Holiday Marketing, Boxing Monday, Outing Santa

We’re not at all fond of having Holidays fall on weekends.

In fact, we don’t like the world’s Calendar system one damn bit.  Because – at a minimum – it doesn’t take the celestial timekeepers into account.

See, there are two natural “clocks” that would make more sense, they’re the moon’s roughly 28-day spin and the Sun’s 365-whatever.  Solar works out four logical breakpoints: the solstices and equinoxes. Toss in a monthly day off to party and call that Festive!


The problem with non-celestial-based “festival timings” is they are prone to day-jacking.

Either for a limited use national event, religion, or domestic illusion marketing.  President’s Day in February, for example, is a non-event in China.  Just guessing here, but is MLK Day next month a big deal in, oh, Norway, for example?

This holiday stuff is half-past-crazy:  In Germany, for example, January 6th will be Epiphany Day in three German states.  Presumably, the rest of Germany is ephiphless (if we can take further indecent linguistic liberties).

Germans have to work until April 15th for their first national holiday in ’22. That’s when Germany’s Good Friday falls this year.

Here in East Texas, ALL Friday’s are Good.  But where that’s a function of being in the Bible Belt, or just being tired of working too hard for too little time off, will have to be sorted out by the U.N.

Now here is a place holiday mis-dating reaches crisis levels.  The Orthodox Christmas (Jan. 7) and New Year (Jan. 11) are about as detached as we can handle.  But for the UN, how do they manage things like Tamil Thia Pongal Day on Jan. 14 (solar calendar, but we’re mystified as to how).  Or four days later on Jan. 18’s Thaipusam which is Hindu solar calendar based.

I won’t belabor the point, except to say if the Internet really has any future of “Connecting humans globally” we don’t need USB chips implanted in our heads.  Instead, we need to begin to act as one Humanity.

In the meantime, I apologize for failing to note Kwanzaa Sunday, which China, Russia, and most of the rest of the world including (officially) almost all of Africa ignored.  Still, this is the second day of Kwanzaa (meaning “first fruits”) which runs until New Years. (We’re still not clear on where “first fruits” are found in America, at this time of year. Still, here in PC Texas, it’s a state holiday.)

Maybe there’s hope for 70-something fat privileged males on Wednesday of this week when Sri Lanka’s Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day pops.  Or Thursday which is the Philippines Rizal Day.  (I had no idea before 6:02 AM today what a “Rizal Day” is.)  My bad.

Outing Santa

These adventures in “creative calendaring” reveal a sadly human trait to “cal-jack” tribal human holidays (or just make up alternatives) in order to sell division among people.  They are largely national, political, racial, or religious marketing tools.

Which then get tied in to “festivals.”  Which, in turn, evolved past a big meal and getting laid (the low tech version) into Boxing Day, Cyber Monday, and all the rest of the excess consumption global business model.  Which would promptly implode if people realized they could just chill.  Not point trying to “buying a stairway to Heaven‘ if it drives pandemics, depletion, and climate change, is there?


Logic aside, already we are seeing a few headlines pointing in the direction of “record sales” this year.  Like Holiday sales jumped 8.5% with clothing the top seller.

Again, we’re confounded and confused on two fronts.  First, if we’re all working from home now, who needs clothing?  Second, with the Fed’s pimping out the Monetary Base by 28% how could sales (based on dollars not unit volume) possibly NOT hit new record highs?

In Ireland, as well as elsewhere, dangers of Covid to shoppers were showcased.  As in Shoppers Told To Avoid Christmas Sales As CMO Issues Stark Warning.

The real outing of Santa (who seems, oddly, exempt from a “climate change” scare campaign from the greedy Wokees) will come when the overall sales become clear just after New Year’s.

For now, Santa has left us all holding the bag…Good news? No more deer droppings on the roof for another year.

National Weather Crapshoot

One of my chilluns called from the Seattle area early this morning.

What’s the temperature down there, dad?”

“68 –  but we should hit 78 this afternoon.”

Well, up here it’s 15 (expletives deleted) this morning and the hill we’re on has 5-inches of snow and ice on top….”

The Sunday adventures of shopping and trying to drive a car up the equivalent of the Alps, then having to walk everything 3-blocks up, vertically, reminded me The South ain’t such a bad place.  Besides lower taxes and year-round gardening, I mean.

National weather for this New Year’s shortened week sees The Big Cold heading our way.  But in Texas today, the only remarkable weather feature is the fog down in Austin.  But what state capitol doesn’t run in a fog, for crying out loud.

I’d almost like to be up at NorthStar for this.  You know, fire in the cabin, watching part of the 350-inches annual fall.  But with travel advisories and Covid warnings, I’ll have to scrounge through the garden for late tomatoes, instead. Maybe play with the fire-fired pizza oven later on.

Don’t go off hating Texas;  high of only 43 coming Sunday.  Chicago by comparison will have a high of 22.  Though we still won’t need body armor to get the mail.

And speaking of ChiTown In 2021, Chicago’s gun violence spread into neighborhoods that normally enjoy a sense of security.  You go defund the cops if you’re that stupid.  The Police1 site offers useful dope in How social unrest challenged law enforcement in 2021.  And social unrest if fueled online by what we continue to call The Digital Uprising led by Clickbate Revolutionaries.  

Now grab a brick, and let’s go shopping…

Smashing Dumbkins

Register pet owners, not pets department: Chart of the Day: Which are the Mean Vicious Dogs Breeds?  Spoiler alert: Pits and Rots.  True, registering pet owners may sound extreme, but “insurance to own a gun” is the Next Big Move of the Left we see.  But no insurance to own a killer breed without a Dog Safety training program?  Come on, now… you do want to be able to carry a “concealed schnauzer” right?

Counterpoint from Zeus the Cat Large Cat Breeds That Also Make Excellent Pets.  I told Zeus to piss off and reminded him that “…in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces in south-eastern China, some—especially older—people consider cat flesh a good warming food during winter months…”  I also reminded him my 73’rd birthday in 2-months off.

Oh!  Let’s blame gift returns, shall we?  Record holiday gift returns are ‘exacerbating’ supply chain issues: Optoro president.  Not saying he’s wrong, though.  Which is why our Christmas is a very small check run and a few transfers.  Every notice no one returns cash?

War Watch continues:  While 10,000 Russian troops have moved back a bit from the Ukraine border ahead of talks with Germany, it’s a 10% of forces media move, more than anything, as we view it.  Ukraine President Zelenskiy under influence of radical nationalistic forces, says Putin.  We continue looking for reservist call-ups are the real indicator of when it’s time to Duck!

Year-End Useful

OK, so you don’t read Watch Dog Uganda regularly.  But, some good advice, seems to us, in 10 choices you will regret in 10 years.

Also worth your time is INC’s Your Goal for 2022: Improve by One Percent.

Of course, if this is too, too much for you, perhaps Kardashian Christmas Bash: Mother Of Pete Davidson Rumored is more your speed?

ATR: The Christmas Room

Price of 2-by-4’s at the local Lowes here in ETex was running $6.79 Sunday.

Got the coat of Penofin on them and ready for installation today, or tomorrow.

Elaine has cooled a bit on the grow-room project, saying the red tint of the stain “conflicts with the forest.”  Which looks like several shades of battleship gray this time of year, but which outgreen’s Ireland by mid spring.

Lacking solar-angle color-changing paint (another bazillion-dollar idea of mine that the world isn’t ready for), I explained that when I was growing up, Sunset Magazine used to have amazing projects done in redwood. Penofin with rosewood oil in it, put over a light wood, is close to redwood with a coat of WaterSeal on it.

Just upgrading to cedar 2-by-4’s increases costs 3.3 times.  Redwood simply isn’t available here.  No telling if it ever will be, given the western fires this year.

Oh well…off to make do…and breakfast.

Write when you get rich,

73 thoughts on “Holiday Marketing, Boxing Monday, Outing Santa”


    “any future of “Connecting humans globally” we don’t need USB chips implanted in our heads. Instead, we need to begin to act as one Humanity.”

    You know.. the Chinese had the Way long long time ago..
    the tao te ching..
    or you can listen to the teachings of Christ.. only basic rules.. do unto others…
    Where religions got messed up is with the wants of man.. they added crap to the basic rules to fit their situation and desires.. of course that is just my opinion after reading a couple of ancient texts…

  2. On October 22nd Putin gave a speech in which he stated, “Of course, it’s none of our business or what is happening, the social and cultural shocks that are happening in some countries in the Western countries, some believe that aggressive blotting out of whole pages of your own history, the affirmative action in the interest of minorities, and the requirement to renounce the traditional interpretation of such basic values as mother, father, family, and the distinction between sexes are a milestone … a renewal of society.”

    Putin said that Western nations had a right to do whatever they wanted to do but that “the overwhelming majority of Russian society” rejected these new ways of thinking.

    Putin went on to state: “The preparedness of the so-called social progress believes that the bringing a new conscience, a new consciousness to humanity, something that is more correct,” Putin said. “But there is one thing I would like to say: The recipes they come up with are nothing new. Paradoxical as it may seem, but this is something we saw in Russia. It happened in our country before and after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks followed the dogmas of Marx and Engels. And they also declared that they would go into change the traditional lifestyle, the political, the economic lifestyle, as well as the very notion of morality, the basic principles for a healthy society. They were trying to destroy age and century long values, revisiting the relationship between the people, they were encouraging informing on one’s own beloved, and families. It was hailed as the march of progress. And it was very popular across the world, and it was supported by many, as we see, it is happening right now.”

    Putin is right. The people in D.C. are trying to erase our past and centuries long values and re-make it into some phony catch phrase “Build Back Better.” Only 20% of their multi-trillion dollar plan goes for infrastructure. The rest is Socialism. Thank God for Manchin. At the same time, Marxists are trying to re-write our great history. And the political and bureaucratic fools in D.C. have been playing that Russian card for decades to keep the people thinking the Russian people are evil. They played the Russian card against Trump. All while Hillary was busy selling our uranium to Russia for backdoor donations to the Clinton Cash Laundering Foundation.

    The Russia of today does not want to conquer Europe nor the U.S. Why not? The same reason Khrushchev backed down in Cuba. They know they can’t without total annihilation. French nukes and subs, British nukes and subs, U.S. nukes and subs, and NATO. If everyone launches it will be the shortest war in history. And everyone in the Northern hemisphere that doesn’t die immediately, ultimately dies from fallout, nuclear winter and darkness, no electricity, no food, and no water.

    The Russians do not want a militarized NATO on their borders any more than we would want a militarized Russia on our borders. Never corner a Bobcat or get close to a Rattlesnake’s territory. They don’t go looking for trouble, but corner them and they will tear you up. Likewise for a bear!

    Ukraine is a very corrupt country. Ukrainians will tell you that it is. I talked to one six weeks ago and the people cannot stand their corrupt government. Russia wants to bring back into the fold the Russian speaking people in Ukraine that want to re-join Russia. Biden gave them the green light when he said we would not get involved militarily to support Ukraine. Biden said he will impose sanctions from our broke country that the Democrats keep pushing deeper and deeper in the hole. Rather than re-build our country, we have sent all our dollars overseas for decades fighting wars, buying favors, developing infrastructure in other countries, and trying to buy allies like we can afford it anymore. All the while our military and infrastructure are falling apart.

    There is rust on the USS Zumwalt, the Navy’s $9B supposed stealth toy. Rust=steel=not ceramic=not totally stealth. Military excuse-Running Rust. BS. It sends a message of broke, or incompetent. Paint it you fools and change the type of paint! You must project strength and be strong militarily and economically to impose sanctions! We are not strong economically anymore and Biden does not project strength.
    Russia is getting money from gas sold to Europe. Grain and food? Brazil and Argentina are selling tons of grain and beef to both China and Russia that used to be sold by our farmers and ranchers. The evil ones are manipulating our weather to go along with their climate change control agenda. We are in droughts like never seen, including the dust bowl. Tumbleweeds are piling up over barns and houses in numerous states from Texas and New Mexico, to California and north to Montana and North Dakota and all states in between. Food prices will be going through the roof.

    Biden wants to forever bury his crimes in Ukraine…the money laundering, the Hunter Burisma scandal, Hunter’s laptop with evidence of payoffs in Ukraine and other places; and while VP, Biden demanded that Ukraine fire a prosecutor that was investigating Burisma and Hunter that would have exposed Biden corruption in exchange for a $1 billion U.S. check. Isn’t that bribery using U.S. taxpayer dollars? All the corrupt “Fact Checkers”-the NY Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Snopes that are all Operation Mockingbird babies tried to cover up these facts at the time about Biden by calling them ‘Conspiracy Theories.’ What a crock…babbling senile Joe playing tough guy again admitted what he told the Ukrainians totally contradicting “the conspiracy theory” lies by the fact checkers. He admitted on camera in front of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations that he held up the check and said he was going to tear it up if they didn’t fire the prosecutor in 6 hours!

    Biden has always talked like he is such a tough guy. Both Xi and Putin know he is All Talk-No Walk. Big Hat-No Cattle!

    If you want the real boogey men…look at the politicians and bureaucrats in D.C, including some of the brown-nosing military commanders like Milley that are in charge. Implementing woke policies and required unproven Covid vaccines on our troops. Allowing Trannies in the Military! We need people with a lot of Testosterone in the military. The Chinese are raving mad fighting machines. Milley calling the Chinese and telling them he would not allow nuclear weapons to be launched by Trump. Who does he think he is? He sounded like another ex-fool General—the Secretary of State under Reagan, Alexander Haig, when Reagan got shot and Haig was babbling, “I am in charge here.”

    The U.S. has been involved in 20 wars or military conflicts (that we know of) on this planet since WW1. War is Big Business. Old men making money with young men’s blood.

    As we all know, false flags are used by politicians to start their wars. Get the populace up in arms because of some perceived threat, or attack that was created by our own people or supposed allies like Israel. “By way of deception thou shalt do war” = Mossad motto. Dumb people fall for false flags every time. Stir up the Red White and Blue patriotism, followed by a few new patriotic songs from country singers, and continual scripts from the TV Marxist Medias and we are ready to go get the bastards…Bombs away, launch the cruise missiles! Russia did it! And everyone almost immediately forgets all the problems the evil ones caused that hurt the people. Fake vaccines, government and Fed caused economic depressions and recessions, fake manipulated markets, shortages of goods and services, missing Trillions$ from the Pentagon, and rigged elections. Sadly, it has come again. Is another false flag in the making to cover the many mistakes of the current dictators in charge? Yes.

    How many false flags and lies have led to war or increase in war? Old news for us that lived through them, but still important to remember and see the pattern and how they resulted in more death and destruction: Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq by Bush Jr.; Bush Sr. giving Saddam Hussein the false information that nothing would be done if he advanced on Kuwait so Bush could use it as an excuse to invade Iraq; Benghazi was caused by a movie; Syria gassed their own people and children and we had to bomb Syria; the USS Liberty was purposely attacked by Israel, but covered up by LBJ lies; the Gulf of Tonkin USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy attacks were planned and used to escalate Viet Nam; Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter; Mobster Jack Ruby loved Kennedy so much that he was just getting even by killing Oswald; after Kennedy was murdered, LBJ took over while smiling to a winking U.S Representative Albert Thomas (D-TX) on Air Force One while LBJ was standing next to Kennedy’s widow and as soon as Kennedy was buried, here came the Vietnam War buildup; 9/11; Building 7 was brought down in a free fall by shock waves or burning sparks from the Twin Towers; Rumsfield announcing Trillions$ missing from the Pentagon the day before 9/11 and therefore quickly forgotten; and one of the latest greatest lies and cons ever-COVID 19 came from a wet market when in fact it was from a bioweapons lab in China that Fauci used U.S. dollars to help fund TOTAL INSANITY: Gain of Function of a deadly virus. Make it deadlier and make it more transmissible. For what reason, other than to control or kill off the populace, would you want to increase the strength of a deadly virus? It is a test on how far they can push the population by the controlled Globalist Marxists. Lies and False Flags from Traitors with backup disinformation from their propaganda machines: the Commie Marxist news networks, and Commie Marxist Left social networks.

    The problem is not the Russians. The Russians do not want to conquer the U.S. landmass, nor all of Europe. They will only be pushed so far, however. NATO keeps pressing the issue over Ukraine. The Russians don’t have enough people in their military to invade America, but the Europeans are weak militarily. Russia couldn’t invade with enough people to take Texas with all our guns, Fort Hood full of Armored Cavalry, Fort Bliss with the Patriot missiles, Dyess AFB with the nuclear bombers and cruise missile launch platforms, and Fort Worth where they build F35s.
    However, Russia, like the Red Chinese, has the means to invade us via the Internet. Turn off the lights, shut down banking, cause nuclear plants to go hot, shut down refineries, mess with municipal water supplies, shut down communications including television, cell phones, Internet, and I will say it again….Turn off the lights…i.e. shut down the grid. If the grid shuts down, adios banks, brokerage accounts, and cryptos. No money except what you have in the house or silver and gold. Evil internal or foreign groups could do the same thing and blame it on the Russians. FALSE FLAG. False flags do not require bombs and bullets!!!

    Russia has plenty of landmass and natural resources. More than the U.S. And they know, if they launch or invade, we launch. And their new hyper-missiles don’t hold a candle to what we have in secret weaponry. The Russian populace is in the Western part of Russia, their landmass is in the Eastern part of Russia north of China. It is the Chinese they are really worried about, not the Americans. That is why they seek military and economic cooperation. They don’t trust the Chinese.

    It is the Chinese with a military double the size of our military that we should be worried about. Out of a population of 1.47 billion people, they could field an army of 100,000,000 within a year if they had to. Why did the U.S. help fund their military Biolab? Fauci what is your answer? What is your answer why you have allowed Chinese scientists to work at our top Level 4 Biolabs in Galveston and Maryland? Fauci is out for Fauci. He is a psychopath and sociopath. Psychopaths have no empathy.

    The Commie Chinese have already started war. Not the good Chinese people of Pearl S. Buck’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Good Earth. But the 2mm members of the dictatorial evil Chinese Commie Party. They are cold, smileless liars that are never to be trusted. They killed 65mm of their own people. They have started a war on the U.S. via Biological warfare (Covid Wuhan Lab), internet warfare (in our last election and continual theft of our military secrets and blueprints), they have started a financial and trade war, (supply chain disruptions, they now basically own the world’s supply of rare earth minerals with their new Afghan friendship compliments of Mumbling Crooked Joe Biden, and they make the chips used in our telecommunications and military). That’s why the car dealerships are empty.

    The Chinese are in bed with the Mexican Cartels. The Red Chinese manufacture Fentanyl and the Cartels smuggle it into our country through O’Bidens open borders. If there is an invasion of the U.S., it will initially come through the Southern Border, not through Trojan Horse ships with shipping containers that could hold tanks, missiles, and soldiers off the West Coast. It will come through submarine launched missiles to our South in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, and the south Atlantic Ocean below Brazil and subs in the Southern Pacific off Ecuador. It will come from missiles in Venezuela and Central America and Cuba. It will come through a Commie led invasion through Mexico and some Caribbean islands where China is building ports. Not troops initially but humanity in the millions. The invasion is underway now. They are invading us every day in the thousands through the Southern Border with infected persons and trained terrorists. They just don’t have the tanks and APCs with them…they have diseases. AND they are all military aged fighters. Sleeper cells from Iran and trained by the Chinese are coming in ready to blow refineries, power stations, nuclear facilities, dams, and bridges.

    The Chinese want to own and control the world. Likewise for the Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and their puppets like Soros, Clintons, Obama and his she-male mama, and Henry Kissinger’s puppet Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. The fools think they can control the Chinese. They are mistaken. They have delusions of grandeur. The Chinese Commies will use them until they have no more use for them. Then they will eliminate and kill them. Likewise with all the politicians in our country in bed with the Chinese Commies like Swalwell and in other countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

    The Chinese Commies are soul-less bastards. They only believe in “the Party.” They will sell out their family for the party. They have no conscience. Absolutely no empathy, benevolence, or kindness to anyone that is not indoctrinated, brainwashed, and raised from childhood in the party. The true definition of psychopaths. No empathy is the first definition of a psychopath.

    Republicans and Democrats have been in bed with the Chinese Commies since Bush Sr. and the Clintons. Even RINO Mitch McConnell is married to one that was Secretary of Transportation. Her father is the head of the biggest Chinese shipping firm. You don’t get to have the biggest shipping firm in China without Chinese Commie Party approval! How much has Mitch received via the wife from the Chinese Commies? According to retired General Vallely, over 120 members of Congress are receiving money from China either directly or indirectly.

    The Clintons sold out our DOE secrets to the Chinese when Bill Richardson, the ex-NM Governor, was in charge of the Department of Energy under Clinton.

    The Clintons, the Bidens, The Bushes, The Obamas…all out of the same mold. Blackmailed and controlled because they have dark secrets that are not so secret to foreign intelligence services. And each of these crime families have sold out pieces of the old America we all loved. The old America without liars leading us every day with more lies, without ego maniacal dictatorial blue state governors, and D.C. Marxists dictating that we must take injections that were never evaluated or approved, or we cannot work, or fly, or attend school. These fools think they have a future in some world government. They are so wrong. The Chinese have other plans. And they are using Biden to accomplish them.

    The Chinese Commies will ultimately lose unless they kill off a large part of the world population. Covid was just a test run. We have an 8-year period to knock them off before they will surpass us in all weapon systems, including nukes. Their vulnerability is their economy. If the world quits buying their junk, they will not generate the money to buy the food they so desperately need to feed their 1.447 B+ population. They will either have to feed them or conquer new agricultural territories. Once evil is in control, in power, it will do everything to maintain that power and control. There is only one way to get rid of evil and it isn’t at the ballot box.

    The Red Chinese are NOT innovators; they are thieves and copycats. They steal everything, and then build it. Look at the Commies new jets, aircraft carriers, and new submarines. Exact look alikes of American ingenuity. Why are we educating their Commie youth and letting them stay embedded in our top universities? They are taking up slots that American youth could be using. We need to kick all of them out! Adios young commie spies.

    Truly the lunatics, psychopaths, and sociopaths are running the planetary asylum and we don’t have to follow along and buy into their continual propaganda and lies. How can you take a stand? Stop listening to the Commie Networks! Easy to remember-Those with a “C” for Communist in their names: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC. Operation Mockingbird babies! Hurt their ratings=hurt them financially. Get out of Facebook, Twitter, Snopes, and numerous other “Fact” Checkers, which are Marxist front companies there to also control and distort your thinking. Wake up, or your children and grandchildren will be living under a horrible dictatorship. You can listen to that idiot in the White House and see similarities to El Stupido the bus driver that is now in charge of Venezuela. Both have absolutely ZERO respect on the world stage. It is a shame that America has dropped that far from what my father and the rest of The Greatest Generation fought for in WW2.

    • Quite the manifesto, West Tex – but I agree with most everything you say. Inclusion is important in a modern society, but we must not ‘exclude’ key elements of American history or demonize historic figures in order to reach full inclusion. Such tactics are authoritarian by their very nature and contain a fatal underlying danger to hopes for ever reaching a more valid iteration of American democracy. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” forms the political basis for much of today’s progressive ‘inclusion’ tactics. Criticize, obstruct, pressure and polarize are several key processes led by ‘community organizers’ to confront and deconstruct the opposition. Build Back Better is falling back on using this type of Alinsky pressure. That bill only works politically if gratuitous partisan political ‘pork’ is rolled in to increase the bill’s appeal and get broader community response, usually via very public protests. Will the bill help improve national infrastructure? Yes, but it will also balloon the deficit by adding in billions in social welfare and tax credits, all at the expense of the hard working, tax paying public and major corporations. Some balance and compromise must be made. Here is precisely where Manchin become important. He sounds a clarion voice of reason in a decidedly partisan war of words prosecuted by senior progressive leaders. He is a dignified politician who abides by traditional DC decorum, decorum Biden was once widely praised for practicing – before he became wedded to Obama’s community organizer philosophy.

      • Great comments by yourself and WTHS.

        As a Military type I’ve noticed something on the screen (it’s not ‘the tube’ anymore) that I wonder if you’ve seen and I would appreciate a comment from you.

        Have you ever noticed the flags behind the politicians and/or seen the same flag in all courtrooms, Federal and State? There are three gold fringed edges and two gold cords each ending in a gold tassel denoting a flag of Admiralty (a war flag, a flag of occupation).? I conclude that these are British flags and we are subjects, made so by the “Act of 1871” ?.
        The construction of the peoples flag is plain stars & bars with the Union being a white star for each state on a blue field. See 4 US Code Ch. 1.
        Just within the past several weeks the flag behind the “President” has changed!
        The cords only on his flags are now Red, White and Blue – I have been unable to determine if either the fringed edge or the tassels have changed..
        Since these flags show power and authority it seems to me that there has been a major un-announced change in our Government.
        As the RWB colors are US of A colors is it possible that Biden is now de-certified as President ? If so, I surmise it would be the Naval branch
        Something like this would explain all the talk of imminent multi-front wars and would also explain the maneuverings to discredit K. Harris – not difficult – as Pelosi (Black Nobility) desperately wants to be president before she croaks.
        What do you know (and can say) about the NESARA law that was passed in the late 1990’s to restore the vital functions of our Constitution?

        NESARA: What Really Happened
        The National Economic Security & Reformation Act
        Compiled by Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.
        1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt
        due to illegal banking and government activities. This is
        the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a
        forgiveness of debt.
        2. Abolishes the income tax.
        3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be
        transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.
        4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only
        sales tax revenue for the government. In other words,
        food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items
        such as old homes.
        5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.
        6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal
        7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.
        8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional
        elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement.
        The interim government will cancel all National
        Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.
        9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities
        of special interest groups.
        10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed
        by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the
        bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin
        Roosevelt in 1933.
        11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as
        chattel property bonds by the US Department of
        12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment
        with Constitutional Law
        13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the
        transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to
        operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in
        order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money
        14. Restores financial privacy.
        15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
        16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions
        17. Establishes peace throughout the world.
        18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian
        19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of
        suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the
        public under the guise of national security, including free
        energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.
        * On September 11, 2001 *
        The next step is to announce NESARA to the world, but it’s
        not an easy task. Many powerful groups have tried to
        prevent the implementation of NESARA.
        The NESARA law requires that at least once a year, an
        effort be made to announce the law to the public. Three
        then current US Supreme Court judges control the
        committee in charge of NESARA’s announcement. These
        Judges have used their overall authority to secretly
        sabotage NESARA’s announcement.
        In 2001 after much negotiation the Supreme Court justices
        ordered the 107th Congress to pass resolutions approving‘
        NESARA. This took place on September 9, 2001, eighteen
        months after NESARA became law. On September 10,
        2001, George Bush Sr. moved into the White house to
        steer his son on how to block the announcement. The next
        day, on September 11, 2001, at 10 AM Eastern Daylight
        Time, Alan Greenspan was scheduled to announce the new
        US Treasury Bank system, debt forgiveness for all U.S.
        citizens, and abolishment of the IRS as the first part of the
        public announcements of NESARA.
        Just before the announcement at 9 am, Bush Sr. ordered
        the demolition of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers to
        stop the international banking computers on Floors 1 and 2
        in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury
        Bank system. Explosives in the World Trade Center were
        planted by operatives and detonated remotely in Building
        7, which was demolished later that day in order to cover-
        up their crime.
        Remote pilot technology was used in a flyover event to
        deliver a payload of explosives into the Pentagon at the
        exact location of the White Knights in their new Naval
        Command Center who were coordinating activities
        supporting NESARA’s implementation nationwide. With the
        announcement of NESARA stopped dead in its tracks,
        George Bush Sr. decapitated any hopes of returning the
        government back to the people.

        Read full article

    • I had to read this – twice., and I see a lot of my own words and thoughts. Too bad you are so far away – I’d like to share a six-pack and a long conversation.
      Could you do me a favor..,? Think about it and post what you see ahead for 2022., and possibly 2023. I would like to hear your thoughts.

    • Mind if I leave pointers to this all over the ‘net?

      Those that fought to make the United States of America were truly a breed apart from the average person of today. Even then those who fought in the various capacities were a minority with the greatest mass of people willing to go along with whoever gained or retained power. At least they had the American frontier to escape to then even if it was full of blood-thirsty “originals” (were we any less?). Where do you have to escape to now? Canada?

      It’s strange that two to three generations down the line people found the nerve to travel West even though their grand- and great grandparents opted to let others do the fighting for them in the 1770s. Who amongst the Sheeple are willing to fight politically or kinetically today? Antifa and BLM finally had some push-back and you don’t hear anything out of them now outside of Oregon. How much will the Sheeple lose before they’re in “fighting trim” to do something about it? Citizens who really did nothing are in the D.C. “Gitmo” and are being tortured by modern-day Nazis while people with too much to lose close their eyes to it all.

    • Yep. A real shit show. Such is life. But, the old punchline (per Woody Allen): “I know. And all the portions are SO SMALL.”

    • To West Texas Horse Sense, and everyone reading:

      Most of what you’ve written, though, are the results of each individual’s cumulative choices. ;-(

      People shy away from thinking that their present actions will have consequences. ;-((

      Therefore: It will continue to the bitter end!!

      • Bless your heart, Choices. One or two generations is all any good thing has ever lasted. Then the cycles take us through hard times again until people learn to be satisfied with “enough” and “Peace on Earth and Good Will to all” is appreciated once again when we come to understand that it’s reciprocal. If you think there is any way to make the good times last forever then you missed some important lessons in this go-round in Life. We’re all Indians now.

    • WOW! Talk about nailing it on the head! Lotsa truth in your post WTHS; can I join your team?

    • We have friends that have been with “Youth for Christ” for several decades, serving in Russia. I thought that was a bit odd, but then it was explained to me that after the fall of the Soviet Union, the leadership realized that the youth of the country had no foundation anymore…..they had lost their moral ground. So, they invited in Christian organizations to help rebuild the moral foundation for the children. They let them, and in fact encouraged them to begin teaching and giving out Bibles in the schools across Russia. They brought back the awareness of the Christian Orthodoxy and the 1000 year history inside Russia.

      Here we are trying to destroy Christianity, and in Russia they were building Christianity up. Also, interesting to me is that on the whole continent of Antarctic the only church there was built by Russia.

    • Let me fix that ffg or you..

      “are soul-less bastards. They only believe in “the Party.” They will sell out their family for the party. They have no conscience. Absolutely no empathy, benevolence, or kindness to anyone ”

      I believe that There are good and bad in every country and every culture.. political systems from all lands have been faced with the same situations on corruption brought on with greed. In a few thousand years it will be the same story..

      Lol lol now seriously..when have you ever seen anything worthwhile come out of YALE or me bring up a study by them or their library.. like once . And it’s pretty well known as a daddy’s school.. lol lol
      But to give an example they to have quality studies..

    • WTHS: thank you, followed it all and totally agree.

      In the meantime, we must shore up our faith, our spiritual principles, and be ready.

  3. Tell G junior that it is -22 F up here in Saskatchewan Canada this morning, and with 3 inches of snow. Tomorrow and all week, -33 F LOL.

    On the moon calendar, tonight will be scriptural lunar Sabbath that used to be followed by the Jews and Christians until the Catholic church made it illegal to keep it back in 342 at the council.

    • (G2 sends his regards (to Michelle) who is always welcome to visit, lol. He also volunteered to make a snow land house call…)

      Such Councils we’re reminded, have an eeri similarity to congress and none of them has ever got the time thing right.

  4. Consider harvesting the reindeer droppings for use in the grow room. Maybe plant a couple of magic beans – couldn’t hurt.
    Just noticed that 2022 will be US’s 25th anniversary. Anything special planned? How about merch, like a commemorative silver (plated) coin or opera glasses with which to see the future (rose tint optional)? After all, everything’s a business model. You could even hold a design contest for the coin – should be fun.
    Facing 2022 with graphene oxide -clogged arteries and a chip in my butt. I remain VTY.

  5. Thirty-two years ago when we ordered our double-wide, we ordered it with redwood siding. Seemed like a good idea at the time, as redwood is supposed to be insect repellent and rot resistant. Then we added a couple of covered decks and a double garage a couple of years later, and the builder had a little trouble finding redwood siding to match the house. He did find it and use it, and within a couple more years the wife decided she didn’t like the color that the redwood was turning as it aged. We added a couple of coats of “redwood” opaque stain, and she REALLY didn’t like having a bright red house that looked more like the color of a barn. We ended up with a light brown opaque stain and dark brown trim, and that’s where we’ve been for 20 years or so. Now I find that there’s a spot of rotten redwood on the back of the house where rainwater splatters off the air conditioner. Can’t win for losing.

  6. “Register pet owner”

    All pets should have their DNA stored and these ‘owners’ should be made to be responsible.

    A couple of weeks ago someone threw a batch of cats out a block over from my house. The cats dart around frightened for a week or two. There’s no hope of catching the rodents. Then we neighborhood folk have to clean up squished cats from the street.

    If we could scrape-up DNA and send it to the lab we’d make the owner responsible. Eventually a DNA tree would be created and all pets could be traced back generations.

    The other day I was at WMT and saw cats running around the lot. That’s doom for those cats.

    And another thing. Someone else mentioned a batch of dogs being dumped recently. Recall the CCP sending all those seeds to Americans and the feds said “don’t plant”.

    How do we know the CCP hasn’t contaminated these stray pets with deadly bio-hazards. People don’t think. As soon as a people sees a stray puppy they have to touch it. 99% of the people just can’t keep it moving.

    I see these pets in cars too. Traveling pets should be restrained. The last thing I need is someone getting a pet stuck under their brake pedal and crashing into me. Or worse.

    A drive starts stoking-out from the Vaxx while behind the wheel. Their pet starts panicking. The driver crashes. The pet decides to ‘protect’ the owner. Now what are we supposed to do? Give the dog a niner right on Main Street? Kids are screaming either way.

    What gives them the right?

    • It also occurs to me I could carry a bludgeon and a mace without registration, either. These scimitar slashers may be onto a structural weakness.
      Keep your schnauzer holstered and await orders.

      • Sharps have been deregulated in Texas; clubs have not been deregulated. Carrying a club in public in Texas is a 2nd degree felony. A bludgeon or mace will get you locked up with hard time. Carrying a sword isn’t a felony unless you take it somewheres you aren’t supposed to, like a courtroom.
        Where it gets tricky is with items that look like sharps but are classified as clubs. Carrying a tomahawk in public is a 2nd degree felony. Carrying a hatchet may not be illegal, but I would recommend getting something with a longer handle that isn’t listed as a “tomahawk” model. Knives with guards over the handle are classified as clubs. The same knife without the guard may be legal, depending on where you are, and whether or not you look like a cash cow.

      • I am going to retract my statement on carrying clubs in Texas; as of 2019 it is now legal for an adult (21+) to carry most types of clubs, but are location restricted like sharps over 5.5 inches long. I’d still be wary about being the test case for carrying a mace. There wasn’t nearly as much press about the change in the club laws as there was in 2017 when knives were deregulated. If you want to give yourself a headache, try wading through this:

        While there are no longer local knife laws in Texas, I do not know if that applies to clubs.

    • WRR: After a stroke 6 years ago I started celebrating RWOCCFB day 365 days a year. I don’t give a hang whether others join me. By the way, I define “Rich” loosely; one can be rich in many ways only one of which is money.

    • There might be William LOL LOL Congress has all sorts of holidays and work periods like masterbator mondays.. they sure should have a RWOCFBD..

  7. George…You Said…”These adventures in “creative calendaring” reveal a sadly human trait to “cal-jack” tribal human holidays (or just make up alternatives) in order to sell division among people. They are largely national, political, racial, or religious marketing tools.”

    More likely reason is to educate people that we have a diverse planet. Christians have a lot of hubris to think there is a hijacking of Santa Claus, a marketing ploy popularized by Coca Cola…Christians make of 31% of the worlds religions..which means that 69%mare something else. Who is hijacking who?

    On the strength of holiday sales and the economy in general…Maybe you missed this…

    Despite supply chain issues, Holiday sales were up 10.7%, compared with the pre-pandemic 2019 holiday period, the biggest jump in 17 years, another indicator of a superheated economy.  Online sales were up 11% from a year ago and 61% from 2019. Department stores registered a 21% increase over 2020.  Both online AND bricks-and-mortar sales rose equally. Apparel sales were up too, possibly marking the end of the sweatpants era….. Margins for retailers were up too…. (CNBC)

    * Londoners spent £55 billion buying property outside the British capital in 2021 as the coronavirus pandemic sparked a rush for more living space. smashing the previous record of £36.6 billion in 2007 and up almost 60% on 2020 partly because of rapid house price inflation over the past 12 months.

    * More than 1,000 superyachts are now in production or on order, as the global ultra-rich seek refuge from crowds and Covid-19 on their nine-figure floating palaces. (CNBC

    • Always surfing the tsunami wave of money regardless of where it takes you. Morality be damned! Onward with the bulldozers and shovels to scoop up the money! We’ve all known this about you since the beginning WB. You use the SF sidewalk sh*t to bind together the little people you’ve stepped on over the years. It’s just your kind’s way. As it was said in “Pure Country” – “The funny thing about that little white speck on the top of chicken sh*t. That little white speck is chicken sh*t too.”

    • Comrade Mark,

      Wow, you surely have some fine holiday yarns spinning there from takeout at the Emperor’s tailor shop. It takes hubris indeed to infer that the alleged 39% christian bloc is synonymous and on par with Santa and Coke.

      One prays the billions of faithful see their leaky lifeboats rise above flashflood waters of turbulent times. Meanwhile a 1000 or so billionaires of the self-styled earthly gods build mighty arks with full complements of servile classes in which to flee towards seas of make-believe. Bon voyage!

      By the way, I’m guessing there’s all sorts of hullabaloo down at the climate czar’s winter palace. The fireplace has perhaps been going full blast since Christmas morning as the servants try to whittle down the mountain of coal left by Santa!

    • Mark,

      Thanks for the note about sales and margins. Here in South Florida we are seeing many more masks in the last month, but store and auto traffic have stayed high so far. Seems like many seniors have figured out that young people are a “clear and present danger” because of their lower vaccination rates and tendency to join unknown clusters. There seems to be two views among our older friends all of whom have been vaccinated and boosted. One group is bunkering. No shopping, minimal socialization, and then only in a carefully defined bubble. The other group, myself included, continues to take precautions (masks, distancing, avoiding large gatherings) but figures that if it gets the big O (which are maybe 1 in 3 by my estimate from new case rates) the risks are acceptable and preferable to more months of isolation. My guess is that both online and brick and mortar sales will hold up as long as jobs are plentiful.

      About the superyachts. Always nice to see how the 0.01% lives!

      As for the end of the sweatpants era, it looks like the new clothes may be in the closet a bit longer courtesy of Omicron. By the way, I bought 50 N95s last week and saw prices increase and “out of stock notices” appear during the hour or so that I shopped. My order was promised for 6 January but actually arrived this morning.

      • I always enjoy a reasonable response. But if you are making a crack about the .01%…Remember…Who builds those super yachts? Who constructs those billionaire mansions? In terms of labor jobs…those are the elite of the bunch in both pay and job security.

    • Haven’t been haunting the usual Econ sites so cannot say authoritatively but read your holiday sales info thinking, is that increase in dollars or units sold?

      PS thanks WTHS & WH. Always appreciate your POVs.

    • “Despite supply chain issues, Holiday sales were up 10.7%, compared with the pre-pandemic 2019… (etcetera)”

      Money supply is up over 500% from December 2019 levels.

      For the slow crowd, this means holiday sales would have to be up over 500% to match “gift parity” of 2019 Christmastime purchases.

      You may be a damn’ good salesman, Mark, but you can’t throw numbers like these around in a place where people specialize in examining numbers, and expect your opinion to have any validity or acceptance whatsoever. That crap only works with stupid people and kids…

      • You are mixing your numbers Ray…Yes, I sell for a living but only based on the utmost integrity of the product. I live in the intellectual capital center of the universe. Snake oil types need not apply or even show their face witching 1000 miles of this place. In fact, all the large markets have the same thing in common…We are all full of money makers and spenders. Bring on the increased money supply. We will figure out a way to add value to it for the betterment of the economy.

        Increased Money supply does not affect business profitability. Never has and never will. Of course if we have a 1929 type of crash, which we won’t…that could in theory change my opinion…But, I am certain that we have checks no balances against anything that would resemble a crash these days.

        Listen, I doubled my income this year and in my world of living, that also doubled my profit and my overall savings. The money supply doesn’t inhibit the worth of that money one bit. If I choose…As proof…I can double my spending power on that money. However, I am much too conservative neither my money and would rather invest it.

    • WTHS, your Biden/Hunter/Ukraine story is full of holes, Trump & Guilani pressured an investigation in Ukraine for their own motives, to smear their upcoming Pres contender, Biden:

      Is the Associated Press also on your ‘Operation Mockingbird Baby’ list of ‘no goodniks’?

      Your protective identity cognition clouds your entire 500 word rant, WCHS:

      Mark, the world/glass is always half empty to George and others, otherwise they can’t blame the world’s woes on any Democrat in office. The Boogeyman (Democrats) made things bad, now don’t disagree!!

      • C can not see, in his snopes article says and I Quote
        “In a Fox News interview on May 19, Trump claimed the former Ukrainian prosecutor “was after” Joe Biden’s son and that was why the former vice president demanded he be fired. There is no evidence of this.”

        ‘Well son of a bitch” here is your evidence straight from the ass’ mouth,

        soooo tell me again how truth full the associated press is!!!!!!!!!!
        Cant ya see, C they are OWED and say what the corporate owners tell them to say!
        Now think about the Covid China virus , sure the virus is real put they pumped the info numbers way up, lied with their wholly owned media to drive the herd into a stampede,,, run for your life,,,

      • C:
        My Biden story was NOT full of holes as “the other Brother Darrel” so aptly stated and also proved. Thanks “the other Brother Darrel” !!

        As I stated in my post, Snopes and other Fact Checkers are nothing more than lying, liberal, cover-their-ass-for-liberals propaganda organizations. As the other Brother Darrel and myself pointed out, the little lying worm Biden told on himself like some tough guy in front of the Council on Foreign Relations during which the panel looked like they wanted to crawl under the rug. The idiot was admitting to Bribery using U.S. Dollars. And their knowledge of it and not reporting it is a crime…Misprison of Felony. It was all videotaped and is on the Internet.

        As far as your comment on the Associated Press…check the real ownership. Globalists bastards. I could tell you who they are, but you seem to know so much about nothing, you can look it up.

        I know a lot about the oil business as do others on this site. Hunter Biden doesn’t know jack shit, but he was on the board of oil and gas company Burisma for big bucks. And that is why it/he was being investigated. Money to the Bidens and the “the Big Guy”. The Bidens:Joe-his brother-his son-his wife are all crooks. They know the SOB was not legally elected. They all benefit from pay-to-play deals which are illegal. Documented by none other than Hunter’s laptop.

        As far as my “protective identity”, more liberal bullshit you are pulling out of your ass coming from an article from another stupid little liberal piece of shit doesn’t fly. I do believe you are hiding yourself “C”. Come on down, I will meet you anywhere to introduce myself without ‘protective identity’. I’ll be the guy in the boots, cowboy hat, white mustache, standing 6’2″ 250 pounds with the 50″ inch coat, 38″ inch jeans, and a .45 pistol strapped to my waist, and a real bad attitude towards commie liberals like you.

    • One of the good things about this site Mark is that George allows a wide variety of people from all social levels to post. It helps us maintain perspective.

      I am sure there are others on this site that have moved in similar crowds to yours and by fate or by choice, aren’t there anymore. At this late stage of my life, I have lived at both ends of the financial world. After spending time with the rich and the poor, I found more humanity in the poor.

      If given a choice between a champagne trip on your yacht or to hang out in the outback with a glass of homemade wine with LOOB, I know where I would rather be.

  8. When you connect Rev 2:9 with Deu 28:43-46 you find that the European Jews that invaded Palestine in 1948 are in fact GENTILES. The Israelite Jews joined the “10 lost tribes of Israel” in oblivion. The curses of Deu 28 God promised them for disobedience, destroyed them.

  9. Floor for your “Grow Room”

    Around here for Interstate Highway rebuilding, AFTER they take it all the back to dirt, they are using a process of rototilling the soil and mixing in something on the second retill, concrete of some sort I assume, then watering it and compacting it so it sets and hardens, then paving over with asphalt.

    I live in a freeze /thaw cycle area and obviously those NEW type Interstate Highway foundations are built to take the pounding of heavy trucks as well as surviving the freeze /thaw cycle so they must work fairly well (they used to gravel base the highway, pave with concrete slabs, then overlay with asphalt – NO gravel base with this new system which SHOCKED me)

    I would think there would be a way to do that for your grow room as a floor, though I am clueless as to if it is ever done for personal use properties. It may be something worth looking into.

    • Known about this as a “make-do” floor since Pappy told me about it for antenna base supports when “the Major
      ” and I were 13, or so. Early 1960s?
      It’s called (variously) earthcrete or dirtcrete. Depending on the formula (and soil) it can be something as simple as bags of Portland cement, or cement, sand, and a dry bonding agent. All of which turns hard when “watered in.”

      The process for setting “lazy posts” is to:

      1. Dig a post hole, 18-inches, or so, deep (depending on use, obviously). Put the dirt on a tarp for easy clean-up
      2. Put rocks in bottom (supposedly helps drain standing water from post end.
      3. Put in a shovel (or three) of the dirt.
      4. Sprinkle over this with a 1 pound coffee can (or 1-1/2 can) of Portland cement
      5. Add water and mash around with a spade until concretey looking.
      6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until there’s a nice heaped up shoulder around the post.

      Allow to set for 2 days (concrete doesn’t need to dry – it’s a curing process, which is how bridge footings can be poured underwater). Then apply whatever goes on top.

      Good idea rototilling it in 3-4 inches and amazingly cheaper than pavers.

  10. I certainly agree with most of this informative post and as an immigrant from Europe have seen the “smoke and mirror” political operation of America but it still is the best country in the world (because of its people) but we are going down fast. I also think that China is the one to watch but it seems that Elaine Chao and her family are from Taiwan and the shipping company is not domiciled in China.

    • Hello Peter. Thanks for your comment. You stated that “I also think that China is the one to watch but it seems that Elaine Chao and her family are from Taiwan and the shipping company is not domiciled in China.”

      You are correct, but the point I was making is that Elaine Chou’s family does shipping for the CCP. 70% of the iron ore as an example.

      On June 2, 2019, the New York Times published a long article revealing that Elaine Chao and her family’s shipping company, Foremost Group, have close ties to Beijing’s political and business communities.

      According to the report, Chao’s family ties to the Chinese Communist Party dates back decades. Elaine Chao’s father, Chao Xicheng, fled China before the CCP seized power in 1949, and at one point went to school with Jiang Zemin, the former General Secretary of the CCP. Chao’s family later invested in a CCP-owned maritime electronics equipment manufacturer. The company sold mainly to the Chinese Communist Party’s military and other departments, and had close ties to the Ministry of Electronics Industry, where Jiang Zemin was a minister at the time.

      You can listen to a 9 minute video of the ties Elaine Chou and her father has to the CCP, and how much her father received for shipbuilding and shipping for the CCP. The video also documents contributions RINO McConnell’s received from Dominion, who if you follow that road leads to the election distortions in November 2020.

      Most interesting is a meeting in 2019 where Emperor Narahito of Japan held a ceremony for succession to the throne which Elaine Chou attended representing the U.S. and China sent the Vice Chairman of the CCP. Japanese TV filmed the Vice Chairman and Chou standing and talking for some time with the Vice Chairman’s back to the room and Chou just nodding while the other guest were seated.

      Hello Peter. Thanks for your comment. You stated that “I also think that China is the one to watch but it seems that Elaine Chao and her family are from Taiwan and the shipping company is not domiciled in China.”

      You are correct, but the point I was making is that Elaine Chou’s family does shipping for the CCP. 70% of the iron ore as an example.

      On June 2, 2019, the New York Times published a long article revealing that Elaine Chao and her family’s shipping company, Foremost Group, have close ties to Beijing’s political and business communities.

      According to the report, Chao’s family ties to the Chinese Communist Party dates back decades. Elaine Chao’s father, Chao Xicheng, fled China before the CCP seized power in 1949, and at one point went to school with Jiang Zemin, the former General Secretary of the CCP. Chao’s family later invested in a CCP-owned maritime electronics equipment manufacturer. The company sold mainly to the Chinese Communist Party’s military and other departments, and had close ties to the Ministry of Electronics Industry, where Jiang Zemin was a minister at the time.

      You can listen to a 9 minute video of the ties Elaine Chou and her father has to the CCP, and how much her father received for shipbuilding and shipping for the CCP. The video also documents contributions RINO McConnell’s received from Dominion, who if you follow that road leads to the election distortions in November 2020.

      Most interesting is a meeting in 2019 where Emperor Narahito of Japan held a ceremony for succession to the throne which Elaine Chou attended representing the U.S. and China sent the Vice Chairman of the CCP. Japanese TV filmed the Vice Chairman and Chou standing and talking for some time with the Vice Chairman’s back to the room and Chou just nodding while the other guest were seated.

      Also it is important to know that the DOT Inspector General was investigating McConnell and Chou and was abruptly fired by Trump in 2020. Ironically Chou and McConnell bailed out on Trump very soon after the election when it was still being disputed. Information below:

      Happy New Year.

  11. On Russia. Let’s scratch that bit of fear mongering off the board…

    The removal of 10,000 Russian troops from the Ukrainian border comes weeks after talks between the White House, NATO and Moscow. Initially, U.S. intelligence reports said Moscow could be ready to invade Ukraine just after the new year. Christina Ruffini has the story.

    • 10,000 out of 175,000 sounds more like a normal troop rotation than a withdrawal. When the remaining troops are withdrawn, then the narrative will be real; until then, it is just that form of spin the Soviets were masters of: propaganda.

      • “When the remaining troops are withdrawn…”

        That won’t happen, at least not for years. Locating the bulk of the Russian forces to the southwestern portion of Russia is a psyop and a tacit threat. If Ukraine moves to join NATO, Russia will repatriate the region in a blitz reminiscent of Desert Storm, between the time of the Ukrainian vote and the time at which they would actually become a dues-paying NATO member nation. If Ukraine does nothing, Russia will content itself with running maneuvers & training ops…

  12. “More than 1,000 superyachts are now in production or on order, as the global ultra-rich seek refuge from crowds and Covid-19 on their nine-figure floating palaces. (CNBC)”

    Darn … the Billionair Next Door probably is getting one, but alas he doesn’t even wave at me when he drives past!! And to think, I DROOL over his and his wife’s cars too – because of that he should invite for a cruise!! (I write that only in 1/2 jest … since some no names around here HAVE hit the mega business lottery wealth category with founder stock and options. At least here in this part of fly over country such people try their best to keep a low low low profile since they don’t want to have to deal with needing a full time multi person security detail every time they leave the house like one local person does)

    • Stephen.
      Who makes the super yachts, who works for the security companies that protect them and who drives the the cars they ride in? Seems to me, they give back by buying and employing thousands for every toy they buy. Be grateful. If you want to bitch about it, fine…But instead of bitching, which is so unproductive, why not go out and do something to make yourself more marketable and eventually more money? You are in control of your own destiny. Nobody controls you or the life you have. Case in point…

      I am selling a multi-family building in San Francisco for over $3 million. The seller is a Turkish guy who came over to America with $50 to his name and worked, studied and saved every penny he had..( he started as a cook and eventually opened three successful restaurants) His dream news to buy a multi-family building…He located one, and bought it for $1.5 million. He fixed it up, lived in one of the units and now will make over $1.5 million in profit. I have worked with hundreds of people like him that started with no money, chased their dream and made millions. But, California Dreamin’ is a way of life here. It’s part of the DNA of this area. The one common threes of Lo of these Multi-millionaires is that they all give back…They remember their roots and help others achieve their dreams too. The billionaires that buy yachts? They have made millionaires out of the owners of these luxury items they buy. It’s the circle of economic life.

      • Mark,

        I respect your ability to make money in the BIGGEST of the “Can’t Lose” Real Estate Markets in the US. If one can’t make money in that location at this time in history in real estate one is having some of the worst luck in the world.

        Strange as it sounds making money was NEVER one of my goals in life. (for most that is just UNAMERICAN!! LOL) Just making enough to live a middle class life and then using my time and intellectual capacity in other arenas were of much more interest to me.

        I have an acquaintance who is proud of the fact that they and their spouse have NEVER touched their trust fund in the 40+ years I have known them. That trust fund now generates near 8 figures per year. As they put it to me 40 years ago as a kid growing up in one of the at the time wealthiest families in the US they become convinced that having LOTS of money, or making LOTS of money, was more of a hinderance to happiness than a benefit. As a result they and their spouse have ALWAYS lived off of what they themselves make as typical, well educated, working slaves in the world (ie: a nice middle class life). They described to me that as they grew up they saw a LOT of shaving of the moral envelope so that both the climber types and the already rich people could make even more money, and it rubbed their soul the wrong way.

        The HBO series “Silicon Valley” could be a real eye opener for those unfamiliar with your area as to the overall moral character of many of those who live around you who are involved in the high tech world (NOT the real estate world). Theranos is NOT an exception to your area, it’s behavior is actually somewhat common I understand … but unlike many others Theranos just couldn’t develop their technology fast enough so as to cover up THEIR LIES. (YEP … LIES are a common feature of many of the new technology companies as they try to reel in investment money and grow)

        What is driving your real estate market, and allowing you to make a lot of money, is the fact that the Bay Area presently IS the creative center of new technology in the US, in fact in the western world.

        Those new ventures, industries, like all new technology /industry when it is first created and implemented creates HUGE wealth as it displaces old technology. It is a dynamic that has repeatedly occurred over the course of industrialization. When that new technology is being implemented it DRIVES real estate development and pricing quite dramatically.

        As examples look at Chicago after the Civil War with it’s railroads /farm equipment and other early manufacturing geared towards the needs of agricultural industry and rural America. Detroit with the advent of automobile manufacturing. Akron with the advent of tires for vehicles. Cleveland with steel, oil, and heavy manufacturing related to steel products after the Civil War. ALL of those areas had a massive explosion in their real estate markets and prices as their industrial growth rates went vertical. “IF” industrial growth in any area goes vertical … well real estate development and pricing goes vertical right behind it.

        Move the high tech R&D and industry from the Bay area and the Bay Area becomes just another second tier US port area since other more traditional physical goods manufacturing in the area is miniscule, transportation out is problematic, and local natural resources are very limited.

        Keep servicing your real estate market. You are in a GREAT location for that, at least as long as the high tech industry keeps the Bay Area as a major location for it’s R&D and headquarters staffs. Eventually that will change, but baring a War or series of major earthquakes it could last the rest of your lifetime. (eventually the highly profitable mill towns in New England lost their mills and lost economically … ditto the city of Detroit with auto competition … ditto Akron with tire competition … ditto Baltimore with manufacturing and port changes … ditto Lehigh Valley and Youngstown with US steel decline, etc. etc.)

  13. Remembering 2x4x8′ at 1$ and thinking of using that rather than 4×8′ 1/2 ply and concrete block 8″by 8″ x16″ for 1$….

  14. “The problem with non-celestial-based “festival timings” is they are prone to day-jacking.

    Either for a limited use national event, religion, or domestic illusion marketing.”

    That’s so SILLY. Just do what congress and federal employees do.. take them all off..
    of course federal employees don’t get all of them off.. but enough. The ones they are allowed has a federal employee working 1200 hours a year instead of the 2400 traditional full time working hours.. while Congresshas such a hard job that to keep it all a trait works 176 hours a making sure they don’toffend any other people by not recognizingtheir special days.
    Uncle Jay explains it the best.. of course he explained it before juneteenth..

    • Not sure where you get your number than a Congress Person only works 176 hours a year. It doesn’t ring right.

      That would mean they were only in their offices, giving speeches, writing speeches, meeting with constituents, talking with constituents, having committee meeting, and reading reports for only 3 hours and 15 minutes a week, or about 35 minutes a day (since much of their meeting with constituents back home takes place on weekends they do do something 6 days a week and 195minutes /6 = 33 minutes/day)

      I don’t think you have ever been involved in government AT ALL at even a City Council level for a decent size town. There is NO WAY an elected person for a small town of 20,000, or even 6,000, is going to get away with only spending 33 minutes a day doing the work it takes to be a representative of on just a lowly City Council of that town.

      I worked in DC on the hill in two different offices … and at least in the offices I worked in the elected person was either in the office/ doing meetings in DC or back home, or on the phone with people about the job (Constituents /other Congress people /Committee people etc. etc.) 12+ hours a day 6 days a week. Their work schedules were packed TIGHT day in and day out. It was tough for them to get away just to see one of their kids play a little league game. Sunday was usually a “light” day, only about 4 hours or so for both of those I worked for since that is when they tried to be with their families.

      176 hours a year? …. that wouldn’t even come close to covering the time they spent in their boring committee meetings. Forget about reading any of the material they had to read just to know what was going to happen in the committee meeting.

      Sheesh …

    • LOOB, could you please try for some accuracy of your facts, 2400 traditional hrs per year = 60 weeks

      2080 is the hrs worked per year, 52 weeks

      Also for the commentor responding to the Russia/Ukraine/Biden story, Giulani’s associate was convicted, here’s the dirt on that story (Trump with held military aid to Ukraine while pressuring for dirt on Biden):

      George, get a grip, your over reaction to the mediamatters story implies you are still hooked on the hate. That darling handsome Tucker/Fox news also also fed you the lie about the vaccines,

      Fox news also inspired Charlottesville rioters:

      G, you are a ‘dataphile’ like myself, look up how many Voters of Color (VOC) Biden had compared to Trump (38% Biden VOC, 15% Trump VOC):

      • 2400 hours per year.

        For most major law firms in NYC 2400 hours/yr is what they REQUIRE their associates to actually work and BILL per year (that means it does NOT cover bathroom breaks, sick days, holidays, etc. …. ACTUAL WORK TIME). If you don’t BILL 2400 work hours per year your employment time with those law firms will be very very short. (Chicago is better, there they generally only “expect” 2200 WORK hours per year – of course again NOT counting sick time, vacation time, holidays, etc.).

  15. Think I asked you yanks to help everybody out . Fat lot of good that was and is . Babbling trivia types living a fulfilling dystopian paradise . Yep you all love it , every one of yah . Even me old mate Ackerman joined the party

  16. George, “first fruits” are usually found in Washington D.C. . usually around or in the capitol building or the white house. (lack of capitalization was intentional)

  17. See here in oz they are all still convicts . Love penal colony conditions with the benefits . You blokes !!! You just love being under a king or queen !! You have never had democracy or independence. You made sure of that years ago

    • I don’t like racists. You are acting like one.

      So, it’s NOT OK for Tucker Carlson to report on Data and be smeared by liberals as a racist, but it’s OK for BLM to sponsor overt racism by boycotting “White businesses” over the holiday? If Black Nationalism is OK, then White Nationalism is OK, too (or someone’s a racist). See how the rational middle works?

      It’s OK for radical Blacks to talk separatism, yet Whites saying the same thing are worse? What the f*ck are you thinking? Maybe you realize the “melting pot” is in trouble?
      – – –
      CBS reported in 2012: (

      “In 1940, the population was 89.8 percent white, 9.8 percent black, and the rest counted as “other.” In 2010, the percentage of the white population dropped to 72.4 percent, African-Americans accounted for 12.6 percent, Hispanics or Latinos were 16.3 percent, and Asians made up 4.8 percent.”

      However, more recently, 2021, Census reported (in part) that since 2010 (just a single decade): (cite

      “The White population remained the largest race or ethnicity group in the United States, with 204.3 million people identifying as White alone. Overall, 235.4 million people reported White alone or in combination with another group. However, the White alone population decreased by 8.6% since 2010.”

      Given Census reports US population 331.45 million, the White percentage is around 61.6 percent. But, IU won’t quibble.

      So, America has gone from 89.8 to 61.6 and the collapse of community and melting pot – and you don’t see it?

      We love cultural diversity – but this ONLY works with American Core Values. People and Groups seeking internal separatism (regardless of race) are NOT the Deal. (One of which is we get to nail excellence and earn that exceptionalism badge). You are having a tough time with the term “equality” it seems. Liberal garbage in, liberal garbage out.

      Be gone, racist liberal. Don’t let the door slap you on the ass on the way out. You are a divider and a DISHARMONIZER. Not the kind of resumes we welcome around here. We’re Americans. Of many races and creeds, but all with a should to the wheel. For going to space, to bring back domestic self-sufficiency, Inveting the future, and to educate our young into core values and not Communist Manifesto pull quotes from bullshit tenured insurrectionists scamming taxpayers with revisionist history.

      We despise racism and love our melting pot. Yet we’re appalled that an article here about the insanity of global holidays was so provocative to your socialist-racist eyes.


  18. “How do we know the CCP hasn’t contaminated these stray pets with deadly bio-hazards. ”

    Silly..why mess with an animal when they could infect the food supply.. lol lol..
    Or dust clothing.. cups see something in a store you pick it up hold it..try it on.. I dont think china is interested in doing would be totally against their way of life. They already have our debt.own key industries left in america.. they produce our goods and invest in loaning out money. Millions go to our politicians.. giving them any thing they want no matter how perverse it may be.
    China will follow sun tzu’s art of war.. I believe they will let us make the frog jump.. it is our way..from es hat I know and have read is the very core of Chinese culture is…. honor…….
    Ours is.. what can I gain..

  19. “they are using a process of rototilling the soil and mixing in something on the second retill, concrete of some sort I assume, then watering it and compacting it so it sets and hardens, then paving over with asphalt.”

    In this part of ETX, it’s called soil cement. I used that process to pave a parking area for our old house 40 years ago, and it’s still in use for parking farm tools. It’s developed a few cracks over the past 40 years, but it still feels solid. I had no way to roll it smooth, so I drove the truck back and forth over it to compact it and smooth it. Still kinda lumpy because of that.

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