Hiding Disaster with Excess Cash

A series of thought-experiments to ponder.  Which may be useful, given this morning’s release of CPI data which we will get to right away.

We’re actually in a Depression right now.  But it’s being effectively papered-over.  We see through the fog of collapse by looking at some units sold figures.

Also today:  Ways to extend failing eyesight due to aging.

Thing is, money supplies are a lot more complex than most people realize.  For one, it’s always relative to the amount of goods available.  Price-demand curves and such.

For another…oh-oh – there we go with letting the cat out.  Let’s do some headlines, look at the CPI and how our ChartPack is guiding us and then think deeply on inflation, shall we?

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George Ure
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53 thoughts on “Hiding Disaster with Excess Cash”

  1. “Physicists recommend masks outdoors on breezy days: study.”

    Personally, I’d suggest all the Einstein wannabees stick to fluid dynamics and string theory, and not venture into giving medical advise…

    When I saw this, my first thought was: “George gave us a link to The Onion!??”

    • The real shocker is how effective aspirin is in cutting cv deaths yet we get told to get off it by a US panel – more happy horseshit from vax peddlers

      • I saw that yesterday (the cut by 44% story, immediately followed by “you shouldn’t”) and my first thought was “I better get some more baby aspirin.” Hopefully I’m finally getting wise (r) in my old age. First, masks don’t work (let’s save ’em for the important people). Later, wear a mask (the supply is ok now). Nice to know how valued I am. Geeze. Thanks for the info.

      • “The real shocker is how effective aspirin is in cutting cv deaths yet we get told to get off it by a US panel ”

        Dam.. that tells me that..the price of aspirin is going to skyrocket and I’ll need to have a prescription for the new ten Dollar a tablet medication..

        • You bet LOOB!
          Like they screwed us around on Colchicine! Was a dime pill – then they sold it to a corporation which now calls it colchrys or some such and it’s expensive.
          This is not medicine. It’s racketeering.

      • Just saw a short article about the benefits of using aspirin with Covid patients. Helps get them off the vent. Funny how that see saw keeps going up and down huh?

    • …AND none of y’all noticed the article cited PHYSICISTS, not PHYSICIANS.

      The PTB and lamestream media are messing with their American audience.

      I don’t like being the butt of a joke made by “holier than thou” detestable narcissists.

      Read carefully…

  2. “I met her in a club down in old soho
    where you drink champagne and it tastes just like
    cherry cola
    C- O -L -A Cola
    She walked up to me and asked me to dance
    I asked her her name and in dark brown voice she said “Lola”
    L O L A lolololoLola https://youtu.be/s_xA6sH9kkQ

    C O L A increase at 5.9% AYFKM? Dam man that is one truly scary number. For if the guvmint accounting “tools” are factoring in 5.9% – the Real rate of inflation must somewhere in the neighborhood of 15% or worse.

    BTC – like a rock yesterday – terrible indeed, lil moar “terror” today, but looking strong overall. Stock market – I bee “vixxing” to SHORT this pig some moar .

    If Ure not “buckled up” yet, time to do so is slip slip slipping away.
    Time to get going..schlimme scheibe starting to leakout…

    Anybody got a Match ?

  3. Pssst pssst hey buddy, I got some ivermectin, you got any acetylsalicylic acid to trade for it?

  4. on the TD Ameritrade site, $SPX.X , 3 month candlestick chart,, the left side looks like a mirror image of the right side

      • they have been driving in reverse since Sept 1st, the question is , who is driving this jalopy? I am just the kid in the back seat , all I can see is dad’s head and shoulders

    • check out ^VIX chart

      throw a 50 dma, 100dma and 200dma on that puppy. what do you see ?

      think I see what looks like an Bubbachuck(Allen Iverson) “crossover” of the 50/100/200 dma’s ..after crossover occur, a bucket usually follow the trend.winkwink

  5. I’m over being shocked by meds that help fight Covid, getting nudged or pushed off the table. Watching it happen so long, I’ve come to expect it. Now, I just watch for it. Tylenol will probably be next.

    I often wonder what kind of miracles those Holistic and Microbiology folk who died, would have manifested if still here. Guess we just gotta tread through this on our own.

    Btw, been putting a very tiny bit of baking soda in my coffee before brewing. (Reduces the acidic-ness) of the coffee and it tastes smoother. I hear some high-end restaurants do it too. A good PH is always good. I get inflamed when my coffee isn’t good. Wink.

  6. As another Geezer who had to trade print books for the Kindle, Thanks for all the tips, including the link to Calibre. I had looked at it a few years ago, but today’s version looks great, and is now another arrow in my quiver.
    Glad to hear G2 is on the mend.

    • they have a new version of Calibre??.. dam.. I have been using the same old one I have for years.. I will have to check it out.. thanks for the info..

  7. yeeha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we ride again georgey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! investing is like sailing make adjustments and change to suit . now remember got to tack again soon . buy is sell and sell is buy . get those triple leveraged on . you know which ones . ride em cowboy

    • You are learning, my brother of agnostic trading! Pretty cool system, huh? Now the only question is will the rise end this afternoon or after strong retail sales in us tomorrow am? Then down again, perhaps?

    • “yeeha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we ride again georgey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! investing is like sailing”

      BE CAREFUL……. I had a friend.. they had a section of land.. a really nice retirement nest egg.. home paid off in full.. he started to play the markets..
      Called me up and said you have to do this with me… he went to breakfast came back and had made 65000.00 that fast….
      then I didn’t hear from him.. two years later.. his son calls me and asks.. will you talk some sense into dad..
      HE lost the section of land.. ( sells for twenty grand an acre) He lost his retirement fund.. he lost the house… he lost it all.. couldn’t even get a loan to buy toilet paper at the bank.. all from playing the stock market..
      you can win big.. but you can loose big to..
      NOW someone had said.. why not follow Nasty Nancy’s old mans trading.. and they probably hit it on the nose.. Pay yourself first but never bet the house..
      I was always told that money should flip every ten years its the compounding periods you have in life that gain the most from the pennys you save..and as you get older.. move your savings to a less volatile investment. the average wage earner can’t do that though.. so enjoy just don’t get hurt

  8. and wheres that wannabe guru who hangs around , i think he is a sheetcoiner . told me the petro dollar is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love these new gurus . mark twain . be greatful

    • Dude – petro dollar died years ago. This USD is not Ure Fathers USD, this badboy is how old ? How long do fiat currencies last ? After tricky dick closed the Gold window – USD went 100% made up = NOTHING Backing it, ZERO intrinsic value..
      It is what the NYfed sayz it is..94.08 current dollar index reading.

      USD index obviously highly leveraged/manipulated – See Gold and Silver Comex Prices – bwahahahaha

      Afraid youse USD holders are the SHITCOINERS, nothing can touch BTC, nothing can ever replace it – impossible at this point in the Game.

      $1 -Not quite Worthless yet – but on its way Shelia – at current value of .0000175 BTC
      PS: good luck AUS gold stock – once Chicoms Nationalize all the Gold mines you will be long Squata. hahahahha

  9. well im singing baby because i got a!! wait for it !! boom boom drumroll !!! gold star on my homework!!!!!!!!!!!! ooo yah baby!!! fastest velocitcy stock in world . its the old bar and grill .. toot toot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. and just one more before i have a coffee and smoke and sing !!! remember !! very very very important for the hell thats coming , as predicted !! buy is sell and sell is buy . im gunna do a JED clampett !!

  11. I’m starting to see some easing on prices of SS components. That surprised me at first, but I suppose it was inevitable in a stealth depression manufacturing environment.

  12. Look up in the sky !!! It’s a bird it’s a plane . No!!! It’s jimmy Cramer’s brain splatted everywhere. Bang !!! Boiyah scum your goin to hell . Triple leverage em georgey !!! Use the ones that say only break in emergency . Let her rip baby !!!

  13. George

    I have wondered how the Covid -19 vaccines could be produced so fast after contracts were released.

    Now I know!

    As a retired manufacturing engineer with almost 30 years of experience designing automated systems I know it takes 6 months to over a years to get complex machinery on line and ready to use.

    Evidence of the fact that the Covid-19 vaccine made by Astra-Zeneca was in production and available by July 15, 2018.

    Covid-19 was not known until 2019 and not named until 02/11/2020.

    On the Hal Turner Radio web site there is photographic evidence of a shipping box for the Covid-19 vaccine dated July 15, 2018.

    THEY KNEW!!!!!!!

    IT’S A SETTUP, IT’S A TRAP !!!!!!!

    The manufacturing line were built and ready to go. Just tell them when to release product. That’s why they could do it so fast.

    They had to start ramping up the manufacturing effort in 2017 to be able to produce the huge quantities by the time line required by government contracts.

    There was probably stock piles of vaccine already in freezers ready to go.

    Go to the Steve Quayle web site to find the link to the Hal Turner article.

    • Confirmation of the elitist Eugenicists’ programs posted here multiple times a day. Thank you for your submission.

  14. Everyone should know by now government CPI numbers are a lie. Especially food. I don’t know who is all in on it but I think the “numbers”could be fudged.

    Not long ago WMT had gallon milk over $3.50, now it’s $2.71. But before the panny milk was under $2.00.

    Milk is up 26% over pre-panny levels but DOWN 22% since Spring levels. It’s almost as if WMT artifically bounced milk prices knowing they could lower them later to fudge the numbers.

    We already discussed the cheap hot dogs going up 28%.

    Milk and hot dogs are both inline with 25% price increases over the last year.

    • I went shopping at the (nearly) local Meijer, the first week of September.
      Same store, same projected menu, first week of October: ALL frozen & freeze-dried foods were up between 31-33% from the September prices. The Meijer ground chuck which was $3.99 (a buck-ninety nine in the “day-old” chest) was $6.99 and there was no day-old moo-burger to be had.

      I was in this same store yesterday, as well as Wal-Mart, on a targeted purchase “mission.” There was no shortage of anything, anywhere. Both stores were probably down a couple hundred TP packages, but they still had several hundred on-shelf, and I was in right before closing, so nothing had been restocked.

      • I’ve been wondering about these alleged food shortages. I’m in central AZ and the local Walmart may be short in a few spots, but Fry’s, Safeway, and Food City are all fully stocked. For whatever reason, the shortages must be in only specific areas of the country. However, I DO expect shortages in the future because so much cropland worldwide has been ravaged by floods and droughts.

      • The grocers are as “in on it” as it comes. Back before the at the stay home 2 weeks to flatten the curve time point, brown paper bags were being packed for “Family of 4″ ” Family of 6″, etc. and put out in the front of the store near the cash registers are Food City. Nobody in the ” regular” world knew what was going on yet.
        I’ve always heard grocery chains were part of the “Al Capone” type network. I believe it.
        We have spotty shortages in my area but plenty of food

  15. Protect Cramer . Give him every vaccine at once !!!! Tomorrow some time during the freak show!!! Tutti tutti !!!! Hit him with everything!!! Pfizer Moderna j and j astra Zeneca Sputnik Chinese sheet . Hell I’ll even send one !!! Ebola with a Spanish flu kicker !!! All the way from kansas

  16. Supplements: ‘Start Early’. Over half of the handful of stuff I take every morning and night are to (hopefully) prevent something I do not want have happen to my health… rather than to correct something I already have. The old saw of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies.

    I snicker sometimes when someone tells me “I took that but I didn’t feel any different, so I quit”. It’s not always about how you feel NOW. Check back in a few years, and will you then be saying “I wish I had taken more of that” ??

    I still snicker when I think of the electrical contractor working on my house a couple years back. I told him the house was my retirement abode. He looked suspiciously at me and said, “You don’t look old enough to be retired.” I thanked him for the compliment and saw his jaw drop when I told him my age. My proof that anti-aging supplements work if you start early and keep at it for years.

  17. i didnt get a truckload of the best gold stock maybe even stock in the world for inflation . i got it because im sick of getting Fa4k8d over by evil . we set em up . now we have called their bluff . inflation my ass . everything they say is lies . its broken

  18. G,

    Instead of up/down arrows group posters into Vaxx’ed/Unvaxx’ed by having them click Violet for Vaxx’ed/UCLA gold for Unvaxx’ed before clicking submit. Screen names changed to the appropriate status color is the identifier.

    And see what happens.

  19. It is official.. Propane is going up almost sixty percent and natural gas is going up at least thirty percent.. Now we wait to see what the others are going to go up…
    I need to get all my propane tanks filled.. before winter.. the other piece of news is crops are way better than expected.. the farmers that planted early.. are doing really good in comparison..

  20. Len,
    What did dear old JC ever do to you? I, for one, like getting investment advice from frothing-at-the-mouth gurus. Present company accepted.
    Don’t bust a blood vessel. Just enjoy the second law of Thermodynamics ride.

  21. New Lenova Android tablet for $99:


    It has Android 11 Go installed. I would turn off most of the Google & YouTube apps, download a few APK’s from non-Alphabet sources, and run off WebView. A VPN, a security app and DuckDuckGo would be a minimum installation. Would make for a nice surfing rig. Easier on the eyes than the cell phone, and less of a load than a laptop.

  22. I only got 3 posts a day . Respect george always . So here’s 1 what’s this bullsheet goin on . Ahhhhhhhhhhaa . Bit of rampin with yella
    On 8 day run pattern . Ah Farken gurus will talk their way out of it . Hay can’t mention names but high priest of Elliot stuff how you explain oz sewer , mate fair dinkum worst garbage in world . Don’t care caged out some Goldie chips today shorting harder

  23. Thank you Pathfinder Bob. I took your advice on how to make a cup of coffee. I set the machine fo a single 10 ounce cup and brewed my coffee. I dipped the tip of a spoon in baking sofa and shook off the excess leaving only the residue and then stirred the coffee with it when I added the cream. Your recipe really worked. The acidic flavour was gone.

    110 percent football

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