Border Socialists Double-Down, Rally Lurks?

We begin our shortened report this morning with a look at how Digital Mob Rule and the  Digisurrection are being programmed into our future.

The grand-standing efforts of leftist darling Alex Cortez, for example, leading the sycophant east coast press around by their noses, resulted in claims being made that illegal aliens in U.S. government custody were being ‘… forced to drink toilet water…

As a 50-year reporter (with time-outs to work in other industries) this is one of those stories that you can’t take with a ‘ grain of salt.’  You need stock in a salt mine.

Let’s begin with AoC’s border grandstand:  She’s ‘in it to win it’ and with in excess of 13-million illegals already in America, a serious ‘leader from the barricades’ can bank 50-million votes, sure, some questionable number of which would be from qualified (legal) voters.

Then, went the story, we “…went into cells to talk with detainees….” which is our next reporting problem to sort out.

Let’s Build a Thought Template

Let’s say (hypothetically) that you had managed a sneak into Taiwan from China.  A Taiwanese legislator, sympathetic to China comes to visit, speaking perfect Cantonese and Mandarin, and tells you – in so many words – “Tell me some bad things about your treatment here…”

We would double down on any bet that the “authorities who are holding” would be accused of all sorts of made-up crimes and insults, true or otherwise.  And, since the visiting legislator is pro-China and has absolutely no reality filter, anything made up by illegal aliens will be over-exaggerated and used as leftist spew because AoC is a what?  Rabid lefty!

When politics colors reality to this extreme, being held in a holding cell without running water is NOT the same as being forced to drink toilet water.  Unless, you’re the New York Digital Uprising darling.

Press coverage was not particularly objective.  The NY Times sympathetically headlining “It Feels Like a Jail’: Lawmakers Criticize Migrant Holding Sites on Border.”

Apparently, the liberal media don’t seem to remember that yes, illegal entry into the USA is a crime and on a rational planet (*which this once was) people who commit crimes go to jail.

This isn’t that hard to figure, is it?  Well, perhaps if your that far left, it is.

Which gets us to the first (rational) data point out of all this.  This headlines tells is all:  “Lurching left: Are Democrats blowing their chance to beat Trump?

The fun part about all this is that it’s all guerilla theatre.;  Street theater of the sort last seen in ‘Merica back during the Vietnam War protests.

Rational people will simply follow along on their iPads at home as sequentially, the democrat’s attempt at a “popular uprising” will be seen as the abandoning of America and the seizing of personal assets.  All so They can be in charge.

Not a pretty walk, but the plank is out, visions of the TV show Crossbones are still there as the borders come down, the politics turn violent, and America’s future is flushed because charlatans and story-tellers don’t understand that without the rule of law, we don’t have a country.

The good news?  If AoC does somehow succeed in taking down America, she’ll be losing her salary and her constituency will starve in the dark.

Like John Malkovich said in Crossbones, “Well, there is that…”

Where’s the Pre-Holiday Rally?

Hard telling, since after being up more than 200 at the open yesterday morning, the market blew-off most of its gains.  As of two hours ahead of today’s open, the Dow futures were down 30 and the S&P was down 3-1/2.

Still, historically, the market has made decent gains around holidays.  Except nowadays, that’s seemingly no longer the case.

Let me show you some data from our Aggregate Index work:

This actually speaks volumes about the condition of the American investor/saver’s mind.  We see that the market last year was selling off going into the holiday. That was a Wednesday, so I lined up on the two holidays.

This kind of ‘highly experimental‘ kind of thing shows how historical norms are gone.  We have the government to thank.  While we could rally up a bit late today and into tomorrow, there’s the government issuing press releases about “possible terrorism” over the holiday.

So, who would go long ahead of that?

Thank ABC?

Go look at the ABC piece “‘Domestic’ terrorists could target July 4 holiday events, but no known plots: Feds.”  The story begins with the outlandish claim that “Federal authorities are warning that white supremacists and other political radicals…”

Except, are they?

This bears heavily on ABC‘s creds with us.  Their bandying about terms like “white supremacists” appears to have come from a non-public document (unclassified/for official use only, or U/FOUO) based on our early investigation of this.

Especially when one sees a local Fox affiliate in Springfield doing actual journalism and being told “The FBI currently has no credible and specific information to indicate attacks are being planned against July 4th events...”

This leaves us with some damned interesting ethical questions for ABC:  Was their source really a non-public FOUO document and did it actually say “white supremacists” or, did someone make up something “flashy” and – if so – what was their agenda in doing so?  Could be political or economic, protecting a hedge fund from upside market risk?  Who knows.

But, we do know that the only bulletin we’ve found dates from 2017...So, is this really current, or is something else going on?

If the market drops today, we know which network we’ll be thanking.  Wrongly, or not.

On Press/Law Enforcement relations, we think ABC has screwed the pooch on this because IF there was any active investigation – and it were getting close to arrests – outing FOUO information can ruin months of hard anti-terrorism work. ISYN – ask any LEO or cop-shop beast reporter.

And it oddly plays into the “big threat from white supremacist’s” that the lefties are trying to field.  Federal law enforcement press releases (public information) don’t typically cite groups, except defined terrorist organizations like ISIS.

Not good… Maybe the reason DJT goes consumer-direct is that the national media has lost its sense of judgement.  Fake news?

Just like reporting bomb threats increases their frequency, so too, poisoning relations between the press and sources isn’t 24-karat journalism in our view.  Good reporters wait until they are told they can run the story… in return for cooperation can still get “the beat” on other competitors.

Anything for ratings, is that it?  Eyeballs are money money; the ethics and good of the country be damned.

I’d keep digging, but when you get to be half-past 70, it’s easy to cop the ‘tude “Not my circus, not my monkey.”

But here’s what single source, no supporting document story, widely re-reported, looks like on Google Trends when you search “white supremacist.”

Sure looks to us like a psy-op shaping operation programming “white bashing.”

But, not my circus…

Also of Interest

Wag the Dog Marketing: Nike ‘pulls Betsy Ross flag trainer after Kaepernick complaint’.  YGTBSM.

Russia Tests New Anti-Aircraft Missile – no Cold War II here… prolly just for Syria and the war of  Leviathan energy deposits.

Another Liberal ‘Success Story” in the making: Trump says New York legal ‘harassment’ forcing businesses to flee, NRA may be next.

This is a Compaign Issue?  You’re kidding, right?  Not to hear the dems… This is now the longest US economic expansion in history.

Digital Tulips Spoiling: Bitcoin Slumps Below $10k As CME Futures Interest Soars To Record High.

With it, the price of gold has also backed off.

Off to work on the hydroponics and tomorrow’s report on The Great Tomato race for our subscribers.

Moron the morrow!

42 thoughts on “Border Socialists Double-Down, Rally Lurks?”

  1. George – see U noticed the pullback in Bitcoin price..BTC’s price rose too far, too fast..and zo we need a “healthy ” pullback of at least 30%, would prefer 40% pullback.
    The aforementioned price action is what “healthy” markets do after parabolic rise – 30-40% pullback, some sideways consolidation, new highs here we come. Compare and Contrast to US Stock market..?

    Bank of International Settlements has come out publicly regards Digital Tulips this past week.

    “many central banks are working on it, We are working on it, supporting them.”
    “and it might be sooner than we think that there is a market and we need to be able to provide central bank digital currencies” -Z.H.

    • ROFLMAO – you’re killing me, ‘Coot
      Don’t know where you’ve been but currencies are all digital already. No one is using cash. SWift transfers, oh hell year
      The Big Lie is that one of these bankster groups will be able to ‘make money’ on cryptos. A quick transfer into an inflation-proof currency would crash the world, or haven’t you run that out yet?
      With no made up money, markets go into free fall, the economy end up in the great depression. No (crack induced?) dream and all, but no, banksters don’t “give away anything” except handcuffs to their system.

      • True – Digital, on a Blockchain – Nyet!.. Apples to Krugerrands

        Point being is Blockchain – Monetary System of the Future – soonly..

        &Zo – a “frontrun” on the future “Money”..

        Probable field of horses in this race – anyone’s guess – the coot dont care, cause coot likes to Hodl. When I Hodl – aint nobody printing more out the backdoor..
        from Ur position on the floor, can you see the trail of FRNs bleeding out of UST’s and Ur bank account?

      • Phew..George it’s crazy here.. some places only takes plastic some wont take plastic but will take cash or checks.. many wont accept checks or cash just plastic and almost all of them refuse to accept fifties or either have to take a suitcase of small Bill’s.
        The good thing is everything is being put in place to accept the new FB currency that comes out this next year..the one that is planning to back their currency.. with Securities????
        Could this be the elimination of the dollar..will it ultimately be the elimination of the federal reserve???
        We already know that the puppeteers will go to great lengths to get what they want. How will they react to a crypto currency to dissolve what they have already.. or is this a plan for them to switch to a new currency. Which brings up the question..they have been slowly degrading their own products virtually diluting it into non existence without concerns on what they were doing or any true plan on how to fix it.
        So my curiosity is.. China and Russia has been trying to get into the financial market with gold backed currency.
        Now libra with Securities backed currency. ( basically a non backed currency.. since your covering with basically a promissory note )
        I am curious if the puppeteers will react to this or if they are involved..what will the currency transition rate be.. what’s a bit coin could libra have a million to one dollar script change rate..or ten million to one..
        Truly something to contemplate since a cup of coffee in one country is several thousand dollars or a loaf of bread ten million in another..

  2. George, it is becoming more and more apparent that as we electronically express our independent thoughts, ‘someone’ is likely monitoring them (and possibly harvesting them as well).

    Thanks to a Bloomberg investigation, we now know that Amazon Alexa “employs thousands of people around the world to listen to voice recordings captured in Echo users’ homes and offices.” While allegedly done to improve the device’s voice recognition software, the process can (and likely will) lead to darker privacy places. The WaPo reports that “Amazon keeps a copy of everything Alexa records after it hears its name. Apple’s Siri, and until recently Google’s Assistant, by default also keep recordings.”

    Installing these devices appear to cede one’s Fourth Amendment rights. The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) observes that “the third-party doctrine holds that any information provided to third parties receives no protection under the Fourth Amendment. Even information revealed to a company “confidentially and on the assumption that it will be used only for limited purposes” is fair game. Under this doctrine, police need not get a warrant.”

    Similarly, smart watch’s 3rd party data could be used by law enforcement to show geographic locations, routes traveled, physiological data (e.g. heart rate), highway automobile speed and the specific times of various calendar related activities.

    Indeed, “big brother is watching,” and it is we who are are opening the curtains and blinds to allow him to do so.

    • All of which would be manageable were we not in the Digital Revolution and the shock troop kids in the front lines were not tap-happy idiots. Digital Slavery here we go.
      The competing monetization’s: Corporateers vs Gubbmits. At some point, the balance sheet between survive and not will both be on the same side and that’s when digital slavery OR grid hard down wins.
      Kinda like when Kennedy didn’t OK the first use of EMP on the Russians. The Intelistas too him out a year later.

      • I am interested in learning more about JFK and the events surrounding his untimely death… I just don’t know where to start or what is going to tell the truth….

    • Data is very very compact. You don’t need to build a 500,000 sq ft data center unless you have a WHOLE LOT of data. An almost impossible to imagine amount of data.

      They build them for a reason.

      I’m willing to bet that they are recording *everything* said in your house, regardless of whether or not it was said after “Alexa.”

    • “”we now know that Amazon Alexa “employs thousands of people around the world to listen to voice recordings captured in Echo users’ homes and offices.””

      Up that to cell phones now to..
      The new cell phones have you sign off on voice recognition and letting them capture information to improve the quality. The same for your television.. gas pumps anyone.

  3. Is it possible the association of the phrase “white supremacist” and a major nationalistic holiday are in fact intentional? Associative demolition of the concept of a nation and pride in that concept.

  4. Today it seems Politically Correct to to promote White Hate & Orange Hair Jokes. Even the Liberal Whites hate White Folks (as Obama called us). What’s with that?

    This may not go over well, but for reparations allow blacks to build Casino’s for profit.

    Call me deplorable.

  5. I truly need to forget what I already have learned in life. So I can open my mind to learn the things that still need to be discoveredand learned.

  6. We have a President that is also the Commander in Chief of our military, so it becomes quite as a surprise when he says these following words…

    “You’ve got to be pretty careful with the tanks because the roads have a tendency not to like to carry heavy tanks so we have to put them in certain areas but we have the brand new Sherman tanks and we have the brand new Abrams tanks,” Trump added.

    Sherman tanks have not been used since the 1950’s. That’s probably the last time Trumps brain actually worked. Shows you how clueless this guy really is. And it’s not just that statement…He makes wildly inaccurate statements about 5 times a day. Pay attention folks

    • So now you’re a “tank historian”, eh? Maybe Pres Trump wants to show the progression of the military equipment the Army uses? Maybe you’re missing a key part of info? Maybe you don’t know sh*t!

    • More important than nitpicking about whether or not we have any Sherman Tanks hanging around is Trumps comment & promise fulfilled.

      “You know we’re making a lot of new tanks right now. We’re building a lot of new tanks in Lima, Ohio – our great tank factory that people wanted to close down until I got elected and I stopped it from being closed down, and now it’s a very productive facility.”

      That is called leadership.

      Also, how come the South hasn’t asked for reparations for Sherman’s walk thru the South.

    • @mark

      Fearing tanks could tear up city streets, the armored vehicles will be there in a “static” display. In plain English, that means they’ll be parked.

      This Week
      Two U.S. Army M1 Abrams tanks and two Bradley Fighting Vehicles will be on display on the National Mall on Thursday as part of Pres. Trump’s plan to highlight the U.S. military in this year’s Independence Day celebration.

      10:14 AM – Jul 2, 2019

    • ”Trump said we are going to have Sherman tanks at the 4th of July parade…”


      The way DJT phrased that and in the politican and international NSM environment it was said..

      Made it basically a synonym statement and wasn’t intended to happen as a literal action… go ahead and show us yours and I’ll show you ours type statement.

      Similarly another group of politicians would say .. I don’t recall that.. show us.. but it never went any further than that..

    • “You all want to bash the Bay Area for some reason.”

      It isn’t that anyone wants to bash the bay area.. its just that its on every news channel almost globally even Google bought into it and is willing to invest a billion dollars a year to try and clean it up..
      the sad thing is I would have told someone that they were full of the same fecal matter that litters the sidewalks if they had told me that a wage that most people anywhere else in the country would die to have was at poverty level.. and young execs have to live in their cars because they cannot afford to rent a place to stay.

      Similarly I didn’t know what life was like living in dumpsters until I had a gentleman move into our spare bedroom.. he was an inspiration and an eye opener for me.. what I take for granted can be gone in a couple of weeks..

      My guess is your living in an area where you rarely see the Shizty side of town and the news you read is more national than local.. there isn’t any sin in that.. I do the same thing.. the local stuff.. well its local and really my perception is what is around me.. so I skim over that.. and focus on other area’s of the news..

      My biggest worry is… if.. someone making a hundred and twenty grand a year is in poverty.. what is going on below that where a fast food worker makes ten bucks an hour ..

      and .. as things get tighter money wise… what will the sentiments be of those making twenty grand a year.. seriously if someone came in to rent an office space or living space and all they have is a McDonalds job.. would you rent to them or laugh them out of the door…
      those renters are what everyone not in that position should fear.. that is what historically brought in tyrannical leaders… imprisoned or eliminated the wealthy classes…
      Where our upper crust should be taking lessons from the past they are just shoving them aside..leaving a huge gap for a tyrant to take power..
      what is surprising is even though you hate our leader he is trying to turn the titanic away from the iceberg.. I think the puppeteers have successfully stalled his administration.. let it crumble.. yet he is still fighting on for us.. especially YOU… It is the upper crust he is fighting for and letting the crumbs fall to my level of society.. you totally don’t see it.. and it baffles me why.. If I some old schmuck with no further credentials than a high school diploma can see it.. you surly should be able to…

    • He probably knows how many states are in the union, so at least he’s got that going for him.

  7. For those who didn’t read all of the Drudge linked article on Crazy Cortez and her antics:

    The person or people alleged to have drunk out of a toilet bowl didn’t know how to operate the faucets on the sink in the room!

    What kind of “refugees” are we admitting?

    • Poor ones. Bear in-mind, it was 91 years ago that the U.S. passed 50%, of people who had flush toilets. A lot of the peasants Soros and Steyr are now paying to relocate here have never seen one, or any other inside plumbing…

    • Yup.. I believe it.. we would get people in that would give a toilet the strangest look then stand on the seat to squat..
      Of course it was always my duty to tell them they had to clean off the seats.. and show them how to use them.
      The more radical Muslim sect..well we had a few of them.. one thought that the only two men working amongst the women should be put to death because we allowed women to give us our duties.. they would marry American women to get the card.. then start beating them.. the girls I knew just didnt understand that..
      We in America don’t have a clue what their lifestyle was.. and that was with people that entered legally..

  8. “The NY Times sympathetically headlining “‘It Feels Like a Jail’: ”

    Lol it should…… if you break into someone’s house or into let’s say the bank…I’d expect you would be put in a jail of sorts..we are not talking about vetted refugees entering legally.. we are talking about people crossing our bordet illegally .

    The one that I got a chuckle over.
    Was a news story about children and their parents.. the story was a woman bringing her child was separated from it..but she has 8 kids still in another country…was that her child why would she leave everyone at home.. was that child being used or trafficked.
    Especially since it’s pretty common knowledge that the countries these children are coming from regularly use children for military ops. And have been vocal that they are sneaking warriors into the USA posing as refugees. With our defenses scattered around the globe how many would it take to cause a catastrophe

  9. Hey Mark would you please crawl back into your Mom’s basement and go [redacted by George – we need to offer solutions with any ad hominem suggestions].

  10. I’m calling clown world on all of this. You folks are like a Methodist and a Presbyterian arguing which religion is best, all while looking in the rear view mirror.

    The USA is now a fascist country, and the socialism everybody is squealing about is just a diversion that will last only as long as the government can print enough money to act like they care.

    When that inability to print occurs, with the devaluation of the dollar which today is doing a slow burn on the middle class at 7-10% a year now, then it will be boot on the face of the American people forever. And it will start by simply eliminating all those who advocated socialism and created the divisionary turmoil we see today.

    And it will be a fascist government boot controlled by religious fundamentalists. Prepping is not going to save you from this, it will only make you a target of the ruthlessness of those who will wield power in a way inconceivable to contemporary Americans.

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