We begin the week with a short lecture to antifa.  Hopelessly misguided as events in the socialist city-state of Portland this weekend revealed (again).  Please take the time to read how “Bear spray, bloody brawls at Patriot Prayer ‘law and order’ march in Portland” worked out.

In particular, we find the sham police of Portland abdicating their law and order mandate as the report noted “Police said they made no arrests Saturday night, but will continue to investigate…” reprehensible.

Around here, we consider it a safe bet that nothing will come of it.  This is due to the data which argues Portland (and much of Oregon) has gone semi-socialist along the Republik of Kalifornia model already.

This is all so “totally Thirties” to us.  Radicals in the woods are nothing new up yonder.  I know, having lived in (and reported on) the PNW for decades ion the news and business world.

Maybe it’s something sin the water.  Radicalism is enshrined as “good.”  Seattle TV station KCTS has a piece over here (“9 things about Seattle During the Great Depression“) that casts socialist/communists in a favorable light:

6) We had a successful socialist-communist workers union. A national organization run by socialists and communists, the Workers Alliance, served as a union for employees of the Works in Progress Administration (WPA). The Workers Alliance was very successful in Washington State. It organized a walkout of 5,000 employees and eventually carried out successful bargains between WPA workers and management..”

“We?”:  You can see why Elaine and I find Texas more to our temperament.  We have actually read about how “successful” socialism and communism are (left unopposed) in places like Russia and Venezuela…

Point is, anarchists and lefties are nothing new…it’s been going around Oregon ever since the Wobblies movement.

We see – in the antifa or today – the re-fried version of the cold commie/socialist Wobbly “Direct Action or Political Action” question:

“In 1908 a group led by Daniel DeLeon argued that political action through DeLeon’s Socialist Labor Party (SLP) was the best way to attain the IWW’s goals. The other faction, led by Vincent Saint John, William Trautmann, and Big Bill Haywood, believed that direct action in the form of strikes, propaganda, and boycotts was more likely to accomplish sustainable gains for working people; they were opposed to arbitration and to political affiliation. Haywood’s faction prevailed, and De Leon and his supporters left the organization, forming their own version of the IWW. The SLP’s “Yellow IWW” eventually took the name Workers’ International Industrial Union, which was disbanded in 1924. “

This past week’s antifa antics seem a third-rate-echo of the Wobblies.  It shows horrific ignorance on two fronts.

First, direction action pisses off a lot of people – which is why the right-minded people assembled in Portland.  Antifa could have just let is go and kept building on their obvious control the streets movement.  But no, they got suckers into a “hard” response and frankly, that’s stepping on the “tail of the beast.”  They’re going to get national conventions cancelled and other economic poison pills down, if they don’t wise up.

The second level of stupid (and why we liberally use the term idiolutionaries) is they don’t seem to comprehend that the Trump Base and a lot of pseudoliberals (people who voted for Obama once) is totally intolerant of public disruption. Free speech is not freedom to impede anyone else.

Middle America does not endorse feces on the streets and they don’t endorse breakaway states like Oregon.

In fact, antifa would do well to go back to school (but someplace besides Berkeley, where they could learn the law of reaction in Physics.

f-ma.  Force equals mass times acceleration.

Antifa applied (f) [force] and now we see the resultant acceleration of the masses…which is one of the reasons why the previous PNW commie/socialist movements petered out.  People really do want peace and prosperity.

Rest assured, however, we are not done with hearing from this series of barricades in the Pacific Nutwest.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better because “Oregon’s sanctuary state policies could be repealed in November.

The radicals in the wannabe secessionist state have dug in their heels by making claims like “Hate groups want to repeal Oregon’s 30 year old sanctuary state law. NO on 105. Donate Online. Join Our Campaign….”  The idea of uniform laws (and real borders) are beyond their comprehension.

All in all, it proves to the discerning UrbanSurvival reader three aspects of ONE THING Oregon does well:  Recycle.

  • Oregon is recycling bankrupt socialist/communist ideologies.
  • Oregon is recycling a rhyme of the secessionist state movement of pre-Civil War times.
  • And Oregon is recycling the Old Style Political Model – where consensus losers – unable to lead by way of vision or accomplishments – lets the Digital Mob Rule spread without regard for law and order, hoping things will “just work out.”

Such delusion is amusing.  Given  there’s been no “Russian collusion” shown yet, we chuckle at the lack of imaginative and useful reporting by the MainStreamMedia.  We ought to head the Oregon lovefest ramping up shortly.

The MSM COULD be helping to put America together again.  But instead, we are likely to be drowning in left-wing Oregon politics because it supported the Soros-backed open borders attack of America.

Proof to us again:  Social Media causes brain damage.

Retail Sails

Oh look!  The world didn’t end!

Retail trade sales were up 0.4 percent (±0.5 percent)* from August 2018, and 4.4 percent (±0.5 percent) above last year.  Gasoline Stations were up 11.4 percent (±1.6 percent) from September 2017, while nonstore Retailers were also up 11.4 percent (±1.4 percent) from last year.

Even worse for the Hate Brigades: Here soime the NY Fed with another reason why we expected the markets would rally into options expiration this week:

“Business activity continued to grow strongly in New York State, according to firms responding to the October 2018 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index rose two points to 21.1, pointing to a slightly faster pace of growth than in September. New orders and shipments both picked up noticeably. Delivery times continued to lengthen, while inventories held steady. Labor market indicators pointed to a modest increase in employment levels and no change in hours worked. Price indexes edged down but remained elevated, suggesting ongoing significant increases in both input prices and selling prices. Looking ahead, firms generally remained optimistic about the six-month outlook…”

Kind of hard to talk “end of the world” against this background.  Unless you’re blinded by Trump hate, in which case, thanks for being on the other side of our present trade.

Dow futures are down 24 at click time, but we sense an up close today and/or tomorrow, but we shall see.  Oil Shock II, anyone?  Stock futures drop as Saudi tensions add to growing worries.

But, The Bump goes on as Bank of America profit beats estimates on cost cuts, loan growth.

Doesn’t slow The Bash, though: President Trump, in contentious ’60 Minutes’ interview, defends relationships with Putin and Kim; reminds Stahl ‘I’m president….

Still, clicks beat bricks as Sears Becomes the Latest Retail Giant to File for Bankruptcy, Suffering From Massive Debt.

Snips, Quips, Snivel, Drivel

Elizabeth Warren Just Shared a DNA Test Showing She Has Native American Ancestry, but we have a “chain of custody question, or three…l”

Billion dollar free product idea of the day: “Ure’s Spit-Mixer…”  Be all that you can be?

Principal who asked student to remove Trump jersey replaced.

Pro-Independence Student Activists in Hong Kong Call on U.S. to Protect the City’s Freedoms.  (Can’t protect ’em in Portland, so why Hong Kong, but I must be exceptionally stupid and missing something…)

Drivel: Fleetwood Mac disputes lawsuit filed by Lindsey Buckingham for kicking him off tour.

And from “Being an Actor doesn’t make you a Thinker” file: Alec Baldwin Urges Voters to ‘Overthrow’ the Trump Government in Midterm Elections.


Around the Ranch: My buddy the Major wrapped up his visit to the ranch on Sunday…new high-performance antenna we ginned-up works great…and a cold snap is rolling into East Texas.  Zeus the Cat is lobbying for an electric blanket this year…

Moron on the ‘morrow….

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