BoJo Rocks It, Dems Losing It

(Happy Triska) Boris Johnson, who ran on the Conservative ticket, promising to get the UK BREXIT from the Europrick’s Kingdom done, slammed victory in UK voting Thursday.

In a move not to be missed by democrats pursuing their Digital Uprising/ Online Coup against Donald Trump, says over here “Boris has promised not to betray the public’s trust.”

What democrats should take from BoJo’s biggest Conservative win since the 1980’s is “beware, lest 2020 be a rhyme…

After arguing for more than 14-hours, the dems couldn’t get their poop-grouped, so they will vote this morning beginning at 10 AM.  Pooped, we’re certain.

Democrats, once a semi-respectable lot, (a few could still read financial statements) are increasingly ignoring the will of the public, using the Courts and all other tools to obstruct progress.  Now pushing such divisive agendas as reparations and super-taxing people who create wealth, the party has become a rudderless IED, if there is such a thing.

Not saying the wealthy can’t pay more…but demo insurgents play lowest common-denominator emotional jujitsu seeking to dictate everything in your life.

Fortunately, as the UK’s kneelers have ably demonstrated, people get to a point of Fed UP!

Too bad Pelosi and Schiff can’t sense the growing outrage.  But  you know who can:  Mr. 109 Tweets in a day.

Meanwhile, defenders of the “old media paradigm(like Chris Wallace) can’t seem to grasp that the MSM “lock” on news was forever broken when Trump went “consumer-direct” on Twitter.  Game over…except for the slowest-learners in the MSM.

With the back of News Control broken, the democratization of information accelerates.

IOW: UrbanSurvival is an example of “free press.”  I write it, monetize it, and present responsibly – even belonging to a professional association.  Yet our odd take on things would never pass muster with corporate MSM suck-ups.  Useful illustration?  The MSM is little more than “rip & read” newsers…

The change has weight:  On the Peoplenomics side, we have been asking since March 19, 2016:  Is there a second “civil” war in the cards?  Economic concentration of power may hint that way.  And then we get into the problem of when to tell Donald Trump how much “computational policy support” he will have jammed down his throat if he wins…?”  The answer to this is still pending – it’s what the impeachment and Barr/Durham grand jury are all about.

Main point?  Bet me we won’t see a BoJo – Trump rally focused on “taking back government for the people”  from the self-appointed rulers of the Nanny State and their puppets who were sucked into the Digital Coup attempt.  

Save us a couple of tickets. Digital Patriotism is being born to oppose the Digital Uprising.  Game’s on…

Retail Sails

With market futures up after tacking on 220 to the Dow yesterday:

Not enough real data?  Then how about import and export price trends?

After the data, Dow futures +75.  Bitcoins $7,221.  Fed Repo Depot splashed in $  56.45 Billion.

And Money Supply?  Grab some more ink!!!  13 weeks ending Dec. 2,  M1 was screaming up 9.1% and in the lagging (ending Oct. 30) 90-day M1 was screaming ahead 12.6%.  (Wanna print us off a few mil while you’re at it, there, Jerry?)

Be Wary of Trade Hype

As I told you earlier this week, expect the administration to “play the trade deal card.”  Which they have (predictably) done.

But, as the Wall St. Journal reports “China Offers No Confirmation on U.S. Trade Deal.”  In fact, if you look at the front page of the party paper Xinhua (English, ‘natch) over here, what “Big Deal” is conspicuously missing?  We don’t think China will sign anything until 2020’s outcome is clearer.  Why would they with fellow Marxist’s in the 2020 run?

Trends Ahead has been tracking the lack of sunspots.  We’re getting close to record territory for “spotless days” for the year.  No uptick forecast until 2024 in the NOAA data.  So, back-up food production should be an extremely high priority in the spring…

As for the weekend:

We might get to 78 here in the semi-tropical Concord Mountains of East Texas by Sunday.

A different kind of hydro power to keep an eye on up north: Tidal energy project in Canada gets green light from authorities.

People in the San Francisco area will want to be aware of a new USGS hazard map that shows increased risks for the East Bay and South Bay areas.

Woo-Woo: Cross-Realm Learning

Ure is gob-smacked today.  Not just because the more I look, at the “unified theory” laid out in the Peoplenomics report Wednesday, the more pieces fall into place.  (Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty neat!)

What’s even cooler, though, is that I’m getting a better handle on deeply-connecting the “dream realms” and the “waking state” with the goal of becoming a better student of Universe.

Ever wonder how creative – and how much energy you could tap-into – if you could access both the waking part of your brain as well as the “dreaming” (free-wheeling, unbounded) part, at will?

Seems that may be a path of religious adepts.  Sort of like keeping an “open line” into higher self.

To do this, seems the whole point of “meditation” and “prayer”  becomes learning to “hang around the middle ground between waking sleep, accessing the different powers on each side.

Sound a bit daft?  Well, sure….you bet!   But roll with me here:

As laid out in my book on living two lives (one waking, one in dream states) I’ve been making a lot of notes on what goes on “over there.”  Read my book Psychocartography for details.

What’s coming into focus now is in addition to each of us having a “waking state” and “dream Realms” is that we pass through something of a  psychological switch yard – if you remember how railroads work.  Switch yards are where trains are made-up and dispatched from.  Think of the train station scenes leaving for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films; good metaphor.  But with a gazillion trains…no kids…and a much more psychedelic experience of extended sensory inputs.

What’s interesting (and not sure how the “trainmaster” personality/supervisor (the Big G?) thing works, exactly), is that occasionally grand ideas are “imprinted” on  personalities transiting from the dream to waking-state.  (In that switching zone between sleep and awake…)

Yeah…got a curious “message” (mission? writing assignment?)  upon transiting back to waking this morning.  A simple message, but it becomes a full-blown report in tomorrow’s Peoplenomics:

“Technology has destroyed privacy.”

Honestly, I’d never looked at it that way, before.  But now, step-wise its very evident.

It’s a wonderful tale if I can tell it right.  Lots of nuance and examples.  A marvelous perspective on how tech is both our best friend and our worst enemy.

Which is why not so much “deep thinking” this morning.  Don’t want to ‘crowd out” the graceful contextual setting in the “assignment” for tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,