How to Check Your “Social Status”

When comes to being an “urban survivor” there’s often some uncertainty over what one’s social status is.  This week, you have a dandy opportunity to sort that out.

Here’s the ‘sort routine.’

  • If you have the whole week off and there’s no government check involved, congrats.  Top of the heap.  You have worked hard and smart enough to not only be in a position that offers ‘vacation time’ but also have enough seniority to pick out a prime week in the middle of summer.
  • If you have a 3-day work week?  Still doing fine.  You found a company that has some style and panache to it.  They treat their people OK…don’t blow it.
  • Have to work 4- days this week?  Many companies, especially small ones, only give employees a single day off and if you want to take Friday, you need to burn a vacation day.
  • Have to work Monday-Friday with Zero Off?  One of two things is likely:
    • A.  You’re one of the ‘good guys.”  Fire, police, medic, medical, military, intel, ICE agents, and more.  You get the same social creds as the “week-off’ers” around here.
    • You’re one of the ‘bad guys.’  Burglars, especially with big drug habits get to work as soon as they come down.  Which means drug dealing is a no-time-off endeavor, too.  Made more so because someone always wants your action and violence is a sure path to get it.

This may be a bit simplistic, but we ‘call’s ’em like we see’s ’em…’

Giddy:  Up Market

Looking at the early futures, giddiness over paper is the thing to watch today.  Early futures were up over 270 points and the rest of the world was doing well, too.

Thank Donald Trump for this morning’s run:  He met with Kid Korea this weekend and became the first U.S. president to set foot in that ‘worker’s paradise.’  But there was more than that:  Talk about the U.S. and China getting something done on trade is also driving this advance.

Predictably, Democrats slam Trump for meeting with Kim Jong Un.  Which is a hoot: dem’s talk about wanting peace and when Trump meets with one of the major threats to peace, the lefties still aren’t happy.  I wish they’d get their story (and values) straightened-out so they’d make a little more sense to people who don’t take Prozac or vape up before work.

Global Stocks Rise on Trade Truce, but Investors Still Signal Worries.

We hold to that big oval on the calendar pop-up we’ve been talking about on our subscriber side:  Third and fourth weeks of August are generally annual market high country.  After that, the downside looms, but that’s because with the ‘sunshine vitamin-D rush’ people tend to show off their irrationality along with their tans this time of year.

Except with Bitcoin

Which has continued to roll over after busting briefly to the upside.

The most useful site for playing BTC, in our modest opinion, is which does very good work.

If you look at the candle sticks, you can see (under the volume spike!) is what I call the “double doji” which is when you have a long run of bullish action and then you see back to back similar doji’s but the color changes.  Bookmark ’em and see where this goes.

About here, heading for the door makes sense.

There are two ways to look at the BTC’s presently:  One (bearish) was is to figure this is just the completion of the B wave.  If you look at this view (4-year zoom) the right-side of the chart shows an Elliott 1 down from the All-time high, the 2 up (which we could be ending.  If that’s the case, we could be on the cusp of a killer wave-3 down.

Never gonna happen…BTC is going higher!  No Bitcoins for you, Ure!”

I would have been out of Tulips in 1635, too, but to each their own.

The only way this could change is IF BTC went to new all-time highs.  Then, sine the previous ATH was what, 18,000 something?  Then it gets interesting.

Because if BTC is still in a bull market, the count would be Elliot 1 up to the previous all-time high.  Then the 2 down and IF this is a 3 up, then a typical Elliott 3 is 1.5 to 1.8 (and often a Fibonacci 1.61803398875) times the first move., then yes, there’s a case for 29,000 (and maybe a bit over that).

But, we continue to see BTC as one of the riskiest bets out there.  It’s all made up as mega-hype around the idea that computers can make up a “secret number”” and this somehow has value in the digital world.

The distinction between trading “secret numbers” or “tulips” is – from a psychological perspective – just a well-worn (Ecclesiastes ‘no new thing under the sun’) path to getting something for nothing.

I will tell you what’s an interesting thing to observe, though, if you want to look at it:

From our here in the ‘low mental noise interference zone’ it looks a lot like the rises and the “free lunch politicians” is highly correlated to Bitcoin.  So, when we saw the circular firing squad formation of the democrats last week, it would have been a dandy time to sell Bitcoin since the social fever was (just momentarily) breaking.

Reading the headlines for ‘biggest free lunch’ stories and some good, old-fashioned common sense and technical analysis, seems a reasonable starting point to trading cryptos.  Or tulips.


(possibly of interest or definitely of interest)

Where do we sign up? Small marijuana firms could get SBA loans under proposed congressional bill.  If you look closely, you will see ganj is still illegal under FedLaw and it’s yet-another example of how poor our leadership is when they can’t fix the national prohibition but now they want to fund it.  I mean, WTF?

For those cognizant of history, the rhyme we are living out is a letter-perfect replay of the Great Depression lead-in.  Though instead of drug it was booze.  Same template, no question about it.

Roads to War:  Iran Has Passed Enriched Uranium Stockpile Limit, State Media Says.

Russians Are Watching More TV and Reading Fewer Books, Poll Says.  Given ’em a few more years and more social media and they will be as stupid as we are.

Management Notes:  Thoughtful NY Times Business article: Could Ancient Greek Philosophy Help You Work Smarter and Better?.

What Are Your UrbanSurvival Options?

It’s pretty simple, really.  You look at life as a stalker who’s out to kill you.  Then act accordingly.

Take my son, for example:  After a lot of time in emergency medicine as an EMT in Seattle (where he achieved some notoriety as ‘George-the-Uber-driver’ for his “ride menus”) he’s decided that small to mid-sized cities may actually be where America’s future lays.  So now, he’s volunteer fire-fighting and EMT’ing near Wenatchee, WA.  Looking for a medical-related position too, so he can get on with completing his advanced EMT/Paramedic cert.  Also wants his Fireman 1 and 2…he’s doing the wildfire tactics now.

Point is (said dad quite proudly) George II has done his research:  Get some feel for what’s out there in Life and then do what makes the most sense and you find enjoyable.

Accomplishment follows interest.

Semi-rural parts of any state have a much higher “survivability” factor than do cities.  The term infers “staying in the fight with your Life stalkers” after an adverse encounter. More food and water resource after a few days to a week.

I was talking to someone (might have been a subscriber) over the weekend and they were telling me how their best approach UrbanSurvival was to move to the fringe of Urban.  That way, they could ‘jump Urban’ when they had occasion (huge healthcare resources, for example) OR they could ‘jump Rural’ since Big City People (BCP’s) are so crazy and uptight.  You can see it, in social media, if you can just read for “mood swings” and not get sucked into the ‘positions and causes’ they’re selling.

In a short period, your life will change as you see the psychological damage that excess communication and too much ’cause (and emotional) marketing’ as done has wrought on America. 

As I am laying our in my next book (“The 100-year Toaster”) Climate wonks scream about the wrong things.  They should be screaming about advertising and the lack of enduring quality in products set before us by the marketeer’s.  But the Global Corps can’t abide that since that kind of thinking would kill ‘profits’ – which depend on selling us junk.  So, we’re all on the gerbil wheel of life..

To make it plain in practice:  Say something unwanted to someone in the city  and you’re likely to get sued or have a bunch of SJW’s hounding your ass.    Say the same unwelcome thing to a rural resident and not much happens.   They will put you in personal shun list and ‘word gets around’ but without lawyers, monetizing it on Facebook as a new cause group, or making revenue with a viral video about how ‘wronged’ they were.

America’s city people don’t ‘suck it up’ and ‘deal’ with it anymore. Turned into victims with no appetite for excellence by socialist-trained educators.

Real Equality doesn’t mean everyone finishes the race the same.  It just means there’s one starting line.  That’s the extent of equality.  After that?  Work your ass off and pursue excellence.  How hard can these concepts be?  Well, to socialists, they’re not acceptable.  And if they aren’t  acceptable to you personally, maybe a brainwash check is in order.  Core values mean something.  Even in a Web Weakened World.

Notice how the web is failing to evolve consensus and build happiness?  Easy answer and Joe Jones nailed it in 1960:

Hell of it is, the BCP’s take psycho-bending drugs and tell themselves (one-another) they’re alright…those rural people have it wrong!  We differ on that, of course.

It’s a ‘slower pace’ out here; but be definitely more thoughtful.  Rural people are more values based.

I think G II is making a good choice…but his path through like is exclusively his, though parents would like to dump some MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom fertilizer on their children once in a while so we can enjoy the whole IRL movies seeded by our loins…

Holidays – like this week’s – offer a chance to sit back and reflect on personal strategic plans:  “Am I happier and healthier than I was a year ago?”  Take a few days off to think about it and make adjustments as needed to your plans.  It’s the best investment of time you can make, next to falling (and being) in love with someone who won’t screw you over.

Write when you get rich,

56 thoughts on “How to Check Your “Social Status””

  1. The Great Negotiator is now Officially Owned by China – the only question that remains is whether or not Xi wishes for him to serve a 2nd term. Trump needs a deal – China does not. Caved not once but 3 times to get talks re-started. I’m pretty sure the Chinese what little respect they may have had for him is now gone as he has lost face in there culture.

    • Yes! Someone finally gets it. Our D.A.S. POTUS is completely clueless. Everyone with a brain knows that the way to own Trump is to tell him he has nice hair. Then, it’s off to the races and the winner/despot/dictator/and other foreign entities get everything they want.

      Oh, and the TV optics…They also know that Trump likes TV optics…The optics with Kim…what did that actually accomplish for the US? I can assure you that Kim’s propaganda machine is playing that up that the US acquiesced to NK. It was Trump that stepped onto NK territory. It was Trump that begged the meeting. It was Trump that praised the love letter from Kim. As Bugs Bunny would say…What a maroon!

      He plays nice with MBS, Putin, Erdogan, and Xi. Xi, I have no problem with…but the others…are cold blooded killers. Why? Because MBS throws him lavish parties, Putin gives him lavish women and Erdogan lavish gifts. They all know Trump’s vulnerabilities and play it them like a world renowned concert violinist.

      • @Mark’

        I still see your head is stuck in the same dark place it has been since reading your comments. May I suggest some x-lax to help you get it un-stuck

      • Apparently, Marky, you know totally nothing about sales. Closing the deal is what Pres Trump is all about; we’ve NEVER had a PRESIDENT as effective or as smart. Think about it…all you’re doing is miming the Dem propaganda. Give it up, Mark…there’s no audience for your low IQ thinking here, and I’m sure Mr. Ure would agree.
        MAGA-4 more years!

    • All made up garbage. Fake News. Whatever Trump does, he is under fire by you diehard lefties. You say, “Never Trump”, I say about you, “Never the Truth”. Vote Trump & “Keep America Great”.

      Where did this come from, the 20 idiot farm?…I like your hair President Trump, etc. All this has been investigated ad naseum & shown false, but you’s continue moaning.

      • So delusional. Haha. I really feel sorry for all of you that have been sucked into the Idiocy vortex that Trump has created. Get a grip. Trump has no plan, no deal, because he has no brain. He is a trust fund baby with less inflationary self worth today than he was given 40 years ago. He is a loser.

      • @ Mark,

        your name backwards tells it all….

        [moderator Ure redacted rest – violates personal name calling/. Not that it wasn’t funny…but time is too short for distractions like name calling. If we wanted that, the 20-clowns running do more than enough…]

      • Is Trump giving someone a nervous breakdown, Mark? You sound inchorherent like you girlfriend Nancy.

    • “The Great Negotiator is now Officially Owned by China ”


      Clawsey.. ust thought I would mention..we’ve been owned since deregulation…outsourcing jobs..and the systematic dismantling of the American constitution.
      The steady erosion of the American household has destroyed the social and psychological balance of our youth today.
      DJT has been trying to regain some of what has been lost. Jobs, pride , value ..
      Of course the puppeteers have been effective in discrediting him..MSM wont give it a break with how they mimic and degrade anything positive. Our Congress is so bought out they once again won’t do a thing.
      But we do know that we have the best politicians money can buy.. they are bought and sold regularly. They also will more than likely be voted back in for another round of the screw the voters game.

  2. Have to work Monday-Friday with Zero Off?

    There is a third category for this one or perhaps there should be another section for “Have to work Sunday to Saturday with Zero Off”

    You’re one of the guys (or gals) that is building a fledgling start up business that no one but you yet believes in.

    As a retired member of this category I was in some 40 years ago, I remember the days and weeks with no time off for celebration of national events or sometimes even family celebrations. Paying 100% for my families health care. Taking no salary for 2 years while living off my savings. Thankfully I fell in love with someone who didn’t screw me over but supported me through the lean years. Thankfully, we now enjoy a comfortable retirement together.

    Hard for me to accept Obama’s statement in 2012 “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” or the recent 10 Democratic hopefuls raising their hands for free healthcare for all illegal immigrants when many American families can’t afford healthcare or are paying huge costs to have it.

    Happy 4th.

    • That Obama quote is the embodiment of socialism: You may be excellent (by your tax return and such) but WE are gong to take it all. He just left off the second part of his “revelation”. But its the truth, like it, or not…

  3. G – U seem to have assimilated the whole book ‘Extraordinary Popular Delusions and Madness of Crowds’..pity really.

    The US dolllar dayz r numbered, u can bank on it. Our particular fiat system is already past its useful shelf life.
    Imagine the complexities of rebuilding a new financial system..all the different stakeholders..see european black nobility..old spanish banking families..old italian/venetian banking families.

    When the current fiat systems implode under their own weight of decades of unsound monetary policies guess what system will ALREADY be in place..who would want own a piece (s) of that future?
    * Bitcoin will prove to be the Ultimate finanial survival tool in the very near future..

    BTC price action is being driven by derivative traders – the manipulators..1 group thereof.
    As for the “moonshot”, any intelligent trader and or investor who does Not Sell a % of position into “doublebagger” is either nupid or greedy – both of which traits will get a person “blownout” broke.

    Open those eyes – look around world and notice where the greatest uptake in BTC usage is occurring..which countries, why? why not Gold and or Silver..

    MMT or ur system dies..a horrible death..

    T.B.N. is investing in “shares” in the Afterlife of US Dollar demise..

    “no Bitcoin 4 U!”

  4. Congratulations George on you son’s choices. Tis interesting to note, that his decision to get his Fireman 1 & 2 rating, seems to be following in the family Fireman footsteps of his grand father and others. And his choice of city size is very practical. His options are excellent.

    Nice to be a Proud Papa! ;-)

    Roger in Tucson

  5. Donald Trump could stop WW3 and save millions of lives and the dem’s, Never-Trumpers, and press would still complain and find fault. That is how much these idiots hate Trump. Never mind helping the American people, lets throw all our support and money to the illegals so they will vote dem.

    • President Trump may well have stopped, or at least delayed WWIII. For those who don’t remember his opponent, the housewife hildog, kept trying to incite war with Russia and was solely responsible for the Libya bloodbath, along with other crimes too numerous to list.

      • That’s exactly why I didnt vote for Hillary. She, the Neocons and NATO are still gunning for Russia and Trump’s win isn’t going to stop them, hence the whole Russian collusion phony narrative.

        NATO wants nukes on Russias border and Putin says hell no. Just like the USA would if China or Russia tried to place nukes at our borders.

        No matter how I tried to explain that angle to peeps on both the left and right, most could not look beyond their own political biases and simple political views that the msm shaped for them. GEO politics is real foreign to most people on both sides. Politics, for most people, boils down to a simplistic view of I hate’m or I like’m.

    • “Donald Trump could stop WW3 and save millions of lives ”

      You just have missed it..

      The federal reserve has been printing extra cash..generated extra electronic numbers to buy back loans that we have been borrowing money to run our country.
      The dollar is so diluted and the interest on the loans is flipping like an old silent movie..
      The puppeteers have been attempting to get us involved in a battle for the last twelve years at least and positioning their markers.. doing their little puppet dances and pumping more shizt out to the public in mainstream media in one day than NY city has flowing through their sewage lines in a decade, to get public support.

      War is traditionally a money making industry. The issue this time is we outsource our industry. Even our own military equipment is produced by the very countries the puppeteers are targeting us to skirmish with..

      I believe at this point WW3 is inevitable. The puppeteers need it to stabilize their position

      • The pawns are in place.. the gameboard is set..

        One stupid move and…


        Even the ads on tv ..the television shows etc. I feel sorry for the people that cant see it coming.

  6. “”A.  You’re one of the ‘good guys.”  Fire, police, medic, medical, military, intel, ICE agents, and more.””

    OTFLMAO…. I thought you were going to say


    Lol lol lol I worked for forty some years where a day of vacation was an eight hour work day..

    Lol lollol..
    I worked for a cabinet manufacturer.. 12 years six days a week ..took four hours off to be with my daughter while she had surgery and got written up for point violations.. ( I had jury duty twelve years before) wrote me up . Upset me because I was a human muel waited till July 4th. Shut down.. ( when you can take any time off for a vacation) and quit..used the vacation as my two weeks notice. At the hospital they hire point.. 5 point your quaranteed five work take time off for vacation you dont get paid. I would give away 80 hours a year to employees that got sick etc.
    If your sick..odds are they wont let you back. Medical always hires part time and gets rid of the higher paid employees with bennefits.
    Neither my wife or I have ever been on a real vacation. She to works medical..

    • Speaking about medical last Saturday it was 106 degrees outside hot muggy . I was sitting on the patio when the kids cross the street pulled up they had been out to the lake and they have been drinking a little bit but they had been playing very hard to in that hundred and six degrees hot muggy weather they open the door up on the passenger side the young lady in there she fell to the ground I grab the bag it went over and she had suffered from heat exhaustion I thought maybe it was heatstroke at first had the AED of course and oxygen and everything but please be careful I mean in hot muggy weather make sure you drink plenty of fluids. It’s funny because here’s a tool I thought I wouldn’t rarely if he at any time have to use it now I got to buy a new set of pads which is okay it came in handy fortunately she never got to the point where she was stressed enough that they had to kick off but it’s worth having that stuff on hand in an emergency kit play safe for the holiday

  7. As George knows, I live in a semi-rural area near a small town and commute into a medium sized city for work each weekday. I’ve implemented many of the ideas George has advocated over the years via Urban Survival. I’ve added these to others I’ve picked up along the way, including advice from Mormon folks I’ve served with in the military and also techniques I learned in USAF survival training (land and water). The first two of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies in a long-term survival situation. These are your physiological and safety needs. There can be safety in numbers if you live around people that you can trust (which satisfies both Maslow’s safety and social needs). However, in grave times, the ‘every person for themself’ mentality often surfaces and puts one’s individual and family survival at risk. But if one’s neighbors are similarly prepared and considered trust worthy, chances for survival increase for all. Bottom line: be prepared to live off the grid for ‘at least’ one month (food, water, heat, medical, sewage storage/disposal) – longer if you can afford it and have the room to store supplies. If you are comfortable with a gun in the house, keep (at least) one with plenty of ammo. A decent battery operated radio will help to keep you sane and informed. Hand held FRS/GMRS radios can keep folks in touch with each other within a mile or possibly two (terrain dependent). Lastly, flashlights/lanterns will beat back the darkness (with even more batteries) and enhance Maslow’s safety need. Aesop’s “the Ant and the Grasshopper” moral applies: if you plan for the long term, chances are greater you’ll survive into the long term.

    • I’m paying more attention to non-electrics for the short term scenarios, and the solar and battery widgets for extended scenarios. Having a source of non-electric accessible potable water nearby is at the top of the list. Having a kerosene or charcoal stove and some fuel is a good idea. I am currently resusitating an abused Aladdin lamp.
      Do consider keeping a portable radio and other emergency electrics in improvised Faraday cage enclosures. I am keeping a battery operated lantern in a cardboard lined metal cracker box on a shelf in the kitchen. I’m not sure how durable the LED’s and associated electronics are. My go-to portable radio is sitting on the desk in a cardboard and insulating tape lined tin box with a friction fit lid. Less-frequently used items are stored in double-shielded, double-insulated improvised enclosures. A small item in either cardboard or a sleeve can be placed in a metallized food storage bag, then stored in a cardboard lined metal enclosure such as popcorn tin or a trash can, with a lid that is a tight metal-to-metal fit. For long term storage, use aluminum tape to seal the lid. Attention to detail is more important than throwing bucks at solutions.
      And OK, maybe I will do some more solar stuff. Surge protection on solar equipment worries me.

  8. George,
    You throw the word ‘socialist’ around pejoratively an awful lot. Today is no exception. Like because someone doesn’t want innocent black guys shot, kids going hungry at lunch and sick people treated, instead of putting $2 trillion on the national debt for Rich guys, they are socialists? The simple truth is that the Scandinavian countries are overwhelmingly capitalistic. And rate much higher on happiness, health and longevity indexes than we do. And you don’t even use the word accurately — socialism is government ownership of the means of production. Like who’s saying the government should own Boeing? No one, George.

    You name call a lot to promote your social agenda. But you best be careful opening the door to name calling. The truth is that conservatives are far closer to being fascists than liberals are to being socialists. So it’s probably best you just cool it with your SJW – PC branding campaign. Name calling is what people use when they don’t have the facts or the science on their side. Remember Support the Troops, Freedom Fries and Liberals Are Traitors? Those gems only cost us $8 trillion on the national debt and hopelessly broke the Middle East. Best, Mike.

    • That is such a pant load ‘o crap, Mike.
      Government becomes socialist (that is, rule by government, rather than ruled by free (non-government employed or beholden) people.
      Here’s a thought for you and your ilk: What is government workers lost their right to vote. Who do you think would win then? Government often forgets it’s the servant of the people, not the other way around. When government wants more than it gives (in total_) it becomes socialist. Traits include deficit spends, inequality in taxes and treatment, and so forth.
      Yes, something simple like a 10% across the board income tax will make your hair stand on end – and so will counting ONLY CITIZENS in the census (court needs to square away on this one, for sure) and only voting by citizens (verifiable) and so much more.
      I bet your pissed that ever one from Mexico and Canada can’t vote here.
      Toughsky you-know-what-ski.
      No, the Electoral College isn’t going away because crooked Hillary, Bernie, and lefties like you don’t like it.
      As I said in this morning’s column: Big City People have lost touch with reality. Head down and back to the social hive you go…

      • While most of the liberal office seekers are really single party socialists, Bernie claims to be a socialist, while rolling out the full Stalinist horror show as a campaign platform. We now have a major D candidate openly running on a platform of Stalinist overthrow of our republic. I haven’t heard any of the other leftists call Bernie out on his stroll down the Stalinist primrose path, so I have to assume that maybe all the leftists are continuing to move further left.

      • I hate to tell you this George, but big city people ARE the reality. 80/20 rule. 80% of the economic power comes from 20% of the country’s geographic area.

        Also on NK. Back in 2008, when Obama suggested that he would visit NK unconditionally, FOX, went on a huge crazy town rant saying that no American politician should meet with a terrorist country with no conditions to negotiate. Yet… our idiot leader reaches out like you and would to ask a friend to have a brew and we get crickets from Fox. Do you see the hypocrisy?

    • Mike,
      I can’t believe you have fallen for the old cannard of the Scandinavian governments. They have a very homogeneous populas so you can’t compare them to us.

      Fascist conservatives? Really? From what I read its the liberal/socialists shouting down speakers or physically attacking people who disagree with them. From the violence advocated by the Democrats I fear that we may have a night of long knives in our future. “First they came for the conservatives but I said nothing because I was not a conservative ….”

      read more! Learn some facts! Public likes are free for use.

      • Gee, you didn’t even mention the commie-Nazi hybrids trying to silence free speed on college campuses – even those (like Jerkeley, CA) that are social extortions…

  9. Back when I was a kid, I lived in Washington state, first in Wenatchee, and then we moved to town not far from Wenatchee. Since that time, I’ve gone back for family once or twice and I have to honestly say that I can’t see your son’s attraction to this particular town. To me, it’s become a run down, tired reflection of what it had been 30 years ago. The small town at the foot of the mountains we had moved to for a few years, Cashmere, is much more my speed. Even today, it hasn’t changed too much and is still a bright place to visit. Just thought I’d mention the little town as an alternative for home base as it’s not far from Wenatchee. There is also Chelan, which is a bit touristy for my tastes, but still not too bad.

  10. I am FB friend with a Cypriot. Big time s**t is going down there with Turkey claiming rights to offshore underground energy resources. USA is getting involved and Greeks are major league upset about all of this. We never hear anything about this hotspot on national news.

  11. Social Status is neither here nor there ;-(. If we cannot get the UN to abolish nuclear weapons worldwide then why not abolish the UN since it offers NOTHING!!

    If we cannot do aforementioned for whatever reason we all deserve what’s comming to us. human beings are such a disappointment to me as difficult to describe.

    Btw. I went through WW2 and I know what war can do.

    • Ah, but you miss the art of social control.
      As the popular delusion of war is called out, they move on to climate and “equality” – which means taking from those who work to give it to the lazy.

      • Logically, the only thing to do is to be lazy, or at least provide nothing of value to the collective that abuses you. That seems to be the ultimate demise of all real communist/socialist/fascist states. If there’s no prize, only the whip remains, and after a while, even that loses effect.

      • I get what you’re saying, George. It’s like with Google Earth; When it came out, some years ago, I could identify the flowers on our rooftop.

        I had not looked at it for several years now — it was turned into a piece of “useless crap” by comparison to several years ago.

        I was later informed that some people didn’t want others to know what was happening in their backyard. Ergo: It was change to less usefull ;-(.

        However, I insist that we fritter away most of our precious time on earth with small talk. (Case in point: Presidential debates ;)).

  12. G – still cant wrap head around grid hard down type scenarios..Every single one leads to Nuclear Winter – everyone. Any type of airbursting nuke, creating a EMP would be auto responded to..mutually assured destruction..

    The “3 days of darkenss” and real cold temps from an interplanetary visitor passing between us and Sun, or us and Venus, maybe.

    I don’t know bout other folks, but “hunker in the bunker” till the danger passes or everyone else dies sound like a winning strategy to this deplorable.

    Never fails in comment section when Trump kicks it in the DeepStates’ ass – ala NK &Kim,Putin&Erdo, your leftist trolls (chat- bots?) go nuts.

    * Bonus time – count the steps Trump took w/Kim from border Line to the Turn and Handshake. Did U get it ? (17 steps – exactly) hmmmm

    Q is what letter of the alphabet? cowinkydink no doubt.

    • Well, GHD and EMP are easy to understand IF you don’t know who caused it.
      Remember, the best EMP is in space and it’s when the rays hit the upper atmosphere that an EMP is “pumped”

      The problem for state actors (the only ones with lift and nukes to play in the big EMP game) are all well-know and we have “national technical means” that tell us which satellites of which countries have nukes (and which types) aboard. Not too difficult since lead and shielding is heavy (dead) weight to rocket into orb…so basically half a dozen players.

      Now, if the Russians did something – and ditto for the Chinese – they would be instantly retaliated on and yes, we could lose cities and go into nuke winter.

      BUT the scenario to REALLY worry about is when they are doing “breakthrough science” on something like interplanetary nuclear rocketry and they call and say “We have something going wrong and we don’t know if we can stop it…”

      A couple of hours later, their science project blows up and here comes the EMP – coincidentally over Chicago or the US-NE at the time.

      This is where the fifth column in America jumps into action, halts the retaliation – and Russia and China both send “peacekeepers” to “help” the new American government which will come to power through a soft coup.

      See how this rolls out? No winter but lots of democrats and deep staters with even more power to abuse.

      • Think about the tech that was available in the late 70s and early 80s that was suppressed and along with the Tech from the 40s 50s 60s ,what you’re saying is not going to be the future

      • And 3rd how do you think they get to outer space they don’t use Rockets So the same energy that they used to get the outer space is going to be used for Bitcoin mining in the future it won’t come from Earth.
        And this space force that’s been there since the 1930s Trump knows about because he was informed that’s why he’s opening one of the reasons he’s opening the space force.
        That’s one of the reasons we’re getting rid of the corrupt Banker dollar and going to something that’s digitally transferred through space two other galaxies to all parts of our solar system instantaneously this is the future not the past where you sit in a place like I’m doing storing up all these Goods when the real future has already been made many years ago and it’s out there not here.
        May all beings be lovingly fulfilled that quote has been achieved and is in.
        May all beings be financially fulfilled and that has been achieved and is in.
        May all beings be readily fulfilled and that has been achieved and is in.
        So be it.
        Now wait watch see aa it manifest itself around you.
        Do I want it well I’m still out here in the woods so I’m like you George I’m a little slow at getting into the groove.

      • I like it ! “peacekeepers” & “UN” peacekeeper troops..

        * How many guns in Pennslytucky? Ohio? WVA?NY..Indiana. Illinois, Mich, Texas, Colorado..

        3 types of Peeps in USA – Sheeps = 90%, Wolves = 6-7%, GSDs/guard dogs =3-4%..
        Wildcard = “retired shooters”/SF types – soft network of hardened warfighters..calls going out 3-4months ago to “pack the “war bags”..”r u ready”

        “ain’t nothing happening..but the beans in the pot, and the beans wouldn’t be jumping if the water wasn’t hot” – Nipsy Russel

      • A HEMP missle launch or launches from an off-the-books supposedly decommisioned nuclear submarine (like maybe one involved in a Hawaiian panic escapade) would fit your meme nicely, G _____.
        As one of the other commenters pointed out, the Stalinists are back in town. This puts genocide of the American heartland on the table once again. The perennial Korean and Persian debacles can serve as stalking horses for the real combatants. Be wary.

    • …Not at all sure a retaliation or “2nd strike” would be with theatre nukes. It might well also be with HEMP atom bombs. {Personally, I’m planning on surviving nukes, which is not an easy plan when one lives in CONUS…}

      However, if’fn you REALLY want something about which to burn countless neurons of concern:

      We, the Russians, and the Chinese probably all have an automated 2nd strike programmed into our respective versions of WOPR.

      If the Sun tosses out a Carrington redux (which is an eventual mathematic certainty), it will kill the technology on (at least) the side of the planet it hits, and maybe more.

      What’re the chances our autonomous 2nd strike systems are programmed to not retaliate against both Russia and China (and theirs, against the U.S. and Europe), in the event of a Solar EMP…?

  13. Strange that our MSM hardly if ever mentions the conflicet between the Greeks and Turks. Is our pres election all that matters?

  14. And for those of you who are worried about the extreme Earth changes that are happening to your food.
    Underground the store more food than you can imagine but here is the future of producing food.

    3000 square feet under a dome that is resistance to three to four hundred mile an hour tornado winds an extreme cold or extreme heat this unit will produce the water and all the needs for a small community in fact it will grow the equivalency of 50 acres of food.

  15. Have to work Monday-Friday with Zero Off? 3rd possibility…you are a teenager working a part time job in a business that thinks dollars are more important than Independence.

  16. Admittedly, I did not read all of the previous comments, so I apologize if this has been mentioned.

    I must add another option to your work week hierarchy. I am in the hospitality industry so it is straight through the week for me. We are expecting to be really busy Wednesday night as people come up from the big city to vacation spots in this area for their four day weekend. It will stay busy as many will eat out Thursday, and/or Friday, and/or Saturday. Fortunately I don’t work on Sunday when they will all be heading home.

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