A Monday Political Treatise from the Old Reporter.

It’s not exactly a “revolution.”  And it’s not quite a Civil War…

But neither is it a “coup d’etat” at least in the usual sense.

The term “sedition” comes close, too. But not quite.

The only word that fits is “The Obamalution.”

Obamalution: (noun) A clever legal ruse to pull off a class of coup d’ etat never labeled such but having the same effect. It is a slow-motion revolution – headed by a former president – commenced by placing radicalized shills in unfireable government positions where they can leak secrets and commit obstructions without check. It is then perpetrated via slow-motion media allegations which never cite proof, only “sources” and with media co-conspirators. An Obamalution has the focus and the intent of subverting and preventing support of the legislative efforts of a new sitting and duly elected U.S. President.”

Most Americans have their “thinking boxed-in” by the constant discussion even today of the U.S. Civil War.  A war, by the way, that saw freedom delivered to enslaved blacks delivered by Lincoln’s Republican Party.

The Obamaites don’t mention this often – if ever – instead they continue pandering to the free lunch crowd.

OK, so if the U.S. Civil War is not Obama’s template, which one is?

Might I hold up for your consideration the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)?

“The war began after a pronunciamiento (declaration of opposition) by a group of generals of the Spanish Republican Armed Forces, originally under the leadership of José Sanjurjo, against the elected, leftist government of the Second Spanish Republic, at the time under the leadership of President Manuel Azaña. The Nationalist group was supported by a number of conservative groups, including the Spanish Confederation of Autonomous Right-wing Groups (Confederación Española de Derechas Autónomas, or CEDA), monarchists such as the religious conservative (Catholic) Carlists, and the Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista, a fascist group.[nb 2][7] Sanjurjo was killed in an aircraft accident while attempting to return from exile in Portugal, whereupon Franco emerged as the leader of the Nationalists.

Ure’s truly is getting genuinely sick and tired of the leaks of unsubstantiated allegations plus the double-standards in D.C.

Obama gets a pass on staying in Washington to pursue his anti-Trump agenda.

All that’s missing is Obama’s version of the “Pronunciamiento:”

Generally, a pronunciamento is preceded by a period of preparation during which the organizing officers “sound out” the larger community of officers to determine if their views are widely shared. After the pronunciamiento the would-be rebel officers then wait for the rest of the armed forces to declare for or against the government.

There is no fighting at this point; if the rebellion has no support the organizers lose. They may have to flee the country or retire from the armed forces, or they may be arrested. If the bulk of the armed forces declare in favor of the pronunciamiento the government resigns. It is similar to a vote of no-confidence, except that it is issued by the armed forces, not by the legislature.

This is where we are right now.

Former president Obama is not likely to be forthright enough to issue his own pronunciamento directly.  Why should he?  He’s got stooges who will send it out piecemeal on his behalf.

Take, for example former attorney General Loretta Lynch who in a YouTube video uses the code words: “fear and uncertainty”  – speaks of rights rollbacks – and then goes on to call for more marches, and demonstrations coding that violence is OK because in past events “…they’ve bled, yes, and some of them have died…” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5lmL2OBJ6E&feature=youtu.be).  Not quite a unifying message, is it?

I would have thought Lynch to be smarter. Baltimore and Ferguson are two major examples that come to mind showing how a manipulated public and social media inciting does itself no favors by going violent.

Still, think how much quicker the 1917 Bolshevik adventures would have been with a side-order of Social.

Lynch gets right up to the (carefully lawyerly weasel-worded) line where “free speech” becomes insurrection, inciting to riot, and sedition.  A revolucion via code words.

Gotta tell you, this looks like bullshit of the highest order.  Either that, or it is her piece of the pronunciamento to deliver.

So too, we see this as a context-setter as are the Obamalutionaries and their orchestrated leaks designed to sabotage the effective administration of the sitting President.

Obama’s crooked democrat party screwed Bernie Sanders out of a fair run. He might have beaten Trump.  Where was the champion of just-us then?

Obama was making sure America’s borders were wide open.

Bring in the unvetted!

When he didn’t go back to ChiTown – I thought to myself at the time “This guy knows Chicago isn’t a home town… I wonder if he’s staying in D.C. much like the Bolsheviks stayed in Moscow?”

The Left even now can’t believe Obama’s hand-pick successor was defeated.

I suppose the silver lining to this is we now know how slow the Left thinks.  In four months – almost to the day, they still don’t understand who won.  And the ‘tards are whom?

Now, unsatisfied with 8-years of wrecking America, (open borders, cash to Iran…the list goes on and on) Obama continues to push his prurient brand of racism. It’s the “everyone but US is a racist” kind.” Yeah, right….

Worse? It’s being supported by the wildly biased (and successful guilt-sellers) of east coast media.

The facts in the headline today outline how the alliances in the street are forming up.  Take Berkeley – the commie hotbed west – for example.  Sunday a group of pro-Trump supporters held a gathering.  Then come the lefties and then here come the anarchists.

Even the Washington Post was seen to admit “Pro-Trump rally in Berkeley turns violent as protesters clash with the president’s supporters.”  A headline “Lefties and Anarchists attack Peaceful Trumpers” would be more accurate.

While the historically unread East Coast Libs don’t see it, a few of us with a wider reading of history see it very much as Obama’s Civil War.

Lynch’s piece of Obama’s left-wing pronunciamento  aside, we expect more of the same from the Sour Grapes Party.

Is this to say Trump is without fault?


He should stop tweets at night and stay focused on getting the Obama shills booted out. 

What’s more, now that Congress (the Fools on the Hill) will actually look into the wire-tapping allegations, I already have a good idea how that will come out in the wash:

The sneaks and plants of the Oministration – having learned from the Clintons, as masters of obfuscation and plausible deniability – no doubt did electronic surveillance indirectly.  The intel “club” is playing us all.

What  I expect to  occur is a replay of the admission that a FISA judge authorized the surveillance, not Obama himself, Jarrett herself, or anyone else who’s close to Obama.   Arms-length, you see, is how the game in played.

Despite the claim of James Clapper, (“Clapper Says There Was No FISA Request For Trump’s Campaign”) Clapper is, in my view, something of an expert in obfuscation and misdirection.

Perhaps if the question had been more open-ended  (like “Did anyone spy on anyone in the building?”) we might have gotten a better answer. 

You see, in Lawyer Land, Clapper could be nominally telling the truth:  Maybe it wasn’t “for the campaign,” but if it was a person in the building, it DOES become misleading…

Back to Trump?  He has a growing list of faults, to be sure.

Rather than Tweet, he needs to get a federal grand jury empaneled to a) go after the Obama plants and b) dig out supportable facts before repeating claims.

Turn off twitter, turn on law enforcement.

Ure has an idea:

Can we just get back to being America, please?

And Barack, please stop inciting through former aides and honor the decency of former colleagues who didn’t orchestrate opposition.  Past presidents had the respect for the Office to stay out of Washington politics and let the will of the people roll.

Obama’s failure to do this will merely reinforce the idea – dawning on many of us out here in fly-over country – that Obama is pushing America toward Civil War even now.  That’s when I  get really pissed.

The reason there are fewer democrazies holding office today than at any time since the 1920’s is that ya’ll ain’t team players.

America is a Team Country.  It’s not Obama’s country.  Not Trump’s, either. 

It’s a Team Country.  You know, like in NASCAR TEAMS and NFL TEAMS and marketing TEAMS and engineering TEAMS.

This is why the democrats lost four months ago.  WTF? Grow up!

Texas is the only state with a TEXIT Option.  While it’s true that Texas can not secede from the Union, what we can do is re-form into five states. Think about that for a minute: 8-more Texas senators.  Count House members.

Might not be enough to drain the whole swamp, but might lower the water level a bit.  We need more clear-thinking, more reading of history – and not just the politically correct crap taught in schools today. 

We need to spot civil war templates when they are in play. Jarrett, holdovers, Lynch, Berkeley last night…yup, has the hallmarks to me.

I don’t believe it would take too much effort for a Federal Grand Jury to find the planted leakers and who they take their orders from.

Seems to me FBI chief James Comey has a lot to answer for, too.   I give him one more week, maybe two, before Trump says “You’re Fired…”

Why can’t Comey find the leakers? I’d suspect Ms. Jarrett might even have some of them on her speed dial.

As I figured our income taxes and got it filed this weekend a constant question rolled through my mind.

“Ure paid how much income tax to keep this circus going?”

Walking the Talk

Mr. Ure has put on his censorship hat over on the Comments side of this site.

Not hard censorship (like a contrary opinion in the NY Times, lol): It’s just that I will NOT approve comments that are purely ad hominem attacks.

If an attack on another commenter comes as a by-product of stating a position or offering additional facts, then fine. But comments like “You’re just another stupid Trumptard…” and such – NO!

“Listen butt-face, you forget (fact #1 and fact #2 and…)” is OK. Collateral damage.  Cost of engaging.

But to just say “You’re a butt-face Trumptard” – well, that’s the same kind of innuendo that the Obamalutionaries engage in and I won’t stand for it in “my house.”

My time is too valuable to babysit.

Any comments using the term “Trumptard” will also be deleted.

I (sometimes grudgingly) referred to Obama while in office as “the president.” OK, maybe President Trainwreck or President Useless a few times. But that’s because I read and understand 18 U.S.Code on illegal aliens. My bad.

This was even while he was installing his shills and keeping the borders open.  I was unduly kind. Generous.

Now, though, he is fair game. A public figure, a menace to the will of the people, he and his Obamalutionaries will no longer be allowed to use the word Trumptard.

We are one country and if that’s a hard concept to understand, maybe it’s time to go home shopping in Ferguson or Berkeley.

The Left owns social media, too.  I bet if I were to use terms like Obamalutionaries on Social I’d be banned.

If the radical left was honest (don’t hold your breath) they would at least respect the Office of the President of the United States enough to scrub the word Trumptard.

But this isn’t how Zuke Markerberg got his billions, now, is it?  For some, the leftist tune is a gold record.  And so, this sick shit plays on.

Around the Ranch: Solar Panel Maintenance

After checking battery voltages and such Friday I notice the south rack of solar panels was putting out only 650-watts worth of power.

Saturday morning I loaded up my tool cart and went investigating.

Turns out that a wasp nest had been built around one of the power leads. I don’t know what kind of acid is involved, but whatever it is wasps do, it ate through several wires.

A few minutes of wire stripping, new connectors and putting on tape and electrical dope and back good as new.

Lesson though? You can’t just look at panel voltage because with an MPPT controller, the panel voltage will be the same no matter how many panels are online.

You need to look at current (and total power generated).

Naturally, after getting back to the 1.6 kW output from that rack, that ensured at least a week of cloudy weather to come.

Much like Elaine feeding the birds will cause rain, so will my pulling maintenance on the panels.  Toss in a car wash and we got 1.6” of rain in the gauge…

Write when you get rich,