

  9. “The best non-monetary investment you can make is still selecting the right life partner.

    No other investment will evne come close.”

    Cannot agree with you more George. If you will allow me, here is part of a chapter in the book I am now writing “Life lessons for my grandkids.” It is now about 1/2 done thanks to your help.

    “Chapter 3 – Choose your friends wisely and cherish the best ones.

    ………………. Now let me tell you about the most important friend decision you will ever make; the partner you choose to spend your life with. Think about it. You will spend day and night with this person potentially to the end of your life or theirs. You could well spend more hours with this person than you spend with all the rest of your friends and your family combined. Put a lot of time into this decision!”

    • “Chapter 3 – Choose your friends wisely and cherish the best ones.
      ………………. Now let me tell you about the most important friend decision you will ever make; the partner you choose to spend your life with. ”

      AMEN….. My partner now is the best person in the world.. she is my ground rod my compass.. I tell the kids.. LIKE the person your with all parts of them the good the bad the crazy.. I hear so many say.. I LOVE this one in reality they are talking about their physical attibutes…. I have to tell them over and over.. NO.. that is LUST physical attraction .. love is an action verb its what you do for the other..or the fact that you can take their down side and still be able to like them as a person.. LIKE the person there will come a day when the beauty is gone you gain some weight.. ( I can’t bench three hundred anymore and I don’t jog ten miles a day.. ) let the partner be your guiding composs .. what is the old saying by the vikings.. shes my compass… Using the right point of reference is critical in making our decisions in this world. Without the right point of reference, we will lose our way in the complexity of this perishable world system. the importance of a good relationship is the friendship.. they have to like all sides of you and you them.. If it is only for physical then physical will deminish at some point in time..

  10. “At one ear of corn per stalk, you can get (low end) 65-70 ears of corn”

    2-3 ears is normal. I’ve successfully grown as many as 7 (full size, full yield) ears on popcorn plants but I’d not want to go more than 3 (or maybe 4) on edible corn. Popcorn is roughage, whereas sweet corn or maize is nutritional. The more fruit you have, the fewer resources (vitamins, minerals, etc.) are available for each.

      • Training opportunities! Muzzle discipline, target awareness, steady trigger pull, proper sight alignment, safety beyond the target, and more! What better way to get your moving target practice in than by population reduction of crop damaging Rabies infested (in many cases) critters.

      • When I was very young we lived in the country. Maybe 30 acres of forest, and another 10 acres tillable. It was a ‘hobby farm’ for my big brothers, with limited resources. Mom had a huge garden and grew and canned most of our veggies and fruits. One year my brothers had enough of trying to get a decent cash crop out of the big field, so decided to plant colorful maize (“Indian Corn” When the multicolor corn was dried, it was sold for fall decoration pieces… at a buck an ear! This was in 1958, mind you! Best crop they ever grew, my brother said. Next year the tornado came thru and wiped out the farm and we moved into the city.

      • Plant a garden for you.. and at a point away from you plant a garden for them.. all the things they love…
        deer love deer tongue and sugar beets.. etc.. never a worry about rabbits or deer or anything.. you have to make it so that the one isn’t easily accessible the first year like putting nylons on your squash melons etc.. animals hate that along with ultrasonics.. but don’t buy a cheap one get an adjustible one.. you can test is on yourself by adjusting it to where it is even irritating to yourself.. larger animals need a higher frequency.. https://www.amazon.com/Hoont-Powerful-Battery-Ultrasonic-Repeller/dp/B01M2V6NJ4/ref=sr_1_29?keywords=AngLink+Solar+Powered+Repellent&qid=1649338451&sr=8-29
        for a larger garden you may need up to four of them.. one each corner
        . Once the animals learn that one garden is theirs to eat as they wish and one is for you they are pretty good guests.. after that.. My father complained about a rabbit for my whole life yet he never had any issues of rabbits being in his garden.. they had their own that was decimated from the critters..

  11. Maybe the Beasts are the huge multinational conglomerates(like Blackrock and Vanguard), which have more asset value than most countries, and are consuming more and more of the world?

  12. The BBC has a short report out about a British national just extradited from Germany to the UK following arrest last August after allegedly passing materials to Russia from the British embassy in Berlin.

    An article out last August by “The Daily Mail” offers greater detail. It seems the alleged offender had a leisure pastime of visiting nazi-related WW2 settings. Strangely, his wife of almost 20 years from Odessa, Ukraine disappeared 6 months before German authorities moved in after noticing the man paid for everything with cash.

  13. “Buying the good soil…”

    Um, no.

    You use the soil you have and you fix it (unless you’re living on an unremediated chemical or hazardous waste dumpsite.) It costs me $12.50 to buy a ton of common sand or 16 bucks for a yard of either red oak chips or Vermiculite. It costs me $85 per (up to $270 max) to have it delivered. Ergo, I bought a used 4×8 tilt trailer ($150) and wrapped its sides in junk 1/4″ plywood ($0). It takes a gallon of gas each way to go to the local gravel pit (half-gallon to go to the local bulk landscape supplier), where I can buy anything from fine silica to boulders, for $11-$23 per ton.

    The tilt trailer has paid for itself…

    “Toss in the seeds ($9) and the fertilizer ($34)”

    Seeds should be no more than $6 (1500 seeds, $9.80, SouthernStates Dallas, in stock; 740 seeds, $5.70, Merit Seed, Millersburg, OH). P&C is extremely high in corn sugar and makes an excellent base for homebrew petrol-engine fuel. It is also a Burpee(?) hybrid so the seeds are “one and done.”

    You shouldn’t need fertilizer, unless you have to fix problem soil (if you do, for some reason, it should be under 14 bucks.) Also, if you get a climbing bean, space the corn 12″ apart (24-30 inches between rows) and plant the beans between the corn stalks, the beans will replace most of the nutrients the corn takes out (and vice versa) and each beanstalk will (harmlessly) use its adjacent cornstalk as a trellis.

    Corn likes it hot with damp soil and lots of sun. P&C is an exceptionally fast-growing corn (83 days, plant to harvest — most are 96-103 days) and will grow to nearly 12 feet in height. Ideal germination temperature would be between 83° and 85° with nighttime lows not much below 70°. If you do the “bean trick,” don’t plant the beans until the corn is about 3′ high.

    Because you are doing essentially “hobby farming,” you can devote a few minutes of time to each seed. Sprout the kernels before you plant them. You CAN drown corn but you’re more likely to kill it by drying it out, so you have to figure out how moist the ground needs to be. Grow it too fast and the leaves will outgrow the stalk, lop over, and kill the plant.

    “and we’re up to an expense (ex-containers, water, labor) of $283.00. With bumper crop[ of 90 ears, you’re still looking at $3.14 per ear…”

    Texas has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, the difference between a ranch & pasture State and one where actual crops are grown is we can’t go more’n a few miles in any direction without tripping over a “seed & feed” store or a grain elevator with a retail counter.

    I would check out Dewey’s (in Cleveland) and Circle C, or the next time you’re in Tyler, drive 20 miles past and visit Trimble Farms in Big Sandy. That one is probably worth it simply to get a glass of milk. Their cow critters are Jersey, and they sell fresh (unpasteurized) Jersey milk, along with everything else. I don’t know if any of these places sell seed, but if they do, it’ll be much cheaper than Amazon, and it will be of crops which are acclimated to growing in East Texas…

    BTW Atwoods has a good deal on rapeseed, in case you know somebody who might want to take a stab at making his own biodiesel…


  14. “Which would be how hungry? That is where it becomes a crap shoot. We have no way of even imagining the settlement price for the scarce commodity pricing of food”

    Or pets, or people, and if people are sufficiently hungry, how could one market food, without risk of death, either at the marketplace, or followed back to their farm/home…? My photo drone is inaudible at 150m, and has a ceiling of over 2km. Lots of people can shake a tail. It’s really hard to do so though, when one doesn’t know they’re being tailed, or when the tail can be airborne, and a mile away…

  15. Yay a big rigging bullsheet day in the great temple of sin !!! Sure yeah whatever bullsheet you yada yada yada.all other departments 2.

  16. “The same (and worse) in cars. If the car is relatively new and you’ve only been paying, say 3-years on a 6-year note, then when the car is auctioned to satisfy the lender, any shortfall will still come back on the borrower.”

    Which few people realize. A repo’d car isn’t like a bankruptcy. If you owe $10k and (after $6k for “repair” and detailing) the car sells at auction for $4k, you are out of a car, and being sued for $12,000 plus court costs & attorney fees.

    • Not to mention..if you got in an accident.. or the car had to be repaired or repainted… those costs come back on the original borrower..
      It’s the same with a house to..

  17. {General politics, and other bad ideas}:

    EXCLUSIVE: New Poll Has Republicans in Dead Heat in Deep-Blue LA District

    Republicans are virtually tied on the generic ballot in a blue Los Angeles congressional district. According to a March 30 OnMessage poll obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon, Democrats hold just a 1-point advantage on the generic ballot among likely primary voters in California’s 26th Congressional District. That finding marks a stark decline for Democrats—incumbent congresswoman Julia Brownley (D.) won the district by 21 points less than two years ago.


    Iowa House Passes Bill Requiring Schools To Post Curriculum Materials Online For Parent Review

    The Iowa House on March 29 voted to pass a bill that would require public schools in the state to publish their curriculum materials and library books online for parents to view, and give them the power to request that certain books be removed from classrooms.


    Stuff like this is now necessary. It should NEVER be. School Administrations should be able to be trusted to not disseminate pornography or racist/antisocial poison to children.

    The Democrats have a pedo problem

    Progressives have a pedophilia problem. Full stop, as the Barack Obamas of the world might say. From CNN producers to Central Intelligence Agency station chiefs and Federal Bureau of Investigation field agents; from the woke Disney corporation to Democrat donors; from Hollywood to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA); from Facebook/Meta to the Lincoln Project to America’s public school system — the progressive Left has a demonstrated prurient interest in underage children.


    “15 will get you 20” used to be a widely-understood creed.

    China ‘eating US’ lunch’ in Latin America, senator warns

    US belatedly realizes that China is cutting lucrative deals in South America.


    I realized it over 15 years ago, and by that time no longer had access to any nonpublic information — I just read stuff, which I guess is too much to ask our representatives to do…

    White House won’t rule out Biden’s pardon for son or brother

    The White House repeatedly refused on Friday to rule out the possibility that President Joe Biden could pardon his son Hunter Biden or brother James Biden if suspected financial crimes related to business dealings in China are proven in court, despite questions from multiple journalists and a growing volume of articles on the subject.


    …And our congresscritters are so corrupt, such a pardon would not spawn an impeachment.

    • “White House won’t rule out Biden’s pardon for son or brother
      The White House repeatedly refused on Friday to rule out the possibility that President Joe Biden could pardon his son Hunter Biden or brother James”

      Hmm we all are pretty sure that if the depth of corruption that this is all looking like it could have happened daily .At present It totally Appears to be so vast and so deep that if it ever does end up going to court and there is ever a conviction over the information on that hard drive. ( I seriously doubt that it will ever go to court) And there was a conviction That it would go down in history as one of the most corrupted administration’s in the history of the USA..
      From all appearances you have to wonder.. what crimes haven’t they been accused of committing rather than what they have been accused of.
      OUT of curiosity WHAT IF it did end up going to trial and it was proven that daddy was the big guy listed on those records and was the one that gave top secret codes to the DOD sensitive materials and profited from the transactions and passing on of sensitive government documents to countries we deem as potential enemies of state..
      Could he be held liable and or could he be tried for them as well.. At that point could he give a pardon as one of the members that benefited from any shady business deals that were done.
      I know if only a fraction of whats been accused of had been any one of us.. the key would be thrown away.. a prime example is Julian assange. You constantly read about someone with half a dozen photos of pedophilia and spend decades behind bars not tens of thousands..
      Nixon couldn’t pardon the men gathering a smidgen of information after they were committed in the Watergate scandal..
      Just curious..

  18. Someone asked me on here. What is God’s will?

    After I shared my morning words. Aka prayer.

    I think Emmet Fox said it best. You can find it in his book Sermon on the Mount.

    Mindful of what Emmet Fox said in his book. ‘Wisdom is the perfect blend of intelligence and love.”

    I’d start here. Like my prayer. It goes Gratitude. Recognition, Love, Wisdom, living growth, Immortaliity, Favor, Achievement in buisness… then power and wealth. I am perfect with the last part. The others have completed in and around me.

    It’s a process.

    I been hearing alot lately from creation around me, Why are you asking for you already are in posession of. Even if you don’t see it now, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You will see it soon. Really soon.

    Hmmmm O.K.

    Knock knock

    • Here is a good read.. enjoy
      It is the Fifth Gospel by Fida Hassnain
      I get a lot of crap from time to time because I put a lot of faith in the eastern religions.. like taoism etc.. but if you look at the contents and teachings.. they reflect the good in mankind..the fifth gospel is about the archeological travels and education of Jesus Christ.. great and interesting read..

  19. Hmmmmmm…. shortly after that last comment I found a dollar bill with a sequence of all the master numbers. 11223369

    And tesla model of the universe included 3,6,9.


    Think I will keep that one a while.

  20. George, The US 30 year average mortgage rate on 6 April was 5.08 percent. How much of 2021’s 7 trillion gain in the US real estate market in 2021 would have occurred with the current 5.1 percent rate? Since the March US equities 2009 low’s, only June, July, and August of 2009 have had higher US 30 year mortgage interest rates. The Fed has eliminated its 80 billion a month MBS underwriting program and is now letting the debt market act as the Asset-Debt macroeconomic system’s governing fly-wheel. The Fed is doing this by – merely selling – to competing US debt biders via that US debt market – part of the additional 4 trillion dollars of debt created over the last 24 months. The nonlinear end of the 2x-2.5x global equity second fractal to the 33 week (x) March 2020 first base fractal is concurrent with the ten year US bond now exponentially increasing yield with a fractal growth series of 21/52/37 of 38-40 weeks from the 9 March 2020 ten year Note low interest rates of 0.4 percent, 2.2 pecent lower than today’s yield of 2.609 percent.

  21. Gosh, golly, the Canadian federal National Advisory Committee on Immunization is recommending to provinces that a covid19 second booster shot rollout is necessary. The local province here says they’re onboard with the idea. Oddly enough the province advised its contracted-out covid19 call centre and the 680 staff members that their services were no longer required after last Thursday, March 31st. Contact tracing efforts, school outbreak announcements, isolation requirements are all done like dinner, history. The provincial public dashboard covid19 statistics webpage will no longer be updated. Who needs facts? Just roll up a sleeve, stick a needle in and carry on.

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