Inflected Future

Football weather is our opening topic today because it’s a mood indicator.  When people are stressed, normalcy looks pretty good.  Last refuge of denial.

Yet, as we “line ’em up” today, we can see that markets still can’t be counted “down and out” yet.  Although, depending on how next week goes – plus events in UKR and Taiwan – the way forward is being cast even now.

If you haven’t read it, a very good (allegorical?) description of how the future arrives is contained in Michael Crichton’s book Timeline.  The street-level version is it’s like watching the tiny bubbles on the bottom of a glass of ginger ale. As they ascend to the surface, the grow in size. Potentialities increase.

The day-to-day news flow is a lot like that.  We are stuck, most of us, looking at only a thin horizontal view slice through the glass.  Yet, with practice, we first open to the bubbles are future getting ready to “pop” and then the real fun begins.

Spotting the tiniest of bubbles before our today slice.  The ones that will grow largest – and hold the most sway over our lives – in days, weeks, and months to come.

We’ll skip the ginger ale, though.  Coffee or tea is best at this hour.  Though bubbly is nice. Just not so early in the day.

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60 thoughts on “Inflected Future”

  1. I actually intended to watch the Chiefs game since youngest son was here for a visit until during the pre game bullshit a photo of the Chiefs and that stumblebum pres showed up on screen and I was immediately reminded of my self imposed exile from the NFL and left the room. Stopped by once or twice to get some face time with Knucklehead #2. He is finishing up his Communications and Broadcasting degree this next semester and will be heading out into that world. From before he could talk he has had an almost Rain Man grasp of sports statistics and strategies. He tells me he is looking at Chicago and maybe Seattle for his first jobs. He played peewee flag football as quarterback. On one particular play he lined the boys up and starts out with Blue 20, Blue 20. Coach looks at me with WTF and I just shrugged my shoulders WTF. Asked him after the play and he said he was calling an audible because the other team was wearing blue and #20 was in the hole he was supposed to run through.
    When he told me about where he may be relocating to I had to hold my mouth but my first thought was Yikes.

    Stay safe. 73

      • KU so you can’t be too far off. Hopefully he will remember how to get home if he goes very far. By the time he graduates it may be too late anyway. All I can do is pray.

        • Good luck to him…

          There are not many safe cities in the NFL. Green Bay, of course, Buffalo (until they build the new stadium – Orchard Park is a pleasant place), maybe New England (although Foxborough is like an outer suburb of both Boston and Providence), Jacksonville, NOLA, and possibly Phoenix (Glendale is somewhat insulated from Phoenix proper, but it’s also desert. State Farm Stadium is like its own little city). I wouldn’t want to work for, or live in any other NFL town, unless my employment contract included a bodyguard.

  2. “ As they ascend to the surface, the grow in size.”
    “ The ones that will grow largest – and hold the most sway over our lives”
    Are interesting sentences, this morning.

    I’ve been thinking about things like dinosaurs and biblical giants, buildings and structures said to be built in the recent times but (might) have been built longer ago that have doorways for folks much taller and wider than we presently are. It’s all quite fascinating … even things like Devils Tower which looks like a tree stump, more so than a natural mountain,- There are a lot of those around the world.

    I’m sitting here thinking about how the atmosphere has changed from high levels of oxygen to lower over the course of time, – recently heard Bill Gates wants to cut down trees, which would reduce oxygen emissions even lower … and to know, that “too many people thing.”

    Makes me wonder if the real thing going on is, is the planet shrinking?

    • “I’m sitting here thinking about how the atmosphere has changed from high levels of oxygen to lower over the course of time”

      The lower the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the lower the level of atmospheric oxygen, and the higher the level of atmospheric nitrogen.

      More CO2 = more O2 and less N2. Less CO2 = less O2 and more N2. It is a simple equation, and one which several billion human lemmings need to learn…

      • Hey Ray,

        This “lemming” stands corrected. Thank you.

        I looked it up, as i should have when I was first told about oxygen levels …

        If your claim of “several billion lemmings need to learn” I don’t feel so bad about making the mistake. I just happened to be the only kid in the room who got it wrong. That’s ok, I’ve sat in class before and I admit, some days were better than others.

        Happy Sunday, Brother.

        • “If your claim of “several billion lemmings need to learn…”

          How many people actually know something about climate? (Not very many)

          How many of those who do are dependent on a government grant to pay for that new Porsche that’s settin’ in the driveway of their 6000 sq.ft. “campus cottage?” (Nearly all)

          The lamestream media doesn’t even have to be in on the deceit — They can literally cite “experts” from virtually any college, who say Man is the bane of Earth and is solely responsible for climate change. They can (and do) also silence scientists whose learned opinion differs from the narrative the media has established.

          The “lemmings” are the billions of people worldwide, who are not experts in geology (both climatology and meteorology are sub-branches of geology, much like botany and zoology are sub-branches of biology), and repeat (and believe) what they’ve been told by a newsnerd or “scientist,” without taking the time to research the subject on their own.

          It never used to be necessary to research stuff, but “politics” used to never be injected into the minutia of life, and minutia never used to be propagandized to create, establish, and further a narrative which flies in the face of both common sense and reason, or an ideology which is the antithesis of what “America” should mean.

          Individuals have trampled Rights as long as individuals have existed, but until 15 years ago or so, it was never OUR government’s policy to trample on everyone’s Rights.


      • Ray, you gave good Bonus replies today.

        I guess when I WOKE up about 25 or more years ago, that’s when I realized I was being lied to by the MSM….it may have been when I saw that newscaster, in black and white, on youtube, claim that JFK was shot from behind and that his head slumped forward, as HE had gotten to see the Zapruder tape 12 years before the citizen population of the USA.

        When I saw that old tape, it was all I needed to know. JFK was definitely not shot from behind and his head did NOT slump forward after the kill shot.

        I also remember that same newscaster somewhere in the 90’s doing his little outside news diddy, telling everyone that companies offering part-time jobs, under 30 hours a week, was a good thing for American workers, back when there were mostly American workers working full-time jobs, and I knew he was a big liar then, as well, because going under 40 hours a week, back then, meant NO BENEFITS.

        And, lookie, he is in his 80’s and still racking in the dough for lying to the American people ALL OF HIS JOURNALISTIC life.

        Does Crime Pay? Why yes it does.

        So, yeah, what’s left of the rest of the world, needs to WAKE UP, and OPEN UP THEM EYES, and DE-FLOURIDE the pineal gland!!!

  3. Well, there ya go. I asked about “earthquake tireds” a couple of days ago and Morocco pops off. Ben over at Suspicious0bservers said no such magnitude quake has hit there going all the way back to 1900. It’s the biggest quake on record there and 800+ and rising souls have been freed from their squishy living quarters in a most horrible way.

    Hate to say I feel better now but it may be the Naproxen Sodium still talking from last night. At least I finally got to temporarily set up the solar pump at the new well to see if we’d get anything out of it at all. 400w and 100% rpm brought about a gallon per minute to the surface so I let it run hoping nothing would chew the wires or mess with it over night. The water in that bore hole has been sitting there for years but the goats seem to have approved it. It may not be much but, given time, it’s a small oasis after the goats have trudged a mile in the burning Sun.

    • It may not be over, yet. The heat dome over Spain is causing havoc on weather in the Mediterranean. EQ and extreme weather go hand in hand. Greece and Western Turkey have gone through the unprecedented heat wave (and fire) stage, and now the unprecedented hurricane level rain (and flooding) stage. Maybe the EQ in Morocco is a precursor to one in the Eastern Mediterranean.

      • I try to catch Ryan Hall on YT for long-term updates. A week or so ago he talked about a cyclical procession of rain storms coming through the South and Texas after this heat dome over us is done this month. We usually have a monsoon any time from the last week of September to mid-October so we’re looking forward to that. It has the sweet, sweet odor of rain outside right now and we’re supposed to start getting scattered sprinkles today and tomorrow so our fingers are crossed that we’re at the end of the Summer Hell.

    • CAUTION on the Naproxen Sodium! There is increasing evidence that it causes diverticulitis among ‘regular users’. That was me. The infection bored a hole thru my colon and bladder together. I’ve had 10 inches of colon removed and resected. I used to think Naproxen was the safest thing around. Not any more.

      • The knee I take it for has been going on for over 2 months now and it’s the third NP pill I’ve taken so far. I prefer ice packs at night but the anti-inflamatory action of NP also helps move things toward healing. I don’t like pain killers, especially on a regular basis, as I’d rather be fully aware of an injury’s status rather than hide it and risk further injury.

        • Try Relief Factor.

          It is all natural, all healthy, and ~$26 for a 3-week “trial supply” to see if it works for a person’s specific pain.

          I have been through its ingredients list dozens of times and I cannot figure out how or why it works, but it has eliminated my sciatica — something I believed couldn’t be done without surgery. After a few months I stopped taking it (as an experiment), the sciatica returned; resumed the regimen and -=poof=-
          The pain was gone…

          Note that it is a subscription supplement, and that the subscription is $80 a month.

          If it doesn’t work for you, yer out dinner for two at a fast food joint. If it does, you get to decide whether the benefit is worth the cost.

        • I keep hearing about Relief Factor on Glenn Beck. What exactly is in it? As I said, I don’t want to mask any damage that will continue if I don’t feel it. I’ve not known anyone that actually takes it as yet.

          Hmmm. CBD gummies. That’s not going to get my doors knocked in at 2am some night here in Texas is it? We thought about picking something up in Colorado earlier this year but then figured it wasn’t worth getting Rin-tin-tin excited if we got stopped for any reason.

        • Oh crap. Guess I should have scrolled down a bit farther on your post Ray. Sorry. Also trying to carry on a conversation with the wife at the same time.

        • What are the primary ingredients in Relief Factor?

          Sounds like “natural” stuff vs. test tube inventions. Worth a try anyway. I was taking Turmeric Curcumin for a while but quit earlier this year as I didn’t notice it was really doing anything for me. This thing with my knees is something that occurs once every 2 or 3 years and gives me fits for a while. It’s a whole lot better than it was a couple of weeks ago. Gettin’ old SUCKS!

      • Naproxen Sodium (Advil) is THE WORST for the rest of your body of all the pain relievers. Necessary in some limited circumstances but NEVER use it for more than 2 days running AND NEVER use alcohol or any other liver stressor (such as most cholesterol drugs) when taking it.

        Tylenol is better, but still NOT a good drug to use regularly. Again NEVER drink alcohol when takin Tylenol (that combo killed the mother of a good friend of mine back in the early days of Tylenol before it’s risks when also drinking were understood)

        Old Aspirin is harder on the stomach, so some people can’t take it, but is MUCH better for your liver.

        When I did my research on all of the pain relievers many years ago, (because of what happened to my friend’s mother) I came to the conclusion ALL of the “newer” pain relievers were MUCH worse than Aspirin so Aspirin has been my #1 go to treatment for virtually my entire life … and I only go to the other pain relievers if it is something that aspirin proves to NOT be able to help. The others have their place, but NOT as something to be used daily or even often.

        Hank, sorry to hear about the problems you have had because of Naproxen Sodium. Hopefully they have been able to repair your body.

        • 50, maybe 60 years ago, the AMA passed a survey out to GPs. One of the questions was: (I’m paraphrasing — it’s been a LONG time) “If you were amongst a group cast away from civilization, and you could choose just one medicine to have in your bag, what would it be?”

          The unanimous answer was “aspirin.”

          When asked if they could have two meds, the nearly-unanimous answer for the second was “penicillin…”

    • Got decent shower last night. More rain is expected this coming week. By the end of the week it may be safe to harvest hay (maybe).

  4. Sure – I get it, Inflected future, hard to know which “bubbles” will win race to surface, prior to exploding, less of course we be talking Guiness, dem bubbles go the other way.

    What we can be guaranteed of is an Infected Future, a nasty infection at that.
    How nasty ? How you think Chynah gonna respond to DNA targeted virus (s) that only infects (kills) peeps of Asian persuasion ?
    DEW you want to ponder Carbuncles ?
    We already attacked their Pork and Chicken farming hawk = carrier of micro drones laced with “nasties’, when they are not transporting “smack” out of central Asia.. Ure tax dollars hard at work.

    Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst – German Defense Service.
    These DARK krauts love, love Posions, one of their fav methods of dispatching people. They be source of Dulles bros ..CIA – they be running all the nasty shceisse out of langely. bushy senior = gruppenfurher. yes we have an airport in DC named after German Spies . See Spyhunter – Michael Shrimpton ,if you can find a copy.
    Heard of anybody (s) having a stroke lately ??

    We can count on another false flag op soonly in the kraine theater of operations, as nato is losing badly..equip and personnel and must escalate…lest these losers end up with 100 % foreign policy failure rate..which would be exactly PAR for pedo joe. 100 % FAILURE..and majority of Youse voted for the a record breaking turnout – Apparantly, unbeknownst to ALL, but very select few Sorosian malfeasants.

    SPYHUNTER – michael shrimpton/ = a completely different account of world history.

    * what news could possibly drive BTC to $27,500 area over the weekend ? Seven hours ahead..hmmm

    ** ? does MOAR Snarkatude come with Longevity ?

  5. “China has a new high end phone out which uses 7 nm pitch semis. China’s New Huawei Mate 60 Pro Phone Signals Major Semiconductor Breakthrough. We/the West/, have seriously underestimated their skills.”

    lol lol lol…only those that have NEVER opened a history book… or read anything about the historical inventiveness of the Chinese people .. lol lol lol

  6. “Second point is that Apple does have a problem with the Chinese phone ban for some of their products”

    AMEN… to that one…
    if a 3 year old can tap into the cloud turn on the phones the camera and microphones.. I think they should be banned as well.. even by the us government.. imagine an important strategy meeting and the camera and microphone is on..tapping into the activities and discussions in the meeting. in 2010 everyone’s phone camera is on and all baby monitors on..then two years ago.. security systems were hijacked..
    look at our own NSA and how they tap into random accounts..nope the cell phone and products have a serious data leak ..

    • Don’t allow IP cameras or microphones in the house. Perimeter IP surveillance devices do have risks associated. I like floodlights and armored non-IP game cameras. Once you get even a single picture of a felony in progress, and the police have the photo(s) to show off around the area, the word gets around real fast to CI’s, siblings, cousins and brother-in-laws that Ure little fort is guarded 24/7.

      • Not only guarded, but our current gen of solar powered outdoor with night vision also sends an sms message and email with snip of the intruder day or night. It’s pretty slick. Streams off site…yeah, grown up surv. here.

        • our perimeter cameras are awesome ..the majority of the residents in the whole community put up cameras a few years ago..strange white vans.. doing a net search and you could see all kinds of creepy wifi networks..not only our community but all the surrounding communities as well..
          so the vast majority of the residents here put up camera systems..

  7. “globalism is still waiting for the medics to show up to save Globalism from imploding:”

    phew…we are upside down…economically.. bringing in more mouths to feed and more people to take’t pays them gives them benefits that average wage earners cannot get..
    A run away system..A devalued currency.. not backed by anything at all..
    A company without an income cannot pay back a million dollars..A retired person of a friend of mines.. his rent went up three hundred dollars more than he gets..not counting all the other crap..
    the solution is implosion of the dollar a full bankruptcy of the usa..
    do a backed currency then do like we did war script.. ten thousand or a million to one trade off.. the poor are still poor and its a logical means to TAKE what the 29% of the top has..
    in the USA you don’t leave with anything at all..
    and the one percentage of the oligarchs have complete control..
    in Zimbabwe a one pound loaf of bread is 39 million .. A happy meal is what ten grand in Argentina.. of course that’s now being turned around by China and Russia..
    the minute that everyone we purchase from say no more.. give peanuts or popcorn or a glass of water..

    • Happy Meal – Got me to wondering:
      Happy Meal Cost: 460 to 500 yen ($4.09 to $4.46)
      Happy Meal Cost: 226 rupees and up ($2.59 and up)
      Happy Meal Cost: 4 euros ($4.70)
      South Korea
      Happy Meal Cost: 4,300 won ($3.77)
      Happy Meal Cost: 20 to 21 yuan ($3.01 to $3.16
      Buenos Aires (Argentina)
      Happy Meal Costs: AR / ($5.72 to $6.20 – monetary fluctuation)
      Happy Meal Costs: $3.18 U.S.D.
      Highest price in the world for a Happy Meal is in Lebenon at over $21.89
      The Cheapest Happy Meal is in Pakistan, at $2.11
      U.S Average for a Happy Meal is $3.68

  8. Maybe so many people watched the football game because there wasn’t anything else on the TV worth watching. Is there a boredom index out there somewhere?

    It’s insane how many reruns, rehashes, and reshowing of 30+ year old movies there are on cable’s 500 channels.

    • The reruns are better than the remakes.

      They also indicate “creativity.”

      The remakes indicate a lack of creativity, and a lack of imagination.

      No one has ever been able to expand Shakespeare’s plot list, but Theater, Cinema, Radio and Television all had the limitation of The List in times past and managed to create interesting twists to the basic plotlines. It is a shame our “content creators” have grown so drug-addled and stupid that they must copy yesterday’s ideas because they’re unable to create on their own.

      The two things broadcast sporting events have are immediacy and mystery. Even if you’re a three touchdown underdog (like Colorado vs. TCU, last week) there is no such thing as a “certain” victory or loss. Basketball and football are instant, immersive escapism, and a couple hours later, they’re gone…

      • When the first movies emerged the film industry knew they had a multi-generational business that would outlast their grandchildren. The appeal grew with the technology until every tale of excitement, woe and general look into the Human Condition had been explored which ended in the mid to late 70s. By then even John Wayne’s movies were overly trite – much to my sorrow. Chisum in ’70, Cahill in ’73 and Wayne’s stepping into the 20th century with “McQ” in ’74 were paper thin plots as he and other actors began to care less about content than just getting a paycheck. Wayne knew his time was limited anyway but the remakes of all hits of the 50s and 60s began to flow. I can’t believe they actually tried to remake “True Grit” but I guess they were banking on people’s short generational memories.

        It’s very rare for us to go see a movie now days. “The Sound of Freedom” broke a VERY long stretch of abstinence. We waited for the streaming version of “Avatar: The Way of Water” and watched it at home. I’ve been informed that we HAVE to go see “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding 3” to which I replied “Ok, maybe I’ll be surprised.” . The second one wasn’t as novel and smart as the first but, ok, we’ll see. If the wife and I can agree on a movie at all it’s going to be on the Internet stream 99.8% of the time and the ones we’d really like to see again they charge for on top of the usual access fees. Inflation’s a be-atch!

        • “The Matrix” is an amazing A/V treatise. I watched its sequels exactly once.

          Even when something is designed as a trilogy or multipart series, after the initial hook, everything seems to kind of just fade into mediocrity…

  9. Just a thought:
    When was the last time China was in an actual military conflict? I believe we would have to go back to a short period in the late seventies. Their current military has no combat experienced officers, nor, more importantly, NCO’s. None.
    Once the buttons are pushed, rockets fly, and bombs dropped – you still have to put boots on the ground. Flooding an island with a couple hundred thousand airborne / infantry would, on paper, do the job – experienced, or not. Overwhelming firepower is going to rule the day. And once there, in place., it would take an act of God to dislodge them. Not much anyone could do about it.
    The problem arises on the international stage. And that I believe that is “the” major hang-up for China. “The” sole reason they have not launched. International shipping would come to a sudden and dramatic halt. The sheer volume of ‘stuff’ leaving Chinese ports daily would stop. Along with the all the stuff they import. Supply chains world wide would collapse., literally – overnight and there goes the entire world economies. The “Domino Effect” would be very impressive to watch.
    When would it start up again, at even a 50% rate of imports / exports ? Not for years. And China and the Chinese people would suffer greatly. Just how many factories would close down due to a complete halt in exports / shipping? [ and all the infrastructure that goes along with it.] That’s a lot of people suddenly unemployed.
    Economically China is as stressed and weaken as every other country on the planet. And when they push that first button and launch a war across the Straights., they are going to be hit hard in the wallet., very hard.
    Can Xi afford to do that? His job., possibly his life., the pride of the Chinese people and the entire Communist Regime will be at stake. Does he dare risk it ?

    • See –

      drought is killing shipping down da canal – aint nothing moving, not going to be moving anytime soon.

      X-Mas ?- fugetaboutit

      ..DEATH By a thousand Cutz!

      Patience IS a virtue.. prog-demons results from past 3 years clearly shows we have gone down the turlet funnel, past the trap and wax ring, rushing towards the SHT/Septic Tank/Sewer.

      Its bummer the supply chain/canal/X-Mas, but at least we will still have Mr. Hanky to celebrate what is left of this once great nation, come Christmas time –

    • “When was the last time China was in an actual military conflict? I believe we would have to go back to a short period in the late seventies. Their current military has no combat experienced officers, nor, more importantly, NCO’s. None.”

      hmmm… do they have to go military conflict at all?
      Absolutely everything I have has a Chinese path.. they own all our major companies they own a. hunck of our deficit..
      some of the nicest people I have ever met are from China..
      one peek at they are throwing young girls and women into the body churning war..
      now one look at any USA city.. heck the terrorist actions of BLM and Antifa destroyed the police ..we opened our borders for millions of military aged men in..and we are everywhere but here at home. we have turned our country into a vulnerable nation an infrastructure that is in decrepit situation a grid that’s so vulnerable that an ice and snow storm threatened to take it down. . China walked across Vietnam in a week just as a symbol to not test them.. for thirty plus years they have been building ghost cuties and industries power plants built in multiple locations to strengthen their grid and underground bunkers for a good chunk of their population..looking at the damages of blm and antifa.. then the administration’s counteroffensive measures to hurt the people and industries in the usa.. it all looks as if we are not only being destroyed from within and being played in a poison pawn trap at the same time. all they have to do is shut off the spigot of goods..remember two years ago toiletpaper was selling for the price of precious metals. fighting over toilet paper..
      what I believe is they will let Kim in NK give the charge..all the countries we have helped that hate us are dancing on their borders just waiting. then while we are shoved in a million directions..the strike at home..if the gulf trainer group did park some of their club-k systems here .. they spent good money getting the deal through..and if some of the fifty plus million illegals our government brought in are in fact an enemy army like they said they would do..a Trojan horse.. we would not win.we were pretty much sold out for drugs money and women and boys.. they just played on the greed of those in suspiciously looks as if everything is for sale from those that swore to be there for us..

      • They don’t need a nuclear sub. They sailed from Brownsville to Baltimore about 15 years ago, over 2900 miles inside our waters in a DIESEL “quiet sub” and the only time they were spotted was when they surfaced off Coco Beach. Our military and Coast Guard didn’t spot them at all — some Ron-Jon beach bums did…

        Y’all need to read more furrin stuffs. Pyongyang bragged about that for months, as did Russia when they sailed into Nofuck AND DOCKED, without our knowledge.

  10. 31% of all outstanding US government debt,. a whopping $7.6 trillion in interest-bearing US public debt will mature within a year.., and accounts for more than a quarter of US GDP.
    As of Friday afternoon, the 10-year Treasury yield stood at 4.25%, and three-month yield was 5.47%. How much further apart can that spread get ?

    • And this gets back to my point. Since no matter what happens to the economy (monetized Second Coming aside) the fed raising now will simply raise our own rates!
      Insanity is alive and living in finance!

  11. A would-be tyranny, thankfully, is rarely as effective is it aspires. A stong poice state relies on fast communications, either wired or wireless, to function these days. Stupidly, they have come to plan and rely on their ability to supplant the delicate systems with more robust “wildcard” and not-publicized systems for backup. These are (to my knowledge) crude, basic, but proven-effective “old school” methods. (Mostly HF radio. Voice and ALE.) (ALE is for unskilled idiots.
    Everybody is equipped for it, and it “drills” well, but nobody smart has a lot of faith it will actually
    work well under live fire.)

    In a General Breakdown of Everything, normal e-comms — which are intrinsically delicate, will go down or slow down to a useless level. This is a severe vulnerability. Few controlling (governmental) systems will function well when the plugs are yanked out. They know this, and have taken some steps to provide continuity — but less widely believed is that they (FEMA) also are aware of the vulnerabilities, and know they essentially have no answers that will work and haul the mail well.

    One of the few systems that WILL be working in a plugs-out situation is ham radio — mainly because it’s so widely distributed across the map. There IS no central node. It’s a “many-to-many” landscape. Ducidly hard to jam out or seriously interdict. This is why FEMA is so bullish on ham radio. They believe they can harness and usefully control it, if need be. They also know they can’t own it exclusively — they know many parallel rogue and vigilante groups will also be working.

    7299 by day, 3999 by night.
    On the fifteens and the forty-fives.
    (Everybody normlly uses on the hour,
    or the half-hour points.)
    No central planning or NCS.
    Key phrase “Business Model.”
    Do NOT “spotlight” this phrase.
    Work it in, with subtlety, sounding
    casual and relaxed. We’ll know.
    (If you’ve never seen “The Siege,” starring
    Denzel Washinton, see it. You’re gonna
    live it for certain. Only with different
    bad guys. Coming soon to a town near you.
    It’s only a movie…. Keep saying that…

    • Re: Tong-il; “Unification”
      feat: 15th & 44th Movements


      “France24” published pictures from the Truck and Tractor 75th Anniversary Show offered at Pyongyang. There were Chinese red wons ? and Russian blue wons ?? Apparently President Kim and his daughter were in attendance. Did anyone else’s daughters in the Americas take taekwondo lessons? Just wondering.


      A x B


      According to do taekwondo dot net, correct 15th and 44th techniques advise as follows: “…execute a middle punch to ‘D’ with the left fist while maintaining a right Walking Stance to ‘D’. Perform 14 and 15 in a fast motion…

      …slide to ‘C’ maintaining a Sitting Stance toward ‘B’ while executing a W-shape block with the outer forearm…”.

      Oh yes, the “France24” report is here.
      (“Thousand year liability, 10,000 year warranty”. That’s some kind of trash-talking from a Nork truck!)

  12. “Coffee or tea is best at this hour. Though bubbly is nice. Just not so early in the day.”

    Mountain Dew! Caffeine AND bubbles! I worked with a TV producer who kept a small refrigerator full under her desk. She bounced off the ceiling all day long.

  13. Re: “Inflected Future”
    feat: The Chef


    UK msm newsfeeds have been abuzz for 3 days since an alleged terrorist escaped a Victorian-era London prison. The Anglo-Lebanese soldier from a British army signals regiment was charged with supplying information to Iran according to the BBC. The getaway vehicle for the prison kitchen helper was apparently the underside of a food supplier delivery truck. Their parent company is a global conglomerate headquartered in South Africa.

    It seems that the prison escapee was tackled by a plainclothes policeman as the former rode a bicycle on a London-area canal path. He was said to be in the possession of a trove of foodstuffs bearing the name of an upmarket grocer who hold a Royal Warrant as grocer to King Charles III. The firm is headed by a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE).

    Speaking of bikes and Victoriana, let’s hop aboard at the studio with DJ George dialing in the pedals. Today’s songwriter retired comfortably to a property near the BBC’s Broadcast House whose centuries ago semi-rural expanses underwent development by a now multi-billion £ entity begun by a British peer created by Queen Elizabeth I in 1597.

    Here’s “Daisy (A Bicycle Built for Two)” from 1892 by Harry Dacre as taught by Mr. Langley for the modern ear.

  14. The UAW formed in 1935, Detroit, MI.

    Note: “In 1914, Henry Ford took the radical step of paying workers $5 per day for a 40-hour work week; he called this compensation “profit-sharing.””

    The UAW is threatening strike next week. It would be interesting to see them strike then days later China paratroops into Taiwan killing the chip stream. The “Detroit Three”, one a foreign company, may go out of business. The end of the wave that began back in the 1930’s.

    Or the UAW gets their demands met, China doesn’t invade and with the average U.S. passenger vehicle age around 12.5 years another .gov cash for clunker program is announced to ‘combat inflation’ and support the new price level.

  15. Re: “Nikki”; Baba Buddha
    feat: “Johnny Mnemonic: in Black & White”, 2022


    Here’s a little one for your consideration. “Nikkei Asia” offered its thoughts last Tuesday on the recent CCP Elders meeting at the Beidaihe resort area environs. Apparently a day after the confab, former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made his first public appearance in months to a warm reception at the Mogao (“none higher”) Thousand Buddha Caves.

    “The Guardian” quoted from Premier Li’s farewell speech when he was dumped from power in March. “While people work, heaven watches. Heaven has eyes.”

    • Folks,

      Today was tomorrow yesterday? Today the CBC filed a report on their website under “health”. The authors look at a mid-40’s tech millionaire (now a “professional rejuvenation athlete”) enduring a grueling regimen in search of life extension. They also feature the Seattle doctor in his mid-80’s, Dr. Leroy Hood, carrying out “illness avoidance” research while still maintaining an active lifestyle.

      • re: The Day After Tomorrow


        The BBC website has a piece from Laura Kuennsberg’s interview with soon-to-be-retiring US Army Chief, Gen. Milley. The Ukraine has 30 to 45 days before weather becomes more of a factor in the counter-offensive operations, he suggests.

        The outro attached to the article is a trailer banging the drums for Ms. Kuennsberg’s documentary “State of Chaos”. It is scheduled to air on Sept. 11th at 2100 bst on BBC Two. The primary channel, BBC One, will air “Who Do You Think You Are?” at that same timeslot. The episode apparently features Boy George.

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