Big Trouble with Mexico this Weekend?

Although we have a market that is still on crack, we wonder if the markets are yet discounting the remarks (a week ago) by a Mexican Senator – one Félix Salgado Macedonio – who is promoting Revolution 3.0 and has announced Mexico’s intent to move ahead with Reconquista.  Here’s what he tweeted May 31:

Trump pelos de elote, ni creas que te tenemos miedo. Los Mexicanos estamos en nuestro territorio ( California, Nevada,Texas, Utah,Nuevo México, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado y Wyoming) Vamos a recuperar nuestro territorio que nos robaron. ¡Viva AMLO cabrones !

This (machine) translated to:

“Trump corn husks, do not think we’re afraid of you. Mexicans are in our territory (California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Wyoming) We are going to recover our territory that was stolen. Viva AMLO bastards!…”

(AMLO is the abbreviation for the Mexican president.

Going to “recover our territory that was stolen”?

Sorry bubba,  Here in Texas, that reads like fighting words.  Senators of foreign countries planning to recover territory crosses a dangerous rhetorical line.

We don’t think the market is either fluent, or understands the depth of the left-wing assault on America.

With the president of Mexico planning a rally just over the border in Tijuana tomorrow, we think every America – especially He in the Oval – should trust only Actions – not hollow words.

But, we shall see…

15 thoughts on “Big Trouble with Mexico this Weekend?”

  1. George, you obsess over some remote, speculative far in the future supposed immigration takeover, while you break your neck to avoid the current conclusions of 97% of all reputable climate scientists. It’s like the less factual and the less scientific proof there is, the more it proves in your mind your weird conspiracy theories. Just weird.

    This is your mistake. If immigration was/is such a big problem, then why did the Republicans (not the Libtards!!) promptly throw it under the bus for tax cuts for the wealthy?

    After their debacle trying to repeal Obamacare, it was obvious to even the casual observer that there was a strong likelihood they only had enough political juice left before they lost the House for maybe one more successful legislation package. So where did they spend their waning political capital?

    Actions speak far louder than words. The obvious conclusion: Immigration is simply not much of a problem. Obviously it’s only value is to stir up the low information angry Base. Classic bait and switch. Resulting in significantly devaluing the US dollar (your pet peeve) and significantly raising the national debt in good times (my pet peeve).

    Best, Mike.

    • Mike, you have swallowed the bait, you are a fish on the fishing line. Al Gore is a fisherman,wanting to tax(steal) your money. THE SUN DECIDES WHAT THE TEMP IS ON EARTH. you ever notice it gets cold at night
      it is easier to fool a man, than to convince him ,he has been fooled

    • Congratulations Mike. When all the other issues run out of steam, default to the only remaining core leftist issue, national health care coverage. In fairness, it is the only real issue standing between extinction of the D’s and single party R rule, which I don’t think even the R voters really want anymore.
      Apparently, the R office holders don’t really want that level of control back either, otherwise they would have some sort of sensible alternative to Obamacare ready to show publicly, one that doesn’t put the burden of payment on professionals, tea-party members, early f__kees (retirees), and all the other refugees from the corporate brown-shirt engineered American middle class extinction event ongoing.
      And Mark, I will acknowledge that if the R’s could field an alternate candidate who could provide that sensible national health coverage plan, publicly kick mutinous secret squirrels for sport, and beat up on those old lefties and miscellaneous foreign bastards, Trump could be unseated in 2020. But he won’t be, because the R insiders are not able to get past their elitist contempt for the common Joe, and the payola that is flooding in from the medical sector, then come up with a national health care plan private or otherwise.
      Let me restate my thesis: The leftists have only one issue to field in 2020, national health care, and the R’s have only one issue which perpetually dumbfounds them, national health care. I neglect to mention the common corruption issue, because that is truly bipartisan and endemic to all the partisan gangs.
      Therefore, it is likely that we will still have a Mexican partisan stand-off going again inside the beltway after 2020, because the voters once again know better than to give either partisan gang a leg up on the other, because that’s when the looting commences.
      And the real Mexicans mock us, continue stealing our production plants, and continue sending us their leftists, criminals and down-trodden (deadbeats). Nothing has been resolved this weekend, because we have capitulated. If immigration is not an issue, then it is because the leftist elitists want cut-rate economic and political soldiers who can finish the job of exterminating the American middle class for them.

    • Um, that would be the 6 year old conclusions of 0.03% of surveyed people, some of whom were scientists, in some field of study or other.

      Your “97% thing” is not going to cut it here. Go peddle it at HuffPost or Koz, where everyone’s a complacently ignorant lemming…

  2. USA ships weapons, Sops, logistics to Taiwan!
    China and Russia ship weapon, Sops, logistics to Mexico!
    Best case scenario for USA, a Mexican stand-off!
    Worst case, well, never mind…

  3. Considering that there are no “political issues,” because there is no federal government, just criminal international mafia with two competing crime families (the only issues is to determine which family gets what), and there is no economic system, because when interest rates go negative every economic principle goes out the window, and there are no equities markets because 80% of all trades are algorithm driven and have absolutely nothing to do with fundamentals like profit or earnings, and there is no bond market because junk returns are the same as the highest quality, tell us again, what’s the point.

    This border thing is being thwarted by the profits being made from drug and human trafficking. When it is finally resolved it will be when fentanyl replaces real opiates, marijuana is legalized, and other avenues are found for sourcing women and children for the USA sex trade.

    And keep in mind, if the wall is ever built, it will be to keep Americans in (like east Germany), not to keep immigrants out.

  4. Hmmm. And I was just telling someone the other day how fortunate we were that Trump is something of a buffoon. “Imagine,” said I, “if he had the charm and speaking skills of Adolf Hitler. He would probably have talked us all into invading Mexico and taking it over– The southern border of Mexico, were it the border of the US, would be much more easily defended…” But I see that some idiot Mexican Senator has set us up for armed conflict anyway. –Sigh–

    • I bet, back in the 1770s, a bunch of Tories called Mr. Washington a “buffoon”
      maybe they made fun of his wooden teeth,,,,,,,,,, but how do we feel about GEORGE today?
      MOUNT RUSHMORE is the answer

  5. Here is mike’s same argument: if global warming was a real issue, the libs and conserva-rats would have done something beside try to raise taxes at the diesel pump. Nobody that is mindlessly chanting “climate change” can back it up with solid facts and studies. It is just a matter of faith and everyone that I have asked about a factual basis for their beliefs just gets incredulous and angry.

    Recent “studies” are starting with the assumption of warming and making up projections of anything down to killing puppies and babies to gain emotional support. Please produce a study that justifies the premise.

    Let’s say for instance, a former office holding politician with roots in wall street hatches a scheme to trade a totally new class of commodities never before traded. The road show not only makes an urgent case for the need of trading, but also tosses a bone to big government to not obstruct his scheme . . . new taxes! He makes $millions! And that is the global warming patron saint.

    Since 97% of all reputable climate scientists “believe,” it should be easy to find one that will make a bold statement and then back it with facts. The first step so solving a problem is to understand it and this one is mired in 5 year old BS.

    • “The first step so solving a problem is to understand it and this one is mired in 5 year old BS.”

      No politician will get re-elected if he would state the proplem, and God forbid, state the solution. JMHO.

  6. El Mexicano Senator….Perhaps you should remember the words “Come and Get It” and “Remember the Alamo”. We Texans have not forgotten what those words stand for—Liberty—nor should you. Go read your history El Senator and remember the last time Mexico tried to invade Texas what ultimately happened at the Battle of San Jacinto. Except there are more of us now than that small band of brave Texans that defeated the large Mexican forces of Santa Ana, and we sure as hell are better armed!

    • Given the number of people coming from California to New York there’s a real question as to whether or not there’s enough real Texans left to put up a good fight. We don’t want another Alamo – we want San Jacinto times 10!

      And, dear Senator Cornyn, if you don’t like the tariffs, the only thing that’s made Mexico sit up and take notice to date, you won’t be able to show your face anywhere in Texas if these Africans being dumped in San Antonio wind up spreading Ebola all over Hell and gone. We’ll be looking for you like we’ll be looking for the Mexican senator. Money shouldn’t take precedence over people – real, legal citizen people.

    • We as a Nation have had problems with Mexico since before the Alamo. The most recent act of warfare on the part of Mexican Banditos, was Poncho Villas attack on Douglas Arizona in 1916. The response from the United States was to send General Black Jack Pershing with the 1st Cavalry to pay a visit to Mexico. I fear this trouble with Mexico will not end well. We do not need a war on our immediate border. We also need the illegal border crossings stopped.

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