Jobs Data, Recession Looms

Before we get into the nitus-gritus of the Jobs report from Uncle Fed, a short dissertation on what it all means is in order.

The short version?  Normally, when the unemployment rate has hit historically low levels (check), and then begins to rise again (check), when the rate is 1/2 a percentage point higher than recent lows, a serious recession is usually expected.

The longer version?  The critical armchair economics weasel-word is what?  Normally.  You can’t count times as “normal” when Donald Trump is sending troops to the border and governments of Mexico and points south are facilitating an actual invasion of America.  Far from “normal.”

So when jefe Trump says he will slap tariffs on Mexican made/assembled products if the Mexicans don’t staunch the flood of illegals (which is what they are, all the bleeding-heart bullshit aside), he is probably not joking.

As we explained Thursday, however, the newly minted nortes streaming-in will cause a modest growth-spurt and that actually might moderate the coming collapse/crisis in the economy.

Even more important, since we are inside the 6-month window for the Indo-Pak war, what’s going on at the border (along with a possible closure/military action) may be a grand thing for the U.S.’s food supply.

[We (the U.S.) are playing referees in the pre-nuke foreplay here as Reuters reports ” US count shows no Pakistan F-16s shot down in Indian battle: report.“]

You see, closing things down with Mexico, while an inconvenience for Avocado fans, might influence more U.S. farmers to abandon planting of GMO commodity crops and get more acres into good old-fashioned row-cropping of fresh veggies.  Which would mean more US avocado’s when the bushes start coming along.  Not to mention a shorter 3,000-mile salad ride for ‘maters and whatever else goes in Ure vegetable soup.

Which will be important due to the global radiation that will begin wafting its way around the world late summer to early fall as the Indo-Pak nukewar lights up with anything-but organic mushrooms.

“Say what?”

Oh’ show the shit is rolling towards us faster than imaginable.  It’s not like we’re blowing smoke up your backdoor, either.  Since in the past few days we’ve been noticing other deep thoughts like the “Prospect of a nuclear war ‘higher than it has been in generations …” and how it’s all about the “Dumbest Idea Ever: A ‘Small’ Nuclear War.

And the Day’s Dirtiest Secret is?

Like I was telling you a few days ago:  The closest we ever got to a global nuclear war was when Starfish Prime went off in July 1962 and blew out streetlights in Honolulu, 800-miles from the high-altitude EMP blast (of 1.4 megatons) went off.

The chain-reaction of this?  Adherents to the pro-war (use it or lose it) of Gen. Curtis LeMay  quickly went to then-president Kennedy and demanded the US go on the offense because for a short window, nuclear war was winnable.  The Cuban Missile Crisis in October of ’62 was to be the excuse and it was (regardless of what pacifists would argue) a time when yes, the U.S. could have waged a nuclear war and “won.”

Since president Kennedy didn’t want the blood of nuke war on his hands, the U.S. intel community turned on Kennedy the following year and he was killed at Dealy Plaza up the road from us.  The much more pliable president Johnson stepped in…and the whitewash in history has been really remarkably well-done.

Which relates to what?

Well, the Pakistanis are in a similar situation now:  Pakistan is in many ways able to “win” a nuclear war with India, at least in terms of dueling body-counts.  And that’s why, when it happens shortly on our 72-year war cycle, you can set an alarm for one-year later because that’s when Israel’s existential war is due.

Right now, Pakistan is working PR moves: Pakistan announces release of 360 Indian fishermen.

And that’s where the southern “invasion” from Mexico matters, as well as shutting down Mexico ag imports, because when the rads begin raining, we will want the US as self-supporting as possible.

It’s a death-dance of historical proportion which is both graceful and regrettable when viewed from the (placid, nearly self-sufficient) East Texas Outback.

Serious shit, huh?

But, besides outing the bald-faced lies about Trump from former U.S. intel chiefs, it tells us that a border conflict with Mexico is a three-fer.

  • We get nudged towards internal food production. Control food, control people.
  • Inbound immigration, just as the Muslim infiltration and out-sexing of Europe, will lead to momentary “growth” so Europe will fail first.
  • And closed borders will remind globalist boards of defectors on which side their high-dispoable-income bread is buttered.

Times like this, I wish I could pass out small sample packs of AstroGlide,  because there’s so much screwing of everyone going on, but that’s not in our budget.

The the good news is that the free press release from the Labor Department on Jobs is in the budget and that goes like this:

Jobs Data

“The unemployment rate remained at 3.8 percent in March, and the number of unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 6.2 million.

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (3.6 percent), adult women (3.3 percent), teenagers (12.8 percent), Whites (3.4 percent), Blacks (6.7 percent), Asians (3.1 percent), and Hispanics (4.7 percent) showed little or no change in March.  In March, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged at 1.3 million and accounted for 21.1 percent of the unemployed. ”

Now we tear-it-down because, well, it’s what we do:

  • The number of people actually working was down 201,000 as shown on line 5 of this table.
  • The rate – which is the side show trick played on stupid sheep – didn’t move because the workforce declined by 224,000 as shown on line 2 of Table A.

It’s a stupid proposition that almost a quarter million people “disappeared” but how many times have I warned you:  “Percentages are for suckers”?  RTFD  (Read the frigging data!)

Even reporters and news operations get a Big Fail from us with idiotic headlines like  “U.S. jobs growth rebounds…”  When fewer people are working?  WTF are these sheep steerer’s on? RTFD FCOL.

Our Aggregate Index is still 200 points shy of where it needs to hit in order for the rug to be pulled out and a report like this helps move markets up because sheep are dumb.

The labor participation (key) dropped one-tenth of a percent and 51,000 jobs “created” were “made-up” having been estimated into existence in the CES Birth-Death Model over here.  Biggest growth?  Leisure and hospitality hiring +37,000.  Professional services and education combined were -22,000 in the estimates.

In Ure Shorts

Note to my son (George_the_Uber_Driver): Charlize Theron says she’s ‘shockingly’ single: ‘Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up’.

OK, more tomorrow…with futures up almost 100, we’re pretty sure there’s no drug testing on Wall St….

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66 thoughts on “Jobs Data, Recession Looms”

  1. Hi George,

    I have been following your site for many years now and enjoy your insight.

    If only you weren’t so bent on a nuclear winter being just round the corner.

    I remember you forecasting it in 2015 if not before.

    Not to say it couldn’t happen any time but I think a more positive outlook on life is healthier.

    Have a great weekend

    Paul S.

    • So I was sitting around discussing world events with a couple of friends lately. One is Jewish. The discussion turned to “how to decide when it’s time to bug out.” Friend one said “I guess that depends on whether your are a pessimist or an optimist.”

      The Jewish friend replied, “The optimists went to the gas chambers.”

      Think on that for a minute.

      • That is Y2K thinking CPA & nothing happened. I believe in a strong personal defense, but not at the expense of an stronger offense to move forward optimisticly. It is how we better ourselves & our country.

      • I absolutely agree. Realists are the best of all, though they may find few friends.

        Being prepared is relatively cheap over the long haul. I activated my go-to geiger counter when I first heard of the Fukushima disaster and have it in plain sight to this day. I ordered backups and dosimeters before the run on them. What I’d really like to have is a gamma spectrometer but that’s really expensive. It would make a good DIY project for those with “spare” time and an interest in electronics.

        Anti-rad iodide/iodate pills and/or powder are a no-brainer, though dosing should be thought out. Think beyond yourself to your community. Even for those with a hyperactive thyroid, they may be preferable to not using them in the aftermath of an acute radiation event.

      • Povidone-Iodine, sold at any store. $6.33 at Target.

        I think its 1 drop (maybe 2) per 8 oz of water. Bottle will last ya years. Its been a while since i read the 1000 army manuals George linked 10 years ago. I have them all on a thumb drive somewhere. Lol

        George, do you remember that? 1000 army and UN feild manuals on pdf? Had all the protocols from the US military, UN, Israeli etc. Etc. I will see if i can find the link. Probably not on the web anymore. Lol

      • You make no sense. Why are you prepping unless you are (at least somewhat) a pessimist?

      • I don’t think it is really an “optimist-pessimist” binary. [At least for me], it is the reality that a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or ice storm makes the grid (and sometimes personal mobility) go away. ‘Last major ice storm left me powerless and living off my shelves for 11 days, and I was in the “lucky” group. I also had a generator and a stocked pantry, so I had such luxuries as a working furnace and refrigerator — ‘couldn’t use the electric range, but with a grille and extra LP tanks, ’twas no big deal.

        H O W E V E R, not having that stuff, with temps south of ten below and roads impassible for more than a week, probably inconvenienced some people and made them uncomfortable.

        I simply choose not to be inconvenienced, by life…

  2. Damn George someone removed the caps from eyes and a very good column this morning, no liberal this or leftest that but the fact that the press and media (which are nothing more than mouth peice’s for the government) are simply deceiving the people.Both parties are corrupt to the bone and the democrats are no different with the push on Trump with all the lies,making them little to no different then Bush’s lies reported as truth to sell the war in Iraq,and if I remember right Mueller was involved in peddling those lies too.!!!.!!!

    • I agree with Robert. Great column…as usual…but one thing is that Trump has backed off of his closing the borders, tariffs on Mexico and other threats as of yesterday. The corporatocracy has spoken and Trump caved. But, not without saying he will close the borders, impose tariffs first…which is all Fox and his base will hear. They won’t hear his live interviews backtracking on those statements. According to Trump, he will revisit closing the borders in 2020. He will not impose tariffs on cars and parts for now…mainly because many are cars and car parts from and for Detroit corporations.

      This is just after he backtracked on then “ GOP being the party of healthcare” statement he made in over a dozen interviews the past two weeks. He said that a proposal would be on his desk shortly…to the surprise of his own party…Two days ago he said they will wait until after the election to tackle healthcare.

      I just want honesty in our government…not a bunch of windbag statements from both sides that never get executed.

      • And you get all of your ‘news’ from the California Bolshevik sources?
        I suggest you get in your ‘mental time machine’ and travel back to the candidacy of one Ross Perot.
        A self-made millionaire he was intent on locating both prisoners of war and remains of our fallen soldiers after the Vietnam war. He personally went to the war zone with many of his employees to do this as he was convinced our government didn’t give a crap. In July ’92 he was at 43% in the polls and rising and one morning he did all but drop out (some stupid threat about his daughter’s upcoming wedding). He dropped precipitously in the polls and, although he tried, was never able to recover.
        I mention this since something similar just happened to DJT. When he attended the funeral of George HW Bush some (threatening?) envelopes were passed to him and after the event DJT’s approach and attitudes changed. I have no more information than anyone else but I surmise that a number of death threats were made; against himself, his family, his pets (if any), his friends, and probably anyone he has dealt with in the past six months.
        This situation is getting very serious, and I suspect that both sides have been making some very long lists.
        You may not remember but when the communists took over a country the first thing they do is to arrest all the quislings that helped them, put them up against the wall and shot them.
        We should all try to stay off these lists as ure prepping will no longer matter. I’ve probably been on their list(s) since ’83 or so. It would be wise just to STFU.

      • Mark…. I don’t know for sure.. but from what little bit I had heard on the news.. ( I have pretty much boycotted the networks on news coverage..) but if I am close I don’t think he had a choice but keep it open..
        one reason.. the vast majority of our food isn’t grown here.. and a lot of it is loaded on the refer trucks at the border.. close the borders to keep the invading hoards out would only put a strain on the grocery stores for produce we all depend on.
        that is just one reason..

  3. If you think there’s going to be a nuclear war, even a small one, preppers should have a high quality geiger counter capable of detecting alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Before the Fukushima disaster a nice geiger counter such as the Inspector could be had for around $250. After Fukushima, quality geiger counters were not available for at least 1 year. Afterwards the price was about $750. This type of geiger counter is a must to measure environmental and food radionuclide contamination.

      • I find it interesting that the quality geiger counter sold at that web site indicates Govt Sales Only Until Further Notice (3/17).

      • the problem is.. spending good money for that equipment is a total waste of money..if there is a nuclear war.. the tablets are for a short order exposure your screwed.. if its all out nuclear war.. we are fukishima’d…just like arsnic and uranium in water.. they will just up the acceptable limits…turning the earth into a glass parking lot wouldn’t solve anything.. and you can have all the equipment you want.. but in the end it isn’t going to save you..

    • Now Im no Nuclear Physicist, so correct me if im wrong but i could have sworn that Alpha and Gamma radiation will make a simple compass spin rock back and forth at lower levels, safe to humans and spin when you are in the bad zone.

      Due to the magnetic charge particles. And because Beta is light, it takes a bunch of it to make a simple compass move.

      Im pretty damn sure that is correct, but i could be wrong.

      • Uhem, alpha and gamma radiation make the needle rock back and forth on the when held to north on any simple cheep compass found at walmart when they are present at higher than normal but still safe for humans.

        And when they are in High (bad for humans) the compas will spin, if i remember right.

        Beta is light, so it takes alot fot it to move the compass.

        You can buy a simple military compass for $6.99 on Amazon with free shipping.

      • I always heard if you carried some popcorn in your pocket.. if it starts popping get out the heck out of there..

      • ROTFLMFAO! yeah, Popcorn would do the trick. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

        What i read was in some Army manual. though.

  4. George I would like to ask the Ms contributors to your blog who are always saying Trump is lying, what are his lies. I seem to be missing what they are. Maybe if they would publish his lies then I could be more sympathic to their point of view. I at 85 have been working for the last 3 years as a PI for a law firm and think my BS detector is fairly good. Please Ms fill me in. I have asked for this several times in the past and nobody responds.

  5. Methinks, we talk too easily about nuclear war ;-((,

    and if you have a geiger counter, then what?????

    • Then, when it goes all-red, you know you still have time to kiss yer bottomside “goodbye” before your lips fall off… ;-)

  6. Speaking with hyperbole and exaggeration does not make DJT a liar. It’s disappointing that more people cannot recognize this is a personal “style” and not deception.

  7. So if I lose 100,000 full time jobs, and gain 400,000 quarter time jobs, I’ve “gained” 300,000 jobs!


    • There is a full time hustle waiting for you on either side of the political aisle with such clear thinking!

  8. Just as Obama was the best gun salesman ever in all recorded history, by his words alone, we find Trump the best illegal alien importer ever, by his words alone.

    On the flip side of both issues: Whereas Obama was the deporter in chief compared to Trump, so I fear this means Trump may make it a full circle and be the gun grabber in chief if he gets the chance.

    Just sayin’ these things have balance if you look.

  9. Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 196,000 in March, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.8 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in health care and in professional and technical services.

    Does this look like a downturn in the economy. No. The US economy is strong, as PT stated “The economy is strong, the fake news just won’t report it.”

    Ask Mark if Real Estate sales are picking up in San Fran, I bet Yes. That is why the stock market is going up. If you invest like it is a bear market, and it is really a bull market, prepare to lose money.

    • The number is specious. The total number of people working in ‘Merica was down 201,000. What the “non-farm payrolls” add means in likely more side hustles but no improvement in actual working peeps paying taxes….
      Unless you have an excuse for that -201,000 employed on like 5 of Table A?

  10. The threat of a regional conflict going nuclear is real. As to how much danger there is of contamination of local pastures and the milk supply is real I can’t say, but having a supply of iodine tabs on hand isn’t too far-fetched. If you need a geiger counter, then you are much too close to the action.
    Diving head first into today’s doom porn exercise, the threat of nuclear low-altitude detonation exchanges resulting in a nuclear winter is also probably real, but cheer up, this isn’t necessarily the worst case scenario. The worst overall case is likely to be an EMP event which destroys the communication, electrical and control system infrastructures, plunging the country (or world) back to early industrial revolution technology, while leaving the population largely unscathed at the end of the first day.
    The detail which makes the worst-case EMP scenario the worst of all possible scenarios is that there are probably not enough draft animals available to support a population of 780 million worldwide as it was estimated to be in 1760, let alone 7.8 billion. Try raising draft animals and planting fields with The Road clogged with starving, EMP-addled heavily armed urbanites fleeing the sanitation-challenged cities in search of clean water, food and functional indoor plumbing, whose main survival knowledge is vague memories of the Walking Dead series. Add extinction of domestic animals as possible side-effect of the EMP scenario. Mutually Assured Suicide indeed!
    No doubt that after you read this comment, you will realize that the EMP scenario will never happen to you, because you know, deep down, that some government somewhere or another will always step up to save the day. You’ll then feel right as rain, and in control of your own destiny, just like all the other 7.8 billion marks.
    I left off the germ warfare doom porn, ’cause G___ and his readers haven’t figured out yet that other countries do gene splicing these days, and the EMP scenario may top a bio-weapon Stand anyway, for a quick onset doom fix.

    • That’s adorable… You think any draft animals extant would live long enough to drag a moldboard through a field…

      A company in Brazil makes a small biodiesel cracker. Bio-oils must be processed or “cracked” before they become suitable for use as biodiesel. IIRC (it’s been 15 years since I read about it — in passing) it was capable of making 200gal/day from soy or rapeseed, and cost a tic over $6200, delivered.

      If someone already had a field planted in rapeseed (soy and rapeseed-canola are both grown from hybrid bioengineered seedstock now), such a device coupled with a pre-electronic tractor might assure that Bessie wouldn’t have to wear a yoke when she wasn’t being milked, and could be kept inside whenever zombies passed by the farmstead…

      • I originally authored an article-long paper on the subject and flushed it, ’cause the conclusions were so bloody grim. I have doubts that the draft animals, farmers or tinkerers will have much of a chance of avoiding being guests of honor at a barbecue in a major EMP scenario. Zombies would be easier to deal with than a horde of heavily armed starving refugees with a case of EMP-induced psychosis. Think of the civil war era after the Carrington event. Where the population and technology slide would stop is likely to be at a lower level than where the government planners would like to estimate.
        Trump is reopening the commission to study EMP events and their mitigation. The last US government studies came up with a worst case 90% initial die-off before Trump shut the effort down. That estimate may be wildly optimistic. Mutually Assured Suicide.
        Note that the main advantage of the catalytic biofuel reactors is reduction in waste products. UOP had a big unit for license at one time. Big units don’t run without electricity and control systems. There are directions on the web for producing biofuel in a 5 gallon bucket, albeit with a lot of waste product. I have a pre-electronic diesel tractor, myself.

      • n____, the hell of it is the people best-equipped to survive and teach others how to do so are the Amish, who are so pacifist they make Quakers look like warlords. Any who’re within walking distance of a pop-center won’t survive long enough to even protest the pillage of their farms…

        Oh, and Rick, THAT’S why I said “rapeseed” and “in the ground.

        GMO hybrid soy will reproduce from seed, at a low level, for one season. The engineers haven’t made it as sterile as they have, corn, although they’re still trying. Canola is rapeseed, modified for human consumption. Although I don’t know (and don’t care), I’d assume its reproductive potential has been similarly jacked-with. As little as I know about it, I do know rapeseed will produce over 2.5x as much crackable oil as soy, and it’s grown all over Southern Canada, so is hardy to at least Zone 2b.

      • There was an instruction in a popular book written some time ago which suggested the only way to survive a rolicking good destruction was to flee to a wilderness. We are running short of uncontested wilderness in the US. If you are on a US farm, you might be too close.
        Chris Harris in Australia has some interesting Youtube videos for the apocalyptically minded.
        Note that the Methodist retreat movement started with John Wesley taking walks on the dark side. Chris seems to be following a well worn path.

  11. George, I came to your reply to me yesterday late, and frankly, I am quite disappointed in you.

    I pointed out that since your seemingly number one issue is the devaluation of the US dollar, I asked why you don’t lambaste the Republicans’ tax increases that added about 10% to the national debt.

    But your excuse that it was “a bipartisan effort, chum” was so wrong as to raise serious concerns. In point of fact, it passed strictly on party lines, 51-49 without a single defection by either side.

    I come to this site for, and freely compliment you on, the economics, albeit not always accurate, and had I followed your advice on the big meltdown for the past 10 years, I would be millions poorer. Your often one-sided politics, and Trump cheerleading, often compel me to jump in.

    But this is something else. This isn’t your cheerleading for the Barr opinion of what the Mueller report says, now the subject of numerous leaks that he misstated it badly. This isn’t your trying to find the bright side of dumb tariff policy (self-sufficiency after the nukes drop). Or even the erroneous advocacy of a gold standard itself, which BTW would have required drastic monetary tightening 2007-1010 when unemployment was soaring. Or some goofy notion of climate change that requires you to agree, by analogy, to drive your family over a bridge that that 97% of all reputable engineers said is defective.

    No. This is something else entirely. Best, Mike.

  12. If it takes up to 4 years for illegals to get an immigration review following an asylum request, what about microchips to keep track of their whereabouts? We already do it with pets. Should cut down on abuses.

  13. Elliott Wave View: DJIA Futures (YM_F) Should Extend Higher
    April 5, 2019 By EWFHendra

    Short term Elliott Wave view on Dow Jones Future (YM_F) suggests that rally from March 9, 2019 low is unfolding as a 5 waves impulse Elliott Wave structure. In the chart below, we can see wave (2) ended at 25377. Wave (3) remains in progress and subdivides in 5 waves of lesser degree. Up from 25377, wave 1 ended at 25822, wave 2 ended at 25441, wave 3 ended at 26302, and wave 4 ended at 26140.

    Wave 5 of (3) is currently in progress as a 5 waves. Up from 26140, wave (i) ended at 26324 and wave ((ii)) ended at 26196. Near term, while pullback stays above 26140, expect the Index to extend higher to end wave 5 of (3). Index should then do a larger pullback in wave (4) to correct cycle from March 25, 2019 low. Afterwards, as far as pivot at 25377 low stays intact, expect Index to extend higher again in wave (5). We don’t like selling the Index.

    For Chart:

  14. The Charlize Theron article is interesting. Most girls today have priced themselves out of the market. Looks are very important, but kindness, femininity(NOT feminism), charm, sexuality and loyalty are also. My image of this girl is that of a hard hearted woman with excessive expectations of “her man”. I don’t need one like that. If she’s otherwise, it’s up to her to demonstrate those aspects of herself. I’m not going to “grow a pair and step up”. I have a pair already and until she demonstrates my values, she’s surplus in my world.

    • Theron dated & was engaged to Sean Penn, so she is not interested in intelligence, but more looking for raw sex, since Penn is a well trained Madonna ex. She was also rumored to date Brad Pitt, which if true, puts us out of the running.

      • Ha ha! Uhh yeah i thought o saw a video with Brad Pit and her. Lmao!

        Ha ha ha! I never considered the “leaque” system. She is a fox, but i dont care. Lol i got a date with an Itallian tonight. :)

        I like brunettes. namely raven black hair and either green or ice blue eyes. Sooooo yummy hot!

    • Meh…

      I don’t consider myself attractive. That said, back in the day I dated a number of stunningly attractive women, mostly because I wasn’t intimidated by their appearance, and had the stones to simply ask them out (when no-one else would). Of these women, exactly one wasn’t SO vain and high-maintenance as to be anything more than a trophy date. And no, I fixed her up with a friend…

      • LOL LOL.. reminds me of a guy in the service.. He had stones of brass and Ice..
        It didn’t matter if she was married ( husband with or not) he would just walk up and ask and tell her just what he wanted…
        He was shot down ninety nine times out of a hundred..but.. like any salesman will tell you.. its that one percent.. I would follow him and apologize for his actions.. and got a lot of dates by telling them I was sorry he was so rude LOL
        had lunch with a guy I worked with.. he said I was to nice.. so one day we were out having sandwiches and he said.. you just gotta be bold.. some woman was riding her bike past and they got talking and he said.. god I only have fifteen minutes left on my lunch break before we go back to the plant.. would you give me a BJ.. and by god if she didn’t do it.. it was shocking.. so yup I can see it ..

  15. G – modern/current nuclear weapons leave very little detectable residual radiation, if any. Yes US used them in Afganastan – we were told it was a MOAB/Fuel Air Bomb/Bunker Buster. Yes US used them in Gulf War 1, and again in GW2. Remember the beachheads of Kuwait -24hr news blackout??, fuel air bombs on dug in troops?? See Neutron Bombs.

    Red Mercury as carrier and tamper for Pu-239 incorporated into its cyrstalline structure, combined with electromagnetic implosion using heavy fields generated by FCG’s Flux Compression (explosive) Generators – like a very small nuke that produces a nuetron flux penetrating armor, buildings, and ground – killing Iraqi soldiers in dugouts in Kuwait.. just bulldoze it over.. easy peasy.
    All you need to detect the new generation of nasty nukes is a cell phone..take a picture of the explosion – very low yield – U b safe at distance – the picture and or video will display dramatic pixtualization within the explosion. There was video on you tube of Yemeni one, Dept of Home Land Security had them take it down at the some else very cleverly had taken a picture of the video – and posted it. the more you know…

    So not so much worry about nuclear winter, think the “solar kill shot” will take care of all that.

  16. Always easy to imagine what the economy would be without people seeing the worst parts about it… I just wish we can just leave life just as God intended it to be, with love for everybody around us

    • And for the earth to produce food for everyone; not controlled, like it is right now. Look at what has been done to the California fruit and vegetable market just in the last 26 years (my first avacado came from California!). Coincidentally, we now get most of our produce from Mexico AND other markets. Nice, little trick there, don’t you think? This is repeated across our country; reduce or eliminate national markets and open up our country to other markets that don’t have the same standards or protections for workers and consumers. Or take the best that we have and ship it out, OR mix up items, like meat, from other countries with our nation’s meat producers, so you don’t know what you are eating. I see a time where everyone in the know will grow a new improved Victory Garden, and frequent their local butcher, and local farmer’s markets, and become their own baker, just like the old times.

  17. So much talk of EMP. George I have PV arrays. On the outside panels I have DC surge protectors on the combiners which I hope protects panels, and DC side connecting the charge controllers. On the grid input I have a 240 volt AC surge protector. It is designed for lightning so might to too slow for an EMP.

    I am thinking I need to place another AC surge protector on the AC side of the inverter. This would protect the ac circuits which are fed by the inverter and maybe the inverter itself.

    These surge protectors seem to be just huge zener diodes. George do you have a spare inverter and charge controllers inside your faraday cage?

    Mark “Red Dog”

    • No to the spare inverter, yes to the spare chg controller, yes to surge prot on grid feed and on outputs
      Remember, though, in ur location, you are likely safe because the main emp targets would be the n ortheast, seattle/sf, and north Carolina for all the bank and financial servers there and in ohio…

      • One HEMP over Cleveland, one over OKC, and one over SLC is guaranteed to take out all of CONUS and Canada. It takes 17 to make the entire world go dark. Rest assured, someone has all 14 or 15 grounds zero (air zeroes?) that are not their turf, programmed into a military simulator, somewhere. Hopefully, they’re only programmed into simulators, and not delivery avionics…

  18. As a child Theron was a witness to her mother killing her abusive husband. Now there’s some issues to work out in a relationship.

    And there is no point in protecting your stuff from EMF’s if the rest of the world goes dark. Think about it.

    Well, I guess you could inform those other Yahoo’s around the world of your bad news.

    • And it’s sad that you actually attach some importance to those government stats. They have been deliberately deceiving for as long as any of us can remember.

      • We have to have a benchmark… That doesn’t necessarily mean we believe the stats, just that we use them as a metric against which to view all other government data (which those of us not born yesterday also view as “cooked…”)

  19. question: what about a count on people that retire each month, a count on people that start taking SS. A count on fully retired and partially retired with a part time job.

    • It has been done, but you have to dig to find the numbers. I came across them when researching Mr. Obama’s employment numbers, but didn’t bookmark the location. However, it’s a moot argument for the time being, because the Trump Administration uses the same data framework as the Obama Administration. They use these “employment numbers” to make it easy for brain-dead “journalists” to read and parrot.

  20. Mr. Ure. For someone of extraordinary intelligence, I am amazed at how easily you have fallen for this indo-pak war bit, which is being promoted by special interest groups favouring the current admin in India. Elections are around the corner in India and Modi is portrayed as the most aggressive candidate who will take on Pakistan boldly. This will die down soon after the elections are over unless Modi loses. They would want the paranoia and the resultant belligerence to continue.

    • No one is going to dispute your political analysis. Let’s look at a different war game scenario. Two armed states with nuclear weapons and a lot of bad history share a hotly contested border of a hotly disputed province. One of the states starts running “exercises” with nuclear-capable fighter-bomber jets playing chicken with the border, in order to provoke a political incident with the second state. In this scenario, the second state sees four such jets approaching and accidentally crossing over the border in what was supposed to be a simulated bombing run, and launches and detonates a tactical air-to-air missile over it’s own territory in mistaken self-defense. The tit-for-tat retaliation quickly escalates, and 100 million die in the first 48 hours. This is the type of general scenario that I believe G_____ fears, and I believe this war game scenario might well be applicable to one particular regional situation.

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