Globalism’s Break-up

The flavor of global socialism driven by computational engines is on the verge of break-up.  Not only based on events in Ukraine, but due to the lack of workable global governance to resolve regional issues.  Read: Ukraine, Taiwan, Syria, and so forth.

This morning a few comments on how this could go – plus its implications in both economics and day-to-day living.

But first the ChartPack where our ongoing decline into something worse than 2009’s Housing Bubble lows, continues to evolve.

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George Ure
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50 thoughts on “Globalism’s Break-up”

  1. Yo G,

    Please do take notice – our scheisse about to be changed forever – 4 another huge “time tumbler” has fallen into place. Goes back to chief wahoo in the woods/PNW and the infamous Alta Reports.

    Biggly biiig biggie temporal marker is clicking into place…Trump announced going on Rogan for Interview last night…supposed to be biggest, record breaking podcast in history – according to worlds foremost remote viewer big Dick Allgire
    Boyz and Girlz will be on Beyond Mystic this afternoon to discuss…might want to tune in for that.
    Seems just getting thru to the other side of this global clusterF_ _ _ will be key.

    * There are NO Car/Truck parts available anywhere in US. There are no ETA’s – forget electronic parts- advise junkyards/scapperz if in critical need now…otherwise consider pedal power.

    Spring 2022 = STT (sphincter tightening time)

    No more popcorn, popping the bad guyz is in play now.

    • Well, cool! I know Dick Allgire personally. Worked with him in the KITV newsroom when he was getting his remote viewing training from ex-mil types in Hawaii. Dick is very meticulous, and has had some spectacular ‘hits’ in previous years. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to ‘gab’ with Dick since I retired and moved away. But I do trust his insticts.

    • Update- due to unforeseen screwy wobbles, program rescheduled to Sunday da Treeteenth at 2 . Super entertaining way to spend an hr of Ure “listening&learning time pre selection Sunday.


  2. “Prioritizes Energy Security”

    When I see this and see our energy being shut down, it makes me wonder. Why?

    Germany refuses to keep nuclear plants in operation beyond this year, so I’ve heard. Why? And I’m sure there are others who are going to hold out on producing energies on the “green” agenda.

    When you remove the energy source away from anything, it dies. Energy, is the life of any (thing) – any society.

    Not tapping sources, does not remove the source, but rather (saves) it … for later.

    Those ramping up, while others slow down to a halt, seems to be a story line to achieve (something) in the future. I just don’t have the word for it.

    For years, we have been mapping out where and how much oil and gas we have. Paid folks well to do it … then, all that personal prosperity gets taken away from those who did the work. But someone needed that info and now has that data … saving it for later. – just a big game, weather a country is ramping it up or stopping production, TPTB are prioritizing energy security, at our expense.

    • Germany refuses to keep nuclear plants in operation beyond this year, so I’ve heard. Why?

      Shutting down nuclear power plants is stupid if Germany believes in “net zero” carbon emissions. Shutting down nuclear power plants is smart if they believe that Germany is going to be a battle front in World War 3.

      Based on Germany’s actions one may conclude that the German government is worried about general warfare in Europe involving them.

    • TPTB expect the grid will be down by 2025. Solar activity peaking early with a magnetic field weakening at a much faster rate. Nuke plants with no power is not a good mix.

  3. Why am I not Deep Prepping? (Nookwar level, multi-year, 100% perfect independence, 100,000 rounds buried in back, and totally off-grid…)

    Simple. Two reasons.

    1) I’m 78, and have certain physical performance issues, some of which are recent — and won’t go away.

    2) I’m located about 12 miles from Fort Bragg. (The “10-ring” on many entities’ targets.

    So, I do for big hurricanes and ice storms and so forth. The Apocalypse will have to take care of itself. I figger I’m outta here if the Big Enchilada (The Great Flash-Bang) ever blows anywhere near here.

    The rest I’ll leave to The Lord.

    • 78? Don’t bet on the end ‘o the world kid,
      it only happens once and …
      them’s bad odds.

      — Art Cashin, UBS floor, CNBC

      Ice storms? Off ‘n on blizzard here (lake effect off Great Lake Michigan). I live in the lee (sailor lingo). Our temp is stuck on 16F as I type with attendant lake effect snow. Meteo model suggested we’d have 0.1″ snow, looks more like 2″ so far. The cold air flow over (relatively) warmer Great Lake Michigan is picking up moisture and feeding the Noreaster brewing on the coast.

      Spring comes next right?
      Write when it’s spring,

  4. “Prioritizes Energy Security”

    An excellent article Bob. Should be read by everyone. I have forwarded it to my liberal friends in Canada that think we will halt global climate change by driving EVs, building more windmills that turn less than half the time, eating no beef in order to eliminate farting cows, etc.

    I have argued with them for a long time that if we don’t bring China onside, we are taking a garden hose to a forest fire. We may have a clear environmental conscience but watch as our sworn enemies destroy us.

    P.S. It used to be all Trump’s fault. Now it is all Putin’s fault. Let’s go Brandon.

    • You should ask them how well they’d appreciate their effort if they halted climate change when the temperature was 40 below, outside.

      No climate change = no wind or rain, no seasons, and a massively-shrinking arable area.

      If we could stop Earth’s climate from changing, Earth would die…

    • Bob in Canada,

      Thank you for you common sense thinking.

      Most greenies do not realize that we are going to have to burn our millennium old fossil fuels before we get to carbon nuetral.

    • “We may have a clear environmental conscience but watch as our sworn enemies destroy us.
      P.S. It used to be all Trump’s fault. Now it is all Putin’s fault. Let’s go Brandon.”

      I hear ya.. what a horrible horrible situation.. there isn’t anything good about any of it..
      We still haven’t moved the nukes off of the Russian borders Like he has asked or have complied with any of his requirements to end this conflict .. .. We really didn’t leave a way out for Russia… watching the news you hear over and over …. the cry WAR CRIMES its Putins fault…
      Considering that and the news sources narrative.. what does Putin have to look forward to.. The way I see it the world has totally left him without a way to leave the situation with dignity and safety …
      My father use to say.. if you make a trade.. make sure that there are no regrets on either side.. that both sides feel like they got a good deal.. Sun Tzu says..
      “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.”
      ? sun tzu, The Art of War
      He is in a corner.. and I fear this is an extremely dangerous situation that totally scares me..
      Below is a video that basically says that putin has anger and frustration… it also says a lot about him to.. he will not yield..
      I could post the video’s of people saying war crimes but I think we all have heard them.. with that thought.. what does he have to reflect on of those that have had the same thing said of them..

    • “I have argued with them for a long time that if we don’t bring China onside, we are taking a garden hose to a forest fire. ”

      I actually believe that they are going green..
      a few years ago they had the summer olympics I believe.. where the water was so polluted that it took a great deal to get the water for the pool’s clean enough..
      they were importing drinking water from the USA to enough to lower lake Michigan four inches..
      Since that time.. I have read in the past that there is zero tolerance for polluting and stiff penalties..
      I know they put on what forty more coal fired plants.. most of which is widely dispersed and not working at this time.. but they are also pushing solar and wind alternative energy..

      “Its 13th Five Year Plan for Electricity (2016-2020) aims to raise non-fossil fuel’s share of total electricity production from 35 to 39 percent by 2020. By 2030, one-fifth of the country’s electricity consumption is forecasted to come from non-fossil fuel sources.”

      I believe they have met and surpassed that goal set for them already..
      and with North Korea’s minerals and their industry they are way ahead of us already..

      • Below are some stories about how china has been pushing for greens scaping as well..
        That began after a horrible dry spell and because of the studies that had been done realized that there wasn’t enough area to sustain their population.. North Korea had been faced with a similar situation that got so bad that some accounts said that the people were eating grass.. Now they are the innovators to hydroponics.. here is an interesting article on their decision to pursue alternative methods..

        From all the stuff I have read.. The USA is behind.. we dedicate the majority of our resources to policing other countries while others utilized their talents for changes needed to be made..
        the only reason I see for china’s multiple power sources is for grid security.. unlike the USA that works for profit and control they use for what if scenario’s

      • “I actually believe that they are going green..”

        Yes, but do you understand that no photo or video, or published matter, leaves China without being reviewed and approved for public dissemination by a board of communist State censors, right? Unless smuggled out at the risk of death, the only images of China you’ll ever see are the “goodness & light,” “milk & honey” ones.

  5. George,
    Ever consider swing trading ITM options instead of ETF’s. More leverage, but safe as long as expiry long enough. Just curious.

    • (We’re talking in-the-money options here, for those who don’t sit with their McDuck suits pressed and ready…)

      The problem I always found with ITMs is many fold:

      1. In a single stock option, when the market runs, a single stock can go up while the rest of the market gets hammered. In effect, an ETF in an Index appears (this is not advice! We don’t do that – just kicking tires here…) to have a much broader risk, especially ETFs on BIG indexes like the S&P and NASDAQ. These are my “Mississippi trading core) (*e.g. boardly traded and deeply so…hard to run the S&P 500. That Dow? 30’s easier to run than 500 stocks. But one out of 2,000 stocks? Not my kinda odds.

      2. Second notion is that not as many people would play a singular ITM. I gotta believe the number of people playing the NASDAQ or the S&P indices is a bigger number than the number holding fairly liquid ITM options. There’s someone on the side of every trade – and irrational is not something in short supply these days. Big, liquid, and two second executions and tight stops, thanks. Cowardly me.

      But I could be wrong. I’m just an old reporter in the woods with a penchant for futuring and day trading. Keeps Elaine in champaign and me in power tools and ham radio gear. Plus, gas to mow 4 of 30 acres…
      Because indexes seem less prone to individual news reports, I can limit my trading to an hour or two most days and that leaves more time mowing and playing time.


  6. Yes. I am surprised. I am surprised that everyone is so calm. No one seems to have taken notice, or grasped what is ‘actually’ happening. It’s like there is fight going on in the vacate lot behind the high school. Mildly interesting., but no one really seems to care all that much. The world has fragmented. The “Iron Curtain” just went back up. The Cold War has reignited and NSNW’s have been moved into play. We are right back to where we were in 1937-1938, but with a whole new toy box full of world destroying weapons., and a lot of people, from multiple countries, are seemingly eager to try them out. We are on the verge of exchanging New York for Moscow, but the American people are more upset over a bad joke by some late-night talk show host?
    – Really !? .., damn !
    – It is very disturbing. Sadly, I hold very little hope for mankind.
    – “Stay frosty ! ” – Corporal Hicks

    • “We are on the verge of exchanging New York for Moscow”

      That doesn’t sound like too bad a trade. Can we throw DC in as an added incentive?

      • Sadly, I have people very close to me who insist on living in or near NYC. I personally don’t like the place, though it’s been useful on occasion, and may yet be again. Then again, most of those I know are near at least one major target.

        Wars come at such inconvenient times. I was hoping for another few years reprieve.

    • The effects on a continent of 50 homogenous states, most as large as nations, insulated from the rest of the world by two continent-sized oceans and two continent-sized friendly countries. International affairs are low on the list of things to get to today. Let the corporations figure out the world trade problems as they protect their bottom lines. That’s why we’re paying such high prices, right? Gonna take a hard jab with a pointed stick to wake this sleeping giant.

    • “Yes. I am surprised. I am surprised that everyone is so calm. No one seems to have taken notice, or grasped what is ‘actually’ happening. It’s like there is fight going on in the vacate lot behind the high school.”

      I think they think this is winnable @dLynn.. NO ONE WINS….We have not had a war recently within our borders..
      For years I took care of people with various degrees of injury or illness.. I was compassionate and empathetic to their needs… What was strange is.. I thought I understood what they were experiencing.. when in fact I didn’t have a clue..
      We sit safely here in our homes and we see and are empathetic to others traumas..and tribulations.. we think we understand.. but in reality.. we don’t have a clue.. I fear that this time.. it is going to erupt in this country as well.. we imported millions of military aged illegals from countries that said that was how they would battle within our country.. we are so busy elsewhere that seriously we outsource our military and our industry.. we are screwed..
      the solution was simple to begin with.. another 1962 when we placed our missiles close to the Kremlin then.. Now we have them all there but still won’t remove them.. we left no avenue for Putin to retreat and didn’t make attempts to comply with any of the desires to de- escalate this issue..
      then on top of it.. UN saying war crimes .. and on every news outlet War crimes.. considering what what the consequences were to the others that they yelled war crimes about I am afraid that this will continue…. Phew.. scary stuff here..

    • BIC,

      You will be in a majority here in Canada since for the most part only mRNA covid-19 vaccines were widely available until recently.

      I believe this is the link to the vaccine’s “appendix 1: list of adverse events of special interest” that Dr. Campbell is referencing. It commences after page 29 and goes on for 8 and one half pages. I don’t know the backstory about an alleged court order having been required following a foi request to have the information released.

      By the way, Dr. Campbell’s Ugandan correspondent near the video close offers interesting anecdotal observations. The omicron variant onset appears to have seen the endemic covid-19 phase reach Africa sooner than elsewhere despite low vaccination rates.

      • J,
        Best regards,

        The compendenium is a list of all possible diagnosis, not those actually reported to the data collecting agency. (Dr. Campbell, a Phd nurse explained this in his next video, retracting his initial understanding of the 8-9 page single-spaced compendium list.) The early 10 week December 2020 -February 2021 Pfizer data taken from world-wide vaccinations reported mortality data is inconsistent with the much larger current two year CDC US VARES reported mrna mortality data. That 2 year data CDC data showed about 12,500 temporally associated deaths with over 500 million Mrna vaccinations in the US. This low number of geaths vice the expected number of deaths (about 40,000) could be attributed to either the underreporting of deaths in the US or, less likely, vaccine aministration actually resulted in less deaths than the actual expected number of deaths in the >65 year old population occurring before Covid(about 2 million deaths a year occur in the US in the >65 year old age group, or about an expected 40,000 deaths within the two week reporting time frame after vaccination.) While the 2 year CDC risk/benefit ratio clearly supported use of the Mrna vaccine and boosters especially in the at-risk older folks and the high risk group with comorbities, the data shows a relatively high incidence (still low)of myocarditis in teens and young adults – about 100 times more likely than the two-week expected rate. 80 percent of this young adult population with myocarditis had less than 2 day hospitalizations. And there were other asscociated medical conditions that were at higher rates than the baseline expected incidence, albeit much less than the 100 times expected incidence of myocarditis in teens, especially males. Had the early Pfizer world-data been published within a month or so after its collection, the teen-early adult population would have been reasonably excluded from Mrna vaccination, using either the available Adeno virus, or possibly recieving no vaccination. The fortutitous evolution of the very infectious but mild omicron variant has provided natural herd immunity. Why was the Pfizer data unreported and why did the Pfizer’s report require a FOI? The failure to publish the data and the need for a FOI provides an explanation for the mistrust of a large subgroup of concerned citizens regarding the integrity of large pharmaceutical corporations.

        • (*Going from memory here, but I seem to recall that in addition to economic fractal studies, our contributor is an MD FWIW – so I tend to weight his input heavier than webwonks. Or, is my memory going?)

  7. Putin is just following in George Bush’s footprints. Neither one care or cared about the people. It is & was about revenge.

  8. Research Biolabs verses military biolabs: the latter being used for offensive weaponization of biological agents.

    Research on pathogens are conducted in civilian biolabs which have specialized procedures, containment, and equipment to handle that research. Inspection and certification of those protective elements are required to maintain credentials. The goal of the research is to understand the nature the pathogen, the prevention of its spread, and medical remedies. The biolabs can be used as a containment facility to treat patients with the pathogen.

    Offensive Weaponization of pathogens are conducted in military-ran biolabs whose procedures and containment processes are sophisticated.

    In 1977, the US Army Activities in the US Biological Warfare Program, was submitted to The Congress. It outlined in detail the entire US BW research effort involving Camp and Fort Detrick, Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, Edgewood Arsenal, Md., Pine Bluff Arsenal, Ark., Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Colorado, and smaller testing sites in America.
    The US’s bioweapons program was earlier disestablished and stopped by President Nixon in 1969. All weaponized bio stockpiles were destroyed.

    The US Military bio lab at Fort Detrick is still operative as a research center and containment/treatment center for dangerous biologicals. For example, It was one of the designated reception centers during the recent ebola presence in the US.

    In 2019 Fort Detrick transiently lost its credentialling certification as a reception center because of safety violations during a cyclical certification inspection.

    Yes, Ukraine had biolabs for civilian research. No, Ukraine, didn’t have biolabs for weaponization. Yes, it was recommended for safety concerns that pathogens be destroyed before the biolabs were overran by Putin’s ordered invasion.

    Putin can now claim to his very captive Russian civilian population and Xi to his less captive Chinese population that Putin succeeded in his mission to destroy the labs. That is his BS exit ramp from his ‘special military operation’. He can now claim success and victory and provide a rationale to stop indiscriminately murdering his Slav cousin civilian mothers, children, and old folks.

    • “Yes, Ukraine had biolabs for civilian research. No, Ukraine, didn’t have biolabs for weaponization.”

      Neither did Wuhan…

      “provide a rationale to stop indiscriminately murdering his Slav cousin civilian mothers, children, and old folks.”

      What evidence do you have that this is going on? (I’ll help you out on this: “NONE.”)

      The “evidence” of “indiscriminate killing” is provided by a media that’s invested in conveying a certain and specific narrative, and known to flat-out lie, when it’s necessary to do so to support that narrative. Even were a firefight to be telecast live, unless the viewer can discern between the Russian and Ukrainian field uniform, they have only the reporter’s or overdubber’s word regarding who’s who and what they’re fighting for.

      The media is in an uproar regarding a NYT reporter who was shot & killed over the weekend. The reporter was a CIA asset, not currently working for the Times, who was embedded with Ukrainians, and who was shot in the back of the head. If’fn he wasn’t working for the Times, for whom do you suppose he was working, and why do you suppose he was executed, and by whom?

      I am not a fan of Mr. Putin; I am a slight fan of Mr. Zelensky.

      That is irrelevant.

      I am a huge fan of “tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.”

      This doesn’t happen in time of war because ANY truth, no matter how innocuous, can provide intel to one or another of the combatants, and therefore can get the truth-teller shot on-sight, especially if they see, and might tell, something somebody thinks they shouldn’t, or which belies a given narrative…

      If you’d like, I can repost this in double-space, to make reading it, (shall we say) easier…

      • Ray,

        Best Regards,

        Likely there isn’t any evidence available that you personally would consider to be reliable.

        Prior to OIF, RIP Colin Powell briefed the United Nations on the evidence, provided to him by our intelligence community – whose arms were being twisted off by a certain high level politician from the executive branch to find/manufacture evidence – of the existence of Sadam’s weapons of mass distruction in Iraq. Even after Powell’s methodical presentation of the evidence to the UN, I personally did not believe there were WMD’s in Iraq – even as I flew out from Camp Legune in early 2003 to Camp Commando, Kuwait, 1st MEF operational headquarters, to medically support the Marine invasion force during Operation Iraqi Freedom (a misnomer) – and even while I donned and wore MOPP 4 gear for the first 4 days of the invasion when our area along the border of Iraq was being targeted by scud and low-flying silkworm missiles(the latter off railroad cars in Basra).

        It is reaonable to be skeptical of information.

        It is, however, very difficult to safely (without harming yourself or your citizens) weaponize and safely use biologicals that will do their intended purpose, ie, harm the target oppositional troops without dispersion blow-back and harming your own troops/citizens. After looking at the dispersion tests of innocuus biologicals conducted by our side in the late 50’s and 60’s, I agree with Nixon’s shutting down of the bioweapons program in 1969. And yes, agent orange was a plant bioweapon developed by Monsanto which had and is having blow-back on our troops. Much Worse for the Vietnamese civilian mothers: severe birth defects in 160,000 children.

        Keep your vigilence.

      • @TEF

        Whether Iraq had WMDs depends on one’s definition of WMDs. We uncovered hundreds of tons of both mustard and sarin gases. When the discoveries and photographic evidence went public, suddenly “WMDs” was redefined in the media to mean “ONLY nuclear weapons or weaponizable materiel.”

        As Important as anything WRT the War is: Mr. Hussein had found a way to bind anthrax spores to microdust and was working with smaller & smaller particles, with the intention of eventually binding it to dust so fine it would pass between the molecules of our NBC suits, thus becoming a bioweapon for which no counter or protection could be made.

        Hussein had nuclear materiel. It (and Hussein’s wives and many of his kids) left for Syria in a series of convoys traveling under the Russian flag, several months before we kicked-off festivities in that sandbox. I believe Hussein’s fissile material, centrifuges, etc. were stashed in deep caverns in the Syrian highlands, but that is just my suspicion. We stopped watching the convoys when they reached the border so nobody but Assad and his minions know, for sure, if it’s even still in the country.

        “Likely there isn’t any evidence available that you personally would consider to be reliable.”


        I had a contact, a trusted acquaintance who was embedded in Baghdad in 2001. I trust the information I received on the above.

        I personally know no-one (trusted, or otherwise) in, or intimately familiar with Ukraine, who’s been in that country in over 15 years. I’m trying to find one and have acquired a little friend who speaks RUS and UKR (plus English, German, Greek Turkish, Armenian, Serb, Macedonian, and a couple others I’ve forgotten.) She’s young, and a dumbass kid, but she might know a reliable someone in-theatre, whom I can cultivate…

        “It is, however, very difficult to safely weaponize and safely use biologicals that will do their intended purpose, without dispersion blow-back and harming your own troops/citizens.”

        Yes, unless you don’t care whether your troops and noncombatants from all sides are taken out, as well. This is that fantasy place where the conspiracy theories regarding genetically-keyed biologicals, are all born. I suppose it’s possible, but I haven’t talked to my gene-hacker friends in several years so again, I don’t know for sure. Being the stuff of conspiracies though, my belief would require demonstration, not theory…

  9. Thank you for the DB book suggestion. I’ve downloaded a digital copy to read.

    You offer an interesting perspective about order of the constellations. Is the global Ptolomy finally falling off the edge of the charts, pray tell? Peoplenomics versus Putinomics? No slight to the inquisition, but I think I’d rather stream link to the stars with Elon as one of the three wise men.

    Here’s an old chestnut favorite of Putin and Stalin dating from 1934 about the Russian civil war, “Chapaev”. The more things change, …

  10. Just a reminder of what people here already know.

    FAMINE for hundreds of millions is now BAKED IN THE CAKE. Perfectly foreseeable to, for anybody who has more than 2 working brain cells (which may leave out most of the DC policy wonks)

    Russia combined with Ukraine provide approximately 30% of all the world’s wheat exports

    Russia combined with Ukraine provides somewhere around 15%-20% of all the world’s corn exports

    Russian combined with Ukraine provides about 60% of all sunflower oil exports

    Russia provides about 50 million long tons of fertilizer per year, about 13% of the worlds entire supply ( potash, phosphate, and nitrogen-containing fertilizers)

    With the natural gas price explosion in Europe, up to an oil equivalent pricing of over $730 per barrel, Europe’s fertilizer plants are shutting down which will directly affect the yield of Europe’s crops, further restricting grain availability (Italy’s electric rates have increased 50% in the last two weeks because of the same issue)

    The US imports massive quantities of fertilizer, about $300 BILLION dollars worth, vast majority being Russian. US production will most likely decline also due to the fertilizer shortage, though it should not hit super hard here until NEXT year since most of the stuff needed for this year’s crop is already here.

    Certain gasses needed for semi conductor production come mostly from Russia /southern Ukraine (about 70% of the worlds supply) and voila, the US will NOT be able to obtain those gasses anymore from it’s Russian suppliers.

    MASSIVE Famine across the third world is on it’s way, and much of the developed world will be paying much higher food prices due to the world shortages (we shouldn’t have shortages here, but higher world prices will translate into much higher prices here UNLESS the government puts on “price controls”)

    With Famine comes …. POLITICAL INSTABILITY!! … duh … obviously NOT seen coming by the DC policy wonks in cutting off Russia from the world. Already there are food riots occurring in Iraq due to food shortages, and soon Egypt and other Middle East non oil countries will see the same thing as they run out of money to buy food at the much higher prices that are already being charged, with even higher prices coming as this year’s export crop declines dramatically. Will an unstable Egypt be good for peace in the Middle East? Ditto Lebanon. Ditto the other countries along the Med’s southern side.

    OH … and of course as all here know, if this War continues to spin badly the US, or one or more Nato countries, may be drawn in which will then up the risk game to a potential nuclear situation.

    IMO this is MUCH more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis was because then both sides had adults at the wheel. Not so much this time around.

  11. Only thing you need to know. 564k contracts short . Where’s old saltys little puppie dog now ? Fools

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