From the Economist’s Notebook…

We dispense with our usual (and slightly cynical) view of the news in this weekend’s report in order to ensure that you have a very clear handle on the major decision-point immediately ahead not only for the U.S. but also Global Markets.

If you are not a subscriber, I think if you ever “get around to it” this could be on the key articles to read in six months to a year because we “lay it all out…”

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3 thoughts on “From the Economist’s Notebook…”

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  2. More fake news but how did someone be able to video this? The content is a total hit job on Trump. How do they know whats being said. This kind of fake news is what the CIA pushes when theyre promoting regime change in a foreign govt. They sow doubt and disloyalty with propaganda. It looks like their charter now includes domestic targets or did it always? Nobody should be able to take these kinds of videos of the Whitehouse. Where’s the secret service? Shouldn’t this be considered a breach of security?

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