“How to Live on $10,000 a Year, Or Less” Ch. 2

Just couldn’t stop writing or working, after all. Workaholic?  Yah think?  After stepping out of a short trade, a bit early Friday, though taking profits is never a bad thing, I continued working on the update to my book “How to Live on $10,000 a Year, Or Less.”

Pertinent chapter because we talk about economic cycles but not a single math formula. We look at the cyclical nature of Depressions.  And seek understanding of how the various business cycles form a big clockwork.

Which “worked a lot of people over” this week.  In the ChartPack, we’ll tell you how the market is calling the SuperBowl next weekend.

First though, a few headlines and then the ChartPack which continues to deliver very sinister news…

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27 thoughts on ““How to Live on $10,000 a Year, Or Less” Ch. 2”

  1. Hey Chief,

    Great call on market action yesterday- thank you!

    – coot built in a large SPY Put position (Feb 350’s) short duration Expire 2/3/21 (@ a cost of .73 per) ..”going down?”
    – cause U questioned coots manhood, those bad boyz r steel, chromed and harder than diamond.

    Went long some GME for jr coot – sympathetic to the blight of the common coot – going try and F*@! wallstreet -hedgies as hard as possible – we got Ure street “Just Us” .
    AG – 22% of float is Short – shooting ducks in a barrel..quackquackquack quack!

    – military is in charge – laughing so hard at the blank EO’s creepy was signing – completely blank – arrests? videos are surfacing from DC..vans, buses, federal marshals..something is going on behind the scenes..

    Deeep rabbits.. – a lil “red’ bird told me a tale about CCP being on verge of collapse, driven by Xi.
    w/ ROC & US forces prepped for occupation of mainland China. Now whose brother just got his 4th star and is charge of forces in SE Asia?

    Can not comment on Pizza recipes – Philly/NYC pizza snob – unfortunately most of the USA has no idea what a good pie is, let alone tastes like, like I said, snob.

    Been all over this once great country, deep south – no clue, big sky country -no clue, south west – no clue, mid west – no clue. If you were not trained, raised around Philly/NYC Italian communities forget it..these people actually put mayonaise on their Hoagies – one of the WORST Violations ever perpetrated on a Hoagie/Sub- and they are gonna tell a “gumba” what constitutes a good pie – like the blind guys trying to describe an elephant, based on their interpretation of the part they were holding. Appreciate the efforts though – and the above refernced dough recipe is light years ahead of Delporno pie.
    Regulate Ure mind and cultivate virtue -peace.

    • Yo Coot,

      On June 13, at a top-secret government laboratory, “called Project Blue”
      the superflu, which kills 99.4% of the world’s population in two weeks.

      Don’t forget we had the Data with Steven King andy Stand free man.

      And I seen them digets show up quite a bit last few days. 6/13. And didn’t know what the hell it meant and I keept that Blue is not your color and kept thinking I should win the powerball because it’s red. And mega is Blue, and we had all that talk a while back about the King and all them recent references to the King of England etc. Etc and how the CDC said It was not possible for me to catch the rona annnnnnnddddddddddd

      The vaccine roll out annndddddd how it just feels and smells like a massive bunch of horse shit!

      Like we are going from squirl to the next squirl in a wide sweeping Attention Deficit Disorder moment after moment of distraction. I mean it is so rediculous because humans have the attention span of a Nat!

      So we go virus, racism, virus, Elections, virus, economy virus kinda dance where we are twirling so fast nobody notices that if ya keep everyone home when they all die? Its alot easier to clean up the mess. If ya everyone out running around shopping and shit and living a normal life? There will be dead bodys everywhere.

      And that word the Stand? I been hearing that every where I fng go and them numbers 06 and 13? I seen them so much im think what the F is 6 and 13! I even had a number sicker stick to my leg the other day. I threw it in the garbage, took out the trash and it ended up stuck to my fricken coat. How it got back on there? Idk.

      Lmk see here.
      Stand, King, 6, 13, and blue aint my color. Rocky Mountain references, Colorado, and Viva Los Vegas and gambling references. The Cdc says andy! You can’t get the rona. It’s impossible for you to catch it. Have a good day.
      And everyone is breathing massive quantities of CO2 wearing masks by breathing in their own exhale. Which the oracles of Delphi sucked on the engine of mother earths exhaust. That is how they all got clairvoyant. Shit I had 51% CO2 at the artery when I gassed myself in the car and died inn NDE #9 and the doctor said Hoooee Lee Cow! You got 3 times the lethal limit in ya. How the hell are you walking around let alone functioning. I guess that CO2 causes alot of short term memory loss at first because for a year i was like that dude in the movie Momento. I couldn’t remember shit. Now I can’t forget a damn thing. Lol

      Hmmmmmmmmm what all these have in common?

      Stand free man. Hmmmm…

      Anyway. Could be nothing. I hope so, I dont really think bitcoin will help ya if 94% of the population dies. Shit, I dont even think a billion dollars would matter much. Maybe, a good pair of walking shoes, backpack a and a nice watch and nice pair of sunglasses.

      I been around for year meeting all kinds of people. Tons of people . All gifted in one way or the other.

      Cue, Good old Boys
      Waylon Jennings.

      Straightenin’ the curve
      Flate’nin’ the hills
      Someday the mountain might get ‘ex
      But the law never will.

      No mention of coot tho.

      Flip a quarter. Could be all one massive bull shit distraction. Seems like it’s all one big fugazzie. There has to me more to this than meets the eyes. Always is.

      As always. I will never share again. Im never coming back and uhmmm oh yeah

      Infinitely NOW!

  2. Silver is still in the triangle and could collapse into a C at any moment. Yesterday when resistance was reached silver was quickly smashed back down. Another curiosity is silver holders begging Reddit users to save them. Desperation.

  3. I think this is why minimalism is catching on so big. It gives people with low self esteem. the ability to hold on to their “coolness” while being able to lower all of their costs. I’m thinking of starting a new movement called “rollism”, where we buy all of the stuff cheap from the minimalists and sell higher to those who want more crap. Oh wait, that’s called capitalism isn’t it. Oh well.

  4. Feb 8th also beginning of Trump Impeachment trial:

    The Horned Chief Cheerleader of the Wild Trump Supporters thinks he’s an alien…feels let down that Trump won’t pardon him..he’ll participate in impeachment trial as ‘Star’ witness…

    Plotters, Dictators are an old scenario, the Ides of March are coming..

  5. Though currently residing a couple more months in a 4th-tier Midwestern burb; I shall be returning to my homestead up Nort when the winter whiffs into spring. There, I have 3 major gardens, 5 planting-beds, orchard, wood heat, wood cookstove, (cut all my own), walking water and running-outhouse (Cheat in winter, though). Never owned a boobtoob or bought a new piece of furniture. Library of a couple thousand volumes.

    Developing via 44 years of channeling, a new graphic alphabet which transcends the Latin one we use daily into a trans-abstract dimensionality of visualization. Soon to release in very limited private ed as adult coloring book. Also have over 10,000 hours invested in sculpting one of America’s 3 rarest woods, Diamond Willow (aka Wizard Willow) and now have some 200 sculptures readying for marketing.

    Never have had an income exceeding $10K/yr—excepting that my salary in last necktied journo job, from which I got fired for not having the correct color tone to my proboscis, would by dint of 1973-2021 planned inflation, be in the $35-40K zone. My investments have focused on developing talents, which if consciousness is rising out there, should result in reasonable payoffs. Meanwhile, I’ve been having total fun being intuitively creative and doing absolutely my own thing and NOT supporting the beast via the IR$.

  6. Thanx for the response, George. Never thought you’d be doing that yourself, rather leaving it for a staffer. Guess I don’t know enough about you, but have been aware of your efforts for some years. A friend, Al, one of my three fellow major polymath buds up in the Northwoods, suggested your most recent take just this a.m in an e.m. Guess I may become a bit of a regular now on u.s.com.

    My experience with surviving in cities (till the recent temp time-out) was on a psychedelicized Sunday morning visiting friends on Chautauqua Blvd up in Ronnie Raygunner’s old hood back in the Summer of ’70. Was peering outta their huge picture-window overlooking the LA basin and realizing that the brown blanket covering the bowl was the air I’d been breathing over the past few months.

    A couple weeks later and I packed everything into the ’63 Impala and headed back to Manysnowta where it would be possible to pull the trees around my head, thus, ultimately, allowing head, body and spirit to survive what I on that summer morning observed as the urban future.

    As for Rome, were I there in that particular nodal era, most probably I would have been among my Ostrogothic distant relatives. As the wise ones relate, we happen to be spirits and part of the holographic reality of Creator (see Rupert Sheldrake) and experiencing the penultimate of material lifetimes—Material Gurrrls and all.

    Kali-Yuga, Baby. It’s drawing into it’s denouement, as the Age of Pisces ( the original Jesusites used the Fish as their symbol, to signal that dawning age) segues into the Age of Aquarius (cue the Fifth Dimension’s take on the utterly magical version in the 1968 Broadway musical, “Hair”. ) When in LA I did get to take in the Hollywood stage production and cast a favorite belt of brass linkages unto the stage at curtain call.

  7. One of the best books I have ever read. Ha ha. I love that book.

    So at this point in our Trajectory if the game was Texas Hole Dem? Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Apple showed their hands and went all in against the Trump card. Shutting down the Parlor and silencing any opposition even a standing president.

    Now, we seen the recent flex of muscle on the peer to peer milinum network titledd “Reddit” calling the Bluff of Wall Street Power Play, short on Game stop to the tune of a Billion dollar Kitty.

    The politicos move to fence off the Government give away and schmeagal herself Nancy Pelosi screams My Prescious as she lays her cards on the table a straight of clubs. You are either in the club not in the club. And if your not in the club, you get the club.

    Followed by The Power Brokers on WS
    screaming Damn you Kids! Shutting down the platform of RobinHood in the classic 3 card monte move and all the masses screaming “The F?!!!” They can do that?!

    Along with Elon’s Bitcoin bonaza move and a frenzy of purchasing power by the whiley coyotes in there attempt to prompt the Road Runner Fed to speed up the printing presses. As new money shows old money, it’s hand laying on the table. A full boat of crypto keys. And the world screams Buy we are all going to be rich!!!!

    Which all good until that one hacker realized that 256mb encryption aint shit reminiscent of the machine they built to hack the Nazi enigma. But they didn’t tell anyone of course because if ya show your hand too soon? You only get a little pot. If ya wait and sucker them to go all in? Ya have to play these situations smart.

    With all his resources available. You don’t think Elon has a secret crew in some basement understanding that in the world of technology 10 years ago we were all paying $85 for a 256 mb thumb drive and now you can get a 2 Terabyte thumb drive for $56 on Amazon.

    Suck everyone to go all in and then, show your hand last.

    The young bulls are all running down the hill to have sex with that 8 nipple Hindu God. And the old wise money says, dear young bulls. I got to be wise and old money uhem bull by waiting to show my hand until everyone played theirs.

    And by doing so, the Farmer keep me around for a long time.

    So I sit here as a young bull sitting on the hill with an old bull and the Farmer, watching all these people play their hands and scream read em and weep! Look what I can do! You got nothin!!!

    And everyone screams. Damn Kid! Your F’d!

    I’m looking all their cards while
    Im mindfull the farmer is rubbbin his belly and holding a Remington in his other hand, that pistol on his hip, chewing on a piece of wheat grass and I can smell the BBQ accross the yard warming up as he pats me on the head and says good boy, good boy. Then heads down from the mound to the golden corral to rustle up some fresh steaks.

    See ya don’t have to be the smartest animal on the farm. Ya have just have to let everyone else think they are smarter and let them tell ya all about it. Then when they played all their plays? And their hands are out in the open for all to see?

    Then you make your move and ya take the whole casino. The last one to drop their hand on the table? Is the usually the one who takes the whole pot. I learned that a long long time ago.

    And everyone is running around showing their hands. Shit Goerge, Its like Hallelujah night down at the southern Baptist Tent Revival. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Have a good weekend. I’m gonna go see about a thing. Lol

  8. Another depraved saying . The smart already know and the fools won’t listen why bother . Watch the futures collapse tomorrow . The ticker has unfinished business . Perfection from pivot Ackerman missed it . Triple sell gold . USD huge strong about to catapult up

  9. some phrases that have three words and some that have eight words.. LOL LOL

    This morning.. my wife was listening to main stream media News.. and she said with an exasperated tone… Repeat repeat repeat.. that is all they do.. and looked at me with that look like I should guess.. so I said.. Trump did this.. or trump did that… the evil Trump.. he did this… he did that.. and she started to laugh.. and said..
    NOPE not this time.. it is the first news broadcast she had seen in over four years that didn’t have every other statement a negative trump bash LOL LOL she was goading me into guessing because it shocked her so much that they weren’t…. LOL LOL LOL LOL
    I laughed and said oh no honey.. you know what that means….No negative trump bash means the world must be coming to an end… LOL LOL LOL

    • Semantics, Looking, semantics. “Mainstream Media” is THEIR meme. It sounds so nice and Normie hanging with Norma, doesn’t it? No? try “Main$cream Media”. Different ring to it, eh? Not so sweet, cuddly and cozy. Bit of an edge, I think. Here and there it might even goad normies into thinking. Mordor forgive.

      Lot’s of weaponized words out there used Bernaysically by that bunch of norm soothers. Let’s try Baby Bu$h, the $hrub’s “Patriot Act”. As it totally eviscerates the Bill of Rights, should not semantic warriors of the We The People persuasion call it the “Patriot $uppre$$ion Act”. In all objective truth, that is exactly what it is…if to be a patriot, signals adherence to our Bill of Rights rather than the dictates of the United $tate$ of America Corporation (see Act of 1871).

      Being trapped by words—not of our own conscious choosing, but imposed by the Main$cream Media on our unconscious, subconscious minds and duly accepted as politically correct—is how they keep us ensnangled in Plato’s Cave.

      You probably noticed my outre’ employment of the dollar-sign in the place of the letter “S” in various situations. We must always be aware of the fact that in 1913 before passage of the “Federal” Re$erve Act”, that first-class postage was two cents and our money was as sound as a Dollar.

      Take one of those old cartwheel dollars and drop it on a marble counter-top. Has a certain ring to it. That’s where “sound as a dollar” comes from. Simple enough for me to understand…you can tell by the sound.

      Inflation and low-interest rates, promulgated by the “Fed” and savers, losing value via inflated “dollar$”, rush to the $tock market. Herd em all in and pull the plug. P.T. Barnum claimed “there’s one born every minute”. $ucker bait.

      • And I am sitting by the puget sound watching the water trollies go to and fro, a family taking picuters and a Father throwing a football to his son and this son has the biggest smile on his face in the whole wide world. While Listing to my own voice made affirmations at 936 mhz. While sending next to a bush on the beach.

        Your comment actually made me laugh out loud.

        Wonderful synchronicity. Thank you. I been using that symbol in my name waiting for your comment for ohhhhh about 4 months now.

        Yes, we are right on schedule. $-)


  10. “College entrance is nothing more than “rarium/unobtainium” Kabuki. Designed not so much to screen out the 10% of applicants for whom the material is too difficult, but to use the “reverse sale” – while wearing the appropriate gown of holy academia – to make otherwise normal people jump through idiot hoops.”

    AMEN… then outprice it for the rest… so many kids go to college only to discover that in the end they are making as much as the hourly wage earner or less… except for a very few.. the school loans own them and their future. I see it all as a form of control keep.. jobs that use to be OJT are now college grad.. the wages aren’t any different.. but they require the schooling that use to be taught on the job..

    • Personally, I am very most proud of the fact that I dropped out of a history honors degree program at a major midwest programming institution in 1968 with all of 5 credits to go to achieve the status of a lower-level titled Aristocrap.

      • Yes.. I agree. unfortunately I obtained the title of….. SLAVE…….ooops I mean hourly wage earner laborer LOL LOL LOL..

      • Looking: Thanks for your realistic sharing of reality as it is. All too many holders of B.S., More of the Same and Piled Higher and Dryer like to consider themselves as somehow being special because that sheepskin has granted them cachet as being “middle class”.

        Here, “Muddle Class” would be more appropriate, at least by the classical definition of the common understanding. Traditional students of economic relationships full well understood that to be considered middle class meant that your economic status was that of individual freedom. To put it into Marxist terms, it simply meant you OWN your own means of production (or more simply, gaining a living).

        Couple old friends of mine, Jesse and Stanley, often spoke about the “J” word and how they did not want to be permanently installed as a member of the “working class” as you so accurately stated. If you work for someone else on a full-time basis, you are working class. No possible arguments about that one.

        “Finish school and get a good job” is far and away the reality for the vast majority of residents of “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
        Cognitive dissonance is knowing something, but refusing to recognize that knowledge as real, thus falling into the Bernays Matrix, or what the Germans once called “Cloud-Coocoo land”.

        But it is sooo easy to take the easy way out and exist as a Normie.

      • “All too many holders of B.S., More of the Same and Piled Higher and Dryer like to consider themselves as somehow being special”

        I hear ya Stickman… that is exactly what destroyed the last gent.. that we let live in our spare bedroom… he had a wall of degree’s..He was flying high.. then a hurricane, shizty insurance and a fire on a deep water drilling rig destroyed him.. he was black balled for telling the truth when asked.. and left homeless.. it was sad.. He had bought into the illusion that the sheepskins on the wall made him special and he never could get over the loss of that specialty.. still in debt with the college loans.. it was a sad situation.. and he never figured out how to get through the mental challenges that it made..

  11. Comrades,

    It has been a hectic week! The White House schedule this past Friday for the President said as much. The day started with not so early morning meetings, lunch with the V.P., followed by an afternoon at The Walter Reed Medical Center. No public activities were planned for Saturday or Sunday.

    This past week of course was the streamed Davos Agenda gathering to prepare the way for the Great Reset meeting this spring in Asia under the joint leadership of Klaus Schwab and His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

    My understanding is that The United States was represented by Bill Gates, Al Gore, and the ceo of Walmart.

    Here is a link to Monday’s keynote address on what the global agenda will be going forward as delivered by His Excellency, The President of China.


  12. George: Was posting and checking so rapidly this morning that I accidentally hit the “cancel” instead of going back to the commentaries. Perhaps you could graphically alter the “cancel/unsubscribe” option into a separative box or something o that it can be readily discerned and not confused with the reply code.

    Thanks. Good site. I want back.

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