Reader Note:  This is being posted in sections this morning because of the cold-front, T-cells, and rain moving through the area this morning.  The finished product should be up around 8 AM Central, as always.  If you’re reading earlier than that, here’s your chance to see if you can read faster than I can type!

Mark to Market?

Many moving pieces to the market this week.  Let’s run though the ones that could figure most prominently:

Fresh Blood:  This is the first day of “commission-free trading” (though there are still exchange fees and such) at several of the online casinos.  Might bring in a little more money

Speak, Jay!  Fed Boss Jerome Powell has a couple of talking points  today and again on Wednesday.  If he promises a cut, markets will do one thing, but if he keeps the door open for no cut, might be some disappointment ahead.  Waffle for breakfast today, is therefore in order.

Trade Talks still on.  But, as we figure it, the Chinese are in a great position to “meddle” in the USA 2020 election by simply walking out, or delaying on trade until the dems see who’s left standing.  I.E. No Joe.    A dem (think LizYang) in the White House in 2020 would be a trade “lay-down” and  we remember that socialists do seem to run in schools.  Law schools.

Kid Korea weighs:  Seems the NorK’s don’t think the US MSM is giving citizens here the whole picture and says progress is overblown. “North Korea says onus on U.S. after “sickening” nuke talks fall apart.” (No condo complexes on the beach for you, yung Un.)

And India-Pakistan heats up asKashmir: Pakistani authorities block protesters at India-Pakistan border.”  We notice German media are more awake on this than domestic US.

Oh, and let’s not forget what Supreme Court cases might do to markets as Supreme Court Returns for High-Profile Cases on Abortion, LGBT Rights and More.  These are all highly monteized (industrial division of America) so they do matter to their sub-economics (OK, and the dom’s too!).

Confused Yet?

So goes the uneven flow of media reports, on this and that.  Why just a bit earlier today, Reuters ran one story that said “Futures dip on caution ahead of trade talks.”  Which would make you think lower open, right?  But just one minute earlier on their feed, they also ran “Stocks tiptoe higher as U.S. jobs boost offsets weak European data, trade anxiety.”  Ball of confusing (or is that collusion?).

Our bet for today is a modest decline today, (-0.4 to -1.0 percent) some rally tomorrow and into Wednesday, but a closing S&P Friday possibly around 2,875 this week doesn’t look like a bad dart toss IF the 1929 replay track is real.  We shall see.  But, no, this is not trading advice.  We don’t offer that.  Wild-eyed crazy-man ravings?  Got plenty-them, Kimosabe!

Well, maybe not a complete raving, though, since when you read The Disconnect Between Equities And Macro Grows Wider over at ZeroHedge you’ll figure (as one might) that either the macro’s gotta improve or the stocks gotta respond to gravity.  Oh, and we continue below one of our key trading indicators over on the Peoplenomics side of the house, even with Friday’s rally…

Mr. Snide’s Corner

Word that “China’s Breeding Giant Pigs That Are as Heavy as Polar Bears”  is hardly news.  Why, we saw one shopping t’other day at Wally World.  No “aisle closed” sign, either, but that would’a been nice.

TV Movie Plot of the Day

Key witness in Amber Guyger murder trial shot to death.  Weird, huh?

Around the Ranch: Immortality?

Sunday may have been the last day of Summer here in East Texas.

I managed to get Elaine’s new clothesline up.  Runs 65 feet from the screen porch over to the carport where the truck and tractor live.

Fine…just in time for the rainy weather…”  or something to that effect.  Temps this week will be dropping from the mid-90’s down to the mid-“age range” (70’s, lol).

To the right sits The Boss, sunning herself Sunday.  Most people still guess her age 20-25 years on the low side – for reasons that should be apparent.  We chalk up to long-time vitamin supplement use and not living in with the stressors of city life since 2005 when we got back from Burbank, California for good.

Had an interesting discussion about aging Sunday while have some liquid resveratrol (red Italian) vitamins in the “180 Room” while watching this year’s deer herd trimming the lawn.

What came into focus was novel I keep thinking about writing which is predicated on a “secret department” set up inside the Social Security administration specifically for people like us.  People seriously challenging immortality, if we make it.

The plot follows an agent as a couple – in their 100’s – are confronted by the feds who accuse them of being Social Security fraudsters.

“:..You can’t be 100…have you looked at yourself?  How and whed did you assume their identities?: came the demand from the agent-in-charge.

“No…we really are those people and I can prove it.”

At this, the male produces his and her birth certificates, inviting the agent to “Go ahead…take my finger and footprint and compare them...”  Along with a computer card.  “Here – this is our DNA which we had run by  back in 2017.  See for yourself....”  Several readers expressed concerns about “privacy” when we did that, and I don’t think I mentioned there is a “longer game in play” here.  But since the window opened on reversing aging by extending telomere length using the protocol we cooked up, guess that cat’s out of the bag.  Recent article was in Nature, if you missed it.

Back to the novel:  The main stumbling block (and I’m not sure how to “write around it”) will be the global nuclear war we see coming in the 2024 to 2027 timeframe.

Elaine’s been thinking about aging (and moving back to the city) as we both do from time-to-time.  She keeps coming back to the zero stress out here and wonders if “aging is communicable – passed from other people” idea.  I’ve had similar thoughts.  Mine running more to the idea of “time anchors.”

Time anchors?  Yeah.  Ever meet someone who keeps playing music from the 1970’s?  That person is “time anchoring” themselves.  They have attached to a kind of music,  a way of thinking, a way of being… And this, in turn is getting further and further way as we move along our personal time-lines, which move (roughly) in concert with an area timer-line (which is why remote living is better for longevity perhaps?) and then all this swims along a “world-line” which only rarely “jumps” and that gets us to the global thermo nuclear problem on the other side of the economic depression.

Like all good things, Sunday in the 180-room had to end.  And so it did with a mess of tacos and reading a book on treasure-hunting.

And why that?

Well, turns out this is a branch of research off one of my research topics:  How information is organized.  You see, breakthroughs to new ways of thinking may be predicated on us human’s getting the baseline information “laid out right” so we can see what we have, and what we don’t.  That’s the work-plan on the time machine research for example. Such “data organization”  allows a researcher to take multiple accounts (in treasure-hunting) and organize them using “machine-learning concepts” (thought clouds) as vesicas (from set theory).  Once you have “overlap” from reports, then you can draw inferences, but more importantly, you can focus on that which you don’t know.  This allows the mind to really drill-down looking for that missing piece, usually a high vesica  (say 25th) overlap between accounts that has escape other treasure-hunters (or time machine researchers).  Working on notes so we can go over details on the Peoplenomics side of the house one of these days.

One other outcome from the weekend:  We decided (since we live in a double-wide that we have largely rebuilt) that while I could just ass easily tear everything out and put in new cabinets and such, Elaine made the point: “What bother?”  Correctly noting it one of those things that would never pencil out.  So new tile counters and door facings and that’s it.

Meantime, though, one radical thought I had was to take a photographic wall mural (something real panoramic) and cut it up and use that for the new door facings. Here’s what it might look like (sculpting the effect in CorelDRAW software first to see if we like it):

Elaine thought it would “look too busy” and after thinking about it, I had to agree.  Still, easy to do:  Get one of those wall murals of a mountain range and then lay it out on a clear floor, place the door faces (down), mark them and cut them out, making sure to keep the space between ’em the same as they will be when mounted.

Apply them to the doors using a spray adhesive and then cover with a high-build-up casting plastic for durability…

We’ve going with all black doors again,  And, oh yeah, the picture, taken Saturday shows the crock pot doing a “to die for” pot roast.  It was simply amazing….leftovers lasted only to 9 AM Sunday.

So goes “life around the ranch,” huh?  You don’t need a lot of money to flee the city.  You do need an independent streak and one more thing:  Brains.

Write when you get rich,