As you may know, I set up and operate a website that simply reposts headlines (including breaking and financial) onto a “clean” website with no ads so  Nostracodeus project whizGrady has something he can use as “clean source” when dialing-in word frequency analysis of the news.

I can point my old copy of  Nostracodeus at the page, too (at and figure out what the ‘hot words’ are.

But then there come mornings like  this one.  OMG, what a useless time-sink for the button-pressing phone apes (PBPA’s).  Here’s the kind of pseudo-news that just makes us  cringe.

Swedish prosecutor wants rapper A$AP Rocky’s detention extended.  Come on, CBS…who gives a rip?

US braces for dangerous summer heat wave.  We haven’t had one in the news cycle since  last year.  And it is, well…summer!

Author Tim Alberta says Trump is galvanizing supporters with attacks on Omar.  We don’t know if he considered chrome or cadmium plating options, but this is a fine example of an art we call Hot Wording.  (“Racist” and “White Supremacist” are also Hot Words to be on guard against.)  Galvanizing is “Hot” (dipped), right?

Even the old-time media – like the BBC – are replacing their journo skills with PR blurbs like Beyoncé’s Lion King album is more about Beyoncé than The Lion King.  Yeah, sure, you bet’cha…

Seems to be contagious, whatever this “news disease” is.  Here’s another outbreak, this time in the NY Times biz section enamored with The Ascendance of the Spice Girls Generation.
Someone got a buddy doing A&R for a label?

You get the idea.  This is summer.  Congress can’t do better than field the four bitches of hypocrisy and even sources like Drudge are trolling America’s few remaining thinking people with crap about “Trump turns on MAGA” which is NOT what he said in the news conference.  That’s what some reporters wanted to hear.  (I’ll explain why in a sec.)

The problem for the MSM is that in these days of streaming from source, there’s not much “journalists” can do.  No value-add.  And that deserves a brain cell, or two.

Think of The News as an industrial process design problem.  Each news story is analogous to a “widget.”  If you own the news/widget company, you want to turn out as many widgets as you can, even if no one really cares.  Flood America with news?widgets.

Many will be poorly made.  OK, plain crap.  Give it a coat of Info-Tainment spray and maybe no one will notice…

Example: “No one wants the middle seat on airplanes. This design could change that.”  So?  WGAS?  Get back to us when we can actually book it.  Any change in seating configs needs an FAA sign-off because it can change cabin evaculation times, capisch?

Notwithstanding, let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the industrial engineering problem:  Here comes a story like retail sales earlier this week.  It’s a freakin statistical press release and yeah, sure, we covered it.  Second item in our coverage over here.

Since anyone on the planet can be a “reporter” these days, we’ve laid out one of our pages, the Links.htm page, so you too can play “reporter.”

Step 1.  Look at the news calendars on the left.

Step 2.  Go to the agency press release pages middle column.

Step 3.  Watch the big city newsies trip over their Johnson’s trying to say “Retail is Alive!” in a shrill-enough way that some BPPA’s will be so  taken-aback, so  overwhelmed, that they will watch tarted-up eye candy on a news channel and thus make corporations money.

Pretty stupid, isn’t it?

Why, there are those of us old enough (and practical enough) to suggest  MAKE-UP SHOULD BE BANNED ON TV “NEWS CHANNELS”.  Politicians, too.  (OMG, can you imagine what people would look like with their ‘war paint’ on? I can think of one House leader…ahem…)

Fortunately, America sells gobs of cosmetics.  It’s what keeps the news channels on the air.  No #9 pancake?  No rouge?  No over-done eyes?  No audience.

Go To the Source

The fact of new manufacturing is that you need to have SOME kind of “value add” or you won’t “make sales.”  You widgets will be ignored.  And this is why such outrageous (and largely useless) shit-for-coverage is all over the Internet.

Like Trump trying to ratchet-down the lefties ultra-shrill “racist” and “WS” nonsense, other media, after popping half a bottle of Shrillagra, tried to picture it as “Trump Turns on Base” – about the most stupid “value add” of the year, so far.

Well, except anything given a good coat of that miracle coating  Anti-Trump Paint, consumers are dumb enough to buy it – in droves.

Reality Check

I guarantee you that we have a very good handle on the Iranian drone “story/news widget” this morning because we know one of the Big Ugly Secrets the Media Establishment doesn’t want let out of the bag.

We go to the source .

Take this drone story:  For the Iranian side, we can flip over to the (government controlled, therefore source “spokespiece” called the IRNA.  Short for Islamic Republic News Agency.  There, you can see (first hand)  the Iranian side of the drone downing claims by the U.S.

Then for the U.S. side of events, the only source you need is POTUS Tweets over here.

Now let’s consider the “news/widget” painting problem by the
“manufacturers” of news.  They all have basically  the same 2-sources, unless they bought many beers and favors from a PR source inside DoD…and even then…so what?  The wars will be directly sourced.

Ask yourself, after seeing the Iranian side and the POTUS tweets, what the stories in the (choose as many as you care): New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Trib, Sun-Sentinenal (blah, blah, blah…)  WHAT did they actually add to the basics facts you can get directly if you’re not lazy?

You may not like the answer, but here it goes.


There is absolutely nothing you or I can do to influence where this will lead.  Trump’s got one handle on the outcome and the mullahs have the other.  I don’t need $50-bucks worth of bullshit paywalls to figure this out.  It’s just not that mysterious.

See Why the MSM Hates Trump?

We told you this long, long ago.  Back even before the 2016 election.  Trump would be hated by the MSM press because other than spraying every news/widget with a coat of that  Anlti-Trump Covering (non-slip) they don’t serve a useful purpose, anymore.

If you want the low-down on where employment trends are going, head over to the Department of Labor website and read the freaking data.  Or, when Housing starts come out, read the press releases from Census yourself.  If you can read a chart, who needs a Krugman-like “interpretation” of some basic economic data sets?

You see,  Trump has sucked value out of the networks.  And days like this, filled with MUN (*mostly useless “news”) make the point we made a couple of years back very much worth repeating.

The Mainstream Media no longer serve a useful function.  The government – lead by Trump, but also by every agency with a press release writer – are going “consumer direct.”  The inevitable outcome will be that left-leaning coats of Anti-Trump sprayed willy-nilly on every story is a total waste of energy and your personal time and attention.

Learn to use our “news links” page and go direct-to-source.  See something we should add?  Send it along.

Maybe then, the problem of modern news managers will come into better focus.  I don’t need to sop us ad’s and programming with BS Belief Sets of commentators and neither do you.

FWIW this Slow News Days full of MUN is an  international phenomenon.  Check this story in the  Moscow TimesOn This Day Vladimir Mayakovsky Was Born.”  Who?

And if that doesn’t turn your crank, CNBC is reduced to advising that Commuters on London’s world famous underground to get 4G services next year.  As far as we know, we don’t have a single reader who gives a shit.

What would matter?  Well, if Starbucks could figure a way to sell coffee without slowing down in some stinking HOV lane,  that would be newsworthy.  But, like the “middle seat” story, it’s a nothing until the fly-by coffee booth is open.

Speaking of which, when are carmakers going to start putting “comfort tubes” in cars?  Every time we get stuck in traffic, it’s always after 2 cups of coffee.  Why, we could reduce demand for urologists what?  30%?  How many people get UI infections due to traffic snarls every year?  4-hours hops in our old Beechcraft some to mind, too.

Point?  Sure.  That kind of thinking is called  Enterprising.  When a reporter actually takes his or her nose out of the reporter’s butt in front of them and assesses what really matters in life and asks reasonable questions.

Don’t worry:  American News Media is very much “dead men walking” with only a spray can of  Anti-Trump Coating keeping them alive.  They just don’t realize it yet.

How long can this divisive farce continue?

That’s up to you.  With Dow futures +84 at click time, my “news reading time” is freed up for much more useful “sources” that can actually  contribute something to our lives

Are we talking the talk?  Here’s what’s on my “today list”

  • A book “ How to Fix Almost Anything”
  • The March 1905 issue of  Popular Science
  • Changing the water in our hydroponics system.
  • Reading up on how C60 fullerenes may extend lifetimes by up to 90%. as we begin to experiment with C60 in olive oil (fullerenes).  (Rat lives apparently extend up to 90%)
  • Designing a dumbwaiter to move groceries from the car upstairs.  The 880 lb winch landed yesterday.
  • Setting up one of my HF ham radio rigs to run  Olivia (a digital messaging format)

Longer-term personal research:

  • Working on delay line installation in our studio so we can resume the time and dimension-beinding research using accoustics.
  • New kitchen cabinets and makeover.
  • And somewhere in the mix is a naval (incisional) hernia repair…  (It’s only a coincidence talkshow host Joe Pags talked about his pending hernia decision the same day E and I made a run up to the hernia doc in Tyler, TX Thursday…hell of a coincidence, though.)

Why waste time on news you can’t use?  Don’t waste vital life-force energy that could go into making money (or a hot date) on something as useless as third-hand BS.  We’re all better than that, right?  Optimize everything in your life – there’s so much room for improvement, it’ll make Ure head spin.

(Yeah, sure, forward this to any stupid people you know.)

Moron the ‘morrow…