House democrats are “Taking America Argentina.”  A not-too-obscure (we hope) reference to the roll of Death Squads in places long ago and far away like Argentina.  As Wikipedia explains them:

“A death squad is an armed group that conducts extrajudicial killings or forced disappearances of persons for the purposes such as political repression, assassinations, torture, genocide, ethnic cleansing, or revolutionary terror.”

Armed with laws they twist in the present instance.  Conveniently, these socialist revolutionaries attempting a coup in America have made it easy to “pin the politics” on the dems.   with some members already self-identity as a “Squad.”   The “political hit” is out on Donald Trump.  And they will do absolutely ANYTHING to remove hime from office, by hook or by crook.

Proof of that comes as we read how the House is trying to hide the identity of the secret-leakers in the feral (sic) government.

Once again, we see the Washington Post in the role of “soft coup news bureau” sending its syndicated outlets like SFGate,  “House democrats consider masking identity of whistleblower.”

The most dangerous part of the soft coup is now upon us.  We have past the point of “facts” or the Rule Book (the Constitution) mattering a whit.  Instead, what the Trump-blinded lefties want is a “secret witness” which translate to unaccountable. The secret witness role could be played by any two-bit actor. 

Constitutionally, this is a train wreck.  But, then again, I suppose most coups are.

It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain:  The democrats, unable to repair the Obama healthcare mess, unable to close the damn border, unable to rein-in socialist media – have only ONE issue.  A fraudulent Impeachment with phony witnesses who may – or may not – even exist!

Impeachment becomes the new perpetual opposition to the People’s agenda. 

The impeachment effort geared up when Kavanaugh was seated on the Supreme Court despite crooked (and again democrat-orchestrated) claims against him.  Having lost the lefty majority on the Supreme Court, the barricades have been moved to the House.  Sham trials logically follow. Junta, anyone?

You ain’t really seen an all-time grand hoax yet.  Stay tuned.

Like him, or not, Rudy Giuliani sees it too:  Revealing that a major law firm is working on suits against multiple sitting members of the House. (The Soft Coup leaders, but those are my words not his).

The good news in all this? Laughably, Old Joe’s son could be called to testify.    Team Trump depicts the Ukraine call as getting at the roots of corruption.  And who knows, maybe Barr and John Durham will actually get to the “foundations” of that.  Foundations, you know, are one of the major avenues of modern payoffs.

Works like this:  You get elected, set up a non-profit foundation, put relatives and pals on the board, and then roll in the dough.  Dems (and a lot of dirty republicans) don’t want that getting out.  Why do you think so many old-timers who got rich on both sides have fled office.  Oh, more politely to cover it up “Have decided not to run again…”  Whatever.

Not that it matters:  We’re in a “post-fact world” and the economy is about to implode.  The dems have split the republicans.

Trump has become the nominal head of the NTP (New Tea Party) and the old establishment republicans (like that CIA lawyer who contributed to Mitt Romney years back (see and use the “donor look-up” function).

Try to look surprised as the former republican party has gone full corporate trying to oust Trump, too:    Vanity Fair (which isn’t necessarily) at least gets this headline right:  ““Romney Is the Pressure Point in the Impeachment Process”: Mitt Won’t Primary Trump—But He’s Trying to Bring Him Down.”  Wait, the CIA lawyer contributed to who?

Plus, the Corporate Republicans (CR’s) are coming out of the woodwork (and Bernstein?) to say things like this: “Former George W. Bush chief of staff endorses Trump impeachment inquiry” and “Former Trump Exec Predicts Trump Will Resign Over Impeachment Threat ‘To Save Face’.”  These comments will garner high favors from Corporate Government.

The fact NOT being reported is that America now, in reality, has three political parties:

  1. The socialists (as dems) who are running (political) death “squad” actions and deny due process in order to [rpo,pte  their agenda pf seizing power in 2020 no matter what.
  2. The Trump Party which is the freedom-loving middle of former Tea Party, conservative democrats and liberal republicans who believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, liberal on civil rights and even trade policies who want secure borders and no hand-outs for illegals.
  3. The Corporate Republican (CR) party mainly former republicans (and the loser club 2016 elections) who are full of sour grapes.  To the extent they stand with the socialists-demogogues in not wanting the “gravy train” Foundations revealed as the avenue of payoffs.  Who would, right?

Frankly, our view is the CR party and the socialists will invent a continuous stream of lies to further their plans to seize power.  Which means this crooked alliance will try to take-down the Electoral College.  That will leads directly to Digital Mob Rule to America in 2020 or 2024.

Bet me I’m wrong?

Two-Faced Democrats Dept:

“Bill Clinton asked UK’s Tony Blair to ‘take a look at’ fixing problem during 2000 ‘political season’: document.”

Oh, we get it! Do as we say, not as we do….”  Right.  Crooks.

So, Let’s Crash the Economy

As we told you Monday, the Replay of 1929 called for a market decline yesterday or 0.4 to 1.0 percent.  The actual was 0.45 percent on the S&P 500, so right on track.

This morning futures were down 191 on the Dow earlier.  19 points down on the S&P.

This is not trading advice, but our witches brew of Elliott Waves, Regression Channels, OBV, and differential stochastics is pointing to a mid-session low and then a small rally into tomorrow.  After that?

Acrophobia cure at hand, we reckon.  It’ll be the impact that gets most folks.

“The Grinder.”

Your morning history lesson is a an Albert Southwick column from January of 2009 on The Telegram website where he explained “Stock market crash in 1929 took a while to hit Page One.”

“I have only vague memories of the great Wall Street crash — I was only nine — but I clearly remember the grinding Great Depression that set in during 1931-32. That was when my father started losing many of his properties through tax foreclosures and after my older brother, just out of college, got a job with one of FDR’s alphabet agencies. “

I have this  feeling – and it’s only that, but pay attention here – that the hysteria about Trump, the coming issues with trade, the mixed messages about the US troop levels around Syria, the tensions in Indo-Pak that could result in a nuclear exchange at any time, and a likely penthing Houthi take-down of the House of Saud….these headlines should more than keep the American people from realizing their goose is cooked.  I don’t expect the real fear setting-in until nearly Thanksgiving.  That’ll be when people wonder “What will end this decline?”

The answer may be nothing We shall see, and lots more on this including a specific outlook through year-end on the site tomorrow for our $40/year high-rolling subscribers.

Not saying it WILL happen.  Just that the data is lining up that way.  Any sane people (which America’s low on) would find that mighty discomforting.

NFIB Data Good…But…

Just out from the National Federation of Independent Business:

“The small business Optimism Index maintained a historically solid reading, but took a dip in September, falling 1.3 points to 101.8. September’s figure falls within the top 20% of all readings in the Index’s 46-year history. “

Main takeaway is that the reading fell…and that’s supportive of the economy coming into a broad peak after an almost 11-year run.  A praise to Clément Juglar and the fixed investment cycle he discovered.  Lasting 7-11 years, looks to us like “Times up!”

Another coincident indicator, from the NY Times biz section (the worthy part of the fish wrapper): G.M. Strike’s Economic Toll: Idle Trucks, Packed Warehouses.

Producer Prices

Also just out from BLS:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand decreased 0.3 percent in September, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices rose 0.1 percent in August and 0.2 percent in July. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index advanced 1.4 percent for the 12 months ended in September.

In September, the index for final demand services  decreased 0.2 percent, and prices for final demand goods dropped 0.4 percent.

The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services was unchanged in September after rising 0.4 percent in August. For the 12 months ended in September, prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services advanced 1.7 percent.

Final Demand

Final demand services: The index for final demand services fell 0.2 percent in September following a 0.3-percent increase in August. Leading the decline, the index for final demand trade services decreased 1.0 percent. (Trade indexes measure changes in margins received by wholesalers and retailers.) Prices for final demand transportation and warehousing services also moved down 1.0 percent. In contrast, the index for final demand services less trade, transportation, and warehousing
climbed 0.3 percent.”

As the morning has dragged on, prices globally have begun to fall.  As we pointed out to our subscribers, we see the Global markets as having done a 5-wave Elliott up progression over the past 20 years.  Then, from the 2018 peak, a wave 1 down, the wave 2 bounce looks complete.  So, welcome to the start of Wave 3 down.

As if to make the point, Europe is down almost 1% this morning, and remember a 1% decline in the US would be on the order of a 260-point Dow decline.  But that’s likely just the warm-up.

People who tout a strong dollar miss the point that with socialists running a coup, who would invest in the asylum.  But, pearls among swine.

Wave 3 down could finish in early to mid November, a 4th wave bounce around Thanksgiving begs the question of a Disastrous December and the fifth wave finishing. Plan on lots of coal for the stockings this year.

Double portions for the coup leaders as the naughty – for subverting American Greatness which is what insurgencies always do.

Kibbles and Skittles

Crazy and Climate:  Both begin with a “C” as the “Extinction rebellion: Protesters glue themselves to government building ” in the UK.

As Trump defends his withdrawal from Syria, we definitely expect his detractors will demand he be reined-in as Commander  in Chief.  Too much money in war-making not to.

Trade talks are, as we told you to expect, cooling:Risk Hammered On Report White House Planning Soft China Capital Controls; China Delegation May Leave One Day Early.”  Oh-duh, right?  China runs the clock on the soft coup and 2020.

And since everything is connected: Oil falls as worries on U.S.-China trade negotiations build.  Like you couldn’t see that one coming with all the hints we leave laying around here.

While the Western/US press continues blind to the Indo-Pak war potential,On Air Force Day, IAF Disproves Pak Claim Of Shooting Down Sukhoi Fighter.”  And in WW-1 fashion, could a Pakistani drone, like the one in this report, set off nukes on the Indian subcontinent?  Archduke Drone, anyone?

Off to an early breakfast today. Got to be sharp to call the short-term low when it arrives… Maybe I’ll be able to explain more Thursday…

Write when you get rich,