Is Trump Playing Alinsky on the Fraud Squad?

It’s becoming almost laughable watching fraud squad attempts to take down Trump.  How does he stay ahead of the game?  With the wild-eyed left painting him with every pejorative in the limited hot-button vocabulary of radicals?

Our military affairs contributor  warhammer lays it out this way:

“I’ve been thinking about Trump’s blasting of ‘The Quad Squad’ and his strategy and/or motives for doing so.  Many do not give the sitting president enough credit for getting to where he is today, both financially and politically.  How he achieved his success is part and parcel to how he treats his political and foreign opponents.  So how does he do it?

It dawned on me that there seems to be quite a strong correlation between Trump’s verbal attacks and Saul Alinsky’s ‘’Rules for Radicals.’   What many libs already know but most moderate-to-conservative Americans don’t is that Trump appears to be consistently borrowing from the Alinsky playbook, fighting verbal fire with fire.

Turning Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals back onto the rising class of congressional liberals is certainly political fair play, if not outright genius.  Trump’s really quite good at it too.  Not that this is a novel approach, as this is the same path Clinton and Obama walked to rise to and wield their power.  It’s just that most Republicans and many moderate-to-conservative citizens are not used to witnessing a senior member of the GOP effectively bouncing socialist psychological warfare tactics back onto the left, especially when that person is a sitting President.

The result?  Trump is “making the [political] enemy confront its own book of rules.”  Straight out of Alinsky, he’s “using ridicule effectively,” “keeping the pressure on” after he “picks, freezes, personalizes and polarizes” his targets.  What is amazing is he’s routinely doing so with steady success.

Formal polls indicate Trump is about where Obama was at this stage of his first term.  Still, some people do not want to openly admit their support for the President, further complicating next year’s election strategy for the left.

I certainly would not count The Donald out for 2020 unless he is successfully impeached, he resigns or simply chooses not to run.  Keep a watch on Trump and compare his actions to Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Radicals.  The similarities seem quite obvious to Ure’s truly.


Not a bad take on tactics,. methinks.  Especially when the latest impeachment farce in the House went down to defeat in a landslide.  (As a Texan, rep. Al Green (who’s yet-another democrat lawyer, who’s made a career of politics) is an embarrassment to the state for even trying to foist a phony impeachment off on his House colleagues.)

Trump continues to “get in their faces:” saying to a businessman Vote for meor you’ll be “so goddamn poor…”  All of which casts the 2020 election as a choice between the sane, solid track record, soaring economy, American idol tweet mentality OR the crazy, over-spending, radial socialist name-calling lefties who will take whatever you make.

We don’t see it as particularly hard choice.  Watch closely how the loonies overlook Trump’s ability to think differently than they.  Remember, as a college football player, he knows how to read a playbook.  Never thought I’d write this, but Thanks, Alinsky!

More heartening is Trump taking up a theme we’ve been sharing weeks: “‘If We Didn’t Have All of the Bullshit,’ We’d Be Much Further Along.”  NSS.

Speaking of BS: Did you catch this CBS headline? Trump’s racist tweets resonate with his supporters at campaign rally.  Racist?  Seems to me CBS is making an unjustified call.  I read all the president’s tweets and seems to me none were racial despite the media trying to paint it so…The four horse’s asses of apocalypse self-identified which is amusing.  That headline is just more evidence of how the media is carrying the water for, or is actually in cahoots with the lefties…

OK, What REALLY Matters?

You mean besides PBS? (Which around here means Political Bull Shit…)  Oh, the timing of the Fed dialing back the Money Supply which will bring the market down this fall, but if you’re not one of our Peoplenomics subscribers, you’re not serious about wealth and security building.

It’s OK, though: There are still lots of moving pieces on the table to track.  For instance…

Iranians feeling sanction squeeze turn to Bitcoin, spark concern over ‘mining’ operations.  Which is helping BTCs pull back to $9,775 apiece today.  Trading with the enemy, anyone???

Related: Facebook questioned over cryptocurrency plans.  We don’t look at it as a plan so much as cashing in on a mental blindspot owned by millions of young sheep.  CryptoFarts will be monetized next, lol.  They’re a gas…

I’ve been nagging my son (George II) to hurry up and finish his book Living in the Hot Zone about his exploits tracking down urban infectious disease.  “You’re gonna miss the boat!” dad keeps telling him.  What Boat? Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency.  That boat.  Just one jet ride (and one open border) from disaster…

Don’t be misled by media stories like Nearly 20,000 migrants awaiting asylum near U.S.-Mexico border.  That’s just a couple of week’s worth of illegal alien crossings.  The media wants this problem to look like Mexico’s doing something.  But are they?

Well, when we read how US official claims Mexican soldiers made an ‘incursion’ onto American soil and got in a ‘scuffle’ with a Border Patrol agent near El Paso…”  we repeat our warning that an outright border war with Mexico is a logical escalation and no, Elaine and I will never live closer than the 350 miles from the border we’re at now.  Life’s too short for tactical errors.

Sure wish there was a way to short border-state real estate, especially since “Drugs pour in from Mexico as Border Patrol forced to focus on migrants.”  My memory ain’t so good, but I can’t think of a location where more drugs has helped instill more clear-thinking…

One of my colleagues just celebrated 50 years of marriage.  For some reason, I was a little concerned when this story popped out of this morning’s scan: Husband and wife married for 71 years die on same day.  The good news?  On this basis, Elaine and I will have 52-years to go.  I am planning on living to 122 now…

Here’s one to keep an eye on: Puerto Rico governor vows to remain in office despite escalating protests.  Would this make a good State?

Off the hook? Kevin Spacey “in no way” exonerated after dropped charge, expert says headlines CBS.  Ah, but who needs prosecutors and those damn courts if we have  the media to try and convict?

Not much on the financial/economic agenda.  Leading economic indicators comes out at 10 Eastern, but judging by  Prime Day and the strong retail numbers earlier this week, people are still spending their way into credit card burn, and beyond.  Dow futures are down 31 at click time, but this being index options day, we expect anything can happen by late in today’s session.

All it would take is one big positive story on trade to pop the market back to the cashosphere…  We’re reloading China’s  Xinhua news agency site once an hour during trading…

Moron the ‘morrow…

60 thoughts on “Is Trump Playing Alinsky on the Fraud Squad?”

  1. “‘Thanks, Alinsky.'” Ironic, but accurate. In that same vein, despite how wicked Josef Stalin was, mankind owes him a vote of thanks for saving the world from Leon Trotsky.

  2. George

    “he knows how to read a playbook. Never thought I’d write this, but Thanks, Alinsky!”

    In the movie Patton the general says during the first engagement with a German general “I read his G-D book!” as the American forces beat the Germans.

    Maybe Trump does have some of Pattons DNA!! Hope so.

    “he resigns or simply chooses not to run.”

    Ain’t gonna happen. He having too much fun!

  3. Great post George. As Trump attacks, Nervous Nancy & crew lamely fight back. It will be refreshing to have total Republican control back in 2020. Maybe they can get something done. Trump has learned after Mueller botched his first 2 years of Republican control as was the Dems mission. All hail the Trumpeter. He is the new Julius Ceasar, but he defeated the Ides of March (ie. Mueller)

  4. The most radical revolutionary to hold the office of president in the US was and will likely always be George Washington. Trump is vying for the number two slot.

  5. “I am planning on living to 122 now…”

    Try not outliving your present wife ;-), just saying.

    For the rest of the prose: Sheer DYNAMITE

  6. You all make it sound like Trump is a Genius, when he is just a dumb , ignorant, narcissistic copycat following a TV script…often missing his lines…which causes the confusion, and attack on his lack of character and of course brainless antics.

    The storyline he is following was drawn up long ago by Roger Ailes. This is how he ran Fox News. Roger copied it from Alinsky. Stephen Miller is now in charge of the messaging…And it’s all Rehashed garbage from the authoritarian/suppression handbook.

    To suggest that Trump is cunning and “smart” is an insult to the human race. We all know better. Like hell much? That’s where Trump’s leading all of you that listen to his blabber.

    • Thing is Mark, and this is objectively speaking based on data – the more he does of what he’s doing, the higher his poll numbers. Plus, whatever he’s done, it has created the negative opponent identification that winning politicians strive for; e.g. labeling their opponents.

      If this is dumb, I wish I had more of them skills.

      • It’s fraudulent and predatory George. This is no different than predatory lending practices of the early to mid 2000’s, or taking advantage of the elderly. It’s the con man’s playbook. Why is that lauded as smart? I don’t get it. Do you see what Trump has done? He has lowered all of your standards of decency to the point that it’s now OK to de-bunk truth and values.

      • “He has lowered all of your standards of decency ”

        ??????????? Mark.. I am truly baffled…

        How in the world did DJT lower my standards or the countries standards..

        for what he is trying to do and for what he has accomplished in the face of adversity.. I truly think he should be wearing blue shorts over tights and a cape..

        He is trying to think about ME.. and YOU believe it or not.. by bringing american pride and jobs back.. a little pride in ones self and a purposeful vision of a future would actually help clean up the POOP in the streets of SF…give the people a chance to provide for their families..
        I hear daily on tv about how mean he is trying to stop illegal aliens from crossing the borders.. the Key word there is ILLEGAL aliens that didn’t do a thing to try and enter legally….

        He would like to see the Dollar bill secure so that you don’t just have enough for a loaf of bread and some cheese…

        truly Mark.. I would love to hear how you think he has lowered our countries standards when for the past few decades we have had one of the most corrupt political environments since the fall of the roman empire..with politicians that should have been voted out years and years ago..

        I truly hate to always be using Princeton as a reading source.. they do have some wonderful studies and books though.. enjoy..

        there are so many similarities and so many differences… but looking at it in a different way.. our country won’t last over a thousand years before it falls.. it is so imploding on itself now.. and mostly from the way I see it.. because of the same differences that split the two dynasties apart..
        break it down to cause.. I see from the bottom…(GREED as a major cause.. ) the older industrialists seen that you have to have a strong base to have a strong peak.. todays is screw the base lets bring in new people or send it to another country.. this weakens the security of our nation..

        here is a cute story…

        “I had spent many hours studying and memorizing formulas to do calculations for the case studies,” he recalls. “The teacher handed out the final exam, and it was on one piece of paper, which really surprised me because I figured it would be longer than that. Once everyone had their paper, he said, ‘Go ahead and turn it over.’ Both sides were blank.”
        I’ve taught you everything I can teach you about business in the last 10 weeks, but the most important message, the most important question, is this — What’s the name of the lady who cleans this building?”
        It was the only test I ever failed, and I got the ‘B’ I deserved. Her name was Dottie, and I didn’t know Dottie. I’d seen her, but I’d never taken the time to ask her name. Since that most important lesson, I’ve tried to know every Dottie I’ve worked with ever since.”

        Now MARK… what is the name of your lowest paid employee?
        what are his family members names?
        do you know any of their interests.. what has happened in their lives.. do they feel they can come to you for an emergency.. or just say hello.. have you seen any of their family in public and visited with them.. how about your secretary sitting right out side your a clue..

        DJT … his employees feel he knows that..
        My father worked for a major corporation thats world wide and the CEO owner knew me personally knew my brothers and sisters.. knew my father and mother..
        Or do you sit in your office and not give any of them a second thought or even know who they are.. the vast majority of the ceo’s in this world are just like that..

        Had a prominent persons employee fall break a leg.. the prominent employer rushed several thousand miles to make sure this employee’s leg and medical was taken care of….

        my co workers use to make snide comments because they didn’t like the stand this man had on issues… till one day I said quick.. lets run outside and throw you on the ground and see if the boss will stand up from the desk to see what is going on..
        there wasn’t another word.. because our boss was not concerned about the well being of the employees but the bottom line for their bonus and wages..

        when was the last company picnic .. where you all went out to play botchie ball or soft ball badmitten etc..
        the kids all playing in a park having a good time..
        ever just close shop and say hey its employee day.. do you give out a turkey for thanks giving a christmas bonus.. etc.. my guess is not really most companies don’t anymore … I worked for a company but the vacation time you earned you couldn’t use as a low end worker.. I would give away 80 hours a year to others needing the extra income for an illness…

    • Smart doesn’t usually figure into revolutionary memes, Mark. Dogged determination yes, smart not so much. By the way, I’m glad to see you haven’t had to flee to a non-extradition venue like so many others are being faced with. You know, there may be a real market brewing for upscale luxury compound real estate in SA.
      Keep on keeping G___’s ratings up, regardless of where you land.
      And yes, real revolutionaries are prone to mouthing off. Remember Patrick Henry? AmRev2 is real, and the fight continues. If that other Mr. T would get someone to proof read his impulsive tweets before hitting the go button, the cause would be better served. Had the four congressman been told to go back home, it would have been more in character. It was a bad choice of words, not grounds for impeachment. His opponents have soiled themselves trying to turn diction issues into an impeachable high crime. G____’s readers all know who the impeachists really serve, and now so do most of their colleagues and the voters.

      • I’ll never tell,

        Trumps lack of intelligence is not impeachable…you are right. You can’t impeach based on just being plain stupid for all the world to mock at. But the word is thrown out there, just like Trump,likes to throw the word socialism out at every Democrat. The good Dems aren’t socialist. AOC? Yes. Pelosi, Biden, Harris? Not so much.

        There is a semantics war going on out there that is disturbing on both sides. With Trump, it’s not so much semantics as it is his 3rd grade level vocabulary that can’t muster up the right words to describe what comes out of his mouth after it is produced in his single molecule sized brain.

        And Ecuador,
        Trump hasn’t done Jack Sh@#. He hasn’t solved the border crisis, yet when he had a GOP controlled House , that could have easily been done….He blinked and the opportunity went away. He conned us with a bad tax plan. The rest of the stuff was Mnuchin, Bolton and Pompeo. They all have lost patience with the boob that calls himself POTUS and just do their own thing under a very disorganized administration. This is the most screwed up White House in history.

        The only thing propping up is that Wall Street has figured out how to tune out politics and just runs itself. You can’t give a guy who is not really a billionaire and that has been bankrupt 6 times any credit for an economy, when he can’t even control his own bank account.

      • I’m begging you to reconsider the Thursday column that Trump is just turning Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Radicals back on the source. Trump is, in the PR world, reactive rather than proactive.

      • Mark – the only thing that separates the old deal progressives from the single-party leftists is the public support of a single-party state. What the Russiagate debacle is proving is that behind the scenes, the progressives and the socialists are pretty much the same. Bernie and AOC are not socialists, they are communists. Bernie is a neo-Stalinist, and AOC is a Maoist.
        You seem to be a little more grumpy and posting more. Perhaps you should be a little more forthcoming in acknowledging commercial motivation for throwing rocks at Trump. His trade spat with the brown-shirt socialist Chinese (not really communists anymore) is hitting your industry in the pocketbook I would expect.

    • You see Mark, Americans are programmed to look at only what Trump does, not the things he doesn’t do, like getting militarily out of the Middle East, reducing the military budget, or stopping the illegal immigration with an executive order, which he could easily do.

      The world out there Americans are watching is nothing more than posturing to divert attention from real issues. These problems all have simple solutions which will NEVER be implemented. For example, all Iran needs to do is to state that they will abide by any request and allow any inspection as long as Israel abides by the same rules. Those supporting illegal migration must take those migrants into their districts.

      Henry Ford was asked how to deal with water pollution. He simply said that everyone dumping into a river must source their water from the same river, but below where they dump.

      The reason the simple solutions are not implemented are because the citizenry simply does not want them, including you, Mark, and George too.

      • Amen ExPat…..

        I find it odd.. that all the issues with these oil and mineral rich countries started less than a week after they had signed agreements with other countries for assistance with their situations..
        for my wondering mind there is just way to much coincidence for that to happen..
        Whats More likely happened was the puppeteers felt pizzaed off that they signed the agreements when everyone knew how badly they wanted the resources. they should have known that the puppeteers wanted them and didn’t want to pay for em.. so out comes the stories… I will huff and puff and blow your house down if you don’t give em to me.. Of course using the laboring classes money and manpower to do it..
        I say if the puppeteers really want to.. instead of dragging in the working classes families and making them pay the bills.. why not hire their own armies and use their own money to do it..

        we already know that we are not Hannibal even though the puppeteers think we are.. we cannot sustain the level of military aggression we are supplying both monetarily or manpower wise.. all we are doing is weakening our own countries security by sending our defenses away.. by allowing hordes of invaders entering illegally we are opening ourselves up for disaster..JMHO

      • “Americans are programmed to look at only what Trump does, not the things he doesn’t do”

        Americans are programmed to look at only what the media says Trump does, not the things he actually does or doesn’t do.

        Fixed that for you…

        BTW, I would hit the red button, without hesitation.

    • “For the uninsured, or for the insured who are taken to the wrong hospital, one trip to the emergency room can be a ticket to see the bankruptcy judge”

      That has been extremely successful. Has his own personal fleet of aircraft.
      Sure hes lost money..but hes learned from what hes failed at.
      I knew he was the right nmman when at his inauguration ball he visited with and thanked the staff.. treating them as if they were dignitaries.. my favorite was a news video and he was going down the hallway and he unthinking excused himself to what looked like a maid and called her by first name (oh she had an ethnic origin different than his) wasn’t scripted he was just being a gentleman.. the news of Course didnt catch that .. instead you hear how hes a racist.
      He may be narcissistic and arrogant , prideful and bragging but hes a good decent caring man that wants to turn the titanic from its dreaded course..hes made mistakes I wouldn’t expect any less..
      The most impressive is when he was irritated over a bunch of subliminal messages on the MSM coverages.. he maybe didn’t know that’s what upset him but it did.. that tells me hes on top of it..

      If he decides to run the gauntlet again and put up with all the horrible attacks against him and his family.. well… HE HAS MY VOTE…
      Because I see hes trying to do the right thing.. and this is probably the most honest and open administration in my lifetime..

  7. And this is where the human race starts ro DEvolve. Very sad to those with values and brains. 3rd grade politics. Yep…that Trump…what a genius (unapologetic sarcasm) …the following is from the Associated Press…

    The National Republican Congressional Committee, with the blessing of House Republican leaders, has adopted a no-holds-barred strategy to win back the House majority next year, borrowing heavily from President Trump’s playbook in deploying such taunts and name-calling. After losing 40 seats and the House majority in November, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, the committee’s new chairman, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader from Bakersfield, decided that their messaging needed to be “ruthless.”

    The offensive hinges largely on the relatively facile notion that by tagging all House Democrats as socialists, anti-Semites or far-left extremists, they will be able to alienate swing-state voters. On Tuesday night, after the House voted to condemn as racist Trump’s attacks on four congresswomen, the campaign arm’s communications team deluged reporters’ inboxes with message after message calling vulnerable Democratic lawmakers “deranged.”

    Their tactics have discomforted some Republicans and highlighted the struggle in the party over how much to lean into the tenor of politics forged by their leader.

    “To devolve into childish name-calling usually doesn’t win the argument. I think we can do better,” said Tom Rooney, a former five-term Republican representative from Florida.

    • The Associated Press lost ALL credibility when, in their AP Stylebook, they stopped using the legally correct term “illegal alien” which is used in US law. (as in U.S. Code Title 8. ALIENS AND NATIONALITY Chapter 12. IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY Subchapter II. IMMIGRATION Part IX. Miscellaneous Section 1365. Reimbursement of States for costs of incarcerating illegal aliens and certain Cuban nationals)

      If they can’t report a SIMPLE point of law (yes, they are ILLEGAL) then how can you trust them to cite “Blessings” and such? The story doesn’t even qualify as “journalism” – it’s a series of suppositions.

      For example let me annotate this for you, since I taught J school students. Here is how I would marp this one up:

      After losing 40 seats and the House majority in November, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, the committee’s new chairman, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader from Bakersfield, decided that their messaging needed to be “ruthless.” (NOT SOURCED, OPINION)



      that by tagging all House Democrats as socialists, anti-Semites or far-left extremists, (EFACTURAL ERROR: NO SOURCE, REPORTER MAKING SHIT UP TO POLARIZE…DOWN TO A D- ON THIS NOW)

      they will be able to alienate swing-state voters. (SPECULATIVE – THIS SECTION ALONE WARRANTS AN E- AND A RETAKE OF JOURNALISM 101.

      Since I was on the AP Broadcast Association board (which entailed a thrilling meeting in Indianapolis, once upon a time, yippee!) I can faithfully report that when giants of reporting like Wick Temple ( passed on, so did clarity of what “The News” is.

      In its place has come a highly politicized, info-tainment cesspool with CNN on one end of the pool and, until recently Fox at the other with social media “swimming in it.”

      The best thing for America is that there’s some experimental removing of “likes” from social, which will only defang the social media mobsters for a while, but yes, the takedown of America is on the table and you need to adjust to that.

      • Yet Fox News is all opinion…all supposition, speculative, polarizing, sourceless and all about playing to a base.

        Watch the Showtime mini Series, The Loudest Voice…based on the best selling book (better yet…read the will make you ill) starring Russel Crowe. Crowe does a good job portraying Roger Ailes…It addresses the history of how Fox positioned itself and the antics of Ailes, who like Weinstein and most other men and to be fair, Women in power used their status to get anything and everything they wanted. The truth is out there…It ain’t on Fox or in the White House.

      • George,

        I have never once heard the word “Illegal” come out of the mouth of a democrat on CNN. Not once. The word is not in the vocabulary of the left.

        “Infotainment cesspool”. Wow, you nailed it.

    • Mark yeah this is for you mark you keep telling us what you wouldn’t do now tell us what you would do not what you wouldn’t do but what you would do if you were president. thanks and have a good day

    • RPFLOL…Like the sour anti-Semitic bitches aren’t? Get some ViseGrips on the arm, old pard. If you hate America, this “squads for you.’ See the polls? Says to the aware that people who believe in America and her founding values are still here. (Bet that just pisses you off something fierce) The Fraud Squad has crossed the line between constructive criticism on the one hand and treasonous speech with a side order of inciting on the other.

      You leaving for Venezuela or any other failed example of “socialism” any time soon?

    • Maybe Mark could get you set up in an economical compound exile living arrangement in some faraway non-extradition land, far from the internet.

    • That’s not what he said (tweeted.)

      If you read from a credible news source, you might be able to find his actual quote, instead of a fantasy extrapolation of a piece of it.

      ‘Course then you would not be able to bait your hook and stir the pot here…

      • I began going to “the source” in 1997. It offended my sense of “sensibilities” that Bill Clinton had SO MUCH dirt and filth in his background, yet people ignored most of it and made up stuff about him which was demonstrably false. Bush43 and Obama didn’t have the filth, but had their share of dirty skeletons. Yet pundits on both sides made up crap about both, rather than addressing the provable poo in their “made-up lives.”

        To someone who values truth and accurate information, and is detached enough that I also watched the once-noble near-science of journalism descend into an abstract artform of blue and yellow tabloid tripe where the writer’s opinion has become more important than any factual content, I have found the descent of “journalism” into narcissistic depravity and deceit to be singularly disconcerting. Sure, I can source the actual truth, if truth there be, but for every “me” who can, and does, seek truth irrespective its source or effect, there are fifty thousand mindless, lazy drones who will take, as gospel, whatever crap the Media or their favorite pundit, or the person on the barstool next to them, feeds them…

  8. It would seem that most people are way underestimating the game being played. These people are communists, Mark the useful idiot is one as well, suffice it to say that if or when these people come to power you will have Pol Pot style government in this country. America is not so exceptional to not have a genocide against conservatives, white, christian,etc. The commies have made it quite clear they will re wright history, tear down memorials, re educate, disarm, and destroy America as we know it. This may have some to do with Alinsky, but the bigger play book is the commie play book used by the Soviet Union and to this day China. We are in more trouble than we know.

    • I would never call Mark a communist. He is like millions of other Americans who believe they are “for America” and yet, when they’re sold a bill of goods by people trying to oversp3end, take down borders, or seize from the middle class to redistro to their pals, well, they just don’t see it.
      I come from a much different background – and remember being pulled out of grade school to get out of a blast zone that never happened, yet a lot of senior police and fire officials in a certain PWN city put their families in safe range upwind and then turned out for work. I later watched Russian planes fly up to our northern bordert in an attempt to play cold war chess.
      When you get the training, get some real skin in the game, it changes you.
      You don’t sleep as well at night and you sure and hell “Respect the Office” and don’t actively try to overturn an election 3-years after the fact.
      To not call out the foes of hard-fought Liberty is to carry water for our enemies. Whether that’s totalitarian regimes operating unders the guise of theocracy, or a Chinese government that killed how many with their version of communism which included how many lost to their madness in the “Cultural Revolution?”

      The same horrid things are happening here now. And as Warhammer (a retired lt. col with impeccable credential – who sees the hacking efforts every day as his commitment to maintaining our freedom continues) put it so well: Pisses off the left when the right follows their rules…

    • Mark is not a communist, at all. He is a “coastie” — a Liberal Republican. He is probably politically to the right of his peers and associates, and because of that, believes he is both correct, and actually conservative. In actuality, he is about where “left-wing Democrats” (think, JFK) were, sixty years ago.

      Coasties are RINOs, with respect to both republicanism and American Constitutional principals. They are also sheeple — shills for the Republican Establishment although probably not aware of the fact. They are of value because they are a very good barometer with respect to the answer of the question: “What is the least-radical and anti-American attitude in Liberal-land?”

      Bear in-mind the Republican Establishment hates and fears Mr. Trump more than the Democratic Establishment. He is a threat to the power-base of each, and to the “good ol’ boys” relationship the Party Establishments have had with one-another since about the 1890s, but he’s more than that to the “back-room Republicans” because he can expose them for what they are…

    • Leftists come in all manner of flavors, and the dominant political parties in this country are a leftist Baskin-Robbins. We have one presidential candidate, Bernie, running on a Stalinist overthrow platform. The policies AOC is selling sound more like a green cultural revolution (Maoism). Most of Trump’s R opposition come from old deal progressive liberals in conservative drag. Since Roosevelt’s day, the progressives have been making a long march toward full-press socialism, and are now almost indistinguishable from the European single-party socialists, who are sort of tie-dyed brown shirts.
      Given how much of the socialist party platform is already endemic in the American bureaucracy, the only two issues left for the leftists are fully socialized (and politically weaponized) medicine, and single-party rule. Obama and the DNC made stealth runs at achieving both of those goals through camouflaged legislation, executive orders, bureaucratic corruption, and the West coast Federal judges, but in the end failed to consolidate gains and overthrow multi-party rule. It is rather pathetic that the final blows to the DNC Obama-era legacy may come from a multi-millionaire pedophile running wild in the streets under alphabet protection, if not as a working intelligence asset. I wouldn’t want to be Jeffey’s taste tester.

  9. George, we all know that the Dems are using social media to elevate the heat on Conservatives and/or Trump Supporters. Looks like several of them are trying to use your forum to make you sweat.

    Unfortunately, to cite CNN as a truthful source is absolute proof to any rational person that the citing person is unable to complete a logical or truthful sentence. When President Trump tweets about The Squad, for example, the Squad, CNN, and the rest of the geese Honk and sputter spittle and Jump up and down and go on and on while Trumps legions smile and smirk and laugh at the ineffectiveness of the rabble.

    And every one of us who claims intelligence knows better than to respond to ANY Reporter or Polling Company who asks anything about President Trump or the Democrat of the day. We will make our comments on Election Day.

    • LOL – those who don’t agree with me EDUCATE me. I really enjoy the reparte around here which is what gets m y 70-year old ass out of bed in the morning.

      • I’m not going to put the real reason you get out of bed early in the morning ,its colossal,gas. , you 70 year old fart,,,lol ,,,let elaine rest,,,,lmao,,,,

        , this sounds like something from Johnny Carson’s days ,, respectively you go get em ,George.

        Hey hey just be glad you’re not paralyzed partiallyy from the waist down and don’t have control over those bodily functions,,,lol

    • I have to personally approve all comments and there can be, like when I have a meeting like today, a time lag of up to 8-hours now and then. Life is so busy for all of us!

  10. George – A Baby Q !

    Did U see the little one on national broadcast last night ?
    Not paying attention…so U might of missed the NYC clue weeks back..told to “watch NYC” ..”targeted___” …U did notice the blackout (s)?

    Now is time to “watch” CA…Manomanoshevitz – Storm be coming to a left coast near U soonly.

    Making money the new fashioned way..Buy BTC @$5500, Sell BTC @ $11,$12, $13k..wait for 30%-40% pullback – got it Yesterday, back up the truck and buybuybuybuy AGAIN.

    Next step, grab the Pepto, base building can get “gassy”, but beats watching your $ denominated assets dwindle down to ZILCH – cause thats where they are going ala Japan – stuck forever ZERO BOUND..kinda like the EU..”we will monetize EVERYTHING” bwahahahahaha..

  11. It’s ironic that the 4 fool’s can’t say anything in their defence except WHITE NATIONALISTS are the really bogeyman. More hate talk.There is one WN peeking around every corner & in the Whitehouse. It is all garbage to extract sympathy. Whites are out working & not hatching plots against minorities. Race is a con game business plan. Good thing they have to be reelected in 2020 & lose to the Trump Wave. Their virtues point to why Congress are only elected for a 2 year term.

    • Unfortunately, there are too many Marks who need a catastrophy to comprehend when it’s too late ;-(((((

  12. Adrenochrome addicts hate President Trump the most. He is shutting off their supplies
    Those that holler the LOUDEST, have the most to lose
    sometimes, there is no helping them
    a drowing man must let go of his hate of his rescuers to be saved

  13. Sir,

    You may be familiar with the newer English £5 notes graced with the wise countenance of Sir Winston Churchill. Perhaps a time is approaching where your PTB can consider issuing a Trump banknote of suitable denomination. Likewise, if a Lincoln motor car suggests a cachet of wealth, Mark may be inclined to trade up to a Trumpmobile.

  14. The words “soaring economy” appeared above. A recent survey by the United Way to attempt to judge future needs found that 47% of USA households are going further into debt every month just to cover living expenses.

    They have even coined a new acronym for it. ALICE

    ALICE is an acronym that stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

    ALICE represents the households with income above the Federal Poverty Level but below the basic cost of living. The ALICE Report provides current research-based data that quantifies who (in Wisconsin) is living on the edge of financial insecurity. United Way will use the ALICE study which contains state, county and municipal level data to raise awareness in order to create lasting changes implemented to improve lives and strengthen local communities.

    ALICE is striving for financial stability but faces complex barriers. Solutions will take a multi-faceted approach from private and public sectors, as well as the community as a whole. United Ways throughout Wisconsin recognize we need to go beyond singular or temporary fixes to create lasting change through a focus on the building blocks of a quality life: education, income, and health. In the end, helping ALICE will benefit us all. We all have an interest in improving conditions for ALICE – their everyday struggles reach beyond personal trials to impact the wider community. Get involved in the conversation by contacting your local United Way.

    • What you have hit upon is Exactly Right. People in today’s instant gratification world don’t know how to contain their drives and they want everything now, now, now…
      Missing in something called parental discipline. E.g. as the divorce rate climbed, so did the financial instability of young who simply can’t comprehend “tomorrow” – so they self-aggrandize right this freakin minute. Result: Predictable excess personal debt loading.
      Deconsumption is a bitch

      • For the uninsured, or for the insured who are taken to the wrong hospital, one trip to the emergency room can be a ticket to see the bankruptcy judge, or if admitted, a sentence of debt slave for life. Even the doctors aren’t really sure who will take your insurance, and who won’t. I recently had the receptionist at the office of a doctor I have seen for years quietly advise me that I needed to check with my insurance provider to make sure I was still in-network when I got stung with a really steep charge for a routine in-office diagnostic test. It did turn out I was in-network, but was getting screwed with my deductible being applied to diagnostics. The hospital across the street from his office is blacklisted by my insurance provider. I have to drive at least another 10 miles into the city to find a hospital that will take my insurance.
        The point I am making is that not everyone is put in the position of indebtedness by any fault of their own. Letting down your guard for a fraction of a second with the medical people can be a life altering experience. That is why you hear statistics being quoted that 2/3 of all personal bankruptcies are medical debt related. I can’t imagine what a hospital billing staff would do to a young uninsured new mom in labor.
        I will acknowledge that those uninsured who don’t sign up for an Obamacare policy, which is subsidized for people below the poverty level, and very reasonable for people with adjusted incomes below $50,000, have no one to blame but themselves for incurring a crippling medical debt.
        Often the people who you must trust with your life are the ones you should trust least with your financial well-being.
        My list of the 5 most dangerous places I ever walk into are as follows in order of descending threat level:
        1. Hospital.
        2. Courthouse.
        3. Doctor’s (or dentist’s) office.
        4. Lawyer’s office.
        5. Outdoor ATM in a bad neighborhood frequented by a serial bind-torture-kill bandit.

      • ” one trip to the emergency room can be a ticket to see the bankruptcy judge”

        N______ so true.. so true.. we pay over fifty percent of our total gross income on Health insurance for one..
        we cannot travel.. but if the need arises can see a doctor more than three times in a year.. the stipulation.. we can only see doctors that are dedicated only to one medical facility.. they won’t kick in anything unill 7500.00 then its 60/40 till you pay out twenty thousand.
        wife had a sprained ankle a couple three years ago now.. a five dollar brace at any pharmacy was two hundred dollars.. for medications for myself.. the cost is over a thousand percent to ten thousand percent higher than in Canada.. our area clears out in the fall and heads to southern texas mostly because they can cross into mexico and get their medications and the savings will not only pay for the entire living expenses while down there.. that sprained ankle was over four thousand dollars.. if there is a specialist or set of tests.. the wait to get them done is up to one year wait time.. with the average waiting of six months.. you just don’t walk in and get it done unless you have a lot of money.. then it seems to be expedited.. a good friend of the family was rushed into the ER.. the doctors did tests and came back and said.. the indications was she had a cancer.. the good news its a simple slow growing cancer and has a 99% survival rate.. she said.. when do we start.. he said the minute you plot down fifty thousand dollars to start.. her sister took out a second mortgage on their home so they could get the surgery done..a farmer friend had a valve go out in his heart.. needed to get the new valve.. no insurance.. the results.. they did the surgery.. the comment from the medical facility.. we always wanted to own a farm.. I had a friend that started an assisted living facility.. he asked me to come in with them.. I declined he said.. hey I have people throwing farms and businesses at me.. even at that.. he went bankrupt.. the reason.. you have x costs involved.. even though the people literally pay out almost a quarter million a year the necessity costs many times override the income.. people only see the gross payout.. similarly you will see the for sale 19.99 you didn’t notice twenty dollars but nineteen..

      • Looking out of the box: Have you talked to a social worker or about other insurance options? You should be either getting a substantial up-front discount or tax credit to compensate for an ultra-high premium. Many people who have high premiums qualify for the federal tax rebate. With the tax credit, you can actually have a negative effective Federal tax rate.

  15. Does one believe MARK or President Trump…..In their outlook on ‘things’ one is personal and hateful, while the other is critical of the status quo and is trying to do something about it, for the betterment of society…..seems to me…an easy peasy choice….sorry Mark

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