Reconsidering Nostradamus

Was he a “linguistic magician” or a “mystic linguician?” The latter, linguician, not to be confused with the language and music app for Android, of course.

What we deal with today is the logical problem of analyzing what to make of Nostradamus’ work, Especially in light of the fine work on point done by long-time friend G.A. (Stu) Stewart who runs the savory “The Age of Desolation” website over here where this morning’s topic is explained but without the technical detail.

We will delve head-long into the future, after first suffering word of the recent past (news) and consider how the markets are doing after the manic kick-off to the week.

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George Ure
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27 thoughts on “Reconsidering Nostradamus”

  1. If you use 3x ETF’s to play trends, are they profitable?

    12/24/18 $30.39
    4/3/19 $60.60

    A double. If you waffled, you missed it.

  2. George – love your T.A., and enjoy your investment ideas and unwillingness to engage the market when your T.A. is telling you to BUY. Reminds me of Mrs. Deplorable arguing with cars GPS, and going with her severe lack direction sense – almost always ends in wrong turns and wasted time looking for way back onto correct route.

    Stu is the man, his work is par excellance in the world of “NOSTY” prognostications, with a serious side of spirituality.

    Without the spirituality,we become prisoners of the “monster” hidden in the “cloud” – as the “heavy” Arimanic is upon the whole of humanity.He can be seen in picture of twin towers explosion, and his bust (likeness) resides in museum in Austria. Caution – visions seen, insights allowed – all designed to keep humans from reaching their potential. Want proof..query Sophia -the rouge program that got away from our “parents”.

  3. Stu does scary good political analysis. His relationship to that other Mr N looks analogous to that Farside comic with the two bears being viewed through a scope. The bear doing the pointing corresponds to Stu, and if one pastes the picture of Mr N over the second bears face, you then have a graphical representation of the relationship. I don’t know if G____ will allow this posting for educational purposes:

    Don’t blame Stu, it was Mr N!

  4. “(Stu) Stewart who runs the savory “The Age of Desolation””

    I just love stu’s site and totally have to get his new pdf… He has done some wonderful work in interpreting the works of Nostradamus..

    My position is simple.. Nostradamus lived during a time when the earth was going through some pretty intense climatic changes.. the dark ages.. where having a dream of a deer crossing your path could get you tortured and killed.. the black death.. pretty horrific times.. so when he wrote his dreams or visions.. he did it as a short story..
    The same thing with other great visionists of old.. the greats.. the ones I totally adore reading.. they put their thoughts in sonnets..short stories and plays.. heck its only a play.. fiction.. don’t get so riled up…..mother shipton

    the list is pretty extensive.. Nostradamus.. is probably the most famous other than Christ and Daniel..

    His quatrains can be taken in more than one way and are usually a generalization of things to come.. and all things can change.. history can change..

    What is funny is if.. you look you can see it happening.. on all sides of the quatrain from each perspective of a quatrain.. like a tree falling over after cutting.. it moves slow.. sad but its moving in the direction that was foretold….and is picking up speed as the tree falls..

    • I have a wonderful natural crystal ball… in a bowl with flowers around it.. stared at it a few times.. unfortunately all I see is a pretty quartz ball in a bowl with flowers around it LOL… LOL .. I really need to get me some of what Nostradamus was smoking LOL….just kidding.. I obviously don’t have the gift of divination …
      I can predict that it is all going to go to hell one day.. money won’t be worth a thing cheaper to burn money in a stove than buy gas or electric.. and if we vote in a puppeteers companion.. we are really screwed if they keep seeking the way they presently are…. they are so greedy that they are truly blind..Even so much that they are thinking that what they are seeking is for the betterment of mankind..
      Now think about this for a second..we can see all the devastation the loss of lives the horror that they inflict for their greed ..
      Now think about it..
      Just what they could achieve if they put all those evil goals on the side line and worked towards the betterment of mankind..
      talk about making the earth move..
      I think they could make the earth a better place a true utopia.. but then what drug did I get into that would give me the thought they would even want to.. so many decades and centuries of destroying to get what they want.. phew what a change site that would make huh..

      • @lootb

        Evil prevails till the 2 nd coming…then good will prevail…as many have foretold,from the word of GOD…..

    • d…………….. It totally depends on which version of the word you are going by..

      the books we commonly give reference to are just incomplete edited versions of a limited number of the total texts that there are..

      around this house.. I am not allowed to talk religion mostly because I could pizza off the pope.. LOL..

      Although I do agree.. if you smack your finger with a hammer.. well you are more cautious the second time around swinging that hammer.. so yes after the turbulent times that are headed our way like a freight train.
      I can see a calmer more peaceful future in time.. especially after the wars to end all wars..

      there will just be a limited few left standing and as we all know you can’t do it on your own.. you will have to rely on those in your community…
      I was like most.. a workaholic.. day and night.. no time for family or friends.. no time for church.. just work.. my down time was a book or two here and there.. then my body started to attack itself.. I was immobile.. the thing that shocked me the most was.. the second I realized it was something serious.. my life changed.. the coin the gold bobble.. worthless.. it came down to family friends faith to have someone to be my support….
      luckily I hadn’t flushed the majority of that all away.. faith part.. my church family still hardly ever has a moment to even talk to me.. I guess.. they figured since I was gone and not at church my faith wasn’t strong.. but it is.. I am private about that part of me but I have a strong faith..
      That is also why I liked working healthcare. the good lord knows I have done a lot of other stuff even for a day.. ..The fact that I could be someones strength during their weakest moments in their life made all the difference.. when family and friends run the other way.. knowing that when they opened their eye and seen my ugly mug as the most beautiful sight they have ever seen in their life was a heart pumper…. the one thing you can never say is I seen it all.. the second you even think that .. something comes along and smacks you ..shocking but oh so true.. I can say it takes a lot to shock me though.. LOL LOL LOL
      The sad part.. is like my new doctor.. many of the kids getting into it.. don’t get into healthcare for the right reasons.. they are looking for coin.. and miss the most important part..
      The people..

    • The Problem I had with Doloris is this.. if she is talking to Nostradamus in real time.. ( now I believe as she does that time is all inclusive.. the past present and future are all playing out at the same time..) but if communication was open between then and now.. why would we have to interpret..

  5. As of now nation consisting of turkey and Germany is gone and ottoman empire and German francebarmy is in. Brits are doing a dance as deutch is gone, Greece on ropes, pope hibernating with Allah, China , and gays happy Americans Obama’s . Biden tries to get Brit and stay out of South Africa ATM black starvation mode. If irsn and turkey shipped gas to Germany all would be well as Saudi gehwar about gone and shale loosing. Toss in no planting and a repeat of last year’s short season and all are sad.

  6. Would like to a list of all that been protected of sexual impropriety. The Balls of these Clowns to even set such a fund. Please get us the list

  7. Dear Mr Ure,

    Your lunacy is genius. Did van Gogh lend him an ear while in the sanitarium? Patience patients: de Martinville’s analog recordings resisted playback until the dawning of a digital age.

    Just imagine, somewhere even today a lunatic may be on the grass. A confounded world concludes brain damage. On that note, we bid you a bon nuit.

    • The lunatic is in my head
      The lunatic is in my head
      You raise the blade, you make the change
      You re-arrange me ’til I’m sane
      You lock the door
      And throw away the key
      There’s someone in my head but it’s not me
      [Pink Floyd]

  8. Ok, i got a question. I keep finding stars. I found 3 little golden stars on the ground at different places. I found one out smoking on a porch of a restaurant. Then i went to the grocery store the next day and i got out of the car, dropped my keys on the ground on accident and found another little golden star. Then 2 days later im with my friend at this club seeing some bands and a sticker comes floating accross the crowd and lands on my shoulder and its like this star compass thing. On the way home i stopped to take a leak after dropping off a friend and find a glow in the dark star on the ground next to me. Yesterday i found another golden little star on the ground after lunch on the steps. Then see the same compass star thing in the wall, in the bathroom later.

    I tried searching it. Anyone have any idea what is the deal with the stars? Am i supposed to make a wish or something? Its tripping me out. Way tooo coincidental!!!!!

    I dont have all the answers, i sometimes do, but if anyone can tell me why God wants me to find stars and what it means? That would be awesome! Cause im baffeld.

    • Easy-peasy: Writing good commentary and chronicling your adventures on Urban has made you (wait for it…)

      a Star!

      • Ha ha ha. I guess. Lol.

        I was at this buisness thing last night and there was 9 of us sitting in a circle. And i noticed this wee tiny little ant. He was in the hard wood floors at the place i was at in the middle if our circle.

        So this lady to my lefts going on about her ideas and stuff. And i watched this wee tiny little ant wander around in the middle of our circle for like 20 min.

        He ends up right in front of me. As im looking at him i notice there is a pentigram scratched on the floor and he just stops and kinda lays on his side in the middle of it.

        It wasnt scracthed there on purpose. But low and behold there is a pentigram or star scratched on the floor and the wee tiny ant decides to give up there. So immediately after she gets done, because i didnt want to be rude and interrupt her. I grab a piece of paper off my note book and put the edge down for the wee tiny ant and he grabs on to it and i put him in pottted plant by the door.

        Everyone took note and said i would have squished him. And they all laughed. I said well think about this using Einstein’s theory or relativity. They said huh? I said lets look at this from the perspective of the ant. Basically this room in comparative size is the Sahara desert of hard woods. And think of how big we are in comparison to the we tiny ant. We are like the Gods of the ant gods. Hugh Giant Gods even compaird to the wee tiny ant villages wee tiny Ant Pyramid’s and we tiny ant knowledge and science. We might as well be planets there is of us. Or universes for that matter. So I pointed around the room and started naming each person a Greek God. Called one girl Venus and winked and eveyone laughed. Called the slimny guy with low self esteme Zues etc. Etc.

        Then, i said,

        Well, way i see it. Im a wee tiny ant to some other God, so it was my hope that if im ever lost and give up that “He” or “She” doesnt squish me. But lends his parchment for me to catch a ride upon to a nice green, exotics and luxurious life verses dying out there in a desert of hard woods.

        And they all laughed. I said with that, Let us resume this meeting of the wee tiny Ant Gods. “Zeus” then stands up said Yes, let us! My proclamation uhem ideas are and laughs and the girl next to me on my right, squeezes my leg with her hand and says, thanks alot! I said what?? She laughs and whispers, there aint going to be enough air in the room because everyones Ego is so damn big now. Then hands me her card and says you ever thought about doing Sales? You do exactly what you just did, im sure you could have closed on 9 car deals in just one sitting. Ha ha ha. I dont think there is one person in here that wouldnt have bought whatever your selling. And laughs.

        Well, maybe… have to get some more wee tiny ants, though. Ha ha ha

        I told her was just tripping bout the pentigram on the floor. She said oh yeah, good eye. I see it scratched there. I said yeah the wee tiny fell gave up, right in the middle of it. She smiles and says, lets get dinner Saturday, i will buy. High class buisness woman, very pretty and Type A personality. Italian. 40’s.

        I texted her and said, hey this is Andy after the thing was done and she texted back super fast, saturday 7 O’clock? I said sounds good to me. She said leave wee tiny ants at home. Im already sold. Lol

        :) I dont know what the deal with the stars is. Just thought id ask. Keep seeing them everywhere. I made a wish, see if thats what im suppose to do. Lol

        • OH, so from UrbanSurvival star to star in sales – why, pretty soon you’re be unreasonably rich.
          Pass some parchment by us ants when you get there.

      • Uhem the dude I called Zeus was a skinny little dude with ovvious low self esteme. Lol total introvert but he had no problem jumping out there after i called him Zeus. Lol

        Anyway, thats my report from the street of what’s going on. Lol wee tiny ants, hot itallian woman in her late 30’s or early 40’s and lots of stars.


      • Ha ha ha! I used to do sales a long time ago. Ha ha ha i dont know. Maybe????!!! i got that other gig i told ya about via Email. Lol.

        Definitely have some dinner and see her. You can count on that! Ha ha ha at dinner i will have the Chicken, you know. Winner winner Chicken dinner. Ha ha ha ha

        Have a great day!

      • DUDE! so thats why the Handi cap guys were calling me God. Ha ha ha ha and the weird Black dude came up to me and called me God. Ha ha ha i forgot about that!

        So funny! God and his sense of humor again.

        I am the wee tiny ant God. Ha ha ha ha!

        I definitely could use some parchment and some time in an exotic paradise. :)

        Ha ha ha so funny!

        Like i said, my life is weird. ROTFLMFAO!

    • Andy: Have you considered that aliens from outer space or another dimension are conducting an experiment using you, since you have an active, outgoing lifestyle. Do you have any recollection of being abducted lately?

      • Nahhhh. Well, maybe… story time ladies and gents,

        “Fasten your seatbelt”!

        i havent seen any Aliens ever before. I did see some weird thing out on this Mountain i used to go too. Its by a kinda secret military base. Most people dont know about it but all the Locals do at the end of this long road out to the mountains.

        About 10 years ago i was (you guessed it) with this Girl and we went out there to see the stars. It wad her 30’th birthday. I used to have this 2011 Dodge Mega Cab 4X4 with a 6 inch lift and it sat on 38’s. Have to take the Powerline roads partiallly to get up there. Ebby Mountain out on Jim Creek Road and once you get up there a ways there is an old logging road, you jump on and it takes ya to the top.

        You can see all the Puget Sound from there, as far as the Space needle. Really cool place.

        After ya go through the “Truck wash.” Ha ha ha which is a local’s joke. There is an old road by the Trafton store thats about 1/2 mile long that runs about 10 feet off and parallel to the main road. Has these HUGE pot holes (like 2 or 3 truck lenth pot holes) that fill up with water and mud when it rains.

        If ya aint a local, then you dont know about it. I used to tell all the city folks we need to hit the truck wash on the way up to the mountains. Bout the time we get up to trafton everyone says, “thought you wanted to wash your truck” i never slowed down hit the first pot hole about 50 mph hour ha ha ha ha they are about 2-3 feet deep. Ha ha ha and each one lauches ya about 2 feet in the air and into the next HUGE pot hole. Ha ha ha.

        It was this girls birthday and i was taking her to the mountain to see the stars. She was a total city girl. Had on this tight, short low cut dress and 6 inch heels. She had her makeup all did and hair all perfect. Blond, 5’4 about 125 lbs with a very nice, well you’ll get the picture in a second. I think she might have been a seagal, if i remmeber right. (Seahawks chear leader) Anyway, Right before we got to the “truck wash” i said, you should take them shoes off honey. Relax a little. She looks at me confused and a little weird. I said trust me darling, kick your heels off and relax a little. Im not being wierd. So she does and kinda looks at me a little weird.

        Then I put the Chicken dance Song on the stereo and cranked it to 10!

        She looks at me and smiles and laughs and starts to do the dance and looks so damn pretty and has absolutely no fricken idea about whats about to go down. I reach over and pull her seat belt tight, push the 4 wheel drive button.

        Crank the steering wheel hard left and then hard right. We get a little sidways and the tires chirp. hit the truck wash doing 63 miles an hour. Hit the first bump so hard she damn near landed in my lap, she got back over super fast and we hit the second pot hole so hard her boobies flew out of her dress (she wasnt wearing a bra) and started bouncing all over the place. She is screaming OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOOODDDDD! The Chicken song is blaring and Im laughing my ass off! She keeps screaming Ohh JESUS! OHHHHH MY GOD! And Im just laughing so hard and there is drinks, shoes, stuff and Boobies flying all over the place!

        At the end i slam on the breaks and put the truck sideways and say, Trucks all washed, you ready to hit the mountains? She looks at me and says are F*king kidding me????!!!!!!

        We get to the end and head off towards the mountains and she stuffing those big old Tripple D’s back in her tiny little dress and laughing so hard she has tears coming out if her eyes. She pops the mirror down and looks at her make up and hair and its all a mess and says, Well we might as well have sex now! I said ohhhh she says yeah i already look like i got f*ckd! And burst out laughing. She gives me a big kiss on my cheek and says thanks for not letting me break a heel. I said you becha honey. They look like expensive shoes.

        Anyway we get up there and throw some blankets in the bed of the truck and check out the stars and about 1am. There is a HUGH sonic boom and then this bright white cylinder/cigar shaped light apears and is floating about where the military base is. Sits there for about 5 min and then BOOM its gone again.

        Idk, maybe some Aleins are studying me. If so, i hope they like practical jokes and am enjoying the show. Cause im having a damn good time! Ha ha ha ha ha!

        • Between the adventures of George Ure, II (see his latest video on YT) and Andy – we could have a whole new genre of men of testosterone who are still alive (MoTWASA!) – gimme a hoorah and 5

      • Ha! I wish i had camera mounted to the dash George!

        My 68 year old Mother came down from Alaska and i took her and a mess of kids to the mountains on a bright sunny day the day after it rained.

        She said the same thing, “thought you were gonna wash your truck sun before we head to the mountains, son??” I said Yes Mam, be there in a min and gave her my crooked little grin.

        I rolled all the windows down and you should have seen the look on my mothers face when we hit that first pot hole at 50-60mph, with the chicken dance song blaring. ROTFLMFAO!


        The Kids all knew it was going down! As soon as they heard the song, they knew what was up and all shouted with glee laughed and started doing the chicken dance! Had to bribe them lil tricycle motors with slurrpees to keep their yappers shut, but it was so worth it.

        My 68 year old Mother was so hopping mad! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Mud came flying in the cab and all over the place! She knocked me upside the head and said What the hell is wrong with you???!!! Give me a damn heart attack!

        I laughed so hard i said, well you raised me woman! You know damn well the shenanigans im capable of commiting! And couldnt stop laughing!

        Ohhhh she laughs about it now. Ha ha ha ha ha. Still says it was one of the Highlights of her Life. Ha ha ha ha ha! She says every damn time i hear that song at a wedding i start looking for the button to roll up the window and the “Oh sh!t” handle! Ha ha ha ha ha ha

        Yep, i suppose those damn Aliens are watching, they dont know what to think! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      • I will check out George II video later today. Picking up my daughter and taking her to get het nails done. :) That stuff is important!

        She is a girly girl, but by the time she was 10 years old, she could shoot straight as an arrow, knows how to field strip a pistol and an AR, change the oil on a car/truck by herself, won some trophies in competition Archery, can field strip a buck, bait her own hook, gut a fish and fry it, and i let her drive my truck out in the woods a few times. She also knows distance and can throw a kife proper and hit where she wants it to go and can pick hand cuffs with a bobby pin. Lol. Im not so worried about her with boys, more worried for the boys ha ha ha ha

        Have a Good day Old dude, and friends. :)

      • Andy, that’s awesome! Be aware, your little girl will “forget” how to do all that stuff by the time she’s 14-15, and figures out it intimidates all the boys. Mine did, then publicly thanked me two years ago, when she discovered she was the only one in her (20- and 30-something) peer group, male or female, who could change a frickin’ tire. Life skills, once learned, are never forgotten…

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