Jobs Data, Tinderbox Weekend

The departure this week of a “squad” of Benjamins worth of account value from my Lunch Money trading account, brought (somewhat brutally) to my attention that we are now likely in Wave 3 Down, of which we had (1) down seeming to complete and we are likely in the rally to be associated with Wave 3 (2) – which is the short rally. Usually.

Unfortunately (and yes, still in the short position today) this could be over and done with already because in Elliott Wave terms, we have had a minimal Fibonacci based fill.

Of course, this is all based on our meta index we call the U.S. Aggregate…and I will lay the rest of it out (as a possible how future arrives) on the Peoplenomics subscriber side tomorrow.

The short version is, we are still likely to go higher, but we need a pullback to give a line of demarcation for this wave (2) rally which is likely to be an a-b-c and – if we turn down here, after a decline to something like 36,012.10 on the Aggregate, a move higher to finish (around the top of the declining trend channel in this view):

You can see the (1) down of the yellow scale large 3 are indicated by my “trading boxes” (fat candles) and yes, the market could roll over into (3) any time now because the minimums have been met.  Unknowable is whether there’s a shitstorm right here, or if we have a nice pullback (George’s squad of Benjamin’s returns in either case) or something worse.

Jobs Data

The Stalinesque nature of jobs reporting in America leaves us with a bitter taste.  Just as Stalin was always told (during failing Five Year Plans how things are “always getting better, Comrade…”, so too we see modern economics as being (pardon the directness here) not being able to say shit, even with a mouth full of it.

So, bite into this one:

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 150,000 in October, and the unemployment rate changed little at 3.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in health care, government, and social assistance. Employment declined in manufacturing due to strike activity.

As always, the “numbers bureau” will provide something to make everyone happy. The specific tool is the CES Birth/Death Model.  Essentially, it’s supposed to be an economic “best guess” at how much is being contributed by the gig economy and non-documented growth.

This month? CES Model contributed 412,000 jobs.

How the Lie Tests

Not really a lie.  Just a political deception.  Because the number of people working was actually down more than 300-thousand for the month!

Let’s see: 348-thousand fewer people officially working and they’re selling (quote): “Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 150,000 in October.”  I have highlighted this in brown because it’s bullshit happy-talk.

Oh, Ure’s not wrong on this.  If you’d look your lying eyes would have connected Shipping giant Maersk announces 10,000 job cuts, warns of volatility ( with it.  Recession of the sheep.

I wish our own (overpriced) government would be more candid and honest about the headlines they spew/puke.

With this, jobs are set to take some heat for the market opening today.  Which means it could blow down into the close, and after Hezbollah and Iran serious up on their threats beginning this weekend, World War 3 could be in full bloom next week.

War, Sabers, and a Houseplant

My consigliere is not a happy man.  He notes the U.S. has effectively declared war on Iran with House Resolution 559 quietly passed earlier this week.  The official text of which reads, in part:

(2) that Iran must not be able to obtain a nuclear weapon under any circumstances or conditions;
(3) to use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon; and to recognize and support the freedom of action of partners and allies, including Israel, to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

Which, as an attorney reads things, means the U.S. has been “maneuvered” into fighting Iran on Israel’s behalf.  After (and it’s being scrubbed from the net, so save it to local files) there was much discussion about how Israel stood down going into the October 7th debacle.  All very much a chess game going on.

The Stock Market’s violent rally 3 (2) hitting a minimum upside to permit a huge decline as a (3) of the larger 3 down at the close of Thursday’s trade, leaves it an open question as to how soon all the smelly stuff hits the fan blades.  There are these two wave counts, see?

Best approach is likely to divide into parts: The current action part, the threats part, and the houseplant response part.

To the first, then, current action:

On the claims and assessments side:

Then in the Houseplant’s department:

The problem in wars is always similar:  Misperceptions.  Joe Biden (Commander in Chief Biden) thinks that moving the Eisenhower through the ditch will be unopposed and that the U.S. can conduct air ops to Iran’s nuclear developments with some price, but doable.

However, as G.A. Stewart’s books on Nostradamus have much more than hinted over the years, there’s a northern war and then a southern war.  And you can see where Turkey could walk out of NATO – shutting down U.S. air ops out of Incirlik and then we could have a (more or less) continuous battlefield from Poland to Egypt, if you can wrap your head about something as horrific as that.

Remember, Greece and Turkey are not exactly palsy-walsy and that could light up. Remember last summer reading Greece pledges more high defense spending, seeks F-35 fleet | AP News?

All of which (if you envision war as a regional cancer slowly metastasizing) grows into a tumor sucking energy from human greed related to energy and resources, Like Ukraine’s grain basket, the Dnieper-Donets petroleum basin and off the Eastern Med, the ever-expanding potential of the Leviathan oil and gas fields.

Somewhere, it all goes “off the rails” and that’s may be what leads to the “Damascus” part of various prophecy. All ending with something of a “global war cemetery” in Jordan; Ham’onah. (multitude). The name of a city mentioned in Ezekiel. Eze 39:16. But the lead-in to that is worth the time to take in. Not so much on religious grounds, but more as a “flavor of news to come” kind of thing.

So, yes, my consigliere’s concerns on present events seem well-founded.

Going into the weekend, among the possible flare points are:

  • Does Israel preemptively hit Iran?
  • Does Egypt roll into Gaza?
  • Does Erdogan leave NATO?
  • Does Hezbollah and Hamas have sleeper cells in the U.S.?

We’ll check it out Monday.

Otherly, Distractedly

Crypto king Bankman fried: Sam Bankman Fried’s parents in tears as privileged son faces up to 115 years in jail.

Orange in the Courts: Ivanka Trump loses appeal to delay ‘middle of school week’ testimony in New York civil fraud trial | The Independent ( Trump testifies in fraud trial that he never worked on father’s financial statements | Fortune. And Trump asks appeals court to stay gag order in D.C. 2020 election interference case .

At the end of rain, pain: Record-breaking Storm Ciarán kills at least 5 in Italy, trapping residents and overturning cars: “A wave of water bombs”.

Off to see what’s going on with the market – which is trying to rally on the “good news” of unemployment trying to tick up?

Vise grips!

Write when you get rich,

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47 thoughts on “Jobs Data, Tinderbox Weekend”

  1. Making the mistake of leaving the pc screen with your reference to “houseplants” up in full view of Diana’s table of houseplants while I attended to another chore has caused quite a stir after they apparently saw your Houseplant comments.
    The Spider Plant’s leaves were sticking straight up and shaking rather than their normal gentle curves. The Peace Lilly dropped all of it’s blooms. And the snake plant is sitting there hissing. Not to worry since they get like that whenever they hear me talk about those fools on the hill. They are all a bunch of Karen’s anyway. Maybe I should stay away from the snake plant for a while though. I swear it’s closer to my desk than it was a minute ago.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Jim, please make sure your health insurance is current. A vial of anti-venom is 11-13K per vial and the initial dose is 4-6 vials!

      • You be crawling around in the wrong places mi amigo.
        In Belize anti -venom is part of the national health service. All the hospitals are stocked with the stuff- paid for.
        My grounds guys left me a dead Fer de Lance on the back side of lot facing lagoon last week. Really freaks the Belizean peeps out – even a dead one. Known locally as a Jumping Tommygoff – as it is one of very few Snakes in the world that can swing back around on its handler holding its tail end and nail the scheisse out you – one of meanest snakes I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.Should be called rothchilds, sorass or annunaki=elohim or better yet just “SETHs”.

  2. George, there is one other possibility in the market that obviate the power of your chart pack. The magnificent 7 financial firms do control enough stock sales to simply keep the market heading higher. Our equities market is more of a propaganda arm of the financial system than providing a real lens on the economy.
    It must be allowed to bounce down occasionally to keep some fear of economic regulation at bay. but then it is bought up again to convince the docile sheep that they are still making the right decisions to ship their retirement cash to the big 7.
    As Grover is reminding you this week, actual response to the news, which once moved traditional markets, is now just a mechanism for controlling perceptions.
    Though I do admit, a nuclear blast could rupture that finely tuned prospertity message.

    • I suspect the M7 are the root to all of the distortions we’re seeing. Maybe they should have their own market, or be removed as variables in yhe reports.

      • Plunge Protection Team -PPT in NYC is federal dont cha know- well now ya do- woot wwot U 2 could be a Bandicoot!

        The winning is easy !

        Its the losing thats so hard..can I get a witness ?

        Did someone say 435 on the SPY ?!

        woot woot – Go go Bandicoot, squeezing higher – all ya all should been a Buyer.

        Popcorns ready – colds ones ready – never mind the glowy sparklie things overhead as the Cowgirls coming to town 4 Sunday showdown at the Linc.

        E-A-G-L-E-S !

        Go Burds!

  3. Pssst, hey yank you hungry ? interested in some sausage ?

    Not a joke, serious as a Kinzhal

    – talking Kielbasi..polish kilbasi.
    Fresh as possible..hand made in Ukraine from a little shop -name roughly translated to “Mrs Sweeney Toads” or something.. Fresh stuff will last about 2 weeks refrigerated, smoked or dryed will last bout 3 weeks refrigerated. Kept outside (tied up in tree/above bears reach) in Russian winter it will last up to 3 months. This stuff will soonly be very SCARCE.

    Please refer Ure reference guides/google machines and dictionaries for description of exactly what SCARCITY is.

    Ure editor and chief has NFC whatsoever as to what SCARCITY is, so best do the research Ureself.

    The entire fleet of Polish submarines has recently been sunk due severe incompetence. Turns out they replaced all the old water tight hatches with screen doors for Summer operations..

    Natasha, we must stop the moose&pollacks from arming our enemy combatants.- BB

  4. Bankman will quietly receive a pedo joe pardon. If the crypto king starts telling how much money the communists in congress ,and the pedo also, people might get upset. Or he could be Epsteined .

  5. “And the Blunderer in Chief? Joe Biden calls for ‘pause’ in the Gaza conflict – Mehr News Agency.
    Was that a dumb idea?”

    I believe that it’s pretty obvious the Biden shit show that looks mysteriously like an effort to fulfill the obligations promised by the family business activities… And it has spiraled out of control..the more assets that are removed from our countries defense along with the more potential enemy soldiers allowed to enter illegally.. the easier it will be for the poison pawn trap to close and defeat our country in a checkmate move.. this has happened all through history in the destruction of advanced civilizations..

    • Well, if we’ve truly been working on reverse-engineering alien technology the last 8 decades now would be the time to get these vehicles into action…..UNLESS maybe the powers that be and the elites are using this technology to maybe hyperjump, (aka the German “Die Glocke” machine 1944-45) into another dimension to maintain their lifestyles and escape the oncoming charcoal pit of the West which is on the way…..

  6. Unusual things that make you go “hmmmm…” –
    Why Have All Chinese Banks Disappeared From The LBMA Gold Price Auction

    After a long and exhausting review of the history of LBMA member participation is expounded on in the article it seems that the China banks have requested their non-participation themselves leaving only speculation as to why. Does China finally have all the gold it thinks it needs?

  7. Yo LunchmoneyG,

    you can stick a fork in Ure precious fiat frn’s, as fed just pushed the flapper handle on the global financial terlet..


    Like a burnt to a crisp prime rib roast – this beast is on her last legs – in need a of mercy shot (.22cal tweendaeyes) she is.
    The geriatrics running fed/treas/whitehouse seem to have forgotten something..besides their; Geritol/Falsies/Depends/ adhd meds and blood thinner meds..

    Oh well – by the time they remember, WE THE PEOPLE, it will indeed be too late for anything but moar chaos..

    Dualistic Hell = THE great gift from the Creators/Planners/”gods” to All Humanity.. be profoundly grateful for THAT.

    * Dont we all wish we had such high and mighty vibrations-intentions as the ancient “gods” ?!

  8. George
    It appears that Chevy is rescheduling electric vehicle production in a face saving move to exit that market. Ford is thinking about that also.
    Japanese car makers are also on that train as reality sets in! At last count Chevy had 92,000+ EV’s on dealers lots that nobody wants.
    The public has realized that EV’s are an expensive and potentially explosive ride and have backed away from them!

    • And the EV makers are on the hook to provide parts and service on already produced units lest they be class-action sued by the already duped buyers…

    • Personally, I’d love to have an EV — as long as it could haul sheets of half-inch CDX, I could get it with new batteries, and for under $2800.

      When THAT fire sale comes along, call me. Until it does, don’t bother.

  9. for the country whose NAvy cuts broom handles down to 18″ to make sure the sailors are vlose enought ot the deck to se any dirt that would paossibly be misssedd if stsnding stright while sweeping the decks. It may be insturctive to understand the Turkey – Syria relationship in WW1. Foreign intanglements indeed.

    The kabuki banking theater Distraction is going into full Ape in 3…2…1….

    Got blockchain?

  10. WoRR’s Rule One for True Emergencies:
    Emergencies (worth the term) arrive in two
    modes. Mode A: Suddenly, with little or no
    warning. Or, Mode B: With some–maybe a
    lot (many days) of warning. (Less often)

    Corrollary: You can never know which.

    Conclusion: Plan for “A”, be happy if you
    actually get a “B.” Plan accordingly.

    • 2 Peter 3:10
      “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

        • “so ..Christians are the biggest threat to america..”

          It takes a while to realize exactly what I mean, when I say something like “JFK couldn’t get on the ballot as a Republican, in many States,” or “Tulsi Gabbard is still as liberal as she’s always been,” or even when I label many national Democrats as “Marxists” or “communists.”

          My words are not hyperbola.

          Virtually ALL Democrat politicians, of every State, who are at the level of Senior Legislator or District/State Representative are essentially Marxist in their personal political ideology.

          So are the Administrations of ALL historically Democrat-run cities.

          So are roughly 95% of the news media, from small market Ashtabula, Ohio, to national market CNN, and 87.6% of primary and secondary school administrators.

          So are over well over 90% of entertainers — not necessarily in fact (or by belief), but certainly by act. This occurred to me after hearing something or other about Dolly Parton and the R&R HOF, and when I heard a trailer for next week’s “Good Morning America” and noted that Peyton Manning will be one of the featured guests. Peyton is about as Leftist as Bill Buckley, but he is having to bury his personal politics and “go with the Libs” if he wants to avoid being cancelled. Dolly buried her politics years ago, to remain relevant (I don’t know Peyton but I know the cloth from which he’s cut. I do know Dolly a little, and her personal politics closely resemble mine.)

          ‘Point is, with most mic-adorned politicians, teachers, clergy, news “reporters” and “anchors,” and their sports and entertainment idols all telling them:

          2+2 only equals 4 if you want it to.

          There are 107 genders.

          You can have sex with whomever you want, at any age, whenever you want, as long as you don’t tell.

          The U.S.A. is a bad place.

          Christians, patriots, people who read the Constitution, and people who work for a living are bad, and

          everybody whose skin is lighter in pigment than a dead leaf, who is a biological male and aware of that fact, or for whom Yom Kippur has meaning, needs to be summarily executed because they are a pox on the world.

          What chance have today’s children, when all this garbage is shoveled daily into their brains, from every conceivable angle?

          What chance have we, when it is these children, grown up but not educated or matured, who will choose our healthcare?

      • Historic reference as a guide?

        Google indicates Tel Aviv has many pages for the gay nightlife.

        Gaza on the other hand where, “homosexual acts between men are still illegal under the British Mandate Criminal Code Ordinance of 1936”, have zero pages.

        If judgement is at hand which city is most likely to be destroyed using the guide Vs which city is actively being destroyed?

        • Tulsi Gabbard commented on the LGBTQ+ demonstrators for Palestine, saying that “these people don’t understand that Arabs want to kill them.”

        • @Hank

          This is why I contend that they are the epitome of stupid. They protest a police action in which we are not involved, and they do it 5, 6, even 7000 miles away from anyone to whom they should be protesting. Instead of protesting in NYC or Chicago, or SanFranSicko, they need to go to Gaza and protest there.

        • Hmmm… yes and no on that one.. they are firm on it …AFTER .. Puberty…

          Girls and women are not to be seen..the men are the patriarchs of the family.. it depends on which version of the Quran you are reading.. I also believe this is one of the reasons that there are tribal disputes.. why christians are targeted etc.. we have all seen the videos of Israelites spitting on Christians’..
          an ancient custom called “bacha bazi” (boy for play), where rich men buy boys as young as 11 from impoverished families for sexual slavery. The boys are dressed in women’s clothes and made to dance and sing at parties, before being carted away by the men for sex. Owning boys is considered a symbol of status and one former warlord boasted of having up to 3,000 boys over a 20-year period, even though he was married, with two sons. The involvement of the police and inaction of the government means this form of child prostitution is widespread.
          young girls are taken and sold I believe that this goes all the way back to Abraham..

  11. Herman Hesse – Damien quote

    “My story isn’t pleasant, it’s not sweet and harmonious like the invented stories; it tastes of folly and bewilderment, of madness and dreams, like the life of all people who no longer want to lie to themselves.”

  12. you remember when i was slinging tablets. and that guy took one and said, what are you going to do about it?

    and i could have beat the shit out of him. but i didnt.

    then he says, you arent going to do anything. youre a punk.

    and i just sat and smiled. my friend says that guy just jacked a tablet. you could have just beat him to death. but you just smile and watch him walk away????? i said yep.

    6 months later im in my office, running security gigs. a homeless fella, all strung out on drugs comes to me and says. im sorry to bother you sir, but you have any work? i havent aten in 3 days, i havent slept or showered in a week. im willing to do anything.

    so i let him in my office. and i gave him a doughnut and a cup of coffee. he weighed about 140 lbs at 6 foot tall. he said thank you. you have any work.

    i looked at him. and said no i dont. if i had a new tablet, i might be able to see if i could find something. but i dont. so you are welcome for the coffee and the doughnut. i think you should leave now.

    and right there, he remembered that day he called me a punk and took from me what wasnt his. and he started balling his eyes out headed for the door turned and said im so sorry. before the door closed, i said dont come back. i have nothing for you.

    i cant count how many times that has happened to people who took from me.

    like the fella who tried to fight me. and when that didnt work. he tried to get me fired. and he ended up getting himself fired, loosing job, loosing his house and his wife left him.

    so when my roomate says, that could ruin your life when a problem arises. i laugh. because nothing can ruin my life. everyone who has ever tried, had the same exact experiances as the two fellas above. ive seen it hundreds and hundreds of times. they are all like the little black rock
    they gained 3 inches on me. and ended up falling off a 700 foot cliff to be shattered into a million peices.

    i have thousands of stories like that. guy tried to set me up once to take the fall for a bank robbery. so i let his brother drive my car for a day. and if he would have went through with that plan? his brother would have went ti prison for 20 years. not me.
    so he left me alone.

    God protects me and anyone who would come against me to take from me what isnt theirs to do so.

    well i feel bad for them. but its their choice. like i said, they actually think they are winning. but what they are doing is? they are moving into positions of their ultimate demise.

    i understand, they cant help themselves. they are ruled by their appitites and greed. the bottomless pit. and eventually that same bottomless pit, consumes them.

    i dont need to do anything. God is the maker of my ways.

    its harvest season. let everyone recieve 10,000 times according to their fruits. seeds of theft recieves 10,000 fold back. its bumker crop season.

    me? i been planting good and pleanty.

    as predicted. no further comment for a year.

  13. you know about 6 months ago i bought Global Currency Reserve token on Coinbase on July 1st. i bought $200 of it at $0.02 a coin. my order was delayed and came through on July 19th at $0.02 a token and was deposited in my account.

    i purchased the token intuituvely, 16 days prior to,

    july 17th, 2023. on july 17th, 2023 the Global Currency Reserve Token went to $72.40 a token. 2 days later it went back down to $0.02 a token.

    but i got my order processed 2 days after the sell off.

    i asked them about it and they said sorry, some orders take time to complete. you have your tokens now.

    seems pretty fucking suspect to me. if they would have processed my order like they do all other orders within 24 to 48 hours? that is a $724,000 jackpot.


    so i think George is right. its a completely rigged platform.

    and like that FTX guy who just got 115 years in prison?

    i see the same thing for the fella who delayed the processign my order.

    because that is the harvest those kinds of crops produce.

    this is not rocket sceince and shit. its pretty simple math.

    • For a sale transaction to clear, there has to be a buyer. There probably wasn’t a buyer until the price fell back to $ .02 a token. Low volume markets aren’t particularly liquid. The real question is how did the price get manipulated to get you to sell into an illiquid market.
      Sounds like a grifter evaded the stick on this one. .

  14. oh yeah the song.


    hmmmmmmmmmmm. oh! yes!

    Just remember this, my girl, when you look up in the sky
    You can see the stars and still not see the light
    (That’s right)
    And I’m already gone
    And I’m feelin’ strong
    I will sing this victory song
    Woo-hoo-hoo, my, my, woo-hoo-hoo

    que: ~ Already Gone ~

    The Eagles.

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