Happy MUND! (Mostly Useless News Day)

As you may know, I set up and operate a website that simply reposts headlines (including breaking and financial) onto a “clean” website with no ads so  Nostracodeus project whizGrady has something he can use as “clean source” when dialing-in word frequency analysis of the news.

I can point my old copy of  Nostracodeus at the page, too (at https://computationalfuture.com) and figure out what the ‘hot words’ are.

But then there come mornings like  this one.  OMG, what a useless time-sink for the button-pressing phone apes (PBPA’s).  Here’s the kind of pseudo-news that just makes us  cringe.

Swedish prosecutor wants rapper A$AP Rocky’s detention extended.  Come on, CBS…who gives a rip?

US braces for dangerous summer heat wave.  We haven’t had one in the news cycle since  last year.  And it is, well…summer!

Author Tim Alberta says Trump is galvanizing supporters with attacks on Omar.  We don’t know if he considered chrome or cadmium plating options, but this is a fine example of an art we call Hot Wording.  (“Racist” and “White Supremacist” are also Hot Words to be on guard against.)  Galvanizing is “Hot” (dipped), right?

Even the old-time media – like the BBC – are replacing their journo skills with PR blurbs like Beyoncé’s Lion King album is more about Beyoncé than The Lion King.  Yeah, sure, you bet’cha…

Seems to be contagious, whatever this “news disease” is.  Here’s another outbreak, this time in the NY Times biz section enamored with The Ascendance of the Spice Girls Generation.
Someone got a buddy doing A&R for a label?

You get the idea.  This is summer.  Congress can’t do better than field the four bitches of hypocrisy and even sources like Drudge are trolling America’s few remaining thinking people with crap about “Trump turns on MAGA” which is NOT what he said in the news conference.  That’s what some reporters wanted to hear.  (I’ll explain why in a sec.)

The problem for the MSM is that in these days of streaming from source, there’s not much “journalists” can do.  No value-add.  And that deserves a brain cell, or two.

Think of The News as an industrial process design problem.  Each news story is analogous to a “widget.”  If you own the news/widget company, you want to turn out as many widgets as you can, even if no one really cares.  Flood America with news?widgets.

Many will be poorly made.  OK, plain crap.  Give it a coat of Info-Tainment spray and maybe no one will notice…

Example: “No one wants the middle seat on airplanes. This design could change that.”  So?  WGAS?  Get back to us when we can actually book it.  Any change in seating configs needs an FAA sign-off because it can change cabin evaculation times, capisch?

Notwithstanding, let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the industrial engineering problem:  Here comes a story like retail sales earlier this week.  It’s a freakin statistical press release and yeah, sure, we covered it.  Second item in our coverage over here.

Since anyone on the planet can be a “reporter” these days, we’ve laid out one of our pages, the Links.htm page, so you too can play “reporter.”

Step 1.  Look at the news calendars on the left.

Step 2.  Go to the agency press release pages middle column.

Step 3.  Watch the big city newsies trip over their Johnson’s trying to say “Retail is Alive!” in a shrill-enough way that some BPPA’s will be so  taken-aback, so  overwhelmed, that they will watch tarted-up eye candy on a news channel and thus make corporations money.

Pretty stupid, isn’t it?

Why, there are those of us old enough (and practical enough) to suggest  MAKE-UP SHOULD BE BANNED ON TV “NEWS CHANNELS”.  Politicians, too.  (OMG, can you imagine what people would look like with their ‘war paint’ on? I can think of one House leader…ahem…)

Fortunately, America sells gobs of cosmetics.  It’s what keeps the news channels on the air.  No #9 pancake?  No rouge?  No over-done eyes?  No audience.

Go To the Source

The fact of new manufacturing is that you need to have SOME kind of “value add” or you won’t “make sales.”  You widgets will be ignored.  And this is why such outrageous (and largely useless) shit-for-coverage is all over the Internet.

Like Trump trying to ratchet-down the lefties ultra-shrill “racist” and “WS” nonsense, other media, after popping half a bottle of Shrillagra, tried to picture it as “Trump Turns on Base” – about the most stupid “value add” of the year, so far.

Well, except anything given a good coat of that miracle coating  Anti-Trump Paint, consumers are dumb enough to buy it – in droves.

Reality Check

I guarantee you that we have a very good handle on the Iranian drone “story/news widget” this morning because we know one of the Big Ugly Secrets the Media Establishment doesn’t want let out of the bag.

We go to the source .

Take this drone story:  For the Iranian side, we can flip over to the (government controlled, therefore source “spokespiece” called the IRNA.  Short for Islamic Republic News Agency.  There, you can see (first hand)  the Iranian side of the drone downing claims by the U.S.

Then for the U.S. side of events, the only source you need is POTUS Tweets over here.

Now let’s consider the “news/widget” painting problem by the
“manufacturers” of news.  They all have basically  the same 2-sources, unless they bought many beers and favors from a PR source inside DoD…and even then…so what?  The wars will be directly sourced.

Ask yourself, after seeing the Iranian side and the POTUS tweets, what the stories in the (choose as many as you care): New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Trib, Sun-Sentinenal (blah, blah, blah…)  WHAT did they actually add to the basics facts you can get directly if you’re not lazy?

You may not like the answer, but here it goes.


There is absolutely nothing you or I can do to influence where this will lead.  Trump’s got one handle on the outcome and the mullahs have the other.  I don’t need $50-bucks worth of bullshit paywalls to figure this out.  It’s just not that mysterious.

See Why the MSM Hates Trump?

We told you this long, long ago.  Back even before the 2016 election.  Trump would be hated by the MSM press because other than spraying every news/widget with a coat of that  Anlti-Trump Covering (non-slip) they don’t serve a useful purpose, anymore.

If you want the low-down on where employment trends are going, head over to the Department of Labor website and read the freaking data.  Or, when Housing starts come out, read the press releases from Census yourself.  If you can read a chart, who needs a Krugman-like “interpretation” of some basic economic data sets?

You see,  Trump has sucked value out of the networks.  And days like this, filled with MUN (*mostly useless “news”) make the point we made a couple of years back very much worth repeating.

The Mainstream Media no longer serve a useful function.  The government – lead by Trump, but also by every agency with a press release writer – are going “consumer direct.”  The inevitable outcome will be that left-leaning coats of Anti-Trump sprayed willy-nilly on every story is a total waste of energy and your personal time and attention.

Learn to use our “news links” page and go direct-to-source.  See something we should add?  Send it along.

Maybe then, the problem of modern news managers will come into better focus.  I don’t need to sop us ad’s and programming with BS Belief Sets of commentators and neither do you.

FWIW this Slow News Days full of MUN is an  international phenomenon.  Check this story in the  Moscow TimesOn This Day Vladimir Mayakovsky Was Born.”  Who?

And if that doesn’t turn your crank, CNBC is reduced to advising that Commuters on London’s world famous underground to get 4G services next year.  As far as we know, we don’t have a single reader who gives a shit.

What would matter?  Well, if Starbucks could figure a way to sell coffee without slowing down in some stinking HOV lane,  that would be newsworthy.  But, like the “middle seat” story, it’s a nothing until the fly-by coffee booth is open.

Speaking of which, when are carmakers going to start putting “comfort tubes” in cars?  Every time we get stuck in traffic, it’s always after 2 cups of coffee.  Why, we could reduce demand for urologists what?  30%?  How many people get UI infections due to traffic snarls every year?  4-hours hops in our old Beechcraft some to mind, too.

Point?  Sure.  That kind of thinking is called  Enterprising.  When a reporter actually takes his or her nose out of the reporter’s butt in front of them and assesses what really matters in life and asks reasonable questions.

Don’t worry:  American News Media is very much “dead men walking” with only a spray can of  Anti-Trump Coating keeping them alive.  They just don’t realize it yet.

How long can this divisive farce continue?

That’s up to you.  With Dow futures +84 at click time, my “news reading time” is freed up for much more useful “sources” that can actually  contribute something to our lives

Are we talking the talk?  Here’s what’s on my “today list”

  • A book “ How to Fix Almost Anything”
  • The March 1905 issue of  Popular Science
  • Changing the water in our hydroponics system.
  • Reading up on how C60 fullerenes may extend lifetimes by up to 90%. as we begin to experiment with C60 in olive oil (fullerenes).  (Rat lives apparently extend up to 90%)
  • Designing a dumbwaiter to move groceries from the car upstairs.  The 880 lb winch landed yesterday.
  • Setting up one of my HF ham radio rigs to run  Olivia (a digital messaging format)

Longer-term personal research:

  • Working on delay line installation in our studio so we can resume the time and dimension-beinding research using accoustics.
  • New kitchen cabinets and makeover.
  • And somewhere in the mix is a naval (incisional) hernia repair…  (It’s only a coincidence talkshow host Joe Pags talked about his pending hernia decision the same day E and I made a run up to the hernia doc in Tyler, TX Thursday…hell of a coincidence, though.)

Why waste time on news you can’t use?  Don’t waste vital life-force energy that could go into making money (or a hot date) on something as useless as third-hand BS.  We’re all better than that, right?  Optimize everything in your life – there’s so much room for improvement, it’ll make Ure head spin.

(Yeah, sure, forward this to any stupid people you know.)

Moron the ‘morrow…

57 thoughts on “Happy MUND! (Mostly Useless News Day)”

  1. “Swedish prosecutor wants rapper A$AP Rocky’s detention extended.
    Come on, CBS…who gives a rip?”

    The Swedes happen to be violating the civil rights of Americans.
    Check it out.
    Than you might give a rip!

    • If I were going to Sweden which (0) readers are planning, far as I know… Besides, in their country and I don’t vote there. Back to useless…

      • Go George! Americans don’t have any civil rights in Sweden. Deal with it.

        The American Constitution’s Second Amendment in Chicago or New York does not exist for am American from Texas or any other state in the union. Care about something real, not an entertainer in Sweden who broke their rules.

    • Ah, but he’s in Sweden. His “civil rights” are those provided under Swedish law. His civil rights under American law are irrelevant.

      • Four black men were assaulted by two crazy vicious Swedes!
        There is much video of the harassment.
        The crazies than started a fight and the black men were unjustly
        arrested and have been locked up for two weeks.


    • The Swedes VIOLATE the Civil Rights of SWEDES! Rape Capital of the World….Black/Brown on White Rape, women and babies and children (boys AND girls by golly). Oh Say Can You See that you don’t KNOW about it???? Ahhhhh……better BONE up on it CAUSE it is coming here, actually It Is Already Here, just a few more laws to go…..HATE CRIME LAWS, Anti-Semitic Laws, ANTI-Islam laws, the NEWS CREATORS in the USA keeps all blissfully UNAWARE of the rapes/murders/assaults going on IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, and more breaches of the bulkhead called the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and by golly, there, SWEDEN WE ARE!!!

    • Is this a tit-for-tat because of America’s relentless pursuit of Australian Julian Assange?

      People, hide your Volvos and precious Abba vinyl in case things get crazy.

      • OMG next thing you know we will place an embargo on Sweden cutting off the supply of Swedish women for Tiger Woods?
        Rehab centers will have to treat for lingon berry withdrawal. And the price of used Volvo’s will will collapse. God spare us any of these tragedies!

  2. George

    “Designing a dumbwaiter to move groceries from the car upstairs. The 880 lb winch landed yesterday.”

    Make sure you have a circuit breaker or fuse in the winch supply circuit. You might also consider a top and bottom limit switch to shut off the winch at the end of travel. Those switches should be water proof. I know it’s extra money spent, but it will be well spent if it saves the winch from burning up if it jams!

    An Emergency Stop switch in the supply circuit is also a good idea.

    There’s a nifty little book that lots of electrical engineers and other people doing electrical work rely on. Has lot of practical info packed into about 150 pages. Formulas, wiring diagram, tables of wire data, etc, etc.

    It’s called Ugly’s Electrical References. Amazon has it for $17. You probably don’t need it for this project, but I wanted to make you aware of it.

    Good luck with the dumb waiter!

    • “You might also consider a top and bottom limit switch to shut off the winch at the end of travel.”


      Mike.. why not just get a garage door opener rated for the load your planning on having…. the limit switches and everything is right there with it..

      I was looking for a door opener years ago to help with a woman who had had a stroke.. the disability door openers were horribly expensive.. oops a cheap garage door opener worked great..and you wouldn’t ever know it wasn’t designed for just that job..

      when we were kids.. that is how my parents kept food cold.. they had bought a home that didn’t have any updates to it.. we had gas lights dumbwaiters that cranked the food up to the pantry.. and a hang on the side of the house bathtub.the toilet was an out house.. and our water was from a cistern.. we heated with coal and corncobs and an old wood stove in the kitchen.. the dumbwaiter was cranked up and down by hand though..
      today.. you could still do that .. or just get a garage door opener to do the lifting….

      • I looked at those, but I can mount the cable muncher out of the weather. Hard to do with the g door opener in which case I enclose and there goes part of the view from the poop and martini deck…

  3. Quick question for the class.

    I wouldn’t mind introducing steroids into my local animal population. Who doesn’t want giant, aggressive squirrels and skunks and what-nots?

    Can anyone tell me what type of steroids are given to animals that makes them grow extra large? TIA

    • Antibiotics ….. feed em heavy and hard – upsets the guts so badly that it makes them want to EAT…..inject them with vaccines, this also destroys the gut bacteria and makes them want to EAT….Roids, why waste the money, when the other TWO do such a good job of fattening up ALL OF THE ANIMALS (Yes, Man, You ARE an Animal) IN THE WORLD!!!

    • Not a Zoologist but, if I was interested in “jacking-up” my local animal population I would spike their food with 50/50 mix/cocktail of Dbol & Cyrstal Meth.
      Start with Methandrosteolone/Dianabol should do the weight gain/growth thing quickly and then add Crystal Meth. The crystal meth. should do the crazy- aggression thing nicely.

      Think Ure gonna need auto loading shotgun for this “sporting” adventure.

      it reminds me of an apartment we lived in.. years and years ago..
      they had a mouse.. kept telling the landlord you have a mouse.. he would say.. there isn’t any mice here..
      So I would feed it.. the dang thing was so fat he could hardly waddle down the hallway.. I actually felt bad when they caught it..

      • now seriously mike.. wouldn’t you feel bad if you fed the squirrels steroids and they got so fat they fell out of a tree and got hurt..

  4. George, you need to divorce yourself from the concept that the MSM’s job is to provide news.

  5. George,
    It’s not a question of newsworthiness, it’s a question of you conservatives not liking the news.
    When the current US president unambiguously reveals himself as a racist, it is newsworthy.
    When the current US president is implicated in criminal activity, it is newsworthy.
    When a reporter reports that, it is newsworthy.
    Get over it.
    Now, me personally, I’d prefer to focus on how the R’s just added 10% to the national debt for tax cuts. And been doing it ever since Reagan taught them how to borrow and spend. Thereby watering down the US dollar. Because I’m a true conservative.
    I’d like to discuss how Rand Paul can add $2 trillion to the national debt in unfunded stimulus, but then turns around and begrudges pennies for 911 firemen, hungry kids or people that need chemo — because it adds to the debt. Wow. What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites.
    Best, Mike.

    • AYSM? Hitting the sauce a bit early?
      Fact checking you here:
      Which of the cited non-news stories do you find worthy of your time? (It may be your time is not as valuable as mine…)
      Where did Trump – not a reporter mischaracterizing Trump, actually say a damn thing that’s racist? (You gotta put up or shutup on this one)

      • “It may be your time is not as valuable as mine…”

        George, I think that’s the understatement of the day.

        When my grandmother started repeating herself and not following conversations, the family decided it was time to have a professional check her out. Just saying. Mike’s got like 2 lines, which he repeats regardless of the relevance to the conversation or any evidence offered to the contrary.

      • George,

        This is where I have to disagree with the racist part. It’s all contextual. There are better ways to communicate and Trump was just playing to his base and not being aware…as usual of the blowback.

        There is a funny Netflix comedy special starring Aziz Anzari. I like Aziz…but, he has had his issues lately and this special, was in part to address that…In the special he had a bit about a Congressman that used the word niggardly to describe spending issues in government. The word means not generous, stingy, miserly etc. A perfectly good word…if it didn’t sound like something else. Aziz’s bit was about exactly that. Of all the words to use…why that one? If that was me…and my speechwriter wanted me to edit it, I would look at him or her about the word niggardly and say…”Really?”. While in context, it is not even close to being racially charged…why risk the chance that there will be a portion of the audience that will not know its meaning and take it as racist and ruin a perfectly good speech otherwise. It’s like using the word “titular” in front of a bunch of 4th grade boys…there are better words and whatever point you wart trying to make will be drowned out by the giggles of those 4th graders.

        I grew up in a very racist part of a midwestern city and in a still to this day very racist family. “Go back where you came from” was a common rant…Until I moved out to the cultural diversity of California and saw that another world existed, I turned the other cheek when I heard those rants…,maybe even chuckled a bit at them.

        Whether or not Trump meant to say it, (I am conflicted, because he is the worlds dumbest man) and he may not know what he was saying, it was still a poor choice of wording. But…He does have a history of racism dating back to his fights and evictions of Puerto Ricans and blacks in his dad’s housing complexes. The dumb part of Trump just doesn’t care about what people think…which is insulting and why he is constantly attacked…Imagine talking to your wife the way he contentiously talks about everyday stuff. Forget about the doghouse…my wife would take me to the woodchipper.

        Back to the attack on the 4 Congresswomen. It was an attack..It was an attack on the 1st Amendment. It was very calculated wording to rile his base in places like my home town who are probably chanting “Send Her Back” in bars and gatherings all over. And yes, it was calculated…Even though in an interview yesterday, he said he was not happy with the “Send Her back” chant at his latest rally and claimed to have tried to quickly interrupt it, video shows differently…

        After the chant started, he let it breathe a bit for a total of 13 seconds…This is a known political and speech strategy. Let the moment brand itself. He knew that Send Her back would be the new Lock Her Up and he Ate It Up! So in that context…It IS RACIST! In that context, the white suprematists came out and pumped their fists in joyous celebration. So in Other words…both extreme left liberals and extreme right wing groups heard the same things.

        Trump is a con man first and foremost remember…and as a con man, he knows how to create that “Music man” moment to call out TROUBLE in River City.

        Now some misguided fools may think that this a brilliant strategy on Trumps part. I think it’s disgusting. It’s not genuine. He doesn’t care about his base…he just cares about the adulation they give him. He is a ratings whore…It’s the only thing he knows and cares about

      • “Send her back” is not racist no matyte3r how you cut it. I grew up as the white minority kid in a lower middle neighborhood and all I got from cultural diversity was a smattering of Asian languages and a real taste for war mein noodles in an oyster sauce beef mix. In my old ‘hood, send her back is not racist at all.

      • Why does it take mark over 500 words to just say hey he doesn’t like Trump.

        There’s more to mark then that meets the eye.

        It’s called tintinabulation.

      • About the word Tintinabulation.
        I was trying to use it in a manner where one of the definitions is the ringing of bells it’s like Mark is at the church on Sunday morning early ringing the bells and then as the people come up to the church and enter the Bell is still ringing,….during the Sunday School the Bell is still ringing and during the church services the Bell is still ringing and after church is over the Bell is still ringing and after people go home the Bell is still ringing and then people get like hey I’m moving I’m not going to stay in this community because this community doesn’t care that the Bell is still ringing and then eventually everyone moves and Mark is still ringing the bell.

        So hopefully at one point Mark will be alone,, because he will not stop ringing the bell but realizes what he’s doing he’s creating a crowd of people who know better than him at what they want.

        If he lived in the community where everybody had a voice he would be outnumbered but he doesn’t live in a community that agrees with the rest of the USA.

        What this is going to do is cause a fracture in our great beautiful country.

        He doesn’t know because he hasn’t thought out the Delayed Action that will happen.

        Please comment everyone on what the Delayed Action will be.

        May all beings be lovingly fulfill financially fulfilled and readily fulfills so be it.

        Don’t let one thing get you down go around.

        Are you free to go ???

        What’s holding you back.

        Are you stuck in the past while the future surrounds you.

        Have a good day , remember thoughts have wings :-)

    • Oh and on Rand Paul? Despite the efforts of lying liberals (like you) the fact is Ron Paul didn’t add. The US House of representatives and Senate added.

      The libs are becoming completely unable to separate hit pieces in Partially Fair to reality. Bess Levin (author of the latest bash) has made a career and meal ticket out of trump bashing. See here meal ticket list for libs here

    • Mike
      You still haven’t found your local library, a place by the way where fiction is separated from nonfiction. Article 1, section 7, subsection 1 states “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives” …

      To me it seems you have no idea of how our federal government works nor any interest in learning.

      .. “the sound and the fury”…

    • Mike the News is scripted.. and pre designed depending on the market they are broadcasting it to…
      “but then turns around and begrudges pennies for 911 firemen, hungry kids or people that need chemo — because it adds to the debt. Wow. What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites.”

      the one thing I like about Rand Paul.. he does read the material.. in most of the bills.. you might have a medical relief for firemen..My big thing is what did the puppeteers bury in that bill.. No member of congress would sign a bill the puts their lively hoods in jeopardy openly or to open every single person to be eligible for a variety of disgusting actions .. but they did years and years ago.. they also wouldn’t sign a bill that destroys the constitution openly.. yet they have..
      I am questioning.. the sales pitch line says for the 911 fire fighters and hungry kids.. what did the puppeteers add in that bill. my guess is there is a lot in there that would stop him from signing it..I have said it a number of times.. any bill on the floor of congress.. should be written by them and read openly while in session.. and tabling a bill should have a time limit.. lets say four years.. then you won’t have dead horse issues dragging onto the campaign trail election after election..
      When you sign a contract with the devil you had better know just what you are signing and whose soul is it that will be sold .. and as we all know there is only a couple in congress that actually reads the crap that they see in front of them.. the rest sell out..


      I hope you come here to comment when every last member of the Obama Admin is locked up. To each their own, but I soooo want to hear the ravings of the lunatic when THAT happens. I want to hear your spin, they crying, etc. Please oh please stay for that, Mark!

  6. George,
    You are overthinking this entire anti-Trump business. I don’t need no stinkin’ Media to tell me how to think or opine. I listen, I analyze and I express on the source. And the source they call POTUS is as dumb as a crate of stripped bolts. Simple and factual. Done. Move on. You guys elected a dolt. Deal with it.

  7. Unless your an “illegal immigrant coming across the southern US border… then you seem to have ALL the US’s constitutional rights… as well as social security, food stamps, subsidised housing, etc., etc.. Don’t you just love how things are heading here in Amerika?

  8. The C60 sounds really interesting. I’ve been too busy to take a deep dive into that particular material yet. I’ve been too busy working at night trying to avoid this year’s summer heat wave. It’s fascinating how MSM never mentions it until it affects the east coast!

    Here’s a very interesting video on why we’d better not get too aggressive about lowering CO2 or adding SO2 to our beloved atmosphere(if we could actually make a difference):


  9. The reader survival memes have been good, but the political name calling has kinda gone flat this week. Apparently the mid-summer heat is causing short-tempers and OCD repetitive hate talk syndromes for the unprepped politicos. All of you pundits have a cold beverage, and try to think of something more original when you post your political giberish.

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        Maybe just maybe it’ll go up 7000% in 2 months I don’t know but that’s my Dating tip for this month.

        Remember remember remember may all beings be lovingly fulfilled,financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled ,so be it.

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  10. Sweden has become a mid East nation so all Swedish laws have become null and void, A good nation not to visit or live in

    • Regarding the ALICE discussion in yesterdays comments. Novel idea I saw on all places twitter. @NEONREVOLT if one cares. WHAT IF, we go back to how it use to be, and eliminate with-holding from our paychecks. Then people would have to save that money for the taxman at the end of the year. Almost 1/3 of most peoples paychecks. Then the public would understand just how much (mostly give me dat liberals and go along repubs) are stealing from us. And then maybe we could go to an a-la-carte tax pay system OR just eliminate the illegal income tax all together.

      By the way, I posted 2 other comments, and usually say moderating but vanished into thin air.

      • The software George uses (WordPress?) has built-in filtering. It will 86 a post which contains a word its dictionary says is “bad.” When the software kills a post, George never sees it. Compose your post in a text or word processing app, then c/p to post. If the software killfiles it, you can at least read through it to try to identify the offending word. Hint: the software doesn’t like profanity or ethnic slang, nor does it like words which appear to be ethnic, but are not in its dictionary…

      • Ray, thank you, I was wondering what was happening to my comments. Let me say this, one cannot post anything, nor attach links, that shows who is responsible for the open borders in Sweden and the destruction of that country and the disgusting VICIOUSNESS of the take down of that White European Race AND Country. So, think on this! We cannot even NAME the criminals who have conspired to destroy ONE of many of the White European countries. One by one, the White European countries are being turned multi-cultural/ethic/religion for their own good. One by one, their cultures are being destroyed and their indiginous people are being inter and out bred. I like what the Dali Lama said, “Europe are for Europeans.” He is the only one on RECORD to have the courage to say it. So, the question is this: GEORGE, WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING THIS CENSORSHIP ON YOUR WEBSITE? I THOUGHT YOU REGULATED THE COMMENT SECTION? WHY HAVE YOU GIVEN UP YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND OURS? WHY HAVE YOU ALLOWED WORDPRESS TO CENSOR YOUR COMMENT SECTION? Per Ray, I did not use ethnic slang….IF you allow WordPress to omit comments before you see them, then you are now controlled!

    • The rules have changed since 1945; One global brotherhood of sheep, geese, humans, your call.

  11. Seems that stories like Byonce and her Lion King album crap would have “maybe” appeared as an end of the column space filler up piece likely in a rag like the Enquirer maybe. But Noooooooooooooooooo. Now it’s a main stream BAD (big assed deal).

    Agreed, who for the love of gives a flying flip.

    By the way, would like to hear about your adventures with Olivia.


  12. The Tech Industry has brought us millions of Millenial liberals who don’t understand that they are the ones being targeted by the so called Progressive Left. Yet they flock to support their own downfall so they can feel good about their privileged lifestyles. Just like Holloywood.

    It’s OK to be successful. That is what pays the bills. Somehow the left doesn’t understand this. Just hate Whitey.

  13. I would suggest Binging the back to Africa movement before posting opinions on related current topics. Public discussion of related materials haven’t been aired in polite company for a very long time, and it is conceivable that a lot of your readers don’t understand the historical background.
    This sort of rhetoric dates back to the slavery era, and is the sort of issue that this country buried a large portion of the male population over during the war period. While much of the resurrection of devisive slavery era propaganda has come from the D’s, the R’s are now getting into the act. Bury the slavery era racial hate talk before it buries all of us. No good is coming of any of this inflammatory talk, no matter how naively well intentioned.

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