Coping: With Thought Projections

As you know, from reading my book “Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time” there’s a whole chapter based on the Peoplenomics research into something called “The Light Crown Project.”

The core idea is simple enough:  Every time a neuron fires, a photon is ejected by the electro-chemical reaction.  Ergo, if you want to change how the neurons work, all you need to do is pump them with light at certain frequencies.

That light in general, and specifically in modern medicine low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) works to efficacious ends is beyond dispute.  The government’s own database offers more than 5-thousand papers on point.

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One of these, just out this month from A.P. Commer of Ulm, Germany, offers a hint that light-therapy will be an important tool in fighting one curse of aging:

The most plausible mechanism of biostimulatory effect of red-to NIR light consists of its impact on the nanoscopic interfacial water layers in mitochondria and the extracellular matrix (ECM) where mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (ROS) induce an increase in the viscosity of the water layers bound to the predominantly hydrophilic surfaces in the intramitochondrial space as well as the ECM, where the process progressively propagates with age. The biostimulatory effect of red-to NIR light consists of counteracting the ROS-induced elevation of interfacial water viscosities, thereby instantly restoring the normal mitochondrial function, including the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by the rotary motor (ATP synthase).”

 How far will LLLLT move anti-aging?  No telling – yet.

But our own experience has been remarkable.  Elaine, diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration about 5-years back, we on a prescribed light therapy regimen and she no long as AMD.  All that’s left is some residual wrinkling of a membrane of the macula.

We make no medical claims AND we’re not selling anything.  Just telling you our own results.

The underlying technology is in trials in Canada and Europe and it will be along when it gets here.

We’re reminded that “modern medicine” has been really slow on the uptake when new technology shows up.  It’s been known that since the 1930’s that oxygenation can improve the odds of beating cancer…and there are some good summaries of how it works, like over here.

Again, we are blessed to have a “shirt-tale” relative who personally had cancer and went the hyperbaric oxygen route and has now been free of cancer for years.

Medicine (if you hadn’t noticed) is very much about business models as anything.  As one researcher was quoted in a YouTube video as saying “We really need to invent a blood pressure pills that’s as good as Vitamin D…which would be proprietary…”

There’s a good Mayo Clinic article over here: “Vitamin D deficiency: Can it cause High Blood Pressure?

Again, as we pragmatically look at the data, the further you get away from the tropics, the higher the risk of heart attacks.  The tropics have?  Lots of Sun and the Sun allows the body to manufacture Vitamin D.  Countries where “taking the sun” even when it’s cold and snowy (Germany comes to mind) are acting on this at an almost social-instinctual basis. but I digress.

The REAL topic this morning is a result of my study of the Bruce Gernon encounter with time travel back in 1970.  Read “The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon.”

As you know, I review much of the data in my book – a lot of which hadn’t been revealed publicly before .

Which you need to know in order to understand the point I’m about to make:

A 2016 M.I.T. paper reveals that pulsed light in the 40 Hertz area MAY REVERSE ALZHEIMERS.  At least in mice…

As to their technique?

“In a study of mice that were genetically programmed to develop Alzheimer’s but did not yet show any plaque accumulation or behavioral symptoms, (Dr. of neuroscience Li-Huei) Tsai and her colleagues found impaired gamma oscillations during patterns of activity that are essential for learning and memory while running a maze.

Next, the researchers stimulated gamma oscillations at 40 hertz in a brain region called the hippocampus, which is critical in memory formation and retrieval. These initial studies relied on a technique known as optogenetics, co-pioneered by Boyden, which allows scientists to control the activity of genetically modified neurons by shining light on them. Using this approach, the researchers stimulated certain brain cells known as interneurons, which then synchronize the gamma activity of excitatory neurons.”

Since we have all the gear to begin tinkering in this area here at Olde Man Labs, here’s what we started pumping into a “Light Crown” last Saturday:

Since my dad died of Alzheimer’s, although I don’t show any of the symptoms, based on Elaine’s positive experience with light therapy, I figure what the heck:  II can pump 40 Hz in my ears (in background as audio_) when working and as a Light Crown pumped light to the trigeminal nerve bundle.  Not as directed as the M.I.T. work, but then again, I’m not sure of any downside.  None came to mind…

While I was “zapping” this way, an interesting thought came to mind:

Is it possible that people’s brains can retool time?

In a conventional scientific analysis, Bruce Gernon’s flight the afternoon of December 1, 1970, might have triggered something that allowed him to manipulate time.  Think about this for a second.

He was northwest bound, three bladed prop at 2,500 RPM.  That’s a “flicker rate” of 125 Hz.

See where this is going?

Let me back up to the Montauk Project.  (See Phoenix II, time distortion discussion and spontaneous object creations circa 1976/1977.)

In some of the accounts there, “subjects” who were placed in “the alien chair” were zapped with multiple fields of microwave energy.  And since these were modulated it is possible that the accounts of “people projecting things from their subconscious out in the world” might not be all hokum.

Is it possible that a combination of external frequency inputs (flickers and sounds) might combine under special circumstances to allow people to (knowingly or otherwise) bend space-time?

It’s an intriguing proposition.  Could it be induced by light pumping rather than simply zapping someone with multiple microwave wavefronts?

So that one will go on the list of experiments, too:  Spend some time working on 40 HZ, but then work on flickering a light at the 125 Hz a three-bladed prop spinning 2500 RPM would produce when the nose of an aircraft is pitched up for climb as the sun’s low in the December afternoon sky.

Might work on doing the Miracle Money Technique while in that state, too….(amplification?).

Lots of questions and damn little resource…but if we could, a whole month from late November to mid December would be spent in a Beech A36 flying from Andros Town to West Palm Beach (in 1/2 mile formation with another aircraft) and taking off a few minutes after 3 PM….

OK, the lab awaits…we have a financial train wreck to watch, too.

Write when you get rich,

15 thoughts on “Coping: With Thought Projections”

  1. An Amplifier, brilliant idea! I think, to a certain extent with constant LED input from screens it does amplify to a degree.

    One could ascertain that 50 years ago, no-one would have ever thought we would be talking to people we have never met across the globe with our fingers. And this would be Available to everyone. Meeting people we would have never met otherwise. Amplification of communication most certainly.

    50 years from now, there will be things in our lives that that generation could not simply live with out. Marvelous things that have yet to be invented.

    I was putting up some pictures of my kids on the walls and nooks and I realised that nobody does this anymore because everyone has pictures on their phones, computers and places like Facebook. Kinda made me sad a little.

    Good stuff, George. Good stuff.

    • Put the house on the market to sell took the pictures off the refrigerators and off the walls sold the house in 3 days and my wife put the pictures back on the refrigerator

  2. George
    There are man made structures and caves around the world that are tuned to around 101 Hz in the audio spectrum. There are lots of speculation and theories on what they are for. Maybe you are on to the correct path to finding out what they are used for!
    May Success be your companion!!

  3. “That light in general, and specifically in modern medicine low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) works to efficacious ends is beyond dispute. ”

    That is what we are just about ready to head out to do.. amazing how they can treat cancer with LLLT.. even the kind of light that caused it and have it work wonders.
    witch has me curious on the royal crown jewels.. was there more to that then just a head ornament to symbolize wealth and power.. why do we cherish jewels.. Topaz for instance is symbolic of love, affection and facilitates the balance of emotions and protects from greed,Diamonds on the other hand were once thought to be crystallized lighting or splinters from stars that would protect against phantoms and give soldiers courage,It is the crystal of Light; its high frequency energy is dispersed into flashing prisms of brilliant “fire” that typifies the sun. It is also a spiritual stone, a symbol of perfection and illumination,that is suppose to activate the Crown and Etheric Chakras, enhance your inner vision, and stimulate creativity, imagination and ingenuity, opening the mind to the “new” and “possible.” Placed on the Third Eye, a Diamond encourages psychic development, gives strength and a bond in love. which is why it was originally the stone of choice for a wedding band. my curiosity is was this the reason for the crown jewels each to emit power to the ones that wear it.

  4. “Could it be induced by light pumping ”

    I would not discount it.. if you can take a 99cent checkout lane laser pointer and photo optic cell and listen to conversations of people in a building a hundreds of feet away because of the vibrations on the beam of light off of their pane of glass, or beam down a low level frequency band and have it translated to your favorite movie.. then why couldn’t this be a possibility..
    everything is frequency.. the harmonics of time sound and space in my opinion..

  5. I’d like to hear more about Elaine’s prescribed light therapy for AMD. Can you explain the kind of light being used, how often, etc? Is a prescription required?

    I have the onset of amd but my doctor has only put me on a particular supplement. I’d like more particulars so I can ask him about this.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  6. The third law of Hermetic studies is Vibration.

    “Nothing Rests; everything moves; everything vibrates” or “There is nothing immutable, nothing stable, nothing unchanging in nature, either in the heavens or the earth.”

    “He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the scepter of power.”

  7. Your comment about heart attacks and distance from tropics reminded me that one researcher I read claimed that vitamin D depreviation in pregnant women is related to schizophrenia in the baby, and that is based on that horrible diseas being rare in the tropics and increasing in frequency the farther the person is from the equator.

    There is so much we don’t know that we don’t know.

  8. Which of your postings did you tell about how you went about making the light crown work? I’d like to try my hand at building such a thing. Thank you.

  9. Thanks for more good ideas George. Building a light box/fixture to run LED’s at 40Hz is a rather simple job. The waveform, harmonic content and ideal light wavelengths are as yet unknown, but when you know someone who’s borderline alzheimer’s, there’s nothing left to lose. There are apparently some nutritional dependencies too. When I’ve got more time(LOL), I’ll be checking into that.

    What remains unknown is a good coherent theory to design for. For that matter, is coherence useful, or just a mono/oligo chromatic source?

    Perhaps if you’re willing, you could detail more of the rationale behind the particular wavelengths and placement of the LED’s in the the light crown and their intended effects. Personally, I’d be most interested in designing something to reorient my own brain toward a more prosocial extroverted being. Emotional intelligence is far more valued today than when we grew up.

  10. You probably all ready know that Robert Monroe
    developed the ‘hemi-sync’ frequency system where he input one frequency (say 14 mhz) into one ear and (10 mhz) into to the other to develop a beat frequency (of about 12 mhz) to establish coherence between the two lobes of the brain. People have reported amazing out of body (or perhaps inner space) experiences using this technique. Very widely copied after his patents expired. His institute is still in existence I believe.
    Perhaps this has some bearing on your light crown experiments.
    Really do like your creative experiments.

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