Depression 2.0 Arrives: Planning Yet?

You won’t see it in the headlines, most places.  But, it lurks.  It stalks, and we’re in the process of playing the same modest market bounce that we did in 1929 prior to the markets declining more than 35%.

OK, may sound melodramatic, but thinking people with spreadsheets all over the world are coming to the same conclusions.  IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva is among them and she’s calling for a coordinated international financial effort due to the virus saying it’s better now to do too much than too little.

Whee!  Let’s all print up money.  If cryptos can do it, so can YOU!

The Federal Reserve this week – in addition to the surprise half-point rate cut (a move they  completely muffed as I’ll explain) also changed some of the capital rules for Big Banks.  Our suspicion is the Fed’s models are pointing where our long-term studies have been warning of for a long time:

That broad swath will include factory closings, collapsing disposable personal incomes, and these will ripple into declining tax returns, which means  even more deficit spending and this will fuel a mighty inflation-to-come like the world hasn’t seen since the Weimar Republic failed.

Maybe we should just go gently, on this?

Since we’re largely data-driven, consider a few points we rolled by Peoplenomics subscribers (in chart form) earlier this week.

On 9/3/1929 the Dow stood at 381.17 at the close. That was the high and stood until when?  The 1950’s.

As the decline accelerated in ’29, by October 4, the Dow was down 14.69%.  Sound familiar?  It should:  We traded through those percentage levels recently.

An amazing turnaround set in, however:  In our data it looks like this:


It didn’t hold though.  Because at the bottom? After the Great Crash?


No, we’re NOT saying the market will work out this gently, this time around.  We actually expect it to be worse.

Let’s get real:

  • The Fed blew the rate cut.
  • Globalism is dead or dying
  • People are nervous and on the edge of panic
  • Yet few have prepared.  Despite our writing here since 1997 I “It’s time to leave the cities and disperse.”

That clock has done run-out.

While a bit of incidental good news may cause momentary rallies, and the underside of the ascending trend channel looks “interesting” we make no predictions except that Life is now fundamentally changing.

We will all become more Japanese-like.  Shaking hands is out, respectful bowing seems to be a good replacement option.

Hugs are out, too.  Save the one or two people you let into your personal space.  Oh, and I would expect the Japan Olympics to be something of a disaster this summer, too.  I assume you saw the calls for the SXSW gathering to be canceled because of virus fears?  Report in Billboard says the big ULTRA festival in Miami is off…

It’s no wonder that banks are readying disaster plans, even now.

My consigliere and I were chatting Wednesday – as our comms here in the outback were attempting a recovery following the big storms through  the South this week, and he made an excellent point: (a semi-quote, best I can remember)

The Fed move just added to the panic and they blew a chance to slow down the decline.  If they had been smart, they would have waited for the market rally to complete (remember my trend line mention?) and THEN they would wait until a lot of traders had laid on big market shorting positions.  If they had waited until then, a LOT of short-side traders would have been trapped, lost money.  And these traders would then be very concerned about laying on short positions for a while – which is exactly what the Fed should have been trying to achieve.  They’re effectively out of ammunition now…”

I had to nod in agreement.  The Fed move smacked of panic and sure, we got a nice “running of the shorts” yesterday, but that’s no doubt due in part to the Fed rolling over $100-billion worth of repo’s yesterday, too.  We wouldn’t be shocked by anything the Fed does now.  Paper’s in trouble.

But, like we said in’s report last Saturday, there’s the little matter of “time compression” going on, too.

Gold seems to be holding in the $1,640 area while BTCs are converting around $9,126.  Although interestingly, there’s a “rhyme on the previous Depression” which could argue that this time around, instead of calling both Gold and Silver, the Fed Gov might make crypto money illegal.  Reason?  Let’s too many people “make up their own floating craps game” and the government, as we all know, HATES competition!

Challenger, Gray, and Scary

Challenger, Gray and Christmas is the HR firm that produces the month Job Cuts report.  But, before getting into that,, they have a lot of other reports that don’t get as much coverage.  Here are a couple of things they’ve put out recently you almost certainly have NOT run across in the MUAPS  (Mostly Useless American Propaganda Services):

“Chief Executive Officer turnover surged 37%, from the 160 who left their posts in December to 219 to begin the year. Last month’s total is 27% higher than the previous monthly record of 172 in October 2019, according to a report released Wednesday by global outplacement and business and executive coaching…”

Can you say “Rats fleeing sinking ships?”

And forget Corona for a second:  How about plain old flu – what does that cost American business?

“Challenger predicts 23.4 million people between 18 and 75 could become ill with the flu this season, using age data from the 2012-2013 flu season. With the current employment-to-population ratio of 61.2% and average hourly wage of $28.44, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees taking four eight-hour days away from work due to the flu could cost employers $13,056,764,338. ...”

Yeah…$13-billion just in flu costs.  For now, double that for COVID and if this sucker doesn’t slow with warm weather.

There.  Now, how about their Job Cut story of today?  Remarkably, some really GOOD NEWS for the economy:

Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers fell 16.4% from January’s total of 67,735 to 56,660 in February. Despite widespread concern, COVID-19 has not yet caused companies to cut positions, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Well, shoot-damn, how about that?

The NY Fed Repo Depot just popped $107.357 billion in with repo’s and reverses this morning.  Yee haw!

Not enough to stop markets from collapsing, though.  Dow futures were still down 593  even after the data.  Oh, well.  Long term there is a future.  But some of that depends on what happens back in the swamp.

Joe Bullden

Market hype aside, one reason for the rally Wednesday was Joe Biden’s big comeback in Super Tuesday.  A big win in Michigan and he could knock Bernie and send his Bernistas back to their barricades.  The stock market only has a use for lefty’s and “revolutionaries” when they can be financialized, don’tcha know?

Republicans want Biden impeached, if elected, or so said Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa in this report.

What’s laughable is VOX (MediaBiasFactCheck report: Left Bias) is trying to say it ain’t so in “Joni Ernst walked back her call for Joe Biden to be impeached if elected…But the whole saga shows why Biden’s wrong about the GOP coming around post-Trump….

Yeah, I added the bolding to help you spot the bias-leak.  It’s the usual way liberal propaganda rolls:  They make a stupid assumption (“post Trump“) and then infer there will be some kind of “…the GOP coming around ...”  Am  I the only one who read Trumps Super Tuesday results?

Reports like this look to us like a delightful combination of Goebbels and Marx in technique.  Journalism?  You mean it ain’t?  Our own tastes run more to Ries and Trout, but we’re more middle-of-the-road capitalists, I suppose.

Speaking of data filtering: We find it useful rule-set to just shit-can reports when an off-center (either way) source that quote the opinions of it’s own reporters.  “My ain’t we special and oh, don’t we matter....”  Rampant on TV nut-works, too.  That goes for all of ’em.

Joe Friday said it best:  “Just the fact, ma’am.”  Not enough of them to support the wet-dreams of media empire-builders.  So it becomes what in pool is a game of “slop.”

Speaking of the Uprising (& Slop)

Why the Secret Service hasn’t arrested (or at least interviewed) Chuck Schumer and the rest of the left-wing cabal for threatening seated U.S. Supreme Court Judges is beyond me.  See “Schumer Claims Conservative Supreme Court Justices Will ‘Pay the Price’ If They Rule against Abortion Advocates” for details.

“Pay the Price?”  Schumer’s throwing in – again – with the Digital Mob Rule promoters.  (Care to bet me Soros and his ilk aren’t skulking in the background somewhere?)

In Ure Shorts

Just the usual piles of bull-sheep, elsewhere for ewe:

They don’t go there to party: Nursing Homes Are Starkly Vulnerable to Coronavirus, figures the  NY Times without help.  Amazing.

More useful is their report A Global Outbreak Is Fueling the Backlash to Globalization. But here’s the trouble with this Times story: It ignores globalism was on its last legs, anyway.  See Barry Lynn’s defining 2005 book End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation, if you don’t believe me.  Been in the cards for 10-years. COVID is just a cconvenient cover story to fall back to local consumption and production.

What astounds me is that so many “newbie” corporation-hating “minimalist vegans” are all over the place whining day in and out.  None of them are out here in the woods, living the low-beam life on solar and really gardening.  Guess we just didn’t get enough social-media disease, huh?

Pipe dreams of profits? Health care can still climb back to all-time highs, chart suggests — here are the stocks traders are buying…says CNBC.  We think they’re nuts to eye healthcare…what part of CV didn’t they get?

Depression 2.0 markers abound: Why plunging Treasury yields are so alarming.

War among the copy cats? HP rejects Xerox $34 billion takeover bid, saying it ‘meaningfully undervalues’ the company.

Well, copy that…time to print and off to chase the bacon, so ya’ll come back tomorrow, y’ hear?

Write when you get rich,

73 thoughts on “Depression 2.0 Arrives: Planning Yet?”

  1. all because when they should have taken over those criminal organizations the too big to fail banks in 2009-2010 that were bust then are even bigger busts now. Somebody up there needs to grow a pair.

  2. i’ve followed this site for many years now. i remember you writing about cashing in investments but not being able to get that $ from the bank. after wrangling a few frns from a big bank earlier this week, i’d say pretty damn close. what’s ure take? peace out.

  3. Life has been difficult for me so I have very little wealth to protect. I wish all you folks with assets well and hope that you can protect what you have. My understanding is that these crashes are opportunities for the super rich to take even more from everybody else and consolidate more power in their control. What a sorry situation.

    • Between this site, Jim Cramer, Marketwatch, “,” and many other sources and oracales (sometimes conflicting — but that’s good!), there is a wealth of Raw Information available for free.

      Now that several of the Big Market-Making online trading houses — Schwab, and others — let you start a trading account for zero dollars, one can start with a tiny set of investments, and by not draining off all the “profits,” if any, and by re-investing and compounding over time, you CAN grow a mustard seed into… …well… a lot.

      Take a hundred bucks, and begin, but BEGIN!

      1) Don’t “bet” money you can’t afford to lose.

      2) Stay cold and rational. Unemotional, as far as is possible.

      3) Create a personal “trading rules set” from your readings and understandings.

      4) Don’t buy Krappe (or stocks) in markets and areas you don’t have some depth of personal knowledge in. Trust your personal knowledge to be reasonably accurate most of the time. (Don’t buy “tips.”) Trust your gut: when the “experts” all say, “Black is white,” don’t believe them.

      5) Above all, begin — even if only modestly. To do nothing is to reap nothing.

      Do well, my friend. Do well.

    • Sitting in a 10 x 10 room waiting for the microwave to ding, “I’m hungry.”

      Sitting in a 30 x 30 room waiting for somebody to bring overcooked something, “I’m hungry.”

      My point is that at any moment, all we really have is what’s inside the skin. I would venture that those “with stuff” are probably much more nervous every day than those who live “without stuff”.

  4. Well George for one thing its delightful to watch all the rats in the cesspool known to us as the U.S, Government fighting over the few scraps that’s left after the looting of the country.The big question is will the people learn anything as they still rush to vote for the best government money can buy,and and always comeback short changed but its their country they broke it they own it,and now its time for the revolution which is the only way they can change it.!!!

  5. Of all the arguments made in your article of why the end is near “the fed is out of ammunition” is by a light year the weakest. George this has been said for a very long time. When you have an unlimited checkbook and zero transparency as to how it gets used, the ammunition never ends. It will only end when the rest of the world calls BS… and if they do they will need to have an alternative, and they know that they don’t.

      • According to CoinMarketCap, the value of all the bitcoin in the world is $156.7 billion as of January 15, 2020. Shoot, The Fed spends that much in a day on Blow and lunchables for the kiddy’s. Hell, Even Bezo’z almost got that much in his checking account. Wonder what his credit card limit is? Only have to have 10% income of the against the borrowing max if im right. That’s a Trillion dollar credit card. bout the cost of a gallon of gas next year the way things are going.

        “The last time we saw numbers similar to this was right before 9-11” to quote some dipsh!t “reporter” on Cnn Money this morning. First time in 5 years I watched The Cabal News Netwerk, In 5 minutes of watching I seen all I need to see for another 5 years.

        Rumor has it Warren is going to give her endorsement to Sandars…. for a VP role.. would be an interesting play. Since it matches right up with the Simpsons cartoon.


        the 10-year treasury yield dropping below 1% for the first time in history on Monday.

        Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

        ure vice grips, sir.

        • Add them all up (ripple etc) and it’s a threat to their control
          Like the mob (and you know how they work, right) they don’t want competition

  6. G – Ure tunnel vision is obscuring the facts on the ground – It Is Different This Time.
    No replay of great depression – we got Circuit Breakers, and we got helicopter money from printing presses over at Treasury. LARPing all the way to the Bank!

    Buy the Dip ! UST’s yielding under 2% – and going Negative. A nice stock like VZ (verizon) has a 4% dividend yield – not too shabby in todays rate environment.

    So yeah lets hype this deadly virus – its so deadly it only kills immune system compromised oldsters – those poor unfortunate individuals would have just as likely succumbed to the Flu. How many children have died from this horrendous, virulent, deadly, highly infectious virus – ZERO/ZILCH/BUBKISS.

    Time to start building a High Yield, Dividend Paying Stock Portfolio with stocks of companies that have BTDT. The companies that have been around for a looooooong time and payed a dividend ALWAYS – like a JNJ, DUK, VZ (old BellTelCos)..

    Best investment advice the coot ever got – ” Buy em Low, Sell em High!

    • Still holding bac for its 6% percent dividend of year 2000 and a buy in of 55.50 $ a share today 20 years later at 25$ a share while its dividend was cut in year 2008 to less than 1 percent sort of sours your opinion on this appearing to be down trend..sold the double down in error with a 1% loss and missed out o that triple to avoid a 35%loss there….woulda coulda veen rich there equal to distressed realty..

  7. George

    “the Fed Gov might make crypto money illegal.”

    How does that work? The Federal Reserve is not part of the Federal Government but a private operation as I understand it. They may make regulations for their own script which we rent but make laws?

    Since we now live in a country that has a government that disregards it’s own laws maybe your right.

    Maybe we should all start making our own laws!

    • The Federal Reserve was established in violation of the Constitutional principle of ‘Non-Delegation’ making it an illegal entity.
      The Congress cannot transfer to others that which the Constitution assigns it to do. This principle has been upheld over the years by the Supreme Court.
      Loaning made-up currency while charging interest for it is the real definition of usury.
      About 10 years ago it was determined that the Fed had received 40-50 Trillion in interest payments since it was established. At that time the Russians (yes, the Russians) figured the total to be about 140 Trillion!
      Exercising the final clause of the Federal Reserve Act would:
      1. Transfer all Fed functions to the Treasury and make all outstanding currency to become interest-free US Treasury Notes.
      2. All previous illegal interest payments to the Fed would be clawed-back into the Treasury. At that point we would begin to get some Treasure back into the Treasury! This would cancel the Public Debt.
      3. The IRS would be abolished as it was established at the same time as the Fed was for the purpose of confiscating earned money to pay the illegal interest on our borrowed currency.
      The 16th amendment used for setting-up the IRS was not constitutionally ratified and would be declared null, void and of no effect.
      4. The 17th amendment removed the primary check over runaway Federal Government spending. It was also established at the same time as the Fed. Before this if the Federal Government spent more than it’s receipts from excises, imposts and duties it sent an apportioned bill to the legislators in each of the several States to cough-it-up and send it to DC. US State Senators were appointed by the legislators in each State to protect their interests. This amendment was also not constitutionally ratified and would be declared null, void and of no effect.
      About a hundred years ago Henry Ford commented that since the Federal Government can directly issue it’s currency interest-free why did it need a “middle man”. Of course it didn’t, the Fed Reserve illegally insinuated itself into the government. This was, in effect, a coup d’etat of our country. This led to WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, and all the other wars since.
      Al B

  8. “Why the Secret Service hasn’t arrested (or at least interviewed) Chuck Schumer and the rest of the left-wing cabal for threatening seated U.S. Supreme Court Judges is beyond me.”

    Give this one a few days to fester and we’ll see if any of the Senators have grown a set. The NYSBA should disbar him before Friday. EVERY lawyer and jurist is required by the ABA to report illegal activity of this sort when they observe it. I wonder how many actually will…

  9. Last night the Johns Hopkins corona virus count page said 2,647,665 total cases. Now it’s down to a more reasonable 96,888. I figured it was a mistake or change in counting method. Maybe it was just a trick to get congress to cut a $3bil check for virus preps. Had me going for a while.

  10. Years ago, this site (you or Clif) predicted people world-wide would wear masks and (they’d become a fashion statement?). Hit.

    • HBO was showing a series called Years and Years ( which presented a futuristic view of how history will play out in England. With a little cowboying, it could be the U.S., as well. Anyway, one of the episodes focused on tech fads and the latest was digital full face masks to change your identity or animal spirit (?). It struck me because it was so obvious and I couldn’t figure out why it hasn’t become a thing yet…

      • It’s been a thing for over 10 years now. A company in (I think) Brazil developed a clothing line and mask which would make it impossible for a camera/FR software to identify the wearer. It got no publicity in the U.S. and I don’t know if it’s even still extant… but it WAS done.

  11. George…you said” Why the Secret Service hasn’t arrested (or at least interviewed) Chuck Schumer and the rest of the left-wing cabal for threatening seated U.S. Supreme Court Judges is beyond me. ”

    Trump has threatened and attacks judges on nearly a daily basis. He also attacks intelligence officials, the FBI, CIA, attorney generals, war hero’s and decorated soldiers, and brothers of decorated soldiers, the free press, (The 1st Amendment), a 16 year old autistic girl,…of course, since day 1, he has 3rd grade name called anyone who is opposed or is opposing him. He has called women Horseface, Fat and ugly, and then has purportedly sexually assaulted them and while all of those harrasment lawsuits are still pending, I am pretty confident he is guilty (it’s who has always been) and he is on tape talking about the grabbing of women’s privates. Why hasn’t he been arrested? Great role model.

    And who do you think you are with this comment? ‘corporation-hating “minimalist vegans” are all over the place whining day in and out.”

    You could have left out the vegan part. About every elite athlete is vegan now based on breakthrough research about our human body and where proteins we need really come from. It’s a game changing diet. (The dumbed down version is a Netflix documentary called “Gamechangers”) More important research is from Washington University in St Louis, Stanford Medical, Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical.

    I take this stuff seriously. Why have a time machine, when we can literally turn back time on our own bodies. For instance… I also just had my biological age tested…although I am 62, my biological age is 37. Nearly Half of my age. And that’s only after 3 months of going vegan. LDL levels are 104 and my HDL is 40. Blood pressure: 119 over 70. I have 12% body fat. I cut my average distance mile time down to 7:50 a mile for over 10:00. My goal is just under 7 minute miles for 10K and 8 minute miles for a half marathon. That’s just the beginning.

    So, the next time you want to shame vegans…please note that Football players, Olympians, extreme athletes, basketball, body builders etc are mostly vegan…A vegan beat Connor McGregor and now he is mostly plant based himself. If you want to be strong as an Ox, then eat what the Ox eats.

  12. George, the Schumer outburst is most unfortunate, but predictable.
    In fact repeatedly predicted by me, right here.
    And it’s only just begun.
    The D’s will come to emulate Trump’s (successful, better mousetrap) tactics —
    Including here the demagoguery, and eventually even the criminal cheating, to which the inevitable response when caught will be to blame your Deep State: the media for reporting it and the law enforcement community for prosecuting it.
    None of this is new; we saw it all in the OJ trial.
    And eventually the Lefty demagogue that rises will blame the Rich instead of the Brown.
    And the angry Base will be throwing them flowers.
    Lord help us when the Great Automation Recession finally hits.
    And all you Righty cheerleaders will be crying ‘how did this happen?’
    It happened because you didn’t call it out when it was working for your team, that’s how.
    Because it’s human nature — greed cannot stop until it kills the golden goose.
    As with steroids, you either get on board, or get left in the dustbin of Double A baseball.
    As Jim Rome used to say about steroids: If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.
    This is the legacy of the Right.
    Best, Mike.

    • Stalin could have used an apologist like you. Trotsky and Marx, too.
      Schumer’s all part of the last-ditch commie uprising along with AOC and you, Mike.

    • Well Mike you know you can call them lefties or righties but they are all one grand party as they party on like there’s no tomorrow,the people have become so duped/dumb down that they don’t know the difference, and most don’t care as more and more desert the voting booth, and this election will be no different as the corporate masters will determine who the next old nut is to occupy the oval office with another huge tax cut in their favor.Lol who says we aren’t just another third world country but I bet its all Russia’s fault that we can’t get out act together.!!!

  13. the lung problems. Going back to yesterdays comments. Use Duck, Duck to run down the colloidal silver, and lung problems. I’m looking for a nebulizer, and will be a test rat with my lungs in the near future. Possibly both silver and iodine. My cash reserve got blitzed, $2000. On SS, it can be difficult to rebuild the emergency fund in a short period of time Was getting concerned, then the subconscious took over. Money Miracle Mantra.. Was in Rural King, and a customer/ friend who I haven’t seen in 3 years pops out of an aisle.. I want one of your Santa’ Today , paper comes, University is opening a joint radio programs, showed her a picture of one I did for a museum raffle.. Lovely, I’ll take it. Gave her my card, She sees the picture, I want one like this.. The ONLY TWO started were the ones she picked out.. My band saw is down , so had she decided on another, it would have been difficult to get done, cold in the garage. Cleaning up some old magazines. 1970’s treasure magazine on top.. Kid from Denison University comes over and wants a King Tut carved for a project.. The Treasure mag has King Tut on the cover ??? Kid wants a beard, which actually may be a band that holds the symbolic beard on? Need to get into the stacks and look up Georges Magnetic prof. Ran out of computer

    • use ultrasonic diffuser/humidifier…NOT a nebulizer….silver particles will not disburse in a neb

  14. Has anyone noticed …there are NO ‘ circuit breakers’…in the stock market anymore…1100 down….1200 up 900 down…600 up….and NO TIME OUTS….wtf

  15. “Japanese-like.. respectful bowing”. In modern times, westerners take this to mean respect. In historic Samurai culture, ‘the bow’ literally means “I offer you my head” as a sign of fealty and submission…. a willingness to die for the superior.

    So now the ‘Grand Princess’ cruise ship is in trouble off California as the Governor refuses to let it dock as passengers show symptoms.

    This ship cruised from California to Mexico and back, and one passenger who returned subsequently died of COVID-19 in California. The ship then took a cruise to Hawaii, stopping at Kauai, Honolulu, Maui, and Hilo last week. One sick crew member was taken off at Hilo with flu-like symptoms. Testing here was negative for COVID-19. (At least the health department now has working tests!). So now as the ship nears California, other passengers are showing symptoms and everyone is freaked out. If there IS COVID-19 aboard, then we likely had ‘spreaders’ throughout four Hawaii ports. Hawaii health department says they are watching the results of the ship closely. Just wucking funderful!

    I’m thinking of starting a new ‘News Network’. Call it APS… American Propaganda Service. Think of the revenue stream from Corp. & Gov.! “Everything’s a business model” :-)

    • Cruise ships create an interesting risk! If only one out of thousands of souls on board shows signs of the Covid(as we’re calling it), then everyone can be quarantined. That’s an extraordinary risk to an individual.

    • There is a venereal disease, I don’t remember which one, that can never be completely eradicated from the body. It can be treated and it does disappear from the main systems but it also hides deep in a gland or two until it wants to manifest itself again at a later date. Maybe there’s more to this virus than we know?

  16. Is the US just quietly passing the 100 community cases of c-virus mark this week? That would be an ugly marker of note.
    Before China clamped down on the citizen journalists and their videos, I saw some ugly footage which indicated that not all the victims were oldsters. Typically adults react to the death of children by not talking about it in public. I would suggest watching the American Experience Influenza 1918 episode which goes into that subject.

  17. Well well well Mr Narrator/Editor/Taxman,

    “never saw a tax that some one else shouldn’t have to pay”

    – the pieces are clicking into place – but seems we are having trouble seeing the forest thru the trees..

    Step1: Moochelle Obummer will be “chosen” at dem convention as VP for Creepy Joe

    Step2: Indictment/Impeachment/Brain Aneurysm/Stroke/Severe Senility Pres Biden

    Step3: The Kommissar is back in town and Revolution 2.0 gets rolling thru a State near you –

    its really going to Suck to Suck living in a restrictive Gun Law State/jurisdiction – this is EXACTLY why “they” don’t want you to have ANY GUNS!

    They take Ure Gold& Silver & Guns – what chu got left ?

    Forget about making Bitcoin illegal – Does Not Matta -They are UNCONFISCATABLE – Un -Hackable and yes Quantum Hardened – soon to be Quantum Proof.
    Stop with the electricity BS – No Currency works without it, cept in small amounts/denominations. Nor do precious metals – what U gonna haul around several pounds of Gold? sure..

    As Always – No Bitcoin 4U! and don’t forget to declare the pennies on your eyes when U die

    ? If a one L lama is a Tibetan priest,
    and a two L llama is a South American beast,

    what is a three L lllama?

    A big F-ng FIRE!

  18. Is the coronavirus only a cofactor? Possibly a “passenger virus”? Inquiring minds want to know! There’s an interesting article on acid fast bacteria(TB, leprosy, etc) as a potential factor in the excessive mortality in places such as Wuhan:

    Since these bacteria are scary, persistent and just plain nasty things to study, they may have been overlooked as a major factor here. Possibly even the primary cause of death. I’m not judging yet – though I do think this needs to be explored immediately by the medical community and either confirmed or refuted. This class of “naked bacteria” is difficult to see with normal staining and will respond to some non-standard antibiotics. If this is relevant, it needs to be understood now!

    If so, masks will definitely be even more useful.

    • If the virus suppresses the immune system long and deeply enough, then opportunistic bacteria infections will finish the job.
      With reports of a congressional aide testing positive, I would suggest that some public accountability may be about to be injected into the process. The situation with half-assed quarantine measures and the failed testing and surveillance program needs to be addressed in the House and Senate. There’s nothing like having their own asses on the line to tighten up the gangs, or better yet, induce a pucker. I”m not satisfied with any of the responses coming from inside the beltway to date. I want to see effective action, not political rancor and lame excuses from the public servants.

  19. I say, “Bring it on!” But first, let’s get a season or two of “The Waltons” remade… We need some learnin’ first.

  20. Something doesn’t feel right in the stock market. Can a virus cause a depression, or will these dumb bankers bankrupt themselves again? If all that money out there continues taking a beating, something has to give.

  21. George,
    You seem to agree with the 3.4% Corona virus death rate. Yet today, Trump was on Fox and Friends and said the 3.4% is totally false. He said.” I heard from people that it’s maybe 1%…and will die off soon”

    Don’t you think it’s irresponsible for him to say crap like this? Either he is trying to kill off his base, or he knows that the deep heartland doesn’t have the international exposure that the coasts and large markets have With this virus and is just playing politics with his base. Maybe it’s both.

    How sad it must be believing that scientists, scholars, historians and journalists have dedicated their lives to deceiving you all in the heartland, while a reality TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively documented lying is your only beacon of truth and honesty.

  22. Why your internet habits are not as clean as you think

    Although the energy needed for a single internet search or email is small, approximately 4.1 billion people, or 53.6% of the global population, now use the internet…

    The carbon footprint of our gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions. It is similar to the amount produced by the airline industry globally…

  23. OPCW whistleblowers wrote to watchdog chief, say it ‘defies all logic’ that they’d ‘go rogue’ for no reason

    Veteran OPCW official Ian Henderson and an individual referred to as ‘Alex’ were sidelined from the investigation into the alleged chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma in April 2018, after they produced evidence indicating the incident – which was used to justify US missile strikes – was in fact staged by anti-Assad jihadist militants.

  24. State of New York May Sell $50 Million in Unused Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ Equipment

    According to a recent report, New York state officials are considering selling equipment worth $50 million that the state purchased for use at the Tesla solar panel factory in Buffalo. The equipment has remained in storage instead of being put to use to create jobs in the area.

    • Sounds fair. What about that female H.S. wrestler who defeated all those young men last week (?) to win the championship? Uh, oh…

      • ‘Got no problem with that. Human female musculo-skeletal systems have a mechanical advantage over male systems — specifically more-efficient levers in their limbs. Boys’ physiology enables them to counter, then outdistance girls with creeping puberty, but until it does (at age 16, give or take a couple years), girls often beat boys in head-to-head competitions. My BFF is an AAU wrestling coach. One year he had 5 girl wrestlers. Every one could “wrestle up” two weight classes and be at parity with same-age boys — Up until age 16. He had one last until she was a senior in high school, but she was an outlier (and damn fast…)

    • DAM IT… I almost chocked on my coffee reading that one……funnier than hell…I am going to have to drop HULU if they keep that crap up..

  25. Senate Intelligence Committee leaders ‘very concerned’ about John Durham review, Joe DiGenova says

    The bipartisan duo leading the Senate Intelligence Committee are likely “very concerned” about the Justice Department review of the Russia investigation, according to former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova. DiGenova, a lawyer whose work has been caught up in the Ukraine-impeachment controversy, said Republican Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina and Democratic Vice Chairman Mark Warner of Virginia appear to be under scrutiny by U.S. Attorney John Durham’s team.

  26. Coronavirus has mutated at least once into two strains, study finds
    Scientists believe there are at least two different strains of the COVID-19 virus causing illnesses.

    A preliminary study conducted at Peking University’s School of Life Sciences and the Institute Pasteur of Shanghai discovered that one strain of coronavirus, type L, accounted for about 70% of the cases in China and is much more aggressive than the other strain, type S, which is milder and is the source of about 30% of the infections.

    Sorry about the information dump…

    • “Peking University’s School of Life Sciences”

      I love what they have been working on with hydroponics.. I kind of wish that they would reach out to the Florida earthship project..

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