Hang Chester!

Sound a bit on the harsh side?  Not to worry, this is a story about a business model and an old man.  Guess which part I play…  But, since the ideas herein are universally useful, it’s this morning’s solid Focus topic – after a few key headlines, half a zillion charts,, and such.

Bean up and let’s do this….

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55 thoughts on “Hang Chester!”

  1. What are shipping costs? What are internet marketing costs, eBay, Amazon, etc? How long does it take to make? With a gross profit of $14.40, after all costs, how much would you earn per hour? Who pays shipping cost on returns?

  2. Do you go forward with making HC at age 70? Time gets more precious the closer we get to the end. Do you need to do this for income? If not, then I suggest you answer the question, what is the best use of my time right now that gives the most satisfaction? Keep in mind that Elaine is a big factor in this. You will see her on the other side but not your businesses. As Jesus said, “Lay up your store in Heaven where thieves and rot cannot enter.”

  3. Write a book on the other 8 million great ideas, that seems to be the tidal steamship.

    • Or it could be 8 million dollars if you were a young man again what would you do to make 8 million or what would you do with the 8 million that was left to you through an inheritance agreement that you had to live on the Antilles Islands 4 a year without sex without anything from the outside world without anything from the outside world

      • Your propagated fecund thought is noted. Certainly there is not little surprise that Zeus the feral cat padded by human hand with his urban dictionary and thus named the contraption. One imagines a sense of sunset in the air though for such horizons while the bears draw down the curtains for repose in hibernation. Marketing will surely demand a change of moniker. Press “play” on the “bleed it out” video for generation millennial in rewind.

  4. Or you work for the military industrial complex and using their best Antigravity equipment you are on a journey throughout the Universe seeking life on 8 million other galaxies

    • Or the book about George how he took $0.08 when he was a kid and eventually turned it into 8 million bucks

  5. Why not patent and copyright the design, then sell the blueprints & instructions for the device to the maker community for $9.99 (or $9.97 LOL).
    Maybe include a “bonus” PDF on how to program their 3D printers to make the parts and charge $19.97 (hurry, this deal won’t last forever)!
    Keep up the great work, sir!

  6. Leaves both hands free for sampling the long list of beers on National Beer Day.

    Cheers and tip a Guinness or two

  7. Dear Mr. Ure,

    This is a fine time for “Natural Blues” inspiration. I daresay Moby and Blueman Group could make use of your tubular contraption.

    I see bones of the old druid stomping grounds’ etymology resurfaced via “gangstersout” blog. It’s quite remarkable to think that the similarly flagged Jubilee Plot of 1887 remained under wraps for 115 years. Oh what tales the stones of Queen Elizabeth’s former abode could tell?

    Don’t miss the sounding of the bells!


  8. Lol you were in my dream last night Goerge. For one, I usually dont remember my dreams. for two, I usually dont dream of old dudes and for 3 we have never physically met.

    We were in your shop and you were going into this long winded explanation about something and I interrupted you and said wait. What does it do? How will it benefit us.

    You then tell me. It’s a machine that transfers consciousness back in time to a host. Because it is impossible to transport a physical body back in time. Since consciousness is not a moleculeular structure it can be transferred back in time to a different body. Works off the same idea as astral travel. I said cool! So let me get this straight, you built a divide that can send my consciousness back in time into a different body. You said yes. I said how do we find a body? You said easy! It’s a matter of public record. You find a person in a coma that is technically brain dead and then I calculate the GPS to transfer your “essence” and consciousness into that body. I can send you back 38.13 years exactly. I said what happens to my body here. You said it will remain in the shop. I said can I get back? You then tell me yes! You just show up here 38.13 years later to my shop and I will put you back in your body.

    I said Awesome! Let’s do it! I will buy as much Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook and we will split it 50/50. You then tell me 70/30 this is my device. I say 60/40, I’m taking the risk. What if I get trapped in a body I can’t get out of? Then you said deal. The password is machete when you come back to my house say the word machete.

    I got into this machine. Like a salt water tank. No sound. No sensation of weight, no sense of time, no light no sounds no smell. Then a big huge light flashes and I went through this portal of light and woke up in a 18 year old mans body in a hospital. Everyone was excited and saying it’s a miracle Shawn is back! Praise God! You sent me to an amish community. Hahahhah I asked what day it was and what year and they said April 19th 1964. Praise God your back Shawn!

    And I woke up. Crazy dream it was so real I didn’t know I was dreaming.

      • Super trippy. When the huge flash of light hit, i physically felt a what seemed like a huge electric/magnetic sludge hammer hit me in the back of the skull before I went through the tunnel of light.

        Never occurred to me that you could astral travel back in time.

        You were saying because the vibrational rate of the material universe is always accelerating to a degree it is impossible for your physical body here and now to physically manifest in a lower vibratory material plane at the particle level. However Consiouness isnt dependent upon the material universe. It simply uses it to manifest physically. And you showed me some blue prints with a bunch of math and a scribbled on napkin with The Pi symble multiple by Matter to the power of Energy. And said Seeee!

        I laughed and said okay okay George.

  9. For all you who want something or need some more information about what’s happening it’s called Tyrann C and then the part that really gets interesting is it’s you

  10. I’d bend the top piece around an 8″ jig made from furnace duct on a wood frame, and lose two of the ells, and I’d use .187 Plexiglas as the platform. Bending PVC is amazingly quick and easy with a heat gun — probably quicker than gluing two ells. Use an expansion spring on the outside of the tubing when its bent, to retain its round shape, or don’t, to allow it to “oval out.” This should drop unit parts cost by a buck-20 or so. WhereTH are you using clamps, and why?

    That said, I don’t believe it is marketable for the purpose intended.

    Only we old farts actually read stuff. The young’uns glance, then text, and the Chester would be a poor platform for this. Marketing should be toward text readers (Kindle, et. al.) and tablets, with a sly mention that it’d work for smartphones, too.

    Target demographic should be the over-50 crowd — people who still read stuff.

    Advertising should specifically mention that it is not to be used while driving a car (to indemnify you from the inevitable “abuse” of the item, which would be widespread if it ever took off…)

  11. food for thought on having ones money in a money market fund account…

    “A critical difference between these two types of savings instruments is that deposits in money market accounts are insured by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) up to the maximum allowed by law at FDIC-insured banks. By contrast, money market funds are not FDIC-insured”
    .Sep 1, 2015
    Are Money Market Accounts FDIC Insured? | Ally

    • Thank you John. Important Question

      A question to you and others:
      When a “Bank Bailin” becomes necessary is there any type account in that bank which I will not lose my money???


      • And I would guess only a portion of your money would be safe – and the FDIC would try to make people whole… but the animosity out there in the world, might leave any assets for retirement pooled so “the mob” is pacified.

        In an investment firms money market, nothing would be safe.

        I do not know, what will pass… I do know that I will have good cheese, milk, meat other dairy products and a little produce that I try to figure out how to extend the 49 day growing season.

    • Ive heard FDIC doesn’t imply federal money. FDIC is a pool of money that a failing bank can access. If all banks fail there’s not enough money to guarantee the 250K safety net. Anybody else know differently?

      • One simply needs to look at the Cypres(?) bail in to understand.

        Personally got out of the markets long ago and into livestock and land only. Created a 401K for employees, and was talking with my insurance broker about how all the pulled forward demand in tech because of y2k was going to cause a market decline… started pondering my 401 and was in cash for a while, then found out it was at risk and pulled everything out.

        Got into ag and have several books to write and as the govt created the food safety modernization act I now have way more expenses than I want and need to get big… have more employees to cover essentially government mandated costs.

        Oh well, I sit back and watch – trying to create a local food shed – but am so tired that I simply am nearing giving up as it is too hard to compete with robot milkers, industrial scale processing facilities and such that do not have to pay all the taxes I do. In essence, so that our food system is under corporate control. Because as Kissinger stated, “you control the oil you control countries, you control the food and you control the people”.

        I really do not wish for that future, the government needs to start taxing consumption so that us lowly humans can compete.

      • One has to be careful with FDIC. If it is not expressly stated/printed on account agreement, it is NOT FDIC insured! Just because a bank has FDIC sticker on its doors does not mean everything offered is insured. A bank only has to insure one account, (one with the cheapest FDIC premiums) to display its sticker on the door.

        Also splitting funds between different banks does not give more protection. If one has 1/2 in Bank A and another 1/2 at Bank B, under same name, FDIC sees it as a single account. To split use combinations of family names to make those accounts different where FDIC can’t treat them as a single depositor.

      • And whose fault is that?

        (Hint – the same people who ‘guarantee’ failing pension funds . . . Seriously even ‘replacement’ insurance doesn’t really make one ‘whole'(you lose your time looking at the very least . . ).)

    • You are nothing more than a counter party to bank in terms of of credit standing – it may be FDIC insured but the FDIC doesn’t have enough money to pay off all of the depositors and if the bank takes a huge loss you are in line to lose cash in terms of position in the Credit waterfall – the fdic doesn’t have a timetable to return your money it could be over 100 years if they wish

  12. After much thought & charting, I don’t have a real clue of where the market is going. That is why I buy & Hold. But last week I did sell some stock & am looking forward to buying more Apple & maybe Facebook when things settle down.

    • Gerald Celente says market not crashing yet. Too much money being re-patriated. Black swan event would though. He says when gold hits 1385 then 1450…expect 2000$ gold soon thereafter. Gold price increase will signal stock crash.

      • He also picked Opera to run against Trump in the next primary presidential election. I heard him on the radio say that. Now she isnt going to run. Lol

      • Although I agree, the markets aren’t crashing yet. This is just a correction. I stand by my original statement. Down to 32k and some change.

    • Clues are for the ‘Psychics’ and real traders observe the 200 period Simple Moving Average. Of course, the close above or below are the determining factors that gets some confused.

      • Most also watch the 50 – where they it wrong is not looking at the aggregate – which is what PN does

      • I disagree. The market has facts, call them clues if you like, volume, volatility for example. Moving averages are just an average of where the price has been. I think the herd buys into these averages (& thus they must be factored into intra-day trading) but it’s actual here & now price action that is observed to make trading decisions.

      • Bruno. Good point about the 200 day MA. I checked FB stock & it has crashed below its 200 day MA.

      • I should have said junk silver US coins 1964 & before with 90% silver content. I bought them around their silver melt down value. I was not interested in collectible US coins because I would have to pay a premium to their silver value.

  13. Well now that you have pictured it, the ‘makers’ among us will DIY… if wanted. Yeah, maybe marketable among the proletariat ‘vidiots’ who try to multitask while their face is buried in a device. Personally, I choose not to be buried in a device screen for so long that I would need or appreciate such a device. But then I’m different from ‘most people’.

  14. In your “Trade War’ posting, perhaps rethink-it in terms of the USD being the reserve currency of the world at a point of the bayonet. By having to use the USD and then having to recycle them back to the UST, the other countries can only make a sale, if they sell their goods and services below the USA produced price structure. So, y’all actually get free stuff from all other countries under this uni-polar system. I know y’all love playing the ‘victim card’, gets great mileage on MSM. If Stormy was president? Would the battle cry be FAGA?

  15. Blessings Brother George,

    It warms the cockles of one’s heart to read of the weekly roundtrip jetting from California to DC and back by the founder of Capitol Ministries. Yes, the good words are reaching cabinet. Apparently none other than The President has actually replied to said Capitol Minister in his own hand with CAPITAL LETTERS!

    Can we have an “Amen!”, Brother George?

    Now I have read the 2017 annual report of Capitol Ministries. I have seen fifty pages; I have seen fifty pages of words. It was no book of numbers.

    What I did see was a map of the Mighty Fifty United States. And of those Fifty United States, fully Forty Three have accepted the presence of Capitol Ministries to their State Capitol.

    And of the remaining Seven United States, Texas will be welcoming Capitol Ministries to the State Capitol in the current year, 2018.

    Scream me out another “Amen!!”, Brother George.

    Have a Blessedly Good Week. Beware false flags.

  16. I know this sounds silly, but its almost as if, Trump and TPTB, are TRYING to force a large correction in the markets. The china trade war being pushed harder each week , the Russian situation , the Syria situation, etc. Im still hoping to see DOW 20,000 or less with the next few weeks. Ive been sitting on the sidelines waiting to dump my 401k money back into stocks because I feel if we get a solid correction in the next few weeks, then DOW 30,000 is possible within 16 months or less. For those who feel it is impossible to see the DOW skyrocket that much in such a short period of time , dont under estimate the power of : THE CHINA TRADE WAR BEING WORKED OUT AND SOLVED BY BOTH NATIONS, THE RUSSIAN SITUATION BEING SMOOTHED OUT , FED RESERVE DECIDING TO NOT RAISE RATES 3-4 TIMES THIS YEAR….all 3 of these things, would just be VERY POSITIVE for stock/ markets along with the tax cuts, more jobs, billion dollar corporations coming back to the U.S. to manufacture here, etc.

    We are seeing a confusing game of chess happening, and we can only guess at where its headed. I do not see $2000 gold or $50 silver coming anytime soon.

    • That’s all very hopeful thinking and anything is possible in this environment were living in, but look at the growing homeless problem and the decay in quality of life many are seeing in large metro areas. There’s a big disconnect. I don’t disagree with your hypothesis about the market or gold necessarily, just saying theres a huge disparity in the outcome youre anticipating and what I see on the streets. Ps-I’m hearing there’s a huge shortage of police right now with crime stats rising fast as the homeless mad max situation does nothing but grow.

  17. George,

    If you want to devote any time at all to “Chester”, I’d suggest a nice dimensioned hand sketch & parts list on the public side of the site. Maybe a specific tab for such projects. And say, “if you build one, send me a dollar”.

    People who actually build stuff, in my experince, are fairly ethical and you will probably make a few bucks.

    Empire building, no. But your creation will be loose in the wild and helping people out.

    If you want serious income, figure out a way to attach a phone to the rail on an AR platform rifle. People pay real money to hang all manner of gizmos on ARs.

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