How Technology Killed Privacy

As humans begin to define their relationship with AI, is privacy already lost?  It’s a profound question we all need to answer at some level.   The Machines are here.  Problem is even those “secret questions” that secure “your identity” may just be means to profit from hacking what’s between your ears.

Today, a step-wise discussion of how privacy ran off the rails.  Well make the case that it’s not people so much as the tech itself that lends itself to piercing the Bill of Rights.

After our short pass through  headlines and our ChartPack, as always.

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39 thoughts on “How Technology Killed Privacy”


    Dems: How dare you little people vote in that monster Trump who is trying to ruin our cozy household when we are in the process of dismantling the Republic into our fiefdom. You will be punished. You are worthless & must be fleeced for your own benefit. We are the power in this country. Sort of a Stalin like attitude. All for me, none for you. Let’s prosecute anyone pro Trump & fill the gulags with them.

    Citizens: We see your evil & will destroy you at the polls in 2020.

  2. To make money in the stock market, listen to the market & not all the surrounding noise. Those who held thru last year’s Christmas market slaughter were amply rewarded in 2019.

      • Depending on when you sold & got back in. How many were buying on 12/24/18. Probably got back in @ January when the writing was on the wall that It was over. You can time the market one or two times, but not consistently. Those who sold most likely waited to long to get back in & lost the extra amply, if not more. But in the end, the only thing that matters is your account balance.

      • George, it’s taken me a while to realize it, but successful investing by an individual must match his level of inhibition and speed of decision making. Thoughtful people cannot do day trades unless they automate them – there’s too much deliberation. They’re better off doing one or two trades a year based on much longer term metrics. On the short term trades, they’ll always buy and sell too late.

        The testosterone laden cocaine fueled snap decision types might do OK with the quick in and out trades.

        The same thing is true for auctions. Deliberate types need to plan a top bid and let it execute automatically, sniping if possible.

        Personality is as important as knowledge and skill in investing.

  3. consider the AI.. the cloud.. today we are filled with camera’s from the one in your pocket to the one on your computer or laptop.. the baby monitor the traffic cam’s.. and the up and coming robot revolution..
    think about it and we are covered with surveilance the book 1984
    the dumbing down of the people .. books were taboo. the nanny state.. we are already there for a lot of reasons..
    and the robots are coming.. now the video’s below show some of what we already have.. these are what is released for the public.. I added the personal robots and dolls because that is just a symbol of what is already here.. then imagine a lost loved one.. you take a multi deminsional photo of them and they can already be replicated in maniquin form.. add the robotics.. and then the knoweledge of the cloud.. pretty scary stuff huh…

  4. “who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? the Shadow knows!” and now AMZ/GOOG/CIA want to know.
    Dont forget the lil 23&Me swabs – we know everything abut Ure now – and we know it before Ure thinks it!

    PRE -CRIME …badboyz, badboyz – what ya gonna do when they come for U?badboyzbadboyz

    No Bitcoin 4 U Comrade – just a cozy little Gulag in Alaska somewhere up North around Nome.

    • “MarketWatch article re: using spare cash to pay down the mortgage ”

      It’s easier to have a mortgage with a bank that doesnt penalize you for making extra payments or splitting payments.. then split and add ten bucks..
      Since the estimated number of laborers dependent on social programs for their existence is one I two I believe this year..last year it was one in two.. there isnt any extra cash for the average.

    • The best real estate strategy is to build small for cash on land you own, and keep the banks and real estate broker types out of your pocket.
      Ironically, the reason I think that more people don’t go the sweat equity route is that the lenders and their realtor friends are so skilled at manipulating the ego’s of their marks. Why bust your knuckles to live in a peasant’s cottage when you can become a debt slave and live in a McMansion? The answer, in a word, is risk. Maintaining an artificially high lifestyle using borrowed money is potentially a ticket to tent living on the road side.
      In a recent post on this blog, I saw a realtor boast to the effect that he could never be burned. That is the ego talking, and not any objective statement of reality. LOOB has touched on the reality of surviving outside of corporate sponsorship in his posts. And yes, none of you are invunerable, and all may find yourself in bad times by no fault of your own. Living on a cash basis is a defense against predation.

      • “The best real estate strategy is to build small for cash on land you own, and keep the banks and real estate broker types out of your pocket.”

        Many people don’t have the pocket change to just go out and buy houses and property for investment strategy..that’s why one in two are on federal programs for assistance in being able to survive.
        Lol lol.. I once took care of this extremely wealthy..( actually knew several.. one of my favorites married a senators daughter then sold his hog farm.. always tried to get me to take a vacation and visit and stay in one of his rental cabins on the island..Jekyll.. nice guy had cheap purple slippers he loved and wore everywere.. had a business meeting around us once stopped by helped me put in garage doors and have a cold adult beverage. One lady had this ring..I thought it was one of those rocks that kids get out of a machine big gaudy .. the only one I ever seen bigger was in the Smithsonian.. nancy know the one didnt she even get to examine it.. well one day she Pat’s me on the hand and says honey..would you take this and put it in the family is coming and their just a bunch of fakes and backstabbing theives that would take it. It was real…)
        Anyway this guy was showing his grandson how to become rich with little risk using the banks to do it..using options..
        I asked him to adopt me..he thought I was kidding I was serious lol

      • How many houses did you say you have built for yourself, LOOB? If all the money is going to pay notes and rent, then you never get ahead. And no, not everyone will ever get their head above of water. But if someone is contemplating paying down a mortgage as Joe M. was discussing, then maybe they are in a position to consider becoming a real homeowner, and leave the debt slavery in the rear view mirror by building themselves something within their means.
        Also, businesses taking on debt is whole different issue than personal debt. If for no other reason, businesses generally need credit to keep the payroll going until the accounts receivable catch up. Individuals need to strive to stay on a cash basis. Trying to become rich by trading options on margin would be financial suicide for most individual investors. They call groups that do that sort of thing hedge funds these days.

  5. Aaah, yes! Technology has evolved to the level that it too has become, like fire, a faithful servant or a fearful master. This admonishment by George Washington to continually maintain watch over a fire lest it become out of control has met its equal in the same admonishment regarding technology.
    ‘Control,’ is a separate issue in its own right.
    Being, ‘in control,’ versus, ‘out of control,’ does not mean a problem has been eliminated at all. It usually means that whatever problem arises may be big loud and continual but becomes a useful tool as it is manipulated.
    A low tech example would be the state of our southern border as it is often swarmed by crowds too large to adequately ‘control’.
    The massing of crowds at our borders is ‘control’ by the hands of others wishing to hide their real motives by concealing their operatives within such a chaotic crowd. “Where there is confusion, there often is potential profit”.
    When such a ‘control’ problem arises, the misunderstood, ‘out of control,’ flag is flown and all focus shifts to re-establishing the appearance of ‘control.’
    The problem never gets resolved.
    At best, the description of being ‘in control’ just slows the confrontation to a percentage of a manageable level. Those whom like to pretend they are ‘in control’ of a situation more frequently than not are masters of self-delusion. Too wrapped up in appearances rather than how actual performance is affected.
    In this example, the end result is tens of thousands of ‘sanctuary seekers, immigrants, criminals and other foreign nationals gain access to the interior of this nation and all of the systems we use to keep it functioning. All are jumbled together. The criminal border crossers within these crowds are here for a purpose. Not for a tour. The cartels send their people in increasing numbers. All are symptoms of being ‘out of control.’

    • “Aaah, yes! Technology has evolved to the level that it too has become, like fire, a faithful servant or a fearful master.”

      I visit from time to time with some of the guys developing some of the robotic stuff.. really funny sharp guys.
      Many are posed the question what if.. could we develop limbs for amputees enable quadriplegic’s to walk again. Implant a chip to stimulate someones brain that has suffered some catastrophic accident or stroke.
      Many never consider the evil intentions of those that would abuse their achievements.

      Kind of like when I showed the little kids how to melt stone using the sun.. bad mistake really bad.. wont do it again..

  6. They’re gonna hafta do a LOT of voter fraud to overcome this coming Backlash.

    They really don’t “get” it even yet, after all this time.

    They are immune to logic and honest observation of the countryside. Blinded by choice and practice.

    (“They” consists of the rabid liberals, the press, the goppies, and the vast entrenched unelected administrative statists. Sir Humphrey Appleby being the quintessential example. See the Brit TV series, “Yes Minister,” for a complete elucidation. Well worth your time.)

    • Yes Minister was a classic comedy show. I still remember the epic speech defending “the British Sausage”. I was rolling on the floor laughing when the Minister started his speech with the words “Now is a time of healing…..”

      IMHO the reason the Trump Impeachment is going ahead is because he might win in 2020. Boris Johnson’s landslide victory in the U.K. is a warning that Trump could win. Similar to Margaret Thatcher’s win which was an early warning that Jimmy Carter ignored.

      • “the Trump Impeachment is going ahead is because he might win in 2020. Boris Johnson’s landslide victory in the U.K. is a warning that Trump could win.”

        IMHO… People have been asking begging for our legislators to do something.. anything for the people..
        they have openly told everyone that what the people want doesn’t make any sense to them at all and they won’t do it….what they need is what big company q to give them.. we should send our families somewhere to fight for big buck benny.. and his gold front tooth and what he desires..
        the congress of the usa and the presidents that have sat in office have done nothing.. they outsourced jobs given tax breaks to those that shouldn’t those that should be paying taxes have gone out of their way to hide money in offshore accounts leaving the burden on the laborers whose jobs have been stolen from under them..
        That is why Boris Johnson had a landslide win.. that is why DJT got into office and I think will again… the average joe may keep voting in the same worthless congress time after time.. but then who is running against them..
        this time may be different.. because we the older voters are leaving and the younger voters are entering and wanting to see the changes that the older voters wanted but were not willing to question those in power..

        the average joe will blindly follow the ones that make it so they can feed their families

  7. Hell, the banks are selling your info. Everything is monetized, and they will sell you down the river to make a buck on your personal data.

    We keep a “healthy” bank balance, and I probably get two offers a quarter to open new bank accounts. Heck, last year I made $2,300 on their offers to open accounts, just moving money around for a few months.

  8. We’ve been conditioned to accept open awareness since child birth.

    From our earliest days:

    Mom/teacher – “eyes in the back of my head”.

    Santa – “knows if you’ve been good or bad”.

    Church, Psalm 139 – “He even knows what you think”.

    Money – the “All Seeing Eye” or, “AI”.

    I don’t like spying on my neighbor but I have to do it because my neighbor spies on me. Why does my neighbor spy on me (and the others in the neighborhood)? What compels the paranoia in my neighbor so much so he had to install cameras?

    • “What compels the paranoia in my neighbor so much so he had to install cameras?”

      For me, it was the theft of a new, top-shelf Karcher power washer, from my front porch. I live in a near-zero crime area. Things like “theft” don’t happen here — ‘cept it did, and it p!ssed me off. The camera system, a new (Chinese) Honda-powered power washer, and a new (German) high-pressure power washer pump cost a lot less than that Karcher, and the mere presence of the cams seems to discourage both thieves and canvassers. I do not surveil my neighbors’ turf (each camera comes with a “digital baffle system,” which allows the person doing the set-up to exclude areas or interference like lights and moving branches), nor would I. For instance, my plainly-visible and obvious “driveway cam” cuts off sharply at the hedgerow at the edge of my property. I don’t care what da neighbor is doing, unless one of her guests decides to bust through my hedge…

      I would help any of my neighbors install and set-up “home video security” should any ask (which they won’t, because none see the potential downside to Ring/Alexa, etc…) I will not volunteer, nor sell them on any system though, because, well, I have enough to do, and hardwired (I won’t do wireless. If’fn yer not smart enuff ta install p&p netcams, yer not smart enuff ta haz camz…) alarm/security installation doesn’t pay worth a crap unless it’s piggybacked onto Internet or a monitoring service…

      • “(I won’t do wireless. If’fn yer not smart enuff ta install p&p netcams, yer not smart enuff ta haz camz…) ”

        I have A really stupid question Ray.. why not wireless?

        Is it because it can be intercepted and altered.
        ( after that dos attack last week where 1.5 million security camera systems were hacked into sure puts a damper on the cloud based for sure) but that can even happen with a hard wired signal..harder but not impossible..
        Your cell phone can be used as a security camera and turned on remotely.. there was a school principle that was doing that with the laptops given to the kids at school..

      • I won’t do wireless because modern wireless cams are: Install bracket, flip switch. People who’re too lazy or stupid to do this, shouldn’t have security cams.

        That said, all wireless cams can be hacked. Wireless cams connected to a home wi-fi network can be hacked into to provide a back-door into any device on the network — ‘same as a “network printer” that’s not isolated.

        Wireless security has its uses. A farmer or rancher who has a fence-row he wants to monitor [which is] hundreds or thousands of feet out from the nearest network source or hub, isn’t going to lay a thousand bucks worth of cable to feed two $200 cameras. He’s going to go wireless and install a couple repeaters on an isolated surveillance system, because it’s both much cheaper, and much more versatile, and if a hacker wants to spend her time, watching some dude’s cattle, well, so be it.

      • I thought that was why you don’t like wireless. I was just curious…. personally I like the Arlo wireless.. the reason is because I can move them whenever I want.. mobility.. I gave a lot of thought about the security of them.. like all those systems that were hacked into last week.. that is horrible.. but not uncomom.My thought is why in the world would they want to hack into mine usually crooks want to go after someone that has something to take not go after the poorest guy in the neighborhood….. a few years ago china turned on all the camera’s in the USA I think it was just to show them the capabilities of what they can do.. ( I am pretty sure all of our electronics have a back door built in them( one reason we should be making high security stuff at home).. they discovered all those missle guidance chips with just such a flaw in them not to long ago. and during that time we were doing close fly by’s)
        I personally don’t have any use for a security camera system.. but love tinkering with that stuff . there use to be a store in DC called the spy shop.. loved that place it had olives that were microphones.. LOL…. put one in that was hard wired for the daughter once that has some creep ex boyfriend.
        I seen the vulnerability of the cloud when my five year old accessed my friends cloud and I had his phone camera’s his home everything.. his life was laid out .. and I could alter the photo’s in his door bell camera LOL LOL… the memory of his cell phones.. it was all there.. yet I like the wireless even with its vulnerabilities..
        Heck your credit cards are all available in your wallet.. and no one has to even be close to you.. (I gave out magnetic sleeves for cards one year for xmas cards..)

        with todays technology.. even hard wired can be hacked and the frequency altered remotely..

      • LOOB, the secret to wireless security is to not have the network it’s on, connected to the Internet. There’s no reason to shove a CAT-5 in the socket on the DVR, unless you actually NEED to monitor your cameras from Timbuktu. If a hacker can’t get to anything more interesting than your cam system, they’re going to move on to the next network (unless, of course, you p!ss the CIA off…)

  9. George, thanks for the link to the Amblyopia study! I read the summary article and then the actual research paper(available free as a prepub). This may help my understanding of both lack of image memory and visual non-fusion! Both conditions are present at some low integer percentage in our population. This is a useful hook for further research.

  10. I hear (see) the Pasture Pie nonsense about “all this” causing a Second
    Civil War.

    Not. Gonna. Happen.

    1) There will be clashes — some, violent. Some, extremely violent.
    There are so many Deeply Poisoned Minds, that a few will take
    or perceive Holy License to crack a few heads — or worse.

    But an old style “Blue Versus Grey” war of shooting troops en
    masse… Not Gonna Happen… There’s no modern way to organize
    this that Entrenched Official Authorities can’t sense and prevent.
    Too much communications, and not sufficient privacy to do it.

    2) “The People” are soft. Take away their TV, internet, and indoor flush
    toilets, and add a little starvation, and offer some Security and Safety
    and they’ll sell out. (Wish I didn’t believe that, but I do.)

    3) One hears all this Bravado & Bluster about “how they ain’t takin’
    MY guns away, ‘cept over my dead body.” But the repulsive truth is
    when eighteen heavily-armed guys crash your front door at three
    in the morning, you’ll give them your gun(s). They’ll take such
    resistant scofflaws down ONE AT A TIME. NOT in a mass-en-mass
    battlefield confrontation. When The Powers want your guns badly
    enough, they WILL “come and take them.” One at a time, and the
    rest will cave.

    4) So. No “Civil War 2.0” BUT, mass-action Civil Disobedience is
    very likely. Cities grow no food, It comes in on trucks. And,
    lemme tell ya, friends, truckers — as a group — are very angry and
    resentful right now from the general abuse they’ve had to tolerate
    for years. One day, they’ll blow, and have an EFFECTIVE General
    Strike. If you doubt this, and still have a good AM radio, tune in
    700 AM from Cincinnati between midnight and 5 am EST. Listen,
    and in a couple of days you’ll “get it.” (America’s Trucking Network
    overnight trucker’s call-in talk show. Hear it from them directly.)

    …and that’s just one industry primed, resentful and ready for a
    Big General Strike to express their profound frustration.

    One possible scenario: Whatever Democrat runs beats Trump
    through some trick — widespread and all-too-obvious voter fraud
    for example — and they begin to put in force some of the sillier
    things they ran on, there will be a Reaction.

    As long as folks have something to lose, and are essentially physically
    comfortable, there may be demonstrations and strikes, but there won’t
    be any ‘CW2.”

    – 73 –

    • “1) There will be clashes”

      Cowards always bring a group with them. Eventually, some (silent majority / compassionate conservative / God-fearing Christian) who knows how to fight will figure out they’re not going to be beaten any worse if they fight back, and they will.

      “2) “The People” are soft.”

      Yes, they are. WE have not suffered in a war, since the Civil War. Six generations of relatively safe, easy living has taken its toll. On the bright side, only about 3% of Colonists actively participated in the Revolutionary War.

      “3) One hears all this Bravado & Bluster”

      Yeah, lots of people on all sides of the political spectrum are full of it. I can tell y’all from experience, a .25cal looks like a cannon and a .45cal looks like a friggin’ train tunnel, when the person behind them is pointing them at you, and doesn’t care whether he pulls the trigger, or not. Targets don’t shoot back, and video games don’t make you bleed out…

      “tune in 700 AM from Cincinnati between midnight and 5 am EST. Listen, and in a couple of days you’ll “get it.” (America’s Trucking Network overnight trucker’s call-in talk show. Hear it from them directly.)”

      …Also on SiriusXM, 20hrs/day (the other four hours are c2cAM.) ‘Love the Road Dog! SXM broadcasts ATN twice daily, IIRC.

      The military waxes between 70-90% conservative-to-libertarian, and an amazing number of vets drive OTR trucks…

      I don’t think CW2 would be a question of “couldn’t” as much as it would be a question of “who would fight?” While I’m sure there are cops and soldiers who’d obey an illegal order, I’d guess the percentage is under 10, and idealist kids have less sand than the Arctic. Bring in sojers in blue & white, or sporting red stars, and that percentage would drop to zero…

    • “offer some Security and Safety
      and they’ll sell out. (Wish I didn’t believe that, but I do.)”

      Yup.. exactly you hit it on the head…just as adolph put it.. people are only looking to be able to feed their families..
      Get the vast majority dependent on social programs for their daily existence and you have control.. take it away and give it to the portion of the society that could make the changes and they have the support of the masses to imprison the ones that could have made a difference.
      Since deregulation we have outsourced jobs given tax breaks to promote personal growth to a small sector of society. Gotten the vast majority of laborers dependent on federal programs..
      Local economies lay in ruins while a very few that could have made a difference have instead moved away from the local economic structure to support one elsewhere.
      What is the real unemployment ratio.. not the one publicized.. there are old industry cities that look like shelled out war zones.
      All of us at the bottom dependent on them will follow their lead the same way the citizens in Germany followed adolph accepting his actions..

  11. About a year ago, 23&me ran a TV ad about a super special at $69.95 where you could find all about your ancestory.They would put dozens of PhDs and lab technicians to work as soon as your sample arrived. I ordered and they rushed me the kit.

    As I was spitting in the tube and getting ready to package it for delivery back to them, the light went off and the bell rang in my head. Holy crap, they can’t do all this work for $69.95. They’re just going to sell my data. Dropped the package in the garbage.

    Who knows how many phone calls trying to sell me Irish whisky and Eskimo carvings I avoided!

  12. “Problem is even those “secret questions” that secure “your identity” may just be means to profit from hacking what’s between your ears.”

    …Which is why I never answer them (sometimes it takes a little “artful dodging” to avoid them, but it can always be done.)

    “Washington Examiner story listing the major accomplishments of the Trump administration this week.”

    The Examiner also has the list of all 239 (and counting) accomplishments of the Trump Administration.

    Macron is a globalist/socialist idealist. His belief is that by employing the Bill Clinton political philosophy (see which way the masses are moving, squeeze to the front, and pretend they’re following you) he’ll eventually make himself important and France, relevant…

    indyref2? Anything’s possible. Remember the Californicators twice voted down the school transgender issue by a considerable margin, before the Legislature pushed it through in-spite of the referendums and the People’s wishes. The “play” is to keep Brexit from being finalized until a sufficient number of MPs in Commons can be convinced EU Membership is worth sacrificing their careers…

  13. I don’t like our records being online.

    Things like a paid off house should be kept private. As soon as friend and family figure out how to look up mortgage information online, they do it.

    “Isn’t your house paid off?”

    “No, I’m a debt slave like all of yous.”

    “Oh, I looked up your address online and it doesn’t show a lien holder….”

    The last thing we need is people to have the ability to word search our convo’s from 20 years ago.

    • “As soon as friend and family figure out how to look up mortgage information online, they do it.”

      OOWS…They can already get that information… go to any courthouse and they will open the books for you…you will see your whole life laid out in front of you..income outgo, your cars list of properties and realitives any liens .. ( everyone should check to see if there are any liens once every couple of years.. especially since the property owner doesn’t have to be notified to put a lien on anyones property) even your home layout depending on your building codes any insurance claims etc….you wold be shocked.. walk in to the courthouse and go back to the room.. there will be people rummaging around through everyones books just looking to seize some property..
      When I worked for the county.. one of our customers he didn’t want to see the city he lived in go bellie up because there weren’t enough kids.. so he would buy houses for back taxes and then renovate them and sell them for what he had in them to families with kids..anyway an elderly man and his wife went to souther texas for the winter to get their medications in mexico.. ( yup it is a yearly migration) and he got sick.. and didn’t come back.. his land was in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in our big city.. he went in.. they said you should buy this one and he bought forty acres of prime realistate for four thousand in back taxes.. the lots for that land.. each are selling for way over a hundred thousand dollars a lot.. he sold it off to a developer for a fraction of what he could get for them to move it along…

      so.. what is the difference.. it has all been available for the looking for years.. its actually a little harder now that it is online

      • “so.. what is the difference.. it has all been available for the looking for years.. its actually a little harder now that it is online”

        When you enter the “hall of records” (whatever it is called in your political jurisdiction), the clerk doesn’t supply you with a quill pen and eraser. Once you make it through the door at the back of the online “records room,” ALL of EVERYBODY’s records become available, both for viewing and for modification by the hacker. This is the reason for and motivation behind “Title Lock” and similar companies…

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