Jobs Report, Science Debunking “Science?”

This being Friday. it’s lawn and garden day around here, so we will be posting this morning’s report in pieces.  By doing this, I can get my lawn mowed (and maybe edged) before breakfast and the market open.  Or not…

Jobs Report

Just out from the Labor Department:

“The unemployment rate remained at 3.6 percent in May, and the number of unemployed persons was little changed at 5.9 million. (See table A-1.) Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (3.3 percent), adult women (3.2 percent), teenagers (12.7 percent), Whites (3.3 percent), Blacks (6.2 percent), Asians (2.5 percent), and Hispanics (4.2 percent) showed little or no change in May.

In May, the number of persons unemployed less than 5 weeks increased by 243,000 to 2.1 million, following a decline in April. The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more), at 1.3 million, changed little over the month and accounted for 22.4 percent of the unemployed. (See table A-12.) Both the labor force participation rate, at 62.8 percent, and the employment-population ratio, at 60.6 percent, were unchanged in May.

So, is it a great report?

  • For one, the civilian non-institutional population grew by a reported 168,000.  But we had more than that arrive / sneak in from Mexico.
  • The total number of people working was up 113-thousand.
  • The number of unemployed was up 64,000.
  • Non-farm was up 75,000 but goods producing (real jobs, not gigs and retail) were up only 8,000.
  • Hourly wages?  Up 3% year-on-year – which is just inflation in the real world..

So we flip over to the C ES Birth-Death Model, which is the ‘fess-up’ for the number of jobs estimated into existence:

In fact, if you look over here, of that gain of 113-thousand more working, the CES model contributed 204,000.  Yeah – without the CES adjustments, the report would have been negative.something like 91-thousand.  How far off is the CES model?  Oh, last year it was off (on the high side) by 2.9-million (which shows up as the January adjustment this year of -2.908 MILLION.

Don’t tell the democrats running for president this, but the Trump Economy is mostly a fiction. (See the Aggregate Stock index note later in the column) Not only were 3-million jobs incorrectly made up last year in the CES, but the year on year working people grew by a bit less than the immigration from Mexico.  1.219 more people working this year while (mostly illegal) immigration from Mexico was up over a million.

And that’s what we’ve been warning you of.  We saw it coming in the ADP and Challenger numbers we told you about yesterday.  It’s cleverly papered-over (make up an extra 90-thousand jobs for me, would you?) but that’s it and the number of unemployed is growing.

Rally on that, bulls.

In fact, the best thing I can say about today’s report is I got three-quarters of the lawn mowed while waiting for the report to come out.

Dow futures?  Gone to flat…while we are on the lookout for rehab counselors, sobriety & drug testing among the bull touts…

Time to saddle up the Husqy and ride some more…

Rain Pain, Climate Gain

We have noticed a “hole in the flow” of news with the report from NOAA.  Let’s me lay out part of their press release and see if you can figure out the “hole” for yourself:

“For May, the average contiguous U.S. temperature was 59.5°F, 0.7°F below the 20th century average and ranked in the bottom third of the 125-year record. Despite the cool May, meteorological spring (March–May) had near-average temperatures. The seasonally averaged temperature for the Lower 48 was 50.9°F, 0.1°F below average and ranked in the middle third of the record. The first five months of 2019 were marked by large regional variability in temperature, but when averaged, the contiguous U.S. temperature was 43.4°F, 0.1°F above the 20th century average and also ranked in the middle third of the January–May record.”

We’re here to offer a simple-minded (but scientifically proven) fact:  Warm Air holds more water than Cold Air.

Sure, the “global warming crowd” isn’t talking about “warming” – because there is none.  And all the rain?

From The Pacific Standard: “ ‘The Fields Are Washing Away:’ Midwest Flooding Is Wreaking Havoc on Farmers.”

Think about it:  The atmosphere of Earth can hold so much water if hotter than normal and far less if colder than normal.  The “far less” is called rain and precip.

To any right-thinking junior high science student, it’s pretty obvious:  Total rainfall may be positively correlated to atmospheric temperatures globally.  When it’s getting hotter?  Drought may be in the wings.  When it’s cooling?  Floods.

Still, in order for this proxy to be workable, you need global precip data (unadjusted, long-term) and there are anomalies such as Moscow Sizzles in Record Temperatures.. Put that up against Rain delays start of Pakistan v Sri Lanka Cricket World Cup match… and conclude, if you will.

It ain’t that hard.

Being straight-shooting environmentalists that we are (grid-tied solar, owning a tree farm, and producing at least a bit of our own food plus driving less than 7000 miles a year), we have suffered through some of the effects of this global cooling as we are setting precip records around here, as well.

Unlike the government, and self-serving climate book writers who then become “experts,” our view is more ground-level.  Warm air, however, holds more water than cold…and that’s what the data report from NOAA neglects to remind us.

It’s Part of Synthetic Growth

You need to understand that climate is an economic proxy for growth.  We have told you before (and we’ll explain again) how SynGro (synthetic growth) works:

  • More jobs in “government” means people doing tons of “studying” and positing “theories” and offering their  “conclusions” but often these are demonstrably wrong.  Ask a farmer.
  • The biggest impact of climate change hype so far has been economic – putting people to work on…climate!
  • That said, growth of government is one of the best industries to “invest” in.  It does so many things that “regular” (off-shored to China) manufacturing jobs don’t do:
    • It’s an excuse to raise taxes
    • It gives government more control
    • It reduces systemic freedoms once enjoyed
    • It falsely creates “jobs” and that will lead to pandering tweets to the unaware
    • It keeps people busy and maintains the dollarized economy rather than transitioning to a time minimized economy where we get more time off…
  • Such growth also papers-over the huge dump of third worlders invading across the Mexico Border.  Liberals won’t cop to this, but that’s just more SynGro.
    • These people will require more “governmenting” – so it’s an excuse to raise taxes, hire govvies, and ESL teachers
    • It’ll provide for a huge growth in a new kind of human exploitation which falls under the big label of “Economic Slavery.”  No emancipation for the new underclass, comprende?
    • The regular beatings come on pay day.

Not to be the “grouchy old man on the lawn tractor” today, but we (as a -once- Nation) are not being honest with ourselves.

We pretend that this is the Land of the Free.  Which is patently untrue today as we’ve become the Land of the Indentured.  We are being asset-stripped of our net worth and forced into the new (more “economically efficient”) Rent Your Life model.

To help things along, the Federal Reserve has been pursuing a variant of “Modern Monetary Theory” which is what drove Zimbabwe into hyperinflation.  Write down where you heard it:  Gold may be getting ready for a moonshot.  We reckon $3,000 may not be unreasonable.

Did you see last night’s Fed Money Stocks report?  It showed how the Fed has been standing on the brakes of money-creation for a couple of weeks now:  (top line under M1)

Eventually, this “standing on the brakes” will result in a market correction – likely of consequential size.  In the meantime, though, the early futures we up another 73 on the Dow.

Knowing all this, what is one to do?

Find a way to control your own destiny.  What you don’t own outright (and have saved up taxes to keep owning) is not yours.  It’s all part of Rent Your Life and that, dear reader, is not what America the Beautiful was founded on.  I mean, can you picture Ben Franklin saying…

“A Penny Saved is a financial asset at rest that should be transacted into the larger economy in order to make the velocity of money grow…”

Ben would never say that.  Those were the days of savings and net worth.  Your Ass  ets are being stripped in a desperate move to recirculate money and jack things up.

Remember how many times I have warned of Consumer Super-saturation?  We are there.

For a while, we had hopes that Trump would actually solve some of the nation’s woes.  But, the long-chain business molecules have corrupted everything.  Even the slow recovery in the Velocity of Money at M2 now looks like it’s rolling over to the downside.

And if all of this isn’t sobering enough, here’s a terrible fact that no one in the mainstream media is talking about (it involves real work with lots of numbers):

As of Wednesday of this week, our Aggregate US reading stood at 23764.71.  That compares with the first full week of June last year (June 8, 2018) which was 23726.84.

What have stock prices done in the past year?

As an Aggregate, up 0.16 percent.

If you’re wondering why you can’t live on your fabulous collection of stocks and bonds? Well, let’s see:  Real 1-year gains are effectively zero and the cost of living keeps going up.

An interesting thought problem for you:  If instead of piling your retirement into paper “assets” where would you be if you’d bought a little truck farm back when?  Oops!  Sorry – market garden is the “correct” term says Wikipedia:

“A market garden is the relatively small-scale production of fruits, vegetables and flowers as cash crops, frequently sold directly to consumers and restaurants. The diversity of crops grown on a small area of land, typically, from under one acre (0.4 ha) to a few acres, or sometimes in greenhouses distinguishes it from other types of farming. Such a farm on a larger scale is sometimes called a truck farm.”

Put some cyclone fence around it to keep the dogs and most critters out (for everything else there’s a .22, lol).  Light up the weed-burner…

What would your payback have been on that?  I mean, because fresh, local, delicious, not nutritionally-deficit 3,000 mile veggies, might be good for you…that’s not hard to figure.

Just musings to keep the brain fired-up while tractor-backin’ this morning.

To walk around with such a complicated “Reality Model” takes more headspace than most people are willing to devote.  The payoff is that it’s much more relaxing to watch the news or pick up a paper.  It’s almost like watching a “clockwork” making life semi-predictable, and therefore something we can hedge properly.

How to Hedge These Headlines?

Living in a “voice-controlled home” as we do, this was interesting: Making “smart home” features standard for renters.

Whose book is Bloomberg talking up?U.S. mulls delaying threatened tariffs on Mexican products: Bloomberg.”  Added 200- to the market, near as we could figure it.  The bigger problems continue though as the NY Times reports Trade Wars Stoke Economic Fear as G-20 Finance Ministers Gather in Japan.  Couple with Trump slams U.S. lawmakers resisting his “beautiful” Mexico tariffs, you can sense how we’d ask the “talking someone’s book” question…See also Trump to decide on $300 billion China tariffs after G20 meeting.

Attention Males:  Fox offers ‘Underboob’ bikini craze back on Instagram.  Elaine, meanwhile, runs around in a Hooter’s t-shirt cut down to similar dimensions…ahead of her time, as always..  Speaking of which, with Fox‘s “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie Olivia Brower says she no longer feels pressure to be a certain size” we wonder if they’re vying to be the worlds first N/T&A network?

(Might want to channel block it in the Queen’s lands as STDs On The Rise In England…)

We’d suggest they buff up their Moscow bureau, too as ‘Kinky Party’ Is Starting a Russian Sexual Revolution.  Gotta be some male demographics in that one…

Invader Driver: As the number of Venezuelan’s invading over the border increases, we see that Russia Will Send More Military Specialists to Venezuela If Needed – Reports.  Putin wants his own oil cartel.  Turkey is now drilling into the Leviathan, by the way and Cyprus is pissed.

Pill Check: Mylan Expands Its Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Valsartan Tablets, USP, Amlodipine and Valsartan Tablets, USP, and Valsartan and Hydrochlorothiazide…

OK, on the lawn… may be mostly mowed by the time the job numbers come out.  Tomorrow on Peoplenomics, Chapter 5 of :The 100-year Toaster”  Delocalizing Food.  Here on Urban?  Prepping Your 500-Hour Skill Sets…

Have a safe weekend and come back then and bring a few million of your closest friends…  We may be doing some server tweaks Sunday…

40 thoughts on “Jobs Report, Science Debunking “Science?””

  1. Technical point- Warm water has a higher vapor pressure which results in more moisture diffusing into the air above it. To say that warm air can hold more water is getting the chicken and the egg in reverse order. The air holds more moisture because of the properties of water, not the air.

    • Oh hell, JR, that’s like saying ice holds more water than steam for the same volume!!!

      the temperature of the air determines how much water it will hold… period.

      • George
        You are correct in your reply to JR and you point out another thing the “Climate Scientists” don’t want to acknowledge:

        Water vapor is by far the MOST importance greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and is orders of magnitude greater concentration than CO2.

        When doing UV/Visible/IR absorption tests of solutions in the lab, these tests have to all be done in completely anhydrous (dry, no water) conditions as the water will absorb ALL the IR and longer wave visible light (like clouds, duh). This makes it feel cooler down here but warms the atmosphere.

        Air holds about an order of Magnitude more water for ever thirty degrees F.
        I’m not looking at a psychometric right now (which charts air temp, pressure, and humidity) but if you want to imagine it, 0 F would hold about 1 grain of water per cu ft, 30 F would hold 10 grains, 60 F would hold 100 grains, and 90 F would hold 1000 gr. (as an illustration, don’t hold me to exact numbers until I get to my chart). That water is what absorbs and holds the heat not the CO2.
        And so, again, its the Sun, and El Nino, which is caused by the SUN warming (what?) the WATER in the Pacific Ocean which most affects our weather, not man burning fossil fuels!

      • Sorry G_____. This is the same effect which causes hurricanes to form explosively over water with temperatures above 90 degrees. That’s where the water’s saturation pressure exponential curve begins looking a lot less linear. At 32 degrees the water’s saturation pressure is 0.0885 psia, at 90 degrees 0.6982, at 100 degrees .9492, and at 212 degrees it is of course, 14.696 psia. The thermodynamic characteristics of air at the same temperatures are pretty much linear.
        Your reaction was certainly thermodynamic, to say the least. Have a glass of ice water and reduce your vapor pressure a bit.

      • @ big al brown

        For your telling the truth…you will be BANNED forever from any websites that you are trying to enter…..and MARK will be available for a brief period of disagreement….and to remind you that “97% of reputable engineers ” say you and George are wrong.

      • Nature provides a way of cooling very warm tropical waters with giant cyclonic coolers and the magic of entropy. We refer to these cooling marvels of nature as hurricanes and cyclones. Be careful what you wish for G____.
        There is much speculation on whether gamma ray induced high altitude clouds cause cooling effects which are seen in historical records associated with periods of low solar magnetic activity (solar minimums). That is to say, the effects of water vapor in the atmosphere are complicated and making statements that the water vapor is a net heater or cooler over geological time periods is still alternately hotly and coolly debated.
        The real answer is likely somewhere in between, with the effects of the water vapor possibly playing an active role in global temperature regulation over the intermediate to long haul. We have all witnessed the hot side of global heat cycles. Predictions are that we are going to have a front row seat for a grand solar minimum starting next year and running about three decades or so, so prepared or not, we may get a view of the cooling side of long term water vapor cycles in at least some of our lifetimes.
        Where’s our global cooling prep tutorial G____?

      • “Where’s our global cooling prep tutorial ”

        IIRC that was written in 1979, then buried when it was determined “global cooling” was a lot less monetizable than “global warming…”

  2. Market expecting 175K jobs added – 75K delivered..hmmm

    Bond Market has been warning about Slowdown ahead.
    Inverted yield curve (short term rates higher than long term rates) warning Recession ahead.
    Stock Market has been smoking heroine, bout to start “skindiving” that $h!T

    Gold and Gold stocks – if and when gold breaks 1350 .. party time!

    Count De Monay is Back, with a vengence today.

  3. George,

    You mentioned flooding… Isn’t there millions of acres not being planted this summer? Does this put us in food danger should some sort of calamity erupt? Or is the affected region minor compared to the overall farm production of the US?

    I was also thinking, with all this social media censorship and blocking, how hard would it be for someone to arrange that all people of a certain mentality (as measured by the monitors) suddenly be completely cut off from communication? No cell phone, or internet for you! Flick of a switch. The system would easily spot all their (yet un-discovered) friends too, once people started to squirm and attempt to communicate using any means available. Just a thought.

    • Food for thought Phil…

      Maunder Minimum – 400 year Cycle
      Earth’s Catastrophe Cycle – 11,000 year Cycle – Pole Flip included
      (Latter being an Extinction Level Event)

      The information is out there Phil, Science papers now supporting truth over deception.


      Simply because the time left before we all feel the wrath of the above is almost gone.

      Not fearmongering, simply an explanation of an unpreventable cycle for which the 1% have used to rape and pillage the 99%. We do not get the facts and crucial information until it’s too late to do what’s best for ourselves and our families.

      They told us last year to expect a 400% rise in food prices starting the end of this year? This is not a secret, simply a report available to the public if you’re lucky enough to bump into it.

      Want some truth Phil?

      Adapt 2030 – David the creator lives in Asia – Professional Crop trader?
      Suspicious 0bservers – Eyes Open No Fear
      Suspect Sky – Search for the Catastrophe Cycle Series disclosed the CIA report that was sealed until 2016.

      Truth is Phil the calamity has erupted all around the world? Weather events are becoming biblical, the information though is only shared with the local people unless you search for information yourself.

      Remember! Everything is a business model… Even a catastrophe?

    • “Does this put us in food danger should some sort of calamity erupt?”


      IMO the tariff relief subsidies farmers are receiving because of the tariff fight with China are little, or no more than the farmers would receive anyway, from subsidies and crop-failure insurance. WE will have plenty, despite the fallow fields this year in the corn and wheat belts. Other people, in other countries, not so much, irrespective the tariff war…

  4. Just a note on the state of things… You’ve probably heard of Dutchsince and his earthquake science. He was just deleted by WordPress. 10 years of scientific inquiry gone. Too controversial was the reason given. I don’t care if he is right or not, this smacks of Galileo. Some health groups on FB are being deleted as well, for giving nutrition information that does not agree with the government guidelines.

    • Kimberly and George, the following email was sent to all of us today from Jim Nichols, who hosts a local monthly group at our local library, called Quantum Horizons. Jim is known worldwide for his UFO art. In the email he has been hit by yahoo AI.

      On 6/7/2019 8:26 AM, wrote:


      > The Big-Tech Mafia has launched a cyber war against the American public. Using sophisticated A.I. algorithms Youtube is now scrubbing ALL “politically-incorrect” content from its video channels, which likely translates to virtually all of my UFOTV productions being deleted from Youtube. That’s ten years of work down the drain, not to mention the loss of 80% current income. Ironically I could not ask for a greater endorsement for the quality of my work, that the Deep-State Mafia would find my modest video productions so threatening. This is clearly an act of Deep State desperation!

      > Jim Nichols


      > “YouTube is going increase its suppression of “borderline” videos that don’t actually violate any of its rules or policies, while ramping up its promotion of “authoritative” sources.

      > YouTube announced Wednesday the increased tilting of its platform toward “authoritative” sources and away from “borderline” videos on its official blog, alongside a slew of other changes.

      > Much of the ensuing media coverage focused on YouTube’s announced crackdown on “hateful and supremacist” videos, which the tech giant also announced Wednesday.

      > “In addition to removing videos that violate our policies, we also want to reduce the spread of content that comes right up to the line,” YouTube explained in the unsigned blog posts.
      > The change follows a pilot program YouTube launched in January, where the tech giant suppressed “borderline content and harmful misinformation, such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, or claiming the earth is flat.”

      > YouTube is now expanding the pilot program to include more “borderline” videos while giving a boost to “authoritative” sources.

      > “Our systems are also getting smarter about what types of videos should get this treatment, and we’ll be able to apply it to even more borderline videos moving forward. As we do this, we’ll also start raising up more authoritative content in recommendations, building on the changes we made to news last year,” the blog post stated.

      > “For example, if a user is watching a video that comes close to violating our policies, our systems may include more videos from authoritative sources (like top news channels) in the ‘watch next’ panel,” it continued.”


      > Forbidden Knowledge TV observed:

      > “No sooner had the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission launched Anti-Trust investigations against Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook, than a massive demonetization and account deletion purge swept YouTube, showing how the real problem with Big Tech is not just one of Anti-Trust/monopoly – but one of Racketeering/RICO, Election Interference, Communications Decency Act violations, First Amendment violations and more.
      > One wonders to whom the tech lords answer? Is it to the same people the mainstream media answer or to whom Democrats and Never-Trumper Republicans answer? (Answer: Yes).”

  5. Friend in Midwest farms non gmo corn that is Roundup resistant. Hasn’t been able to plant yet. Getting close to the crop insurance breakpoint. Millions of acres have not been planted yet. Expect all food to get scarcer and pricier.

    • …Made my second circuit in two weeks through Indiana, Ohio, W Penna today (940 miles — I’m frickin’ tired!) A week ago, I passed exactly one planted field; today, many, MANY farmers out and (mostly) planting. One I didn’t understand, the biggest Allis I’ve ever seen, pulling a reel mower with more gangs than I could count at 60mph, with a 20′ disc piggybacked on the back of the mower.

  6. If Raleigh, NC is a stock market indicator, it is booming. Housing, road construction is all over the place. Amazon just added a huge distribution center with 1,500 jobs. Tech Triangle is booming. Jobs are plentiful. The biggest suburb is Cary which is short for CONCENTRATRD AREA OF RELOCATED YANKEES.

    • I love Raleigh. But I’m not sure the over-heated economy is good for the city in the long run. Raleigh is quickly loosing its “southerness”. With regards to Amazon, they’ll do what they did in Baltimore. The state will give Amazon lots and lots of tax incentives to move in because of their promises of jobs. But once settled in, Amazon will start replacing the workers with robots.

  7. The stringie underboobie bikini …. I’m good with that!

    69 yr o’ll body but a solid 18 yr young mind …still!

    • TX gent…
      I see they make an edible bikini to.. I don’t know how it would last in water..but guess they never really expect it to make it that far lol

  8. Why George how dare you imply that the orange clowns created boom in the economy is nothing more than blown up fantasy, created for his born again more war constituents, with his fake tariffs scam that only benefits the 1%.

    Meanwhile on the other side of the world as the one writer puts it ‘the caravan keeps moving along and the dogs bark” as they follow the yellow brick road, making all kinds of trade deals as it moves along following the old silk road,and of course this is what all the tariffs are about trying to slow down what can’t be stopped,the caravan.!!!

    • Robert…..

      I totally get why we need the tariffs..
      And as far as tariffs only benefitting the 1%..
      Who do you assume benefits from not having them.. and who do you think pays the price for the loss of jobs the loss of income in a community.. the loss of taxes. It’s the blue collar laborer..
      Go Mr. President you have my support.

      • A tariff is a tax on the blue collar laborers who need the cheap goods from China and Mexico to purchase on a daily basis…The red state worker now has to pay up to 25% more for a lot of goods and services.

        • I want you to notive – since Trump did get some points in his tariff brinksmanship – that non of the lefty media will retract their pro mexico hysteria over Mexriffs…just saying
          Care to make a late side bet on whether the Mexprez says he wants 8 US states back? That is Revolucion 3.0, my fellow ‘Mericans

      • “is a tax on the blue collar laborers who need the cheap goods from China and Mexico to purchase on a daily basis…”

        The blue collar americans that I know.. Need Jobs.. the same jobs that have been outsourced to China..

        Right now the Blue collar workers pat the price for the US unbalanced check book.. it may look like your getting more for the cheap chinese goods.. the twenty five percent..

        The grandkids seem to just dissolve winter face masks.. they vanish left at school lost outside or just can’t find them.. I buy them by the case from china..

        At the local sportsman store.. one is fifteen dollars and change.. plus tax… I buy a whole case for just under six dollars..from china.. same mask same brand..

        A c
        C-Pap machine… for me to buy one down at the medical supply house.. the cost between 3500.00 – 5200.00…. the mask.. 145.00 the filters 12 @ 15.00 the extra hose… 20.00… from china extra mask.. your choice.. extra hose the dc. travel connector.. the filters etc.. all at 299.00 with shipping and with the extra tariff on it.. the tariff is minuscule… they use the tariff fear assuming that you are expecting retail costs to be within the close proximity of the wholesale costs. what thirty to fifty percent.. not several hundred percent markup or a few thousand percent markup.. like one shot for pain.. in canada with doctors fee’s inclued thirty five dollars.. in the USA ten thousand without the doctors fees added on.. my seizure med is 1250.00 a month here not covered under insurance there fifty dollars if I get the generic that isn’t allowed in the USA or 250.00 for name brand..
        The only ones that reap the difference is the 1%… the hundred dollars for the cpap unit.. if they figure in fifty thousand of those a month at a hundred buck tariff.. means they get that much less on their yearly bonuses.. that is all it is..
        I don’t know if you have seen the deficit lately but we are at the point of no return now.. the interest on the national debt is increasing faster than money can be produced.. just like making money.. you save it doesn’t look like much then the interest starts working for you.. or against you.. the USA has it working against us.. truthfully the tariff to try and even the checkbook won’t work.. there is just to much corruption and greed.. in my opinion.. and with a self sustaining dragon called national debt.. the only option left.. is cut the thing loose… claim bankruptcy start from a fresh slate..
        hmmm.. a million to one new dollar.. sounds good.. or would it be like one country.. ten million to one dollar new money.. good odds.. a loaf of bread.. a months wages to make a weeks worth of sandwiches..

      • LOOB. I got my CPAC machine used, which meant, never used by a person who bought it then decided to get a gastric bypass and didn’t need it. I paid $200 for it. Called around got a doctor who tested me for a sleep study for $150 and tuned the machine to my needs. I know I am preaching to the wind, but that’s how I manage in a land of stealing disguised as health care via INSURANCE. You don’t need insurance, you need common sense and Medi-share, Liberty Health Share, or Samaritan Ministries.

  9. George,
    If 97% of reputable engineers said a bridge was unsafe because a climate troll named Mike lived under it, would you let your family drive over it?
    Best, (not) Mike

  10. George

    “To walk around with such a complicated “Reality Model” takes more headspace than most people are willing to devote.”

    It’s articles like this that make me envy the local village idiot!

    Always a smile on his face and not a care in the world.

    Being a little above average can cause mental issues in your daily attitude if your paying attention!!!

  11. “To help things along, the Federal Reserve has been pursuing a variant of “Modern Monetary Theory” which is what drove Zimbabwe into hyperinflation.”

    That’s why it’s hopeless, because voters don’t care!!

    P.S. We need a “stable money supply” and stable interest rates, and not screwing around with “Modern Monetary Theory,” However, people dislike truth!!!

  12. Hold on you global cooling wackos… Right here in the heart of Dixie, in the month of May alone, we’ve had 24 out of 31 days significantly over average. A number of days we set all time records. The other 7 days were within 2 degrees of average. So how could we be cooling when we’re having a heat wave? Hmmm, sounds like a good boomer hit song title…

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