More Deaths or More Lockdowns?

Runaway insanity is afoot on this planet.  If there are higher beings, let’s consider what they’re being entertained with on “The Earth Channel” right now.  Since, we all know that “life as we know it HERE” is merely one of thousands of “Reality Shows” in the intergalactic ethereal Realms…

If it wasn’t so, Star Trek wouldn’t have resonated.

China’s Relock

While 108-million people in northeast China are being forced into another hard-core lockdown, we can’t help but notice the following in ‘Merica:

(Pipe me again…)  This is without a doubt the most “out of touch” thing I’ve seen attributed to Dimon.  Because he knows more people “need work” but he glosses off underlying problem of WHY there aren’t more jobs:

We’re swimming to excess production and we don’t have much resource left.  I am terribly disappointed when someone rolls out empty-headed bullshit like this…I mean, seriously, what the f*ck?

(Real lowdown:  I told you this was a slow news week.  During such times idiot-level stories and PR news releases are easily pandered to frightened editors who don’t know what enterprising reporting is all about.)

America’s Underlying Problem

We don’t “call out” either political idiots – or the uber-rich corporate deities when they spew utter nonsense.  Like that Dimon story.

It’s like standing up in a building that’s just caught fire and proclaiming – loudly as you can – “THERE’S A FIRE.  We Must Act!!!”

Well, no shit, cowboy.  Flames are licking at the audience…you think?

How about tabling a freaking answer?

We have a global labor pool of (toss out babies and one-foot-in-the-gravers) of what 5-billion people?

Hmmm…(don’t all answer at once, here):  What can 5-billion people DO?  (Eat, breath, consume…)

Without a butt-load of specifics, “calls for this” and “calls for that” is just more of the polarizing debate.

Table a G.D. answer that makes sense or sit the f*ck down.  (Do you get as sick of this disingenuous bullshit I do?  Can’t anyone be refreshingly DIRECT?)

Here’s another example to make Ure day…

Missing Values Disease

Since we’re watching the “Earth Channel” from the standpoint of higher beings, let’s see who else is going off the deep-end, shall we?  Oh Look!!!

Here’s a story claiming one-time lib lawyer “Alan Dershowitz: State has right to ‘plunge a needle into your arm’.”  OH???

Once upon a time, Dershowitz was predictably liberal.  Then he flipped into the Trump camp.  But now, he’s flipped again, seems to me, by crawling in with the lefties who want to vaccinate and track.  Great new industrial play.  Just like the Security State made up millions of not-really productive jobs.  It’s being run again!  (Might want to point this out to Dimon…)

DERSH IS TOTALLY WRONG.  (Does government have a right to torture, give enemas to people?  I mean where is the INSANITY line here?  Forced gender change and castrations?  What?  If you’re a lib – and decided the powers – there’s no limit on what government can grab.)

Here’s the SIMPLE part Dersh seems to have forgotten about “the Law.”  It’s an underlying predicate (in once) freedom-loving America, that powers not specifically granted to the government ARE RESERVED TO THE PEOPLE.

Government doesn’t have the right to inject just because it’s a great stock flier.

If people want to die?  Don’t want their risks assessed and imposed by others, by God that’s kinda what FREEDOM is all about, ain’t it?

You are either totally free, or people like Dersch would be your slave masters…claiming benificence and jamming in the needle.  Security State turns Bio State and everyone’s a sock puppet to the Party Apparachik.

Freedom is like pregnancy.  Binary.  You IS or your ISN’T.

In Defense of Freedom

This isn’t such a hard concept, is it?  Well, yes, seems if you become high enough profile in “law land”  there may be a high risk of contracting M.V.D.  – missing values disease.

If it’s not IN the Constitution, government stays out.  But this all goes back to when the USA became a corporation in 1871…but we don’t have all day to teach you how the train wreck began.  If you understand 1871 and 1913 that’s a good start, however.

(Jesus…we’re so screwed, aren’t we?)

It’s like walking into the primate house at the zoo and making fun of the monkeys.  Then realizing they live in harmony with nature, don’t have taxes, get laid as often as we do, and don’t go in hock to Banksters and seldom sacrifice their young to war. Who should be locked up???  Them?

What’s New in the Disease War

The stock market euphoria Monday was mostly based on hype about Moderna‘s hype about a vaccine.  Can someone please wait till it’s more than “promising” and gets through trials?

The underlying (emphasis on the lying part) is that a large portion of people won’t take the injection if it is in any way “trackable.”  (Mark of the Beast issue.)

Then there’s the fact of multiple strains of the disease.  If it doesn’t work on ALL strains of CV then it will be no better than the semi-randomly successful annual “fool  flu shots.”  At least with our pneumonia shots, we have a working list of what it works on and what it doesn’t…

Mainly, medicine is a monetization to keep 5-billion people playing nicely while government runs recess.  Report from Iron Mountain 101.

Gimme Some Data, Bubba!

Half an hour into the market today, two things will happen.

E-Retailing figures will come out.  (They will be up…duh.)

And Jerome “Happy” Powell will say something in his speaking engagement which the market hypsters will grab and headline (mostly out of context) and then market momentum will take over.

Which way?  Who cares?

Market was up 911 on the Dow Monday, so a fallback of a third would be pretty normal.  It’s the what happens next that scares me.

I keep coming back to “What is DJT on this anti-malarial pill for?”    Fortunately I’m just paranoid.

The Tasks That Matter

More prepping task list notes on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  And an update of the market charts.

Since there’s damn little data – and people are running around making buffoons of themselves – I won’t waste any more of your valuable time.

Garden, Prep, check for handouts from the gov’t…seems like the critical stuff to handle.

The rest is all poppycock designed to glue you to the Cyclops.  If you don’t understand that deeply enough to wean yourself off Junk News, this ain’t Ure kinda web site.  ISYN.

I’m going to see if our loggers got here and supervise some tree clearing (maybe) – before and after pictures is on my list… but I have countless lists so no promises…

Write when you get rich,

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89 thoughts on “More Deaths or More Lockdowns?”

  1. Alan Dersh has grown up around Harvard types who are generally not gun owners. If the .gov attempts to force vaccinate or test, I am sure people will be surprised by the violence.

    I don’t see this happening anyway because of the shear logistics of administering a vaccine to 335M people. Probably just a lot of media hype and shaming going on. Anyway, lots more economic destruction and social disintegration to go.

    • True, Stephen. Imagine where we’d be if .gov had offered COVID testing to our 335M people. Still a logistical nightmare, no doubt. But the data-based conclusions would have derailed the .gov shutdown while spurring a lot less violence. Sadly, my thought experiment would still be flawed because of the remarkably unreliable tests they’ve employed.

  2. (Jesus…we’re so screwed, aren’t we?)

    YUP.. and to think the whole thing was planned during my great grandfathers day.. what I am curious about.. is as soon as we truly take the plunge.. the dollar will be toast.. there will be a lot of turmoil.. how do they plan to stop the spiral.. anyone that has experienced the financial and existance death spiral can tell you that it takes a great deal of energy to stop it.. some pretty harsh things..
    IF the industrialists hadn’t boughten the golden goose and kept with the smaller growth keep the labor and money at home we wouldn’t be seeing any of this.. but like previous civilizations .. they bought the goose and went through the whole thing before..

    so what is their end plan.. is it the elimination of half or more of the population.. how do they know that they will be exempt from such a plan.. its never played out well in the past.. it would be nice to know.. unfortunately we won’t know till its over.. or we are deep into the coaster ride..

    • “IF the industrialists hadn’t boughten the golden goose and kept with the smaller growth keep the labor and money at home we wouldn’t be seeing any of this.. ”

      You cannot blame one (1) party in this game only. I remember the “good old times” when labor called and did strike after strike in one or another major industries. One might as well blame Pres. Nixon for opening up the Democratic People’s Republic of China ;-(

    • The government doesn’t have to mandate vaccinations. They, in league with insurance companies, only have to put pressure on businesses to regulate the vaccines. “Sorry, Joe, but company regs say all employees have to have been vaccinated against that CORONA stuff or they can’t work here. Its the insurance, you know. They sent me down to tell you that you are being terminated since you refused the vaccine.”

    • Hey Looking Out,

      Can you tell us what the utoobs you like to post are about? Give us a break and tell us if it’s music or science or whatever. I’m not going to utoob just to find out. Give us a hint already; otherwise we’ll just skip it as there’s too many other things to be learning/doing.

  3. George

    “I keep coming back to “What is DJT on this anti-malarial pill for?” Fortunately I’m just paranoid.”

    That’s easy. Some of his staff tested positive for the virus!

    Today your commentary “Made My Blood Scream” !

    That’s an old Klingon way of saying I feel very alive and aware.


    • I wonder RM… in the stock market world.. you promote what you own.. sales pitch.. I am curious if he or any of those close to him own a great deal of stock in the company.. or does he truly believe that it is the answer..
      Like previous administrations that were given a great deal of stock in companies to promote them to the public then as the market went skyward sell out the stocks.. of course that is all suppose to be illegal .. but like most laws that only pertains to those of us on the bottom.. and is shoved at the back of the list for those in power..

      • CV-19 treatment via hydroxychloroquine (supplemented with zinc, selenium, and vitamin D3): Less than $5.
        CV-19 treatment via remdesivir: More than $4400.

        Success rate for remdesivir? Unknown.
        Success rate (without medical artifacts) for hydroxychloroquine (when administered before infection) greater than 99.7%.

        Hydroxychloroquine has been a generic drug for nearly 50 years.

        Use your brain…

    • I’ve assumed all along that Trump is taking the malaria pill because it’s used as a preventive as well as a cure. That’s why people who travel to malaria-prone regions take it ahead of time. Trump is a known germophobe, yet he doesn’t wear a mask and is frequently closely surrounded by others. It seems obvious that he must be taking something that he is quite certain will prevent him from getting the CV, and it’s equally obvious that the “something” would be the very remedy that he suggested could be a promising cure. There are way too many doctors prescribing it for their patients, with a 95+% cure rate, for it to be a quack cure as the TDSers claim. Hydroxychloroquine has been safely used for about 65 years. Many have taken it regularly for years for illnesses other than malaria, lupus being one of them, and they have not had problems with it. There are only three reasons why it was badmouthed after Trump suggested it, and only three groups who did the badmouthing:

      1) First group is the TDSers, who would hate anything he suggested. If he had said it would be nice to send your mother a card on Mother’s Day, they would have sent Antifa thugs to every store selling Mother’s Day cards.
      2) Second group is, of course, Big Pharma, which is salivating over the profits to be made if they can bury hydroxychloroquine, which is no longer under patent and is therefore very cheap. The upcoming med they’re touting will be over $4000. The vaccine will reap billions of dollars, and even more billions if it’s made mandatory.
      3) Third group is the globalist control freaks who are equally salivous at the prospect of total surveillance via chips possibly being implanted in the vaccines and/or vaccination certificates to control the movements of their slaves.

      If I had even a hint that I might be getting CV, I’d rush to my doctor and demand the pill. As it is, I’m considering asking my doc right now if he’d prescribe it for CV, and if he wouldn’t, I’ll look for a doc who would.

      It’s ironic and disgusting that those who blame Trump for the [alleged] high number of U.S. CV deaths are most likely the same ones who vilified him for suggesting EARLY ON the only remedy that has so far consistently cured the disease. Those idiots should look in the mirror. How many deaths are THEY responsible for because they’re still trying to block a cure for the sole reason that Trump proposed it? In particular, I’d like to suggest to Elizabeth Warren (assuming that she was on the anti-hydroxy… bandwagon) that her brother would probably still be alive if she hadn’t had TDS.

  4. Dershowitz turned righty once he was affiliated directly with Epstein and Prince Andrew – haven’t seen the Weiner laptop have we? My guess he figures prominently in pics and videos….

  5. Damm those Torpedoes G – Dam Em! Full Speed Ahead – this market is never going down, like ever.

    Tree Top in the S&P ..say what ? what the hell is a tree top? nonononono

    Looks like a triple top in the S&P – keeps failing (3rd times a charm) at 2950..unless you are playing under Year Zero rules..

    Under year Zero Rules – things like WTI/Crude Oil popping yesterday on No news, is just a function of POTUS saying he is Supporting Big Oil – and BOOM – S. Mnuchin Clicks his Mouse just like that Oil pops $3-4 a barrel.

    A click here and – Poof $7 Trillion NEW US Federal Reserve NOTES come into Existence.
    How much fun is clicking TRILLIONS of FRN’s into existence – click click click.

    -“oh look a new fighter jet that Can’t Dogfight and it is ONLY $20Billion dollars a piece- “I’ll take 100, nah make that 200, yo Steve-O click that fuggin mouse some more, these things look fantastic!”

    Got Gold & Silver ? its the old, new, old money – gonna be needing some soonly, unless U like Ure money P.O.T.A. (Printed Out of Thin Air)

    • I couldn’t resist… ’cause it was staring me in the face :-)

      P.O.T.A.T.O (Printed Outta Thin Air Then Obsolete)

  6. The consolidation was underway pre-1871.

    Before Jackson one could just live out on the range unencumbered, free. (Standard disclaimers).

    After Jackson one still lived out on the range but the range was now U.S. property. Eventually one would need documentation to live where the range once was.

    I shopped Walmart and noticed most of the consumer goods were gone. Bed sheets, towels, small appliances, pots and pans – mostly gone. In the small appliance aisle there were three microwaves. The rest of the aisle was clear of goods.

    Walmart was offering premade/prepackaged American Wagyu beef patties ($4.99/LB). I bought in. They were also offering prepackaged rib-eyes for $12.99/LB. If the patties are good I’ll try the rib-eyes.

    • “Walmart was offering premade/prepackaged American Wagyu beef patties ($4.99/LB).”

      That’s an excellent deal. I consumed my last patty ($14.99/LB big city prices ;-() this morning for breakfast. Was worth every bite of same on account of the taste!!

      • Here in Texas H.E.B. brisket is showing up on social media costing well beyond the lowly C-note – $16 to $19+/lb. When ranchers start getting some of that at the auction I’ll start selling our beef. Till then we might as well get in line at one of the private packing houses to slaughter one or our own grass-fed bulls for our own use.

      • “Here in Texas H.E.B. brisket is showing up on social media costing well beyond the lowly C-note – ”

        Bill.. My daughter was going to pick up a rib roast for a meal for a special occasion.. just before this all happened the price was between 40 and 55.00.
        She called me to say that the same roast was 250.00 ..
        There wasnt any hamburger or pork.. they did have some chicken..

  7. If you can open Wall Mart and Target, you can open up everything else. Corniavirus is never going away in my opinion, despite what we try. Here in Nevada we are in phase one, no one knows when phase two or three will happen here. Sisolack doesn’t seem to be in any hurry, with 500,000 people unemployed in Nevada, give or take. End of rant.

  8. Dems must be freaking out about old Joe…looks like Obama is running against Trump if anyone is noticing the sparring going on.

    • Good observation! Why don’t we run “AI” for president instead of clowns? People are not ready for it? I’d prefer a supercomputer.

      And to think of it, there are a few really smart folks within the USA, it shudders me to reflect on when we discuss our present selections.

  9. real good stuff yesterday by da boyz running wall street wet market .all the online platforms crashed in da morning .. so there was no temptation to sell for all the online guru investors at home on long holidays to sell any loss making trash .. oops stocks

  10. all 50 states require kids to be vaccinated to attend public school. adults may not be forced to get vaccinated, but i can see a card/ID being granted to people who are. then maybe you need to produce your vaccine/ID card to work, or travel on public transportation, air travel, etc. forced compliance.

    • All 50 states APPEAR to require vaccination to attend public school. Upon inspecting the fine print, there are generally ways to avoid such vaccinations, and even if there were not, attending public school is not required – or even the best option in many cases. The same is true for birthing(or dying) in hospitals.

      Money goes where it’s best treated, and so can people!

  11. GU … “It’s like walking into the primate house at the zoo and making fun of the monkeys. Then realizing they live in harmony with nature, don’t have taxes, get laid as often as we do, and don’t go in hock to Banksters and seldom sacrifice their young to war. Who should be locked up??? Them?”

    Brilliant analogy sir and one of your best ever.

    A smart fellow could write a book just on this by comparing and contrasting … maybe too close to the truth though and would upset the professional … minders.

  12. GU, if you continue like this you’ll have an excellent chance of dying prematurely from “Grieve” and all yours prepping will have been for the birds. ;-( Be well, and stay cool if possible.

  13. The real question is: Are NDE’s (Near Death Experience) up since this PANDEMIC started.

    If you had a NDE, & usually, when you have a NDE, you are offered 2 paths, one into the darkness & one into the light, which one would you take, the darkness or light? Most NDE’s take the light. But John Lear & Whitley Streiber say take the dark, the white light is a trick.

    Which would you take? I have the answer by the way.

      • 97% of NDE’s speak of the light positively. As such, it would make sense to select the White Light. Also, Jesus is portrayed as the Light. The white light selection is from Albert Taylor author of “Soul Traveler – A Guide to Out of Body Experiences & the World Beyond”. This discussion was on Art Bell years ago. Art was concerned since he trusted Lear & Schrieber but wasn’t convinced. After talking to Albert Taylor, Art was going White Light.

      • Any color light – blue, white, warm off white all leads to the Recycling Center – and what goes on in there is soo bad – Imagine the Power/Energy needed to wipe a “Human Computer”
        NONE of US all can even REMEMBER any of it. But there is something there niggling at the back of Ure mind..

        Family, friends, lost ones, pets – its all down the tunnel in that light.

        Ever heard of the Monkey King? Look what happened to that fool after he got OFF the Wheel of Life..

      • Although most of the NDE’s may choose the white light, they return instead of finishing the journey, so they don’t really know the full consequences of their choice. I have no firm opinion on the matter, but I tend to believe that the white light tunnel returns a person to the karmic wheel, which is a religion in the afterlife. Like all religions, it’s full of rules, mainly dealing with the need to return to earth to make amends for previous transgressions. Of course, being TOTALLY ignorant once we’re back down the chute, we continue to make more mistakes, for which we’ll need another round. It appears to me to be just another institution of control, possibly created by beings who get their jollies and energy from the suffering of mankind on earth, sort of like the elite feasting on adrenochrome. Unfortunately, I have no idea of what the alternative choice may be, perhaps because those who take it don’t return to tell the tale. I would like to think it’s a final escape from the zoo, and those who’ve managed to do it are now happily pursuing adventures in other dimensions. It could be that John Lear and Whitley Streiber are correct.

    • I going with the one ,whom is holding my hand as I pass through the valley of the shadow of death. It’s really that simple

      • Or is it that simple. What if no one is there to hold your hand. Then what do you do. Give up! No, you would proceed to the dark void passage or the bright light passage. Nothing is as it seems. You have to read between the lines. You are assuming you have been chosen. Jesus wants you to make the decision. What path did you take in life?

      • Amen Dave.
        NC what are you implying? Jesus abandons us at the point of death? He had us make our choice before our death. “There is no condemnation in Christ.” So being that HE is the light, we would naturally approach the light. Not sure what you are aiming at. Blessings

  14. I don’t get Fox News. Neil Cavuto is pleading with people to not take hydroxichlorine and saying it will kill you and Jean Pirro is saying “Take It, Take it, Take it. I said on this message board three and a half years go that I thought that (metaphorically speaking) Trump supporters will be on the bad end of a judgement day event before his presidency is over. Well, hydroxichlorine prescriptions are up…Will people follow Trump, Pirro, Hannity and Limbaugh into the lowest rung caste abyss? Think the bottom of Dante’s Inferno.

    The Lincoln projects latest ad is a clsssic by the way. These Republicans get it. The rest of you…meh. I feel sorry for you.

    • Ever since 1910 and the Flexner Report financed by Rockefeller, et al, the medical guild has claimed tyrannical power over each individual’s health. Just like the press is free to those who have one, control of one’s own health(a God given right) is only available to those with access to the tools and knowledge required to do so. The entire prescription system is designed to create top down control of (most) people’s health status. Only by serious study and the confidence in one’s own self can an individual maintain and optimize his own health. Most MD’s and other licensed “professionals” are terrified of their licensing boards and their potential actions. A license is just that – a privilege given in exchange for a right. Freedom of thought and action to the maximum extent possible consistent with others’ equal freedoms is the claimed tenet upon which our country was founded. We can only maintain this worldview by living it!

      If I choose to use Chloroquine(or most other substances), it’s my business. It’s of no danger at all to the greater community. My risk and my choice. There are many things that inhibit this virus, though there’s no effective vaccine to any of the coronaviruses. The entire vaccine industry is corrupt to the core. It’s essentially immunized from product liability legally in a way that no other product is. Even a can opener is subject to real product liability, and nobody’s forced to use one under color of law.

    • Mark, here, let me help you, so everyone can see the Lincoln project anti TRUMP blab blab blab.
      George T Conway III stated this crap project and Cavuto has been an anti Trumper for a long time and has a difficult future ahead
      Warning: anti Trump verbage garbage

      the HCQ has a long history of SAFE use on humans, it just has not had the studies for use to treat Covid-1 and HCQ patents have expired, it has been around that long,
      Cavuto is SCARED of us learning the TRUTH, but he cannot stop the Great Awakening

      so to answer your question,,YES people will follow Trump’s leading by example, but it does not lead to Dante’s inferno,,that is just your opinion

      How much does the drug adrenochrome cost? I mean in $,to buy, and in human children lives, sacrificed to get it. This is the true story that will determine humanity’s future.

      U.S. Attorney Huber
      The label “child pornography” fails to capture the true essence of the crime. Even one image of this violence would evoke tears, nausea or anger from a parent, grandparent or any human being.
      Huber: Childhood should be free from sexual exploitation
      Child exploitation cases merit federal prosecution. My office files dozens of child exploitation cases every year. Each year, the ages of the children in the images get younger, and an
      1:05 PM · May 18, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

      • Wow…Other Brother Darrel…You and the other Sheeples are being led to the cliff. Good luck with that. Stupid is and stupid does. There’s another type of judgement bday coming. Switch over now or forever hold the shame of supporting Trump.

    • These drugs were useless and they knew it,Utah went all out with them only to find out that in 10% of the cases the drugs had worse effects then the virus, so now they are fighting the effects left from the drugs that had little to no effects on the virus,

      The country reminds of the movie animal farm where all animals are declared equal with the exception, that some animals are more equal than others.And now I see the congress is looking at things like the junk planes that Boeing was producing,stock buyback,etc that they should have looked at a few years back, except they were filling their pockets with money from these same culprits that they claim that they are looking at.I’m guess they are looking for some more money as this is going no where.!!!

      • “bluedogg on May 19, 2020 at 12:35
        These drugs were useless and they knew it,Utah went all out with them only to find out that in 10% of the cases the drugs had worse effects then the virus, so now they are fighting the effects left from the drugs that had little to no effects on the virus,”

        OK dogg, show us the proof of which you speak
        why are you so against something that heips and is proven safe for humans, over 40 years
        check what these Drs say

      • Chloroquine and derivatives have little effect in advanced cases of COVID-19, IF blood oxygenation is seriously inadequate and of course, acidotic. As a prophylactic and early treatment, these drugs are quite useful, and that’s well known. There are a few real blinded studies – mostly in China. Obivously, it’s hard to do blinded studies under crisis conditions, but there’s lots of other evidence to show that this well understood class of drugs is potentially indicated in many people. The role of this virus in coagulation anomalies is under appreciated! The chloraquines along with zinc and vitamins C and D definitely have a role in reducing the infectivity of the virus to hematocytes. In turn, that can reduce the probability of a critical viral load infecting distal organs.

      • Because according to the scientist it fails to work, as the article over on MoonofAlabama lays out in detail, which list the reasons from again by the scientist as why these drugs are useless on the virus…read it….Perhaps some are pushing it for financial reasons, as they did during the anthrax scare during the run up to the war in Iraq, where millions upon millions were handed out to a select few for the vaccine which caused what became known as the Gulf Syndrome, and the stock pile of the vaccine was useless!!!

      • dogg is to lazy to post a link to his LEFTist moonofalabama, but here is a rating of them
        Home » Moon of Alabama
        Moon of Alabama
        Has this Media Source failed a fact check?LET US KNOW HERE.

        Mixed Factual Reporting – Not always Credible
        Moon of Alabama – Left BiasedLEFT BIAS
        These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See all Left Bias sources.

        Overall, we rate Moon of Alabama Left Biased based on story selection and word choices that consistently favor progressives and Mixed factually due to anonymity associated with who runs the site. Otherwise, Moon of Alabama is well sourced to credible/factual information.

        this is the source

      • “Perhaps some are pushing it for financial reasons”
        You’re half right. Follow the money! However, it’s the vaccines and new drugs that are being pushed for financial reasons, not hydroxychloroquine, for which there’s very little money for anyone because it’s dirt cheap and not under patent. As for its efficacy, would you rather believe scientists whose results are frequently tainted by the need to bend to their funders’ agendas or REAL doctors who have used the remedy on REAL patients and thus been able to report REAL results? Thousands of doctors have cured thousands of patients through the correct use of hydroxycholoquine. How many patients have the pencil-pushing scientists even seen?

    • Why U feel sorry Markey mark?

      Oh thats right – Ure feeling sorry cause TRUMP keeps WINNING and WINNING BIGGLY!

      He has not lost a single thing, not one battle, EVERYTHING he has claimed – has or IS coming true – including HCQ.

      U keep falling for the bait Every time, always parroting the FAKE, Lamestream media.

      Looking forward to reading about Ure head popping off when the HildeBeast & her cartel partners are brought before a Military Court later this year..

      Can U say Justice – Not Just Us, but JUST ICE.

  15. George what they have is a party of convenience,they poll their district constantly if their district become more of them then the party of me then they simply jump the fence and become one of them.As the young congressman who was elected under the Contract With the People said, after he had introduced a piece of legislation that he felt he was someone special when he was approached by one of the old dogs, who said son that piece of legislation of yours is going no-where, never put your hand in my pocket, And that’s the way the system works,and that’s why voting is a waste of time.!!!

  16. Great article George. The President needs to get back on the road giving speeches where he can obtain by osmosis the beliefs and energy of the people that voted for him and not the dimwit “Scientists” like Fauci that have given him bad advice re: destroying millions of businesses, farms, ranches, restaurants/bars, and shutting our economy down in an election year for a death toll less than an annual Flu rate and damn sure less than cancer deaths annually. Here in Texas where the economy is opening fast, death rates are falling like a rock. An esteemed epidemiologist from Rockefeller U of all places said it would have been over if we hadn’t gone through this Social Distancing Circus. FEAR FEAR FEAR. Want to get people to quit letting their dogs crap in your yard, play to their fear…Put up a sign, “BEWARE OF RATTLESNAKES”.

    You can’t argue with Stupid….and you damn sure can’t fix it. They have fed the boogey man to an uneducated population that believes that box called a cell phone has the answers to all. BS!!

    The President has survived the numerous attempts to get him out of office, but he is getting ready to blow it by continuing to talk about using the Military to administer vaccines like he did last week on Maria Bartiromo’s interview. OPERATION WARP SPEED he called it to get the Military ready to administer shots to us! Are you f*cking kidding me Mr. President? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!!! You can count me out for a vote or 1 dime more, and you can also count out the votes from millions of other people that voted for you the first time around if you even try to implement such a preposterous scheme.

    If you even think that all the propaganda on TV is going to change everyone’s thinking to make us run like sheep to let the Military or Anyone else stick us with some vaccine that might make us sick, or kill us because it was released too soon before adequate testing, or have a nano-chip in it, or is a DNA modifying genome, or even comes from China like you said you would use, you have either flipped out or flipped over to the dark side.

    Flu Shots? If they really worked to defeat Coronavirus, i.e. the flu, they wouldn’t push a new one every year after the fact when it is already mutating to a newer version. Get a Polio shot and Smallpox shot one time…maybe a booster, and it’s good for life. Same with Pneumonia. But the Flu, aka Coronavirus,? Come on now. The medical establishment wants you to line up again next year and ring the cash register. The value of flu vaccines is highly questionable especially for those over 50 as discussed on Wikipedia: Influenza vaccine.

    The only time I took a flu shot, I got the flu. I haven’t had a flu shot in 25 years since and I have never had the flu since then. As far as I am concerned, the whole f…ing planet can die off before you mandate that last and most sacred Bill of Right-MY BODY- gets forced to take a vaccine administered by the military or anyone else against my will, or that I can’t travel or go to ball games, or shopping, or eating out or any other crap y’all have planned that we can’t do without some type of identifier that we took the vaccine.

    Not an overly religious type, but I believe those identifiers would meet the definition of the Biblical Mark of the Beast. “Unless you get the mark, you will not be able to buy or sell” Revelation 13 v16-17, “do not take it or you will incur the wrath of God and burn with fire and brimstone” Revelation 14 v9-10. Just in case John was right in his writing of Revelations, I am not taking any identifier. And f*ck social distancing and the con artist SOBs that are trying to push it down our throats. That little box everyone carries and cannot drive to Grandmas without their GPS turned on is the ultimate tracking tool. It helps remove the last of our privacy and rights. Facebook and Google and Microsoft already do it knowing who you talk to, where you go, what you like, what you think, etc.

    We have had enough freedoms taken from us since 9/11. They have a way of framing a Screw Job by naming it something caring: The Patriot Act, and now the Cares Act. BS…Secret courts without legal representation, and now the military administering shots! No! Hell No!!

    • West Texas, 1st Trump knows the sheeple want a vaccine, so he does not trust Bill Gate and George Soros etal to produce a safe vaccine, so he set up a group to make a safe vaccine that they can control the safety. 2nd, he said it was for those who wanted the vaccine, not everyone will want it,, you and I don’t want the shots, but there are many, who have a mental need for security from the virus, and he realizes the need to appease the sleeping masses, to get America going again
      Vaccines are like news papers, are they truthful or are they slipping lies in, mixed with the truth to poison you,,it all depends on who is making the vaccine, or writing the so called news

    • Well, Horsie, there’s a fairly substantial mountain of ashes and teeth that used to be people over in China. Europe didn’t fair so well either and now Russia. Based on that and the political gamesmanship that goes on in D.C., even if the virus was here months before the shut down, what was to be done based on that information at the time? Anyone can “armchair quarterback” in retrospect.

      Heck, I have no doubt I had the virus and it was the weirdest flu I’ve ever had – symptoms I’ve never associated with the flu presented themselves but I got over it – and primarily because we AREN’T China and Europe. We have different living conditions here except for where the virus has found similar environments. It’s no surprise that it’s run amok in our high population areas and will continue to do so until the “herd immunity” takes hold but who has the political fortitude to simply let it run rampant and let the chips fall where they may? Dim-o-crats would love that, wouldn’t they?

      The truth of all the interaction with Fauci will come out and people are, now, generally wary of anything he has to say because he stinks of profit motive and elitism. If our President is taking Hydroxy, Zinc and antibiotics it’s the best “in-your-face-Fauci” he could possibly say right now given the “politics for profit” Fauci and his ilk are perpetuating. Our nation’s capitol is a losing proposition if you’re expecting anything out of it that resembles intelligence and Trump is fighting a losing battle for that reason – primarily. Watching the D’s and their antics tells me one thing – that JFK, RFK and King were assassinated by our government because we won’t take care of this travesty that is the Democrats and the RINOs when we have the Second Amendment.

  17. This is the perfect time for the US to take back it’s supply chains from China, manufacturing our own critical needs should be a top priority. Low cost loans to help business and workers retool and retrain is the only path. We should also focus in creating products with longer life spans and designed to b e easier to recycle when done. There are huge mines of resources to be tapped they are called dumps. For 100 years or more many resources have been thrown away and need to be mined out, figure out how to extract energy from old plastic, tires, etc. The throw away economy needs to be thrown away while working on practical solutions.

    • “This is the perfect time for the US to take back it’s supply chains from China, manufacturing our own critical needs should be a top priority. ”

      Boy am I on the same page your on… the scary part is I read a report a couple years ago that basically said it would take five to ten years to retool America and over a trillion dollars. Not even considering the training

    • There is nothing in the supply chain for feedback for the producers to create a longer lasting widget. Marketing has ruined the ability for people to tell a longer lasting product and choose that over a lower cost product. Higher cost is not synonymous with longevity. What data do we have to distinguish a 50 year fan, vs a 5 year fan? Until there is some cost to the product to take care of its full lifecycle, I cannot see how this will change.

      Maybe a process that all product is returned to the manufacturer for disposal. If I create and sell something that is not designed to be fully consumed, I need to be responsible for all future disposal costs for all parts of that product when used as directed. If I manufacture 5Billion plastic bottles per year, I take on the requirement of recycling that same number. If I manufacture gasoline, I need to be responsible for removing from the environment as many particulates that occurs when that product is consumed?

      I recently replaced a ceiling fan in my bedroom, cause the motor was failing making a terrible motor noise. I should be able to contact the manufacturer and they be responsible for recovering the fan and recycling at their own cost. That cost should be built into the product lifecycle. How else do we get to manufactures having some skin in this game. Relying on the consumer to figure out how to recycle will never work. Make a cheap ass motor, fine be responsible for all repair or recovery and disposal costs.

      • A simple rule change could fix that. Every device must have a parts manual and schematic. If there’s code, it must be provided as source and object. Parts must be sourced – at least as of the time of manufacture.

        Even if the average “consumer” can’t understand it, plenty of people will and will be able to repair these things.

      • JoeDish on May 19, 2020 at 12:24 – The big problem with all the cheap junk that wears out too soon is in the little sticker on the product that reads, “NO USER SERVICABLE PARTS INSIDE.” Otherwise the problem would have a solution.

      • “What data do we have to distinguish a 50 year fan, vs a 5 year fan?”

        Joe..when I shop for a fan the name on it doesn’t mean squat.. what I look for is.. a motor with ball bearings and a grease zert..
        For a hand tool..the words chrome vanadium..

  18. George,
    -No need to go all tinfoil hat paranoid again on the Gestapo state. If Trump [redacted, political trolling – g]
    -Also, you guys have definitely lost your sense of humor. Pelosi calling him Obese Trump was very funny. [redacted, political trolling – g]. Best, Mike.

  19. George
    PubMed is suppressing this search now, but yesterday it was up. Glad I copied it.
    Here is from 2005 the original SARS. Fauci was head of NIH then too. Wonder how he forgot. Anyway the answer is simpte. POTUS has waitstaff who have it, so he is taking it.
    Pelosi, Cavuto, etc, really, Really, DON’T want him to take it.
    If it is as dangerous as they say, why don’t they want him to take it?
    They should be Encouraging him to take it, right?

    From (Sorry, it seems to have been taken down.)

    Virol J
    . 2005 Aug 22;2:69. doi: 10.1186/1743-422X-2-69.
    Chloroquine Is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread
    Martin J Vincent 1, Eric Bergeron, Suzanne Benjannet, Bobbie R Erickson, Pierre E Rollin, Thomas G Ksiazek, Nabil G Seidah, Stuart T Nichol
    Affiliations expand
    PMID: 16115318 PMCID: PMC1232869 DOI: 10.1186/1743-422X-2-69

    Free PMC article


    Background: Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (SARS-CoV). No effective prophylactic or post-exposure therapy is currently available.

    Results: We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage. In addition to the well-known functions of chloroquine such as elevations of endosomal pH, the drug appears to interfere with terminal glycosylation of the cellular receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. This may negatively influence the virus-receptor binding and abrogate the infection, with further ramifications by the elevation of vesicular pH, resulting in the inhibition of infection and spread of SARS CoV at clinically admissible concentrations.

    Conclusion: Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.

  20. George,

    I’ve been talking to friends and family over the last several weeks and just now I was reading some of the comments here (Mark). One thing that’s clear to me is that most people get their information from only one or two sources. To them those sources are THE source and everything else is wrong somehow. People who watch CNN type programs assume that the other camp only watches Fox and vice versa and they both assume that the other camp is less informed than they are. What never occurs to them is that not only are they right about the other camp being misinformed they’re also wrong in assuming that they’re informed. They are completely misinformed in every way.

    Then there’s the rest of us that know both outlets and all of their derivatives are complete and utter bullsh*t. Here’s the other thing…people don’t realize that they don’t chose their respective outlet to be ‘informed’, but rather they chose it to be ‘affirmed’. People don’t want information, they want affirmation and those outlets are happy to give it to them.

    Just like any group that requires people to be true believers, there’s no room for dissent or free thinking. You’ll get kicked out of the club and labeled a heretic. Losing standing in one’s peer group for not towing the party line is terrifying to most people. They’d rather stay sound asleep and safe.

    I’ve attempted to wake up some of my sleepwalking friends and family, but I’ve finally decided that it’s a waste of my time. If people wanna’ believe TV is real and politicians can solve all the problems that they created, go for it. I’ve told a few folks that it’s better to take the red pill now while it’s still a pill. Pretty soon it’s gonna be a suppository.

    So, f*ck it. Nobody gets out alive, anyway.

    • Yo G, Old saying where I used to work ” In God we trust, all other we monitor.” This definitely applies to the circus we call the media. Take it all with a grain of salt, even though, the truth is out there, just have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    • “I’ve attempted to wake up some of my sleepwalking friends and family, but I’ve finally decided that it’s a waste of my time.”

      Amen, MAJ13. I feel the same way. I’ve long kept my opinions and survival strategies to myself, except for a very few close friends and family whom I know have open minds about all this. I have all the skill, technology, and knowledge to survive the virus. Surviving the government and populace response is another matter.

      • Hank,

        I’m solidly convinced that if there ever were a real threat or emergency in this country, 95% of the population would immediately run out into the streets and die within 5 minutes. The biggest danger to all of us is us.

    • @MAJ

      “So, f*ck it. Nobody gets out alive, anyway.”

      But with a little luck and a prayer, we get to chose the way we exit….I chose not to be on my knees….and not with empty hands…and when done…. I will ‘Let God sort them out’…

      good luck to you

      Semper Fi

    • “I’ve told a few folks that it’s better to take the red pill now while it’s still a pill. Pretty soon it’s gonna be a suppository.”

      GREAT line!!!!! I passed it on to friends (attributing it to a blog commenter) and they all thought it was hilarious. Thanks much for today’s humor!

  21. George
    I went back and looked and this one is still there too, but not suppressed

    Hydroxychloroquine as an Aerosol Might Markedly Reduce and Even Prevent Severe Clinical Symptoms After SARS-CoV-2 I…

    Here is another from
    Why are they not talking about this.
    Why is the MSM suppressing it.
    Who is paying off who?

    Interesting thought, a nasal spray could fix all of this.

  22. Humans will have to step aside for the new humanoids.
    They won’t harbor any disease,
    and will obey any command without question.
    A perfect fighting machine with the strength of 2 men,on guard 24/7.
    The Central Command Proletariat will consist of token
    genetically modified human cyborgs. The lustful pleasures of the Overlords will be satisfied thru the synthetic flesh of the selectively cloned models of beauty.
    Speaking of the Overlords, they have been here since Creation and have been cloaked from our awareness. The humans who served their desires have no redeeming qualities that the Overlords would consider unique.
    Humanity is considered disposable to them now since they have surrendered their God given powers to greed,lust,and isolation from the love of one another. The power of truth shared through the human contact of like minds and hearts
    bound in common resolve has been defeated. Their Creator has withdrawn his Presence and gathered unto himself a remnant and they departed before the transformation. They now reside beyond…
    This hellhole.

  23. IF forced vaccination IS not YOUR …’LINE IN THE SAND’..then you ain’t got one and will be a happy slave….

    also….Would YOU defend yourself and your family against ANYONE that wants to administer a ‘cure’……deemed mandatory by any government……

    and by DEFEND …I am not suggesting using a lawyer…

    UNLESS S & W has sent them…..the ONLY thing left standing in the Bill of Rights is the 2nd….which is under attack and ignored every day

    So….when you are required ..soon. to accept a ‘shot’….will YOUR the same…with a retort..

    just asking

    Semper Fi


    Total cases: 641 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 78
    Honolulu County: 415
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 117†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 82‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 578§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 19, 2020

    One new case on the Big Island of Hawaii County. We’re still festering.

  25. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Thank you for spreading such sharp wit in a dull world. “Public service is my motto” said Scarface at one point in his career. Ironically, he had just watched the silent movie version of the then newly released “Voices in the City” when he was arrested in the Stanley Theatre lobby on May 16, 1929 without warrant in the City of Brotherly Love.

    As far as I know, “Belt & Road News” is a CCP state outfit so one imagines this headline may purge: “Beijing Plans a ‘New Era’, Bins Xi’s ‘China Dream’ “.

    I stopped in for a pc refresh at my favourite premises Tuesday afternoon just re-opened from lockdown. Receipt in hand I set out to complete other errands. Once returned home I saw from the clock it was 17:47. I look at my pc receipt for the first time, it shows time of sale 17:47 and an approval code from the bank 174716.

  26. another night of the brown fudge spreader !!! here we go !!! Jerome selling caddies and buicks right out the front of the sewer centre on fall street .. he will throw in 10 iphones or a brand new tesla to every lucky sarker .. he is makin America great again .. apple pie baby

  27. It’s my understanding there’s supreme court precedent for forced vaccinations.

    “…pointing to the Supreme Court case in Jacobson v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts as the guide. In that case, the plaintiffs argued that mandatory vaccination laws were unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious, and violated their constitutional rights, but the high court rejected that stance. The ruling upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws, finding that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state.”

    Source –

  28. “Donald Trump has announced he’s taking that anti-malarial pill – as an in-case…(or is it more???)”

    I’d guess he got a copy of the unaltered early Chinese data, which reported people ALREADY ON hydroxychloroquine were nearly immune to CV-19 despite concentrated exposure, and that the few percent who contracted the virus had very mild bouts.

    An aside: I wonder if there’s a prophylactic benefit to PQQ…???

  29. “Nasty Pelosi goes political (in lieu of medical) noticing Trump is “morbidly obese.””

    So’s Schwarzenegger, in fact, when he was in “show trim” and at less-than 3% body fat, Aahnold was still considered morbidly obese, according to the NIH “standardized tables…”

    One way Nancy Pelousy and I are alike: Neither of us knows what The Donald looks like in his skivvies.

    One way Nancy Pelousy and I are different: I have no desire to know.

  30. “Jamie Dimon may have spent too much time apart. Since he’s now calling for a “dramatically more inclusive economy”.”

    When a “money guy” makes a sweeping sociopolitical statement, I assume (almost always correctly) he’s found a way to monetize his “advocacy…”

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