Job Cuts Up, So Markets (fill in the blank)

We think the market may be nearing an important (3-6 month type) peak, although there’s not investment advice, of course.

Reason?  Quarterly job cuts just out this morning, are at the highest level since Q1 of 2015.  Read ’em and weep in the Challenger numbers:

“U.S.-based employers announced plans to cut 60,587 jobs from their payrolls in March, down 21% from the 76,835 cuts announced in February. Despite the decline, last month’s cuts in the Automotive and Energy sectors added to the highest quarterly total of the last 14 quarters, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

First quarter cuts totaled 190,410, 10.3% higher than the 172,601 cuts announced in the final quarter of 2018 and 35.6% higher than the 140,379 announced in the same quarter last year. It is the highest quarterly total since Q3 2015, when 205,759 cuts were announced. It is also the highest first quarter total since 2009, when 562,510 cuts were recorded.

“Companies appear to be streamlining and updating their processes, and workforce reductions are increasingly becoming a part of these decisions. Consumer behavior and advances in technology are driving many of these cuts,” said Andrew Challenger, Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

“Another major driver of the uptick in job cuts is economic uncertainty and fears of an upcoming downturn. Companies are reacting to market conditions as much as consumer demand,” he added.
March job cuts were led by the Automotive sector, which announced 8,838 cuts. So far this year, automotive manufacturers and suppliers have cut 15,887 jobs. Energy companies followed with 8,149 planned cuts last month, for a total of 10,548 this year.”

Now, here’s the “mind twister.”

In a really strange, economically perverted-way, the present dumping of illegal aliens all along the southern border states with Mexico is actually a good thing for the U.S. economy.

Let;s put on the blood-hound suit and begin at the beginning.  You may have missed it last week (because th3e NE Liberal/Globalist-owned news outfits are burying the story) but “Migrants inundating San Antonio bus station” was a very big deal.  And it’s getting worse because we are seeing stories today like “US expands “catch and release” amid surge of migrants.

I know…you’re thinking “What the hell?  What about Trump on strong borders?”


What’s really going on – down at the street-level economics level – and cleverly hidden by the corporate-co-opted press – is that illegal immigration is addictive.  It puts crack, oxy, and coke all to shame.

Thought-templates matter and it’s why we look to Europe to see how well “Open Borders” has worked out for them.  You knew it as the Schengen Passport-free Zone.  What it did was tear-down borders which had (for centuries) kept populations from picking up and going (like maggots) to where the food, jobs, and government freebies were.

Once breached, the Muslim hordes coming to Europe were enough of an economic power-house to keep the European Union from imploding.  Toss in the subjugation of new countries as EU “members” (slaves) and you see a tax-base that is growing.  Through in hugely expansionary regulatory scams – like the EU bullshit demanding 4% of Google worldwide revenue on some piss-ant excuse…

Suddenly, a collection of bankrupt countries that should have imploded from ijt’s own bureaucratic overhead crushing people, had a “way out.”

Now, let’s use the same template along the southern U.S. border, right?

Instead of hordes of Muslims coming is, we have hordes of (nominally) Catholics, but also a huge overhead of MS-13 types who are bringing their “1930’s gangster style – to America.  And, just as in Europe – where the EU found a reason to increase general levels of taxation – the U.S. is now in process of raising levels of taxation (or haven’t you done your return yet?).

What’s more, all of the 1.5-million (or more) who “sneak in” will require housing, education, food, government services, and jobs.

But the upside is they will (mostly) be paying Social Security and that will help offset the coming collapse of the Social Security Trust fund, with is neither social, not secure, nor “trust-worthy” because the crooks in Washington put it all in the General Fund and make up IOU’s called agency debt….


Mean like the Central American invasion is good?”

No, I never said that.

The Central America invasion is an economic “problem” but as the Chinese so correctly note, problems are just opportunities not fully recognized.

The “invasion” will grow the economy – and oh, my, San Antonio is what?  Last yeaqr, the Texas Tribune reported “San Antonio tops national list in population gain; Houston growth is sluggish…”  Oh, did I mention New Braunfels is the second-fastest growing city in the country?   Driving time from NB to SA is one hour this morning because the area is exploding with cars and people.  There was once a time you could drive the 32.9 miles in 35-minutes.  This is progress, right?

And corporations are flocking in because my, oh my:  Cheap Labor!!!

More recently, MentalFloss offered a list of “fastest-growing” cities and lookie here: Of 20 picks, 7 out of 20 were in Texas.  11-out of 20 if we put in California, another bordering on insanity locale.

Of course, we have been forecasting this for years:  The low intensity conflict (LIC) with Mexico bubbling into a cross between a “civil war” and a “gang war”  (because we’re due to rhyme off the 1920’s Chicago gang period that accompanied Prohibition).  But in the modern-spin of history, Mexican “dirt weed” “black tar heroin” and Chinese-made fentanyl are the new prohibitos.

Don’t believe me?  Download and read “Mexico’s role in the Deadly Rise in Fentanyl” from the site over here.

I know…you’re wondering “How could American politicians let this kind of crap happen?”

Gradualism, dear reader, gradualism.  Besides, where do you think the money to elect people comes from?  Special Interests which, and this may be a Mena thing to say, it’s been going on since the coke import epidemic that ran everywhere from oil platforms (reportedly Operation Whale Watch) to small towns in Arkansas…

Please, tell me you didn’t think the movie American Made was fictional, did you?

Hide the facts in plain sight and no one will believe ’em.  People are odd that way.

Speaking of odd, enough of this focus; sounding too much like a report and we do like to save the most savory for the people in the loge seats.

So, In Other News

Target raises minimum wage to $13 an hour in tight labor market.  All those people coming in not enough?  (*See how this all works?)

What to do with social media revolutionaries?  Australia could jail social media execs for showing violence.

And Facebook is in the heat for trying to get users to reveal their non FB email account passwords.  Sketchy with what the MSM calls it.  Bullshit is more like it.  A label which fits with trying to work around anti-trust laws, too.  See “Lawmakers Look to Even Playing Field Between News Media, Tech Titans” in the Wall St. Journal for the gory.

Waiting for the NukeWar

Pakistan Forces Remain on Alert Amid Escalation With India, Border …

India-Pakistan tensions SURGE after 7 Indian troops killed in shelling…and this is all leading to that predicted New Arms Race in the Indo-Pak theater.

October 22, 1947 is where we “spike the historical football” so we will expect the kickoff of the nukes in mid September since the 72-year cycle is more like 71.916 years, or close enough to 71-years 11-months to have your flash googles ready.

A visit to my buddy Shane Connor’s website, will be timely if you aren’t already prepped.  I’m not trying to be alarmist here, but I am trying to be ready.

Write when you “get rich or glow”

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31 thoughts on “Job Cuts Up, So Markets (fill in the blank)”

  1. G – U are circling the Texas “business model” but kinda skipped or buried or whatever the lead…Low Taxes, Pro Business = Migration In from High Tax Rate States that are trying to “bleed” their “captive” resident business’s and business leaders. The states of Flalalaand and Texas are already experiencing this influx in a big way, while people are moving away from NY, IL, & CA. Even Nosty could have “seen” that coming.

    Clue of the day – scratch a “pedo” – find a homo ..and vice versa. Having a wife and kids is NOT “proof” of “hetro-ism”, most common cover for the Gay man & women too cowardly and or deviant to come out in open.

    Written words and previous/prior behavior/actions offer better insight into a persons makeup..Pedo Death Poetry – REALLY?! At least Buttegieg came out as gay Man, he does not need a”faghag” for cover.

    Human Compromise is the #1 tool of the non- existent Deep State, and has been for a vary long time..just ask lil Adam Schiffty and Chucky Schumer about the Standard Hotel – SICK.

  2. People aren’t odd that way for they are simple lazy and stupid and proud of it,most of them haven’t read a book in ten years,easier to get it from the media,as Bob Dole said the American people are like a flock of sheep and have to be led,by them I presume.Now you take the orange clown and the wall,if he really wants to curb immigration which I rather doubt,for he’s a lot like Reagan with all his lies, then he has the tools to do it with, rather then fighting the system which is the house congress and unholy court.Sorry George but we lost this country back in the 60’s in Dallas,Tex. with the lone shooter and magic bullet, and far to many people believe the corrupted story because the media and press told them so,as Nixon said it was the greatest hoax ever played on the American people and they sucked it up.!!!

    • “most of them haven’t read a book in ten ”

      OMG…. If I couldn’t read would make it the worst catastrophic event ever … for me at least…

      Lol… Today’s book is

      Darkside by Belinda Bauer…

      lol lol good cup of coffee publication.. Since its not that big I don’t really consider it a book..

  3. George,

    Sorry but, I have to call you out. Previously you suggested a need for 50,000 sunblock in June or July, Now it’s September.

    Kooks and an assortment of cranks have been pushing the date of the end times forward for centuries. It’s their business model. As you pointed out so eloquently “everything is a business model.”

    BTW “the word ends at midnight 12:30 in Newfoundland.”

    • End times and life …

      Hmm.. If my theory is right..

      I would take the unfinished honey do projects.. The dates when all my bills will be paid… And chores that are lined up by others.. Add that time up and divide by two..( no one ever finishes it all) and I still have seventy five years left on the planet or conservatively I will live to 150 – 170 years old…

      The difference between recession and depression is having a job..

  4. All your news is bad and Dow is up and gold is down. I guess the world will now flip upside down. Obviously, the Modern Monetary Theory is holding steady. FULL SPEED AHEAD, DAMN THE TORPEDOS!

    After all, it’s not the fall that kills you …

    All I can do is shake my head.

  5. Trump will need “Four more years!” to build the wall, jail Hillary (this time), erase the lines…. yada, yada…..

    • Never Happen OoWSF… Never happen..

      The issues over emails.. buried..and the issue won’t be resurrected..
      The wall.. Not going to happen.. it will be a campaign issue.. its still the dead horse that they have to drag around the campaign podiums.. just like abortion.. they will toss a little paint on it but it won’t happen.. just get everyone fired up about it and the new or old guy that is going to make it happen after a half century..
      the border.. the only way to fix that is make it an open season.. you didn’t see people racing into Germany or any other country.. Russia, Iran, NK, China,Saudi Arabia.. ..Have you ever heard of refugees and army’s storming into their countries.. Nope.. nadda.. even in Canada.. if they come there they have a sponsor.. someone takes full responsibility for their actions and well being..they don’t receive state or national funds..I totally doubt Nancy would be willing to put out for anyone of the millions entering much less a bunch of them.. their finances and bills etc.

      The other way.. go after the coin. Just like you do with drug dealers and convienience stores selling liqueur to minors. around here if you are the teller and you sell to someone under age the teller gets a thousand dollar fine.. next time out fired.. the company gets a thousand dollar fine then I think ten thousand dollar fine strike three they aren’t allowed to sell anymore…. Do the same.. if someone hires an illegal alien.. fine him and everyone that is an executive or member of the board of directors..second ten times the fine.. strike three and your out.. seize the companies assets and the assets of all those in management and board of directors not just the clerk that is following orders…. someone making a million a month is not going to risk loosing everything they have over saving a few bucks savings in wages for someone that doesn’t even belong here.. and isn’t willing to go through legal channels to enter..

      the issue I have is I have a heart and I give till it hurts…. I realize there are those that despirately need help.. unfortunately.. we cannot even help ourselves.. you cannot save the world especially if you can’t save your own self..
      the other thing.. ISSIS leaders came right out and said what they planned to do.. announced it to the world.. Do you really think they LIED.. nope they actually told you what was planned and how they would do it.. grab your enemy by the belt buckle.. we are so unprotected in our own country.. while we spread out the world trying to seize conquer and grab for a few crazy people’s profits.. we have left our own country open to be taken from within.. a few thousand issis warriors spread across the usa could do horrendous damage..
      then consider.. these people running away from their religious leaders are all still following their religious laws.. silly how that works.. we don’t live by the old testament we pick and choose the passages..Just look at what has been happening in other countries that have opened their borders..

  6. I have done some reading on using the potassium pills to protect the thyroid because I have Hashimoto’s disorder. My understanding is that people with this disorder should not take those pills. Need to do more digging on this topic.

    • Okie Cat Fan, See the book “The Iodine Crisis” by Lynne Farrow, could answer a lot of questions for you. Many in her FB group have Hashimoto’s and take an iodine/iodide mix every day as I do. It’s a good place to begin your digging.

  7. Indeed, one might wring their hands in worry over India-Pakistan activities, and with good reason, IMO. The ‘National Interest’ published a piece last month (6 March) which, I believe, was spot on in its assessment. My short summary follows: When India used its Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft for cross-border strikes, it proved to be an important strategic escalation point from simple cross-border ground unit incursions. Risking multi-million dollar aircraft and highly trained pilots pointedly upped the ante, and oh, by the way, the Mirage aircraft coincidentally owns India’s air launched nuclear weapons mission. (my analogy is that It’s like Russia penetrating Alaskan airspace unannounced with their Tupolev Tu-95 (Bear) bombers) – a serious ‘crossing of the line’ type of message is being sent. Pakistan responded in kind, and both side exchanged artillery fire and engaged in air combat, each losing aircraft in the melee. Both nations adhere’s to the Madman Theory of retaliation, which posits that when one side uses overwhelming conventional forces to occupy the lands of the other, the use of nukes is justified. Sadly, this regional conflict is a symptom of a global problem manifesting between the superpowers. Marvin Gaye’s 1971 classic, “What’s going on,” offers this sage advice:

    Father, father
    We don’t need to escalate
    You see, war is not the answer
    For only love can conquer hate
    You know we’ve got to find a way
    To bring some loving here today

  8. In Allen, TX, ICE scored a 280 head bust:

    Collin County Texas has become an undeclared sanctuary county. The individuals who were busted are skilled technicians, not agricultural or food workers. Every leftist brown shirt corporate entity which has moved to North Texas in the past three decades is bringing in international workers by the planeload as fast as they can, and systematically screwing the local citizenry. While the State Department continues to hand out visas to alleged international professionals like leftist trick-or-treat candy, enforcement is so lax that the scofflaw employers are not even bothering to get visas for their illegals, because that just draws ICE scrutiny.

    The Texas border issue is a political diversion for the 800 pound gorilla in the room, the skilled scab laborers who are pouring into Texas via airports on air-conditioned jet liners. ICE knows that the problem exists, but the raid in Allen is just a drop in the bucket compared to the size of the real problem.

    The local judges, lawmen and politicians are busy raking in money from the corporate brown shirts, with no real oversight whatsoever. This cuts across party lines. While the corporate scofflaws may have ties to the leftists, the locals are bi-partisan when it comes to taking payola. The way to control this sort of behavior is for there to be a detailed examination of the political contributions of the scofflaw employers who are bringing in the diversified international scab labor, and bribery charges made against any judge, lawman or politico who took money from them in any jurisdiction.

    With the local news media under the thumb of the leftists, any effort to root out the local corporate and government corruption would have to be done by a Federal investigation, because the locals good-old-boys have no incentive to clean up a system, though gone haywire, which is still a cash cow to them.

    Corruption is endemic in Texas, as is retaliatory gang stalking against any citizen who stands in the way of what is fast turning into state sanctioned ethnic hate intimidation and, yes, cleansing of US-born citizens. Local judges and lawmen are all too happy to help with the retaliation based on serial false complaints against targeted individuals, especially if there is money to be made. If you hold dual Texas and US citizenship, and you think this corruption can’t affect you personally, you are mistaken. The corporate and government corruption affects your paycheck, and your ability to live without fear in the neighborhood you choose.

    • First get off from Fox news for they are just as bad as CNN,CBS or ABC, and the press is no different,me I don’t play the blame game for both parties are in bed together while they put on the show for the rubes,now the business sector loves them for cheap labor, the other for votes and we get to pick up the bill and that ain’t going to end any time soon.!!!

      • The local Fox news coverage of the raid looked more thorough than their competitors, who were concentrating on drumming up sympathy for the folks that ICE pinched.
        My comments noted that the local corruption is “bi-partisan”. That means both of the dominant political gangs.
        As for the idea that this raid changes nothing, that remains to be seen. Closing the border will change nothing if it is not backed up with actions such as the Allen raid, followed close on with Federal scrutiny of the papertrail leading back to corrupt public servants.

  9. George, The Conservatives added 10% to the national debt, for stock buybacks and tax cuts, thereby significantly devaluing the US dollar.

    Significantly! But never hear you complain about that, your seemingly biggest grievance.

    So, what gives? Are you no longer a hard money guy? Are you off the gold standard mantra? Or are the Conservatives the true Deep State? Is this somehow tied to their obvious mischaracterization of the Mueller report? Or to Kushner’s bogus clearances? Or to his family’s business’s billion dollar bailout by a foreign entity? Other?

    What’s the deal? Best, Mike.

    • OFCS listen to yourself Mike – and put down the bottle before picking up the kybd:

      “George, The Conservatives added 10% to the national debt, for stock buybacks and tax cuts, thereby significantly devaluing the US dollar.”:

      This was a bipartisan effort, chum. And the stock buybacks? You can’t put that on the govt (or you’re more of an idiot than I thought because what to do with corp money is ruled by corp. governanc e/boards, economics, not the crackerheads in congress. OFMTT you get a zero on this one.

      I won’t even dignify “Significantly! But never hear you complain about that, your seemingly biggest grievance.”

      When you ask: “Are you no longer a hard money guy? Are you off the gold standard mantra?” Hell no, and you know better. But gold is not the ONLY hard asset I believe in: Proven oil reserves, guns, food/cropland…lots besides gold. Maybe you missed that, but ANYTHING DIGITAL IS NOT AN ASSET when push comes to EMP…

      “Or are the Conservatives the true Deep State?”
      WFT? No. Anyone GS-15 or higher and working with 500 miles of the NYC/DC corridor…that’s the deep state. I’ve dealt with their “higher education” branch and believe me…that’s who ‘runs’ America

      “Is this somehow tied to their obvious mischaracterization of the Mueller report?” Bullshit – you haven’t read it and you’re calling an attorney general out for summarizing a legal matter? Got a law degree, or is preemptive Lynching (Lortetta’ing?) what you’re endorphing? (sic)

      “Or to Kushner’s bogus clearances?” What, the ones you would deny based on innuendo and (again) more bullshit?

      “Or to his family’s business’s billion dollar bailout by a foreign entity? ”
      Wrong, again. That’s called “doing business” but I appreciate you may not have as much international business experience as me – I did serve as #2 in an international jet airline, remember?

      “Other?” Slam the door before more bullshit follows him in!

      “What’s the deal?”
      Good question: What happened to the data-based, patiently waiting for data who was once the “Best, Mike?”

      • I don’t want to slam you G, but….

        “bipartisan effort”…. BOOO!!! BOOOO!!!!

        Perhaps next season Trump will have the house…. back.

      • George, it really seems like, if you’re going to let these jokers trash talk on your site daily, you should at least require that they come up with new material. You are very fair in letting your readers post their thoughts/criticisms/doubts on your opinions and analysis. So how many times do we need to hear the same disingenuous BS questions from Mike/Mark asking “where were you on this when…?” I was reading your site when you criticized Trump’s tax cuts, among other reasons, because of the already high debt. How many times have you already blasted the entrenched DC bureaucracy, put into place by both parties? How often do you need to provide a platform for their repetitive anti-Trump rants on days when your column has next to nothing to do with Trump? They can use the search function like grown ups and find where you’ve posted on these topics. I don’t see how it enhances the experience of most of your readers.

  10. I’d like to see the % of illegals actually paying SS taxes. So many get paid cash “under the table” (with the employer not paying in anything), it would be an interesting study to see what % actually pay in, versus all the social services they suck up.
    Bottom line, the probability is way negative to the U.S. taxpayer. Build that wall…MAGA!

  11. “the upside is they will (mostly) be paying Social Security and that will help offset the coming collapse of the Social Security Trust fund,”


    I suppose i’d believe that if I hadn’t known and worked beside so many that never had to pay any of the taxes and still received all the benefits.
    ” maybe if I started to smoke it would be easier for me to say yeah sure..”

  12. With the Fed pursuing a lower interest rate environment, I don’t see any market concerns about a downturn or recession. Our economy is still strong & unemployment claims are at a 50 year low.

    • Rose colored glasses ?? I had my Series 7 back in 1975-8 working for Merrill Lynch PF & S in downtown Ft. Worth, TX… Charles Tandy used to drop by for lunch frequently. Stocks were ‘cheap’ and getting cheaper. Individuals owned shares, brought real paper certificates in to sell when Textron and AT&T handed out bonuses. Assets were climbing, shareholder equity kept increasing, but the DOW couldn’t break 1,000 !!! Many company shares had market values of HALF of BOOK. Insanity then, insanity now… oh, yeah… you know today’s realtor’s commission of 6%.. that’s what we got paid on OTC trades. But only 3.5% for 100 shares of IBM.

      $145 Billion Market Value. Total Assets $33 Billion. Total Liabilities $39 Billion.
      Shareholder Equity (Book Value) ??? ummm… NOPE. This one has borrowed money to buy $25 Billion of it’s own shares, while the balance sheet LOST $20 Billion in shareholder equity over the last 5 years, so they now have paid $60 Billion to buy and hold treasury shares supporting the “price”. How long do you think you can borrow money to pay 2%-3% dividend and repurchase shares on a Market Cap of 10X or 20X shareholder equity ??

      any wonder they don’t issue paper stock certificates anymore … LOL at least Bitcoin has no debt, but I can’t buy that either just hoping another sucker will pay me more later.

      This guy tried to tell ya’ll, but nobody listened then and they’re still looking through rose colored classes and smoking legal weed to keep ’em dumb.

      “10’s of Trillions of dollars of EXTRACTION…”

      • edit previous to rose colored ‘glasses’ not classes

        Try it yourself… it’s easy to change the stock symbol in the line, then copy/paste the url…

        I love this one, actually has $16 Billion of shareholder equity (if you believe $40 Billion Intangible Assets actually exists because you paid another company $40 Billion more than they’re shares were worth… kinda as a ‘bonus’ premium to their Board of Directors :)…. but it’s “legal” as a bookkeeping entry.

        They’ve spent $168 Billion buying their own shares back to support ‘price’ and, geezusss…. the CURRENT MARKET CAP IS …. a bit less today at $127 Billion. But hey, they do pay 4.5% dividend on that Market Cap price… so they gotta come up with $5.75 Billion in dividends (that works out to more than 30% of shareholder equity)

        Like Dillon said in the video… the MATH doesn’t work.

  13. I had a great discussion with the CEO of the power company last night..

    I of course gave him my opinion on how they should adopt solar power to pay for their expansion.. but I am more than positive that it went over like a lead balloon..

    He was telling me how they are doing all this wonderful stuff and this year they won’t be raising rates.. but will have to next year..

    and then I asked the question…

    businesses in our area are not increasing wages or refilling empty positions so that they can meet the increasing expenses they are being faced with.

    considering a stalled wage economy and with the increase of people being put on set incomes. in mind how did he think it would affect the local economy when rates increase.

    boy did that set him back.. he didn’t know how to answer it…

    My pocket book is the same as any other average wage earner.. you make ten dollars and someone charges eleven.. you either can’t have it or you charge it to pay it back later.. the wage earner economy has been charging for forty years now.. the same as the USA Fed’s.. borrowing money to pay average operating costs..

    • WRT the power company/energy prices and the economic effect – look to the increased expense of oil in 2008 and its effect. The now archived had discussions about before, during and after and the group which most correctly called it was the group who now hangs out at And yea, you are right to ask the energy company man the questions you did.

      • Yup.. Antisthenes…..

        Prices go up.. its a sad fact…
        But.. you have to consider the market place.. raise the rates.. but wages aren’t going up doesn’t mean there is mysteriously more money available.. ( unless your the fed.. then just print it up)
        I have said adopt solar..let people have home systems installed.. with the agreement that if they don’t get paid for the excess then their base costs won’t increase for a ten year period.. if they want to be paid for the excess then they get the increases.. in our area alone.. if everyone put a small home system on.. they would have a potential energy increase of sell able energy potential by 7600 Megawatts an hour at 100 percent production..and not have to spend a dime on any would also strengthen the grid from a catastrophic collapse..
        Instead.. they will go whole hog spend billions of dollars … increase the costs of production..
        charge what you want for anything.. but lets say there is a 24 dollar increase in expense for electricity… that adds up to a dime increase in wages.. per hour.. per employee.. an employer isn’t going to just raise everyones wages by a dime an hour every time the power company wants to increase the costs.. these costs go onto every other employee around.. the companies.. their expenses.. now they won’t increase wages either.. instead they will cut costs to meed the rising expenses they are getting..a bottle of pop goes from a quarter in the machine to two dollars in a very short time.. this is what I told the ceo.. when I put my system up.. pop was a quarter a can in the pop machine at work.. Now that same machine says 1.75 for the same pop..wages are about the same.. or less..a vicious circle..
        Now.. my electricity costs .. well that monthly expense is one of my least worries.. but then I produce all the energy I use plus.. but pay for half of my energy since I don’t get reimbursed for the excess.. we put it up.. when we heard that they intended to increase costs by five hundred percent..a hundred dollar expense becomes a five hundred dollar expense.. if your making ten dollars an hour were do you dig the money up from.. You can charge anything you want.. but in the end you cannot increase necessities above what the economy can endure..

  14. WRT China made fentanyl – that drug and then tweaked versions at one time were legal to make and export in China. Only in the last month has China made the manufacturing and export illegal if news reporting is right. The trade system that supplies the black market will have to empty its stock so lets see if the situation changes with the CCP’s change of law. This should follow the “bath salts” model where at one time you go into inner city gas stations and buy a product labeled “bath salt” the ease of availability in the US of A dropped.

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