If this was a sci-fi flick, rather than (nominal) “real life” someone would say “Aye, sensors on full, extended- range, Captain …”

We have no idea, of course, where the next financial photon torpedo will come from.  Although launch sites in Hungary, North Korea, China, and Brussels are all suspect.

We do have a handful of “sensor readings” to review before this old year flips over.

While we wait for tomorrow morning’s Case-Shiller (S&P, CoreLogic, etc. and the pizza guy) Housing Report, we will have to make-do for now with these “government offerings…”

First is the International Trade Report

Deficit down is good.

Next comes inventory data.  Where we watch levels suspiciously, knowing that if inventories start to  build, sell-through is weak, and that could mean a softening patch out there somewhere…  Well, no worries on that score, either:

As you can see, this was really pretty strong:  Inventories down gives us hope Christmas was more green than red.

After the data (good) the futures were up 25 on the Dow and 3-1/2 on the S&P.  Meantime, Bitcoins were $7,307.

Also, of note, the Fed’s Repot Depot tossed $39.1- billion on the bonfire of the equities…

Later on today, we will get some pending home sale numbers and a Dallas Fed reading, but the “biggie” to us is the Housing report tomorrow.  Is it beginning to roll-over?  If so, that’d be worth getting out of bed for.

Just remember on all these economic data points that it’s like driving through the rearview mirror:  The reports are more historical.  If you want to know the current state of things, talk to some people who work in useful fields about their current prospects.  That’s often as useful as anything from “officialdom.”

Anti-Semitism is Back

We have friends who are Jewish.  And they are scared.  I mean like the point of having thoughts like “leaving America” scared.  Reason?  Lots and lots of reasons if you pay attention:

An attack on a synagogue – which ended up with a suspect being collared in Harlem, is just part of a general rise in antisemitism that’s making its rounds on the Internet and in real life.

After “Police in New York City investigate 9th possible anti-Semitic attack in 2 weeks” the reaction of officials? :”New York officials are adding more security for Jewish communities after attacks.”

I have warned you many times about this “Digital Mob Rule” danger of the Internet.  But, people don’t usually come up with hate-crimes in a vacuum.  They are prompted – and usually by hate speech or hate literature.  And that’s the stuff of the Internet, plain and simple.

Internet Licensing Comes into View

Runaway antisemitism, along with runaway militant Islamists, along with child porn rings, drug dealing, human-trafficking and just about all other perversions you can think of, operate on the Internet these days.  Aided and abetted with “crooked money” – the crypto-currencies – which hide from government regulation, evading taxes – and are still somewhat immune to surveillance.

Let’s break this down into byte-sized thought morsels, shall we?

First is the matter of the Internet’s future:  You may have seen where “UN Begins Process of Handing Internet Control to Ruthless Dictators.

As we would expect, already, the liberal press (and whoever pulls their strings) has turned up the volume on how Internet Control is anti-Freedom.  An example may be found in the Washington Post’s The U.N. passed a Russia-backed cybercrime resolution. That’s not good news for Internet freedom..

Yet, as someone who’s been writing about the coming of Internet Licensing since 2012 (my book, Broken Web:  The Coming Collapse of the Internet is still available on Amazon…) when it comes (and it will, I believe) it will arrive in about the second year of the Greater Depression just ahead.

It will be a rhyme, you see, of the Communications Act of 1934 which was set up to control the previous driver of a communications revolution – Radio.

This time, after some close brushed with collapse, it turns out that the villain this time is likely to be social media.   In fact, would a Hitler-like, hater-monger arising on social media surprise anyone when it happens?  “Not I,” said the old geezer in the woods.

The problem with social media is that it has become “too big to effectively manage.”

What soft-headed liberals don’t understand is that social (and we see Twitter as a proof case) does, is give direct access to too many weak minds at once.

Since my family is mostly “fire department” stock, including my son,. I tend to look at threats to society very much like an engine company would perform inspections and pre-fire drills.

The point is that the Fire Department and the Building Departments in every major city I can think of, have already gotten together and set up “Occupancy Permits.”  The idea being that IF you have too many people, in too concentrated a space, one person yelling “Fire!!!” can set off a death-dealing stampede.  People will be trampled.

Yet, the liberal commentators don’t grok the parallel.  The Internet should as we view it, have some kind of “occupancy limits” to prevent “meme fires” – Things like runaway Islamist extremism or antisemitism promotion.  Social media – while big and grand – is just like putting 100-million people in a nightclub and locking the doors.  It doesn’t take much for bad things to happen.

The leadership or China and Russia likely are very much aware of the “un-zoned” internet risks.

We are, as a nation of genuinely mentally disadvantaged “manipulons,” already being force-fed a left-leaning agenda that wraps up a runaway Internet with a flag and says it’s anti-Freedom.

We can  only offer the saner view that limiting Internet use is no more anti-freedom than saying you can only put 3,000 people in a particular theater because of risk to persons.  Are building codes anti-freedom, or public safety?  What then of the Internet?

Oh,. and that’s before we get to the mass-marketing of hate that IS taking place.

Simplistically, to us, Hate-mongering is no more protected “free speech” than inciting to riot, or insurrection.  

The Mainstream, though, reaps no benefit from such clear expositions of the facts.  Instead, I can demonstrate with a 10th grade spreadsheet how much MORE MONEY media makes by driving events to extremes.

Lots of business models are  that crooked.

For those who don’t remember, this from Wikipedia may help: “Kristallnacht was a pogrom against Jews carried out by SA paramilitary forces and civilians throughout Nazi Germany on 9–10 November 1938. The German authorities looked on without intervening..

What does the  digital version of  Kristallnacht look like?  Is it China’s “social credit system?”  Or, is it “Kashmir Internet Shutdown Takes Toll on Economy”?  Or, is it a perp with a machete in a New York synagogue?  And who will the digital Hitler be?

Jews are not alone.  As soon at the story crossed about the weekend’s “Deadly shooting at Texas church service” I expected two things to be glossed-over by the MainStream:  How many would have died if some members of the congregation were not carrying.  Oh, and did the Internet play a role in this one, too?

Oh, and somehow the matter of other odd web behaviors could be tossed in as mental, too.  Like Actress Sharon Stone blocked from dating app Bumble.  ID theft is real.

No, the world does not make sense, anymore.  It’s not just you.

Short Takes

Remember how much  crap the Tweeter-in-Chief took from Baltimore lefties when he called Bal;timore a “shit-hole”?  Well, here it is again: Violence Continues As Baltimore City Reaches Record Number Of Murders.  You’re not supposed to remember Trump’s call, but we’re here to help.

The odds of the next global war having a large genetic angle to it are extremely high, in our view.  So when we read Chinese scientist behind gene-edited babies sentenced to 3 years in prison, we had to wonder if the ChiComs would set up a lab in the day room for him.

Deep-thinking grist from  Brookings in Panel Discussion | World Development Report 2020: Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains.

Reverse discrimination in England?  Well, we don’t know, but when we read how “Two top English private schools have defended their decision not to accept a benefactor’s offer of scholarships for disadvantaged white boys.” we immediaterly wondered if the schools would have turned down the dough if it was for “women” or “people of color” or “immigrants”?  Since reporting is lousy and reporters dare not ask real questions anymore, we don’t know the answer.  Pity, that.

We do seem to live in a world where “two wrongs make a right” is being actively sold to the weaker of mind.

Off to a full calendar today…it may be a fractional workweek for some, but I have so much left-over on my annual to-do list, it’s appalling.

Write when you get rich,