Idiot RINO’s Slow Markets

Yeah, you know who I am talking about:  The Republicans In Name Only – the bait-and-switchers who talk a conservative game but when comes down to it are really moderate democrats in republican clothing so they could get elected.

The same distribution curve is in place in Washington as always.  The only thing that has really changed is the labels worn.  In other words, a crooked marketing scam.  All designed to get votes and pretend to change things, pretend to make things happen.  No real change, though, not for these clowns.

Not that we don’t have extremism in place, as well.  Of cours we do.  But it’s a really strange mix.  On the Alt-Right extreme, we see how Attorney General Jeff Sessions has gone off the deep end – effectively tearing up the Constitution (and due process) by claiming a totalitarian right of government seizure to take your property without due process of law if you are so much as suspected of being involved with drugs.

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Near as we can figure it, Sessions now has it in his mind that the police (at any level) have a feudal Lord’s right to take anything they want.  If you live in any of the open drug states like Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and wherever else the Harrison Act is outdated?  Be afraid – be very afraid.

While I respect Sessions on most things, this position of his is Economic Crime and Warfare on the People personified.  Did he skip the part in school where it’s made clear that people commit crimes, inanimate objects don’t?  Like so many other strong-arm tactics used by police (you really need an M-RAP?) this is a poor substitute for good police work, as we see it.

Obamacare Repeal is Dead…Good Riddance!

Damn fine thing.

What most folks done realize is that the core of the “repeal” was to set up a $12-billion slush fund to bail out insurance companies.

The reality is that the healthcare stocks have been doing just fine – on the expectation that – like auto insurance – the federal government would become the Guido and Luigi-like enforcers and shake the middle class upside down to take whatever (mythical) disposable income we have left.

Once again, back to the brutal economics:  The Senate is – like the House – bought and paid-for by special interests and in this case that’s the healthcare insurance lobby.  The quid pro quo is the insurance lobby wants a $12-billion slush they don’t deserve and the return is massive campaign support.

Thankfully, there are still a few TR’s (true republicans) left.  But the RINO’s?  Gotta go, bubba… ASAP.  Registered to vote?

What’s a congressoids worth?  Not much – or a whole boatload, depending on whether you’re a check writer for the lobbyists or a regular human.

Scoring CNN

It’s become a new pastime for me:  Look at the CNN site and see how much is Trump, anti-Trump, and Healthcare.  Today, their ratio has improved:  12 out of 24 stories on the splash page (my display)  – 50% – were healthcare and Trump.  More balanced with Obamacare intact?  We shall see if the trend continues but the email beat is still going.

Meantime, our benchmark (grown-up) content aggregation site at shows 2 out of the top 25 stories or about 8% Trump/healthcare content.

Speaking of news and collapsing news networks, etc.

If you want to REALLY do something to bring the MSM to heel, try this:  DON’T leave your browser on any news website.  A lot of them are using what’s called “push” technology.

What this means is when you go to some top rated sites (try this one) you’ll find the push is refreshing your view every three or four minutes.

If you leave this kind of website open in a browser tab….or you leave the page on and go to lunch (or bed)…well, it’s a battle zone out there,,,,

Economic Data

Import/Export prices just out:

All Imports: Import prices declined 0.2 percent in June. For the second consecutive month the decline was driven by lower fuel prices. Despite the monthly decrease in June, the price index for U.S. imports rose 1.5
percent over the past 12 months. The last over-the-year decline in import prices was a 0.2-percent decrease for the 12-month period ended in October.

Fuel Imports: The price index for fuel imports fell for a fourth consecutive month, declining 2.1 percent in June, after decreasing 4.6 percent over the previous 3 months. The main contributor to the drop was a 2.2-percent decline in petroleum prices. Natural gas prices also fell in June, decreasing 1.0 percent. Despite the recent drops, import fuel prices advanced 6.3 percent over the 12-month period ended in June. The import price index for petroleum increased 4.5 percent over the past year and natural gas prices rose 58.6 percent.

All Imports Excluding Fuel: Prices for nonfuel imports ticked up 0.1 percent in June after recording no change in May. The index for nonfuel imports has not recorded a monthly decline since a 0.1-percent dip in
January. Higher import prices for foods, feeds, and beverages and capital goods more than offset lower prices for automotive vehicles, consumer goods, and nonfuel industrial supplies and materials. Prices for nonfuel imports advanced 1.0 percent over the past 12 months and the index has not recorded a 12-month decline since a 0.2-percent decrease in November. Rising prices for nonfuel industrial supplies and materials and foods, feeds, and beverages more than offset decreasing prices for capital goods and automotive vehicles over the 12-month period ended in June. Consumer goods prices recorded no change over the past year.

We looking for the market to open a bit soft – the global Aggregate was down overnight on the Global, so we will skee-dattle back to cash at the open to lock in recent gains.

The big risk with this kind of trading (manic) is that you’ll over-trade the account and you may be in cash when the market makes a strong advance.  But more about this in our ChartPack for subscribers tomorrow.  It’s all in the trends…

Right now futures are showing Dow down 20’ish.

BTW, look at exports in the BLS data today:

All Exports: Prices for U.S. exports fell for a second consecutive month in June, declining 0.2 percent. Falling prices for agricultural exports drove the decrease as nonagricultural export prices recorded no
change. U.S. export prices increased over the past year, advancing 0.6 percent. The price index for U.S. exports has not recorded a 12-month decline since a 0.2-percent fall in November.

Agricultural Exports: The price index for agricultural exports decreased 1.5 percent in June following a 1.6-percent drop in May. Falling prices for vegetables, soybeans, and fruit drove the June decrease, more than offsetting higher prices for meat. Prices for agricultural exports recorded a 3.9-percent decline over the 12-month period ended in June, the first over-the-year decrease since the index fell 0.3 percent for the year
ended in December. Lower export prices for soybeans, fruit, and corn led the decrease in agricultural prices between June 2016 and June 2017.

Ergo, the reason Trump is out selling “Buy American Week.”

Eclipse Quake Check

Big one off the eastern coast of Russia overnight:  7.7 on the Richter:

As you can see, this is part of the region where the Pacific plate is smacking into  and subducting in places like the Marianas Trench south of the zoom area – and it’s the general area that brought us Fukushima.

One new display on the USGS site (book mark it) is the economic impact display which on this quake doesn’t look bad…

On the other hand, we still have a long ways to the Eclipse on August 21 so pardon us if we don’t toss the possibility of a large US-impacting quake into our decision to flee to cash (or short) on a precautionary (cowardly?) basis.

37 days to Eclipse and our target market highs.  Good time to be skitterish.

26 thoughts on “Idiot RINO’s Slow Markets”

  1. When the criteria for deciding to seize cash is THE AMOUNT of cash, then Sessions and company actions indicate this is a full-on cash grab. They want to control everything, enrich LEO’s so they stay fat and happy and continue working for the Feds. If the Feds end their rewards to local LEO’s, they have no incentive to enforce fed laws over local, do they?

    It sucks, but the only thing you can do is hide cash if you have to transport it. Transferring more than a few thousand flags you in the banking system – withdrawing it also flags you. Feels like a full-court press to make cash difficult to operate with?

    It’s easier to carry gold than cash if you are trying to move a large amount. Dogs can sniff cash, but not metals. And paint still works last time I checked. There is always a way when there is a will…

  2. On 7/17/17 Pastor George said the Crypto scam (BTC)was down to $2029 per Bitcoin and how he needed to brag a little a bit about his his brilliant prognostications regarding Bitcoin being in Tulip mania like bubble. That bubble must be why the World Bank just announced their getting into blockchain tech. Anti Fuddites who Bought The Frigging Dip yesterday AM, and this AM after reading this mornings posts, sold their BTC they would have realized about a 14% gain and the cash would already be your bank account!

    • Hello Mr. Dan!

      The issue with the surge is from the next round of testing of SegWit2X passing. The issue is going to come from is that fact that BitCoin (ad Etherium) will need at least 80% of miners and users on board with SegWit2X or else BC and ET will suffer a serious network split. This deadline of 80% needs to be met by 1AUG or within 2 weeks afterwards. Now if this does not happen, BT and ET will crash because miners will have to try and scale off of 2 different software programs. Its all about the long game being played.

    • Im waiting till mid august. Then i will buy etherium. Im not saying why im waiting. But i am.

  3. This is really nice! I can find out what’s going on in a few minutes without spending all day watch Fox business news and all their damn commercials!

  4. yeah drudge has been doing this for long as I can remember but what it does is it gives them a higher ranking and that puts them easier to find so that’s mainly what that’s about it does give them a high ranking and if there’s any news coming in new news coming every 3 or 4 minutes that is an advantage to but I think they when they first started they had no idea what they were doing and it just happened and it blossom for them they said well we’re going to produce news every 2-3 minutes and by refreshing there also getting more hits so that puts them in the top search category.

    • Yeah I don’t like the idea of that I mean it’s a good ideas for the business but for the individual now if they had a little thing, there that said hey I during the session ,I can click to keep it from reloading

  5. And tell us more about your computational site what the goals are that you have for this site and for what is going to be used for and what is the future intentions of that site I think you said you had some ideas for it but you haven’t discussed those in depth Orion categories ,inquisitive minds want to know

    • Let’s see now you’re trying to develop a cutting edge, by using an autonomous Providence

  6. George,

    Ironic. Turned out that the only ones peddling Fake News were the Righties.

    Same disaffection of the Righties happened with Baby Bush, only there it took 6 years, not 6 months, a broken Middle East and the Great Recession.

    Turns out that one needs a more coherent policy than anger, disdain for facts, cultural purity and tax cuts to govern. And in the end, what did it get you Righties? The Money Launderer In Chief.

    No pleasure taken here. Am in the same life boat, and the captains have no clue where the land is. Mike

    • Trump is not and was not a Republican! Trump was a democrat – but not a Hillary-ite. Trump assessed the management structure of the two parties and selected the GOP as the most likely take over target. He then did a hostile take over of the GOP and used it to run the Dems into the dirt.

      Now faced with governing he is using the GOP agenda of the last decade to run them into the dirt. O’care was a very useful tool to do this as, like abortion, small government, and guns it is one of the hot button issues the GOP uses against the Dems without disagreeing wih their position.

      Trump has accomplished everything I wanted – the destruction of the GOP AND the Democrats – with the added bonus of destroying the main stream media in the bargain!! He may or may not have intended this, but it was the pretty obvious that was how it would work out.

  7. Good Synopsis regarding the sell-out by congress to special interests, George. America’s representative democracy and capitalism march lock step with each other. It is a seccessful symbiotic relationship. Yet both are elitist in nature, and despite many a fine person gaining elected office (via corporate funding), eventually they sell their souls to achieve reelection and continue their quest, a quest which seems to become increasingly watered down due to the monetary strings that corporate sponsorship come with. This dance with the devil will only begin to crumble when the economy tanks or we engage in another massive war. Yet while the current congress/financial elite arrangement is dubious at best, it beats the snot out of any other sytem of government on the planet. Still, it is best for all to inject status quo shaking rebels into the equation, be they in the mold of a Trump or a Rand Paul, to make sure the voices of the rabble are eventually heard. And universal health care? As with the U.K., the only way to pull it off successfully is to tax, and tax heavily. It is difficult for the electorate to rally behind the necessary financial pain required when congress keeps rewarding their corrupt backers, even when those backers consistently fail to do what they say they will do. As you frequently remind us, EVERYTHING is a business model.

    • Warhammer –

      Tax Freedom Day is now April 24th, and that assumes we all pay everything we make towards taxes from Jan 1 to Apr 24. Now, I don’t know about you, but my itty bitty bank account will not let me do that.

      So my guess is that if we just pay half of what we owe, then we move Tax Freedom Day out another 4 months to Aug 24th. So pushing it back to August, we are only paying 50% of our income towards taxes…

      Do I need to halve it again? Because that pushes us to about Halloween (wait, can I say Halloween or do I have to say “Fall Festival”?). LOL

      Somehow my hip and knee could be replaced in Mexico or Costa Rica for $30k each, but here the cost of just the OR was $30k.

      Raising taxes isn’t going to fix what is broken in health care, because we do not have health care – we have really crappy health insurance.

  8. Very happy that the idiots failed in their efforts. Nothing short of a complete repeal of that steaming heap of dung, is acceptable. Let it collapse under it’s own weight so the Dems really own it. They knew it would fail all along but they thought Hillary would then save all and go single payer..HA I LOVE THIS.

  9. Hey Mr. Ure,

    If i could make a request, could you do a peoplenomics comparing your notes and Mr. Laundry’s? I remember reading last Saturday’s that he believes we are in the 3rd Wave. I would like to learn more but of course this is your call. Thank you!

    Also, Thank you for bringing up that Ms. Gaye’s e-book was free on Prime Day! I picked up and was a great foundation layer! I was able to get some things for my food storage i wouldn’t have thought up!

    PS – Could i write something for Urban survival or Rural Pioneer? How would i submit that too you?

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