Jacking Up Markets, DNA Regression

Shocking rise of markets this week that almost has the odor of manipulation.  But it may portend the “worst news ever” (nukwar?) based on “buy the rumor, sell the news” theory.

Which is almost as interesting, though not of as much usefulness, as our latest adventures into past life regressions.

As few headlines and coffee to begin.

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53 thoughts on “Jacking Up Markets, DNA Regression”

  1. Fascinating.
    My friend and consigliere Earl told me in a conversation once that everyone needs to get to know Jesus then to look inward and get to know themselves. And most importantly to take what they learn then use it to make themselves and their lives better. I think you are right on target.
    My thing is not so much eyes but redheads. Well OK, green eyed redheads. Whenever our vet tech Makenzie stops by Diana asks if I need a napkin.
    Stay safe. 73

    • “My friend and consigliere…”

      I’m probably 20 years older than the oldest one of you and I still keep asking myself (as an educated person?) how do you do that, w/o fabulating to oneself?

  2. Radio G,

    sounds like youse have found the code matrix index – all manufactured, all fake..all AI templates nowadays.

    Presactly why I advise to never ever “go to the light”!

    – There a TRAP! a death trap .

    ..”you have work to do” ect = pure unadulterated BULLSCHEISSE!
    You-We are PERFECT SOULs, did not fuck up anything, and have no sin, whatever the F that is.
    Recent Personal experience with guided regression work proved to myself that having a list of Pre-Considered questions to ask Herself, Ure “higher” Self is valuable tool for retrieving Memory from deathtrap interactions .
    Thats the trick right there Kemmosabe…Bringing Ure memories Thru Death – “The Implosion in the Blood”.. hinthinthint

    Needs to be thinking IMPLOSIVE NRG’s..

    PS – I eat the Sunlight everyday, or Moonlight of Night, in a similar fashion to Ure light cloud…except I bring all Light and NRG into my body via bai hui/top center of head acupressure pt.
    I store it in Lotus Flower in my lower abdomen. My lotus opens and closes – absorbs Light and NRGs, shines internal Light on my internal organs..”red ball of light and golden ball of light combine, above is water – comes to a boil…steam forms/forming into LotusFlower, opening and closing..”

    Sayz hear You all are GODS, wish We all could start acting like it..https://youtu.be/71Vdo-ahbqE?si=OY9avei6ZQpr0OGr
    No forgiveness, no alien saviors..ISBE – indestructible, eternal, but can be F-ed with..imprisoned, like hear on Urth/Earth.

    We ALL just shadows on da wall.. : )

  3. just when I thought no hope these days, I watched the FAA convention on RFDTV ….. talk about some great young folks doing great work in agriculture …. keep it up, we need many many more of these types across all businesses

  4. “hesitation from Hezbollah”

    Hezbollah knows it’ll be a mass death event. 3 weeks ago:

    “Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant described Palestinians as “human animals” and ordered a “complete siege” on the Gaza Strip”

    We look out the window today and see Gaza has been blitzkrieg’ed to dust.

    O/T – some folks think the winning of the Six Day War was a supernatural event. Perhaps the stock market is pricing in a supernatural event?

    Israel declared war 10/08/23 so 11/17/23 should be 40 days. We wait for a supernatural event.

    • The US$ has finally taken a good dip but I’ve been wondering if dollars from outside the US being repatriated in our stock market is a major source of its buoyancy. Bob Kientz of GoldSiver Pros pointed out that every single other currency in the World has experienced sustained record prices for gold with the exception of the US$. It’s the only game left in town.

      • my thought is… it’s a made up currency similar to bit coin the euro and the pound..
        yes it would be in each of their favors to support the other.. when it will change is as the countries that manufacture goods starts requiring some sort of physical guarantee.. like people love gold but in reality gold was only cherished as an odornment.. grain and oil etc. was the true valued.. take my freezer that just took a dump..a year and a half old..took out a huge amount..our whole years worth of meat..the only thing salvaged was a pumpkin pie..
        skills..Greece threw the elderly and poor under the bus..old people were dumpster diving for food.. it took five years but eventually the people realized..a plumber was still a plumber.. and trading for their needs ..it’s the same in other countries to the young women aren’t trading their bodies for a can of soup anymore .
        take Argentina and the zar 350 to one us dollar.. is now being supported by the bric’s.. at what point is that going to flip

      • the freezer that’s to replace it..is made in turkey.. so what does the manufacturer get for that freezer..made there shipped across the planet then trucked to the wastelands..held in a warehouse and the salesman makes a wage off of his sales. what does the laborer make that builds it..I once knew the man that created a pattern for a really popular jeans.. the jeans sold in the early eighties for almost a hundred dollars a pair..he took the company to court because they started getting them made in china..end cost was a Nickle a pair shipped..
        my bedroom set.. bedframe highway Batchelor chest dresser mirror two side stands an Armour and an underwear dresser all made of cherry wood. the drawers have the dust covers even first rate stuff for less that it would cost me to buy the drawer handles.. the salesman told Mr the wood was cut in one country transported to another country then shipped to the usa then trucked across the country..and he made a hefty profit on it…

  5. “whether Turkey strongman Erdogan will leave NATO and flip on the neocons. Sounding like he’s leaning that way in Erdogan ‘wants to lead Muslim world against Israel’ as Turkey ‘angry’ over Gaza attacks/”

    we will never know the truth on anything that happens. what we get is the allegory of the cave.. what they want us to know..
    the puzzle pieces hint to possibilities to this being that black swan event that’s been predicted..I believe that we are in a state of Permacrisis right now.. and descending deeper by the day.. the claim that christian morals and ethics are the tools of destruction of the american founding fathers visions of democracy.. has me shocked and bewildered. did we truly descend that far down the rabbit hole of moral decline for them to make that statement. will there be a soddom and ghomorah event by angels to correct this moral and ethic declining cancer.


    i prefer the orson wells version of the allegory of the cave..what we hear and read is all so diffused and spun to fit what they want us to know and see..


    “the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Israel, Lebanon, and Cyprus The Leviathan gas field located off the coast of Israel and Palestine…”


    NATO countries in a deep freeze energy shortage after nordstream destroyed..


    • Canaan
      ..thar be Canaanites there.

      Why even Ure Bible warns bout the darkness that was and Is ancient Canaanite culture and creeps. Narsty .

    • Brings to mind the age old question, “If Israel attacks Turkey from the rear, would Greece help?”

      • Probably so but if we start hearing Wales from the ME things could get might strange with a long period of Chile along with some Baked Alaska. Hope it all holds together, though, as it’s getting close to Turkey day and I’m getting Hungary.

  6. “Hmm…what do we have here? Crook vs. Countercrook? Hunter Biden demands DOJ probe into ex-business partner Tony ”

    OTFLMAO… what the pot is calling the kettle black.. what there’s no honor among corrupt criminal elements..lol lol who would have ever thought that..lol

    “Is our waveform falling apart?”

    ERR… I don’t think so….you just forgot to add an additional graph line to it..


    credit card debt has topped a trillion dollars this year..people are adjusting for the inflationary increases using plastic to maintain their quality of life..
    this is a great place to interject my cooked noodle on the table theory of the economy.. but I won’t..

  7. “I think it all comes down to what’s in the Bible and many other ancient scriptures. It must be about love and learning the importance of “playing that instrument” which is so full of complex intonations. Just one of which is who – in this present journey through life – will be the one to suffer loss, feel pain, or have to pay the price of doing Right action at all times”

    when it hit me was reading the lost books of eden..
    after Adam and eve were sent from the garden.. Adam was so remorseful that he thought to try and gain favor with the creator that he kept killing himself.. and the creator sitting him down to explain what he ( or she ) wanted.. it made it all clear..

    the rest of that crap was interjected by mankind to fit their desires of the day..remember Jesus was Crucified because he failed to follow the biblical laws of the day..

    • “At the end of that class Demian said to me thoughtfully: “There’s something I don’t like about this story, Sinclair. Why don’t you read it once more and give it the acid test? There’s something about it that doesn’t taste right. I mean the business with the two thieves. The three crosses standing next to each other on the hill are almost impressive, to be sure. But now comes this sentimental little treatise about the good thief. At first he was a thorough scoundrel, had committed all those awful things and God knows what else, and now he dissolves in tears and celebrates such a tearful feast of self-improvement and remorse! What’s the sense of repenting if you’re two steps from the grave? I ask you. Once again, it’s nothing but a priest’s fairy tale, saccharine and dishonest, touched up with sentimentality and given a high edifying background. If you had to pick a friend from between the two thieves or decide which one you’d rather trust, you most certainly wouldn’t choose the sniveling convert. No, the other fellow, he’s a man of character. He doesn’t give a hoot for ‘conversion’, which to a man in his position can’t be anything but a pretty speech. He follows his destiny to it’s appointed end and does not turn coward and forswear the devil, who has aided and abetted him until then. He has character, and people with character tend to receive the short end of the stick in biblical stories. Perhaps he’s even a descendant of Cain. Don’t you agree?”

      ? Hermann Hesse, Demian


      • oh easy..he was born to an unwed mother.. the crime punishable by death..first the son was to be killed by bashing it against a stone Boulder then the mother by stoning..the main reason that they were Nomads. After Jesus birth they were visited by an angel that told them to flee to egypt.
        then he was Jesus accused of blasphemy by the Jewish leaders. Blasphemy is a religious offence, when a person says or does something regarded as being disrespectful to God. punishment by stoEgypt.
        then he healed a blind man on the sabbath.. he was upset over how the temples were used as money changers and flipped the tables out of anger..
        Disobedience of Mosaic law
        he ate with politicians lol lol
        criticized Jesus’ disciples for gathering grain on the Sabbath
        the list of his sins against the biblical laws of the day are a mile long..
        all you have to do is read the Torah or the old testament..
        the true laws of the father are simple and few.
        in the Torah and old testament..
        there every other page in the Old Testament has God killing somebody! In 2 Kings 10:18-27, God orders the murder of all the worshipers of a different god in their very own church! In total God kills 371,186 people directly and orders another 1,862,265 people murdered..
        how about your daughter.. the old testament allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), child abuse (Judges 11:29-40 & Isaiah 13:16), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9). This type of criminal behavior should shock any moral person.
        how about churches.. which is why the tribal wars in the middle east..
        mary as a temple virgin. I read the records of the temple virgins and mary being one..I forget if it was in the stacks of the LOC or the university library at GWU in Georgetown.. but she according to those records was a temple virgin.. or vestal virgin.. and by their laws thighing young girls was a practice that even exists to this day..
        the wars between their religious beliefs cannot be won.. by their own belief the other faiths need to be eradicated..

  8. George,
    A Twitter poster, @DarioCpx, has been posting about his evidence and theory that a large hedge fund, Geode Capital Management LLC, is a large “whale, that is using a strategy to crush the VIX and squeeze stocks higher. They manage $1 Trillion in $USD assets. Their strategy is to be constantly short volatility on the stocks they own to capture premium. Their holdings above $10B are the Magnifienct 7, GOOG, and BRKB.

    Just Dario, as he calls himself, goes into greater detail about his evidence for this hypothesis. He posted 16 different “nuggets” to further explain and support his hypothesis that this entity, whomever they are, is moving the markets as they moved yesterday. He also suggests that such strategies are ineffective if there is something larger which takes the markets down by increasing volatility – “volmaggedon”.

    Perhaps this might explain deviations from the ‘29 and ‘87 fractals, and the failing of a crash to begin during the Puetz Window last week.

    But I am also short, as you are..

    We shall see..

    • You got that Right
      – Selling Volatility has been a constant among hedge customers for years..large endowments/ state pension fd. Admins/ ins. companies. Income generation…until it’s destroyed by some dirty burd/black swan that comes along every 12 years or so, like crop failure..lifetime guarantee.

    • A Puetz type of “emotional selloff” can only originate from an already deeply oversold condition. That was missing during this window so the emotions could not be cranked up high enough to lead to the kind of sell off that we call a “crash”. Therefore a Puetz type of crash was NEVER in the cards for this window period.

      Go read Chris Carolan’s work, better than Puetz imo though he drew on Puetz’s work when he wrote up his stuff … though even he misses the “emotional” dynamic in his discussions, for that you need to go read Tony Plummer’s works which George has cited here. Tony’s work on the psychology of the markets is top notch … maybe part of the reason Tony made many many millions trading the markets (something he never talked about that I have ever seen).

  9. My guess is that one main value of past lives scoping is to understand better the emotions of one’s place in those worlds (and this one). It’s not about skills transfer, I think: it’s more about walking the mile in another’s moccasins — to deeply grok their feelings and relationships. And to let that learning impact on This Life, Now. And to play both (all?) roles in those dramas. To feel each role, deeply….

    Another subject:
    I recently realized for the very first time just a couple of days ago — never thought about this before — I am the third direct generation of men in my family to have served in the United States Military. My grandfather was Army infantry in WW1 in France, My father was a Navy Radio/SONARman 1/c in the Pacific in battleships (U.S.S. Colorado) and submarines (S-48), and was decorated with a DFC, and I was a draftee in R.VN in ’68 (Signal Corps). Never thought about that till just now!

    So, I decided to call up a 2-meter “Vet’s Net” next Saturday, November 11th, at 8:00 PM local time. I am sure that will be interesting. (Anybody can NCS.” It’s easy — just don’t try to “go all high-falutin’.” Just be your own regular self, and go for easy and informal, rather than Bigg-Time impress folks.) Maybe you other hams might want to do that, too. The idea has been well received, so far. I generally do a crisp and efficient net call-up and log-in, and then give out a net roster in order, and then go roundtable. Each guy passes it to the next — roundtable style. It’s easy to moderate, works well, and moves smartly right along without getting slow & boggy.



    • “The nicest veterans…the kindest and funniest ones, the ones who hated war the most, were the ones who’d really fought.”
      – – Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

  10. The Non-Citizen Voting Scam
    If you think offering migrants luxury hotel rooms, free meals, laundry service, transportation, health care, and immigration lawyers is excessive, just wait until they can vote. Democrats are pushing to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections in New York City, Boston, and other municipalities, and statewide in Connecticut.

    The number of migrants pouring across the southern border has hit a record high, according to data released on Oct. 21. Illegal immigrant crossings soared 21 percent over the previous month. On a yearly basis, the figure hit 2.48 million.
    And Monkey is saying his commercial pilot friend flying out of DFW sees illegals flying to all parts of our country on a constant basis. Young, military aged men. Monkey has been reporting on this for the past 2 years at least.

    It will be a target-rich environment for all some day … soon.

  11. re: Mons to Battles of Aisne
    feat. romance language unneutered


    Got a Plan XVII tucked away? It’s always a treat when George takes readers for a walk in his shoes down memory lane. Fortunately for dreamers of ‘Starry Night Over the Rhône’ behind the gates of d’Orsay, chores beckoned before one could gaze upon the red-carpeted origin of the world.

    Today “France24” delivers word that a son of the Somme, His Excellency President Macron and Co-Prince of Andorra, personally visited the 16th century hunting lodge of King Francis 1 and home of his red-headed chief mistress Anne de Pisseleu d’Heilly the Duchess of Étampe in the far-right stronghold of Villers-Cotterêt, Aisne Department. The structure is the famous site of the 1539 Ordinance of Villers-Cotterêt which established a foundation for the primacy of one French language for one unified France.

    The President has adopted far-right-cause legislation which denounces assaults upon the French language by “inclusive writing” derived from USA gender politics. The Academie Francaise promises to defend The Republic to the last article. Long-held masculine -le-, and feminine -la-, words in the French lexicon shall be banned in American inspired neuter-form from official and vernacular uses. Hasta la vista, “fashionista”!

    Vive la France! Vive la liberté!

    • While America can’t defend its own borders, and is off defending Israel’s and Ukraine’s, it’s heartening to see the French not only still have borders, but are defending attacks on the lingo. France may rise again.
      Vive la liberté!

      • I totally believe this is all about their family business model..
        and has absolutely nothing to do about American security or what’s good for the taxpayers in america.
        there is a difference between humanitarian aid..giving someone a hand up.. than there is about giving it all away..so far this is looking more like a business transaction than a hand up to someone that deserves a hand up..

        • ..same idea regards pedo joe administration NOT cracking down on Iranians selling millions of barrels oil to China everyday. the decrepit pedos’ handelers have got fed regulators “looking the other way” regards Iranian oil to China. Shhhhh

          Stupid sheep need to huddle up in the fold- realize we are slaves – we have no voice , no vote (that counts), no money(real), will own nothing and eat insect protien going forward- and be happy Ure enslaved ass is about glow.

          Its a “great” Life – so be happy – as there is NOTHING anyone can about it but go along with evil dark overlords, like soreass and gates the child raper, while kneeling & praying to some alien god – who nobody knows.. His or Her Name..bwahahahahaahahahahaahahahahhah

      • Speaking of the Ukraine…

        Things must be going so well in the counteroffensive that today on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, President Zelensky invited former President Donald Trump to the Ukraine. The defendent will be excused from court to attend to matters of State?

        The mind boggles!

        Elsewhere, the official White House schedule would lead one to believe that President Biden has been partaking of some unmentioned activity at Rehoboth Beach, De., since 2140 Friday eve.

    • French used to be the language of choice in the international realm … but alas it is now an “also ran” much like the old Italian used to be the leading language back when the Roman Empire was the thing.

      Much of the problem with French today is as new words from new technology enter the lexicon the French don’t want to use the words invented elsewhere (invented elsewhere because France in now an economic backwater that isn’t inventing much of anything for the world). Instead the French Language Police come up with their own word for something a decade AFTER the new word in use for technology has already been adopted worldwide so nobody adopts that “made up” NEW French word.

      Except for France’s old colonies French is falling more and more into a lower percentage of people worldwide who learn a second language learning French … and there is nothing on the horizon that indicates that is going to change. Spanish has a bigger natural base of speakers than French does … by a HUGE amount … though it is still not as geographically dispersed.

      The world of business is English German Japanese and Mandarin, with Spanish/ Portuguese having a lock on South American, in this day and age with French now being a distant 6th.

      Somehow the French still think of themselves based upon their “Glory Days” under Dictator Napoleon … even though he managed to kill off at least a couple of million of his male countrymen with his Wars (which always makes me scratch my head at why in the world do they think he was so “great”?). Unfortunately for France those “glory days” ended 200 years ago and are NOT coming back.

      • “Somehow the French still think of themselves based upon their “Glory Days” under Dictator Napoleon … ”

        Nappy was one of the best military tacticians to ever live. He was, perhaps, the last Frenchman to win a significant battle. He lost the War after his field marshal switched sides. (The field marshal was later awarded the thrones of Sweden and Norway.)

        Napoleon also invented the concept of the “public school.” Its actual purpose was not to educate or elucidate. Its purpose was to pump State-friendly propaganda into the heads of impressionable children, because M. Bonaparte had no desire to become the central figure in a guillotine demonstration. It is entirely possible Napoleon’s public education system that’s now ~220 years old is still doing its job…

  12. The Law of Attraction posits that we are at the forefront… the cutting, leading edge of creation, taking thought beyond what has become before. Thus it makes sense that there is nothing to learn from past lives that would apply to the here and now ‘you’. Future lives might be different, but only so far as a guide to where you will go from ‘here’. Fascinating explorations, though.

    • ahhhh, Hank, I fascinatingly disagree.

      Past-life memories, have shown me who I have been, with whom, and the importance of these lives through time.

      Sharp exact outlines of many of my core important relationships of the same people I travel through lifetimes with.

      Resolving internal questions so as to provide perfect resolution of interpersonal dynamics.

      Even down to my current Father, Mother, brothers, and husband.

      These remembrances are treasures popping up to assist at critical junctures in life.

      Pray to understand and ask for revelation to receive this info naturally.

      As far as the eyes go, they have been called, “the window of the soul.”

      When my husband and I first set eyes on each others eyes, an electrical current connected us across the room.

      I knew it was RECOGNITION from a past life. He did not know what to make of it, however, he acknowledged the exact same experience.

      I also, very much wanted to be a cobbler, the making of shoes fascinates me. What a great profession.

  13. Israel the unofficial 51st State?
    ‘Israel has received the most U.S. foreign assistance of any country since World War II, at $243.9 billion, adjusted for inflation, and has been among the countries receiving the most aid every year since 1971.’


    U.S. military spending as a % of U.S. gdp:

    great charts to click through, U.S. defense spending more that next 10 countries combined:


    ‘Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign military financing, which has represented around 15% of the country’s defense budget in recent years.’

    72% of Defense lobbyists are ex-govt employees:

    Largest Defense contractors:

    • smartest things you linked to @c,,,
      common ground? before ya know it you could be posting Q quotes,,,
      “We are saving Israel for last.
      Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.

      It is not the people of Israel,,, it is the Mossad controlled government

      • lol lol lol… pretty soon @C will be posting Trump actually did some good for the country..
        everyone is working overtime to turn Trump into a penniless vagabond..

    • Israel owns and runs America.

      Everyone else sees and knows it, but most Americans are clueless.

      We are an Israel First country.

  14. “Israel presses Gaza offensive despite US call for pause – GulfToday.”

    Something we have done (and pushed others into doing) since Nagasaki is “pauses” or “temporary ceasefires” to permit prisoner exchanges, the withdrawal of casualties, negotiations, and so on. I have always thought this a means of “managing” a war to ensure it lasts as long as possible, and to make people invested in warmaking industries, as much money as possible. Having been in a fight or two, I can tell y’all that as long as I’m conscious, I’m going to fight, no matter how badly I’m outnumbered or severely I’m beaten. This is because I have seen too often, a combatant ease-up or stop fighting because (s)he perceived they’d won, only to get the holy hell beat out of them once the “beaten” party was allowed a “pause.”

    If you allow pauses, you can negotiate a tenuous truce which solves nothing, but keeps a bunch of diplomats and fighters employed, possibly for many decades.

    Hamas and Hezbollah were born for one reason, and one reason only — to kill every Jew on the planet. That is stated right in their charter; it is their constitution, and for many years was the sole justification, in their world, for their existence. They have adopted a second goal, which is to defeat and destroy the Great Satan — that’d be us, y’know, you and me, but their principal goal, and one for which there is no possible honest compromise, is a “one-state solution,” made possible by the extermination of every living Jew.

    Personally, if someone “lives only to kill me,” I’m going to do whatever I can to kill him first. That is both reasonable and logical. It is called “self-defense.” For some reason, Mr. Biden’s handlers don’t seem to want to grant Israel a right to self-defense.

    The only “pause” which should ever happen in war is “truce,” “surrender,” or in some rare instances “annihilation.” Based on their charter, Hamas would be one of these instances.

  15. Lots of stuff going on – the slamming of the yen, Yellen reducing treasury issuance, Powell going soft, it appears the RRP reverse repo operation injecting $120B and lastly strange goings on with GEODE management an off Shoot of Fidelity that as a strategy owns primarily the top 7 tech stocks of which it sells VOL against, and lastly some top Banks not delivering deposits (pay checks) to its depositors. Another Bank failure/run on the horizon? Don’t know but in line with Ure thoughts about coordinated manipulation.

  16. It now makes me wonder if Fidelity (as in accounts) is GEODES counterparty and takes me back to MF Global and definitions of safekeeping …….

  17. “Something we have done (and pushed others into doing) since Nagasaki is “pauses” or “temporary ceasefires” to permit prisoner exchanges, the withdrawal of casualties, negotiations, ”

    we call for ceasefire as we race there with more arms..


    consider the native American tribes we did that to them as well.. since very few in politics can be totally honest and we have an administration that is well known as a lier how can he be trusted by anyone.

    • The “native American” tribes were all murdered into non-existence by the tribes which came later, thousands of years before the first Urepeein visited the shores of North America. Even the Zuni speak of the “Old Ones” who were here before they.

      With that said, every tribe had a strong sense of what we would call “honor.” Also, no Indian tribe of which I’m aware, had a word in its lexicon which corresponded to the English word “lie.” The concept of not telling the truth was completely foreign to North American Indians, and was so abhorrent to them that by about the 1830s, most tribes had adopted a policy of killing anyone who lied to any of them.

      The Europeans and Africans who emigrated to the New World, and their progeny in the United States, AFAIK made thousands of treaties, and broke every single one. The Indian was normally and naturally what we would consider, murderous, because capturing and torturing to death, people who were not of their tribe, was a form of entertainment to them. However, whenever the Euros (and Africans, Asians, etc.) broke a treaty, the Indians became highly-motivated to seek out and kill any non Indians they could find — killings they considered justified when a treaty became a lie.

      There was a lot of wrong on both sides of the “Indian Wars.” What pisses me off about the American Indian is, while the more-advanced civilization did not genocide them out of existence, neither did our forbears properly assimilate them into society. Even today our government is still screwing them over. BIA is as much of a joke as VA was before Trump got ahold of it (and it was on his list of things to fix, before COVID fucked the World…)

  18. George,
    1. please share website source for your past regressions.
    2. Can you describe how your Open indicators are derived?

    • 1) (This one is easy) https://www.tut.com/ It was a four week (three weeks, 3 workshops (regressions) and a =nice workbook. Don’t know how often they do these.

      2) (This one is more complicated.)

      First, you need the data on the market – at least a year’s worth. So S&P Daily Summary Like so (data
      – – –
      Date Open High Low Close* Adj Close** Volume
      1-Nov-23 4,201.27 4,203.81 4,197.74 4,202.76 4,202.76 188,370,541
      31-Oct-23 4,171.33 4,195.55 4,153.12 4,193.80 4,193.80 4,249,470,000
      30-Oct-23 4,139.39 4,177.47 4,132.94 4,166.82 4,166.82 3,911,140,000
      27-Oct-23 4,152.93 4,156.70 4,103.78 4,117.37 4,117.37 4,019,500,000
      26-Oct-23 4,175.99 4,183.60 4,127.90 4,137.23 4,137.23 4,277,640,000
      (Download more from Yahoo…)

      Now, to the right of these columns, I added the following logic:
      (I have data set beginning on line 3 of my sheet)

      Predicted: “Is today’s opening higher than the adjusted close of the previous session). This is an Excel logical function =IF(C3>F4,”Higher”,”Lower”) [Note “forecast day”]

      Day Actual” This (based on the day’s close) Did the close today come in higher or lower at today’s close?”
      Excel function =IF(F3

  19. Look into the work\books\talks of Dolores Cannon. There are those who practice her “quantum healing hypnosis technique” and there may be one in your area, or you can learn the technique for yourself.

    You’ve helped with my understanding of my dream world “houses of the dead”, with the story of meeting your mother-in-law at the airport. I also recognize your described Alt-Earth, which I keep having jobs and getting fired from.

    For me, her books allowed me to understand my dream world better. I’ve noticed I spend a lot of time in the Library holodeck rooms learning lessons. I’ve asked for knowledge on the Essenes from the Librarian, and I have been shown future events, that I’m too immature to understand the purpose of why I’m being shown.

    Keep posting your results and other fantastic dream-world stuff!


  20. whoooooo dude. the likeness of a man facing south!

    the cross on the the confederate flag is The Cross of Saint Andrew!!!!

    the confederate flag is the flag of the south!!!!


    the eagles north. Kenai. known for its eagles. the big dipper above it. Alaska. .the flag of Alaska!

    The coat of arms consists of an American eagle bearing a shield.

    also see astrological signs.

    leo on the east! the lion east!
    Taurus on the west! the Ox West!

    two thrones. Justice and Charity. justice is facing east. a lion! a Leo!

    charity is facing west, an Ox, a Taurus!

    whooooaaaa man. it’s all right there in a living expression!!!!! wow!!!!

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