Hell of a Storm Today

Just a technical note:  For the first time in almost 20-years of living in the Outback of East Texas, we were totally without coms this morning as two phone lines with DSL and a ViaSat connection all went down due to severe weather.

2″ of rain in about 30-minute.  The precipitation path loss took down the satcoms and no idea when the DSL will come back.

Gets us to thinking about life in the woods, now and then.  Its the one-on-one with nature some days that adds spice to the adventure called Life.

I will get comments reviewed and posted as comms permit.

11 thoughts on “Hell of a Storm Today”

  1. Lost the internet here (Costa Rica) this morning. Not totally unusual. But, it does or will make a difference when the net goes down for weeks or months.
    That is why, for me, to have a very smooth sipping rum, Irish or Scotch Whisky along with a partner that can carry a conversation on many different subjects. Also back up books and other items to do mentally and physically when the electronic world disappears however briefly or permanently.

    • Is your partner a woman? A man that appreciates a woman’s talking???? Write your formula; we need to pass it around!

  2. Well I did it. After the bounce Monday, I moved most of my 401k into cash. Now the markets are rallying. D’oh. I’m in funds that are going to lock me out for 29 more days.

    I did this for a few reasons:
    1. Having missed this opportunity twice before in my working life. I know I would have saved a lot of dough.
    2. The 3.4% death rate on this pandemic. That’s not changing any time soon, and will be bringing more headlines soon.
    3. How much upside can I possibly miss in the 30 day lockout period? Can’t be that much considering how over valued the market is anyway.
    4. Bringing down the market is key to electing creepy old uncle Joe. It has to happen this year.

    “I’m going to lock in that response” George. First time I’ve ever done this, wished I had before. Can’t see much downside to the move. And I don’t count on this for my retirement (although I would definitely be if I had made this move in prior crashes).

  3. Cellphone and directional fringe duplex repeater, like the Wilson with the parabolic antenna, for 3rd redundant…? A friend’s cabin is nearly 20 miles from the nearest cell tower. A Wilson amp tied to a homebrew “dipole-in-a-cone” makes 3- and 4-G possible…

    • Hey Ray! you talking about making them thar directional Cell antenna out of a pringles can? I remember trying to make one with a friend back in my College IT days. IF memOry serves me you can get distances of 3-4 miles.

      I also remember reading an article on deep web where you can supposedly beam thoughts straight into someone’s head with one of them directional antenna’s. Make the person actually think that they were hearing straight from Allah himself. I think Bill Cooper mentioned it in Behold a Pale horse. Wonder what he thinks of 5G… I read somewhere he never died but is in an holding facility down in the bottom of Yuka Mountain.

      that thought has popped up in my brain few times the last week during meditation. Might have to go see if I can remember how to make one of them.. lol

      • hmmmmm come to think of it…. food for thought… would 5G interfere with HAARP activities???? or vice versa??? hmmmmmm…. might be a worth while investigation…. I was just talking about HAARP and them “Red lense” night vision goggles that drove all them Nazi soldiers nuts last night.. hmmmm…… two topics that haven’t surfaced in a while… interesting that they along with the pringles can cell antenna cross referencing to sharktooth.. back when you could first turn a 500 mb usb into wifi antenna/hack tool…just surfaced again…. hmmm

        nothing to see here. please move along. lol

      • “Hey Ray! you talking about making them thar directional Cell antenna out of a pringles can?”

        No. The Pringles can (or a foil-lined TP or paper towel tube) was for Wi-Fi and wardriving. You used an Orinoco PCMCIA 802-11 card and hooked its external antenna jack to the tube antenna, via coax.

        This was how I got “Internet access” to update my NWS and SPC radar feeds back in the old days, during tornado season. ‘Sucker would reach out and touch a farmhouse a half-mile away, and very few people locked their wireless routers.

        Fortunately now, I have a computer with built-in 4-G and diversity antennas — both internal and external, so I can get the live feeds in most of the places I’ll be storm-chasing.

        Thanks for the memory, Andy…

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is responsible for your comm’s failure. This calls for an impeachment.

  5. sudden down here in oz as well .. only quick but it blinked Thursday morning.. couldn’t load more shorts on open .. our banks are zombies now .. turning Japanese .. the vapours

  6. George,
    Your a fairly bright fellow (in spite of your age), you may know the answer to this . Is there a federal law prohibiting the attempt to intimidate federal employees or federal judges??? Just saying..

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