Several items in the ponder-pile today – thinking pieces all:

My buddy Gaye who writes has a dandy post on the rampant, runaway, nonsensical divisiveness that the Digital Mob Rule types are using to bring down historical (balanced) America and replace it with their version of socialism they’re all after.  The Idiocracy I think one film maker termed it.

So go read “A Nod to Personal Independence and the Protection of Individual Rights.”  Well said and front the heart.

If you’re skeptical that America has gone bark-raving mad, you may have missed that Mad Magazine is planning to halt publication according to a report on Comicbook/dc..

Our analysis has been expecting it because Mad is now overlapping the commercial “news networks” and they owned the space, once.  Still, sad to see a brilliant comic bite the dust because world is now demonstrably crazy.

Better(?) Killing Technology

Wait!  Is there such a thing as “better” when comes to killing technology?  This is a day to remember that yes, under exceptionally tango-uniformed conditions, there is

An email from warhammer caught my attention:  He sent a report on a new ‘killer breakthrough.’

“Here’s a new device Machiavelli would be proud of, the Pentagon’s new heartbeat laser ID system.  This thing is an assassin’s fantasy come true.

Finding a target in a crowd, the dark or during inclement weather will make the life of CIA pest control specialists a bit less stressful.

I’d expect that next up will be a ‘heartbeat spoofing vest’ to protect persons of interest from heartbeat laser ID wielding hit men.

In the meantime, for those worried that they are being trailed by techno-savvy terminators . . . travel the most unpredictable path at inconstant times of day.

Or, if that is too inconvenient and assassination paranoia will soon destroy ya, just wear a tinfoil T-shirt! “

(Which also defeat Tasers, we remind you!)

While that’s an admirable feat of tech, we sure wish the ‘use case’ had been scanning people going to work in big buildings instead of the obvious .mil application.

Something like “Excuse me sir, you can’t go to work today because your QRS Complex is screwed up and you’re on the verge of a-fib…Take the day off, take an aspirin and go to your doctor’s office – we will call and arrange it from your data on file…”

On a more humane planet?  Oh well, if lasers don’t get us, the workload will.  Or, if not that, the taxes.  All a highly levered Rube Goldberg implementation of Life.  (<<<–Don’t let the dem’s near this concept!)

After Setting the Mood, Table’s Next

On the Peoplenomics side of things, I’ve run a couple of gardening articles in the past couple of months.  Has something to do with re-tuning my hydroponic skills.

As we laid out (with lots of details for subscribers plus pictures) the Great Tomato race looks like it will be a ‘walk’ for hydroponics (DWC).  Pot plants in the greenhouse are in second place, but the dirt farmed variety (all from the same seed stock, of course) are requiring zero work and still look promising.

Wednesday, I pulled the first yellow squash for fixing.  To give you and idea of scale?

Think it’s a fluke?  No, this is about an average plant based on past year’s results.  And how much does it weigh?

Yes sir…14.8 ounces.  There will be dozens more coming.

If you’re finding it an odd mix that we would be doing things like this on the “subscriber side of UrbanSurvival” let me explains the logic.

Yes, we live in (the collapsing) greatest country ever.  We have great skills when it comes to monetizing and thus getting people spun up around views, candidates and issues.  We have seen, for example, prepper sites go ‘hog wild’ selling ‘survival seed packs’ and all the rest.

But a lot of these ‘prepper’ sites are not real about it.

What I mean by this is they don’t do a real ‘dry run’ are “feeding the family from a patch of dirt.’  They buy a few hundred dollars worth of crap and then bullshit themselves into thinking “Yeah, I could do that in a pinch, sure…”

But, we do such prepping runs because we develop tons of useful data.  When we asserts, for example, that your food bets ought to be hydroponic, large pots, and dirty farming in that order, it’s not because we read something in an old copy of Earth News, or some-such.  No, we get out, spend most of the subscriber dough on things that we test and write about.

Survival – not an easy term to define – does NOT mean I can do OK with swing trading now and then and be assured a happy ever-after.  What it means is having the human equivalence of something in the plant world.

You see, plants are either ‘annuals’ or ‘perennials.’  Annuals have to be planted every year while the perennials bounce back and thrive for another year on their own.  The seeds don’t need to get planted by nature’s accidents (and no birds around, lol).  They just persist.

Some people are like that – perennials.  Not a bad goal.

As I sit back and think about my friends, even though we may not agree on everything, there’s so little we differ on (like the big stuff) that we can be friends.

You will find, on careful inspection, that most people who come and go in your life are mostly annuals.

They come in, need lots of care in planting, need lots of care throughout the year (watering, fertilizing, and so on) while tearing up lots of your time.

So yes, if we haven’t blown up the planet by this time next year, we will slowly be expanding our food growing around here.  Dirt farming is not terribly hard and even the basics of hydroponics laid out in a couple of recent Peoplenomics reports, isn’t that hard to learn.

Now to the Prepping Point

Not only do we enjoy reporting that this squash made it from planting to table in a quick 55-days, but we also figure that a cup of cooked yellow squash slices is 68-calories.  Some sources also claim that it’s 50% fat, 41% carbs, and 9% protein.

Since we will be able to get maybe 100 squash this size for the season, the numbers punch out like this assuming no loss in the kitchen:  100 squash would weigh in at 1,480 ounces and would measure 185 cups.  Times calories?  12,580 calories.

Split between two adults (we don’t call ourselves ‘seniors’ except for discounts) that 6,290 calories each.  At two cups as a sitting? roughly 46-meals, or every other day a cup of squash for 3-months.

Which has me working on a capstone project for this fall and into next year:  I call it…well, let’s do it before I write it.

Is there an “Independence Day” message here?  Hell yes.

If you haven’t run the numbers and seen how perilous our future is should any of the underlying assumptions fail, then you may not be enough of a deep-thinker to survive long-term.  Prepping books won’t help.  It’s the old knowledge that is now so terribly out of fashion.

Remember this:  If anything fails, put down whatever you are doing and realize there are only THREE objectives:  Be safe, Have water and a 90-day food bridge, and be damn sure you can grow and preserve in those 90 days at least 1,500 calories per day for the rest of your life.  Because if you can’t, you’ll be one of those who died.  Could we burn through our most resources and live it up?  Sure. We’ve lived so far below our means for so long it’s laughable. But that’s not a ‘sustainable’ version of ‘us.’

Don’t mean to be harsh about this, but bodies are like cars:  Must have fuel to run.  No fuel?  Well, not that hard to figure.


How About Some Woo-Woo

Short story from the Peoplenomics side of the house:  This was posted on Wednesday morning at 7:55 on Peoplenomics.

A Minor Earthquake?

Had a dream about being back in my news-chasing days last night.  Was on the phone talking to a station in Vancouver B.C. which has a 6-6.8 kind of quake.

Odd thing about it?  Dreamt who the reporter was.  A fellow big-city news director from back-in-the-day  named Whitey Koker who worked at KISN in Portland years ago.

And to cap it off, there was even a phone number (604) 684-25xx which is in Vancouver and is shared by a real estate and fashion merchant.  (I looked it up on waking.)

Never gotten a phone number in a dream before, nor talked to a long-ago news buddy… but it was a head-scratcher:  Not a gigantic quake, but Portland or Vancouver?

Perhaps we’ll find out.  Quakes seem like they cluster around holidays (Good Friday, Boxing Day and such) so we are keeping our feelers out.

If this is a news tip hotline heads-up, thanks for the tip, Whitey!

OK, normally I wouldn’t post this on the Urban side, BUT, yesterday after lunch I got a phone call. Missed it, so I hit the cordless:

“This is your automatic call-back service.  The number of your last incoming call was 604-674-65**  The call was received July 3rd at 1:07 PM.  To activate automatic call-back…

I looked at Elaine and explained it:

“I just had a dream and the phone number was 604-684-25** and now 7-hours later I get a call from 604-674-6504.  Is that weird, or what?  I don’t think this is one of my subscribers spoofing me…”

She just looked at me for a minute or two.

“Not strange at all.  I live with you.”

What’s lingering is the question “Is there the equivalent of ‘channel noise’ in dreams?” More experiments to come.

We haven’t talked to anyone in 604 for months if not years, so that was strange.  But if the predictive value of dreams is to warn me of a robo-call?  Well, gosh, ain’t that a Fox Uniformed gift from the Almighty, huh?

The value of knowing you’re going to get a junk call?  Fashionable to stylish coincidence?  Well, sure, there’s that.

But why couldn’t I be the sleeping profit, instead?

Follow-up Thursday 9:15 AM /15:15 UTC

Yes we had a minor quake – first reported as a 6.5 it was dialed-back to a 6.2.

Details here: 

Another one of those ‘little chills up the spine” when I read it.  But next time a hot stock tip would be more appreciated.  Universe’s send of humor on the precognitive stuff is quirky – at best!

Have a great whatever it is and we will have ‘moron the morrow.’

(Maybe Whitey’s traffic reporter [Sherm, man-on-the-move Meyers] will call next!)