Functional Equivalents of Famine

Before we get into today’s Employment Situation report just out, a word or two about tomorrow’s column.  It has everything to do with “functional equivalents of famine.”

Which matters today why?  What tips a “recession” into a “Depression” is those “left field” something else’s that come along.  There’s a list, but we think its time to begin keeping our eyes out for a modern analog to the 1920’s period when farm incomes were falling and when milk was being dumped on the ground because farmers were not making enough money to live.

While it’s true that Crashes “never happen from the top,” we need to be circumspect when considering which “top” we are talking about.

For example, we saw Tuesday in the S&P Housing report that home prices are continuing to rise.  Curiously, though, the reports don’t go into the number of closes per month.  It’s like the stock market in this sense:  When there is a huge increase in both volume and price, that’s a market going higher.  Confidence is in the driver’s seat.  Joe Granville’s modified adoption of On-Balance Volume matters.

On  the other hand, when there’re only a few shares trading and prices are going dramatically higher, then you have  a lot more downside risk. The strong hands have sold and the gamblers are playing “all in.”

One example of a “top” that being missed by the Mainstream is farming.  The Farm Bureau News reported just this week that “Farm Loan Delinquencies and Bankruptcies Are Rising
Farm Bankruptcy Filings Rise 13%.”  You do get hungry, now and then, right?

A productive mental exercise is to consider whether a lack of food, due to the Dust Bowl conditions of the 1920’s and 30’s (where were the climate cry-babies???) is any different from an exceptionally wet year that we’re going through right now?  Both can cut food output.

What do countries fight over?  Food and energy.  Ask the Sudetenland.

Although our main crop here at Uretopia ranch is big Southern Pines (many over 100′ tall) we’re also running “test” survival gardening plot this year.  The weather this year hasn’t been good for veggies. In fact Thursday, I stooped to ordering (at the suggestion  of long-time subscriber Roger in Tucson) some tomato hormones to encourage some fruit-setting.

That is partly in response to the note we offered in a recent Peoplenomics report about why preppers need to be “bee attractants” on their list, if they plan to eat heartily in whatever’s coming.  Fine to buy “survival seeds” but if they don’t pollinate and no fruit?  You could be mighty hungry.

That just begins to scratch the surface of the global food production in Depression.  Power needs to be on and block signals on the railroads all need to work.  Loves and Pilot truck stops need to be open.  Online services, too…so dependent have we become on electro-chemical farming.

There’s something ugly going on just under the surface that has some of the world’s best strategic planners worried.  We hear that a certain semi-rural airport in Ohio – a really “out of the way” place with only a remnant of one of the (almost) oil majors in town – hosted almost half a dozen international oil big-wigs this week.

These weren’t the “little” Gulfstream IV’s.  No, these were the BIG continent-crossing 700 series – and up.  Seven Sisters CEO transport.  Normally, the Big Passenger on these kind of planes can even talk with their counterparts,because of anti-trust concerns.  But there are exceptions for things like national security and since we are in the early slog of what’s turning into a second round of the 1980’s Tanker Wars and The Majors may start to avoid Hormuz.  It would be useful for them to meet somewhere in Ohio and lay in some plans.  Who would be looking?  (Besides us, lol.) A reread of Operation Earnest Will circa 1987 is in order.

A lot of the “punk kid” reporters, who’ve never done real “beat reporting” may be mystified with a term like the Seven Sisters.  Here’s who and where it came from:  Enrico Mattei of the Italian oil company ENI popularized the term in the 1950’s.  Most reporters today, being under 40, can’t remember anything prior to high school, so anything pre-2000 is rumor and prehistoric to them. Yet these dynamics from the antiquarian legacy version of Earth are still rolling into the Future today with all humanity riding on it. I digress.

Today’s point of it all is that when major industry is holding big pow-wow’s in out of the way places, there is (*to borrow from Sherlock) “…something afoot.”.

Speaking “afoot” we expect Apple may feel a bit foolish,  being so wrapped up in cost cutting and customer “causes” that they miss the call to dinner being sounded. MAGA.

“Trump tariffs could hit the iPhone.” While even juicier and more on point.  As Shira Ovide wrote for Bloomberg: U.S.-China Trade War May Finally Be Coming for Apple: The iPhone maker has said little publicly about its potential hit or what steps it might take to mitigate the impact..”  Geniuses, right?

Apple can’t be entirely blamed.  Young technologists in their employ tend to be ultra-liberal and many are myopic due to their narrow tech focus.  They can’t always, (bad pun alert!) see sharp (C#).

Like that young democrat fool in the presidential charades who tried shock talk during the CNN circuses who claimed it’s already too late on climate change.  Fools and idiots are the same fraction of population, as always. OK, Maybe a bit higher.  But amplified by the radicalize left media?  Oh,boy.

The way to take Reality is with a double-shot of detachment and a side-order of data when figuring the outcome.  Europe was too hot to grow grapes just a few centuries ago. Lebanon used to have cedars, too. Where were the climate people then?  But to kids who live in instant-everything 0.175 +/- 0.003 mm PLA filament world, and have moved into online faux Second Lives, with it’s own fool’s gold like BTCs, we have to remind all – and in the strongest terms – that living in a 250 SF chicken coup is only one order of magnitude removed from a coffin.  And likely with a similar build end-point.

You kids don’t want to miss dinner…and neither do we geezers and our geezer-pleasers.  Which is why we’re pleased to hear of the oil majors are looking out for their customers, especially those of us who like to eat.  Those of us in the final round of America.

Oh, one other Ohio note: Trump threatens more China tariffs and attacks Democrats at Ohio rally.

OK, Jobs Report

We have to ask, though no one will tell, “Did the Fed get an advance of this data before their rate drop this week?  Biog Picture first:

“Unemployment rates were lower in June than a year earlier in 294 of the 389 metropolitan areas, higher in 67 areas, and unchanged in 28 areas, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. A total of 48 areas had jobless rates of less than 3.0 percent and 2 areas had rates of at least 10.0 percent. Nonfarm payroll employment increased over the year in 47 metropolitan areas, decreased in 1 area, and was essentially unchanged in 341 areas. The national unemployment rate in June was 3.8 percent, not seasonally adjusted, down from 4.2 percent a year earlier.

Regardless, here’s the press release part:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 164,000 in July, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in professional and technical services, health care, social assistance, and financial activities.

Our usual run-through, starting with the total number of people working because when you back out all the “so many jobs are available”: hype, the reality is how many people are actually working and thus paying taxes?

It was a great report on this front: Total people working was up 283,000 (table A line 4)  which is why the labor participation rate was up a 10-th on line 5.  Average hourly earnings were up 8-cents, too.

The CES Birth-Death Model (estimated jobs/made-up) was up 148,000 of those jobs with the biggest gains being in leisure/hospitality and business services.

Related to Employment:

Out of the Wall St. Journal:  “Lowe’s Lays Off Thousands of Store Workers: Home-improvement chain will outsource maintenance, assembly jobs as retailers scrutinize labor costs.”


Now, toss in the report that “Gauge of US manufacturing hits lowest since September 2009, raising concerns about the economy” and it begins to look like what’s coming could be the proverbial sh*t-sandwich.  No worries, though.  You should have time to finish your sandwich.  Dow futures are only down 44 due to the solid job numbers.

It was European, where the megalomaniacs of Brussels have been serving big, bigger, biggest socialist government that the blood is flowing in the streets.  Japan, China, France, and Germany were all down more than 2% earlier.  England, working on it, too, down 1.8% when we checked.  The world is “yielding” to market pressures as the “Entire German Curve Drops Below Zero For First Time Ever.”

Here, have another downer: CBIZ Small Business Employment Index Reveals Job Growth Slowdown in July.

And how about “Another Front Opens in the U.S.-China Trade War: CEO Daily“?

TGIF Headlines

Too little, too late: FCC passes new rules against “spoof” robocalls.  ( have my hang-ups….)

Copying costs:  Katy Perry and collaborators ordered to pay $2.78 million for copying Christian rap song.

Time to update your airplane?  Boeing is reportedly planning to change 737 Max flight-control software to address flaw.

Looking Ahead:  Prepping for Ebola on tap for subscribers to our reports (*which also have some dandy charts on our Aggregate Index and the parallels to 1929 work).  Sunday on Urban, “Does Creativity Come from the Future?”

Tell all your friends to visit, too.  And write when you get rich,

P.S. happy b/d to my buddy The Major – who’s been a pal for 67-years.  He turned 70 today.

48 thoughts on “Functional Equivalents of Famine”

  1. George

    “Time to update your airplane? Boeing is reportedly planning to change 737 Max flight-control software to address flaw.”

    In the engineering world there is always a paper trail to authorize any activity. They usually go by the following names.

    DCN: Design Change Notice

    TCN: Tool Change Notice

    PCN: Procedure Change Notice

    SCN: Software Change Notice

    I would love to be a fly on the wall to see how many pages long the SCN is for the Max 737!

    The other Notices will be affected as well. Everything is affected in a big mod like that.

    Release the hounds of Over Time pay damm the bottom line!

    • I’m very concerned about the 737 Max, largely because of the hit to Boeing and the USA economy/trade balance. There seems to be multiple issues, including whatever airframe changes that were made to evolve the aircraft from the previously proven models.

      The flight control software may need a complete software review from whatever base code it evolved from. I have a real problem with software engineers that have never flown left seat and having the ability to touch this kind of software. Many of the H1B variety are intelligent yet cannot speak English recognizable by Americans, and few if any are pilots. IMHO, wherever possible, there should be an easy way to manually disable control augmentation software and hand fly the aircraft. The other thing is that real pilot training in type needs to be enforced before any revenue flights. The Max seems to be a new type, regardless of FAA decree.

    • Been using one for a week_ now with no visible results_ (the tomatoes have a nice bright smile, however… so brute forcing it with hormone spritzes…

      • Composted cow manure, bloom-set, and weekly water around the base of the plants was my father’s recipe. He always used wire cages.

  2. I encourage everyone to watch “The Great Hack” about Cambridge Analytica. It is scary stuff…Watch it this weekend and let’s discuss Monday. That’s all I will say for now.

      • OMG Mark, Cambridge Analytica is Qanon material. Maybe you could borrow a shielded MAGA cap to wear while you post. I look forward to hearing your rant on Monday.

      • Not old stuff. Real stuff. I have first hand knowledge if it. Read Synopsis comment below. How else would the worlds dumbest man get elected? Occums Razor in total play here.

        You wouldn’t hear or read it in your conservative media bubble that you are forced to live in …but Facebook has hired over 1,000 people in it’s Geo-political/global security department….a new department to counteract the very thing that The Great Hack is about.

        I have been in that department, in their conference rooms…because I have sold multi-million dollar homes to engineers and strategists that are being paid stupidly high amounts of money to work on this project. They admit that there is a huge problem with Russian, Chinese, NK, and Iranian hacks. Donald Trump was NOT legitimately elected…PERIOD. A company like Facebook doesn’t spend multi-billions in fines and the another several billion building a department just for sh#* and grins. They are fighting a war…and while they lost that war and the zombies elected President Dope, 2020 will be a more level playing field.

    • “The Great Hack” sounds similar to the Montauck Project which was a continuation of the Philadelphia Experiment?

      The Montauk Project is a conspiracy theory that alleges there were a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, New York, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.

      The Great Hack is the lefties conspiracy theory that Cambridge Analytical conducted a mind control experiment on the American people to get, guess who, Trump elected. They listened to us on Dots, etc microphones in our homes & took that information to brain wash voters into voting for Trump.

      Of course Mark believes it & is now promoting it, since everything is going to hell in the Dem Primaries, & all the nuts are desperate. Mark just keeps coming with his BS. How did Mark ever become successful in Real Estate? Maybe he read Trump’s book.

      • “The Great Hack is the lefties conspiracy theory that Cambridge Analytical conducted a mind control experiment on the American people”

        As for myself it didnt take a great mind hack experiment..

        I had thought that our legislators have been bought and paid for for decades.
        When the the courts decided it was absolutely to open the spigots of corrupting our legislators I knew it was o ly tome.
        Where I get a chuckle is that they are either so stupid or so corrupted that they refuse to even glance at the crap they pass to see if they will be affected by the changes they make for the general public.

        My first pick was Rand Paul but then hes a firm believer in the constitution and wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much done our president has.

        I personally think everyone should be voted out of office,and reaced by new people. Unfortunately 97% will return..the same dead horse campaign issues will be used to get elected..

    • I watched the Great Hack also, here’s my summary:

      Cambridge Analytica shuts down due to shady things going on :

      Facebook pays largest ever fine from FTC ($5 billion), although that may be a slap on the wrist to a company that had $22 billion in profits for 2018:

      By 2019, Breitbart has lost 75% of it’s viewership (can’t fool all the people all the time)

      Of course Steve Bannon, Trump’s Alt Right Commander in Chief is unemployed..

      George, were you referring to this? (No, google wasn’t manipulating search results)

      • Mark- Would you cross over and vote for Tulsi Gabbard in the primary? Trump has the R nomination locked up, barring a Stuesque cataclysm of some sort.

  3. Is this another Trump tariff created buying opportunity by knocking down stock prices? It has happened each time he huffs & puffs about tariffs & it goes nowhere except that he relents & stock prices rebound. Each Trump tariff outburst has created a buying opportunity. Looks like another is on the way. The stock market needs a correction but In the long term looks strong. Trump needs to start backing up his bravado. Except for the tax reform scam, what has he done. His greatest accomplishment is being a buffer between sanity & the crazy Democratic Party. Even the fake news is wondering what is going on in the Dem Party with their make no sense platform.

    • It’s not a democratic party, its the Democrat socialist party, – they are damn good at seizing the language – you racist deplorables like me, lol

  4. Was thinking about talks with my Dad and Grandfather before they passed ladt night, drinking a really good Alaska beer in hot Houston.

    I remember my grandfather saying, “Nobody was adding jobs, not even government. It was all about keeping what you have and not going under. I remember there was a banker buying up every business that flopped in our town. He borrowed from his own bank to do it. After a few years, he sold the businesses back to their former owners for what he paid for them.

    They stopped making people like that about 1954, Little Jim (me). If you find people willing to help other folks when they hit a rough patch, they are like treasure. Be one of those…”

    Maybe the forever growth model of economics is getting a bit long in the tooth, George. When exactly in history did growth become the God of economics? How does every outfit chasing growth work out in a world with increasing population and decreasing (translation – more expensive and scarce) resources?

    The employment numbers are for economic crackheads. I am considered off the employment rolls because I do not get a W-2. Self-employed consultants are not even in that list, and with the gigi economy growing by leaps and bounds – ‘thar be whale poop yonder, matey”.

    Congrats to your Major – 70 is my next rung as well!

  5. Re: “Looking Ahead: Prepping for Ebola”

    Mmmm …
    Read the works of Drs Klenner, Hoffer, Cathcart, Saul .. etc al, who have repeatedly proven that high dose vitamin C, as well as other anti-oxidents are universal anti-virals, anti-bacterials, anti-toxins.

    A good source of information can be found here…

    70+ years ago Dr Fred Klenner cured 60 out of 60 polio patients, usually in 3 to 5 days, though there was one case where the young girl was already fully paralyzed that took 2 week to cure. Upon presenting his results at a medical conference, not a single person that asked him any questions.
    He didn’t “manage” their condition, he cured it!

    About the same time two young boys walking past a field were dosed by a crop duster. One boy was brought to Dr Klenner, the other to a different doctor. The boy Klenner treated was well in time to attend his friends funeral.

    It only took 70+ years for Dr. Paul Marik at the Norfolk General Hospital to figure out that vitamin C cures Sepsis! A condition that kills about 300,000 Americans every year! How much C does he use? 1.5 grams! About 1/2 the amount of C that the US government requires be given to apes in US zoos! Compare that to the government RDA of 90 mg/day for an adult male …it’s even lower for an adult female (75mg)!

    Dr Atsuo Yanagisawa on the role of anti-oxidants in preventing radiation injury

    Other results on Vitamin C ….
    A Combination of Pre- and Post-Exposure Ascorbic Acid Rescues Mice from Radiation-Induced Lethal Gastrointestinal Damage

    Linus Pauling, a moderately intelligent man with 2 unshared Nobel prizes and 48 PhD’s, began advocating everybody take 10 grams of Ascorbic Acid every day, and later concluded that figure was to low.

    Is vitamin C really helpful?
    Linus Pauling died in his mid-90’s.
    His loudest detractor, an imminently forgettable Dr at the Mayo Clinic died in his mid 60’s.
    You do the math.

      • It’s worth knowing that primates are the only mammals that are incapable of synthesizing endogenous vitamin C. A daily dose of 2+ grams won’t hurt most people and has many benefits. Cures are anathema to the medical profession – managing a disease will keep them in business. I heard this first in a lecture by an MD in medical school decades ago. He considered diabetes to be the most profitable and least troublesome disease for a GP/FP at the time. That lecture, and many similar experiences are why I left that career track.

        Listen to your body and its cravings. Keep your own counsel and take responsibility for doing so.

    • Kirk…. Forget Ebola.. that is old stuff.. the one we should be fearing is CRE….

      took someone to the clinic yesterday… that was one of the questions.. is do you have or have you been around anyone with CRE…

      G-2 will have more info.. I did read a study a while ago where they thought it to might be going airborne.. talked to G-2 and the guy that discovered it.. that is some scary stuff… 30 percent don’t even know they have it.. fifty percent die.. twenty percent linger… we treat it as a contact.. its treated a lot differently elsewhere

      • NM Mike

        “It’s worth knowing that primates are the only mammals that are incapable of synthesizing endogenous vitamin C.”

        Not quite true. The principal reason Ginny Pigs are so useful for lab testing is they too have the genetic defect that prevents the conversion of glucose into ascorbic acid. There is also a fruit bat, but that is all I am aware of.

        Dr Klenner and many others have repeatedly demonstrated that the lethality of any disease/toxin is directly related to how quickly it consumes the body’s reserves of vitamin C. Very few diseases actually kill people, it is the total or near total consumption of the vitamin C reserves of the body that does people in.

        Look at the symptoms of any hemorrhagic disease and compare them to the symptoms of Scurvy and you will find that you are looking at the same disease on different time frames.

        While Ebola was unknown at the time, Klenner reported curing cases of Viral meningitis in a few days with IV C.
        Dr. Andrew Saul cured himself of Viral Pneumonia in 3 hours by taking 2 grams of C by mouth every 6 minutes.
        I cured myself of the Flu in the same time frame (3 hours) taking 2 grams every 15 minutes.
        Dr Saul also reported on a woman who, 26 years ago, was found to be infected with the HIV virus. Confirmed many times at different labs.
        She was a drug user, bad diet, unsafe sex, smoked …and took lots of vitamin C every day. After 25 years of no symptoms she had herself re-tested and not only did she not have any signs of the HIV virus in her system, but they could not find any sign she had ever been infected.

        There is no known toxic dose for vitamin C. People have been given 500 grams of C a day for over a week without side effects other than good health. By-the-way, a pound is 454 grams.

        However, everybody is different, and dosages MUST be adjusted for individual response, which usually requires an intelligent and observant care giver. Those are always hard to find.

        Standardized doses simply do not work for everybody.

        If taking oral C for a condition, target near bowel tolerance (yes, just what it sounds like). You can tell you are approaching that level as you will become ‘gassy’.

        This is not a problem with IV C, nor with Liposomal C such as “Lipospheric C”.

        Be aware that most things marketed as “Liposomal C” are really just an emulsion. Youtube is full of videos claiming you can make your own Liposomal C at home, but it is only an emulsion. Unfortunately.

        You can find the video Living Proof on youtube…. &

        Plus plenty of videos on youtube by Andrew Saul and Thomas Levy.
        Always worth watching, downloading, saving ….

        Oh … if anybody is considering a root canal — don’t!
        Read “The Toxic Tooth” instead.
        It may save your life!

        That 8 grams of C you are taking a day is fine. It is far, far better than taking the RDA, but for comparison, that is what I had with my dinner tonight….. I will top out at about 20 grams for the day.

        Don’t think I am saying that vitamin C will cure everything. It won’t.
        I also take other several other vitamins, mostly grouped around the B’s plus L-Lysine, magnesium, A, D and a few others. But the RDA is a Ridiculous Daily Allowance.

        The only credentials I’ll present is the fact that I have not been to a medical doctor for a health issue in nearly 50 years.

      • 70+ years ago, Dr. Fred Klenner MD was curing (not treating!) all viral and bacterial infections, in a few days with IV C typically in the range of 350 to 900mg per kg of body weight. I see no reason that it would suddenly stop working for CRE.

        The latest from Doctors at Fukushima shows it correcting radiation induced DNA damage. Why all those worried about cell phone/5G induced DNA damage aren’t all over this is beyond me!

        Klenner routinely reversed opioid (as well as other toxins including carbon monoxide) poisoning with as little as 10 grams of C injected as fast as a 20 gauge needle would permit. G2 should have this in his kit at all times.

        While visiting friends out of the country Thomas Levy MD JD cured a young girl of Dengue fever with a single injection of vitamin C (10 grams).

        I could literally go on for hours on the subject, but you can do your own research.

        I do admit to a great deal of frustration that it took over 400 years, and many millions of lives for “the best medical minds” to (kicking and screaming all the way!) finally admit that citrus cured and prevented scurvy.

        20 years ago I was dying from congestive heart failure, pulse pounding so hard I could not sleep, very erratic heart beat, blood pressure was nuts, taking 10 minutes to get out of bed to go pee.

        On thinking about it I realized that I had gotten lazy and wasn’t taking any vitamins. I started on what I then thought was a high dose of C (2 gms/day) and in a few months I was fine.

        A few years ago I moved into an area noted for its high mold and pollen. Allergies kicked my butt! First I tried OTC drugs, but kept reading and decided I would increase my C intake. Once I passed 10 grams/day I simply had no further allergies.

        I am now approaching 20 grams/day and many long term annoyances have simply disappeared. Too bad it doesn’t work on politicians!

        All reports like this … “Regular supplementation with even a moderate quantity of vitamin C prevents disease and saves lives. Just 500 mg daily results in a 42 percent lower risk of death from heart disease and a 35 percent lower risk of death from any cause (Epidemiology, May 1992).” do is make most (not all!) doctors say is “It needs more study”. That despite >50,000 articles in PubMed showing its effectiveness.

        The New England Journal of Medicine (312:1205, 1985) reported that as little as 30 grams of even low-fat fish per day reduced the 20-year death rate from coronary heart disease by fifty percent. That is only about one ounce of fish daily, actually providing only about 300 mg of omega-3 fatty acids each day.

        University of Michigan Medical School has shown that vitamin C protects the liver. Even doses as low as 500 milligrams daily helped prevent fatty buildup and cirrhosis. 5,000 mg of vitamin C per day appears to actually flush fats from the liver. (Ritter, M. “Study Says Vitamin C Could Cut Liver Damage,” Associated Press, October 11, 1986)

        Klenner, M.D. showed that very large doses of vitamin C (between 500 to 900 mg per kilogram body weight per day) can cure hepatitis in two to four days (Smith, L. H., ed., Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C, Life Science Press, Tacoma Washington, 1988, pp 22-23).

        Does anybody in San Francisco know about this considering the huge hepatitis outbreak there???

        Kidney stones are not a condition that you can attribute to vitamin C use. In fact, William J. McCormick, M.D. authored a paper in 1946 explaining that kidney stones are formed by a lack of vitamin C (“Lithogenesis and Hypovitaminosis,” Medical Record 159:7, July).

        A seven year long Johns Hopkins medical school study of 281 HIV positive men showed that those taking vitamins had only about half as many new AIDS outbreaks as those not taking supplements. Imagine: a 50 percent reduction in AIDS cases just from low dose vitamins!
        (Neil Graham, M.D. in American Journal of Epidemiology, December, 1993).

        Again, C isn’t the only thing I take, but it is the foundation.

        About every other year big pharma pays shills to report on the dangers of vitamins. What dangers? There has yet to be a single death that can be reliably attributed to vitamin supplements. With over 150 million Americans taking supplements every day, where are the bodies if it is so dangerous?

        Oh! They must mean “dangerous” to their bank balances, after all healthy people don’t make doctor appointments and take dozens of prescription drugs, few if any of which are proven effective for anything!

        If your physician still believes that vitamin C causes stones, that is a “stone-age” belief! The fact is that vitamin C is far safer than the doctor’s safest medicines.

        Over 80% of all health care interventions and technologies have no scientific evidence of effectiveness. (Smith, R. “Where is the Wisdom: The Poverty of Medical Evidence,” British Medical Journal, 303:798-799, 1991)

  6. George, again with the ‘liberal’ and ‘ultra liberal’ labels. Always with this ‘us’ and ‘them’ stuff. Like that’s your answer to everything. Please forgive me for being blunt, but you all really need a wake up call.

    Me thinks this explains the obvious blind spot in the contemporary conservative mind when it comes to climate change. (And many other issues too.) If actual facts don’t fit your world views, they don’t exist. I know, hard to believe that you guys would let your emotions stand in the way of actual facts, and plain commonsense. But here we are. Folks that would continue to drive their own family across a bridge that an overwhelming consensus of reputable experts have said is dangerous. (Analogy.) Concocting goofy conspiracies instead. Name calling the proponent instead of considering the actual facts.

    Let’s fact it: You guys are simply reckless, deliberately ignoring obvious safety risks. Gleefully playing Russian roulette with even your own grandchildren’s future to make some weird, twisted tribal point.

    BTW, before you all dismiss me, keep in mind that I was a big Reagan guy, and still care a lot more about the exploding national debt (and the devalued dollar) than the contemporary hypocritical conservative crowd, including Rand Paul. Best, Mike.

    • I edited your comment to the useful part

      “I was a big Reagan guy, and still care a lot more about the exploding national debt (and the devalued dollar) than the contemporary hypocritical conservative crowd, including Rand ”

      the rest is suitable for fish-wrapping.

      • Now don’t lose your mellow, G____. No doubt I will soon be seeing a tabloid headline in the grocery store check-out line entitled “Polar Bears Burn In Man Made Hellfire”, with pictures of flaming bruins fleeing south from the hellish polar inferno. Or maybe not. Just remember, anyone can claim to be a scientist and an expert without recourse; climatology ain’t structural engineering, and climate guys are not licensed engineers. Any analogy Mike makes between climate guy opinions of smouldering bruins and structural engineering opinions of decaying bridges is at best ignorance, and at worst fraud or malpractice. Engineering opinions are regulated; climate guy opinions are like a__h__s, everyone’s got one.
        I’m currently more concerned about lack of sunspots than flaming polar bears in the twenty-year out picture. The elevated temperature at the poles may be signaling a deep freeze in the North American heartland in coming winters. And no, I’m not a structural engineer or climate expert, and my opinion is no better than any of the other loudmouths, I just don’t continually bore everyone with dim-witted speculation. There is more to this issue than you get from the MSM or the one-sided self-proclaimed experts hawking the green genocide. I wonder how cold it has to get before fracture of composite wind turbine blades becomes an issue? How much snow does it take to halve the output of a solar panel? Now those are real engineering issues.

      • All the factual analysis won’t help this type–

        Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports.

        The research, conducted by the University of Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving scientists at a loss as to how to combat them.

        “These humans appear to have all the faculties necessary to receive and process information,” Davis Logsdon, one of the scientists who contributed to the study, said. “And yet, somehow, they have developed defenses that, for all intents and purposes, have rendered those faculties totally inactive.”

        More worryingly, Logsdon said, “As facts have multiplied, their defenses against those facts have only grown more powerful.”

        While scientists have no clear understanding of the mechanisms that prevent the fact-resistant humans from absorbing data, they theorize that the strain may have developed the ability to intercept and discard information en route from the auditory nerve to the brain. “The normal functions of human consciousness have been completely nullified,” Logsdon said.

        While reaffirming the gloomy assessments of the study, Logsdon held out hope that the threat of fact-resistant humans could be mitigated in the future. “Our research is very preliminary, but it’s possible that they will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, water, or oxygen,” he said.

    • The Arctic infernos are melting the tundra and eventually will melt what’s under the tundra possibly releasing a methane super bubble. Think Saturn’s moon, Titan.

      Earth could experience runaway greenhouse over the course of a few weeks.

      The skies will turn grey with exception to the orange glow from the North…. we’ll begin to smell the smoke, the rain will turn caustic. Most all the living things on Earth and in the seas will smoother.

    • “Scientific theories are testable and make falsifiable predictions. They describe the causes of a particular natural phenomenon and are used to explain and predict aspects of the physical universe or specific areas of inquiry (for example, electricity, chemistry, and astronomy).”

      Let me know when you figure out why the AGW theory isn’t a scientific theory.

    • Mike,
      It has occurred to me that you are a “True Believer” hence you will not discuss science that is not congruent with your beliefs. I would suggest that you read Eric Hoffers book but I learned a long time ago not to spit into the wind

  7. Here is an idea: Forget about popular voting!!!

    Repopulate Congress with an equal number selected from the CEOs of our largest corporations; Then, have the new and fresh Congress nominate a POTUS. ;-))

  8. To get my plants to flower, I let the plants get almost dry between watering after they get a good amount of growth. Leaf droop means you went too far. Fertilize with a dose of straight nitrogen(urea) for a growth spurt after flowers appear, then when that wears off add time release vegi garden fertilizer with n-p-k and minerals. I grow peppers, not tomatoes, but they are both nightshade family. Pollenators for peppers are hover flies, not bees. Seven dust on nearby leaves is bad for them. Ants will also work but bring mold to the fruit and often aphids.

    This year, I didn’t see any hover flies for a while and flowers just fell off with their stem. Paint brush pollenation didn’t work. I also have quite a few plants in close proximity to encourage the hover fly population: now have lots of peppers, flowers and hover flies. good luck.

  9. Hi George..
    About tomatoes not setting. It just may be the heat. They are temperature sensitive in that respect. I know mine are. There is a new tomato out named Heat Set (IIRC). Am trying a couple of those. My regular tomatoes just slow and stop bearing mid-summer, then pick up again in the Fall.
    Also, just shaking the plants vigorously once or twice a day–or tapping each blossom over all the plant with the same finger seems to do the trick. No fancy toothbrush needed! (grin)
    I know you don’t like links, but am including one that explains effects of temp on tomato set.
    Take care

  10. Don’t know if you saw this, George, but seems difficult to make this stuff up. No media allowed? Secretive? 114 private jets? (Pretty nice 20 million dollar tax write-off, too!)

    “Prince Harry ‘gives barefoot speech’ at secretive Google Camp climate change conference in Italy in front of A-list crowd including Leo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell, as it’s revealed celebs arrived on total of 114 private jets”

  11. The significance of the Katy Perry copyright violation is that she/her arrangers copied (get this) neither the lyrics nor the music but the precise rhythm (specifically percussion) of a so-called Christian song. In my thinking, it takes copyright issues to a whole new level. Now everybody will be searching for some remote semblance to another piece in order to cash in. You’re right, as always, George. it’s all a business model.

    • It’s an ugly thing to be burdened with, but EBM is really the key to understanding the waking life.

      Married-up with behavioral economics and you have shoddy sociology’s testable replacement ready. Because even at a personal level, transactions are where it’s at, like it or don’t…

    • “the precise rhythm (specifically percussion) of a so-called Christian song”

      I wonder.. Has anyone else noticed that almost all Number one hits ( I personally cant think of any that don’t but hey there has to be one someplace) They all have similar rhythm and cord sequencing and there is usually only four cords to insure any entertainer that they would have a number one chart busting Hit song..
      With that in mind.. can there even bee a copyright on rhythm and cord sequencing in the entertainment field of music..
      Did I ever mention I believe in the harmonics theory..

      found a video…. of the four cords

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