It’s becoming almost laughable watching fraud squad attempts to take down Trump.  How does he stay ahead of the game?  With the wild-eyed left painting him with every pejorative in the limited hot-button vocabulary of radicals?

Our military affairs contributor  warhammer lays it out this way:

“I’ve been thinking about Trump’s blasting of ‘The Quad Squad’ and his strategy and/or motives for doing so.  Many do not give the sitting president enough credit for getting to where he is today, both financially and politically.  How he achieved his success is part and parcel to how he treats his political and foreign opponents.  So how does he do it?

It dawned on me that there seems to be quite a strong correlation between Trump’s verbal attacks and Saul Alinsky’s ‘’Rules for Radicals.’   What many libs already know but most moderate-to-conservative Americans don’t is that Trump appears to be consistently borrowing from the Alinsky playbook, fighting verbal fire with fire.

Turning Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals back onto the rising class of congressional liberals is certainly political fair play, if not outright genius.  Trump’s really quite good at it too.  Not that this is a novel approach, as this is the same path Clinton and Obama walked to rise to and wield their power.  It’s just that most Republicans and many moderate-to-conservative citizens are not used to witnessing a senior member of the GOP effectively bouncing socialist psychological warfare tactics back onto the left, especially when that person is a sitting President.

The result?  Trump is “making the [political] enemy confront its own book of rules.”  Straight out of Alinsky, he’s “using ridicule effectively,” “keeping the pressure on” after he “picks, freezes, personalizes and polarizes” his targets.  What is amazing is he’s routinely doing so with steady success.

Formal polls indicate Trump is about where Obama was at this stage of his first term.  Still, some people do not want to openly admit their support for the President, further complicating next year’s election strategy for the left.

I certainly would not count The Donald out for 2020 unless he is successfully impeached, he resigns or simply chooses not to run.  Keep a watch on Trump and compare his actions to Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Radicals.  The similarities seem quite obvious to Ure’s truly.


Not a bad take on tactics,. methinks.  Especially when the latest impeachment farce in the House went down to defeat in a landslide.  (As a Texan, rep. Al Green (who’s yet-another democrat lawyer, who’s made a career of politics) is an embarrassment to the state for even trying to foist a phony impeachment off on his House colleagues.)

Trump continues to “get in their faces:” saying to a businessman Vote for meor you’ll be “so goddamn poor…”  All of which casts the 2020 election as a choice between the sane, solid track record, soaring economy, American idol tweet mentality OR the crazy, over-spending, radial socialist name-calling lefties who will take whatever you make.

We don’t see it as particularly hard choice.  Watch closely how the loonies overlook Trump’s ability to think differently than they.  Remember, as a college football player, he knows how to read a playbook.  Never thought I’d write this, but Thanks, Alinsky!

More heartening is Trump taking up a theme we’ve been sharing weeks: “‘If We Didn’t Have All of the Bullshit,’ We’d Be Much Further Along.”  NSS.

Speaking of BS: Did you catch this CBS headline? Trump’s racist tweets resonate with his supporters at campaign rally.  Racist?  Seems to me CBS is making an unjustified call.  I read all the president’s tweets and seems to me none were racial despite the media trying to paint it so…The four horse’s asses of apocalypse self-identified which is amusing.  That headline is just more evidence of how the media is carrying the water for, or is actually in cahoots with the lefties…

OK, What REALLY Matters?

You mean besides PBS? (Which around here means Political Bull Shit…)  Oh, the timing of the Fed dialing back the Money Supply which will bring the market down this fall, but if you’re not one of our Peoplenomics subscribers, you’re not serious about wealth and security building.

It’s OK, though: There are still lots of moving pieces on the table to track.  For instance…

Iranians feeling sanction squeeze turn to Bitcoin, spark concern over ‘mining’ operations.  Which is helping BTCs pull back to $9,775 apiece today.  Trading with the enemy, anyone???

Related: Facebook questioned over cryptocurrency plans.  We don’t look at it as a plan so much as cashing in on a mental blindspot owned by millions of young sheep.  CryptoFarts will be monetized next, lol.  They’re a gas…

I’ve been nagging my son (George II) to hurry up and finish his book Living in the Hot Zone about his exploits tracking down urban infectious disease.  “You’re gonna miss the boat!” dad keeps telling him.  What Boat? Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency.  That boat.  Just one jet ride (and one open border) from disaster…

Don’t be misled by media stories like Nearly 20,000 migrants awaiting asylum near U.S.-Mexico border.  That’s just a couple of week’s worth of illegal alien crossings.  The media wants this problem to look like Mexico’s doing something.  But are they?

Well, when we read how US official claims Mexican soldiers made an ‘incursion’ onto American soil and got in a ‘scuffle’ with a Border Patrol agent near El Paso…”  we repeat our warning that an outright border war with Mexico is a logical escalation and no, Elaine and I will never live closer than the 350 miles from the border we’re at now.  Life’s too short for tactical errors.

Sure wish there was a way to short border-state real estate, especially since “Drugs pour in from Mexico as Border Patrol forced to focus on migrants.”  My memory ain’t so good, but I can’t think of a location where more drugs has helped instill more clear-thinking…

One of my colleagues just celebrated 50 years of marriage.  For some reason, I was a little concerned when this story popped out of this morning’s scan: Husband and wife married for 71 years die on same day.  The good news?  On this basis, Elaine and I will have 52-years to go.  I am planning on living to 122 now…

Here’s one to keep an eye on: Puerto Rico governor vows to remain in office despite escalating protests.  Would this make a good State?

Off the hook? Kevin Spacey “in no way” exonerated after dropped charge, expert says headlines CBS.  Ah, but who needs prosecutors and those damn courts if we have  the media to try and convict?

Not much on the financial/economic agenda.  Leading economic indicators comes out at 10 Eastern, but judging by  Prime Day and the strong retail numbers earlier this week, people are still spending their way into credit card burn, and beyond.  Dow futures are down 31 at click time, but this being index options day, we expect anything can happen by late in today’s session.

All it would take is one big positive story on trade to pop the market back to the cashosphere…  We’re reloading China’s  Xinhua news agency site once an hour during trading…

Moron the ‘morrow…

Happy MUND! (Mostly Useless News Day)
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