8 thoughts on “Another “Ure Theorem” Proves Out”

  1. So I know it’s only Thursday- but what happened to the Julian Assange prediction of a big Hill reveal that would collapse her campaign?

  2. Well, on the same page as the article about Hilary Clinton is a tease for why Donald Trump won’t release his tax return, and surprise – his son says it’s because he doesn’t want people seeing what his business is, and who he does business with.

    And have you seen the Youtube video with Keith Obermann working with GQ detailing all the messes that Trump has been involved with? – he’s totaled up 176 . . . Bad, really bad.

  3. All you had to do is donate $20 to see what’s happening! It son’t be any info you can use, but at least you’ll learn something from them. Seems her campaign gets a small donation and then goes and makes additional charges until the total amount gets to just under $100 (that’s the starting limit where banks investigate fraud). I’m sure HRC knows nothing about it and it’s simply rogue staffers…


    • Not saying this doesn’t happen (when I worked for a cell-phone carrier for about six months you wouldn’t not believe the fraud regarding payments and recurring payments) but it might be noted – as it does at the end of the article that ‘the Observer’ is published by Donald Trump’s son-in-law . . . hardly a non-biased news source.

      It’s not good obviously – but given the ease of banking (currently) vs. how it used to be with all paper-checks – many organizations have gotten sloppy – not just political groups but often communication companies i.e. cable, internet, phone service etc. – why it is good to check your monthly statement . . .

  4. Bloomburg radio had a peace yesterday on how every time trump goes up in the poles the value of the peso gows down. I got a lauff out of this.

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