Hyperinflation: The Market’s New Math

We begin another week here in the East Texas Outback with me promising to hold the comments short and to the point.

Our logging crew will show up this morning (or tomorrow) depending on how goes the demand at local mills.  I’ve still got one ham radio antenna that needs to come down (the NW/SE Beverage, thanks for asking).  There are also about 50-trees to mark for cutting to “open up the sky” for the next rack of solar panels.

In terms of “news flow” we’re in a period of “High Hype” and “talking-back Disaster.”

While the head of the (not-really) Federal Reserve was on television mouthing optimism, we need to seriously consider what he is NOT explaining to people about how financial assets are being manipulated by the government’s hyperinflationary spending and printing policies.

Because the Big Story this week is NOT pre-holiday Hype.  It’s that the Truth Behind Gold is leaking out.  And looks to us like it could sail through $1,800 this week.

No, the intrinsic value of gold never changes.  But, its price goes up because in reality the value of our currency is going down.  Take more paper — and that’s what we think of when we talk “price.”  (Crazy apes, huh?)

Is Your Hair on Fire, Yet?

We reported Friday the two most important numbers in the world – both being ignored by the (highly-manipulated) financial press.  To repeat, it’s the summary of the Fed’s H.6 Money Stocks report of last Thursday.

If you’re too “hung” this morning to remember all the way back to Friday, here it is once again:

There are two numbers shown:  M1 – the annualized rate of increase in cash and equivalents.  M2 is the cash, equivalents, and some time-series deposits.  There is also an M3 – but the Fed doesn’t let that outside the house because it reveals too much about how crooked the “financialization of the World” has become.

There are only a few of us “Old Men of the Web” who have been writing about the reality of Alan Greenspan’s hiding the sausage by ending Fed reporting of M3 – but a few honest reporters, especially John Williams of ShadowStats.com has reported a (close) approximation of M3 (which he calls M3b) is now running about 20%.

So, Pick an Inflation Rate

Lets consider the “threat spectrum” of inflation by looking at all three possibilities.  The worst-case is an 84.5% annualized rate while the best-case looks like 20%, although each time a stimulus comes out, the country goes deeper in hock.

I’ve used representative numbers from this morning’s futures prices and Kitco spot gold to run these.  Here goes – what a year from now could look like:

How to Read This

The first block of numbers (top group) is a typical price this morning (based on early futures pricing) if you were to “buy the Dow” or “buy the S&P” or buy an ounce of gold at spot, or write a check for a middle class home in a middle class neighborhood.

Second block of numbers is how much the  gain alone pencils out for an annualized rate possibility.

Bottom block of numbers is “How much will be asset go up per trading day?”  This is predicated on there being 253 trading days.. and we could quibble a bit about it, but most years that’s close.

Key Take-Away

The whole point of this morning is to underscore that when we see the stock futures up 300+ points, we don’t really know  which Reality the market is pricing.

One (pseudo) Reality is J Powell’s phantasmagorical view (The US won’t have negative interest rates) that we are not entering a Depression.  His main argument, near as I could sort it out, was something that would paraphrase as “We can’t go there because just a couple of months ago we had a great economy going…”

It sounds good, but it’s like the captain  of the  Titanic refusing to believe his ship was sinking because?  “ We can’t sink because just two hours ago we had an unsinkable ship.

You can see the peril in tying future expectations to a past — and no longer valid — assumption table.

The OTHER  Reality the markets could be telegraphing is that not only is the implied high (momentary) rate of inflation here, but it’s likely to persist.

We recognize there is some risk to using a 3-month sliding window of Fed Money Printing Spree Confessionals to look ahead.  But, hey!  That’s what we do around here!

Just between us, our Aggregate Index of multiple indices (kind of like a  meta analysis done on an on-going basis) shows the market is up 31% from its lows of March 23.

Holiday’s Matter, Too

One more factor in pricing the market this week is holiday proximity.

If the lockdowns are loosening, and the sun’s out, people get some vitamin D buzz going and first thing you know, there’s a run-up going into a holiday.

It’s not uncommon in the market for there to be “holiday rallies” and the most famous of all is the so-called “Santa Claus Rally.” Except, in December of 2018 when the old fat guy and the elves, reindeer, and even Mrs. Claus were lined up out back and put out of their misery.  Those of us who remember it as the Christmas Eve Washout will never forget.

Where Are We, Then?

Hell if I know.  But, cash is our friend when going long, or short, isn’t slam-dunk easy to see.

Decrupting the Color Codes:

  • Three yellow boxes – these are the macro trends.
  • Left yellow is Wave 1 Down
  • Middle yellow is Wave 2 UP
  • Right (thin) yellow is POTENTIAL Wave 3 Down
  • Inside the first two yellow boxes are red and green smallder boxes.
  • Wave 1 Down was mostly red boxes.
  • Wave 2 Up has been mostly Green
  • Wave 2’s final rally (E)  should be to the high of the Blue box.

However, if you are a student of W.D. Gann’s work, you would notice that the 2X1 line down (when the chart is “squared”) would be followed by a 1X1 and there’s a case evolving that the 1X1 Gann indicator could be telling us “Time’s up!”

In any event,  look for the market to rally a bit ahead of the holiday.  And if the Gann idea is right, then calamity right after (or just before) next weekend’s 3-day’s off.

There’s damn little news to drive, although the US CV19 deaths are effectively at 90,000 and we will likely pass 4.8 million cases globally this afternoon as numbers come in.  Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday we pass the 5-million case mark globally.

Now, go ponder the Fortune article “The ‘valuation gap’ between stock market winners and losers is highest in 20 years, according to Goldman Sachs.”

So What Really Matters?

Cereally?  (“News” – the Breakfast of idiots!)

CNN is sounding a bit like us inWe’re already in a Great Depression.”

What about Mr. Flip-Flop who sent sick people to nursing homes where unifected people were infected?  Is that why Cuomo says nobody should be prosecuted for COVID-19 deaths in N.Y.?

Sick of climate change bullshit?  Well;, CNBC isn’tClimate change is fueling extreme weather that lowers cancer survival rate and threatens prevention.”  Huh?  If your pee-pee falls off, it’s from climate change, right?  If you fart?  CLIMATE CHANGE!!!  (God people are stupid.  Climate is centuries.  Today is weather.)

Here…another imponderable for Monday: Russia Is a ‘Distinct Civilization,’ Putin Says.  OK….und zo, Vlad?  ( could argue Los Angeles is a ‘Distinct Civilization’ but that’d be playing it fast & loose’ with “civil.”

Mornings like this? A Bloody Mary makes more sense than coffee…but we don’t do that.  So time to go work my ass off till Miller time.  Have a chipper Monday and more tomorrow.

In the markets?  Run ’em up, then mow ’em down, feels like…but let’s see how the week goes.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. here we go .. all fixed .. futures +700 .. how goods America .. even get rich when your in a full blown depression .. so good USSA

  2. and George I actually disagree with most of your presumptions today . economics and in particular American economics are far 2 patriotic and very simple . look its all rigged to a really bad smell of stars and stripes and apple pie .. 2s and 4s are really tough ones to ride .. must be disciplined and methodical and patient .. does anyone really think that 324 million unusual types run 7.4 billion on the planet .. fascinated by the same old stuff dished out . at the same old time

  3. WOO-WOO Back to the Future, on 5/15 I post on this blog
    checkmate in 7 moves
    The Other Brother Darrell on May 15, 2020 at 16:13

    the Trump train began looong before his announcement to run and he has the best in the US Military backing him and ,, check mate will occur in 7 moves, the deep state cannot stop it, but they will squeal like pigs to their demise,,, guess I’m zenophobic or what ever name they call us next

    on the 5/17 Q posted this

    https://qmap.pub/read/4256 this is just a quick screen shot (2 seconds to view)


  4. It’s over, back to normal. I just booked a rental house in Myrtle Beach, SC for July. Party time, but not past 10 pm. Grandkids love the beach.

  5. “Huh? If your pee-pee falls off, it’s from climate change, right? If you fart? CLIMATE CHANGE!!! ”



    OTFLMAO.. you may be right on the money there George LOL

    I will never forget the idiot scientist that suggested puting a filter on a cable up to the space station and running it up and down to filter the atmosphere LOL LOL LOL and the other idiot that suggested flinging mirrors into space and sending the sunlight back to the sun LOL LOL LOL LOL.. coffee squirt out of my nose on that one LOL LOL

  6. George I was wrong about the bag of coffee math. I finished collecting data on the study (the bag ran out) and my estimate was initially low.

    24oz bag of “Early Riser” espresso roast, $6.99
    25 pots/days of coffee made
    Each half pot = 2×12 oz, or “tall” at starbugs
    Plus spare change tip.. That makes each half pot worth $5.

    7 bucks investment with a value of 125, just by avoiding crowds. This is how we get the value of our inflated dollars back, avoiding the massive rip offs, like coffee houses and restaurants… which is deflation right?

    • “24oz bag of “Early Riser” espresso roast, $6.99”

      Phil..I almost started to weep for joy the other day…
      My wife’s garden shovel had vanished.. ( the kids borrowed it and its gone) so she asked me to stop and get her one.. I donned my mask and gloves and into the nearest tractor supply I went.
      Grabbed the shovel and walking up to the checkstands…there was a rack of specialty coffee.. I almost Didn’t look….
      There on the shelf was a one pound bag of medium roast..( I like darker second crack) JAMAICAN BLUE.. MOUNTAIN GROWN COFFEE… my absolute favorite for 5.99 ….
      I will stretch it out.. dam I was happy…almost seeped for joy right there…
      The odds of that are more astronomical than the fed getting the economy back in shape..
      Speaking about shortages.. on the nightly news… beef and pork hit the news.. massive shortages and beef is already double the cost.. I had to make sure our cow was in the field for next years beef..

    • “24oz bag of “Early Riser” espresso roast, $6.99
      25 pots/days of coffee made
      Each half pot = 2×12 oz, or “tall” at starbugs
      Plus spare change tip.. That makes each half pot worth $5.”

      Phil..Back during a really hard time..I didnt have a job .. they laid the whole plant off.. I would go down to the restaurant get the old grounds.. took my Coleman camp stove out and oven and would re roast the grounds.. take dandelion root washed of course and chopped up.. roast that along with a little barley and fiel corn i gathered from the ground. in an old popcorn popper.. grind that up mix it with the old coffee grounds..it wasn’t coffee but in a tough situation it worked

  7. George

    “The worst-case is an 84.5% annualized rate while the best-case looks like 20%,”

    The inflation Tsunami is on the horizon. As such I am buying Critical List items as money becomes available. These are items you cannot do without.

    I am concentrating on Medical, electrical power and food production. Actually I always have been but have ramped things up a bit.

    For those in the know don’t forget that the characteristic frequency of the pneumonia bacteria is 3,414,900 Hz. As pneumonia is one of the big killers when medical assistance is not available knowing what to do with this information can save a life. It’s like the Ella Fitzgerald commercial back in the 1970’s:

    I’L let the smart one’s figure it out!

    • Hey G – did U hear chairman kerPOWell say its DIGICAL – the creatrion of money – he just clicks a Mouse – and Boom – moar money – moar money – moar money.

      Keep on clicking baby – this Bulls gotta run- wahooo a blow off top to infinity and..beyond!

      Got Silver ? Miners? Streamers?

  8. I just listened to a podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a renowned nutritionist and biochemist that I found to be one of the most sane voices on todays issues concerning Covid19. She is a big proponent on Vitamin D and C supplementation as prevention and a cure. Vitamin D is a steroid hormone. While available in food, the primary source is via endogenous synthesis. This process occurs in a stepwise manner that starts in the skin following exposure to ultraviolet light and continues in the liver and kidneys, where the vitamin’s active hormone form is made. Since ultraviolet light is required for Vitamin D synthesis, reduce exposure to the sun or having dark colored skin impairs Vitamin D production. Approximately 70% of people living in the United States are Vitamin D insufficient and 30% are deficient.

    Who is most at risk? The efficiency of cutaneous biosynthesis of Vitamin D declines with age. A 70 year old may produce 4 times less vitamin D than their 20 year old selves.
    An obese person is at risk because fat soluble Vitamin D has greater difficulty being released into the bloodstream.
    Those living in Northern latitudes where less UVB radiation reaching the atmosphere means less of it reaches our skin to facilitate the production of Vitamin D.
    And finally, darker skinned people where the synthesis of Vitamin D is naturally reduced, as a biological bargain made my melanin, a natural sunscreen, which protects dark skinned humans from the damaging affects of UV due to their ancestral origins.

    Let’s analyze, shall we? First, let’s talk about my home state of California. We have under 3,000 deaths as of Friday in a population of 40 million citizens. What do we have more of than any other state? Sunlight…Great weather…early shelter in place…and no where to go but outdoors to enjoy that beautiful weather. What is the benefit of that? An excess of Vitamin D production…and a healthier populace. The Bay Area has a compact and dense population (8 Million) like New York with a heavy dependence on public transportation…We were the first metro to shelter in place nationwide and what did we do…we flocked to the streets to walk, went to parks and exercised. While already rich in Vitamin D production, we bolstered that and the Bay Area has less than 350 deaths.

    Why are African Americans more at risk? It depends on where they live. If they live in the northern United States, they are deficient in Vitamin D…especially in the cold months of February-April, when staying indoors was necessary. They already have issues with Vitamin D production and it is exacerbated by available UV in the winter and spring. Not so much in California. New York is another story.

    So…Why isn’t he right and left media talking about it? For starters…getting Vitamin D supplements is cheap and getting sun is cheaper. Big Pharm doesn’t like that. I take 4,000 IU a day, which Dr Patrick suggests. I may not need that much, because of where I live, but I am in my 60’s, so I may have other factors that deplete my natural production of Vitamin D.

    Vitamin D is also proven to be protective against respiratory tract infections. Data from 25 randomized controlled trials from around the world demonstrated that daily or weekly supplementation of Vitamin D reduced the risk of acute respiratory infection by more than 50% in people with low baseline Vitamin D levels.

    George has already talked about Vitamin C and immune cell function, lung function etc. The main takeaway is that this Pandemic was and is real, but has turned into a mega billion dollar Big Pharm production. Prevention has and always will be the cure for mist maladies. Viruses target the weak. Darwinism at its finest or worst…depending on how you look at it.

    On a more upbeat note…kind of…The one thing that we all benefit from in this
    SIP world is a feeling of civic duty for todays youth. We haven’t had that since WWII. In WWII our grandfathers were drafted into a world war…Like this pandemic we are experiencing now, they had no choice but to participate, but went to war out of great pride and civic duty to the United States. Since then, we haven’t had such an event. Vietnam (duh) didn’t have that same sense of civic duty attached to it…This pandemic did. And people for the most part took part out of civic duty…Rosie the Riveter was replaced by Penny the PPE maker. Auto manufacturers went from making tanks to making Ventilators. Post war, we re-invented ourselves as a nation and came back as a SuperPower. Post pandemic, we will emerge stronger, more focused and more efficient. Jobs will be lost, but quickly replaced by a new paradigm of gigs and opportunity’s that will spread the wealth the old fashioned way…working hard by being accountable for ourselves.

    • Mark, you forgot to give credit to our glorious, and all knowing leader.

      Btw. Do you contribute to DJT’s pronouncements? It reads incredible similar to what our president repeats, day after day ;-). Though, he’s more concise with that. You might take a lesson from him to be brief.

      • Bolshevic,

        I have a very sound memory, and I am 100% sure I didn’t leave out our all numbskull leader. Never has Trump said anything about Vitamin D by the way. And to be concise is to leave out facts…the only thing Trump is good at.

    • And then there are the studies that note the coronavirus is mutating. There are two distinct strains to infect the USA. The west coast areas were infected by the original strain out of China. The strain that infected Italy and most of Europe was more virulent and it infected the New York and east coast areas. So…. I would not attribute California’s luck with the virus solely to vitamin D.

  9. George, how’s all that science denying working with the Conservatives in charge of our pandemic response? Let me help you. The same way it’s going to work when the Climate disaster hits. (Just strikes me as so ludicrous that you guys STILL try to deny NASA’s 97% of actual scientists.) As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a bunch of maaa-roooons.” Best, Mike.

      • Has anyone here looked at icecap photos over the decades since satellites started taking them? North pole, south pole: same story. Gimme a break!

        • Yet in fairness, the north American ice sheet went away, too – and without al gore or any other climate scammers trying to monetize the event.
          Sell you some carbon credits?

      • “Has anyone here looked at icecap photos over the decades since satellites started taking them? North pole, south pole:”

        I have Marc … several times.. I actually keep tabs on the situation.. there isn’t an argument at all about whether or not the cycle is progressing..
        everyone will admit that if you shove one person in a cold room.. they will shiver and shake.. but if you put a hundred in the room the room will be a lot warmer.. that is simple shopping mall technology there.. its easier to warm a crowded mall in the winter than cool it in the summer.. seven billion plus people and the animals around do make a difference..
        for every two houses built aproximately one acre is lost.. we consume over forty thousand miles of land for construction.. we don’t do green scaping we do concrete and asphalt.. deforistation.. that is totally another subject.. if you consider the land exposed from forest fires alone we could easily double that in tree loss.. Yes I have read the reports visited with people that are working on the studies.. HERE is the kicker.. IT is a natural process..a cycle.. that the earth will go through .. We do have an affect.. it takes seven trees to replace the oxygen used by one person.. fourteen for every car.. so could we make changes.. I could get into the affects of volcanic activity to..for an example like I would show my grandkids.. you can take a gumball.. put it in a mirowave fifteen seconds.. the inside of the gumball will heat up.. if you dunk it in cold water it will bust apart.. I have said all the time.. green scape our cities.. reduce the affects that concrete and asphalt have on the cities.. build use renewables.. like hempcrete and earth crete for your roadways etc.. they are more fire resistant and renewable.. the earthcrete is easier to maintain.. and cheaper.. promote solar panels.. small solar.. a huge solar farm is not a productive way to do it.. every lift station.. put a solar tower.. three sided.. look at your tree crowns to get your angles.. you not only strengthen the grid.. you save resources.. the big issue for all of those.. is control and money.. a CARBON TAX.. is just stupid.. it won’t solve the issues.. at all.. it is just some laime way for some idiots to get more numbers on a sheet of paper .. gain control over industry.. disposal.. yes.. take a look at the countries that don’t have any water or land policies or polution standards…. china for one the same thing for our iv’s.. done in a country without any water standards and polluted streams..china has the most polluted water in the world.. yet they can our produce and make our drugs.. they consume enough water out of the great lakes to lower the level by four inches a year.. now are they canning our produce with great lake water.. or are they using the polluted ground water..
        It isn’t all the peoples fault in the world for these.. it is a normal cycle.. the people in the world do have an affect.. we could do things to slow down the cycle.. but that would never go over because of the cost to make the changes lowers the profit margins.. taxing them just adds another expense to be passed on.. it is up to each of us to do what we can.. do you have solar panels on the top of your house.. most likely not.. are there a couple of panels on every street light.. hmm no.. the power companies will do everything to discourage them being used as well.. big solar and big wind is hard to incorporate.. but small wind and small solar is easier.. the savings will cut your expenses and takes seriously very little to do.. yet we don’t do it.. because you can’t touch it.. stroke it you just turn on the light..
        here is one of my favorite newspapers check it out..the boys and girls of NASA are some of the best people you could ever meet and know.. sometimes they have a little dry humor but heck so do I my wife is always telling me I am not very funny.. lol..

      • “Gimme a breaking ice shelf..”

        Eventually they will have receded enough that the ancient ships trapped in the icepack of the Arctic Ocean can be salvaged…

        BTW, how do you suppose those ships got to where they are?

    •  (Just strikes me as so ludicrous that you guys STILL try to deny NASA’s 97% of actual scientists.)

      Mike… I don’t know anyone at all that doesn’t believe that there will be a climate change. Or that we are in the beginning stages of one..
      Or that we are presently in an extinction event where a great deal of animals will disappear.. ( possibly humans)
      What people disagree about is that a TAX will change a regular climatic cycle on earth. Or that humans are solely responsible for the climate change.
      A TAX will not stop the cycle. That’s just something dome greedy mutt thought up to propell himself into the stratosphere..and putting fart bags on cows will not solve methane production..
      We all know that seven billion plus people on the earth will have an affect..clear cutting timber is just stupid by any lumber mill to do..
      But a carbon tax is not the answer.. I have always said green scaping cities..we destroy good farmland property to build concrete jungles that are traditionally 10 to 20 degrees warmer.. greenscaping would.lower that and improve food production..
      The issue is people won’t do it it’s cheaper to do concrete and asphalt than greenscaping.. promoting small solar is rejected because of control..and all of that won’t stop the cycle..all it would do is give us humans a chance at surviving the sixth extinction event..
      Now greenscaping could be done with concrete by using hempcrete.. that two would save lumber..the issue there is a financial issue..there are people spending a lot of green paper to keep legislators from allowing it .

    • Um, what climate disaster? The rain and the snow and wind? Because if you bother to look at the data instead of listening to anyone with a degree(which does not make one smart), you would see we had more days above 90 degrees F before 1980 when they start making all these false claims. Nothing is new under the son. Everything has been here before. Back in the 1930s we had more hot weather than the past several decades. Did they cry global warming then? We have record cold fronts. How is that global warming?
      More lies and deception by the brainwashed horde. I suppose you think we should all take the vaccine too. WTFU! Blessings …..

    • Weather changes and the climate cycles. There is nothing new here. Federal agencies issue opinions which are little more than funding propaganda, and those opinions get publicly debunked and discredited by everyone except OCD wingnuts. Again, that is nothing new. Scientists argue over global cooling versus global warming. Same old. Nothing new, relevant or factual is presented in any of this wingnut diatribe. Even the most ardent environmental advocates have disavowed the wingnut Green Genocide.
      This country is being flushed down the toilet by wingnuts with “solutions” which they claim will only work if they are allowed to destroy the economy at gunpoint. Screw’em all. Don’t give them money or respect. Go about your business and ignore them. Do what you have to do to protect yourself from wingnut psychopaths and sociopaths and their hired guns, all on a seemingly never ending public rampage. You stop believing in them, and giving them money, they vanish.

      • “any logical reasons why oil went up ?”

        Len..lately or over all.

        Over all i believe that it was deregulation to gain higher proffits.. i also believe that there was a change in fuel standards as well to give a reason for justification for their increases.. if the average miles per gallon go up on an automobile they Increase the price to keep profit margins.

        Now if you are thinking right now… theres a holliday where people most generally travel..oil companies have always raised the prices before a holiday.. to hedge prices up..what I’ve noticed..they raise the price to a point where everyone is screaming then reduce it but reduce it with a moderate price increase..the psychological feeling is relief..even though the price increased..
        At least that is what I see..

  10. this aint a joke .. any logical reasons why oil went up ?anybody on the woopee hooting hollering crew got a reason ? even if its stars and stripes stuff it would be interesting


    Total cases: 640 (0 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 77
    Honolulu County: 415
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 117†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 82‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 574§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 18, 2020

    No New Cases!

  12. Wish everyone would watch this very well researched Corbett video series.The first three segments are up at the link. #3 pretty much collaborates many of the fears we have had, which have been revealed to us by others, memorably by the late Aaron Russo, which depicts that the technology is already in place for global biometric IDs tied to all of our actions and transactions, a cashless society, and total population control (possibly all administered via a mandatory vaccine.) https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/?fbclid=IwAR1bMv4aYKeOMS7RQ3VE_S9AGmtldR5PVuZhvmPRPsHE9GlfNtg6atdiEUg

  13. Dear Mr. Ure,

    With Hollywood screens having gone silent, it’s been left to Party-approved Chinese films to do the talking through independent cinemas reaching sheltered-in-place subscribers through online streaming. One example still available in parts of North America is “The Wild Goose Lake”. If the trailer is any indication, the film features an overdose of violent mayhem amongst rival gangsters, a fearful populace, and China’s version of Dirty Harry. In comparison, “Saturday Fiction” was cancelled by censors on the morning of its same weekend Chinese debut. “Wild Goose” made USD19 million in its first weekend of Chinese release last December 6 to 9 according to China. By comparison the film made USD265 in its first day of release in New Zealand according to Western media. Now one coinkydoink is the film in China goes by the name “nan fang che zhon di ju hui” which I believe will translate to “Party at South Station”.

    The film was set in Wuhan and South Station is the start of the high speed rail link south to Hong Kong, and perhaps half a mile or so from the wet market.

  14. Looks like they are firein up the manure spreader fan again. Yep god bless America . Death , pandemic, poverty, homeless, famine nothing stops the street!!

  15. “Things are starting to pick up because this bridge to the other side that we built with the stimulus bill appears to be working,” Kevin Hassett, President Trump’s economic adviser, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal last week.”

    OTFLMAO….Hahahahahaha.. WHAT A DIMWIT!!!!! Does he believe that or is he just trying to sound positive because that is what he thinks everyone is expecting him to say…

    I thought the president had some smarter people than that working for him …. IF… IT WON’T HELP YOU.. IT DOESN’T HELP EVERYONE ELSE EITHER..
    the cost of living doesn’t MAGICALLY get smaller because you work at a fast food restaurant instead of being a CEO or someone in the upper thirty percent..
    NOW.. I am against the stimulous.. let the economy fail lets get it over with.. that will just expedite the zimbabwe hyperinflation.. which we are going to see anyway.. it is just dumping a little more water on the table to keep the NOODLE floating a little bit longer..
    The reason the Dem’s want the stimulous.. is probably they like the snug little life where big gifts and money float their way..When we as a nation begin to enter into our expanded version of hyperinflated weimer depression the whole country will fold.. our whole way of life will change.. the value systems will implode.. which will more than likely begin the war that will end all wars…. the dollars that people have will be totally be worthless.. a real Hell.. of course that is just what I see as a very real possible scenario.. those at the top will be hurt the most.. in past civilizations going into such a situation usually brings out the tyranicals.. that rape pillage and steal what the upper crust have all with the aproval of the lower..
    way back when I was but a young man is when the changes really began towards this end goal.. the end goal that was pre-planned when my great grandfather was a middle aged man and my grandfather was a young man..
    butt to think..”“Things are starting to pick up because this bridge to the other side that we built with the stimulus bill appears to be working,” is just stupid.. what is it.. half of the american public is delinquent on last months bills.. there is what.. interest and late fee’s that are spiraling their chances of pulling out of the death spiral because someone gave them just enough to pay one bill.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.. now that is some funny SHIZT there and if the idiot seriously thinks he is right on.. that is even funnier.. shows how he is stuck in the box.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL and can’t see what is right in front of him.. people could be shizting on the sidewalks and if you can’t see it .. Your definately in the box….

    • I needed a morning chuckle.. that was a good one…
      what is it a comedian would have to say……


      I love the part about preparation H.. LOL … one year while I was charting at the end of the day and this young nurse came after he med round and she was talking about how hard it was to give this one patient a supository.. LOL and she said….” and I even served it with JELLY ” she made the patient eat that dam thing.. LOL all of the nurses had to pull her aside and eplain that it was to be shoved up.. LOL heres your sign.. LOL LOL.. this dimwit sounded a lot like that nurse.. seen some good ones in my life.. makes for pleasurable and funny memories.. LOL..

  16. Gimme a breaking ice shelf: Not only have I followed the satellite pictures, but I also visited Antarctica. That was the point, when the scientists on the ship projected pictures of the evolution of the ice caps at both poles over time, that I switched from a “yeah, probably” to a “OMG were in deep manure” green. As for man’s role in the equation, I’m not smart enough and well-trained enough to evaluate the evidence on my own. I asked a physicist colleague his view. He’s not a climate scientist either but his view was, the CO2 hypothesis makes a lot of sense. If it’s wrong and we act, we extend our fossil fuel reserves further out and get an economic shot in the arm by retooling our energy supply. If it’s correct and we don’t act, we’re friggin doomed. His view seems a fair bet to me.

    George, as for buying carbon credits, it’s on the table as penance for jet travel. Haven’t done anything yet as there’s a lot of scam and confusion in the marketplace and some tree growers don’t seem to be looking at life cycle costs, i.e. what happens to those nice CO2 eating trees when they’re cut down and eventually burned. Switching the Third World from kerosene to LED lights might make a lot more sense although it certainly wouldn’t solve the (you seem to think nonexistent) problem.

      • In places like Uganda in the back country, sometimes as much as 1/3 of a family’s cash income is spent on kerosene for lighting. Cooking remains mainly wood or dung fires; solar stoves never caught on. But led lanterns charged by solar or a central charging station often run off a car battery (that also charges cell phones) can make a big difference in quality of life. Never been there myself but my kid was involved in setting up a cell phone commodity price quote and payment system in Uganda 10 years ago.

    • “I also visited Antarctica”

      I AM JEALOUS Mark….
      that is one place I have always wanted to see.. that started when I was a young man.. a researcher brought in thousands of photo’s for me to go through.. as I scanned the photo’s there was one.. showing guys in a hot pool like a sauna.. with ice behind them.. I know a few that worked there.. be at New zealand and then fly in to do their work.. move the magnetic pole every year because of the shift.. great work being done there.. the govt.. sent their supply of snow boots.. dam if they didn’t send steel toes.. they couldn’t use them they would loose their toes as cold as it can get there…. they were burning them LOL I needed a pair of snow boots that year ( I froze my feet one year walking back and forth to work.. good snow boots are a must..) so the guys being nice mailed me a pair.. they are so good that my feet sweat in them.. but for where I live I can tromp around in the snow just about all day long and my toes are nice and toasty warm.. one of my goals was to see both poles.. so while doing their research.. those idiots got together and gave me a live feed of both of them while they worked at the same time.. it was by far a highlight in my life.. I got to see both of our planets magnetic poles at the same time.. anyway I am digressing here.. great bunch.. totally Love NASA.. they are super have a super site and promote the young to learn..

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