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BoJo Rocks It, Dems Losing It

(Happy Triska) Boris Johnson, who ran on the Conservative ticket, promising to get the UK BREXIT from the Europrick’s Kingdom done, slammed victory in UK voting Thursday.

In a move not to be missed by democrats pursuing their Digital Uprising/ Online Coup against Donald Trump, says over here “Boris has promised not to betray the public’s trust.”

What democrats should take from BoJo’s biggest Conservative win since the 1980’s is “beware, lest 2020 be a rhyme…

After arguing for more than 14-hours, the dems couldn’t get their poop-grouped, so they will vote this morning beginning at 10 AM.  Pooped, we’re certain.

Democrats, once a semi-respectable lot, (a few could still read financial statements) are increasingly ignoring the will of the public, using the Courts and all other tools to obstruct progress.  Now pushing such divisive agendas as reparations and super-taxing people who create wealth, the party has become a rudderless IED, if there is such a thing.

Not saying the wealthy can’t pay more…but demo insurgents play lowest common-denominator emotional jujitsu seeking to dictate everything in your life.

Fortunately, as the UK’s kneelers have ably demonstrated, people get to a point of Fed UP!

Too bad Pelosi and Schiff can’t sense the growing outrage.  But  you know who can:  Mr. 109 Tweets in a day.

Meanwhile, defenders of the “old media paradigm(like Chris Wallace) can’t seem to grasp that the MSM “lock” on news was forever broken when Trump went “consumer-direct” on Twitter.  Game over…except for the slowest-learners in the MSM.

With the back of News Control broken, the democratization of information accelerates.

IOW: UrbanSurvival is an example of “free press.”  I write it, monetize it, and present responsibly – even belonging to a professional association.  Yet our odd take on things would never pass muster with corporate MSM suck-ups.  Useful illustration?  The MSM is little more than “rip & read” newsers…

The change has weight:  On the Peoplenomics side, we have been asking since March 19, 2016:  Is there a second “civil” war in the cards?  Economic concentration of power may hint that way.  And then we get into the problem of when to tell Donald Trump how much “computational policy support” he will have jammed down his throat if he wins…?”  The answer to this is still pending – it’s what the impeachment and Barr/Durham grand jury are all about.

Main point?  Bet me we won’t see a BoJo – Trump rally focused on “taking back government for the people”  from the self-appointed rulers of the Nanny State and their puppets who were sucked into the Digital Coup attempt.  

Save us a couple of tickets. Digital Patriotism is being born to oppose the Digital Uprising.  Game’s on…

Retail Sails

With market futures up after tacking on 220 to the Dow yesterday:

Not enough real data?  Then how about import and export price trends?

After the data, Dow futures +75.  Bitcoins $7,221.  Fed Repo Depot splashed in $  56.45 Billion.

And Money Supply?  Grab some more ink!!!  13 weeks ending Dec. 2,  M1 was screaming up 9.1% and in the lagging (ending Oct. 30) 90-day M1 was screaming ahead 12.6%.  (Wanna print us off a few mil while you’re at it, there, Jerry?)

Be Wary of Trade Hype

As I told you earlier this week, expect the administration to “play the trade deal card.”  Which they have (predictably) done.

But, as the Wall St. Journal reports “China Offers No Confirmation on U.S. Trade Deal.”  In fact, if you look at the front page of the party paper Xinhua (English, ‘natch) over here, what “Big Deal” is conspicuously missing?  We don’t think China will sign anything until 2020’s outcome is clearer.  Why would they with fellow Marxist’s in the 2020 run?

Trends Ahead has been tracking the lack of sunspots.  We’re getting close to record territory for “spotless days” for the year.  No uptick forecast until 2024 in the NOAA data.  So, back-up food production should be an extremely high priority in the spring…

As for the weekend:

We might get to 78 here in the semi-tropical Concord Mountains of East Texas by Sunday.

A different kind of hydro power to keep an eye on up north: Tidal energy project in Canada gets green light from authorities.

People in the San Francisco area will want to be aware of a new USGS hazard map that shows increased risks for the East Bay and South Bay areas.

Woo-Woo: Cross-Realm Learning

Ure is gob-smacked today.  Not just because the more I look, at the “unified theory” laid out in the Peoplenomics report Wednesday, the more pieces fall into place.  (Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty neat!)

What’s even cooler, though, is that I’m getting a better handle on deeply-connecting the “dream realms” and the “waking state” with the goal of becoming a better student of Universe.

Ever wonder how creative – and how much energy you could tap-into – if you could access both the waking part of your brain as well as the “dreaming” (free-wheeling, unbounded) part, at will?

Seems that may be a path of religious adepts.  Sort of like keeping an “open line” into higher self.

To do this, seems the whole point of “meditation” and “prayer”  becomes learning to “hang around the middle ground between waking sleep, accessing the different powers on each side.

Sound a bit daft?  Well, sure….you bet!   But roll with me here:

As laid out in my book on living two lives (one waking, one in dream states) I’ve been making a lot of notes on what goes on “over there.”  Read my book Psychocartography for details.

What’s coming into focus now is in addition to each of us having a “waking state” and “dream Realms” is that we pass through something of a  psychological switch yard – if you remember how railroads work.  Switch yards are where trains are made-up and dispatched from.  Think of the train station scenes leaving for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films; good metaphor.  But with a gazillion trains…no kids…and a much more psychedelic experience of extended sensory inputs.

What’s interesting (and not sure how the “trainmaster” personality/supervisor (the Big G?) thing works, exactly), is that occasionally grand ideas are “imprinted” on  personalities transiting from the dream to waking-state.  (In that switching zone between sleep and awake…)

Yeah…got a curious “message” (mission? writing assignment?)  upon transiting back to waking this morning.  A simple message, but it becomes a full-blown report in tomorrow’s Peoplenomics:

“Technology has destroyed privacy.”

Honestly, I’d never looked at it that way, before.  But now, step-wise its very evident.

It’s a wonderful tale if I can tell it right.  Lots of nuance and examples.  A marvelous perspective on how tech is both our best friend and our worst enemy.

Which is why not so much “deep thinking” this morning.  Don’t want to ‘crowd out” the graceful contextual setting in the “assignment” for tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. LOL hahahahaha on the floor laughing my A off…… LOL LOL
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    dam I love google ad’s

    I just love google ad’s… LOL LOL LOL…

  2. George, you know I’m a history geek. We already ‘are’ in a civil war – ideologically. As with America’s 1860-65 Civil War, this one is starting as a battle of political wills. For those doubting my comparison, I defer (and refer) to the Pulitzer Prize winning book “The Battle Cry of Freedom” by James M. McPherson. The ideological rhyming of our 2008 to present period in American history unnervingly mirrors that from the Mexican-American War (1846-48) to Lincoln’s election just prior to Fort Sumter. Despite all of the disparate subtexts and loose coalitions, in my opinion it boils down today to conflict between progressivist globalism vs. conservative nationalism. The UK/EU divorce is tangentially related, meaning this conflict will likely soon expand across borders. Next step will likely be intra-national strikes and protests (some becoming violent) followed by economic embargoes and sanctions. Keep Ure eye on the UN.

    • Dam I don’t think I’ve read that one… thanks for sharing I’ll put it on my to read list..

    • Warhammer the carpenter,, keeps hitting the nail on the head !
      the reader named Mark, bragged up UNESCO while he was in Guatamala during the caravan formations,,,I personally, have no respect for Soros or his followers,, using women and children to attack our country,,,they are evil cowards

    • The UN will do as we say after all we are the heavy hitters in financing its payroll.First you have to have something to rally the people,slavery worked with Lincoln and the New England bankers,then you bring in the preachers to rally the cause from the pulpit,hire those like John Brown to egg it on,and now that’s lacking for there isn’t a cause to work people up outside of party dogma and that;s not going to work for as they say the worst enemy of the people are the people themselves.

      Our sins are the sins that we the people created as they believed whatever party dogma was spouted by the what politicians told them, voted for the same crook time after time and wondered why things never changed but the chains only got tighter.The only thing that will break those chains is a long deep depression,to break the 1% who buys those in congress and the oval office,as the man said if the people aren’t vigilant they will become serfs on the land that their ancestors fought and died for,we are almost there now. We will simply wait and see if there is any will of the people to change it,and I doubt it.!!!

    • Agreed. Civil War 2 (CW2) imo is currently underway as low-level conflict. Watch for the mass shootings to continue sighting various political and/pr religious causes. These are likely being coordinated to give the circus in the swamp reasons to divide the nation further. Watch schools and churches.

    • Warhammer

      Thanks for the suguested reading material The Battle Cry Of Freedom found used hard back for $7.85 on the net. Hopefully can gleen some useful info on posable comeing events.

  3. George,

    You are confusing two divergent thought processes.

    The will of the public doesn’t want to shut down the Conservative style of governance. They may want to tweak it to make our economy a bit more sustainable, but overall, things are pretty darn good right now.

    HOWEVER…The will of the people are smart enough to know that Trump has zero to do with any positive outcome that has happened the past 3 years and just want him to go away…That’s a majority of all people in all parties. He makes it pretty obvious that he is way to stupid to understand how the world works. Ask him about the details of a unilateral trade agreement. Ask him about Structural deficits, cyclical deficits and the fiscal gap…Ask him about D-5, dollar overhang, fungibility, NWIO, etc and he will say something like. “They are all the best, maybe the best in history, it’s beautiful, so beautiful.”

    In other words, he has no clue…The man doesn’t even have the brain capacity to wear more than one suit. It may be too confusing and could cause seizures in his limited cranial capacity to wear a green tie with a dark blue suit. Or speak words with more than 5 letters and a vocabulary of more than 100 words.

    No…the will of the people is to rid the world of this numbskull, plain and simple. The GOP can even stay as long as they admit they made a huge mistake supporting this boob.

    • @Markz

      YOUR hatred can never be ‘masked’….and with that..may YOU be the first to go forth in the ‘purge’….as the ‘will of the people’ seem to demand

    • “… and just want him to go away…That’s a majority of all people in all parties.” Are you a Bolshevik too, brother? On the other hand — you are just so smart, it doesn’t make sense IMHO, of course. ;-)

      Perhaps you could explain to me why there are 4-5 channels on TV promoting religion and they always show a full stadium of worshipers.

    • I believe several of your customers said the same thing “I can’t believe I hired this boob.”

      The redack machine was on holiday today for our benefit so we could read the entire post for a good laugh. Wears same suit & tie, dollar overhang, D5, cyclical deficits, fungibility, etc, etc, etc. What does any of that have to do with anything, but to show you are a windbag & impressed by yourself.

    • Ah, Mark, Mark, Mark. Look at the I Q bellcurve. You will note that the populace with intelligence up to slightly above average I Q are the majority of the people. Those with high intelligence are a definite minority. So how is this this minority going to have the votes to vote Trump out in 2020?

      • Librarian,
        You just made my case. Anyone with a high IQ and an above average IQ are the ones smart enough to know that Trump is an imposter, a con man and a disgrace to humanity. These are the overwhelming majority of voters. Come one…do the math.

        The latest metrics of the 2018 midterm elections showed that people were sick of Trump then…thus the flipping of 41 seats in the House. Why? In 2016, nearly half of registered voters or over 100 million people DID NOT vote. The choices were awful…so people sat out. I would say that many of those that sat out would have voted for another Democrat…just to not see Trump win…but at what cost? Hillary was just as abhorrent. The midterms were a chance to make-up and correct the nightmare that has since happened.

        Trump has doubled down on his incredibly unprofessional behavior. I am glad my kids are all grown up, because I would not want them to think that the behavior of this President is a precedent for power. For example…One of thousands…No matter what you think of Greta Thunberg, and your views on Climate Change…I think Climate Change is a Hoax too…But I would never lash out at a 16 year old. She is entitled to her free speech rights. I can disagree. I can call out those that are supporting her…but it’s cowardice to attack a minor.

        I support conservative politics…I support fiscal responsibility…I voted outside the GOP ticket only twice in my 62 years…(minus 18 year pre-voting age) once for Ross Perot and Once for Obama vs Romney…If you support Trump however…shame on you…

      • “Anyone with a high IQ and an above average IQ are the ones smart enough to know that Trump is an imposter,”

        Mark.. it surprises me.. you dont even get it DJT is sincere in his quest to help our country.. how high an IQ is doesnt mean squat..

      • “Anyone with a high IQ and an above average IQ are the ones smart enough to know that Trump is an imposter,”

        Oh my Old Librarian… I totally get Mark’s leaning towards socialism…but I wouldn’t have ever expected you to not recognize that IQ doesn’t have anything to do with anything. It is totally up to those that are willing to think the situation through. Those that can see the perspectives from all sides and what the motives are from all sides.
        As George always says.. everything is a business model.. follow the money.. who benefits who loses if they succeed in their quests.

    • WHAT is the matter Mark? President Trump is the president of The United States of America and you are NOT, jealous boy are you? maybe this is what you are worried about
      18 U.S. Code §?2385. Advocating overthrow of Government.

      Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or

      Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or

      Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof—

      Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

      If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

      As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

      We remember your contribution to the migrant caravans
      Costa Rica,, you say
      article 4, could save ya

    • “overall, things are pretty darn good right now.”

      Dam Mark..I wished I lived on top of the pile instead of at the bottom.. the view from my position isnt looking as cheery..

      At least someone is having a good time..

  4. Darn George,
    Where have you been. Privacy has been gone since my son in law sat in front of my house and could tell me who was on line and what they were seeing,doint for a 1 mile circle around my house. That was 2004 or so. free app online. Cameras attached to computers,phones, less privacy. Movie hinting at AT&T in 1960’s being able to control the world.. Yeah,if you used a phone they or government could hear it. Had been tapping lines since 1930’s..
    Technology wonderful stuff but more invasive. Want secrets, don’t tell anyone,don’t talk about it on phone ,computer. Transmit messages slowly by spoken word or by written code on flash paper. Make sure its triggered to burn 5 minutes after the recipient reads it.. If you want the world to know,do, on phone,shout from roof tops. Keep electronics out of bedroom,cover camera stuff,cover amplifiers or anything that transmits sound..
    Our modern world..

    • Rewatch Enemy of the State. Put out in 1998. The main issue regards a “Patriot Act” government surveillance project, that a particular few wanted implemented. Cue 2001. As they say, the message is in the movie, we just have to find it, eh?

  5. What – no mention of the $500 billion (half a trillion$’s) the fed plans on dumping into the market prior to the end of the year – expanding their balance sheet to a new, all-time high; even higher than at the depths of the GR? I try to tell anybody that will listen why the ‘market’ is shooting up and it isn’t due to increased sales and profit…

    • The Fed money ensures increased sales & profits. Increased Black Friday sales, Internet of Things, AI, Blockchain, Robotics, 5g. Huge spending in these areas, just like Y2K spending created a bull market, this huge change is creating a bull market. It is real.

  6. “occasionally grand ideas are “imprinted” on  personalities transiting from the dream to waking-state.  (In that switching zone between sleep and awake…)”

    Have you ever noticed that the great thinkers of the day were those a little out of the ordinary. The day dreamers…
    Speaking about oddities…

    Well it’s being deciphered I read the parts that’s been decrypted already or at least what’s been released.. it’s an ancient Babylon turkey dielect.. and is basically an ancient farmers almanac..
    Very interesting.. I cant wait to get a copy of the whole thing after it’s been deciphered. Somewhere around here I have a copy of it that hasn’t been decrypted.. the part I’m waiting for is the recipe section.. I. Not big in vegan meals but will welcome trying a few..

    • You talk about a 2nd civil war but you wont define/describe the opposing sides. If you’re going to say Patriots vs Non-Patriots then how will the military Generals break down. Dont you think there would be a military force on both sides of a civil war?

    • Finally you got a clue – yet dont even realize it as such. The ice sheets will break off and slide into ocean – ice sheets get stuck in Deep Well Current Oscillators that drive global currents – which drives global winds ect. When the DWCO’s get clogged up with large chunks (miles wide) of ice – we get new ice age..

  7. George

    ” the party has become a rudderless IED”.

    Perhaps a better analagy would be a Sea Mine layed in the path of the Ship of State?

    “Ever wonder how creative – and how much energy you could tap-into ”

    Vader: If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!

    Be careful where you tread! There are demons and dark entities like Shadow People who slip between the Realms.

    I used to think that stuff was all bunk but then I saw a full bodied apparition of my deceased sister in law. Once you realize that everything is a form of energy you see that many things can be real.

    Arm yourself with more knowledge of what may lie on the Other Side before you end up making a permanent transition by accident.

  8. “blocking the remedial efforts eh? how exactly are we supposed to “remediate” the permafrost? You are about as bright as a box of hammers… facepalm… YOU been HAD!

  9. “And Money Supply? Grab some more ink!!! 13 weeks ending Dec. 2, M1 was screaming up 9.1% and in the lagging (ending Oct. 30) 90-day M1 was screaming ahead 12.6%.”

    Congress should spend their time on above instead of wasting all our time on sham investigating our duly elected POTUS. jmho!

    However, when one scans TV it’s obvious that people clamour for entertainment. Warning: All these viewers are able to vote ;-((.

  10. I had two dreams, not quite back to back, but both had the same underlying point to it. Gist of it was, at some point the midwest has a devastating earthquake and much of the older buildings of Chicago are rubble ruins that the gov(state/fed/city?) decides to simply raze down and make it useable land once again. Much of it was in the outerlying city, like Gary. I haven’t been watching or thinking of earthquakes in a very long time, either.

  11. et tu George .. censoring logical end of the financial world collapse .. yep isolation theory.. not for this bear !!!! short the guts out of everything . well try this one

  12. “Technology has destroyed privacy.” Well… DUH! This is a ‘Revelation’? Where have you been, mister ALEXA user? Somehow I think there must be more to this story. Waiting…

  13. With regard to technology and privacy: Just ’cause you haven’t been paranoid in the past doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be. All of those databases which are so secret – medical records, fingerprints, financial records, and DNA are all up for sale to pretty much any bidder. No doubt your conversations overheard by your home automation are being logged somewhere you can’t erase. Garbage collectors get brownie points from the Man for ransacking garbage bags looking for DNA samples and identity documents. Phone calls? Internet browsing history? Email? Smart phone data? Think your social media posts are really anonymous?
    You are just one f’n mouse-click away from a crime scene being seeded physically or electronically with every form of your identity info you can imagine, and some you can’t. The lesson that Russia-gate teaches is that minions of the wealthy and the State own your ass, and you are on the auction block to whomever wants your property or your life, and can pay the going price. If there is open season on public figures in the highest public offices and their men, then what protects you? The free independent press? The apolitical non-partisan secret police? The local bar association is just overflowing with top-flight lawyers who take on WASP political detainees for reduced cost, you say?
    My experience is that you are are on your own with no one coming to help when confronted with a sufficiently well connected or financed adversary intent on destroying you. The only ally you have is time. There can be consequences for malice which goes on publicly too long, and involves too many dupes and stooges. The D’s and some selected scape-minions may learn that in 2020. I look forward to your column tomorrow.

  14. “Too bad Pelosi and Schiff can’t sense the growing outrage.”


    at this point.. Do they even care if the people did show their outrage…

    The laws are in place.. there are UN forces in the country that could be activated to maintain peace.. the People are forced to work day and night they really don’t have time to be caught up in the drama of it all.. they no longer read reports they are only taught what MSM is going to tell them to think..

    So does it make any difference at all what the people think and want?
    They voted in Trump to make a difference and before he even took office was telling everyone that what they wanted was not something they really wanted..

    • I think Stews site.. HIT it on the Nail Head again…

      I do know as just a bottom feeder that see’s something nefarious happening and all Hell is coming our way like a freight train.. it scares me.. how do I survive? How does my family survive when it gets here?.. the only good news is .. Our local man Mark is still positive about the whole economy.. So what is happening to us at the bottom hasn’t touched or showed its ugly head that far up yet..

      • Markx’s views are ALL set inside the matrix….and HATRED will not let him exit..Therefore..the ‘ugly head’ headed our way…..will NEVER enter his realm….and the ‘matrix’ will consume those inside , without even a ‘whimper’….You and I and many more will experience the results of ‘written profetic history’….the WORD has been spoken for millenia…some do not hear…others do not care….still others deny its message and have one of their own…which I do not care to follow and will never ‘bend a knee’ to them or ‘it’…never……….Semper Fi

      • Several years back when I was on harder times than I am currently, I started going through my finances and my lifestyle, and came to the conclusion that I could live better on less with a little discipline, and with some hard-nosed paring down of both recurring and opportunistic expenses.
        My base lifestyle was already frugal and cash oriented, and I saved money ahead of time for major capital expenses rather than selling myself into debt slavery. While my set-up isn’t with as low an overhead as G____’s, who’s is? I am closer to medical care and employment opportunities than G____. There didn’t seem to be any real advantage to permanent relocation.
        Reducing insurance and medical expenses without incurring additional risk were the biggest cost savings, but I also cracked down on frivilous entertainment and lifestyle expenditures. I dropped a couple of insurance policies which I would have never collected on, and worked with my enrolled tax agent to wring every possible deduction I could for major medical insurance and medical expenses. This is a place where the real tax professionals find deductions, while you and/or the storefront tax preparers are in over your heads.
        Communication expenses were next on the list. I renegotiated my Internet service at a 50% discount (and a higher bit rate). I cut the mobile phone charges by 2/3’s, and got improved service on top of it.
        I cut out a lot of projects which required capital expenditures with little hope of a pay-out, and began concentrating on projects which had a real pay-out. Another foot of insulation in the attic cut the power bill and made the house quieter. This year I upgraded my surge protection for risk mitigation and aversion. I also kicked appliances I wasn’t getting any real benefit from to the curb.
        I will acknowledge that it also helped that I had some good luck on an investment when things were looking most bleak.
        Right now, my cash flow is adequate, my reserves can always use improvement, and I am continuing to evaluate my lifestyle and recurring expenses to optimize without making myself miserable.
        Sometimes you have to make some really hard decisions on what is really important to you, and what is frivilous. In my case, travel has been a lifestyle casualty. For you, it may be the house and location that no longer fits with your circumstance and stage of life. Try to step back and view your circumstance from a more detached viewpoint. It sounds easy, but it really isn’t. Where can you cut expenses without taking on more risk? How do you stabilize or improve your cash flow? Is it time to scale back? It is usually self analysis that yields the most insightful and effective adjustments.

        Try and take the days one at a time, and God bless us, every one!

  15. “No matter what you think of Greta Thunberg, and your views on Climate Change…I think Climate Change is a Hoax too…But I would never lash out at a 16 year old. She is entitled to her free speech rights. I can disagree. I can call out those that are supporting her…but it’s cowardice to attack a minor. ”


    First of all, she hasn’t “free speech rights.” In her native land. If she were sexually assaulted by a “Middle Eastern immigrant” (as so many Swedish girls have been over the past 15-20 years), and exercised her “free speech rights” to either complain or to file a police report, SHE would be arrested for “intolerance.”

    Second of all, both the “mainstream Media” and “mainstream pundits” consider Baron Trump as fair game. These are the assholes from whom you obtain your news and opinion. Are they cowards also, and if so, why are you letting them spoonfeed you your opinions?

    Third of all, Greta has dealt herself into an adult conversation in an adult world. By choosing to play on the big kids’ playground, she has ceded any moral right she may have had, to hide behind her age or use it for protection.

    • DT covets. He attacks those who deprive him of what he wants. He is a sore loser. Abusing his position to attack anyone via social media lessens his stature as the leader of our nation. If he found another means to do so, I then wouldn’t care less, but he is milking is position as President for all it is worth. The truth is the more he tweets, the less people care and his messages become more meaningless. He’s the boy who cries wolf and, frankly, people are getting tired of the circus he’s created.

      As for Baron Trump, when did the MSM attack him? The episode in Congress was not an attack, either. The exchange had nothing to do about the boy but about his parents’ motives when naming him. Her point was the U.S. government is not ruled by royalty despite anyone’s aspirations. I understand Mom lashing out to protect her precious child. Dad’s silence only confirmed the witness was correct in calling DT out.

    • Ray,
      Show me a main stream article or news account of Baron Trump being bullied. There aren’t any. Main stream, while always vilified by the dunce in charge, has more scruples than let’s say Fox or right wing nut media. Have you ever sat down and watched an entire Fox or radio broadcast. The hosts are always yelling. It’s part of a psychological warfare to create a visual and live meme. Hannity, Jeanine Pirro (the worst) Mark Levin(second worst), Tucker Carlson…a complete joke. Why? Read this article below. It disgusts me.

      Jeff Giesea, a consultant who has worked with venture capitalist Peter Thiel and the Koch brothers, is a self-described “memetics” expert. During the 2016 campaign, he joined with men’s rights agitator Mike Cernovich to organize MAGA3X, a grassroots army of online trolls who worked to meme Trump to the White House. The effort produced tens of thousands of social media accounts, all working in concert to promote Trump, with a heavy emphasis on iconography. They even created a flash-mob meme generator to make it easy for Trump supporters to hook up in real life.
      Giesea has long argued that memes are such a powerful tool they should be used as cyberwarfare to combat propaganda from ISIS and other foreign threats. In 2015, he wrote in a NATO journal on information warfare that “it seems obvious that more aggressive communication tactics and broader warfare through trolling and memes is a necessary, inexpensive, and easy way to help destroy the appeal and morale of our common enemies…Memetic warfare is about taking control of the dialogue, narrative, and psychological space. It’s about denigrating, disrupting, and subverting the enemy’s effort to do the same.”

      • “Have you ever sat down and watched an entire Fox or radio broadcast. ”

        No, I haven’t. TV is escapism — It is a ball game, a (scripted, “reality”) show if it teaches me something, heck, even an historical fiction disguised as a factual mini-series. I don’t get my information from television — EVER — because I demand accuracy. Being principally an entertainment medium, TV has fallen short in the accuracy department since at least the 1960s. Folks who have to depend on the telly for any kind of actual true or relevant information are so clueless they’re pitiable…

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