Last “To-Do” List of the Year

Some 2019 restrospective in the first section this morning.  But, if time is short for you, skip down to “Today’s Real News” – a big headline and you can’t miss it.

New post around 8:15 with the Housing data, so check back.

We’ll serve-up this morning’s “rasher of news and comment” but first, a few words about Life from a long-time adventurer..,  Think of these as messages to future people.

1. It’s Time to Rethink Economics

Not just in our day-to-day efforts, but the great-big overall macro level .  Toward this end, I’ve had an idea that is so radical (dare I say subversive) at its core, that it seems to have the potential to accomplish some very desirable and meaningful goals.

  • Redefine consumption by redefining production.
  • Embodying some of the concepts in my forthcoming book “ The 100-year Toaster.”  The book is both a lament – for we have trading  quality in Life for economic objectives, which is simply insane – and a guidepost.  What is the new set of metrics by which we will measure success?

You already  know  the metric of success, today:  Stacked cash and personal financial resources.  Thing is, money is supposed to be a  storehouse of value – a promise of a future transaction (trade), not an end – in and of itself.

Yet, over the past 10-years, we’ve seen the evolution of “financial engineering” to a magnificent degree.  In fact, to such a degree that there are “expects” who promise us “It REALLY will be DIFFERENT thing time.”

It won’t.

Financial Engineering is like offering a drowning man a glass of water.  He won’t be thirsty, at least for a while.  But, he’s still drowning; the underlying problem not having been addressed.

We also don’t have enough “free time” which we once enjoyed, as humans.  While it’s marvelous that we have good reason (Moore’s Law) to expect more inventions in the new 20-years, that in all of previous human history, there’s a big question not being asked.

To what end?

We’ll lay out an idea (complete with its own website) in coming weeks over on the side of the house.  But, seems to me that any time we can spent – as humans – focused on breaking down divisions between us, and spending more time looking at much larger opportunities; well, that’d be a fine thing, indeed.

2. Rediscovery of Self-Direction & Discipline

This one is both easy…and hard…at the same time.

The self-direction part is cleverly hidden by “environmentals.”  Precepts that are ground into our souls down at the pre-conscious level.  The messages in our music, the “way” we unquestioningly accept falsehoods and lies in media.Too much television.  Too much social.  It’s all thought-control and digital addiction.

We each  know what the Truths are, deep down inside, yet dare we act?

The other part of the self-direction suppression is to stop running in the “wagon ruts of those before us.”  One shortfall, not discovered in myself until much latter in life, is that if you “Always follow your heart – and do what makes you happy and fulfilled, everything will work out as it should in the end.”

Religious people get close to it.  They know we’re here to contribute something, and as a result, they listen to their hearts (prayer) most  intently.  Then, when they sense their “calling” Life spins on a dime as they move (confidently) in their new direction.  All with humility in “ Thy Will be Done…”  But, also putting into practice (actualizing) that “If you follow your heart, it all works out as it should.”

One other point on the “self-direction” is remaining steadfastly  optimistic even though you have every reason to become a pessimist.

The best $2-dollar investment I believe most people can benefit from, whether they are “religious” or otherwise, is a small yet valuable book “Calling Things That Are Not.”

Nominally, it’s a book on prayer.  Why it works  sometimes, yet doesn’t at others

Spoiler alert:  When prayer  doesn’t work, it’s because someone is “praying the problem” – instead of “praying the solution.”  It makes a profound difference on how Life and Universe responds to your needs.

Now, About Self Discipline

The biggest improvement in myself this year has been spedning more time planning and drawing the  most direct path to what I wish to accomplish.  I’m being brutal with myself demanding completion and closure.  At my6 age, you never know….

There’s a marvelous tool in  Windows 10 called  “Sticky Notes.”  If it’s not on your computer, you may be prompted to download it from the Microsoft Store.  Go ahead…live a little!  It’s free!

I’ve used a lot of  Day-Runners,  the To-Do list in Outlook, and literally a dozen “project managers” over the years.  Yes, including  Project and for the open-source fans, ProjectLibre.

But this one is beautiful in its  simplicity.

You sit down with a cup of coffee and 10-minutes, or so, and jot down the half dozen, or so, items that need to happen on a particular day to get you where you want to go in life.  Here’s some of what was done a few weeks back:

I tried to figure out “time blocks” for things, but that invariably blows-up one or two items into the list. The old twice as long on most estimates, but only 20% of the time on others.  Time planning is often wasteful.

Instead, I move the most important onto the short daily list and that’s what happens.

Waking Up is Hard to Do

This is another one of those things people seem to miss:  Waking up early enough so you can get all your daily functions done and still never be rushed at work.

My alarm has been going off at 5 AM every day of the week for years.  Since I like to start writing by 6 or 6:30, I want to have lots of “interruptions” done for the doy.

  • Fresh pot of coffee
  • The (large) morning stack of vitamins
  • Then, putting on a “light helment” a half-hour of “brain warm-up.”
  • AFTER the warm-up and data-seeking, then I can To-Do things.

This last involves understanding how a particular day will work out – so my schedule doesn’t conflict with “Natural Forces.”  (Example:  If rain is likely, don’t sc hedule the trip to the lumber yard to get plywood for project thus and so…)

Holding Over into 2020

There are a number of Big Projects which didn’t complete in 2020.  Which is fine with me, but may frustrate a few readers.  Let’s take ’em one-by-one so you know what to expect.


It’s still my intent to get a first podcast up on the site by end of business today.  But I’ve run into a major routing problem (in the DAW [dfigital audio workstation]) that prevents the easy flow of additional sound sources.

If I told you  PreSonus ASIO doesn’t “dual terminate” in both the 16.0.2 console on channels 7^8 (stereo) AND  at the same time in  Samplitude X4 Pro on any PreSonus ASIO in, would that help you understand my “routing quandary?”

The easist solutions are to use a second computer for sound effects and music (4-hour solution) OR spend money for purpose built software (2-hours and $150) or the open-ended answer (working with virtual audio routing software) which has so far been a 10-hour, high win consumption resulting, nightmare…

Whatever the answer is, I want to get something up by end of day.  Which gets me to one of the problems with Life in the Woods:  Slow Internet.  Up link speed out here is 0.24 MB so pushing the finished .MP3 up to the  Peoplenomics server will not be quick.

Time Machine Project

If you’ve been following along, my best guess, based on all the data collected so far, is that there is a “portal” to greater dimensions that has been referred to as “the cloud” in religions and as “electronic fog” (Bruce Gernon’s book, The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon) and in reports of levitation in remote areas of Tibet using sound.

This is really a “time on task” problem.  I’m trying to get it all done, but competition for time is brutal.

New Projects in 2020

There’s only one – and it will be laid out in this Saturday’s Peoplenomics report.  It’s not a simple thing:  In order to rework economics, we need to revalue goods and production, so we do that and then set up a website to begin moving the world in that direction.

I think you’ll find it both interesting and, from a humanistic standpoint, very worthwhile.

Oh…and to be a bit of a tease here:  Yet, it also involves my workshops (there are now four – which is a whole story in itself –  and online resources.

Now, that’s a lot of stuff to hold in the head while going through the morning slog through “rip & read headlines” ahead of part 2 of this morning’s report, which will pop when the Housing report crosses…so another report will be up shortly…

Today’s Real News

Ah, down to this again, are we?

Well, we could start with the ZeroHedge story: ““I, Who Vowed To Never-Ever Short Stocks Again, Just Shorted The Entire Market”.

The problem with going short is that it’s too early, to be sure, despite the sell-off Monday.  Let’s look again at that chart I put up for George Noory’s readers on Boxing day, shall we?  This is the “before.”  I laid out two track:  Blue is the “One more Up to Go” while red is the “World Ends In January” track:

OK, now fast-forward to where we are this morning with the futures prices up a tad:

You can see where that ascending trend channel is.  While we’re in cash (lol, that’s not investment advice, that’s a coward speaking!) we’d just as soon wait to see if the channel holds and we have that “one more up” to go.

Not that I don’t like to read about the plans of others…but the “markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent” is as true as ever.

Still, we don’t see people unloading assets or cryptos yet:  BTC’s are $7,223 and gold keeps getting legs under it, though again, color us skeptical.

Impeachment: Season 4

We end 2019 with Impeachment Season 4 about to kick-off, much to the delight of the old-line, crooked and co-opted MainStream media.  They’ve been pissed at Trump since before the 2016 election when his “secret weapon” to win the White House was Twitter.

In the latest episode, we see how after making it something akin to a national emergency to get their impeachment story done before the holidays, we still see Nancy  et al sitting on sending anything to the Senate for trial.  Predictably, the whiners are out in force as we read in Senate Democrats call for witnesses in impeachment trial after new report.

Hanging over the dems is “When does delay become denial of speedy trial rights?”  Answer:  never.  That’s something in Law and this is all political.  besides, the dems, as we have been saying, will use this as a stick to keep incumbent senators from getting re-elected…which is the most half-assed plan to retake the Senate ever seen.  But from the stooges who lost it for Hillary, it’s like a Halloween IV.

Digital Mobs in 2020

While the dems are still running the “old people’s playbook” on social in politics, the rest of the digital insurrection will continue into the new year.  Everyone’s trying to be famous and out  example du jure is found in how “He was mocked for proposing in KFC, but the internet found them and will give them their dream wedding.”

Glad for them, and all, but point is, like a change of weather has been morphed into  climate hysteria and 16-year olds channeling adults, so too we see case after case of minutia getting under the keyboards.

Ringing in the Trade War

Elaine and I will be enjoying a glass or three of her favorite champagne tonight.  California grown. But I’ve sent her a note to read on how U.S. Tariffs on French Goods Could Be a Big Opportunity for Italian Winemakers.   Still, to my humble taste, a jug wine like Carlo Rossi  Pasano is a better deal that most foreign wines.  Except Sake of course.  If you find a good domestic, at a low price, let me know.

Reminder for Ham Radio ops:  Straight Key Night tonight!  Tube radios if you have ’em.

American Arrogance Dept.

One of the hallmarks of decline, here in  Empire II, the sequel to  Rome is the amazing about of arrogance that comes through.  Like the American view is right…

Story that garners such comment is  CNN’s Why India’s citizenship law crosses the line.

Whose line we talking here?  The Indian law made it through both houses of India’s parliament, did it not?  Muslims were left out of the law and since India’s its own country, we have to wonder is  CNN  “carrying the water” for a Muslim conquest of India, now?

Which gets us back to the murky role of the MainStreem in setting the groundwork for the Muslim reconquest of Europe, unvetted arrivals here, and which is 4-generations (tops) from being an accomplished fact in some upper Midwest states..

Strange times we live in:  But always a good time to ask “What’s driving the criticism?  Why is leaving out one group – wtih an avowed agenda of displacing elected governments – anything we should be critical of?

Fearing theocracy displacing democracy isn’t irrational. Coming to a country near you…watch for it.  (Yeah and on what network? ;) )

Money for Nothing:

We gotta ask:  Are people shorting the market aware the Fed Repo Depot dumped in $25.6 billion this morning?

Dow futures down 14..

More at 8:15 AM with the housing report…

Write when you get rich,

13 thoughts on “Last “To-Do” List of the Year”

  1. “Time Machine Project”

    To speed up the project, G, have your future self leave your current self a clue.

    Do you feel compelled to go dig a hole looking for something? Perhaps that is the tell that your future self left your current self the clue.

    Has the cat been bringing home safe deposit box keys that you’ve been overlooking?

    How would your future self communicate with your current self?

  2. Today’s Real New

    The market will either go up, down, or sideways. Investing requires you to pick one, act on it, & not stick you head in the sand. Your philosophy would have missed the entire 2019 year.

    The markets may be irrational, but an investor shouldn’t be. Forget the quotes & pick one.

    As an after thought, should an investor use individual stocks or 3X EFT’s. EFT’s are simpler. Maybe a combination of the two would be a perfect balance. With stocks, timing is not as important.


  3. Looking forward to your podcasts.

    I went to pick up feed and some materials for a project yesterday. In the little town, there is an old radio station, a small building with a short tower still there. I noticed a new For Sale sign outside.

    This was a popular little station when I was a kid. I don’t know how long it has been off the air but I remember we would listen to it at night. They had people actually talking about things like the ag markets and local news, HS football games were broadcast, old-time radio shows, that sort of thing.

    I stopped out front when I saw the real estate guy, a friend of mine, putting up some For Sale signs and he took me inside to look around. The owner has passed and the family is ready to sell. I have always wondered what it would be like to run a little station like this.

    I left firmly holding onto my wallet. Happy New Year to all.


  4. Some echoes from 40-ish years ago today..

    First, we are on Ramones time until the ball drops. “20-20, 24 hours to go, (I wanna be sedated)”. That from 1978.

    Next, another embassy crisis involving Iran is unfolding. 1979.

    Finally, with Trump mired in the DC swamp, if he gets attacked by a swamp rabbit…

  5. On Impeachment…Nancy is holding the cards now and it seems to me and others that have written on the subject that she is waiting till late next week, maybe later to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

    Why? It will take at least a month to do their inquiry….in the meantime there’s the little engagement call the State of the Union Address on February 4th. If the impeachment isn’t settled by the Senate by then…well…imagine the angry, off the rails speech that a narcissistic Trump will give. It takes the focus off the real state of the union of this country…which ain’t bad. But…it puts into focus that we need a leader that can rise above that and not make everything about HIM!

    If Trump can look past HIM and just state the facts about this economy…then I just may give him a pass. But, the chances of that happening…given his track record are slim to none. I love this country first and foremost…It has given me so much to be proud of both personally and professionally…and it would be nice if we had a President that loved it as deeply more than he loves himself.

  6. Happy New Year to all!

    2020 FEELS like a good year compared to 2019, though reality may have something to say about that. It sure is cold though! I attended a gathering in a nearby town and there was an upbeat feeling from everyone.

    Regarding podcasts: Personally, I want information and the ability to use it. George, I realize that Ure the consummate broadcaster and wish to have all the music and sounds that C to C has, though personally I feel it’s not helpful. A touch of art is nice, but the beeps, bleeps, whooshes and other noises on that show are positively distracting. So is endless bumper music and intros. The essence of a podcast for me is the raw actionable info, not the polish. I understand other readers and listeners may disagree. Art Bell probably did it best. I’m willing to wait for whatever does get released. I’m sure it will be with us soon enough and I’ll appreciate it.

  7. Sir,

    Happy New Year!

    Of course The Firm was all about tradition for Christmas Day mass at Sandringham. Save for an unmarried Princess marching in with her fiance. An interesting fellow mind you, with a step-father who sadly left this world rather suddenly in the celebrity compound at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival following receipt of a phone call from Downing Street, and a visit the evening before from a little black book placeholder. According to MSM of the period, the decedent’s expiry was approximated by the Pulp song “Common Man” at the festival. It’s on YouTube. Speaking of eights and steins our cups overflow. YT segues to another 8th in line of the day with the May, 1949 nuptials between The Earl of Harewood and Marion Stein.

    Yes, the 6th and 7th in line are deposed out of the limelight on holiday in Canada. One trusts that Jughead is safeguarding the crown of the toddler prince. Mrs. Simpson and Herr Edward might have approved. It seems very black and white.


    Well my first new years agenda.. was to write down the positive things i had acomplished in 2019..
    Of those I had helped three homeless men with shelter and food.
    cleaned out the storage shed..( it was blown all over the yard by a storm)
    Replaced old worn out appliances..( they do were due to a utility transformer but hey it was for the better)
    Helped a young woman and her daughter that were in a horrific accident to survive until she made a recovery..
    spent more quality time with the kids
    those were the positive things that I count my blessings for having the opportunity to be able to do..

    first on the agenda for 2020..

    I have to teach my older grandson how to utilize C reative R esources A roung the P remisis to make useful things he can use..

    So we are going to use cardboard.. you can get a ton of it for nothing at the local store.. at one time they paid seventy five dollars a bail for it.. then no one got it.. but today they get less than five bucks a bail.. so it is cheap a cheap resource..

    because I want to check out the durability of geopolymer stone I will use that as the counter top or a portion of it..
    that way when my grandson starts to make his dresser.. ( the one I built him.. seems the drawers weren’t big enough so when he kept pushing down to fill more in it.. the bottom kept coming out.. LOL…

    anyway.. it is something that I totally love to experiment with.. as soon as we have a decent time to work with it.. there is a teacher and some kids studying engineering that want to build my shed for me as a summer extra credit project..
    until then I will do a small project and make a counter top.. my first one will be a bar.. easy build the grandson will love it..( I made them one for their lemonaide stand years ago .. the kids snatched it up for their future rec room LOL..) and it won’t take to much cardboard to make since the ones I use to make for the cabinet company are only 36 inches wide..

  9. Speaking of to-do lists. How do you guys get your inventions/patentable ideas to market?

    • We don’t patent much it’s only really a “right to sue” anymore. And if you don’t have 1-million and someone with a deep pocket to go after, the numbers don’t work.
      Besides, virtual everything is in the “prior art” and “obvious derivation of prior art” if you’re smart enough…

      • Exactly George it is a waste of money.. one small change and they can get the same idea patented…. I remember there was one.. I wanted to patent it.. spent the money got the patent attorney and did the search.. only to find out that years before someone else had that same very idea..I wrote to the company and asked them why they hadn’t acted on it.. and that I had just did the search.. not one word back…
        then one day I got home from work and there on my doorstep was dozens of boxes of the very product I wanted to patent.. not one note in it.. but it was a very grateful thank you for informing us…
        Many idea’s I have had and shared with people asking my opinion. I will have people either contact me or just sit down and ask.. met some pretty good friends to along the way that way…. ( and there have been a quite few through the years that have been implimented) and that one time was the only one that sent me a wonderful thank you not in words but in product..
        Oh I stand corrected.. there have been more thank you’s.. like some kids studying engineering from MIT, VA tech,Boston tech and Caltech and a couple more colleges came out and put up one of my solar power systems for extra credit ( they didn’t do it the way I wanted but hey it was free labor).. and professor friends offering to give kids a credit if I wanted them come stay with me for the summer just to read to me( if I went totally blind) etc.. but from a manufacturer.. that one was the only one that a manufacturing company ever gave me a thank you..

      • the kids would need a few credits if they read to me.. LOL LOL LOL I read all that crap that no one else wants to read.. even the authors.. LOL like the guy that wrote his study on the DNA change in the earth worm from a medication he worked on.. real interesting stuff there.. I even fell asleep..

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