Is this Our “Sky Flashes” Indicator?

What we have is a very short report this morning (full whine in the Coping section to follow)  so don’t expert the usual dull wit this morning…more like half-wit as I run on fumes.

Nevertheless, you know all that talk about “sky flashes” that showed up in Chris McCleary’s forecast in Project August?

How’s this for fitting?

My Saddest Photo Yet’: Astronaut Sees Israel and Gaza Rocket Fire From Space.

I’ve long held that there’s no intelligent life on earth and this seems to make that point clear to any advanced civilizations wandering by.

Another One Down – They Come in Threes

We had an old saying back in my airline days “Crashes come in threes.”

Last Thursday it was MH-17, then Taiwan killed 51 earlier this week and this morning an Air Algerie jet has been lost from radar with 116 aboard.


Markets: Wednesday was “Fake Out” Day

Yeah, the Dow lost 26 points and change Wednesday, but it looks to gain it back when things get rolling this morning.  But, in the meantime, the S&P and NASDAQ composite continued to climb.

Sets up a powerful move to the upside?  We’ll see.  Meantime, mostly minor numbers this morning (weekly employment data is a noisy series) so I’ll just dgop back to sleep and catch up on sleep and do a much fuller report tomorrow.

Mind Control Dept

The head of the federal election commission is trying to control conservative printing outfits.

Why it’s just was the Commissariat ordered, huh?

Just think of all the money government can raise taxing “free speech.”  Of course, you’re welcome to free speech, so long as it agrees with Fearless Leader’s, you understand.

I hope you noticed his latest press-free zone?


OK, back to bed – a storm report and such next…