Hillary, Lazarus, and Markets

This is beginning to stink. I mean really stink.

Was it entirely coincidental that on Friday of last week the market took a big tumble, just ahead of conclusive Clinton health issues?

And now – with more pat denials of anything serious being really wrong with her – the futures are up about 78-points…

Worse, the market appears to be waxing (and waning) on every Hil head/health-line.

Is Hil-Health a new market-timing tool that us non-foundation operators (and small-fry in the general scheme of things) didn’t get?

Because it is sure beginning to look that way.

This morning, with a report out that Trump is up by 6 should prompt Hillary into a marvelous recovery – just in time to put down the next obvious set of questions about her heath and to put those in the know way ahead financially using the Hil-Health Trading Model.

OK, who was Lazarus?

Lazarus of Bethany, also known as Saint Lazarus or Lazarus of the Four Days, is the subject of a prominent miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after his death. The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions offer varying accounts of the later events of his life.”

With Lazarus as the prototype, we’re going to use something I cal XTM (eXtensible Thought Modeling) to see how Hil’s case might be considered a pattern for contemporary events:

“Hilzarus of Chappaqua, also known as Saint Hillary or Hillary of the Four Terms, is the subject of a prominent miracle of Bill in the Gospel of Soros, in which Bill restores her to life four days after her fall. The Eastern Democrat and Sold-Out Republican traditions offer varying accounts of the later events of her life…”

Yeah, nice thought template, isn’t it?

So here’s where you heard it first: Hillary will “Go Lazarus” now that Trump is pulling ahead.

She will rise and markets will follow. Hallelujah! Gimme an Amen!

Anti-Trump news will show up in the Hil-Bill media (here’s a fresh play of the Trump/Race card going, for example…) And the market will rally while the top insiders who tossed the markets Friday will make another small fortune in short-term trading…

What could possibly go wrong? Hmmm…

1.I have been on the short side of things and may go long soon as she is risen, but that could be too late. I am not on the distro list for reasons that escape me….

2.Some of my black Americans friends remember who ended slavery: Yeah. A Republican.

But it’s too early to count our money yet. After all, She is not quite risen. But trust me, sure sounds like she’s working on it. Besides, rising is what dough does. Futures say so.

Why? Aren’t you paying attention? Check the Clinton News Network: Hillary Clinton returns — and not a moment too soon.

Now, whatever you do, don’t read articles like “Hillary Clinton’s Nonexistent Diagnosis – No Such Condition As “Non Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia” in ICD-10…

Might shake up those of lesser faith.

The Big Fix for everything in America is the High Bid.

And ahead of her health crisis, there were no Hil-events Sept. 10, Sept.9, Sept. 8, Sept. 7, Sept. 6….why it’s gotten tiring just trying to sort this stuff out. This is a press release, book festival, and PR spokesperson’s campaign.

We’ve know for months: You don’t need a Product if you have a big enough Budget.

America will buy anything for office…just look at the past 20-years!

Now Some REAL Economic News

Retail Sales are just our from Census, so hot off the press release…

The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for August, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $456.3 billion, a decrease of 0.3 percent (±0.5%)* from the previous month, and  1.9 percent (±0.7%) above August 2015.

Total sales for the June 2016 through August 2016 period were up 2.4 percent (±0.5%) from the same period a year ago. The June 2016 to July 2016 percent change was revised  from virtually unchanged (±0.5%)* to up 0.1 percent (±0.2%)*. 

Retail trade sales were down 0.5 (±0.5%)* from July 2016, and up 1.4 percent (±0.7%) from last year. Nonstore retailers were up 10.9 percent (±1.4%) from August 2015, while Health and Personal Care Stores were up 7.8 percent (±2.3%) from last year. 

The advance estimates are based on a subsample of the Census Bureau’s full retail and food services sample.  A stratified random sampling method is used to select approximately 4,700 retail and food services firms whose sales are then weighted and benchmarked to represent the complete universe of over three million retail and food services firms.   For an explanation of the measures of sampling variability included in this report, please see the Reliability of Estimates section on the last page of this publication.

Here is a picture of the leading edge of the recession we are about to slide into:  Retail sales are showing it in advance of official admissions which won’t come until after election day…part of the big Voter Hoax.



Dow futures up 78 when I looked.  Could have been worse, huh?

Not to be out PR’ed, the Labor Department has Producer Price Index/Final Demand:

The Producer Price Index for final demand was unchanged in August, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices declined 0.4 percent in July and rose 0.5 percent in June.

On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index was unchanged for the 12 months ended in August. (See table A.)

In August, a 0.1-percent advance in the index for final demand services offset a 0.4-percent decrease in prices for final demand goods. Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services increased 0.3 percent in August after no change in July. For the 12 months ended in August, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 1.2 percent, the largest rise since climbing 1.3 percent for the 12 months ended December 2014.

Tomorrow is quadruple witching when all the financial chickens try to roost at the same time.

And while reading the Consumer Price report. Consumer sentiment follows that so Friday might actually turn into a work day around here.

Can’t Trust the Press?

No, you can’t. Not that there was any doubt prior to the globalists trying to shove down another 8-years of job-jacking and tax-raising, mind you.

Gallup research says 4 in 10 American’s trust the mass (mainstream) media.

Oh, goody! We have a country that is 60% awake. And the other 40%? Well this explains them clear enough: Americans blame Washington gridlock for slow economic growth: Study.

Wars to Come

Interesting story on InfoWars about how a prominent author is is saying France is preparing for “civil war” against Muslim insurgents.

By the way, reading Dr. Michael Savage’s new book, Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama, has a different take on the so-called “religion of peace. He uses the term “religion of pieces…”

You might enjoy the book, if for no other reason his thinking is very clear (compared to American Brain Mush). Terms like homicide bombers are much clearer on murderous intent…

Don’t Buy A Small Ford

Reason? Ford is moving all small car production to Mexico.

If we have to buy globalist/foreign a US-made Lexus sounds more appealing, and keeps jobs here…just saying…

Easily Explained Dept.

Why would Disney cut 250 jobs in consumer products and digital unit?

Maybe because all the Mickey Mouse is already in office?

Screw ‘em all and Vote with Ure wallet.

19 thoughts on “Hillary, Lazarus, and Markets”

  1. I keep hearing about this for 9/30 – 10/01:

    WARNING: U.S. Dollar Set to “Retire” in a Matter of Days

    In a matter of days a brand new form of dollar “replacement” currency goes live. And when it does, every dollar-denominated account in America could plunge in value.

    What is this all about? US $ no longer going to be the reserve currency?

    • Not just dollar accounts in the US. Dollars anywhere would be devalued. With China holding $1,200,000,000,000+ in dollar denominated debt it ain’t going to happen.

      We owe too much for it to be in the creditors’ interest to devalue. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Yes I may be wrong too but I feel or at least that’s my opinion and my opinion and finance is really really poor but anyway here goes oh yes it will go down slowly in other words the Chinese do not want a sudden collapse because if we collapse that means they collapse so they will slowly devalue the dollar that way it can be done gradually

      • To end up as reserve currency and remove your competition from the game no worries. They can use the dollars to buy Blm and forest service land when the govt sells it to right the ship

      • That is why recently the powers-that-be have been buying gold mines ,because they don’t have the gold to support their Share of the new monetary system

      • And that is where we get into the real world of hey we can go into the past and bring that up to the Future now we have the gold reserves, where did that come from

  2. George,
    I can’t possibly be the only “car guy” to notice the mods on her “limo” are very similar to the unit bolted on top of an ambulance? Speaking of which painting a van slate grey and chroming up the hubs doesn’t turn it into a Lincoln Town car. Politicians usually go with cars or Suv’s like the Denali or Explorer. When choosing a car for a candidate having windows on the side allows the candidate to wave to supporters. Why use a sealed van? What’s up?

  3. > 2.Some of my black Americans friends remember
    > who ended slavery: Yeah. A Republican.

    Also, lets not forget which party mostly OPPOSED the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 & 1964… The Damnocrats.

    You can check the Wikipedia articles on the subjects.

    • That just proves the sociological tendency for any human organization to change over time into their exact opposite, WITHOUT changing their name!

    • And Lincoln pitched his war idea by promising the West (with the Native Americans eradicated/and/or their food source, the buffalo). Hitler admitted he was inspired by this genocidal policy.

      Civil war more about one economy competing with another lower wage paying (slavery) economy. Sound familiar?

  4. “Screw ‘em all and Vote with Ure wallet.”
    I like that tag line better than “Write when you get rich.” lol

  5. I was so proud of FORD for not accepting the bail-out monies, but if this deal goes through to move all those jobs to Mexico, I’m definitely not going to buy a Ford. And I’m looking for a truck to buy too… hmmm

  6. The first budget cut…needs to be ..ALL retirement for CONGRESS…..present and future…ELIMINATED…and a 100% cut for past members of Congress with net worth over 1 million dollars….and also ..health care using Obamacare for ALL government employees…present ,past, and future….ALL…. including contractors…2nd…ALL lobbyist are to be banned from any contact with ANY and ALL Federal employees..in any capacity…LOBBYIST are to be put out of business..this includes..any and ALL…NGO’s..3rd..End the FED..and put the nations money creation back in CONGRESS as per the US Constitution….then we can start to ‘heal’ this countries financial mess….imho

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