For the Kids: Flee the Big Cities!

Want most of the good things of a big city without the high prices?

This morning a note to the Ure offspring about where to be relocating to in advance of World War III.  Away from big population centers.

First, though, three economic data points are out this morning and while we didn’t get the whole decline predicted Tuesday, we still made, oh, 3.5% for the day.

Load up on the coffee…and let’s focus on making some money!

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30 thoughts on “For the Kids: Flee the Big Cities!”

  1. Fleeing to the hinterlands is counter productive to capitalistic growth. We need more talent and intellectual capital to populate our cities. Like the skepticism about Climate Change…there is a sense that those same doomsayers have started an “End is Near” campaign on our economy and the speculation of a civilization ending war. Ha… Not going to happen.
    Our robust economy is not going anywhere…will it flatline? Yep… my guess is 2019…that’s not a crash…just a pause…will we be threatened with a world war…yep…but cooler heads will prevail…out of control Trump Thumping aside…

    And, our kids are NOT a part of a socialist re-education. My sister in the Midwest, my niece in California, my college roommates wife in Florida and other friends from Arizona to New York are all teachers. If anything else…school is much tougher with coding and more extensive problem solving courses…and the curriculum encourages creativity, open discussion and not the dictatorial, revisionist history way we were taught. Today’s schools are an inspiration in that they have to make do for a lot less money to produce a new generation of leaders than all industries. Why my sister isn’t getting compensated in salary…or at least a finders fee for all the kids she got into top schools that have become extremely successful is beyond me. Schools need the same or at least as much money as our military. It’s American minds not might that makes us great…

    We have had these issues throughout our history in this country and emerged stronger and wiser as a result. So, go ahead America…do what you have always been doing. Vent…Invent…then Re-invent…

    • Your kids may not be part of the indoctrination, but surely you have to agree, attending government run schools, kids are going to get more positive spin on government and government priorities. I would bet 90% of government school students believe we are a democracy in the US, vs a constitution republic. As far as pay for teachers, your sister needs to change jobs to something that compensates her to her value. Schools graduate probably 10,000 of new teachers each quarter, so lots of “less skilled” people seeking the same work. She is paid to the worth of the organization paying for the labor. Tell her to stop wining and change employers to one that will pay her worth. Either she accepts her situation and makes due with salary and personal accomplishments, or she changes her situation. You probably find few soldiers that believe they are paid their worth either. Most people believe they are under paid. Well most are not. Your view on history is very optimistic, our country has not been around that long in the grand scheme of things and every higher level civilization collapses over time, every single one. I cannot see how you believe somehow now we are exempt from that historical truth. This is why we have a period called the dark ages, and why civilizations like Greeks, Romans, Inca, Aztecs, Egyptian have no continuous history of always elevating or even just sustaining.

    • I see no benefit in being in a city unless single and needing to find a partner or job. With connectivity, tools, high efficiency cars – soon to be “driverless”, we can sleep or meditate our way into or out of any city. IMHO, there’s little benefit to a a city larger than 3/4 million people for the average person. Bigger than that and traffic becomes an issue, or it’s so spread out that you’re driving all the time.

      I would love to have an affordable and reliable driverless car, but failing that, I’ll endure the drive. One thing that car would have is the ability to have a bed, desk, connectivity and climate control in a package that easily fits into a parking space. I’d love to rent or buy a room in a city for overnights and longer, but regulations make such things a poor use of money. Hotels/motels have the same problem, and often don’t want to cater to local folks.

    • How much money do our schools get, probably more than the military when you add it all up. Though the military nees a lot less

    • By the way we need our brightest to enter into ag as it is key to fixing so many ills this country has ( health care, energy consumption/production, pollution, employment). This is not a capitalistic country today it is a bankeristic or corporatistic system.

  2. Amazon is down over 100 points today after a Trump claimed he wants to go after Amazon and Jeff Bezos. I lost a lot of money today and of course I will double down and make it all back…but it got me to thinking…Shouldn’t a President or any world leader for that matter encourage economic growth of strong companies like Amazon…and not destroy Them? We know Bezos and Trump have zero love for one another…but if this is Trumps personal vendetta against his biggest critic…is that even legal? I mean…a lot of people lost a ton of money today…for what? An ego War?

    • Amazon is an antitrust violator – deliberately selling products below cost ie taking losses which causes competitors to go out of business meaning it is a major contributor to job losses in this country – it is an economic destroyer not builder – also if folks are upset at FB, Goog and TWTR for keeping all of their records (chat, text, e-mail, purchase, credit card, phone conversations, pictures, and in home conversations – selling them (monetizing), and providing a back door to all of our security apparatus; what do you think that cute little doo-dad that Amazon sells (Alexa)is doing…….

      • Isn’t that how Wal-Mart got Started? Selling products below cost…ruining Main Street America? Come one…that’s capitalism folks.

      • an American company using a China/Japan marketing program…whats not to like…maybe just overpriced items in the malls ,to help offset HIGH RENTS for businesses….imho

    • How many people are out of work because of the mom and pop companies that have been forced out of business because of Amazon? Heck, not just mom and pop, Toys R us, Sears, Penneys, K Mart, and on and on. Trump is coming to the rescue of an industry that is being Monopolized by a giant. Can you say anti trust?

    • Money is not lost until you sell, though presumed equity might be. I’m in a similar position wanting to free up cash, but the market will do what it does.

      I do believe we should encourage strong companies, but not monopolies. Right now, the only real competition for Amazon is Ebay, and a minor share to AliExpress.

      The growth curve for most companies is an S curve. I think Amazon has reached the top 20% of that curve and the market is realizing it. I’m not sure how the “Whole Foods” thing is playing out at all.

      Local competition has largely gone away and won’t come back, but Amazon is growing without competition. Walmart has it’s place, but I’m buying less and less there, since I already have what they sell. Amazon/Ebay are even competing with Home Depot in plumbing supplies and winning. I’ll go for the lowest price/highest quality every time, and think we should encourage more grass roots production in the USA. There’s definitely room for another large scale trading platform here. With the current crackdown on guns, information, and personal connection sites, I can definitely see a niche platform also emerging.

    • Doesnt Bezos own the Washington Post? That paper is no friend to Trump. That might be a reason behind Trump’s comment.

    • Amazon is somewhat a monopoly and as such should be broken up. There was a good article on the need to break up the alphabet companies as they hold too much market power.

      • Let’s start with ALL the Government ‘alphabet departments’ FBI,ATF,IRS,EPA,NSA,CIA,CON-gress….you get the drift

    • Mark again like everybody says you have to be the dumbest liberal to ever post the remarks you do Post who in their right mind would think as you do unless you’re like the old Jon Jon that we used to have come around here and post things against Trump I mean you may have this Personal Agenda against him.
      But I’ll tell it to you again like I did John Trump is here for us the people to change to get rid of the corruption that’s out there you know the corruption the part about where they use kids for sacrifices they ship kids all over the world for people to use who have money now what’s the next step.

      The Next Step would be here at 10 horn without any power but you’re one of those George sources types that are paid to infiltrate any organization and give an opinion that’s contradictory no matter how ridiculous that opinion is.
      Except that it’s like .

      But your opinion is impervious.
      Its as radical as to know platinocyanide.

      I don’t think you’re worthy of a quadrille nominal expression.

      But what you are worthy of is a ithyphallic

      Because you ignore the southwestern that’s coming at you and

      you don’t know how to correspond.

      My advice to you is

      There are four parts to the vocal cords Think hardly and long about which one you choose

    • I almost forgot our first amendment has almost been diluted and deleted by people like you and our 2nd Amendment has almost been diluted and getting ready to be deleted by people like you.

      But I almost forgot again you got the freedom to speak your mind and express your opinions but if you do then I do too while how does that work throw your first and second belief amendments under the bus because you still got to fight all of us

  3. As much as I like Seattle, to me it’s a non-starter. Way too many military bases. If WWIII starts and it involves Russia, it’s a certaintly that every US and NATO military base will be hit with hydrogen bombs. All large cities will of course be hit with multiple hydrogen bombs. Every airport too. If ICBMs start coming in how can it possibly be limited? We need to start talking about nuclear winter the discussion of which is completely missing in the mainstream media.

    Let’s say the US hits Russia with a first strike of 1000 hydrogen warheads and Russia absorbs it and does nothing. Within 1-2 years there will be hundreds of millions of deaths in the US. It will not be possible to grow food and the vast majority of people will starve and freeze to death. Of course Russia would retaliate and the hundreds of millions of deaths would happen much faster. Billions of deaths across the planet due to nuclear winter. Climate models show this will definitely happen. We have to start talking about this stuff!

  4. I love my ‘Senior Homeowner’ tax exemption! While my assessed property valuation continues to climb, it is all ‘exempted’ for me and I pay a token $100/yr in property tax.
    –Ample water here on the windward side… 150 inches/year. Subdivision has deep well in the Mauna Loa aquifer so I have ‘piped water’ at the house, although many homes in the area live on catchment water systems
    –Cable and internet available at home.
    –Police, Fire, Ambulance station 5 minutes away (4 miles). ‘Urgent Care’ medical clinic available in same area. 20 miles to hospital.
    –Great Neighbors. Next door is retired Seattle firefighter. His wife raises chickens.
    –Tropical fruit trees on property, Taro growing in garden. More garden to come as I hack back the jungle areas and groom the ground.
    –Active Ham Radio community focused on Emergency Communications and training new ham operators. Active community watch organizations.
    –20 miles to nearest ‘big town’ (Hilo) for shopping & entertainment.

    Downsides? A few. Hurricane risk. Earthquake risk. Volcanic lava flow risk. But they are infrequent and manageable. I’m not near the shoreline, so I ignore Tsunami risk. And I’m far from any military targets. I think I landed well for retirement out here in East Hawaii.

      • No, I’m smack dab in the middle…. 2500 miles or more from the nearest geologic fault or subduction volcano. Hawaii is the largest (and tamest) shield volcano on the planet.

    • Try a radiation meter/Geiger counter. The Fukushima radiation is moving past the islands, and the die off of sea life is at record level. It washes up on the more isolated beaches, and the media will not report it because it would threaten the tourist business.

      • I have a geiger counter and monitor the background here, and spot check as needed. I have not seen any out of the ordinary dead sea life washing up here anywhere. But Oahu is starting to see lots of fishing lines, ropes, and flotsam bundles coming ashore… some of them weighing tons in a mass. I’m aware of the radiation circulation problem in the Pacific, and I’ve stopped eating the big fish like tuna or swordfish that tend to concentrate the stuff. Smaller fish from local protected bay areas I still eat a bit. Studying the circulation patterns, Alaska and California shores get much, much more radiation and sealife die-off. Hawaii is at the southern edge of the dilution area. Most of the Gyre and debris are north of us.

  5. Dangit, George! Don’t encourage ’em! We’re staring a bond election in the teeth here that’ll raise our school tax 19%, alone, and we’re a long way away from 65. It’s all because the real estate schleppers are selling expensive homes all around on old ranch land and the old school is needing some pretty expensive improvements to make all the new, young, high income families happy off of us old timer’s backs. We’ve lived out here where it’s comfortable, low taxes, good friends and people and now all this generation’s “yuppies” are going to suck all the water out of the ground and money out of our pockets.

    I’m back to praying for asteroids!

  6. “American minds not might” currently we seem to be muddling through on our might and the minds are quietly standing by, probably as they should be. If some egomaniac nukes the planet… We all fall off that cliff together.

  7. If you can make 3% a week and do it 50 weeks a year? You will have 4.38 times your money in a year. Why more people don’t think this way just amazes me. But I digress…

    George, I do not personally think that way as it is gambling, imo, and you are winning pension funds of those who really can not actively manage their funds. But I digress…

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