Hedging More Shortages

As uncomfortable as 2021 was, 2022 is still setting up to be even worse.  This as shortages, a trucker’s convoy over Covid, and changes in seasonal weather appear. On top of Russia proximity to Ukraine and Taiwan jitters over what follows the Games.

In the meantime, markets seem to have genuinely lost even the last signs of rationality.

A few introductory items to get out of the way first, and then into the ChartPack.  Where another “running of the Bears” took place with gusto Friday.

Really, the good news is Russia is not likely rearming Cuba, now according to latest reports.  The bad news?  Odessa Monday.

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57 thoughts on “Hedging More Shortages”

  1. Unlike the BLM mostly peaceful, building burning riots in the summer of 2020 (have any insurrection committees been formed yet?), Canadians in Ottawa won’t be burning anything more than firewood in trash cans this weekend to keep warm in the sub zero weather. We’ll continue to say “excuse me” when we step on someone else’s toes and say “eh” to have an insult repeated rather than shooting the offender.

    Truedope has escaped to his cottage for a few days.

    All is well in the frozen north.

    • That is how it is here to.. BLM and Antifa were pretty much run out when they tried their crap here.. my friend that is black thought they would go.. when they seen some joker running around with a wad of money paying people to do damage and start fights they figured oh hell enough of this crap.. it is one thing to stand up for those weaker and support those in power having to follow the rules of law but quite another to try to destroy the system that is there for everyone..
      we still open the doors for the ladies.. when I built my home.. heck I had to have two of the grandkids sit in lawn chairs just to wave.. everyone waves and I couldn’t get anything done.. BLM and Antifa tried to cause their damage here.. it went over like a lead balloon.. it is one thing to stand up for the weaker and seek justice for criminal actions done by those in a power position.. quite another to try to destroy a system put in place to protect the weakest of mankind..
      considering the burning barrels of wood.. LOL its a little cold out to sit in the backyard.. but found a seven thousand year old recipe for the Emperors Mead
      2.5 lbs of rice
      2.5 lbs of rice malt
      1 cup of raw mead ( or 1 tsp of yeast from what I read.. they kept yeast liquid similar to a sour dough starter to use in batches..many wineries do the same thing.. save the yeast cake of a really good wine.. )
      1Tbsp. of (flowers.. dandelion, or hops tea leaves)
      1 gallon of Honey
      5 gallons of water
      cook the rice.. till tender.. then take a separate pot or vase and layer the rice and hops.. let set 24 hours..
      bag it and squeeze out the starchy liquid.
      heat that to boiling adding the flowers.. boil fifteen minutes..
      let set over night..
      after twenty four hours.. take the starchy floral mix and strain and squeeze it into a carboy.. take the 1 gallon of honey and add it to a pot of hot water.. mix once mixed add it to the carboy.. let it sit over night or until it gets to room temperature..
      add yeast or mead put the lid on top and let it ferment.
      strain and bottle..
      the MEAD OF RA
      this is the recipe for the mead that was left in the tomb of King tut..
      Mead of Ra – 3 Gallon Batch

      1. Bring 1.5 gallons of water to 158 F, then add the following:
      -3 oz Roasted Barley (For red color)
      -8 oz of crushed dates, remove pit
      -6 grams dried ginger root
      -6 grams dried galangal root
      -2 grams mandrake root (Optional: Mandrake is very toxic in large amounts, but this is historically accurate to use.)
      Note: All is contained in a mesh bag except dates.
      2. Allow to steep for 20 minutes at 155 F.
      3. Remove bag, add 3 lbs of Wheat DME, and bring to a boil.
      4. Boil 5 minutes.
      5. Allow to cool, then add to carboy.
      6. Add 4.5 lbs of Sage honey and mix until it is dissolved.
      7. add 1/2 tsp of Amyloglucosidase ( one cup of raisins will work.. the ancients Spit in the mix.. the chemicals in the saliva was what aided the breakdown.. ) I will use the bagged nutrients made from raisins..
      6. Add water to 1 cup shy of 3 gallons.
      7. Place 2 activated smack packs of Wyeast 1388 and carboy into a 70 F fermentation chamber for 1 hour, then pitch yeast.
      8. It should finish around 1.002 (unfermentable sugar in the DME should prevent 1.000).
      9. Cold crash and bottle with carbonation tabs or keg under 5 psi. Extremely light carbonation.

      there you go.. two of the oldest mead recipe’s on the planet.. I will make it just for shits and giggles.. I will add a half inch of cinnamon and a couple of cloves to the spice bag along with the dandelions..
      there also was a couple of bread recipe’s on the wall to.. well sort of recipe.. oldest in the world.. one was leavened and one was not.. I will make that to.. I have the wheat to grind.. ( they used different grains.. )

      • I will back to basics..I will post the bread tomorrow.. reading in my books on ancient chinese herb medicine right now..
        I also just got the one wine mixed and in the carboy.. 1.089 sg..
        After reading about the bread i got thinking dam that sounds good with hot sweet butter and honey.. now that is some good eating..

  2. “night vision”

    I’ve thought about a Poor Man’s version. I’ve got these Wyze cameras, because it’s Wyze to have cameras. The cost was $40.00 ea. from Big Orange. These cameras have excellent night vision and good detailed, color night vision.

    This past summer I was monitoring the yard in color and I saw one rat and two mice. The next nights I knew exactly were to place traps. (Not 100 yards or anything.)

    These cameras work by app and they are low-voltage. I think a person could carry a camera and use it as their personal night vision. Again, slip on the goggles, plug in a Wyze camera to a pocket battery and go. It would be like VR, but real.

    By default these cameras also see IR sources allowing the users to stay away from others or see them.

    With all my devices I’ve noticed some latency but one camera on one cell should produce acceptable results. 5G surely will.

    I also found black, black IR absorbing flock. “Flock” is a cloth-like material that is very stiff but still flexible enough it could be made into a disguise and worn.

    All that to say is Russian night vision should be better than a $40.00 camera.



  3. The link to “Farming Insider Has Warned Me That The Coming Food Shortages Are Going To Be FAR WORSE Than We Are Being Told” is a webpage selling this person’s books. The farming insider is kind of like those unnamed sources who do not have the authorization to speak.
    I’ll agree and confirm that input prices for agricultural commodities are in short supply and will likely become a lot more expensive. I have not row cropped for years since the best things I can produce here on El Rancho de Chaos are hay and livestock. The others would be Ticks, Chiggers, and Rocks. The basic soil needs like Nitrogen is an easy one. Cows poop…….a lot. Potassium and Phosphorus sometimes are added using granular materials. Soil testing is important so you do not spend money on fertilizer components you do not need. I have not found any latency or issues obtaining the Hydroponic fertilizers I use in my greenhouse…..yet, but I suspect it will later on so stock up now.
    73. Peace.
    Lock and Load

    • I have been dreaming about hydroponics.. my bean unit does really good.. the huge issue is.. BEES… the bee guy won’t drop any around here because the majority of the farmers are using GMO seeds and the nicotine in the plants kills the bee’s.. he would take care of bee’s if I buy my own.. but he won’t endanger his bee’s.. so getting stuff polinated is a real chore.. a guy stopped by that is making big hydroponic systems.. and was visiting with me one day..( what a nice kid to he weeded my raised bed) anyway I suggested he design into his a bee hive.. since as the world goes gmo.. those needing food will need bee’s..
      I was going to buy two.. but can’t find anyone that will let me put the bee’s on their property.. I tried to talk the wife into letting me keep them in the garage.. https://beekeepclub.com/getting-started-beekeeping/all-about-indoor-beekeeping/
      that went over like a lead balloon..
      this year I will try the vibrator.. A professor I know from Washington state college was telling me to try that.. the kids go out and will put the vibrator on the blossum.. supposedly it vibrates good enough to polinate the plants.. I will try the paint brush method to..
      I am going to make a small cucumber tree using a two liter bottle.. I have been dreaming about that and potatoes a lot lately.. I believe I still have a few bugs to get out of the cucumber tree..

  4. Very interesting,G – but, no likey SPY being sooo far under/below its 50DMA.

    Longer term time frames paint an even uglier picture of the SPY, dont look purty from my vantage point.
    Ringing register with USO Calls – blowing out In the Money calls, loading boat wit Out of the Money Calls (leveraging leverage) USO and SPY OTM Puts.
    Same with AAL Puts, cashing out In the money Puts, loading up on MOAR OTM Puts, which will soonly be in the money…wheee this is getting easypeasy like.
    Silver looking cheap -Phyz, no likey Miners Stock,…. anymore..even with dividends. SellSellSellSellSell
    – it be a very RIGGED GAME. hmmm where has coot heard that before?????

    -100% MANIPULATED Prices . Fake, like the clown in the Fake whitehouse, like Fake Election, Fake VP.
    I must be losing it..everything looks and feels Fake anymore..

    – whatever the “Bankz” want IT (stock prices)to Be – 100% guaran F-ing teed. I dont like “playing” with “EvilScum” = Bankerz/WEF-backheads. Alwayz cheating & lying (see 9-11 Option activity in US Airline Stocks) – all they know how to do is Lie, Cheat and Steal.

    Never emotion, Never Luv, just Dominion&Control…..at ANY and ALL cost.

    “none of them along the line know what any of it is worth.” B.Dylan

    Feels like the “hour” is getting late, then again, after a couple of snow bong hits, everything seems a lil late…

  5. Update, the base close to me is still silent and so rumor is they shipped out the fly boys, reading thru a huge amount of articles it is Lear the Biden (Obummer) cronies are the ones pushing for this War, not Putin, it is now back down to a 50-50 chance and What I think is the under cover ops in the Ukraine who tried to get the rebels to push the war failed and so they will be trying again. If War breaks out it will be do to the USA instigating it in some manner.

    • Of course we are.

      The new moon is Feb.1.

      There is a US carrier group, 6th fleet, in the Med. that is now under a NATO flag.

      Just like when we blew up Libya for no reason* under the peace-prize president.

      (*ever wonder what it feels like to believe BS from your own political party for 8 years straight? Just think about how Obama was treated like a radical socialist community organizer, and yet, it’s obvious he was just a neocon like W. and was tougher on illegals than Trump. Thanks Hannity, traitor.)

      Who benefits from a Ukraine war? NATO. Russia cannot afford it, and they can’t afford to give up the access to their own back door (where everyone invades since the middle ages) and the warm water ports.

      Check. Mate.

      • Oh yes, Obama was really tough on illegals; he only allowed highly paid professionals to fly in on jumbo jets, while encouraging ethnic hate economic displacement against qualified American workers, especially those from my own ethnic group. At least I have been able to work under Trump and Biden, though I regard the two as opposite sides of the same pot metal partisan gang token. Nuts to the beltway creatures and their dupes.

      • “Who benefits from a Ukraine war? NATO”

        my guess is everyone is thinking that they will benefit the eighty billion dollar oil and gas field… ( they didn’t get the leviathan gas and oil field off of syria and they didn’t stop the Russia Iran pipe line..)
        But.. what is the business model.. so we park military and missiles and equipment munitions etc.. five hundred miles from the kremlin.. not good. from the interview that sky news had on last night.. dam putin did not look happy.. then the interview where biden says he is sending troops and more equipment.. How much did they say that they never received from a ukrainian oil company…
        So what is the business model of this fubar situation.
        If it sparks up..there is a what 98 percent loss of life globally.. not to mention the nuclear winter and the sicknesses loss of life animal die off.. back to the stone age eating grubs if they can survive…. the same with an emp..back to the stone age. cockroaches can take more but if there isn’t any food for them… and I have a hard time believing that JB is as smart as JFK..Ukraine doesn’t have anything to do with us.. at all and if the citizens from Hawaii asked us to come help them… I believe we would..

      • Obama WAS (and is) a radical socialist (actually a Marxist-socialist.)
        Neocons are also radical socialists (actually fascist-socialists.)

        Obama was not tougher on illegals than anybody, except Biden.

        “ever wonder what it feels like to believe BS from your own political party for 8 years straight?”

        No, I don’t.

        I accept that “political parties” are funding sources for political candidates, nothing more, and should never be given adulation or fan support.

      • ““Who benefits from a Ukraine war? NATO”


        The Administration benefits, because suddenly nobody’s watching the books, and suddenly, nobody’s noticing Creepy Joe’s creepy, sleepy, or just plain senile moments…

      • “Just like when we blew up Libya for no reason* ”

        oops I don’t think your following the business model there philistine..
        there is always a reason you just have to see what the politicians are seeking.. .. we have never leapt in just to help others that are weaker.. there has to be something tangible..

      • Since for some unknown reason, dimwit Biden has allowed our carrier group to be subjugated to NATO command, does this mean that NATO will replace it if/when it gets sunk?

        BTW, I have heard that the good reason for Mrs Clinton to invade Libya was to steal 50 billion dollars worth of state gold. I have no evidence one way or the other, but we certainly made no friends there.

        Above are two reasons I detest military adventures.

      • “The Administration benefits, because suddenly nobody’s watching the books, and suddenly, nobody’s noticing Creepy Joe’s creepy, sleepy, or just plain senile moments…”

        With a conventional war.. YES Ray you are right on…. but this time is different and it really surprises me that.. NO ONE SEES IT.. and it is plain as day.. and if It sparks off.. NO ONE WILL WIN.. with the cashola.. well they pretty much signed the countries economical death warrant.. we are Zimbabwe bound..

        Does anyone at all Truly believe that a shipping container inspector, Dock Worker, Truck driver or security guard making twenty bucks an hour has more morals and Ethics than our politicians?
        all of what I see going on scares me to death the deeper you go the uglier it gets…. I kind of want to keep the news off.. if it happens I would rather not know..

      • @ LOOB

        ““Just like when we blew up Libya for no reason* ”

        oops I don’t think your following the business model there philistine..
        there is always a reason you just have to see what the politicians are seeking.. .. we have never leapt in just to help others that are weaker.. there has to be something tangible..”

        We didn’t “blow up Libya, we executed its leader. After we offed Qaddafi, the country blew itself up.

        Don’t forget, when we killed Qaddafi (a CIA asset BTW) he had a personal fortune in excess of $200bln (this, when Buffetts’ and Gates’ fortunes were barely north of $50bln), and Libya was one of only 5 nations whose currency was still gold-backed. At one time or another, both these facts have fed conspiracy theories concerning Qaddafi’s execution. Also, Qaddafi’s execution was Vichy’s idea (or possibly Soros’), and its accomplishment was celebrated by both she, and the Hildebeast (the u-tubs might still be up…)

  6. “It was just 30-years ago we were laying out plans for a “stilt house” because of rising sea level fears which were sure to bring famine along, too.”

    LOL LOL LOL..I joked with the wife that we needed to put a dock in the back yard for when the earth flipped on its side LOL LOL LOL
    I try not to worry about war or crap.. the thing is.. we can’t do a thing about it.. and I believe that those in power only want to get that dam oil.. https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/HSGAC_Finance_Report_FINAL.pdf
    they had an interview of Putin on television on SkyNews.. dam you could tell he was not in a good mood.. he was upset.. all about NATO and the US staging military equipment men and missiles on his front porch..
    this is part of the interview that I watched.. I didn’t realize it was an old interview.. but it does make one think..
    then after it.. there was a blurb where biden says he is sending troops.. none of that is something we can control.. I have been impressed that they have kept the economy afloat.. but hyper inflation is coming.. and I believe that it will not be pretty..

    • I have to shake my head and laugh when I commented on a person’s submission to an article over on Kitco’s site. He’d given up on silver ever headed North like all the pundits have been promising for years. He’d only been investing for a decade – and it’s been a very BAD decade for PMs. I told him I’d been investing for TWO decades which has put me in a pretty good position even though I bought a big box of rounds in ’12 or ’13 when things dropped off the chart. It’ll happen, rest assured, but it won’t be until all the pieces are in place and someone deep inside TPTB, above Soros’ pay grade, says “Pull it” that it will be so. When there is NO real price discovery in the markets all you can do is revert to the basics that lie outside of the narrative to build your foundation on.

      • Yup.. what is surprising is I believe that those in TPTB think there is a way to win this and get all that dammed oil.. TPTB don’t want to pay for it.. so even if it never escalated to a nuclear war the cost would be in the trillions for eighty billion in oil.. and that doesn’t take into account the loss of life..
        This time around I think they have been savvy about it.. paid into the greed category.. got compliance and action sold off our ports of entry.. sold off toll roads and somehow convinced a few stupid idiots to smuggle in illegal military aged refugees from countries that have openly told us they would attack from within the borders..
        the more you dig into this situation the uglier it gets.. the more stupid it seems that the whole thing gets to.. if the country isn’t killed off with a war.. a war I believe will be within our borders this time around.. I think it will happen from every angle… and if it doesn’t then our country is destroyed by the business model set up by the administration betting on spending your way out of a hole.. .

      • There is so little that one can do with gold.. its pretty.. and it is soft.. but in a real SHTF.. what do you do with it.. I am not sure how many there are in the area you live in.. but here there are maybe a dozen.. and if you have ever gone into a gold exchange pawn shop.. you know already you get ten percent of value..IF they have an outlet to sell it.. if not.. then they either won’t buy it or give you anything for it..
        I keep a little silver but that is only for making colloidal silver.. I do buy copper rounds.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/152322207038? those can be fashioned into tools..

      • LOOB you need to find a better gold dealer. Guy who runs the Mil Surplus store here is also a coin dealer. He pays daily spot price for gold coins.

      • LOOB! Two bucks an ounce for copper?! Ye gads! I’ve been collecting old copper cents for years for… literally pennies on that price!

      • LOOB, the entire nuclear family of a dear friend of mine escaped from China in 1949. It took three attempts and the family almost lost track of each other along the way. One was arrested and incarcerated for a time. An essential element was bribing officials, soldiers, police and others with gold in order to escape. The story has never been written down(their choice), but I’ve heard it from the family in detail and it’s the stuff of a spy novel. It’s sadly true, and many/most others did not escape.

      • LOOB, I think any on-line bullion dealer will give you a good price for any silver you have – APMEX, J. M. Bullion, S. D. Bullion. No need to bend over like that. And if not them there’s always Ebay.

      • “LOOB, the entire nuclear family of a dear friend of mine escaped from China in 1949. It took three attempts and the family almost lost track of each other along the way”

        I have heard some of those stories.. harrowing to say the least. I’ve heard a few of escaping the NAZI’S to.. I do think Xi would not hesitate to move against the us..I believe he’s smarter and following the art of war.
        Why else would they supposedly be willing to purchase compliance with the politically powerful.. I am not positive but am assuming those actions are used solely to undermine the country.. let us bury ourselves in debt separate the social classes and destroy the middle class.. essentially gain control.. all without firing a shot..

      • “I’ve been collecting old copper cents for years for… literally pennies on that price!”

        That’s why theres a coin shortage Hank. and pennies had cheaper metals put in them.a copper penny is worth more than a penny . years ago I would go down to the bank just to get rolls of pennies..the utility companies have a real issue with wire theft..

  7. Other (U.S.) truckers are planning to roll on WASDC as the Canadian demonstration ends..

    It will be interesting to see if the Powers of DC will attempt to establish check-points (portable weigh stations) on main roads into DC — just for routine weight and safety checks — and, yes, maybe for short form “are-your-papers-in-order” checks with mini brief “interviews,” such as: I see your trailer is empty – what’s your business in DC?” (Not likely to go well.)

    You know: the usual “stop & frisk” random, slow, bureaucratic, pissy interdictions.

    I’m sure there’ll be no trouble. Stop a guy who’s just driven a thousand miles, and bust his balls about picayune Krappe, and expect a docile puppy-dog response.


    (If so, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you that’s in Concord, Massachusetts.)

    Think the Powers will just let ’em roll into town — uncontrolled and unregulated? The Powers are very much drunk with their own Authority and Sense Of Control these days; so my bet is they’ll try to deflect it.

    Trouble is, they won’t be pushing around a lot of pussy-ass wimps. These guys are apt to tug on the leash.

  8. Ure going to be looking at precipitation and temperatures in the mid-twenties by mid-week. Not that I would make alarmist statements about frozen participation in der piney woods. Instead, everyone should be worrying about global warming and stuff far, far away from home like Fearless sez, instead of worrying about freezin’ @ss off at home.

  9. George,
    Have you ever considered the possibility that what you are calling a “failed fifth”, is really part of the fourth that we’re still playing out? The November top could very well be part of the fourth, as crazy as the fourths are. If that were the case, we’d have a relatively small downside to go to finish the fourth, followed by another year or so of the real fifth up to a much higher top. After that new all time high, we’d have the huge waterfall crash, which would be wave four of the super cycle.

    Just something to consider, because it would ruin all those OTM puts that bears are banking on cashing in in the near future.

    • I suggested to George that I fear a war in Europe could be bullish. I could see a scenario where there is a short conflict that results in GA Stewart’s / Nostradamus “false peace” that drives a stock market boom. One last market surge to the upside, especially if supply chains reopen post pandemic.

  10. “However, the latest remarks by America’s bumbler-in-chief keep upping the ante: Biden says he will move U.S. troops to Eastern Europe, NATO countries ‘in the near term’ are as good a reason as any for Putin to move sooner than later.”

    …Or for Putin to move “not at all.”

    As I mentioned last year, Russia has had huge stocks of “MechWar” parked, and 100,000 troops bivouacked, within 300km of Ukraine for considerably more than a year now.

    As I mentioned last year, Biden freed Nuland from the cave in which Trump had buried her, shortly after taking the Oath.

    As I first mentioned nearly 10 years ago: Victoria Nuland has a serious hard-on for both Russia and the Ukraine, and was responsible for the civil unrest in Ukraine at that time.

    George Soros is pissed that his attempted coup in Belarus fell through, and both he, personally, and his minions in The Soros Group have been permanently banned from Hungary. By now he will have figured out Open Borders and the other Group assets are much more likely to accomplish his goals when he and Vichy partner up and combine assets from TSG and USAID.

    Understand, I’m not saying there won’t be a war. I’m just saying Russia is more-likely to finish it, than they are to start it…

    • To quote the “mannish women” -MN – “Fuck the EU” -” noodles” Nuland

      One has to wonder whether or not she was making a prediction, being prophetic as it were?

      A warm rum drink and bag o bbq chips sayz – Prediction.

    • “Biden says he will move U.S. troops to Eastern Europe, NATO countries ‘in the near term’ are as good a reason as any for Putin to move sooner than later.”

      I have very vivid dreams.. I have had thousands where a small impish blonde would come in.. have me follow her while she would point out a storm coming from the NW… then you have Nostradamus predictions , babba vanga etc.. all sayi8ng about the same thing..
      we think with the dark of the new moon.. and we see what is going on.. all anyone has to do is listen to one speech on the television then watch the body language experts tell you their impressions.. its terrifying.. and the seven hundred people that could intercede and stop the madness are all out on recess until after the middle of February..
      we are so screwed.. you would think they would convene an emergency session of congress.. but they don’t.. and won’t.. and all we can do is hope some sense of decency and reasoning will be used.. not the horror story we see unfolding before us..

  11. “If you follow the news flow on the Mainstream Media, you’d think the winter storm laying down on the East Coast was a one-off event. ”

    Which the “media” (even “meteorologists” at The Weather Channel) are calling a “Nor-Easter” (when they’re not calling it a “bomb cyclone.”)

    It is moving from West to nearly straight East.

    This makes it a common storm — a squall, and common to our hemisphere.

    A “nor’easter” is a North-Easter — a storm which comes in from the Northeast. The term was coined in the 17th Century to describe a storm which loaded up on both temperature-differential energy and moisture in the Atlantic Ocean, and “shear” energy as it “fought” the prevailing Westerly wind, then slammed New England from Maine to Cape Cod, moving Southwest through New England and the Middle Atlantic States, and dropping tons of rain or snow. Winter nor’easters bless the region with the same type of multi-foot “lake-effect” snowfalls that the Great Lakes foist upon Michigan, Upper NY State, and a bunch of Ontario, Canada. Nor’easters happen everywhere, and are fun because of the shear energy (straight-line wind, and lotsa lightning.) However, they’re especially impressive as New England winter storms — After a winter nor’easter is when you see the folks in New Hampster digging tunnels to their barns, which always makes me smile, because I haven’t had to do it in over 50 years…

    • “A “nor’easter” is a North-Easter — a storm which comes in from the Northeast.”

      Over many years I’ve observed a “nor’easter” rather “blowing out to the Northeast.” Still puzzled ;-( !

    • TBF, a low that’s moving up the coast could throw some white stuff into New England from the Northeast before it drifts toward Greenland, which would be awesome, because that’d put the Eastern Seaboard under so much snow that, at least for a few days, it would look clean…

  12. “”They just can’t get the workers in the packing houses and in the warehouses, is what we’re hearing,” one of them told me.”

    That’d be the packing houses now owned by Chinese and Brazilian companies, right? I wonder if there’s a shortage of the pork and poultry that’s shipped overseas…?

    • Covid is sending people home sick in hordes. That’s where the shortages are. Lack of personnel in production and shipping. We’re seeing that in Hawaii with ‘intermittent’ barge shipping now only as personnel are available. Bare spots rotating among grocery shelves… varying with food chain and their own shipping lines…. all somewhat disrupted.

      • 4th Turning, Salty – its the 4th turning.

        Covid is just lame excuse of the paidstreammedia (PSM). We are being, about to be GAPPED! No longer a gap, but massive CHASM between Haves and HaveNots.
        “Spartacuses” aint taking shit anymore…aint gonna work 4 peanuts, with no bennies, no edumacation creds.

        Go WOKE, go Broke! how coot id’s new companies to Sell Short. Cheers!

  13. my jedi senses tell me a high profile gold bull is in poor health. maybe the last drinks time

  14. Comrades,

    Welcome to “Afghanistan 2”, and thanks for the weapons deliveries?

    Is CNN still standing behind its assertion of a videocall brouhaha the other day between Presidents Biden and Zelensky? The former lost his cool demeanor as Mr. Z., a former comedian and actor, ripped up the script? Was it a Mr. Biden vs. Mr. Bean gag?

    Remember the tv episode when Seinfeld went for coffee with President Obama at the WH. In the end Jerry did not leave as Potus.

    From 2015 until a month or so before taking power, Mr. Zelensky filmed 51 episodes as a history teacher title character who became president of the Ukraine on the hit TV series “Sluga Naroda” (Servant of the People). Only the pilot episode aired in Russia. Apparently Putin jokes are frowned upon.

    Why is Mr. Zelensky not singing in tune with the Nato chorus as before? Have domestic federal US entities inadvertently stepped on Mr. Z.’s Ukrainian oligarch financier’s toes whose daughter is romanced by the tenth richest man in Russia?


  15. Asset Valuation Self Assembly within a self-balancing Asset Debt Macroeconomic system

    The operative 20 December 2021 5/11/10/5 of 7 day 4 phase decay fractal series has been identified. It comes at the end of an 1807 36/90/90 year maximum US hegemonic growth fractal series with the Wilshire composite peaking in November 2021 in the 90th year of the third 90 year fractal. From the March 2009 low, the Wilshire peaked at interval of of x/2x :: 31/62 months.

    Synchronized Second Fractals.

    Second fractal nonlinearity occurs between 2x and 2.5x of the time length of the base first fractal. ( See 2005 Exonomic Fractalist website main page.)

    From 1982 there are 3 interpolated and synchronized first and second fractal series. Each smaller series is nested within in a larger series: 1982: 13/29 years :: x/2-2.5x (1982-1994 and 1994-2022); March 2009 to present 31/63 months :: x/2-2.x (with a peak at 2x or 62 months) and from the March 2020 global equity lows a x/2x pattern of 33/66 weeks. Synchronized nonlinearity is expected between 2-2.5x of all of the interpolated second fractals and is expected for the current March 2020 33/66 week fractal series within the next two trading days of the 20 December 2021 5/11/10/5 of 7 day series.

    This gapped lower low nonliearity should be small in comparison to the 1982 13/29 year nonlinearity which should occur in Sept/Oct 2022.

    Within the March 2020 low current 33/66 week series there are two observable concrete examples of second fractal nonlinearity. This 33/66 week series can be subdivided into two smaller interpolated series; one a 11/23/22 week fractal series from March 2020 and a 8/20/19 of 20 week series from 22-25 March 2021 (the end of the 11/23/23 fractal series.).

    Using the SPX or Nasdaq the nonlinear lower low gaps are observable on the daily charts for the first 11/23/22 weeks fractal series between days 27 and 28 October 2020 on the second fractal 23 week of the first series and for the second 8/20/19 of 20 week series starting the week of 21-23 March 2021 between days 17 and 20 Sept 2021 (Friday -Monday trading.)

    The second fractal for the CRB is self orgabnized into a 10/25/20/14 of 15 week fractal series .

    Further third fractal commodity price increases with direct inflation at the consumer level will serve as the primary ongoing impetus for the US Central Bank to remove liquidity from the market by market selling of some of its
    ex nihilo created and accumulated 9 trillion of Federal Reserve held bonds and minimally marginally raising fed fund interest rates. For Zombie companies and newly created companies dependent on free money, third fractal growth from the March 2020 low for equities will be dampened.

    After the global crash in the autumn of 2022, money creation and near negative or negative interest rates will be needed to service the accumulated debt load and maintain social programs. This will cause inflation at the consumer level for the large base of the working population. And those competing parameters will be the conundrum rub for for central banks and politicians controlling monetary policy.


    • The economic mechanism for the implosion of a real estate super-bubble is referred to as a deflationary depression in some quarters. Are tendrils of the upcoming Chinese economic nightmare sufficiently embedded in the world economy to drag everyone down the hole with them ? Your answer appears to be Yes.
      But Chinese real estate is not the only super-bubble going. Cryptos are a super-bubble, vacuuming in countless billions while generating no economic product other than massive pools of dark illiquid crypto valuation, which will vanish if the lights go out long enough.
      Government debt itself is the largest super-bubble. At least some of that debt goes to prop up central banking loan operations, which provide for economic growth and prosperity; however, much of that debt has become like the cryptos, I’m afraid.
      At least PM’s and collectibles can be used as paperweights, and hyper-inflated currency can be burned in the woodstove on a cold and very dark night in an economy reduced to the 17th century level by people with disorders. We jokingly call’em leaders:


      The economic and technology systems of the 17th century supported only a about 6.4% of today’s population, or about 500 million. Hmmm… that number sounds familiar. I think that all the economic and technology innovations we have undergone since early 60’s may have done us in. I find it personally distressing that most of the groups who have used my services in the past 40 years would rate very poorly on the psych assessments I referred to above. We are all part of this disaster, even day-traders hiding in the piney woods.

      • “The economic and technology systems of the 17th century supported only a about 6.4% of today’s population, or about 500 million. Hmmm”

        Lol could that be a listing in Georgia?

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