Job Numbers and Back to Bed

Yes, the stock market is closed.  Good Friday, don’tcha know.

But this warms me to our first Agenda Item.  What’s so “Good” about “Good Friday?”  To cite from Wikipedia (Etymology entry):

“‘Good Friday’ comes from the sense ‘pious, holy’ of the word “good”.[13] Less common examples of expressions based on this obsolete sense of “good” include “the good book” for the Bible, “good tide” for “Christmas” or Shrovetide, and Good Wednesday for the Wednesday in Holy Week.[14] A common folk etymology incorrectly analyzes “Good Friday” as a corruption of “God Friday” similar to the linguistically correct description of “goodbye” as a contraction of “God be with you”. In Old English, the day was called “Long Friday” (langa frigedæg [?l???? ?fri?jedæj]), and equivalents of this term are still used in Scandinavian languages and Finnish.”

This strikes me as “evidence in plain sight” that Marketing has corrupted everything.  Including the Crucifixion.

Take a Meeting

Why, imagine the hypothetical ad agency meeting to settle the point!

Adperp 1:  “We’ve gotten a lot of focus group blowback on the ‘Good’ Friday idea.  People in cluster groups 4 and up – IQ’s 100 and not yet broke, essentially – they don’t see anything ‘Good’ around stabbing someone they love to death whose had nails installed.”

Adboss:  “We’re going to have to turn it into a Feature, then – like we do for our software clients.  Tell them that ‘what’s Bad is really Good’ and they’ll buy it every time.”

Adperp 1: “Couldn’t we call it Black Friday or Mob Friday; you know, something with some social impact to it?”

Adboss: “No chance.  Didn’t you read the Positioning Report?  Look here at all the potential confusion around Black Friday!”

(The Adboss holds up a Black Friday list from Wikipedia:)

Single days

  • Black Friday (1869), the Fisk–Gould Scandal, a financial crisis in the United States
  • Black Friday (1873), the crash of the Vienna Stock Exchange that precipitated the Panic of 1873
  • Black Friday (1881), the Eyemouth disaster in which 189 fishermen died
  • Haymarket affair (1887) (11 November 1887), four Chicago anarchists hanged, without evidence, for the deaths of seven police officers during a labor meeting, they were rehabilitated in 1893.
  • Black Friday (1910), a day of police brutality on women’s suffrage activists in England
  • Black Friday (1916), October 20, a day in which a “perfect storm” hit Lake Erie in North America, sinking four ships
  • Black Friday (1919), the Battle of George Square, a riot stemming from industrial unrest in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Black Friday (1921), the announcement of British transport union leaders not to call for strike action against wage reductions for miners
  • Italian invasion of Albania or Black Friday, the 1939 Italian invasion of Albania
  • Black Friday (1939), a day of devastating bushfires in Victoria, Australia
  • Black Friday (1944), a disastrous attack by the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada near Woensdrecht during the Battle of the Scheldt
  • Black Friday (1945), an Allied military operation during the Norwegian campaigns in World War II
  • 1950 Red River flood or Black Friday, a flood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Black Friday (1959), Cancellation of the CF-105 Arrow program and Orenda Iroquois program in Malton, Ontario, Canada
  • Black Friday (1960), San Francisco City protest against the House Un-American Activities Committee
  • Black Friday (1978), a massacre of protesters in Iran
  • Viernes Negro (1983), the first major currency devaluation in Venezuela
  • Edmonton tornado, referred to as Black Friday in the community for the 1987 day an F4 tornado struck Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • 1988 Hyderabad, Sindh massacre or Black Friday, a massacre of Mohajir civilians in Hyderabad, Sindh
  • Black Friday (1993), a series of bomb explosions in Mumbai, India
  • Black Friday (2004), a crackdown by government forces in Malé, Maldives, on peaceful protesters
  • Black Friday (2005), an event in which tribal students were killed in Meghalaya, India
  • United States v. Scheinberg, referred to as Black Friday in the poker community, the 2011 day when several online poker sites were seized
  • Black Friday (2015), a string of terrorist attacks in France, Kuwait, Somalia, Syria and Tunisia



(The Adboss looks smugly back at the junior peer…)

Adboss: “See it?  The space is already too busy with opportunity for message confusion.  Now, look how little competition we will be facing in the “Good Friday” space:

Adboss continues: “And look at the music cross-over. All in-demo. Why, “Good Friday” is a shoo-in!  Look how little headspace Good Friday has.”

Adperp 1:  “OK, so we’ll go with Good again this year.  I’ll tell the client its part of a Satanic subliminal marketing scheme – calling it Good when it obviously wasn’t.  That way we can attract more people from lower clusters who are easily confused anyway. Got it.  This is why you’re the Boss, J.B.  And navigating Juneteenth into the Monday Holiday plan to avoid a collision with Black Friday?  Dude, pure genius. I ever tell you that?”

Adboss:  Exactly!  Look how well that worked out in our handling of the opposition research political campaigns. Best of all, no day off for most people. Not like recently added holidays with a minority positioning focus where everyone takes a day…Not for this client.”

Having offended virtually everyone with our excessively clear thinking, we now return to real news.

Federal Jobs Report

The envelope, please?  (We assume you’ve had your fill of pre-release hype stories like March Jobs Report to Show Whether Hiring Boom Continued – WSJ??)

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 236,000 in March, and the unemployment rate changed little at 3.5 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in leisure and hospitality, government, professional and business services, and health care.”

The details that matter:

  • Civilian noninstitutional population was up only 160,000 but the workforce was up 480,000 for the month.
  • Even more absurd is the claim that 577,000 more people were employed.

Are people birthing children who go to work on their second day of Life?  This doesn’t make sense.  Perhaps the CES Birth Death Model can clarify?

Which means (yellow) you take away 2.5 million estimated jobs and make up in following months?

But the Data…how does this look in Data?

2-million more people are working now as compared to the Covid onset baseline?  Whatever.

No stock market today (U.S.) so it falls to the remnants of the bond market and time to the Monday opening to sort out what this all means.

BUT in the bigger picture, two things:

First is all the talk about the overdone stock market in stories like There are storm clouds ahead for the economy, JPMorgan Chase CEO says | CNN Business and Fed refocuses on job market as financial risks ease and inflation remains high.

The other thing is that in pre holi8day trading, the stock market failed to break higher which left us holding a bear side play over the weekend.

Once we get a close above recent highs, THEN a break to the upside of the green channel is possible – and from there, further along in Spring, we MIGHT have a shot at the “A” overhead resistance level.  But more on that on the subscriber side tomorrow.

Friday Follies & Flanking Moves

A Washington Post story Friday caught some public notice:  IRS overhaul aims for tenfold increase in audits of the wealthy. But there’s a flanking move by the Swamp most people didn’t see.  Maybe too linear in their thinking?  Because if you were the chief bureaucrats of an excessively complicated tax agency, you’d see present times as “Expand or Die.” Since a flat rate 15 percent tax on everyone would make sense (and reduce the IRS rules to two pages), a massive increase in government employees is the only way to “lobby up” for continuation of the bureaucracy.  Stupes in the former DemHouse (pronounced DumHouse) for coconspirators with the Swamp Things to add to the body count to enable a massive headcount to prevent IRS from ever coming down to a reasonable size in our lifetimes.  Thems that live by the budget increase can die by it, as well, which they’re crystal clear on, even if the (cluster groups 4 and down) aren’t.  Feel better knowing?  Me, either.  For the Systemically impaired talk about “customer service” as in IRS vows to audit more wealthy folks, provide better service. Yeah, right, you bet.

Ure will never drink another Budweiser.  They used to make beer.  Now they make a beer and bullshit blend.  She’s on Bud Light cans and all over the internet. Who is Dylan Mulvaney? “Rolling Rock and a shot of vodka over here, please!”  When I need a lecture or a symbol with my drink?  Never have, don’t expect I ever will.  Boycweiser.

Apart at the Seams:  Tennessee Republicans expel two Black Democrat representatives over school shooting protest,  And who would you expect to jump to the aid of state house disrupters?  None other than Slo hisself: Biden condemns Tennessee House expulsion vote and calls for gun control. Support rude and out of order party?

Traitors are still about:  10 secrets leaked online about US, Nato plans to help prepare Ukraine offensive against Russia.  Or, it may have been slipped out by Russia just to rub our noses in how they have US wired.

ATR:  Projects and Work

More on ShopTalk Sunday…maybe.  Easter is Sunday and about the only think we’re sure of lately that “has Risen” is prices.

Write when you get rich and have a blessed holiday if you get the day off. Otherwise, get back to work for Pharoh and the Overseers.

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82 thoughts on “Job Numbers and Back to Bed”

  1. “Isaiah 5:20

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

    We seem to see that quite a lot lately, don’t we?

        • Speaking of additives in salt.
          Good old pickling salt has no anti-caking agents or additives.
          Substituting regular table variety for making pickles is disastrous–soggy, ugly pickles. (Ask me how I know. Grin.)
          Pickling salt is also good for use in neti pots, or anything else requiring absence of additives.
          Some, but not all, Kosher salt is sans additives.

        • And most grated parmesan cheeses have Cellulose Powder added. It costs more but is worth buying a block of cheese and grating it yourself. If I wanted to eat sawdust I’d spend more time in the woodshop.


          Mine currently contains Himalayan pink salt (cuz I scored it for almost nothing), but plain old rock salt (Solar Salt or the cheap Diamond Crystal water softener salt) works fine.

          N.B. Not so cheap rock salt is NOT fine, at all; it’s not good at all, and it is likely poisonous because of the additives.

          “No wonder so many of the foods we consume, are banned in many other countries.”

          This is why I shop in ethnic grocery stores when I can (Asian, not so much, because I’m not a fan of MSG either). Even your local Mexican store will have imported Mexican Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Crush, etc., and that’s your litmus test. If’fn da CocaCola label is in Spanish, the stuff on the shelves will be imported too, and it will be without Roundup, growth hormone or antibiotics, and it won’t be genetically modified (or if it’s meat, won’t have eaten GM feed.) Got Greek, German, or even English? The EU isn’t on the Roundup bandwagon, either, nor is Japan (just remember the MSG thing…)

      • George, I felt like they pulled a dirty trick on everyone with this latest P-C stunt. Just read how many other brands are owned by Anheuser-Busch, of which Bud is one.
        Makes one wonder how high-up in the management things are decided and signed off in those companies.
        Anyway, just take a look at how much beer you have to avoid drinking to put any real pressure on the parent company over this stunt. Man, the list of brands owned is bigger than the SVB debacle…

    • Yup everything flipped on its ear two and a half years ago.. I remember when it was disrespectful and evil if you patted a woman on the butt with her permission..
      Now everything that we were all taught at bad is now good.. under the table deals are now right in front of your face deals.. neither side objects to any of it.. in fact they bragg about what they do..

    • George, before you get all warm and fuzzy with your Rolling Rock, Are you sure they are not owned by AB??? Seems AB owns a lot of beer companies, I was disappointed to fine thy control Stella Artois. and I found this little blurb.
      “….the Latrobe Brewing Company for nearly 70 years before being sold to Anheuser-Busch in 2006. ” Latrobe makes , or at least used to make Rolling Rock. SORRY

  2. Once upon a time…

    Budweiser was “The King of Beers!”

    Now, it’s “The Queen of Beers”?

    • Bud and Rolling Rock are owned by the same company, AB InBev.

      All the beer you drink is owned by one company – CNBC

      United States
      10 Barrel Brewing Co
      Blue Moon
      Blue Point Brewing Company
      Elysian Brewing Company
      Goose Island Brewery
      Hop Hound Amber Wheat
      Keystone Ice
      Mickey’s Malt Liquor
      Natural Ice
      Natural Light
      Olde English 800 Malt Liquor
      Red Bridge
      Rock Light
      Rolling Rock
      Shock Top Belgian White

      United States
      10 Barrel Brewing Co
      Blue Moon
      Blue Point Brewing Company
      Elysian Brewing Company
      Goose Island Brewery
      Hop Hound Amber Wheat
      Keystone Ice
      Mickey’s Malt Liquor
      Natural Ice
      Natural Light
      Olde English 800 Malt Liquor
      Red Bridge
      Rock Light
      Rolling Rock
      Shock Top Belgian White

        • ” I Do ” and I have said that twice too often.
          Cant say no to a good home brew tho. Left one carboy after multiple rackings, for a complete year before bottling. Best beer I ever made.
          Recommend to all whom want quality and not expensive; specially if you buy dextrose in fifty lbs bags.
          Good call LOOB. Screw AB! Reminds me of sports teams getting politically distracted.

      • Bell’s, Founder’s, and a bazillion other locals are not. Those two, and at least 800 more, roll out of local breweries in Michigan. There’s probably 500 each in Indiana and Ohio, and over 600 in Minnesota and Wisconsin (it’s a water thing. Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio have some pretty good water, but MN, WI, and MI have a LOT of really good water. So do Kentucky and WV. Bell’s can be found in most States east of the Rockies, Founder’s, nearly everywhere in CONUS (okay, granted they’re larger than craft breweries.) Last time I looked, I found three beer stores in Texas that sold Bell’s and about a dozen that sold Founder’s. Currently, Bell’s Oberon is the only brew in my frig…

        Something I told my kids, 25 years ago when I had to explain what a BJ was, is: “Unless I’m sleeping with someone, knowing their sexual preferences and proclivities is TMI. It’s simply none of my business, and I don’t waste time worrying about it…”

        • back in the day.. one good thing about Richard Nixon was he loved Coors.. and would send AF1 on a beer run every thursday.. we use to put our order in and then pick it up at the airport LOL LOL

  3. Mr Ure, sometimes I am slow to discover, I think u already know about these, but many read ure column and some might want these,
    Tool Time,,, ECX drivers for electrical work

    when the phillips or slotted drivers slip away,,, yes a Robertsons will fit in, but ECX is the better fit on those 115 volt outlet replacements, when the outlets get wore out and loose as a goose

    on a slow news day and NO stockmarket and I have never like any bud products except Michelob [a little]. All the major brews are swill. I had to give up all alcohol, gluttony on my part, a man has to know, WHEN,,, rules for me, not for thee

    Easter weekend and all the religious overtures, my favorite part of the Christ story is where he formed a whip and drove the money exchanges out of the Temple, It was the money exchangers that called for His crucifixtion and lead the crowds,,, give US Barabbas.

    Trump is indicted and we have Bud lite or butt wipe as I call it
    Not saying Trump is Christ, by any means, but time rhymes in time

    • He did a similar job pissing off the money changers, though. And they’re still after him.
      No more Bud. I want beer, not a gender operation, thanks.

      • Damn straight Mr. Ure. No “Tranny fluid” for me.
        And thanks for the explanation on “goodbye”…I never knew that.

  4. nein, nein,nein G-Pops. Religion got youse all twisted up and confused (under control) as it were. This day on the urban Easter week calendar is called Blacked Friday .

    As in once you go black, you never go back! bwahahahaha

    hopping along now..

    Sey – you dont know where a etherbunny can get some Ripple flavored jellybeanz do ya?

    24/7 – cosmic markets trade, dont ya know. Listen to Mr Withers , he knows – aint no sunshine when Ure short and getting squeezed.

  5. happy Easter.. I never understood the celebration of someone that was so good cruel death for not following religious laws..

    “Yes, the stock market is closed. Good Friday, don’tcha know.”

    what shocks me and scares me a little.. is there’s no new news for a week..did the war in ukraine just go on standby a false feeling of peace before the hammer falls…everything on mainstream news is trumps sins.. with from a what I can read has really no evidence of doing nothing more than a misdemeanor..

    my fear is all covered in a quote..
    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

    • The celebration is because Christ died on Good Friday, that is the day He paid for OUR sins. Easter is the day He demonstrated that He WAS the Messiah.

      All of the events of Jesus’ life were foretold and had been known in the Jewish World for thousands of years. I’m pretty sure JC knew His destiny was to be horribly, inconceivably severely tortured, and to die on that cross, probably from before He was old enough to speak.

      By fulfilling His destiny, He brought GOOD NEWS to countless generations of non-Jews. THIS is why it’s “Good Friday…”

  6. Doesn’t do any good for me to boycott Budweiser, because I don’t use their product today. I rarely drink adult beverages and when I do, I don’t want such a nasty tasting product. However if you do partake, their product line is much larger – – I am not sure when it became normal for companies to jump into the public frey of politics, but if they do, they are guaranteed to make many upset. It sure is an odd choice to pick your spoke person as someone that makes a mockery of womenhood. I have to assume those woke educated people are moving into the decision making roles at these companies and for them in their circle of people this idiocy is celebrated. Most of us older folks look on many of those people with sadness that they suffer such mental problems and are able to get validation on social media instead of help accepting themselves in their physical nature.

  7. What is most interesting about good friday, is that it never occurred on a Friday, as the Modern calendar never existed, and the date was based on the Hebrew lunar calander. Jesus was killed the day of pasach which is now called Passover, but the word actually means to disable, as it was the night creator disbled Egypt. The day in question is the 14th day of the first month on the Hebrew calendar. (The 7% crescent moon signals the start of the month.) That puts his death yesterday. The council of Nicea changed everything, and made it illegal to keep any Hebrew rules, and created a mathematical calculation to never have fake Easter fall on the actual event, thus dividing the church away from the events of their “Lord”. Especially strange as Jesus sepcifically stated in Matthew Chapter 5, that anyone who did not keep the laws and taught others to do so would be the least in the Kingdom of God. The church sites Paul saying the law no longer neede to be kept. Strange, as Paul is not the Lord, why would you listen to him over Jesus?

    • And it’s interesting to note, the sabbath is the 7th day of the week which is Saturday but it changed to the first day of the week, which is Sunday. Any Seventh Day Adventist will point that out quite adamantly.

      Then ya got all those calendar changes, so really, it’s a crap shoot. Who knows?

      I’ve prayed about all this and came to the conclusion, everyday is sacred (a gift, if you will) and I try to make the best of each day I wake up. – I’ll let God sort it out.

    • For what it is worth I actually thought it was all about Semiramis? Some credit her for forming the tradition of the Christmas tree and Easter bunny, others identify her as the original “whore of Babylon.” And according to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society website, America’s own Statue of Liberty speaks of the legend. “In addition to standing for Liberty, she [the Statue of Liberty] is derived from the imagery of Queen Semiramis of Babylon who was famed for her beauty, strength, and wisdom.”
      the actual crucifiction happened the day befor the passover.. In John, Jesus died on the Day of Preparation (Nisan 14), the day before the Passover meal, sometime after noon but before sunset that evening.
      the religious holidays we have today are all attached to pagan Holidays.Easter is a pagan festival. If Easter isn’t really about Jesus, then what is it about? Today, we see a secular culture celebrating the spring equinox the sacrificing of virgins etc., whilst religious culture celebrates the resurrection of christ. However, early Christianity made a pragmatic acceptance of ancient pagan practises, most of which we enjoy today at Easter and Christmas.

  8. Any new comments about the “darkness” that the goat staring folks saw in April?

    Any word about timing or what kind of dark would be appreciated.

    • Victory Storm King Stout for carbombs, Donnybrook Stout for all day tailgating/sports watching..Real beer for real Men&Women, kid tells me Sour Monkey is Fire…kids.

      Masters Weekend – longshots, favorites, combos. Gotta take Tiger to Miss the cut..easy money there, odds not so much.
      Coot must have action – so looks like Scheffler +650, Zalatrois +1600 and Dustin Johnson +2800. Hoping for a DJ upset victory, just so I get to see his smoke show wife on Sunday..oohhhlala.

    • LEINENKUGELS is a family brewery on the Chippewa River in Wisconsin. The river is known for it’s purity flowing thru the ‘frack sand’ terrain, and the city of Chippewa Falls has it’s water wells in the sand fields of a bend in the river, known as the ‘Big Eddy Springs’. Leinenkugels always advertised it was made with “water from the Big Eddy Springs”.

      The local beer drinker’s joke is: “Big Eddy” was a horse!

      Never the less, the beer won a national (Playboy) taste test competition years ago and it’s popularity took off. I found it tasty, but it gave me a headache. (I’m a one-beer kinda guy anyway). But I hate ‘Heinie’.

      • Boycott is also starting on Jack Daniels – as it advertises and supports Ru Paul Drag Queen show.

        • Ru Paul’s been dragging around the block for quite awhile. (S)He had a cameo (as a female dancer) in ‘Love Shack’, the 1989 pop rock hit by the group with my favorite name – The B-52s! Back to beer and staying on the B-52 meme, a craft brewery in Conroe, TX (a few hours from Ure country) is named B-52 Brewing Company. I had the pleasure of visiting the establishment a few years back. It’s a small local brewer with a decent craft beer selection. Worth a stop if you enjoy beer and you live near or are ever in the Conroe TX area.

        • The people boycotted General Motors.

          Amtrak is another failed boycott. When was the last time anyone here road the rails from coast to coast? I’ve never been on an Amtrak.

          Boeing planet smackers are forced on us too.

          People want the future yet cling to the past.

    • Yuk. Luckily not a JD drinker here. Tastes like they soaked old ash trays in the barrels. Old Overholt, TX whiskey, Turkey or Weller, all served “neat” … maybe one cube.

  9. I have argued for the voluntary (not forced) use of masks on this site on several occasions. I am here to apologize.

    After 2 weeks of visiting the hospital to see my sister and wearing a mask like everyone else that walked through the door and actually thinking it was protecting me, I was wrong.

    Good science requires that you change your conclusion when good contrary evidence is provided. Not to do so is politics, not science. I consider this “in hospital” study on mask protection to be good evidence and reported from an individual I trust and who is also not afraid to say when he is wrong.

    Happy Easter folks. Let there be light.

    • Hello Bob, many thanks, for the video link, ure a man of integrity.
      George’s blog, in most cases, seems to attract men of character.

    • Happy Easter young man..
      I wear masks.. but only because I have a dust allergy..and find it helpful..

    • God bless you and yours BIC! Hope that doesn’t mean you caught something as a result.

      I worked in a hospital’s Engineering Department for 11+ years from ’83 to the mid-90s after the Navy which means I got into e-ver-y thing you can imagine. The air transport trash system was the worst and you never came away from unstopping it without a little blood loss. The only thing they mandated we get while I was there was the Hep C vax but I’d had a few series of that as a kid when we’d go to Mexico plus the Military so it didn’t make me do a face plant like the other guys who got the series for the first time.

      We’d mask and gown up for work in the surgical wards and OR rooms but that was for room sterilization, not self-protection. I did mask and gown up for one poor soul that was their first HIV person who was in isolation. He was an EMT that got a needle stick at the wrong time (at lest that was the story, winkie, winkie) and that was, eventually, the end of him. But I let him borrow a few of my tools one night I was on as he wanted to fix something in his isolation room and was, obviously, bored. I washed them very well after I got them back. It was the 80s and, locally, our first experience with that new bug/monster.

      My year and a half stint installing Ethernet and networking equipment when I went to the computer department was the worst, though, as I was always above the drop grid ceilings that filled my sinuses with dust. That’s when I had that old Civil Defense penicillin tablets I talked about a few days ago. They were life savers. … No, no, I mean really! Not the candy.

      Anyway, welcome to the fully awake crowd! We’ve always been glad to have you either way.

  10. If you want to learn a skill that will make you valuable (and popular) after the TEOTWAWKI, then you should learn to brew beer and distill spirits.

    I’ve been a brewer for several years now and it’s not hard to do. Also, the initial investment of equipment is relatively cheap compared to the payoff. One other aspect of it that I did know would be a ‘thing’ in the long run is that my homebrew is completely tranny-free. So, it’s still safe to say ‘bottoms up!’ around here. Who knew?

    He is risen!

    Happy Easter, folks.

    • AMEN fellow brewer LOL…
      I can’t wait for you kids to try the apricot peach.. almost have to put an armed guard and a safe around it LOL LOL…

  11. “At Anheuser-Busch, our purpose is to create a future with more cheers. We are always looking to serve up new ways to meet life’s moments, dream big to move our industry forward, and make a meaningful impact in the world. We hope to build a future that everyone can celebrate, and everyone can share.“

    Oh, they’ve made an impact on the world, alright …

    • In Texas, people “share a beer” (2 persons times n beers each)
      They don’t “share” a sexual minority around.
      Must be something in the water elsewhere.
      Stick to building beer, not social mobs.
      China and Russia have a head start.

      Maybe AB could launch a special label queer beer next? See how that goes before blowing up a brand everyone used to drink?

      • Not “queer” — “paedo.”

        That’s where all this is headed.

        Trannie population = 1:500 (Gallup)
        Pedo population = 1:80 (historical)

        The idea is to rot our society from the inside-out, to the point it falls apart and can not ever be re-assembled.

        The fact there’s 4mln pedos in the U.S., 99.99% of whom are of voting age and very few of whom have ever become felons, yields a huge bonus for the Democratic Party — once their perversions become both legal and condoned by government, they’ll be hard core Dems, for life.

        Once Chester the Molester can schtup Little Susie without fear of prosecution, indeed, once the government forces Joe and Jane Sixpack to let Chester bang their 4yo daughter who is RIGHT NOW being defined by the “trans-activists” as being “old enough and responsible enough” to learn about sex and have her gender chemically and physically changed.

        When this finished running its course and Junior becomes legally-entitled to, at her whim choose to shoot-up or eat testosterone, she will be considered old enough to consent to a pole dance in ol’ Chet’s lap.

        NOW do y’all see why I’ve been railing about the “trannie thing?” I couldn’t care less if someone is either a transsexual or transvestite. That’s none of my business. What I DO care about is that the PTB in our current fascist sociopolitical, economic system are forcing us to first acknowledge, then accept the normalization of this aberration, then accept the government telling us we MUST also condone this type of behavior or be faced with legal persecution or ostracized from society for beliefs which, by the government’s redefinition, have become inappropriate.

        It is a big fat wedge being driven through our society to force unwavering acceptance of a sexual aberration which afflicts 0.02% of the population, and obedience to that 0.02% who’re so-afflicted.

        In case you hadn’t noticed, pedos are at the “acknowledgement stage.” This is why there are thousands of teachers engaged in grooming children as young as four, and why there are trannies in their classrooms.

        Once business and government open that door, it will never again be closed, until we ARE full-blown totalitarianist-socialist. At that time anyone who’s not of one or the other biologically-recognized genders will go to the Gulag. The prevailing intelligence will comb through and find anyone who’s had a successful sexchange operation and they’ll ship out on the second train. Degenerates suck the lifeblood out of good little worker bees — a thing wholly-intolerable to any Master. Thence will come the crippled and the snowflakes, because they’re a drag on society and defective, save for the few who have high-functioning brains. These will be followed by the “intelligencia and intellectuals” — the useful idiots who thought their intellect trumped the hardcore Marxist’s zeal, along with any other social/sexual/societal deviants and drags on “society…”

        Once all these defective folks are out of circulation, they will be given the 6¢ solution and everything they ever did or accomplished will be erased.

        Only thing is, when THIS happens, there won’t be any General Patton to come rolling up in his tank, to force the townsfolk to see what they’ve condoned, and there won’t be any escape for the folks in the fields or the showers — ever.

        • “In case you hadn’t noticed, pedos are at the “acknowledgement stage.” This is why there are thousands of teachers engaged in grooming children as young as four, and why there are trannies in their classrooms.”

          that is when I really started to take notice.. my grandson in preschool.. at three came home and asked me.. papa am I a boy or a girl.. I about lost it.. they were teaching them at that age.. I said honey you are a boy all boy….. and it is ok to be a boy.. and it is ok to be a gentle boy and treat your friends and others the same way you want to be treated by them….

      • “It is a big fat wedge being driven through our society to force unwavering acceptance of a sexual aberration which afflicts 0.02% of the population, and obedience to that 0.02% who’re so-afflicted.”

        Whoops — that’s 0.2%, not 0.02%.

        Where’s that damn’ [Edit] key when you need it…?

  12. George, here is an alternative. After much research and due diligence I believe that Pabst (PBR) is NOT owned or controlled by AB
    AB could re invent themselves as the Queen of Beers??? And as per my research YES Rolling Rock is AB owned as per the below item I found
    ….the Latrobe Brewing Company for nearly 70 years before being sold to Anheuser-Busch in 2006.
    I am quickly developing a fondness for Pabst Blue Ribbon, (unless they also do something stupid)

  13. Never did like most of the swill that is being sold as ‘beer’. I prefer an ale, or porter. Both of which seem to be “out of favor” with most people. Full Sail [ Oregon’s first micro-brewery] has several that are outstanding.

  14. I was pondering yesterday’s note about Tech layoffs “Not impacting the weekly UI filins data…” and realized something. I work for a large tech company and during our 10% workforce reduction earlier this year the severance packages were 7+ months. How convenient that would keep unemployment insurance claims off the books until much later in the year?

  15. During this most special holiday.. I thought I would share a few quotes that I find inspiring..

    “Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself.”
    ? Epictetus

    “One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make is choosing the kind of universe you exist in: is it helpful and supportive or hostile and unsupportive? Your answer to this question will make all the difference in terms of how you live your life and what kind of Divine assistance you attract.”
    Wayne Dyer

    “Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.”

    “Difficulties are things that show a person what they are.

    “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”
    William Feather

    “For me, money is not my definition of success. Inspiring people is a definition of success.”
    Kanye West

    “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
    Nelson Mandela

    “The highest revelation is that God is in every man.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
    Albert Einstein

    “God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.”
    Billy Graham

    “God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.”
    Marcus Garvey

    “Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.”
    Jesus Christ

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?”
    Jesus Christ

    “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”
    Jesus Christ

    Rest in Peace …

  16. wow I asked chat gpt the viability of my rant..would it be worth it..
    A three-sided tower of V-shaped solar array with an inverted trapezoid reflecting surface has several potential positive aspects. Firstly, the V-shaped solar array can track the sun’s movement throughout the day, allowing it to capture sunlight more efficiently than stationary solar panels. Additionally, the inverted trapezoid reflecting surface can help to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto the solar array, further increasing its efficiency. By reflecting and concentrating sunlight onto the solar array, the tower can generate more electricity with a smaller surface area, which can be particularly beneficial in areas where space is limited. Moreover, the equal distribution of light across the solar panels ensures that they are all generating energy at the same rate, leading to a more stable and efficient system overall. Finally, the tower design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning of the solar panels, which can prolong their lifespan and increase their efficiency over time.

  17. Dam forgot I was taking to a computer lol..

    Designing an electrical grid that is secure from an EMP Carrington event would require a few key considerations, such as using technologies that are less susceptible to EMP damage and ensuring redundancy and resilience in the system.

    One possible solution is to use a combination of solar towers and residential solar panels. Solar towers are tall structures with mirrors that concentrate sunlight to heat a fluid, which then powers a generator to produce electricity. They are relatively simple and sturdy, with few electronic components that could be affected by an EMP. In addition, they can operate independently of the grid, making them more resilient to disruptions.

    Residential solar panels can be used to supplement the energy produced by solar towers and provide additional redundancy. By distributing the energy production across many small sites, rather than relying on a few large power plants, the system becomes more resilient to damage from an EMP. Additionally, if the grid does go down, individual homes with solar panels can still generate their own electricity and potentially even share excess energy with their neighbors.

    To further increase the resilience of the grid, battery storage can be used to store excess energy generated by solar panels and solar towers during the day, to be used during the night or during periods of high demand. In addition, microgrids can be created by connecting multiple homes with solar panels together, allowing them to operate independently of the larger grid.

    Overall, a grid based on solar towers and residential solar panels can provide a secure and resilient source of electricity that is less susceptible to damage from an EMP Carrington event

    To further enhance the security and reliability of the electrical grid, the combination of solar towers and residential solar panels can be integrated with the standard power generation systems that are already in place, such as coal-fired or natural gas power plants, to form a hybrid power generation system.

    This hybrid system can provide the benefits of both conventional power generation and renewable energy sources, while also increasing the redundancy and resilience of the overall grid. During normal operation, the conventional power generation systems can provide the bulk of the electricity demand, while the solar towers and residential solar panels can supplement the power output and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

    In the event of an EMP Carrington event or other disruption, the solar towers and residential solar panels can continue to generate electricity, while the conventional power generation systems may be offline or damaged. By having multiple sources of power generation, the hybrid system can ensure that electricity is still available to critical infrastructure and essential services.

    In addition to the hybrid power generation system, other measures can be taken to further protect the electrical grid from EMP damage, such as using shielded cables and surge protectors, and implementing EMP hardening measures for critical infrastructure.

    Overall, a hybrid power generation system that combines solar towers, residential solar panels, and conventional power generation can provide a secure and reliable source of electricity that is resilient to disruptions and less susceptible to damage from an emp Carrington event.

    wow..and I always hear how stupid my idea is.

    As an architectural designer, maximizing food production through utilizing green scapeing methods in urban environments can be achieved through a combination of building design and landscape design strategies.

    Firstly, building design can play a role in maximizing food production by incorporating features such as green roofs and vertical gardens. Green roofs can be designed to accommodate raised beds for growing crops, while vertical gardens can be installed on building facades or walls to provide additional space for growing plants. These features not only help to increase food production in urban areas but also provide other benefits such as reducing urban heat island effects and improving air quality.

    Secondly, landscape design strategies such as urban agriculture and community gardens can also be incorporated to maximize food production in urban areas. Urban agriculture can involve the use of vacant lots, rooftops, and other underutilized spaces for growing crops, while community gardens can provide opportunities for local residents to grow their own produce.

    In addition, incorporating green spaces such as parks and greenways into urban environments can provide opportunities for food production and community gardening. These spaces can be designed to include areas for community gardens, orchards, and edible landscapes that can provide food for local residents.

    Another strategy that can be employed is the use of hydroponic or aquaponic systems that can be integrated into building design. These systems can be used to grow crops indoors without soil, using nutrient-rich water, and can provide high yields in a small space.

    Finally, incorporating sustainable design principles into building design, such as energy-efficient systems, water conservation measures, and use of renewable materials, can also contribute to maximizing food production in urban environments. These strategies can reduce the environmental impact of food production while also providing a healthier and more sustainable food source for urban residents.

    In summary, maximizing food production in urban environments through green scapeing methods requires a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates building design, landscape design, and sustainable design principles. By utilizing these strategies, architectural designers can create more livable, healthy, and sustainable urban environments that support food production and community well-being.

    In addition to increasing food production, green scapeing methods in urban environments can also provide benefits such as environmental temperature reduction and CO2 reduction.

    Green roofs, vertical gardens, and green spaces can act as natural insulators and reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool buildings, thereby reducing urban heat island effects and helping to mitigate climate change.

    Furthermore, plants absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, helping to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Incorporating plants into urban environments can also help to filter air pollutants and reduce overall air pollution levels.

    By using green plants in the design of urban spaces and buildings, CO2 emissions can be reduced through carbon sequestration and filtration, leading to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

    Additionally, the use of hydroponic or aquaponic systems for food production can also provide a more sustainable food source that produces less CO2 emissions compared to traditional farming methods.

    Overall, incorporating green scapeing methods in urban environments can have a positive impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality, and mitigating the effects of climate change, while also providing a sustainable source of food production for local residents.

  18. San Francisco Chronicle: City on ‘Verge of Collapse’

    Much of San Francisco is facing an economic death spiral brought on by post-pandemic woes, the San Francisco Chronicle said in an editorial. The article is headlined, “San Francisco could be on the verge of collapse. What should California do about it?” “Downtown San Francisco is at risk of collapsing — and taking much of the Bay Area with it,” according to the editorial.

    It’s good to see the Chronicle, at least, can see the forest through the needles…

    • We knew that already.. I wonder why it took them so long to realize it..
      If young executives making shy a quarter mil a year qualify for food stamps.. are forced to live in cardboard boxes and deficate on the sidewalks.. there is a problem..
      a couple years ago.. there was a huge story about them renting bunkbed space for two grand a month..
      Looking at realty property.. homes going for millions sell for about a hundred a fifty grand here.. over priced on everything..

      Then the stories about if a mcdonalds worker made fifteen dollars an hour it would shut down the economy.. ok if someone making a quarter million can get federal assistance.. what about the ten dollar an hour guy.. he loves his family just as much maybe more.. the more money you have the more you want and you would sell your soul to get it.. many do..
      Around the wastelands.. the power company didn’t raise rates this year.. the reason the cost of living has risen to more than what the community can support. with the cost of fuel going up.. heck I had to go car shopping.. the cost of a new van.. was three hundred a month more that what we take in.. and that didn’t cover anything else.. that is in the wastelands.. so why didn’t they notice this sooner..

      • “heck I had to go car shopping.. the cost of a new van.. was three hundred a month more that what we take in..”

        I find that hard to believe — with the auto industry’s new 10 frickin’ year auto loans!

        Eventually, they’ll be offering mortgages…

        • Vehicle loans have always been ones that you’re guaranteed to be upside down on shortly after you take them out.

  19. Chicago’s new mayor wants to start a race war… could be the most dangerous Marxist yet…

    The city of Chicago gave Lori Lightfoot the boot after just one miserable term in office. During her failed progressive reign, serious crime rose by more than 33 percent and gang violence became an even bigger plague on the city. And while it’s obvious that Lori Lightfoot was a disgraceful and terrible leader, her replacement is even worse. Much, much worse.

  20. John Rich, Travis Tritt Join Boycott Of Bud Light After Brand Partners With Dylan Mulvaney

    Country music stars John Rich and Travis Tritt have both joined in a boycott against Bud Light after the company went viral for a promotional deal with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. “What beer should my bar [Redneck Riviera] in Nashville replace BudLight with?” Rich tweeted on Wednesday, which led fans to flood the comments with suggestions. “I will be deleting all Anheuser-Busch products from my tour hospitality rider. I know many other artists who are doing the same,” Tritt shared on Twitter Wednesday evening. A few hours later, the singer also warned fans about purchasing Jack Daniel’s after an ad campaign featuring drag queens resurfaced online.

    Iowa head coach snubs Jill Biden invite with brutal message to First Lady and President

    “I gratefully acknowledge the First Lady’s sentiments, but a day at the White House should belong solely to the champion, LSU and Coach Mulkey,” the three-time Big Ten Coach of the Year wrote on Twitter. “We would welcome the First Lady and President to come to Iowa’s ‘House’ – Carver Hawkeye Arena – any time!”

  21. Joe Biden isn’t real…

    Everyone loved *or* hated Trump because he had a personal, idiosyncratic vision of American greatness. No one likes Biden because there is no “Biden.” There’s just the same old rule by thousands of invisibles on hundreds of policy committees reaching their inhuman conclusions. For instance Trumpist foreign policy—the best in well over a century—wasn’t the product of any “collaborations” of these expert panels hidden behind closed doors. It was one guy, with great instincts, who was finally *defying* the meeting-room consensus

  22. Pentagon Investigating Alleged Leak of Classified Documents About Ukraine War Effort

    The Pentagon is investigating the alleged leak of classified U.S. documents about Ukraine’s war effort and military strength, a spokesperson confirmed on Friday. These leaked documents purport to show sensitive information about the United States and NATO’s support for Ukraine’s fight against Russia. Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh did not comment on the documents’ authenticity but confirmed the Department of Defense is reviewing the situation. The documents, which have circulated on Twitter and Telegram, are five weeks old.

  23. FFS this website is descending into irrelevance. Now everyone is discussing Amazon, comparing prices, buying sh..loads of stuff and boycotting beers over social messaging. WAKE UP. How many words have been wasted decrying consumerism and railing against the binary political set-up? I have lost all faith in everyone and everything that is and will ever be. The gods may roll the dice. I am happy with my fate. The mark is upon you.

    • Not too many places a white heterosexual freedom of speech loving male can go to discuss anything any more. This is maybe the only one.

      Perhaps you can give us a list of “relevant” subjects to discuss.

      • Mason orders ought to have huge turnouts of young men looking to get local and reconnect to local and ancient knowledge and ways of being. Like reading Urban is ( but not needing to be an entered apprentice, here, lol.)

      • It did come across like that. Not my intention at all.

        Just feeling very world-weary. I hardly buy anything at all now beyond food and clothes. Lightening the load. But that is a personal choice, reinforced after recently clearing out my parent’s lifetime accumulation of “stuff” as they enter the final chapter.

        I share only two of your attributes, but that in itself seems divisive. After a period of social cohesion the world seems to be once more fragmenting into splinter groups. Entropy always wins in the end.

        • With the world seemingly upside down, it isn’t difficult to feel world-weary. Too many holes in the dike. Not enough fingers. Clearing out the belongings of loved ones is an experience many of us here have also had. It can make one melancholy for sure. My kids will have to do the same and I know there is very little of my “stuff” they want.

          Easter is a day of new beginnings. Happy Easter my friend.

        • That’s how the World was before the Internet – splintered. Now everyone is thrown together digitally and certain ones are celebrated in order to get the maximum outrage out of those of us who held the line in society before. We, very rarely, could ever celebrate our differences outside of tourism but, ‘way back when, we seemed to have more space to live in. Not so much any more. Everyone is admonished vigorously to become part of the Borg or risk banishment, at the very least, or experience violence at the worst. The more things change the more they stay the same. It just depends on who appears to be on top of the hill at the moment. I’m still waiting for a gaggle of illegals to come knocking on everyone’s doors asking for handouts or looking for something they can run off with down here in Texas. Everything from the border up to I-10 is a mess and getting worse. At least we don’t have trannies in our schools and reading to our kids in the library yet.

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