Is ISIS at War Over BREXIT?

If you are working on your UrbanSurvival Junior News Analyst Badge, here’s the question for you to be working on as your “final examination.”

Does the evidence support the notion that the terrorism attacks in the UK are really a mechanism through which the factions are still fighting over the future of the UK’s BREXIT from the European Onion? (sic)

There are some data points that might lead one down this path of speculation.


For one, the UK is about to head for the polls again and an election which will determine the future of the May government.

We have mentioned this previously:  ISIS either has incredible stupid strategic planners – who do dumb things like stage attacks just prior to elections and events where Muslims can suffer PR and strategic public opinion losses (like this weekend’s mess).

OR, says an alternative viewpoint, there is a deliberately pursued timing going on such that ISIS is staging attacks at precisely the moment when there would be maximal public disgust and that is really their agenda…

Naturally, when there is an agenda, we tend to Follow The Money (FTM).

So here’s one that you don’t hear very much about in the LameStreamMedia:  Since the BREXIT vote last June do you have any idea how much the FTSE (British Footsie) stock index is up?

I ran the numbers this morning:  Up 22.9%. 

Meantime, let’s see of Germany and France did in comparison, shall we?

The French CAC-40 closed Friday at 5,343.44.  Brexit vote week last year? 4,106.74.  Yep: France is up 30.1% so the UK is lagging the French.  And that’s a country which just voted down the strong-border Marine Le Pen conservatives.

Germany?  Last Friday the DAX closed at 12,822.95. A\s year ago it was languishing around 9,557.16.  Like Merkel, or not, the German stock market investors have to love her because the German market is up 34.17%.

For the sake of comparison, the US closed Friday at 2,439.07 on the S&P 500 while at Brexit vote last year we stood at 2,037.41.  A mere 19.7% increase.

And this gets us to a tantalizing area of study:  To what extent are extremely loose to nearly non-existent immigration policies (coupled with social chaos) feeding growth?

Those countries with the high Middle East refugee flood have the highest stock market growth.  While those with lesser immigration seem to be lagging.

14,952.02 was where the Japanese Nikkei 225 stood a year ago (week of June 24th/Brexit week).  Last Friday the N225 closed at 20,177.28.  That’s 34.9% growth in stock prices.

So what the heck is going on?

Well, I started the research this weekend to figure it out.  And the answer seems rather surprising.

It seems that stock price advances aren’t driven solely by ISIS, or Trump-Hating (a new US national pastime). Climate Change, or radiation leaks and nuclear meltdown remediation (if such a thing is possible).

Instead we come to a more generalized theory that is stated something like this:


What does ISIS share with Ferguson, illegal Mexican immigration, Chinese Island-building, or Fukushima?

They are all economic stimulatives.  They make up new industry, more social control, and as a “reason” for people to pay ever-more taxes.

Yet it’s such a big (and outlandish) notion – yet supported by the data at the uber-macro level – that few will wrap their heads around it.

We are passing a social control tripping point that may be described as the tip from T&A stimulus to violence-based social controls.

Nowhere do I find the notion more evident that seeing 208-million Google hits on the word “Kardashian” while ISIS hits are now up to 230-million hits.

CNN Staging the News

We would draw your attention to the Israel National News (Arutz Sheva -9) which is running with “Did CNN stage ‘Muslim Mothers’ protest after London attack?  CNN accused of ‘fake news’ after recordings show reporter directing anti-ISIS Muslim protesters near scene of London attack…”

And whoever was staging it (for CNN?) tried to sell it to BBC, as well.  A tweet on point:

Meantime, we observe that left-leaning (and anti-Trump) CNN has come under pressure to fire an Iranian-born show host Reza Aslan for calling president Trump a “…piece of shit…”

CNN is quoted (here at TVNewser) as responding  ““Reza Aslan is not a CNN employee, but does host a series on the network,” a CNN spokesperson said in a statement. ”

But alas, after getting months of reader e-mail and comment nasty’s for our reporting on the anti-Trump bias in the U.S. media back when, but today even the New York Times is coming around to our view in the story “After London Attack, Trump Again the Center of Partisan Media Combat.”

We hold to our original premise to this day:  Too much channel capacity leads to low quality reportage.  We just got there six months ago.

Joys of “Flying Nukes”

Interesting observations from our oak leaf cluster military affairs whiz:

Apollo PA is around 60 mile NE of Pittsburgh.  It’s long been rumored that missing weapons grade plutonium from that site ended up in the hands of Israeli nuclear bomb teams in he 60s.  This is theorized to have jump-stared the Israeli nuke program.  Now, further alleged nuke cooperation with Israel has been revealed from reputable sources.


Nuke batteries are used routinely on unmanned space vehicles, such as the Mars rovers, Cassini  and Voyager probes and others.  Russia and China have been doing the same.  In the 60s, this was deep black technology, classified at the highest levels.  If accurate, providing the batteries to Israel in order to permit uninterrupted, long term remote intelligence gathering proved to be a literal game changer in the Six Day War.

Fast forward 50 years and let your imagination conjure up new and innovative ways to deploy this capability.  The linked article reveals some interesting methods the batteries may have been used for in the past.

Some other renewable technologies are on the cusp of achieving reliable long-term use, such as solar electric unmanned systems the fly high or operate on a the surface of the ocean for weeks or months without needing to land or dock.  These systems could be used for communications, command and control, intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance, or weather/climate tracking.

Bottom line:  unless information is encrypted or physical structures cloaked or shielded, nothing is a secret.  Look up and smile!

We’ll try…but ever since the Planet X bust looking up (like Hillary whining) seems just so….pointless!

Meanwhile, Back at the Economy

Stocks are looking to consolidate and maybe pull back a bit this week as we are just past the traditional “sell in May and go away” window.

Labor Department press release on productivity and costs is just out.  If you have the NoDoz, I have the press release…

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity was unchanged during the first quarter of 2017, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as both
output and hours worked increased 1.7 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the first quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2017, productivity increased 1.2 percent, reflecting a 2.5-percent increase in output and a 1.3-percent increase in hours worked.

Labor productivity, or output per hour, is calculated by dividing an index of real output by an index of hours worked by all persons, including employees,
proprietors, and unpaid family workers. Measures released today were based on more recent source data than were available for the preliminary report.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased 2.2 percent in the first quarter of 2017, reflecting a 2.2-percent increase in hourly compensation; productivity was unchanged. Unit labor costs increased 1.1 percent over the last four quarters.

BLS calculates unit labor costs as the ratio of hourly compensation to labor productivity. Increases in hourly compensation tend to increase unit labor costs, and increases in output per hour tend to reduce them. (Then they sprinkle fairy-dust on them- G)

Manufacturing sector labor productivity increased 0.5 percent in the first quarter of 2017, as output increased 2.6 percent and hours worked increased
2.1 percent. Output per hour decreased 0.7 percent in the durable goods manufacturing sector and increased 2.7 percent in the nondurable goods

Gallup Consumer Spending is just out, too: Up $9-bucks.

The rest of the week looks like a yawner, too.

You Know It’s a Slow News Week When…

Even after two cups of high octane coffee my blood pressure this morning is 124 over 77 pulse 74.

By contrast Sunday was 111 over 67 pulse 53.

So we ask this savory question as a result:  We know that blood pressure varies during the day.

An abstract here says (in part):

“Studies comparing the performance of people with high and normal blood pressure levels have shown that high blood pressure or hypertension is related to poorer performance on tests of attention, learning and memory, executive functions, visuospatial skills, psychomotor abilities, and perceptual skills. Hypertension is also predictive of cognitive decline.”

But coffee seems to help IQ, so I feel on average confused.

Which makes it what day of the week?  Oh…Monday…yeah coming clear now…

Dow futures down 17…’nother NoDoz?

31 thoughts on “Is ISIS at War Over BREXIT?”

  1. Brilliant, George! You clarified what I have been trying to mentally articulate for some time. I have been calling it “The Drama Factor” but I still don’t know how I should allocate a long term portfolio and successfully trade on “drama”?

  2. I heard an infobabe this weekend say we need to learn why Muslims hate us.
    OK. And when we learn that they hate us, not because they are poor or downtrodden, but because their religion mandates it, what then?

    • It just may have a little something to do with us breaking stuff over where they live for the past number of decades. But then I’m just projecting how I would feel if a foreign government overthrew my leaders, installed their own leaders and salted the earth where I lived.

      • Yeah Osama bin laden’s complaint also. No answers from our sold out globalist republic takeover leaders either. Since GWB #1 thru to obama clear as spit.

    • If they were us and they did to us what we did to them ,would you want to do unto them what they did unto you

      • Any of y’all ever hear of the Barbary pirates back in Jefferson’s administration? I do think the U.S./U.K./NATO alliance has stirred the pot over there for the past 20 years but in reality the Arabic world has had this attitude for 1400 years. Perhaps the neocons just pulled this out of their Perpetual War bag of ideas but given Globalist aims it was bound to happen once the Western world came to their shores. We’re all cannon fodder to the Globalists. Thanks Jon.

  3. RE: Coffee and BP . . . some humans metabolized caffeine better than others, so while 12 cups of Joe might be good for George, six cups may not be good for me (and vice versa). Still, moderation is always wise, unless one is in a ‘caffeine mandatory’ situation, e.g. final exams, last minute report, driving thru the night, etc. Also, French press, expresso and metal screen filtered coffee, even decaf, can moderately raise LDL cholesterol, according to Mayo Clinic, WebMD and other sites. Paper filters remove cafestol, a compound in coffee that is metabolized into LDL cholesterol. Metals screens just let the goo pass thru! Still, unadulterated black coffee has definite benefits WRT antioxidants and liver cleansing for those who aren’t adversely affected by the caffeine and who use paper filters.

  4. Nah, ISIS attacks are the TPTB keeping all of us fighting each other so that we are not paying attention to how much they are ripping us off. Or how many civil liberties we have forfeited, or how much our standard of living has eroded.

  5. Everything’s right and everything’s wrong but you know better than that so everybody get together and put the truth out there
    then we won’t be neophytes no more
    will be actually be actuated Geniuses because we all have inquiring minds
    and as the truth hits us in the head we take a different path and say well it’s this way
    but one of the realities is that if there’s a mountain and the top is our goal
    we can all take different paths up that mountain to get to the top so while you may be on the other side of the mountain and I and other people are on different sides or different degrees and of the circular motion going up the mountain we can all say hey we’re right we’re all going to get there
    So the hard part is in climbing the mountain .
    the hard part is knowing what’s at the top of the mountain
    Some are climbing the mountain because of their perceived goals of Stakhanovism
    And others are taking their time they’re not climbing very fast to get to the top.
    to them it’s not their Spirit Souls purpose on Earth and others nature before they entered this world that they would have chieve the goals that they never had before in their last time so once again we come to the conclusion .
    They all are taken Myspace
    and always remember that thoughts have wings those thoughts travel faster than the speed of light and those thoughts travel into other dimensions and timelines
    so be careful what you wish for with all those thoughts you have you just might get it and when I say be careful be careful what other people give you with their impressions.
    Because in reality we’re all neophytes just waiting anticipating on biting on the something and chewing it and making it our own because if we do it becomes part of Who We Are
    the more you devoir the more you become ???

  6. Are you taking your blood pressure readings at the same time every day? Blood pressure tends to rise a few hours before you wake up and continues to rise during the day. And then late afternoon into the evening it begins dropping again.
    Also, would suggest you take a reading when you are sitting, and then right after that stand up and take a reading. This second reading should be lower, but check to see how much lower. Family member was/is taking bp meds for years now. The difference between the two readings – sitting 118/80; standing – 80/62. That was why family member kept getting light headed when standing up…..

      • You didn’t put laying down blood pressure that’s the lowest that’s when things happen in your brain and your body and your most receptive unless you’re in a alcohol or drug induced environment laying down is when the dreams comes and all other Supernatural things that people think do not exist

  7. George, You miss the point. Badly. Trump himself, the person, is insignificant. Take the latest incident de jour. Having your President go out of his way to pick a fight with the Mayor of a sister city who just suffered a terrible attack, based upon (and why am I not surprised here?) false information is newsworthy.

    So what is CNN or any other legit media outlet supposed to do — ignore it? Not report that a US President is attacking an important ally at their darkest hour based on a falsity? On invented info? On still another lie? Then predictably, Trump and his Righties howl about the scrutiny — like a Kim Kardashian or a Paris Hilton complaining about too much publicity.

    George, we’ve entered a time where facts and truth no longer matter, and anyone who tries to bring them or any sort of hard thinking about them to the table is branded the enemy. Mike.

    • We are in a time, I would argue, when corporations with agendas are keeping people stirred up.
      It’s the only growth model they have.
      Trump is just Trump and CNN is just bullshite.

      • George, I like you a lot. You’ve got a lot of heart. Like Rudy. “Trump is just Trump.” A truly sad lament. Sorry. I feel your pain. You’re carrying an awful lot of luggage there.

        But it’s not the guy — its the policies. Promise the desperate and downtrodden better, cheaper healthcare for more people, and then, rather than just ignore them, actually cut their hearts out. All to help out the top 2%’s taxes. Wait until we get to the actual tax cuts themselves — you’ll need like ten more cases of lipstick.

        It’s one thing to yap about Papa when you’re out of power; but now the kids are running the railroad. Time to get real. (You just know Trump picked his baseless fight with London to appeal to his hardcore base at a time when his numbers are sagging. As if those 25% are enough to save him from Russia-gate. Or mollify the Greatest Generation over fracturing NATO.)

        Back to your point, regarding CNN, my gripe with them is that they always seem to bend over backwards to be overly fair to Trump, to take him seriously, and never to say ‘it’s just Trump being Trump,’ which for them would be labelled dismissive. Trump’s attack on the media has garnered him many rewards.

        And my gripe against Fox is that they can never get to the actual point (or merits) of the debate — rather it’s always a story about equivalence, hypocrisy, the messenger, what the liberals say. Never a ‘Gee, NASA concluded climate change is caused by human activity, so maybe the conservative thing, the prudent thing would be to go a bit slower here’, with a cutesy little retort like, ‘And you know they are the rocket scientists, ha ha.’ We had some important critical thinking from Fox during the Iran nuke deal (albeit interspersed with mostly vendective and irrelevancies), but never a peep about something that may turn out to be equally important. Mike.

      • Oh, boy…you have missed so much.
        But let’s take this notion that republicans are running things.

        Not so!

        Who is running things are the collection of sellouts who CALL themselves R’s but most of them are moderate demos. They couldn’t agree on dog catcher, let alone a healthcare system that works.

        And that’s our problem, Mike – you and me. I try to look one level PAST whatever I am thinking and search out the root causes.

        now you take this R and D crap. Both parties are – and I’ve used this enough even you should get it – Labels of Convenience.

        If we really had a federal trade commission, congress would be sued and disbanded. Why? ALL elected on false advertising!

        But this is how it goes on climate, too. NO NASA did not agree to manmade climate change. NASA was locked up under Bush, I think it was, and only political orthodocy -= as decreed and agreed by the politburo at the top – was allowed to leak out and only then when there was a clear agenda.

        The rest of the time? If you work as a scientist in government you can’t call George or any other “non-sanctioned media” and tell us all your take on the data.

        You see, by limiting access to the (once free) press,, you artificially manufacture assent.

  8. because George is urban survival site on the comment section does not have a retrieval system where I could punch in and say I’ll John or or what does he have is telephone and cell phone something so that we can go back into the past of what people have put in and find out what they recommended you know because a lot of people do recommend things on this website they say I recommend this I recommend that and for a lot of people we can’t find that we can’t go back in time you have to go back through each article to find that where are we the search yes George has a search that searches his people nomics but now I needs to search for his comment section on his blog yeah I know you say well that’s going to cost some money okay doors there you go I done gave you another money Avenue go for it me personally I would allow everybody and anybody to get on and research my comment section for a dollar a year okay so that that would be the starter yep $1 a year so if you have a hundred people that’s one hundred bucks of yours you have a thousand people that’s a thousand people that can comment or no or research okay so we have research for a dollar year we have comment which is free so the research on the comment be a dollar year for all of the comment tours anyway you’ll figure it out I’m just throwing this s*** off the top of my head but there’s money to be made there and I’m sure that’s not what you think about is money you don’t care about money no not George but anyway lots of laughs so there you go I gave you another money idea that would work I mean you can say way you can comment but you can’t research the comments so I mean why would anybody want to research the comments unless they’ve been commenting and know about your website so it be something that people are already into and they would have to pay because you don’t have it you do not have that available for your customers to research the comments you do for people nomics but not for the other part you know so George I’m full of it as usual and say Jon have a nice day there John may all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it and I hope that George has been a good neophyte teacher for you

    • I can’t speak for anyone else, but, dang, it sure would make it easier to read what you write if you used some punctuation. Maybe I am old school but punctuation is for a purpose – to make reading something easier and coherent.

      • And it’s not his voice rec s/w either. Most all such s/w has provisions to add punctuation…maybe dear Brucie is too lazy to memorize the user cheat-sheet for how to use it?

        When I use voice rec. s/w no one can tell because I say [period, new line]

        Amazingly simple

  9. I’m sorry to impose upon y’all’s integrity and breathes but no one is asking the right questions

      • Uh, at the risk of stating the obvious, Jefferson WAS a revolutionary.

        And tribalism is a very effective way to avoid cognitive dissonance, wouldn’t you agree?

  10. It is you who are delusional. Day after day we are subjected to your delusions. Globalist binky suckerer.

  11. Watch youtube video called London psy-op busted wide open by BPearthwatch channel. You will see how the attack was staged by UK police. The terrorist is filmed dressing for his part. He is clearly an actor. Of course it does not even make sense that the terrorists are wearing fake suicide vests either when we are told 1 of them detonated a suicide vest.

  12. What’s up with the price of bitcoin. Looks like the correction was shallow. On to $3000 soon…

  13. Not the only pivot by Trump that burned bridges. Trump unilaterally changed his approved NATO speech at the last moment and refused to stand by Art. 5. In the process he burned Mattis, Tillerson and McMasters who all were under the assumptions and agreement Trump would support NATO.

    SitRep: London Fallout; Mattis and Tillerson Scramble; Trump’s NATO Speech Rattled Advisors

  14. “…no matter how ineffective and worthless they all are to the bigger picture.”

    Doesn’t that apply to everyone including yourself? Take an hour to think about this possibility. Some do play in a different league, and I doubt that it’s ‘Trump’ that twitters. He has people working for this purpose to satisfy the fools who belief they matter, imho.

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