Ideas: Are They From the Future?

Woo-Woo Time:  As you know, I’ve done a tremendous amount of research into topics that most people call “woo-woo.”

In particular, I’m fascinated with bending space-time and “getting out of my head” being a prolific vivid dreamer.  Vivid dreams are sensational (yes, with poor pun intended) but as I have just discovered in a revealing dream one night this week, dreams may serve a very useful function.

They may be a pipeline to waking-state Creativity.

Let’s back up to a snip from the subscriber piece Wednesday of this week.  It’s this idea poured from…

A Short Wednesday Woo-Woo

A couple of weeks back I posted (here, bottom of page) a note about some intense dream experiences.  three dreams were described but here’s the one that matters to me today:”

“Third dream involved a cruise ship.  Not a big one, but a small one that was using a crane to offload people onto a bridge.  Don’t know what that one was about.  Large bridge, ship off to the left (white ship) crane on the front of it has a kind of passenger bucket and the ship got close to the bridge and offloaded people.  No idea what they were telling us (if anything). …”

Remember, this was posted July 16th.

Fast forward to yesterday (Tuesday, June 30)  afternoon:  there I was, reading an old Popular Mechanics when my eye caught this:

I just sat there for a moment.  (Dumbfounded.)

Another one of those “Well, I’ll be…” moments.

The “dream signal” wasn’t perfect, because in the dream, the “bridge” had been of the sort connecting piece of land.  And yet…there’s the ship and there’s its bridge

Thinning of the veils between dimensions?  Two weeks in advance?

Now fast forward to the reason I couldn’t sleep Thursday morning.

What woke me up wasn’t so much a dream this time, as an idea.

You’re not looking at this ‘basket dream’ right.  You need to look at what the timeline is telling you….”

As I laid there in bed, a slow realization dawned.  Is it possible that some (large) measure of what we take to be “ideas” are not from the “here and now?”  Could they be from….the future?

I rolled it around for a couple of hours.  But it made sense, since I’ve been studying space-time so much lately.

In the study of space-time, you becomes familiar with the “arrow of time.”

If you picture the stereotypical hourglass, you can draw the analogy to how “reality happens” quite easily.

Picture in the top half of the hour glass that you have “The Future.”  It’s a huge assortment of possibilities.

As “The Future” arrives, trickling down as the “sands of time” do as they transit the narrow part of the hourglass, you have “The Now”  (The present instant.)

As “stuff” comes to us from “The Future” transiting “Now” on the way by, it falls into the past.  Should be easy-enough to follow that, right?

Now the two insights from this “dream” of the ship’s basket moving people dream.

Did my “idea” to have that dream somehow get “triggered” by my “future-self” who would run across the article two weeks in its future?  Did my “future-self” somehow telegraph the concept two weeks into the “nowness” of July 15th?  Looking at a ship basket people-mover is a very low-probability event, I think we can agree.

That’s rather remarkable.  It extensibly means that people with positive expectations of the future REALLY DO (at some level) “materialize” a better future for themselves than people who do not.  Bet me a beer this isn’t what cuts losers and winners from what is otherwise the same cloth…

I’ve told you many times about  MMT – the Miracle Money Technique – which our consulting astrologer so generously has shared online over here.

Oh, and by-the-way, YES, it really works – a personal MMT story in sec.

The main question (which I think I know the answer to) has to do with the symmetry of time.  Understand that at a global level, there are an infinite number of possible futures.  And, since we have a huge number of people with an essentially infinite number of “pasts” there’s a rough balance:  Infinite Futures, Infinite Pasts.  Or however many pasts 106-billion people who’ve lived have accrued.

The key point is:  While an infinite number of futures (and pasts) exists globally, at the personal level there is only one future.  Because we don’t have two pasts. Balance is maintained.

Sure, get the ‘”illusion of choice.”  But as my picking out an ancient Popular Mechanics from my digital library demonstrates, my “choice” of what to read in the past week was already “baked-in-the-future-cake” on July 15 when the dream told me what was coming…

We each can choose any of the infinite futures, but in reality we don’t.  And once we pick a future, it will be along shortly to become our past.

The “Arrow of Time” ensures symmetry.  One past has only one future.  But, as the practice of MMT (and prayer, too) teach us, we can “bargain with the future”  (request, bribe, cajole, etc.) for a better present which in turn will build a more desirable past.

You want a desirable past.  Because when we all get around to dying, as we all will some day, it is the “Past we’ve built” that will be scored in the just-after-death Life Review written of by Near Death Experience (NDE) researchers.

From Dreams to Life Review?

Yeah, it’s pretty heady stuff, for sure.  We live life, grappling the whole time with “the Future” in order to experience a satisfactory Present, but the whole game is to collective a bountiful Personal Past.  That way, you’ll have something good to show for your time in Life at the exit-interview/ Life Review.  Which, Wikipedia lays out this way…,

“A life review is a phenomenon widely reported as occurring during near-death experiences, in which a person rapidly sees much or the totality of their life history. It is often referred to by people having experienced this phenomenon as having their life “flash before their eyes”. The life review is discussed in some detail by near-death experience scholars such as Raymond Moody, Kenneth Ring, and Barbara Rommer. A reformatory purpose seems commonly implicit in accounts, though not necessarily for earthly purpose, since return from a near-death experience may reportedly entail individual choice.

Experiences number up to eight million in the United States.[1] Although rare, there are also a few accounts of life reviews or similar experiences without a near-death experience, such as during the simpler out-of-body experience or when under circumstances of intense threat or duress.”

One Last Detail

Once you really know at a deep, internal, heart-centered way that this is a “general framework” with how things operate – which is not inconsistent with any religion, since most refer to Judgment Days and such which could be religious-speak for the Life Review – Life begins to make far more sense.

We’re here to “grab good experiences” and “fertilize our Afterlife” if that’s not off-putting.  Physics is non-denominational.  It’s like people looking at a magnificent mountain like Mt. Rainer in Washington State.  The Mountain looks one way from the foothills east of the Mountain going to Yakima.  Another way, from the north, say around Puyallup.  Again, from the south and west, it all looks like a “different Mountain.”  Which to my simple way of thinking explains the multiplicity of religions…Same Mountain all the time.  Different vistas, sunrises and sunsets…

The final detail is a “mental plug-in” to this taxonomy.  If you look, you’ll see there are three general “classes of people” in the world.

Those who are Future-oriented (my hand went up, yours likely did, too…), those who are the “in the Nowness” and those who are “stuck in the Past.”

We can evaluate others based on our assessment of how they relate to this Big Schema of Life.  At each level, there are those who get it, those undecided, and those who are clueless how anything works.  Or, they just can’t deal with the data and have made up some gobbledygook.

As a result, since we become like those we hang around, there’s a simple “scoring system” which you can apply to people:

Green people I are collected as “friends.”  People who are future-oriented are worth collecting even if they don’t have a clue on the physics of IT all.

Past-oriented people, with no clue, or simply wrong-headed ideas are quietly swept out of our awareness.

A couple of examples:  An example of a Past-oriented person who “gets it” and is worth knowing would be a historian.  A “Nowness” practitioner who gets it might be a Buddhist monk or a teacher of “letting it be” like Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) who’s 1971 book “Be Here Now”  is worth reading more than once.  As is Alan Watts’ book “The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are.”  But, I digress.

Point of Nowness is letting Future take care of itself.  As a control freak, I’ll be working Future over, thanks.

“Bottom-line Me”


Work on your relationship with the future and demand from it only the best.  Seems like the simplest route to a good Life Review when it comes.  It’s also where creativity seems to come from.

People school, like fish.  Hang with people who share your time-orientation.  Learn to be future-directed because that’s where the Now comes from.  Once experienced, “Nows” go into your history folder.  Keep that folder clean and clear by following simple rule sets laid out by religions.  Like 10 Commandments and similar.

Dreams can tell us of the future, even if they seem nonsensical.  Unless you want to move people between ships.

“What About the MMT Story?”


Well, I have a medical operation coming up.  Hernia. I was fretting and stewing about costs.  Even with Medicare and insurance, when you get older, costs of operations can be non-trivial even for a simple hernia repair.  You hear about people bankrupted by medical costs all the time.

After fretting and stewing for a bit, I figured my tripping was because I hadn’t nailed down the costs.  So before tackling that,  I did a bit of MMT/Future wrestling.

Then, and only then, did I make “the money call.”

Why, Mr. Ure, your total cost will be a $295 co-pay plus whatever your prescription co-pays come to…

I had concerns this might be $20,000 check time.  Big checks make me grouchy.  But no: We could afford hundreds of these operations.

I got a huge smile out of the experience…Thanks Future, Thanks Big Schema of Life.

Point is when doing MMT you have to expect that your “money miracle” can come in the form of a huge discount rather than Publishers Clearinghouse knocking.

Try it.  And share this with your friends.

I did some more MMT Thursday.  Two-hours later, I opened an invoice to discovery UrbanSurvival’s web hosting will be $200 cheaper this year.  Funny how the Big Schema works, isn’t it?

Write when you get rich,

25 thoughts on “Ideas: Are They From the Future?”

  1. Interesting. The hourglass picture is only two dimensions. I can imagine it as n dimensions, though it might be constrained to only the 10 or 11 dimensions postulated by string theory. Since when is the past constrained? In our reality it seems so, yet in another one(after this one or not?) it might not be. In my version of the many worlds hypothesis, I can see n dimensions of n potential lives of which “now” is simply the pivot point that we’re transiting. Alternatively, we may simply be a perceptron of many dimensions in a simulation. Regardless, we do need to live this reality to the best of our ability, regardless of what we are or whether or not we get a life review.

    Time to deal with the present: My state has a sales tax reprieve on “school supplies” this weekend. Amazon honors it, Ebay does not yet. It applies to many electronic devices such as computers and their accessories, including hard drives. I’ll get what I need since I have to go to town anyway.

    • NM: I am waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday for computer stuff. Last year they had great deals & I did it all online, had it shipped to our house, and avoided the crowds. My wife is now tablet literate. She use to read books, but now plays word games on the internet against her sisters & checks Facebook to keep an eye on everyone. Women like that. Since we are in NC & most of her relatives are in NY & she has a large family, it keeps her informed. Seems like everyone but me posts their life story on Facebook. I prefer to remain invisable.

      • ECS, we agree on the invisibility thing. I don’t even have a FB account. I only bought an external hard drive that I desperately needed and some USB flash drives. No point in spending money just to save taxes.

    • Locheils warning Coming events cast their shadows before. There is nuthin new under the sun Mr Ure.

      • Wizard.
        – Lochiel! Lochiel, beware of the day
        When the Lowlands shall meet thee in battle array!
        For a field of the dead rushes red on my sight,
        And the clans of Culloden are scattered in fight:
        They rally, they bleed, for their kingdom and crown;
        Woe, woe to the riders that trample them down!
        Proud Cumberland prances, insulting the slain,
        And their hoof-beaten bosoms are trod to the plain.
        But hark! through the fast-flashing lightning of war,
        What steed to the desert flies frantic and far?
        ‘Tis thine, Oh Glenullin! whose bride shall await, 
        Like a love-lighted watch-fire, all night at the gate.
        A steed comes at morning: no rider is there;
        But its bridle is red with the sign of despair.
        Weep, Albin! to death and captivity led!
        Oh weep! but thy tears cannot number the dead:
        For a merciless sword on Culloden shall wave, 
        Culloden! that reeks with the blood of the brave.

        – Go, preach to the coward, thou death-telling seer!
        Or, if gory Culloden so dreadful appear,
        Draw, dotard, around thy old wavering sight!
        This mantle, to cover the phantoms of fright.

  2. Nice job George, you have summed up the picture very well. Your picture of the process sure sums up and explains how to weed out a lot of problems a person could have in life. Hanging out with people of the wrong mindset can sure hold you back. Specially if you like them. Because most of us, don’t understand how allowing them and their ideas into our world, even if we disagree with them, still has an influence on us and our future. Good job!

  3. “Could they be from….the future?”

    The mandella effect…

    Now I sometimes think.. there are things I remember that all deal with the manella effect.. I remember them well… but.. they are not true.. so my thought is. has someone someplace in time actually achieved time travel and not trying to alter the past to much but keep it the same.. yet small things like a show like shazam gets changed.. the latest woo woo for me was my charcoal grill… put it together it is missing a part.. not in the box at all.. I wrote the company to send me one.. then last night I go to light the grill up.. there sits the part…
    Or more serious.. how many times do you realize.. this has happened.. I have gone into homes and knew what was in every drawer of every room and never having entered it..

    • dam.. speaking of charcoal grill.. its time to teach the grandkids how to make charcoal briquettes…
      OH.. and I finally did something I thought was impossible to do.. I have always been able to find and see the balance point of an egg… stand it up on a counter. even though I am no where near as steady as I use to be. but stand it up only on the fat end.. I thought standing an egg on the narrow butt end of the egg was impossible.. the other night I was bored.. the grand daughter asked me to send her a picture of it she was told it couldn’t be done and she can’t do it… and I thought.. I will try again.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I ABOUT FELL OVER WHEN I WAS ABLE TO BALANCE AN EGG ON THE NARROW END OF THE EGG….. Now I doubt seriously if I will ever be able to replicate that one again.. but it is a once in a life time achievement..

  4. “I had concerns this might be $20,000 check time”

    LOL it could be a tad more than the cost of a sprained ankle LOL… oh that is right.. the wifes sprained ankle was only five thousand and change..

    • I’m betting the moral to that story was stay out of emergency rooms, unless you are in danger of bleeding out. I know a diagnostic place to go for x-rays with a good cash price; all you need is an order from the primary care physician…

      • Staying away from hospitals and emergency rooms(doctors’ offices too) is essential to having a quiet and happy life. Events happen and some must be dealt with. Very few medical events actually need a member of the profession or hospital involvement. If you call 911, they will probably transport you or whomever to an ER even over your protests. If your protests are extreme, you might get an involuntary visit to the psych ward. Either way, you get the bill, maximized.

        Personally, I’ll keep my own counsel, handle my own crap, and tell people about any medical events long after they occur, unless I don’t make it in which case it really doesn’t matter. Most of us can do this, though there are exceptions. In the event of necessary interventions, they should be handled as scheduled events when possible, rather than emergent. Most MDs will overexamine, overtest, and overtreat simply because they’ve been taught to do that and they can be sued if they err in the other direction. Watchful waiting was a valid DIY medical procedure back in the old days.

        Even with simple dental work, I want an exact price, and if that’s not possible, I want a maximum price quoted and itemized. If I don’t agree to it, I won’t pay for it. This needs to be the norm with medicine, not the exception. I do expect a discount for cash and have received such.

        George, best wishes for your surgery! I’m sure you’ll have stories to tell, and I want them to be good ones.

      • n____, Just one more example of Americans trying to beat a (predatory) system.

        America, where there are no longer any “good” decisions to be made, a decision you know will work and you can really believe in.

        Americans today mistake “good” decisions with optimized decisions. They are not the same by any stretch of the imagination.

  5. I hope the surgery goes well. Request that the medical facility use personnel who take your medicare and insurance combo well ahead of the procedure. I know that sounds crazy, but it won’t happen if you don’t ask.

  6. I can understand the classifying people in your life in this system. My husband, always trying to watch out for us in the future, tends to enjoy living for today, and we get along so very well. Much as I love my Mother, she is still stuck in the past (loss of family, things she had lost in flooding, etc), and we don’t have alot to talk about these days. I just can’t imagine living for the past, when –good or bad– it is over and there is so much to take in today and look forward to in the future. If it weren’t for my kids, I fear I’d have very little in common with my Mom, and that makes me a sad. She seems lost sometimes, and there is little I can do. Anyhow, I like the system and your explanation of it. Now, I’m off to finish getting my greenhouse and chicken house prepared for usage next spring. :) The former just needs doors attached and is organized and ready to go, the latter needs ALOT of fencing worked out as the predators ate all my chickens last year, and I am determined to not go through that again. Thanks for the fun read!

  7. George,

    You may have surmised that I work on software, *complicated* software. I do black box testing, meaning I deal with the results: hundreds of people, thousands of lines of code, dozens of pull requests, all going in one agreed direction: to enhance and fix our application (actually dozens of apps and third party bits woven together).

    So how can I test this behemoth and get anything out of a few minutes testing? It starts with knowing the general direction all the developers and testers are already taking, where are the known changes. Which direction are all the fish going. Then I open my mind, and begin doing the customer workflows I can imagine that relate to these changes. I regularly draw on this “school of fish” energy.

    Here is the rub. I find what my future self sends me. I am paid a lot because I regularly find regressions and un-tested workflows. I don’t report corner cases, and yet I find holes in the stability and robustness that we have all been working towards. I pull the chain, “show stopper” bug is logged, and we delay the update until someone fixes the problem.

    To make this happen, when I open my mind, it feels a lot like MMT (which I know well), and some little voice guides my hand to click the right sequence, in the right way, and the bug appears before me. This happens every time I “let it”. I only spend part of my time testing this way, so I listen and let it be, and it works, all the time.

    Your column today gives me the missing piece, I’m also channeling the fish direction, drawing on the intentions and fears of the developers who have touched the build on my screen (the past), as well as the hundreds of thousands of customers who will put this code to work for their small businesses (a key factor here they are all very wrapped up emotionally in how the code works to provide revenue, to “keep their lights on”) which is the future. I sit in the now and find the intersection which rings in my MMT brain like a bell, leading me to my test result that the best minds in software development did not anticipate.

    Thanks for another great column, which is also evidence of this phenomena I think.

    • The same “feel” as the mouse guides you, guides both Urban and the PN site. But don’t let on. I’d prefer the illusion that people like us are just good at what we do. In fact, we’re justr riding the wave most people never feel…

      • Not quite, George. You wrote:

        “A “Nowness” practitioner who gets it might be a Buddhist monk or a teacher of “letting it be” like Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) who’s 1971 book “Be Here Now” is worth reading more than once. As is Alan Watts’ book “The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are.” But, I digress.”

        It is not a digression, its the whole point of human existence. Go back through some of your old stuff, eliminate the adjectives, which are simply ego judgements, and you will read the writings of an enlightened man. But unfortunately for you, enlightenment is not much of a business model because your enlightenment is of absolutely of no interest to anyone else.

        As Byron Katies says, “There is no good or bad, there is only what is, and when we argue with that we are wrong, but only 100% of the time.” And when you lose the argument, you lose your peace, the thing we are all looking for.

        But when you expose yourself to the MSM, (or believe the narrative programmed into you in your youth) you bath your soul in lies, which is why so many Americans are so bizarrely messed up. The millennials have noticed this, and coined a term “clown world” because “normal” human beings simply cannot come up with the things we hear, the decisions being made, and the beliefs that motivate people.

        Watching the USA today, for me, reminds me of the scientists studying stress in rats. They stressed them so extremely that they started having sex with their food dish.

    • Woo readers, you’ll love this one, his girlfriend astral travels to save him:

      Sometimes I wonder if Trump’s base is stuck in the pre-1985 reality of the U.S. being a creditor nation (click on the chart to see the steep decline into debtor status of today). ‘You can’t go back, you can only look behind from where you came..’ (Joni Mitchell)

    • Phile.E, in 20 years in IS, I found that if a programmer thinks he has created something brilliant, I would tell them to show it to their wife. In the absence of that, I would get a woman with no investment in the software to give it a go. Their intuition is more in contact with the human condition for some reason, and my teams found things that we never could have imagined in our wildest dreams.

      Or perhaps you are a woman.

  8. James Bailey’s Christian prophesy site is back up and running after James finished a seven month sabbatical to write a book.

    As before, some of the material will probably catch your eye (and some probably won’t). James takes dream interpretation very seriously.

    • Ken Wheeler, of youtube fame says that anyone who likes Alan Watts has his head completely up his ass. You might find some of wheeler’s ideas to be of interest. He has some original ideas about what is mangetism, the fallacy of atomism, etc.

  9. George, when your surgery is all over, get a copy of all the bills, add them up, and post the amount. A friend of mine here in Ecuador recently had a double hernia fixed, paid cash out of his pocket, and did not get a mesh, the Doc took the time (over an hour) to lace him up like they did in the old days. He has medicare and health insurance, but chose to have it done down here, keeping him out of the USA hospitals.

    I’ll bet you $100 that the total bill down here was no more than 15% of what your total bill will be. Or if you are not a betting man, post it and I will post the Ecuador number.

    And then consider where the money came from to make up the difference of your out of pocket compared to what was billed for all services. Keep in mind that most insurance companies grind the hospital prices down by at least 30% of what private pay is billed and required to pay.

    The difference in cost is an illustration of how vast the sea of BS is that Americans swim in.

    You have my email address,

    • Send the money?

      My total bill will be $295.00. That’s it. Since I am on a Medicare HMO via AARP/United Healthcare.
      Whole say surgery is that amount. Will post the scripts cost when arrive.
      But, unless your friend’s OOP was less than $45…
      I don’t mind telling you that there are still bargains in America.
      And shopped right and covered right (Medicare Advantage plan/HOM) there are good deals.

      Now that I’ve said this, post surgery when it happens, I will collect all the bills so we can see where the bargains are. Inquiring minds deserve to know…

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